Is it possible to hang an infrared heater above the bed

Detailed instructions for installing and connecting an infrared heater to the ceiling and walls

Today, anti.scientific conversations are underway about plen (ceiling infrared heaters of the film type). According to Kazakh colleagues, tenge is 1.5 times cheaper than utility bills with boiler rooms, radiators and other accessories. Masters say that on KV. m. There are 60 watts, which means that there is no need in a gas boiler. Eyewitnesses claim that 80 square meters of a wooden cottage leaves 6 kW. It seemed wrong, in the search engine Yandex was a request “Calculation of the capacity of the boiler” was a request. We began to find out if the installation of infrared heaters really relieves problems.

Most of the emitting infrared heaters have a universal mount on the case, capable of holding low weight on any surface. on the wall, on the ceiling and even on the ceiling rods and consoles. The power of the radiating heater, depending on the performance, the model and the heating element used, can be from 0.8 kW to 2.5 kW.

The main problem arising when choosing a scheme, where and how to establish an infrared heater, is associated with a high concentration of radiant energy in the stream. It is like a fire. the closer to a hot surface, the stronger the thermal exposure. True, the density of the radiating flow issued by the infrared heater decreases in quadratic dependence. At a distance of three meters, thermal exposure is four times less than at a distance of a meter from the infrared spiral or ceramic panel.

When installing the heater, we follow the following restrictions:

  • The distance of maximum comfort from the heater for low-power devices 700-800 W is only 70 cm, for 1300-2000 W, the distance from the surface of the heater radiation to the face, as the most sensitive part of the body, should be at least 130-150 cm;
  • If the infrared heater must warm the room in which people spend quite a long time in almost one position, the distance from the plane of the installation of the device to open parts of the body. hands and faces should be at least 2 m for one and a half kilowal heater;
  • For cases when it is planned to install several infrared heating devices in the room, each heater must be directed to its blind area, without crossing the flows or the direction of emitting elements at one directory.

For powerful heaters, the installation in the corner on rotary brackets is traditionally selected, allowing you to adjust the angle of inclination of the reflecting mirror of the infrared heater. The best effect is achieved when installing radiating heaters on the ceiling. It turns out, as if the antipost of a warm floor. The ceiling scheme allows you to maximize the heat stream in the room room, just like fluorescent lamps create uniform lighting.

Important! The thermal energy of an infrared emitter of several hundred watts in a concentrated form can heat objects to high temperature, therefore, in the immediate vicinity, at a distance of 60-70 cm from the heater there should not be plastic, paper and fabric objects.

Otherwise, it is possible to deal with the surface of the surface, and with a very close location or touch, partial destruction of the material is possible.

details about the design

The main feature of the technique of this type is the release of heat aimed at heating various surfaces: walls, floor, ceilings, furniture and interior. in a word, everything that is in the room. At the same time, the air warms up only partly, since 90% of the radiation is aimed at objects, which, in turn, already give heat to the air.

The main elements of the design of the technique of this type are the emitter and reflector, and electricity, gas or diesel fuel acts as an energy source. The emitter is responsible for the transfer of infrared radiation as heated. The reflector, which is made of heat.resistant material with good reflective ability, acts as a reflective element.

Popular models of IR heaters for giving

Next, we will consider several popular models of infrared heaters for giving. There are a lot of heaters on sale, but only some of them have earned popularity among consumers.


Infrared heaters with a thermostat for giving PION Thermo Glass P-06 belong to energy-saving equipment. The presented model has a capacity of 600 watts and heats the area of ​​12 square meters. m. The heater implements protection against overheating, which extends the service life of the equipment. The height of the installation is 2-3 meters, so it can be used in any room. Installation is possible both on walls and ceilings.

The main difference of this model is that it is a designer heater with a transparent glass case. The glass itself is conductive, it also serves as a heating element. Such glass cannot be shocked, since the electrical conductive layer is inside. Such heaters can be used in premises for various purposes, characterized by an excellent appearance.

