Is it possible to cook dumplings in a kettle

How, in what and how much to cook dumplings

I will immediately make a reservation that I am a supporter of traditional cooking and love my pots with all my heart. Therefore, I always cook dumplings only in them. But I understand that there are situations when you have to include ingenuity and adapt to the situation. For example, in an office where there are only a kettle and microwave from kitchen devices. Or there is a repair in the house in full swing and there is no stove (not yet, dismantled, etc.D.), but there is a slow cooker and I really want to eat Therefore, today is the Day of Traditions and Experiments.

I learned this art at school. Mom at work, for dumplings dumplings, pots and her instructions. There will be no usual ingredient list for the recipe today, this is not necessary. Instead, we will need:

This is the minimum that you just need to cook them correctly. About what to do to make it tastier, let’s talk later.

The difference between how to cook frozen and just there are almost no differences. And between cooking purchased and home, it is not at all. Everything looks briefly like this:

  • Pour water into a pan.
  • Put on the stove, turn on the heating.
  • When it boils, salt and throw dumplings.
  • Wait for boiling, periodically mixing them with a spoon.
  • To reduce heating, wait until they come up.
  • They surfaced, cook for some more time, turn off and remove the finished.

Everything is simple, but, as I understand it, you are going to do all this for the first time and you have questions. I will try to take into account all possible and answer them.

1 kg of dumplings need about 4 liters of water.

5 grams (0.5 teaspoon) per 1 liter of water.

So that they do not stick to the bottom and not stick together. When you lower the cold semi.Finished products into boiling water, it stops boiling and again stacked only when they heat up enough. All this time they should often be mixed with a spoon, but neatly, so as not to damage.

How To Make Chicken and Dumpling: Soulfood 101

A certain amount of foam is formed in the pan, it will rise, spray and can “run out” to the stove. So that this does not happen, it is necessary to reduce to the middle. If you reduce too much, the water will stop boiling. The task is a slight boil without flowing out. Do not close the lid.

After they come up, it is believed that they are ready. But do not rush and be guided by the principle of “there is no raw damp”. Depending on the size of the cooking time from 2 minutes for small to 7 minutes for large. On average 5 minutes.

Put immediately in a hot piece of butter (1 teaspoon will be enough), wait for it to melt and mix.

So, it was about how to, in principle, cook dumplings in a pan. Now let’s do a little about how to do it delicious.

It doesn’t matter if you love them with or without broth. Adding the following ingredients will make the dish tastier:

possible, cook, dumplings, kettle
  • Bay leaf;
  • Pepper peas;
  • Fragrant pepper;
  • Dried spices: parsley, dill, basil, Italian herbs, Provencal herbs, spices for meat, for chicken;
  • Broth cube, after all.

Sometimes you can read recipes on the Internet when potatoes, onions, carrots are placed in a pan. But this is a completely different story and her name is dumpling soup.

How to cook dumplings correctly so that they do not boil

First of all, you need to choose a suitable pan. Dumplings, like pasta, love the volume and sufficient amount of water when cooking. In the process, it is important to stir very carefully with a slotted spoon in order to prevent gluing and gaps.

Sometimes the reason may not be in cooking, but in the dumplings themselves. Insufficiently elastic dough or poorly glued seams, most likely, will lead to the fact that the dough will separate from meat and dumplings will be torn off.

Life hack: If you add a little vinegar when cooking to the water, this will help protect the dough from cracking.

Frozen dumplings can be boiled from a sharp temperature difference. Since thawing dumplings is not the best idea, you can find a simple way out. Pour a little cold water into the boiling water, and then lay out dumplings. Thus, the temperature will be slightly reduced and the dumplings will not be divorced.

Another important nuance is time. Most often the final result depends on it.

Why are the Chinese soak dumplings before cooking

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The process of cooking frozen dumplings is signed by absolutely everyone. It would seem that this is a complex. But, in fact, we cook them completely wrong. As a result, it turns out that some of them are boiled and fall apart or stick together. To prevent such troubles, it is best to cook dumplings according to the Chinese method.

