Is it possible to hang a washing machine

In the bathroom

No other room is associated with cleanliness as a bathroom. The most convenient way is to put a washing machine in a niche. If the planning of the bathroom does not provide such convenience, the niche can be created independently from drywall and tiles or buy a cabinet with a compartment for a washing machine. This space can be used in full: install shelves or a wall cabinet for storing bathrooms, towels and other useful things.

White color is the most advantageous: it creates a feeling of cleanliness and freshness.

Choose a narrow (up to 33 cm) washing machine. this will fit in any closet.

There is a cozy place for equipment under the sink. if the dimensions allow. You can install a washing machine under the countertop, which will protect the upper panel from moisture. Or hide in a closet next to the sink.

Leave a small (five centimeters) gap between the countertop and a washer: there you can store the instructions for operation or a minimum set for independent repair.

During washing, the cabinet door is better not to close. so you can control the process.

Most often, the door of the washing machine opens to the left, so it is more convenient to put it on the right side of the countertop.

If the bathroom is very tiny, you will have to save space. for example, install a shower instead of a bath and thus free up a place for a washing machine.

The washing machine should not stand close to the cockpit so as not to interfere with open the door.

Podium under technology reduces vibrations.

In the kitchen

This is the second most popular place in the house for placing a washing machine. It is also easy to connect it to communications here too. In addition, the kitchen is larger than the bathroom, the place for the car is easier to find here.

The washing machine can be put under the sink, next to the countertop or in one of the lockers.

Lay a rubberized rug near the machine. this will protect your laminate from moisture.

possible, hang, washing, machine

As an option. just hide behind the curtain.

Modern equipment can be entered even in the most romantic interior.

If there is no desire to hide the washer outside the doors, you can choose it in the color of the kitchen set. this will support harmony in the interior of the kitchen.

A washing machine in black can be washed less often.

In combination with blue appliances, beige or blue furniture looks good.

Features of the installation

Drying machines can also be different: with hood, condensation or equipped with a heat pump. Various manufacturers produce different types of dryers. For example, Beko models are one of the most budgetary, and Bosch is traditional, classic drying machines with a condensation system. Siemens machines are equipped with heat pumps, like Miele.

ASKO Swedish company produces units in a very stylish design, but their price is considerable. However, the products of the “Swedes” are famous for their quality, so when purchasing a drying machine of this company, you are guaranteed to get a reliable and beautiful product.

Each of these types is connected in its own way, since the principle of operation is different for everyone.

Cars with hoods dry linen due to the fact that air and moisture are diverted into the ventilation system. Condensation models work as follows: the air heats up, enters the container where the laundry is, pulls moisture and moves along the heat exchanger. Then the moisture is condensed into a special tray from which it needs to be drained after each drying cycle. Cars with a heat pump work on the same principle, only the air does not settle, but evaporates.

Drying machines with an exhaust principle of operation are most common. They need to not only be placed next to the ventilation system, but also connected to the mains. If there is no possibility of breeding the duct, it is better to purchase a condensation model with drainage either into a separate container or directly into the sewage system.

possible, hang, washing, machine

There are several ways to install linen drying machines:

  • on the washing machine;
  • installation of units near each other, adjusting in height;
  • in a specially designed niche or drying cabinet;
  • Under the common countertop.

The first option is most common, it is called “in the column”. Its popularity is due to the savings of the place, which is a very urgent issue for most apartments.

To properly place the drying machine in the column on the washing, you will need to use special fasteners that are sold with drying.

The location of the technique

The placement of “washing” and drying over each other is convenient not only in terms of saving space, but also in terms of saving time-linen can be shifted from one machine to another and not wear it anywhere else. However, if you have a washing machine with vertical loading, the “column” is definitely not suitable.

