Is it possible to hang a cabinet over a suspended hood

Tips for installation

If you purchased the hood after you have installed the kitchen unit, before you build the hood into the cabinet, you will have to solve a couple of issues. First, decide whether you will re-equip an existing kitchen unit or order a new one, taking into account the size of the appliance. Secondly, it is necessary to conduct wiring to the place of installation of the device. And thirdly, decide in what mode the kitchen hood will be operated. exhaust or recirculation.

The easiest way to install a built-in hood into the cabinet with your own hands. It is this technology that we will describe. For installation of the hood in the wall or the ceiling is better to invite professionals.

In the bottom of the kitchen cabinet should be made a hole corresponding to the size of the working panel of the appliance. The second hole in the size of the duct is made at the top of the kitchen module. And another opening is needed on the back wall to fix the unit and install the socket.

Installation of the recessed hood can be carried out in two ways: either first fix the device in the cabinet and then the finished structure is attached to the wall, or first hang the cabinet and then attach the ventilation device to the wall through the hole in the back wall.

If you attach the device to the wall, use dowels, if to a shelf or cabinet wall. self-tapping screws. You chose a telescopic model. make sure that the cabinet doors do not interfere with the extension of the working panel. Otherwise they need a little filing.

The exhaust unit, which works in exhaust mode, will need to be connected by means of a duct to the ventilation duct. For laying the air duct you can use a corrugated pipe, as well as smooth metal and plastic elements. Corrugation is easier to install, but experts advise to give preference to metal or plastic pipes, when passing through which the flow of air practically does not create noise.

The hood casing must be connected to the ductwork in such a way that it can be dismantled and cleaned if necessary. The last step is to connect the hood to the power grid. Since the power of the appliance is small, an ordinary socket will suffice. If installed correctly, the hood will effectively purify the air in the kitchen from extraneous odors, vapors and fumes, and the existence of the device will remind only the quiet noise of the motor.

Requirements for recessed and horizontal positioning of the hood

On the basis of electrical appliance installation rules and regulations, the hood must be installed directly above the stove.

Installation is carried out at a height of 60-80 cm from the stove, which corresponds to the requirements of fire safety.

Depending on the area of the room select the power of ventilation equipment.

The size of the device must match the required parameters of the hinged cabinet.

IMPORTANT! The hood should be designed to be built into a wall-mounted cupboard. Dome, recessed, suspended and similar, which can be built in, will require rearrangement of furniture and subsequently change the kitchen interior.

Technical parameters of the recessed hood

In order to correctly select the necessary ventilation equipment for the kitchen, you need to understand the design features of the proposed models.

Principle of operation

The units are divided into several types.

  • Flow-through, with the help of ducts connected to the house ventilation system.
  • Recirculation (autonomous), they clean the air with the help of changeable filters.
  • Combined, use two methods of air purification.

Form and construction

There are different types of hoods.

  • Suspended. Such units are installed separately or under the kitchen cabinet. They can work by connecting to the central ventilation system or independently.
  • Dome type. Powerful, relative to other designs, ventilation equipment is designed for large kitchens. Only works with a central ventilation system.
  • Island. T-hoods, usually of high capacity, require a connection to the house ventilation system.
  • Built-in. A popular type of equipment, has versions with different power. Installation into furniture allows you to fit the unit into the kitchen interior.

IMPORTANT! Most models are connected to a central ventilation system.

By air handling capacity

Ventilation equipment is divided as follows.

Exact figures of power division are not regulated by normative documents, so the value of capacity is taken conditionally.


Recessed units are available in horizontal and vertical position.

popular for operation and installation in the kitchen is the horizontal version.


An important criterion that is considered when choosing ventilation equipment. is its size.

Recessed hoods are available in 45, 60 or 90 cm widths. These values correspond to the standard dimensions of wall mounted cabinets. In this case, the actual width of the outer part of the unit is made a few millimeters less for ease of installation with adjacent shelves.

Range Hood Installation. 36 inch ProV Wall Mount or Under Cabinet

IMPORTANT! When buying equipment, the size of recessed planes should be checked. Modern imported units often do not meet the standards.

Some models of built-in hoods have a telescopic retractable air intake plane. This design allows you to increase the lower working area of the equipment during cooking. The comfort of using such a design is considered by the consumer individually.

Rules for the location of the recessed hood in the kitchen

The place of installation of ventilation equipment is more convenient to plan when performing a project on the arrangement of the kitchen interior.

In this case, you can adjust the location of the plate. It should be as close as possible to the opening of the house ventilation system. Extending it further, even by a few tens of centimetres, will make the air ductwork more complicated and will take up more space in the wall-hung shelves.

The lack of central ventilation in the home allows you to move the stove and the recessed hood to a convenient location.

The main requirement for the hood is that it must be installed directly above the stove.