Chinese wisdom

For the first time, dumplings appeared precisely in China, according to legend, they were invented by the local doctor Zhang Junzin /

It turns out that for the first time dumplings appeared in China. According to legend, Zhang Zhuntjin, a local doctor, also came up with this dish, for medical purposes. To frostbite to treat. An unusual and unexpected turn. After centuries, they appeared in China and the rules for cooking them. After all, before eating a dish, it needs to be cooked correctly. Cook it.

The cooking method consists in preliminary soaking dumplings, which have previously been freezing and 3 times cooking. By the way, if this procedure is carried out incorrectly, then naturally, dumplings, as everyone has already guessed, to fall apart. They must soak them in clean cool water for only three minutes. Over, they retain their original appearance.

How to boil dumplings 如何煮饺子

Why do it

The reason for soaking dumplings after freezing is one. So that when they are immersed in boiling water, the dough does not crack /

The reason for soaking dumplings after freezing is one. So that when they are immersed in boiling water, the dough does not crack, and they retain their integrity. During the soaking process, the temperature of the dumplings themselves and the air in the room (in the kitchen) become the same. This is a kind of defrosting, only sparing.

We forget about boiling water

Contrary to the established opinion, the Chinese lower the dumplings not into boiling water, but in hot, so that the preparation of the dish is uniform /

Our mothers and grandmothers explained that dumplings should be thrown into the water when the latter begins to boil well. But this is a mistake. As a result, dumplings crack and their preparation turns out to be uneven. The dough is already ready, and the meat must still be cooked. The guilt of everything is a huge difference between the temperature of the water and the fact that it is cooked in it.

How to do the right thing

Dumplings should be lowered into boiling water when bubbles appear at the bottom of the pots /

A large amount of water should be poured into the pan. For 400 g of dumplings (standard pack), three liters of water are required. We are waiting for it to begin to boil (bubbles appear at the bottom of the pots), add salt there and stir all this. Again we wait until the water starts to boil a little and only now we throw dumplings.

Three glasses of cold water

According to the Chinese method, during cooking, water is added to the pan three times /

During cooking three times, water is added to the pan. So the finished dish will be as tasty and presentable as possible. This method ensures a decrease in temperature, as well as pressure at the time of boiling water three times. The dough is cooked a little slower than usual, and the meat, on the contrary, is faster. As a result, we get the perfect result.

How to organize the cooking process correctly

The dumplings prepared in this way are beautiful, juicy and very tasty /

Dumplings are thrown into boiling water. As soon as it begins to boil fully, a glass of cold ordinary water is added there. Thus, the degree decreases, and the cooking process slows down. We do the same thing twice more. After the water boils three times, dumplings are extracted and served to the table. They are ready to use.

Recommendations for the preparation of dishes from the Chinese

So that dumplings do not stick together during cooking, it is necessary to add onion feathers /

How to “correctly” cook dumplings, and why you need to add a glass of cold water in the process

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You think it’s easy to cook dumplings correctly? In fact, so that the dumplings turn out to be truly tasty and satisfying, it is not enough just to take and throw them into boiling water, and then wait a few minutes. Experienced owners are well aware of how important it is at a certain moment to pour a mug of cold water into the pan. Surely, everyone was already interested in why?

It will be difficult for some to believe it, but the preparation of dumplings is a whole science. Of course, you can just throw dumplings into the water and boil somehow. As you know, hot. Not cold. And this means that it is unlikely to be poisoned by cooked dumplings. Another thing is that the taste of such a product will be the best. Therefore, the question must be approached with all responsibility. We will deal with the cooking process once and for all in several questions and answers.

How much water needs to be taken?

The optimal ratio of liquid-product is 500 grams of dumplings per 1.5 liters of water. You can slightly change this proportion in the larger or smaller side. If you want to get saturated broth, you can take less water. The main thing is to remember. Dumplings should swim free during cooking.

What can (should) add to the water?

You can add various spices to the water. Salt is added without fail. 1 teaspoon of table salt during a boil is poured per 1 liter of water. Also, the taste and aroma of the product will improve bay leaves (1-2 leaves per 1 liter), black pepper (3-4 peas per 1 liter), onions (chopped and crushed). You can experiment with other spices to your taste. You can also add 1-2 tablespoons of vegetable oil so that the dumplings do not stick together.