The washing machine must be set in accordance with the level. The surface on which it stands should be as flat as possible, ideally. a concrete floor. Carpet or linoleum will contribute to very strong vibration. The wooden floor can be strengthened with special rails. On top of the washing machine, you need to install a pallet on which drying will be installed. Next, it is necessary to lay a layer of rubber seal between the surface of the washing machine and the pallet, this will help reduce the vibration of the upper device during the lower operation. The stand should be securely fixed using bolts. Drying is installed on the stand so that its legs fall directly into the recesses. External grooves are sealed with plugs.

No need to underestimate the complexity of this operation, because this installation method is considered the most difficult. It is important not only to correctly mount the design, but also to do this in compliance with the rules and safety standards, otherwise the design may collapse during operation during operation.

Putting cars on each other without the use of fastenings is strictly prohibited.

Front loading

There are several types of frontal washing machines for rooms of different sizes:

  • Full.size. dimensions 60x60x90 cm;
  • narrow. depth 35. 40 cm;
  • Ultra.backed. depth 32. 35 cm;
  • compact. under the sink, most often sold complete with this plumbing device.

The first three options have a standard height of 85. 90 cm and width 60 cm. Compact equipment already (32. 45 cm), a machine under the sink below, and the depth is from 43 cm.

Save £40 and install your own washing machine!

Frontal models are easy to disguise with curtains, swing, sliding doors that can be hung on elements built into the front panel of the household appliance. They are mounted in a sole situation. the rear wall against the wall, but they are cheaper than the “verticals”, for the repair you do not need to order parts from the manufacturer.

The assortment of front washing machines in any store is much more diverse in comparison with vertical. On the top panel you can put light objects. powders, linen baskets, detergents. The main disadvantages are:

The first factor is due to the fact that the drum is attached to only one axis.

possible, hang, washing, machine

Under the sink

Ordinary Moidodyr, Mandomine, Shell of the shells are not suitable for installation over the washing machine, as this will interfere with a typical siphon. The industry produces special flat plumbing devices in which the siphon is shifted to the wall, deployed along it.

The features of this installation method are:

  • connection to the CVS through a tee of a hydrogen or fitting designed for a sink;
  • connection to the sewer through a siphon, directly to the sewer or through the tee;
  • plumbing is mounted after installing a household appliance.

The plumbing bowl protects the machine control panel from spray, provides the maximum possible maintainability of the household appliance, since it can be moved away from the wall at any stage of operation. Even during high.speed pressing of vibrations, they cannot harm the enclosing structures of the apartment, furniture. The design of the room corresponds to the style of minimalism, high-tech, techno.

In the catalogs of leading brands there are sets “Washing machine shell”. The main advantage of this option is a high decorative value, an ideal combination of style, size, assembly quality.

Under the countertop

Visually hid the washing machine inside a combined bathroom allows a standard countertop. There is no place for her in a small bathroom, but here, on the one hand, a cup of the sink crashes into the countertop, and the other serves a shelf.

The standard option is to fasten the countertop to the wall or to two enclosing structures in the corner. That is, the design is open from at least two sides.

In the cabinet

If the countertop has legs, is equipped with lateral, rear walls, the structure becomes full.fledged furniture. a cabinet or pencil case. And the machine placed inside this furniture is considered household appliances. This option cannot be used in Brezhnevs, since the dimensions of the bathroom do not allow this.

Tumbs of large capacity, allowing to hide a machine for washing inside, can be built in the combined bathrooms of Khrushchevs, spacious bathrooms and apartments of a later layout. household appliances can be equipped with landing places for furniture loops and magnetic locks. This simplifies the process of integrating the machine into a floor cabinet, a pencil case, a closet, but such a technique costs more.

From the end of the bath on the wall

In the absence of free space in the room for the installation of household appliances, ordinary shelves can be expected to be expected. If the user does not need to hide the machine, shelves can be placed over the bathroom, taking into account the following nuances:

  • In the front there is a mixer and shower;
  • along the long wall of the bath, a place is enough only for a swimming;
  • the rear end remains near the wall.