The heat heating temperature varies from 100 to 300 degrees, so these heaters should be mounted in places inaccessible for children. The glass itself is very durable and does not break when hit.

IR heater Almac IK11

Infrared heaters with a thermostat for giving Almag (Almac) resemble lamps for daylight lamps. Their thermostats are remote, mounted in walls or walls. depending on the chosen structure. Can these heaters be called energy.saving? Of course. when heating an area of ​​20 square meters. m they consume only 1 kW. The maximum equipment installation height is 3.5 meters.

These heaters are suitable for installation in any room. these can be corridors, garages, halls and bedrooms, kitchen rooms and many others. By complementing the heaters of Almac by thermostat, you can achieve good power saving.

IR heater Ballu Bih-AP2-1.0

This flat and thin electric infrared heater is well suited for heating a summer residence. In its design, it resembles a flat lamp for daylight lamps. The power of this model is 1 kW. Installation is carried out using special brackets or cables, the maximum suspension height is 3 meters. To adjust the temperature, this heater is connected to an electric network through a thermostat.

Ballu is a well.known manufacturer of infrared heaters. The equipment it wean is highly reliable and no less high efficiency. Buying electric and gas IR heaters or will be an excellent solution for organizing heating in the country.

How to choose infrared heaters

When deciding which infrared heater to choose for heating a house or apartment, it is worth paying attention to the type of heating element of the device. They are three types:

Useful information! Hageline infrared heating devices is undesirable to install in residential premises. They radiate IR waves in a short range that can negatively affect the well.being of a person.

Quartz heating elements consist of a quartz tube and a carbon spiral. Devices with such a heating element quickly heat up and have a high efficiency. Their disadvantage is a relatively short service life, about two to three years. In addition, they consume a lot of electricity and glow in the dark.

Quartz devices are usually used only as an element of additional heating

Ceramic heaters are more expensive, but they serve almost twice as long as quartz. They consume from 50 kilowatts of energy and are considered one of the most economical heating elements.

Such devices are resistant to high humidity and can be used in baths

Heaters on mychatermic elements made of metal are characterized by reliability and durability. In the process, they crack slightly, but otherwise they have only positive reviews from users.

Michthermic heating device

Pros and cons, the price of infrared heaters. not all aspects important for choosing a suitable device. Attention should be paid to several more features of the infrared device:

  • The thickness of the anodizing layer on the heating element. The layer of less than twenty.five microns will lead to the rapid failure of the device.
  • Devices with a heating element made of ferrous metal cannot be used in the bathroom and in the kitchen.
  • The foil in the device should have a thickness of at least one hundred twenty microns. For verification, you can press on it with a rod of an ordinary handle. The foil should not be deformed.
  • For heating ten square meters of the room, at least one thousand watt power of the device will be required. Better to buy a device with a power supply.

Small devices with a capacity of three hundred. five hundred watts are great for temporary heating of the garage or workshop

Infrared heater picture. is it really possible to warm up from it. Rules for choosing and operating, so as not to burn.

For several years, new generation heaters have been widely represented in our market, which are simultaneously a stylish decor item. We are talking about wall film heater in the form of picturesque paintings.

They work on the principle of infrared radiation. Are they really as effective as manufacturers say about it, what are the features during their operation, and whether they cost their money? Let’s understand in more detail.

First, we will consider all their advantages that they certainly possess, and then we will go on significant drawbacks. They talk little about them in commercials and stores.

One of the main advantages, thanks to which many housewives are staring on these heating wall paintings and panels is their appearance and the ability to additionally decorate the interior of the apartment.

The idle owner of the apartment can also choose the model you like.

In addition to use at home, they can be used at work by hanging a picture directly near the workplace. In many offices, it is officially forbidden to use thermal curtains or heating systems due to their fire hazard.

But with such a heater there are no problems.

Forgot to draw a warm floor or a separate battery on the balcony or loggia?