The height of installation depends on the type of stove and has minimum permissible values:

To connect to the electric network, near the place of installation of the hood must be installed socket 220V with grounding. All kinds of extensions, terminal blocks or strings should be excluded for safe connection of ventilation equipment. The socket is installed inside or next to the kitchen cabinets.

What kind of wall plugs to choose

What dowels to hang kitchen cabinets on? Inexperienced users sometimes make mistakes when choosing them. Diameter must be larger than the screw. This way you can reliably fix it in the hole, and ensure the highest quality fixing. If the diameter is too small, the cabinet will not fit perfectly into the wall and can be difficult to use.

What to hang the kitchen cabinets on the wall? It is easier to purchase a ready-made kit that includes both self-tapping screws and dowels. For plasterboard is suitable option equipped with a drill, as well as a variant known under the name butterfly.

Rules for placing the cabinet on the box

The procedure for modifying the design of any ventilation duct and using it for its own purposes is regulated by federal and regional law.

To solve both of these problems, you must obtain a permit:

The following is a detailed look at how these actions will help avoid gross mistakes that will lead to significant financial losses.

Obtaining permission from the neighbors

Domestic Housing Code, namely, Art. 36, says that engineering communications are joint property of the whole house. In this respect ventilation systems are no exception, nor are their structural elements.

From the above it follows that the owner of the apartment is not the owner of the ventilation duct placed in it.

Therefore, to use the specified construction for their own purposes, that is, to place cabinets, any other items, you must obtain permission from all other co-owners (this is stated in Art. 40 of the Housing Code). And 73% of them must agree in writing. Why is it necessary to hold a meeting of the tenants?

In any other case, the use of ventilation ducts for their own purposes will be illegal.

Coordination of actions with the housing inspectorate

If the neighbors have the right to allow the use of common household property in general, the representatives of the housing inspection deal with the technical side of the case.

That is, they give permission to change the construction of the ventilation duct. The reason is that this procedure is redevelopment. Consequently, according to the requirements of the legislation, its safety should be confirmed.

The procedure for obtaining permission to perform is referred to as coordination.

Its implementation is regulated by regional legislation, for example:

  • The government of Moscow for this purpose issued a decree with the number 508-PP.
  • In the Northern capital, the approval procedure is described in the Order of the Government of St. Petersburg with the number 39-r, which came into force in January 2018.

What document regulates obtaining a permit for remodeling in your region can be found out by contacting representatives of the local administration, housing inspection.

To perform the approval it is necessary to make a project. But you should start with obtaining technical expertise, which indicates that the change in vent duct design will be safe and will not lead to a decrease in the efficiency of the ventilation system. And, consequently, to deterioration of living conditions of the organizer of works and his neighbors.

Make the above technical conclusion, as well as the project of redevelopment, can any design organization.

Then the owner of the housing should apply to the nearest housing inspection body or MFC. Where to apply for approval of redevelopment.

Alternative EASY Way to Hang Cabinets

And also to the specified document should be attached:

In addition, the applicant will have to prove his identity and confirm that he is the owner of the premises. So it is necessary to have a passport and a relevant certificate.

It should be remembered that the housing commission is a body that has the right:

And in some cases representatives of the Housing Inspection will refuse to accept the application at all. This happens when an incomplete portfolio of documents is collected or they are not drawn up in the appropriate way.

In addition, approval will be denied if the change in the design box will reduce the performance of the ventilation system due to a decrease in the cross section of the box or clogging the ventilation duct.

Yes, and the wording “change in the design vent duct” is also grounds for refusal to coordinate. Also return the application can be due to the fact that on the vent planned to hang a cabinet, which impairs access to the engineering system of the common. And this should not be allowed.

All of the above reasons are listed in the relevant regional documents. For example, for the capital it is already mentioned above Resolution 08-PP.

That is, the placement of cabinets or any other items on the ventilation ducts. it is a problematic procedure, as it requires a significant investment without any guarantees. Which can lead to financial losses.

And, to avoid this happening is recommended to abandon attempts to use ventkorobobov for personal purposes.

If you still really want to, you should seek help from a design organization. After examining the room specialists will give an exact answer as to whether it is possible to place anything on the ventilation duct. But it can be argued that in the vast majority of cases, the money allocated to pay for the consultation will be spent in vain.

In addition, do not make attempts to perform redevelopment in order to legalize it retroactively. an application with such a request will also not be accepted by the housing inspection for consideration.

Basic rules and standards

There are special standards and rules for proper placement of furniture in the kitchen space. Following them, it is possible to place kitchen cabinets and other pieces of furniture within the kitchen without unnecessary problems. So, according to state standard, you need to hang cabinets so that their bottom edge was located at 135-140 cm above the floor tier. As for the lower cabinets, their height should be balanced with the height of the owners. Most often this parameter is about 90 cm.