It is best if there is a gap of 10. 20 cm between the cup of the bathtub and the wall, and its length itself is more than 150 cm, as in the upper photo. In this case, the household appliances standing on the shelf will not interfere with the washing of family members. The main nuances of this method of installing household appliances are:

  • fastening of the shelf only to the supporting structures, the plasterboard of the metizes pass through to the brick walls;
  • cutting off the machine body from the cup of the bathtub with a tape of the psul to prevent the transfer of vibration loads when rotating the drum;
  • Installing the curtain to protect the control panel from spray, shower watering can;
  • Ultra.assembled models are suitable.

Washer/Dryer Stacking Kit Installation W10869845

Although this installation option exists, we still strongly do not recommend it, He does not meet the rules for the installation of electrical installations (PUE) and is not safe.

How to place a rosette for a washing machine read here. Read here.

How to install a washing machine | Washing machine installation | How to plumb a washing machine

Above the toilet

There are a toilet in combined bathrooms, over which you can also build a shelf to accommodate a washing room. This option is more suitable for separate planning of the bathroom.

The main difficulty is to maintain/repair household appliances. It is very difficult to remove, install a heavy machine, the likelihood of a unitate split under it increases dramatically. On the other hand, under the sink, this electrical technique causes inconvenience daily, and only during the repair during the repair.

Vertical load

Washing with vertical loading on sale less, they cost the purchase, they are more expensive. The disadvantages of the design are:

  • The upper cover is not intended for use under the shelf;
  • It is difficult to embed a household device in furniture, room;
  • frequent water ingestion on the upper touch panel reduces the resource;
  • Complex repairs, ordering parts to the manufacturer.

On the other hand, there are much more advantages in their design:

  • quiet work sound;
  • The drum rotates on two axes, there are bearings on both sides;
  • increased service life;
  • installation in several positions;
  • low vibrations;

In principle, the sizes of modern frontal, vertical machines are the same. However, the loading of linen occurs in different ways. Therefore, for the first type you need more space in front of the door on the front panel, and for the second. from above.

The above options. on a shelf, under the countertop, a sink is not suitable for a machine with an upper load. it will be inconvenient for the user to lay/take out the linen through the upper hatch, look at the upper panel when choosing washing modes.

Between plumbing and wall

Narrow in width, vertical washing machine is specially created for small rooms. The width of 40 cm allows you to fit it between the wall and the plumbing device:

These options are usually used in the combined bathroom of Khrushchev to properly plan the working space of the room.

Between two plumbing products

When placing plumbing inside the bathroom, “dead” areas can remain between it, in which either a underwear tank or a machine with a vertical load, as on the lower

In Khrushchevs of Typical series 1-300, 1-460 bath stands along the far door far from the front door of the bathroom. A narrow washer can be put on the right near its side against the wall under a towel, as in the lower photo.

The sewer is inserted through any pipe of the nearest plumbing device.

As well as vehicles with front loading, verticals can be taken to any other room.

What you need to know before putting the microwave on the machine

If you thought and decided that putting a microwave on your washing machine is rational and profitable, follow the rules:

  • Check if the dimensions of the upper cover and furnace coincide. The depth is especially important. On a narrow washer, 35-36 cm wide, you can not put a stove with the same parameters. A stove 28 cm deep will successfully stand on the car.
  • Remember the high.quality outlet and its remoteness. The cord on the microwaves is short, so there should be not far to the outlet. The washing machine should be connected to a separate outlet with grounding. Do not use a lubricant to connect.
  • Look into the technical documentation of the stove to find out weight. Remember the maximum 15 kg.

What else can be put on a washing machine

There are other household appliances that you want to put on a machine. The electric kettle interferes? Feel free to put, but lay a rug under it. I want to save a place and install a dishwasher on a machine? This cannot be done, because:

There are no complaints about kitchen accessories. put as much as you like.

Important! Glass, ceramic, faor products do not place on the washer. With vibrations, they risk falling and breaking.

We summarize: not everything can be put on a washing machine. But the microwave oven with its modest dimensions will be able to accommodate, the main thing is to follow the rules. And remember that the car looks more profitable in the interior when nothing is worth it at all.