Space Heater Nonsense

And here this wonderful infrared device will help you here. over, such warming paintings can be hung on walls from any material.

The temperature of the surface of the film wall heater does not exceed 65-75 degrees. Therefore, burning in case of accidental contact here is simply impossible.

Because of this, many use them in children’s rooms. For example, the most common oil radiators, which would seem reliably protected from all sides and do not have open heating elements, are extremely not recommended to be used in children’s.

Pictures heaters work on the principle of the sun. Only here infrared rays emit special carbon threads.

On top they are isolated by eco.pound, on which a colorful image is applied to the same.

Of course, the canvas itself heats up a little in the process, but as mentioned above, it will not work to burn about it. If you touch the surface with a palm, then at first some warmth will be felt.

However, it almost instantly disappears and the hand after a second already feels as if room temperature. This effect is achieved due to the zone disconnection system.

That is, as soon as the picture of the heater felt pressure on the surface of the paths, their automatic shutdown occurs. This is a kind of protection against overheating and failure.

The main heating here goes on the surface at which the picture is directly directed. The air itself is not heated.

It can be a sofa, a bed, or you yourself sitting at a desktop. In this case, the feeling will be created that a bright warm sun shines on you.

At the top and bottom of the film heater, two convex strips must go. They do not allow the picture to tightly press against the surface of the wall.

When buying, pay attention to what these planks are made of. A clean tree is recommended, without any coating with varnishes and paints.

Glued beam will also be a bad option.

possible, hang, infrared, heater

Such a heater during work will spread unpleasant and harmful odors. And these strips provide the necessary indentation from the wall in 2cm.

This is necessary not only because of fire safety, but also in order to maintain the surface of the walls in its original form. For example, some users with prolonged use, begin to retreat in places of hanging pictures.

Conventional heaters and winddroets raise dust, dry the air, burn oxygen. They also constantly interfere under the feet.

With frequent use, headaches, dry mouth and other signs of oxygen starvation occur. The warming paintings do not dry the air and do not affect the reduction of oxygen level in your home.

Even if dust is collected for them, they do not burn it and you will not feel the corresponding smell. They can be kept on for at least a whole day.

How to choose an IR heater?

In order not to worry, as an infrared heater affects health, remember the basic rules for its safe use:

If you plan to buy an infrared heater, whether it is harmful to human health, you can understand from the documents for it. Polaris recommends choosing only safe and certified equipment.

When buying, pay attention to the presence of useful additional functions:

In the Polaris catalog you will find several models of infrared heaters that will become a reliable, safe additional heat source.

possible, hang, infrared, heater

Infrared heater can be sleeping under it

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Infrared, therefore, is called, which gives heat from the inflated surface. T.e. heated to red. This redness gives radiant heat to objects in the room, and the objects themselves are already heated by heating the room.

Infrared, therefore, is called, which gives heat from the inflated surface. T.e. heated to red. This redness gives radiant heat to objects in the room, and the objects themselves are already heated by heating the room.

You can exclude harm

Positive reviews of specialists about the use of infrared heaters in everyday life are based on compliance with the following rules:

  • The power of the device you bought should correspond to the parameters of the room or be adjustable.
  • The radiation from the heater should be directed towards the wall or floor, and not the person.
  • Try to prevent infrared rays on your head.
  • Do not install IR heaters in the children’s room.
  • The use of infrared devices on the street does not harm.

Numerous reviews of users of household electrical infrared heaters note the effectiveness of their use in the country, when in a short time you need to warm up the house in raw weather or create a comfortable recreation area in an open gazebo.

Preparatory stage

Infrared heaters can be used as the main heat source in the room. In this case, you can not do without careful calculation of thermal losses. They depend on many factors, such as the size of the room, materials, wall thickness, ventilation and the region, since the minimum permissible temperature is normalized for each region.

List of necessary tools

At the preparatory stage, it is necessary to determine the location of the heater and prepare the following tools:

This is the necessary minimum of tools, without which the heater will not work. In addition to them, you can use a pyrometer for calculations when installing several devices at once.

