Is it possible to fill the dishwasher with Fairy

Fairy: about the brand

Fairy brand has successfully established itself not only in European markets, but also in Russia. Perhaps every family knows the famous slogans from this company:

  • “It’s time for the grease to wash out.”
  • “Save with a smile!”;
  • “Fae. The most economical tool for washing dishes!”;
  • Fairy. An easy victory over the toughest grease.”.

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Not only that, but many people remember the famous TV commercial about the confrontation between Villaribo and Villabaggio, produced in 2000:

FAIRY trademark belongs to Procter Gamble, a world-known corporation from the United States. “Fae” entered the domestic market in the early 90s. The company opened its headquarters, 3 offices and plants are located throughout the country.

Now you know all about the composition, advantages and disadvantages of tablets “Fae”. They are a worthy competitor to such popular products as Finish and Somat. Which brand to choose for your dishwasher is up to you.

A list of what you need

To fight the foam will help means, which probably can be found in the house of everyone:

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  • Distilled white vinegar.
  • Olive oil or a vegetable oil of any kind.
  • table salt.
  • Bowl or small bucket, container.
  • A few dry towels.
  • Liquid fabric softener.
  • Anti-foaming agent for the Spa.

Do not use them all at once, but only as needed. Choose the one that works best for you and go ahead.

Where to fill the gel

Depending on the chosen program, it can be poured into different compartments. If you set “Pre-rinse”, add liquid to the rinse aid compartment. If for basic washing, then the compartments for powders and other detergents.

Interesting! Many housewives claim that the manufacturer specifies a higher dosage. The consumption can therefore be halved if less detergent is added.

Don’t forget to add salt to the ion exchanger. Even if the manufacturer insists on the softening effect, salt must be added anyway.

A. You can. But without salt and rinse aid the dishes can get dirty, and the heating element will be in disrepair. Salt is better not to be neglected. Although it is possible to use the dishwasher without salt and without rinse aid for a short period of time.

If you put salt in the dishwasher but no detergent in it, it won’t do any harm, but it won’t wash very dirty dishes either. Conclusion: it is possible to wash dishes in a dishwasher without powder and tablets, but with the addition of salt for dishwashers.

What the manufacturer claims

According to the manufacturer, tablets for the dishwasher “Fae” easily clean grease deposits, remove dirt from dishes and wash without stains glassware and silverware. The capsule consists of the following components:

The ideal result is achieved with just one product, without the need for expensive additives. Additional ingredients include:

  • Phosphates, which clean tough dirt;
  • additional additives in the kitchenware to protect against corrosion and limescale;
  • Surfactants, which are necessary to protect the dishes from streaks and white residue.

The capsule is in a special film, which under the influence of water gradually dissolves and releases cleaning agents. The shell is easily soluble, so you need to keep the package in a dry place and take the tablets only with dry hands.

Dishwasher tablets “Fae” have a complex effect on dirty dishes. All active ingredients affect grease and dirt at the same time, so that an excellent result can be achieved even in cold water:

However, you should always carefully remove any food debris from the plates before loading them. Tablets “Fae” for the dishwasher accumulated a variety of reviews. So, the tool already contains a rinse aid and salt, but some users note that with the additional use of these individual components the result is improved.

Due to the presence of aggressive components, housewives do not recommend using “Fae” to clean crystal, faora or antique dishes. Persistent white stains can occur, and the quality of the material will deteriorate.

The Fae tablets for the dishwasher require the use of a specific program. It is better to prefer the “3 in 1” or other means, which implies the performance of several functions at once.

Such a precaution is necessary in order for there to be an increased flow of water, which is necessary for the dissolution of the capsules.

However, if the appliance is equipped with a detergent use analysis function, any programme can be selected.

The manufacturer claims that the ingredients of the tablet contain pressed ingredients that protect the machine parts against limescale, so salt is not necessary. As pointed out by housewives, there is no need to regularly clean the filter of the machine and its components.

If the dishwasher has a separate box for tablets, it is placed there. You can put the capsule in the cutlery compartment. However, it is not recommended to put the product to the main dishes. Judging by reviews, if you do so, the capsule dissolves unevenly and leaves streaks and dirty marks on the dishes.

There are several varieties of capsules. Each one has a specific purpose and slightly different composition. Here’s a look at popular ranges and their features.

The product is multifunctional, containing cleaning agents and salt. As the reviews show, no dirt or stains are left on the dishes after use. The tablet is placed in an individual water-soluble shell. Designed for all types of dishes. For the convenience of the user there are different packs: 30, 60, 90 pieces. They are lemon-scented or odourless at all.

Fairy All in 1

The product has different properties, among which the following should be highlighted:

  • successfully clean the grease;
  • rinses off all contaminants;
  • dishes get a shiny shine;
  • All utensils literally squeak after washing in both cold and hot water;
  • can be used to clean glassware and silverware;
  • Protects the parts of the dishwasher from limescale;
  • There are antibacterial components.

If the tablets are not placed in the dishwasher safe, but in the cutlery basket, a pre-rinsing programme should not be chosen. As reviews show, even without soaking the capsules quickly and effectively cope with the removal of dirt and grease. No additional rinse aid and salt are required.