How to install a machine in the hallway

If the corridor is the only convenient place for the washing machine, the connection will not be difficult. The main thing is to comply with the rules, taking into account the features of technology and premises:

  • Installation of washer in the corridor is possible if the area allows. There is nowhere to turn around on two square meters, not like put a machine. Consider all the furniture, the radius of opening the doors and the area of ​​the entire room, so that the car fit completely and does not interfere with walking.
  • Remoteness from the sewage system creates difficulties. Firstly, you will have to build up a flood and drain hose with their insufficient length. Secondly, such a connection will create an additional load on the pump, which is why it can serve less than the due date.
  • If there is a niche, you can carry a car into it by saving the space. If there are no niches, it can be built with your own hands.
  • The size of the machine must be taken into account. Give preference to a narrow model so that it is absolutely accentuated.

Installation options

We will figure out how to hide the equipment and integrate it so that it does not catch my eye and does not clutter the apartment. Thanks to the enterprise and imagination of designers, there are a lot of ideas that will tell you how to install a machine, making it an inconspicuous.

Option 1. Cupboard

This washing machine is hidden in the closet. Instead of a cabinet, you can use a cabinet or a cabinet with shelves for washing products.

Option 2. Door

How to integrate a machine so that it is not visible at all? Make a sliding door, like in a wardrobe, and no one will guess that a powerful electrical appliance is behind a beautiful door. Saving space along with convenience. nearby you can place hangers or hang shelves for washing products.

Option 3. Corner

If the task is not to hide the equipment, but simply put it where it is convenient, in the photo below this option is presented. There are few aesthetics in it, but using the device will be convenient.

Option 4. Curtain

Budget, but no less interesting way. the curtain. Today, the choice of textiles is so wide that you can choose decent options that harmoniously fit into the interior and hide your “assistant”. For fastening, use a special bar or cornice.

Is it possible to install smell in the hallway? And in the corridor? Yes, you certainly may! The main thing is to provide her correctly connection and make sure that she does not distort the interior solution. The nuances of the connection will be discussed below.

possible, hang, washing, machine

Is it possible to fix the washing machine on the wall: the pros and cons of unusual models

Previously, washing with rinsing, adding blue, pushing with hands with heavy sheets in the bath was a big weekend event. Now, progress accelerates everything and facilitates even in very small apartments or travels. However, one of the main inconvenience of washing machines is its size. Often in the bathroom there is no room with them at all, you have to put in the kitchen or even in the corridor. The solution can be very small wall models, which are now making several manufacturers. This is exactly what Alexander Leushkin acquired three years ago. In a small bathroom, the machine fit perfectly, but then problems arose.

Alexander Leushkin: “Everything turned out, the machine was fixed, but a month later during washing it just fell out of the wall. The wall was very fragmented enough “.

Alexander found a way out of the situation: the wall was adjacent to the bathroom, so he drilled it through and fixed the naughty device from the other side with the help of washers and nuts, then hiding everything with tiles. Why did the machine even fall out? The constant vibration of the device weighing 17 kilograms could not pass in vain, especially if you do not obey the recommendations of the manufacturer, which warns you can not hang on thin walls.

Nikita Pchegolkin, Master for repairing household appliances: “The user violated the requirements of the operating instructions, where it is written in black and white that it is necessary to screw it into the supporting wall, which is why the machine fell out of the wall. First of all, one must think that the tile can suffer. Also can not be hanged on flimsy walls “.

These rules relate to all similar models, even more modern, with an innovative design. There are already 28 modes of the Chinese manufacturer, including children’s and delicate, there are disinfection and drying functions, as well as the ability to control from a smartphone. Manufacturers generally began to add the last option to a variety of devices, but whether it uses at least ? Owners say that management through the application is a continuous positive. And the manufacturer writes that this model has an intelligent system that helps determine the type of fabric, for example dense textiles or soft, and choose the mode. But in reality, setting parameters is still more convenient manually. And remote access works only if you first press the button on the device itself.