Where and how to install IR heater?

The location of the infrared heater depends on its type and the heating plan. It can be installed on the ceiling, on the wall, with a bias and without.

Safety precautions

Remember that the installation of IR heaters is work with electricity. Therefore, it is important to maintain maximum caution and follow the safety rules:

  • In no case do not install a heater near fire hazardous objects.
  • The wiring should be extended on a non.combustible base.
  • The mounting elements should not touch the heating element.
  • Do not install devices with a capacity of more than 800 watts for a residential building or apartment.
  • Do not connect the heater to the network until you finish the installation.

For more efficient use of the heater in your house, place it next to the materials that have high heat absorption, for example, wood, carpets, stone walls. U

The mounting surface should be strong enough, since some heaters can weigh up to 28 kg, although many, of course, have a smaller weight.

Location and height from the floor

One of the important requirements for the installation of IR heater is the distance to the human head, especially in working areas, where a person spends a lot of time almost motionless. This distance should be at least 1.5. 2 meters. In fact, it is determined by the power of a particular heater. If its power is up to 800 watts, then it can be located at a distance of 70 cm from the human body. If the power is 1-1.5 kW, then the permissible distance begins with 1 meter. The specifics of different rooms determines the features of the heater installation and the optimal device for the location of the devices. Where to place the heater:

Room Recommended place
Bedroom The area above the headlife, so that at least ⅔ beds are under the ik radiation.
Kitchen The heater is recommended to be installed so that its rays are directed towards the window, the place of the influx of cold air from the street to the room.
Bathroom On the ceiling, if this is the only source of heat in the room, or opposite a small site where a person is most often, if IR heater is considered as an additional source of heat.
Hallway On the ceiling with a downward direction, to the floor. It remains warm due to which it dries very quickly. The same applies to shoes. it also dries quickly and remains warm. However, it is important to remove it so as not to dry it, thereby without damaging it.

When heating open areas, it makes sense to install several devices at once, so that infrared radiation reaches most of the surface of the body. IR heaters can provide a different temperature regime in individual zones of the room. For this, several devices with different power are installed in one room.

Instructions for installing an infrared heater

Each heater is supplied with instructions for its installation and operation. Learn it thoroughly, since they are all different, in the recommendations for different devices there may be discrepancies.

Installation of the device

The heater is attached to the wall is carried out in a very simple way. Only basic skills in working with conventional construction tools, such as drill, peorator and electric screwdriver, will be needed. Keep in mind that the designs of different heaters may differ, do not ignore the recommendations from manufacturers.

    Determine the location of the heater and mark them. At the same time, it is better to use roulette to measure the necessary attachment height from the ceiling, and the construction level. Make sure all fastening points are located at the same height.

Drill holes with a drill or a pedorator, if you have to deal with a concrete wall.

The reasons

No matter what your type of TV (LCD, plasma or kinescopic), the malfunction will make itself felt in one of the following methods:

  • The device will not turn on, although the LED indicator will blink as usual;
  • The indicator lights up in red and goes out;
  • Enchanted for the work of plasma Led TV are heard. buzz, click, whistle.

It is recommended to start a search for defects with external accessories, and end inside the apparatus. First of all, make sure the integrity of the power cable and, oddly enough, the operability of the remote control, and the diagnosis of the internal mechanisms of the Telika, instruct qualified specialists: even if you find a hardware problem (a burned fee, a broken matrix), it is unlikely that it is unlikely to eliminate it on your own.

The right choice of infrared heater

On sale infrared heaters are available with three types of heating elements:

  • carbonov;
  • ceramic.
  • The halogen emitter has two disadvantages. its golden light irritates the eyes and it radiates the short.wave heat that has a negative effect on a person.
  • In addition to thermal radiation, a carbon heating element gives part of the energy in the form of a reddish glow, which may be an irritating factor for vision and cause a negative reaction in asthmatics and allergy sufferers.
  • Heating elements with a ceramic shell do not emit light, and their radiation falls on a harmless medium and long.wave range.