How is the cooking process?

The pan is filled with water, which is brought to a boiling state over high heat. After that, salt, spices and oil are added to the container. Immediately after that, carefully spread all the dumplings in the water. It is best to put one or several pieces so that they do not stick together.

When this is done, the water is brought to a boil again with the dumplings. The contents of the pan must be periodically stirred with a spoon. As soon as the dumplings float to the surface, you should reduce the fire of the plate to 50% and cook the product for another 4-7 minutes, still stirring periodically.

Why some recommend adding a glass of water and when to do it?

If you want to make the dough dumplings softer and fragrant, it is necessary to resort to another trick. Namely, pour a glass of cold water into a pan, as soon as dumplings come up. In this case, you will have to cook for a few minutes longer, but the dumplings at the output will turn out an order of magnitude more tasty and juicy.

With what to serve dumplings?

Dumplings on the table can be served with sour cream, ketchup, sour cream and ketchup. Can also be added to the finished dumplings of butter, mayonnaise or mustard. All kinds of sauces are perfect. You can also add different greens and vegetable salad to dumplings.

If you want to know even more interesting, then you should look at 12 objects of dishes from the USSR. Which are recalled with nostalgia.

How and how much to cook dumplings in a slow cooker

In water

Pour water into the multicooker bowl, bring it to a boil in “cooking” mode and add seasonings and oil.

Put dumplings in the broth and mix. Close the lid and cook for 7–9 minutes.

For a couple

Pour 1-2 cups of hot water into the multicooker bowl. Add seasoning to it. Put a steamed container on top and grease it with vegetable oil.

Put dumplings in one layer and salt them. Close the lid and cook in the “welding” mode for 15–20 minutes.

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Knead with a mixer, then kneaded his hands. Covered with a towel and laid to rest.

Now the filling. The minced meat bought ready-made pig and chicken, 1: 1 about 650 grams.250 grams of onions.

Black and fragrant pepper, added parsley and mixed.

I don’t know how to sculpt, so I took such a thing

I rolled the dough with a thin layer, laid it on this thing, on top of the filling.

These are the dumplings. Filling about half a spoon.

Sprinkle the other side of the dough layer very well, which will fall on the adaptation, otherwise it will be hard to get them.Well, a few pieces blinded Ruksmi when there were few fillings left.

My flour, my meat, my dumplings, my tag 🙂

I don’t know tasty or not. Put them in the freezer.Bon Appetit everyone 🙂

Kitfort KT-6130 electric kettle was created not only for boiling water and brewing tea. With it, it is easy to prepare a simple dinner: make broth, soup, porridge, boil or heat milk, cook eggs, pasta or dumplings. Eleven built.In programs with logical settings allow you not to worry about the time of cooking, trusting its automation of the device.

Of course, in a modern kitchen with a full set of household appliances, this device will not come in handy. Its purpose is to save from hunger where it is not possible to fully cook food on the stove, in a slow cooker or microwave. It will turn out to be appropriate in the room of the student hostel, a small office, at a construction site or in a country time.

Care for the device, contrary to our fears, turned out to be unhappy. Cleaning the flask of food residues is simple and easy. The disadvantages of the device we attribute the low power of the kettle and the non.Functional stand for cooking eggs, the design and material of which were not too successful.

The war will show the plan. On possible changes in the economic paradigm of the Russian Federation. 21.05.2022⁠ ⁠

Let’s start with the definition: paradigm. This is a model, example, sample.

In the context of today’s post. Model of Russian Economics.

Existing economic paradigms:

Agrarian. Natural. Characteristic of countries that do not have industry, which can hardly make ends meet. Example. Sudan.

Raw materials. It is characteristic of countries building their well.Being exclusively on the extraction and sale of natural resources. Example. Qatar.

Industrial. It is characteristic of countries living mainly due to mass production and sale of goods of a high degree of redistribution. Example. China.

Financial. Characteristic of countries exploiting financial capital. Example. Switzerland.