The distance between the worktop of floor units and wall cabinets should be at least 45-50 cm. The working area of the kitchen space by the standards should have a distance of 45 to 60 cm. In such an area should leave enough space for various appliances.

You should not leave too small a reserve, otherwise the person will bang his head in some actions. If the height of the person is somewhat above average, it is better to make the distance more than 60 cm.

It is worth noting that if the height is too large, such as very low or high, the kitchen furniture should be chosen individually, as well as the distance between them.

Distance from floor

The bottom edge of the cabinets is, according to the universal rule, 6 cm lower than the shoulder. Of course, it is good to immediately consider the average for all adults who will manage in the kitchen.

possible, hang, cabinet, suspended, hood

In the absence of a lower tier of cabinets, it would be convenient if the bottom edge of the hanging furniture would be at a height of 135 cm. This makes it easy to reach everything you need, even from the upper shelves. For example, a person who is 165 cm tall would be comfortable hanging a closet at a height of 130-190 cm. In the case where the constant use of a chair or a special small ladder is assumed, you can place the cabinets at 190-240 cm.

It is important to note that the cabinets should hang so that visibility is optimal and the best possible. For the height considered in the example, this would be the height of 140 and 165 cm. In this case, the divider between the restricted area and the area of least accessibility will be a height of 180 cm.

The upper boundary

The upper level of hinged cabinets depends on the height of the ceilings in the kitchen area. As a rule, the higher the ceiling, the wider the apron is made, therefore, cabinets are placed higher. Of course, you should be aware that cabinets under the ceiling have a number of disadvantages.

  • Difficult to install. Not all ceilings and furniture parameters allow you to place cabinets at the highest height.
  • At a ceiling height of 2.5 meters, access to the highest shelves can be difficult.
  • Higher cost.

With all these disadvantages, hostesses very often give preference to upper hanging cabinets, as they bring practicality to any kitchen space. Every kitchen has certain appliances that are used infrequently but nevertheless. It’s often these that are sent to the shelves that are the hardest to reach.

In addition, these cabinets are loved because they allow you to remove a lot of unnecessary things out of sight.

How To Install Hang Wall Cabinets Easy Simple

Decorating the walls with cabinets on them is sheer fun. Especially when you consider the variety of colors of their fronts. You can even make the ceilings visually higher, if you choose the right hinged cabinets. However, it is worth remembering that it is much easier to reach the shelves at less than 2.1 meters.

When choosing the upper boundary, it is easiest to rely on the distance between the countertop and the hanging cabinet. And it also depends on the height of the sections themselves. Even tall people are not too fond of cabinets that are hung too high, as they are inconvenient to use.

It is recommended that before you buy furniture, mark on the wall maximum upper position of the cabinet. According to the standards, it is made 19-20 cm more than the average or the highest height of adults. The ideal height of the upper level of the cabinet does not depend on the rule of a triangle or the shape of the kitchen space.

Suspended hood for any kitchen: installation and operation rules review for the best brands

Decided to buy a hood? Pay attention to models mounted on the wall or ceiling.

Thanks to the large number of hoods with different operating features we no longer need to sacrifice our comfort.

We offer you to find out what features characterize modern suspended-type hoods, what is the difference between a suspended hood and a recessed one, how to properly install such equipment, and what models are better to pay attention to when buying.

How to install an extractor hood over a gas stove: instructions for the pendant model

Devices of this type are mounted quite simply. The work is carried out in this way:

  • Marking the positions. Mark the height of the lower edge of the body, then determine the axial line. We apply to the obtained marks the template, which is supplied with the equipment. If it does not exist, we mark areas for fasteners.
  • Preparing the mounts. Drill the holes, insert the plastic inserts in them.
  • Fix the brackets and fasten them safely.
  • Hang the body on the brackets and fix it.

It remains to connect the appliance to a properly assembled duct and to the network.

Reliable hoods from Faber

Faber hoods are characterized by a robust, reliable and durable design. Robust plastic and enamelled steel panels are used for the walls of the cabinet. Stylish accents are created by protective wood, heat-resistant glass and other materials. An additional advantage of the brand is the highly efficient technological system of built-in filters HFH, providing 95% of purification. Silk Act technology significantly reduces the volume of the device by capturing the frequency of the amplitude and creating an additional wave. Brushless motors provide efficient operation without additional power consumption. And the bright and energy-efficient Ledlight lighting technology used in many models creates a comfortable environment for using the hood.

Hood under cupboard for kitchen how to choose, types of models

A cooker hood is a must in the kitchen. It allows you to clean the air from the products of combustion, vapors and odors produced during cooking. Also, this device prevents grease and soot from settling on furniture.

Lonely hanging hood does not look too aesthetically pleasing and can spoil the look of any kitchen set. That’s why it’s built into a special module. a cabinet under the hood.

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