Honorary second place, after convector heaters, in the overall ranking was taken by film IR models. They are thin heating elements laminated by a special film. The maximum temperature of their heating is 50 degrees. Such heaters are suitable for heating the floor, panels, ceiling. Due to the low heating temperatures, the length of the waves emitted by the heater is in the range of 5-10 μm. over, the main part of its wave Spectra is 9-10 microns, which coincides with the length of the heat wave emitted by a person. Therefore, it is easily absorbed by the human body and, as it were, warms it from the inside.

In the positive asset of film coatings, their ability to maintain a comfortable temperature should be added, at which air is not dried and oxygen does not decrease in it. The large heating area contributes to the formation of negative ions that positively affect the body.

Manufacturers of infrared equipment in the field of heating convince of its complete safety. In fact, the infrared heater is harmful or not. largely depends on the correct choice when purchasing and installing it.

When choosing the power of the infrared heater, focus on the ratio of 1 kW for every 10 kV. m. the area to be heated. But this is only when this unit is the main source of heat.

For short.term local heating, the best option would be IR low.power emitters, about 3 kW with carbon or quartz heaters. Their heat transfer is much more effective. If you just need an additional heat source, then power can be reduced.

Having chosen the option of ceiling mounting the heater, make sure that the distance from it to the head is from 0.7 to 1 meter. If you place the device too low, headache and poor health are provided to you. You have to reinstall the heater or change the working area.

In other words, the harm of the infrared heater is “not programmed” in the principle of its operation, or maybe it is caused by its incorrect installation or excessively long use of it. Infrared heating equipment is economical, easy to operate, it is not without reason it is called the climatic technique of the future.

The article was written by Svetlana Semenovna Dracheva. a teacher of physics of the highest qualification category.

Instructions for installing an infrared heater

Each heater is supplied with instructions for its installation and operation. Learn it thoroughly, since they are all different, in the recommendations for different devices there may be discrepancies.

Installation of the device

The heater is attached to the wall is carried out in a very simple way. Only basic skills in working with conventional construction tools, such as drill, peorator and electric screwdriver, will be needed. Keep in mind that the designs of different heaters may differ, do not ignore the recommendations from manufacturers.

    Determine the location of the heater and mark them. At the same time, it is better to use roulette to measure the necessary attachment height from the ceiling, and the construction level. Make sure all fastening points are located at the same height.

Connection to the mains

Any infrared heater is mounted with a thermostat, a device that maintains a constant temperature. Any single.phase network is suitable for their connection.

Under ordinary apartment conditions you will not have to worry about it.

The thermostat constantly monitors the room temperature to provide and maintain the temperature regime set by the user. It automatically turns off the heater if the room temperature begins to exceed the given level. The supply of electricity to the heater will be restored as soon as the air in the room begins to cool down.

When mounting heaters at once in several rooms of one thermostat will not be enough, you need to install a separate device for each room.

Of course, you can completely abandon them, but in this case the heaters will spend much more electricity and the room will not be so comfortable.

    Take a wire resistant to large loads, for example, VVG 22.5. Lay it inside the walls or ceiling. Disguise the wire layer of plaster. As an alternative, you can use special boxes to mask electrical wires.

The connection diagram of several heaters through the thermostat

The connection diagram of the IR heaters should not scare. a simple refinement of the cable of one or more devices to the thermostat, and then to any distribution box.

The best option is to create a separate machine in a distribution shield specifically for heaters. This will protect the network from overload.

Where to go and how much does the work of masters cost?

It is not necessary to do everything yourself. If you do not have enough experience of installation work with electrical equipment, contact one of the companies offering your services. For 1 heater. Many of them give a guarantee for their work, so there are no other good reasons to abandon these services besides the desire to save.

Installation of infrared heaters should not scare. this is not a reason to abandon one of the most economical ways to heating an apartment or house. With the help of specialized companies that are ready to help the installation of heaters, difficulties should not arise.