Post.Industrial. Characteristic of countries whose GDP forms services. Example. USA.

Innovative. Characteristic of countries, mainly living through the creation and sale of high technologies. There is no example. Not a single country in the world has completely switched to an innovative development paradigm.

Naturally, there are combined models. For example. USA, with the main post.Industrial model, has features of industrial, financial, and innovative paradigms.

Currently, Russia (at least as of May 1 of this year), despite significant successes in the development of both industrial and post.Industrial aspects, adheres to the raw material paradigm of development. This is confirmed not only by the structure of the internal gross product of GDP (GDP. This is the totality of all goods, the services of financial operations of the country), but also the way of the actions of the Russian authorities. With all attention to other industries, the greatest favors are provided precisely to the raw material sector.

Especially brightly the raw material model is traced in the structure of Russian exports.

The raw material economic paradigm obviously provoked the need to hold a low ruble exchange rate in relation to the main world currencies. Indeed, selling a certain amount of quite easily mined resources. It was very convenient to get a lot of oil and gas, with a low ruble exchange rate for the sale of these resources, and fill it with the state budget. In addition, the low ruble exchange rate ensured the attractiveness of other Russian goods of high redistribution. For example, weapons.

Unfortunately, the raw material economic paradigm does not contribute to the development of the country. There are no incentives for the development of production, increase the effectiveness of science, the introduction of innovation. After all, it is so easy to get money for oil and gas, part of the budget for expenses, and the other part to purchase abroad what the country could produce, but laziness. For example. Civil planes. The country’s deindustrialization and the transition to the raw materials paradigm was laid by young reformers, such as Gaidar and Chubais, led by the all.Wound prince. Dad b.N.E.

I allow myself to suggest that if Arkady Gaidar found out that his grandson had created, we would see the cosplay of the picture “John the Terrible kills his son” in the option: “Arkady Gaidar kills his grandson”. It was a lyrical digression. Now to business.

The first timid steps to withdraw from the raw material paradigm were made after the return of Crimea to the native harbor. It was as a result of this event that partially restored historical justice that it became obvious that Western partners are not fully partners, and can at some point, for political reasons, stop selling to Russia for example, food. For 2014. 2021 Russia has taken several important steps, providing itself with its own product in critically important industries:

Internal finances (world map and financial message transmission system. SPFS);

Sovereign Internet capable of work without external servers;

Localization of personal data storage;

Ensuring military security by unconditional victory in the arms race;

Significant steps to sovereign the main industries.

Not all managed to. Real problems are noted in the following industries:

Civil Aviation. Not enough two years.

Machine tool. I can’t estimate the deadline, not a specialist.

Civil automotive industry. Not enough for ten years.

Microelectronics. There was not a quarter century.

And in this state, Russia entered into a total economic war with the so.Called civilized world, which rejected not only all the written and not written laws and rules, but also the Fleur of civilization itself, stepping over the inviolability of private property.

possible, cook, dumplings, kettle

And then, March 1, 2022, the most interesting. As a response to the “hell” sanctions of the West, a ban on the withdrawal of capital abroad was introduced. For the first time in thirty years, the legalized robbery of Russia laid an end. From 1994 to 2021 from Russia only under the statistical article “Pure Outflow of Capital” was taken out 1,036 billion. This figure, given all possible schemes, can be safely multiplied by two. Or three. So, on March 01, 2022, the robbery was stopped. At the cost of loss of some reserves of the Central Bank, at the cost of the actual breakdown of economic ties with the collective West. But stopped. As a result:

The surplus of the trade balance has reached a historical maximum.

The dollar exchange rate to the ruble, despite the Draconian discount, fell to 60;

Industry started and stirred and stirred.

possible, cook, dumplings, kettle

Of course, not only the ban on the removal of capital led to these changes. The ban on exporting to Russia wide SPECTRA, and the conjuncture of world markets of energy, metals and foods affected Russia. But! From my point of view, it is the psychological moment, the moment of realization that the earned or stolen can no longer be dragged abroad, t.To. It’s difficult, and if you get it. Then they will take it out there, led to the opening of the first October Socialist Revolution of the Window of Opportunities.

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