Nikita Pchegolkin: “This is more a marketing move it does not help the owner. Roughly speaking, it is necessary that the owner should throw the underwear, slam the door, leave and turned it on after time. All the same, you need a person “.

Especially people like the drying function and the ability to add linen when the machine is already working. For forgetful, this is very useful. Manufacturers generally do everything to give people the opportunity to wash more.

There is a model equipped with two drums. The main one is designed for 12 kilograms, lower for 2 kilograms. The device allows you to wash things of different colors at the same time, delicate, children and adults, or wash separately in a small drum without spending excess water and electricity, a very small type of sports shape. You can, of course, buy a separately small drum for 50 thousand, it will also work as a full.fledged machine.

Nikita Pchegolkin: “This machine for everyday washing, if you play sports every day or every other day, then excellently, just abandoned the shape, does not spend a bunch of electricity, does not spend a lot of water. But if a person lives at home or, for example, two people, he has bedding, such a machine, of course, is not a way out of the situation. “.

The most unusual washing machines, of course, are invented for travel. Some, in fact, are a bag in which you need to put underwear, pour water with powder and move. There are folding, similar to a kettle that can help in a hostel or business trip. In general, if washing is a problem for you, look for a solution may already have one that is invented specifically for your case.

Review of reviews

According to the owners of wall washing machines, such compact equipment has a lot of advantages. First of all, everyone note an unusual “space” design. the technique really looks very futuristic and fits well into the space of a modern bathroom. A great advantage can be called compact dimensions. Almost all owners are not ready to return to the usual full.sized models of washing machines. The convenience of laying linen is also not in last place. You can not bend, all the necessary structural elements are located at the user eye level.

Small load. about 3 kg, does not become a problem if you wash more often. Among the individual characteristics of such a technique, a small volume of the compartment for the detergent can be distinguished. many go from powder options for liquid. There are no complaints to the class of energy consumption a. the equipment spends electricity quite economically.

The number of programs is enough to care for cotton products, baby linen, delicate fabrics. It is noted that the technique quite successfully erases both bedding and jackets, even sneakers are placed in the tank.

In comparison with full.sized technology, suspended compact models their owners call almost silent. Vibration with spinning is also not felt. a clear plus for apartment buildings. The disadvantages include not too reliable anchors in the standard set of fasteners, difficulties with the purchase. it is quite difficult to find such a product in stock.

Another 1 minus. restriction of heating temperature: maximum for washing. 60 degrees.

They Missed a BIG Step on Our Washing Machine Install!

In the next video, you will find instructions for installing a Daewoo DWC-CV703 Washing Machine Washing Machine.

One of the visitors to the site sent two photos and a letter of the following content:

“Good afternoon! When repairing in an apartment (toilet, bath), I faced the problem of lack of space for installing an automatic washing machine. I studied the experience of the people for a long time (including posted on your site) and, as a result, made a completely individual option. If you place it on your site, I think parts of the people will help you decide on the option of installing a washing machine. Thanks!””

I liked the option of placing an automatic washing machine in a niche for the toilet, as I allowed to install a washing machine, without occupying an additional area in the toilet or bathrooms.

The only disadvantage of this option is the difficulty of erecting a washing machine for a small pedestal due to interfering toilet and drain tank. But the washing machine is installed once for many years and you can come to terms with this.

Particular attention. a drain hose

If you incorrectly connect the drain. you will flood your neighbors, and this is fraught with very serious expenses. It would seem-well, what can you do wrong here? There is an important nuance: the height of the connection to the sewer pipe should strictly correspond to the installation instructions for the instructions.

Bring the corresponding wiring to the washing machine

Washing machine is a powerful device that requires a lot of energy. If the wiring is outdated and does not correspond to the power, it may not withstand the operation of the mechanism and the heating element.

So come to terms with the fact that the car will have to lead a separate fishing line for a trimmer with a protective shutdown function. The wiring should be copper with a cross section corresponding to the power of the device. And as already mentioned, the connection is only to the dedicated outlet, without any adapters and extensions.

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