General rules for installing IR heaters

Installation of infrared heaters should be carried out in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions

Features of the room

Even if the technical passport indicates the recommended area of ​​the room and the height of the ceilings, it will be necessary to take into account:

Such devices cannot be installed in rooms with a high level of humidity, as well as in fire and explosive. When installing, you must follow all safety regulations.

Power and technical characteristics of the heater

By purchasing a powerful heater for a small room, you can ineffectively use the necessary temperature comfort.

If the infrared heater is hung too low above the working area, then it will greatly heat the heads of people in the radiation zone, which will lead not only to overheating, but also to various diseases.

It should be borne in mind that when working, the surface of such heaters heats up greatly, so the distance to the curtains, curtains, furniture should be at least 1 meter.

If the heater is supposed to be used in constant working mode, then the height of its location should be at least 2 meters above the working area.

After the completion of installation work, it is necessary to make sure that there are no interference on the path of radiation: the devices cannot be covered with anything and there should not be extraneous objects near.

Installation of electric IR heaters

The main difficulty in installing this type of heaters is to correctly choose the installation site. Small power devices 300-800 W can be placed anywhere in the room, observing simple rules:

  • do not install it under an outlet;
  • radiation should be scattered, not aimed at a person;
  • It is advisable to draw a separate electric fishing line for a trimmer, and install a protective machine on the electrical panel;
  • There should not be flammable substances and objects of the situation near.

Installation of gas IR heaters

To connect to the gas line, you will need to obtain a gas service permit and invite qualified specialists.

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If the device works from a gas cylinder or a gas tank is inside (in the shape of a lantern), it is necessary to observe all precautions when working with gas.

Good ventilation is required, gas combustion products remain indoors.

When installing, it is necessary to comply with the requirements of the safe placement of burners in order to avoid the danger of fire.

Subject to all installation rules, you can create a reliable autonomous heating system and significantly reduce heating costs.

Installation of infrared heaters

The infrared (IR) panels are installed either on the ceiling or walls using fasteners with self.tapping screws through the holes specially designed for this in the panel housing, which can be closed with plugs.

At the height of the ceiling with a concrete base of not more than 3 meters, brackets from the kit are used, which are attached using dowel-gvo to the concrete ceiling.

In rooms with a high ceiling or with a base of wood, plastic suspensions (cables or chains) are used. At the same time, the distance from the infrared panels to the human head should be at least 50 centimeters, t. e. The height of the installation is allowed at least 2.5 m from the floor. IR panels are installed on cables, as well as lamps, so I recommend reading an article called “fastening of suspended lamps”.

3 Things They Don’t Tell You About Tankless

When installing, it is necessary to take into account:

  • It is forbidden to install IR panels near or in easily flammable and explosive objects. Electric cables used for connection is allowed to lay only on a non.combustible base.
  • IR heaters are prohibited to turn on until the completion of the installation and connection process.
  • For rooms with high humidity (bath, bathroom, etc. D.) only models are used for work in such conditions.
  • Fasten the panel only through the finished holes in the product, which are specially designed for installation. The fasteners should not touch the heating element.
  • It is not recommended to install an IR panel above the places of permanent stay of people (above the sofa, bed, table). Shift it a little to the side.
  • For home, use panels with a capacity of not more than 800 watts.
  • One infrared heater cannot heat a large room- you will need to install several.
  • Do not install the IR panel near the window or under the window, to avoid heat losses.
  • When installing with your own hands, it is necessary to observe the minimum distance between the installation surface and the body of the IC heater. As a rule, it is at least 3-6 mm.
  • The infrared heater is installed at a height of 2.5 to 3 meters, if you have high ceilings, then you use suspensions on cables.
  • When mounting on the wall, the efficiency of the infrared panel is reduced by at least 30 percent.
  • When installing on the outer wall of the house (with access to the street), to captivate the efficiency of the heater, it is necessary to put the thermal insulation material for it: aluminum foil, etc. P.
  • When choosing a place of installation on the wall, take into account the need to exclude the possibility of people access to the heater, because the working surface of the IR radiation is heated to 200 degrees.