Lemon-scented and unscented tablets are available. Should only be used in water with a certain hardness (not higher than 21 dH).

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However, there are also contraindications to the use of these capsules. They are not designed for cleaning antique dishes and crystal products. As practice shows, silver cutlery can be washed with the tablets, but it is important to make sure that they do not touch stainless steel utensils.

Tablets for the dishwasher “Fairy Platinum” are gaining popularity. Users claim they prevent limescale on parts of the machine and white plaque on dishes. As the manufacturer claims, the capsules have a new formula and not only clean kitchen utensils to a shine, but also prevent corrosive changes in the technique itself.

Washing grease and burned-on dirt without pre-soaking is another advantage of Tablets for the dishwasher “Fairy Platinum”. Reviews show that steel appliances and glass ones literally shine after cleaning. Contributes to this strong composition:

  • ) active phosphates. about 30%;
  • Surfactants. not more than 15%;
  • Enzymes, necessary for the effective removal of grease;
  • flavorings;
  • Fragrances.

It is worth limiting the moisture in the packaging to prevent the capsules themselves from leaking. Fae dishwasher tablets (24 pcs.) are the most convenient format. However, you can choose a package with less or more (up to 70 pcs.).

What to replace

This detergent has a very strong formula, characterized by the presence of phosphates and anionic surfactants.

These ingredients can have adverse effects on the human body if the dishwasher does not rinse as well as it should.

New Ford Focus

This product is often used by housewives to remove very stubborn dirt and grease. The capsules are ideal for pots, pans and pans.

Buyers claim that the tablets “Fairy” quickly and effectively clean dried stains without pre-soaking.

What Happens If You Put Fairy Into A Dishwasher?. Random English

The reviews indicate that when using this tool, you can not fear that the filter will be clogged with grease, so there is no need to clean it regularly.

Disadvantages of funds

Among the negative reviews, the overpriced price tag tops the list. However, some users believe that you have to pay for excellent quality, and the dishes actually sparkle clean.

Keep in mind that one capsule is enough for a full load of the machine. According to the owners, if you load an incomplete compartment, you may find white stains on the dishes at the outlet. To avoid this situation from happening, you need to turn on the extra rinse cycle. This precaution is especially important when washing glass glasses, goblets and crystal.

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  • Disconnect the device from the mains. Take the dishes out of the cabinet and remove the foam by scooping it out with a ladle into a basin.
  • If you have a vacuum cleaner, you can remove the residue with it.
  • Wipe the bottom of the chamber with a sponge.
  • Remove residual moisture with a dry cloth.

What to do if there is excess foam in the dishwasher It happens that after a wash cycle foam forms at the bottom of the cavity. If you notice something similar in your PM, then unplug the machine, turn off the water supply. To keep the water from running out from under the door, it is urgent to eliminate the foam after washing.

I decided to do an experiment and poured a lot of Fae in the dishwasher

From the economic point of view, the prospect is more than tempting. A bottle of Dishwasher Fae is cheaper than a capsule of Dishwasher Fae. over, as the commercials tell us, it only takes a few drops of the product to wash a whole mountain of dishes. To put the two facts together is not difficult and here is the opinion that by adding a few drops of Fae in the dishwasher, all the dirty dishes are washed perfectly, and you can save a lot of money. Let’s not draw any preliminary conclusions, but test it in practice.

Two masters from our service center, a Bosch SMS24AW01R dishwasher, a bottle of Fae, and two dozen artificially dirty dishes were used in the experiment. The aim of the experiment: to see if the dishwasher washes dishes with a few drops of this detergent and does not damage the equipment.

  • A few drops of Fae are added to the powder compartment. To prevent the product from leaking, the masters smeared Fae on the inner surface of the compartment.
  • You have started the normal washing programme.
  • At the end of the program, the dishes are removed and arranged for inspection.

Using the rinse aid

Some dishwasher users don’t know where to put the rinse aid. Sometimes people think that this product can be poured into the hole for detergent (as it is done in washing machines). This is an error.

The dishwasher rinse aid should only be added after the main wash and in the rinse aid compartment. If you pour it in with the detergent, it will have no effect. This product must be poured into the rinse aid dispenser hole on the side of the powder trough.

Next, the question arises as to how much should be used. Many dishwashers have a rinse aid dosing function. Therefore, you can fill the compartment completely and the unit itself will determine in the process of work, which flow rate means he needs.

Many dishwasher models support an economy (eco) mode. If you have not very dirty dishes, you can use this program to save detergents and resources. With eco mode, you can almost halve your powder and rinse aid consumption.

So, using regular dishwashing detergent in a dishwasher is generally ineffective and even unsafe. So from such experiments it is better to refuse, otherwise you can “get” to expensive repairs.

  • Unplug the unit. Take the dishes out of the cabinet and remove the foam by scooping them out with a ladle into a basin.
  • If you have a dishwasher/dryer you can use it to remove the leftovers.
  • Wipe the bottom of the chamber with a sponge.
  • Remove the remains of moisture with a dry cloth.
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