Advantages and disadvantages of IR heating systems

Ceiling heating infrared in comparison with convector heating options has many advantages:

  • Wide area of ​​use. Infrared heating panels are used when heating the premises of all types. Using them, you can increase the temperature in warehouses, farms, in the garage;
  • High heating speed. The sensation of heat from the moment the system is turned on immediately appears. This is carried out by the fact that the air does not take heat, and the energy is spent for its intended purpose with minimal costs;
  • Silent work. The work of infrared heating systems does not make noise and sounds, and at the time of heating, carbon monoxide is not emitted;
  • environmental Safety. Infrared heat has close similarity to the sun. It is most comfortable for humans. The heat heater is devoid of harmful substances and does not emit an unpleasant odor;
  • Moisture resistance. Due to this advantage of the system, you can use in the open air.

IR heating systems do not burn air and do not dry it. The distribution of heat in the room is carried out evenly without accumulation in the upper part, closer to the ceiling. At the time of heating, convection air flows are unprofitable, so they do not raise dust. Thanks to this, it is possible to maintain the optimum temperature in the room, providing comfortable conditions of residents. Heaters are easily placed on the ceiling.

But such a system has several disadvantages, among which it can be noted:

  • point effect. One room may be warm, and in the other it is cold. Since infrared rays do not heat the air, but only nearby objects, in the process you can smell plastic;
  • not always suspended heating systems can be successfully entered into the overall style of the interior of the room;
  • Energy.saving equipment cannot be called profitable in terms of finance. First, you spend a lot of money to buy equipment. Secondly, in order to obtain rational energy costs, a number of requirements will have to be observed: insulation of the building, the creation of reflective shields that reduce heat plants.

We recommend: varieties of infrared heating panels

But if you follow the installation conditions, then the efficiency of equipment will reach 95%. To support a comfortable microclimate in the house, it is enough to cover with a film of 50% of the ceiling area.

Thermoregulator connection options

Now it is necessary to find out how to connect the thermostat to the infrared heater, if you have no experience in such work:

  • A mycatermic home heater should not be a capacity of more than 3 kW.
  • Thermostat is not recommended to install directly next to the device.
  • Avoid sunlight entering the thermostat case.
  • It is undesirable to connect the infrared heater to the thermostat in rooms with high humidity.

The thermostat connection diagram to the IR heater

Consider the standard connection diagram of the household infrared heater through the thermostat (more details. in the article we connect the infrared heater through the thermostat):


  • As a rule, a mycatermic heater is connected to a standard outlet or using a dedicated line from an automatic machine on an electrical panel. The thermostat is built into the network between the heater and the automatic.
  • Pay attention to the design of the thermostat. He has four terminals: two at the entrance and, accordingly, the same amount at the exit.
  • If one heater is connected, then two veins leave the electric shield to the terminals of the device. Two wires are connected to the terminals that are located at the output (plus and minus). At the same time, it is important to consider the polarity. The terminals are connected directly to the mycatermic heater.
  • If two heaters are installed, then a pair of wires is again brought from the machine gun to the regulator: neutral and phase, and from the regulator, wiring for a couple of heaters is already being made. The type of connection is parallel.

Sometimes infrared heaters with a thermostat require a more complicated connection. To correctly perform every step, it is better to follow the recommendations of the video where everything is clearly shown and supplemented by Комментарии и мнения владельцев. It all depends on the design of the thermostat and the IR heater itself:

  • The thermostat is connected to the machine on the electric shield.
  • Output terminals (and.) are connected to a magnetic starter.
  • The starter contacts are connected directly to the infrared heating device.

Connecting two heaters to a thermostat

It is worth noting that this algorithm is suitable for the regulator of industrial heating devices.

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