Is it possible to put objects on the microwave

That you cannot warm in the microwave, why it is forbidden to put metal

Modern cuisine is a branch of household appliances store. There are plates, toasters, combines, refrigerators, grills, electricities and openings, meat grinders and other necessary devices. Place them optimally. So that it is necessary at hand, and the space does not clutter up is a difficult task. As a result, the refrigerators acquired the “mezzanines” in the form of leaps rods, toasters put on the microwaves, and on the kitchen table the hosts are difficult to find a place for a mug with tea.

But not all electrical appliances painlessly withstand close proximity. For example, microwave-a very capricious gadget. To extend the life of the devices, it is important to know which items can be put on the microwave and which ones are categorically impossible.

Foil, and what does she do in the microwave

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possible, objects, microwave

If you ever put foil in the microwave, then after a few seconds you understood why this is a bad idea.

The microwave uses its metal walls to reflect and concentrate microwaves in your food, but thin metal sheets are a completely different matter.

The foil cannot resist the microwaves and begins to absorb them and heat them, and so fast that fire occurs.

It is recommended to buy dishes for microwave ovens in specialized stores or in well.Known brands that pay attention to the quality of the materials and do not forget about marking. Even if the containers are more expensive, they will last longer than cheap and fragile.

possible, objects, microwave

Most dishes in the furnace are better to cook in shallow, but wide thick.Water plates. They provide quick and uniform heating and do not crack from high temperatures.

The same requirements are presented to the covers for microwave ovens as for plates

If the microwave stove supports the grill or convection mode, you need to put food in it only in heat.Resistant glass containers. Conventional plates for fast heating can crack, and plastic ones will begin to secrete harmful substances.

Put the microwave on the refrigerator in accordance with simple rules. In this case, the installation of devices over each other will be safe, although some disadvantages of the location of the equipment in the column will still remain.

After buying the microwave, he first installed it over the refrigerator. There was no other place, there was no time to build a special shelf on the wall. The location seemed good, but it quickly became clear that it was inconvenient to reach out behind a plate somewhere under the ceiling even with high growth. After he spilled hot soup, he decided to do the installation of shelves and the microwave from the refrigerator took off.

Putting plates in the microwave on the refrigerator and pulling them back is really not very convenient. But there are simply no other options for placing in our kitchen, even the walls are already occupied by cabinets, there is nowhere else to mount the microwave. We try to use the stove carefully, until no one is burned. The refrigerator also works normally, the microwave is modern, does not warm up when turned on, I do not think that the devices can harm each other.

possible, objects, microwave

Fresh greens

A great way to keep basil, parsley, dill, mint and other herbs for the winter is to dry. And if you do not have a special dryer, use the microwave.

Lay the washed and dried greens on a paper towel. Cover one more on top and send to the microwave oven. Dry the greens with twenty.Second phases with maximum device power until it becomes brittle. One batch, as a rule, dries for about a minute. At the end, transfer the greens into a glass container with hermetic lids.

Is it possible to put a microwave on the refrigerator: the basic rules of placement, possible consequences and problems, useful tips

A person who decided to install the microwave on the refrigerator will not find a direct ban on such an action anywhere. The installation of these devices in one row is also not forbidden. You can rejoice, there are no problems? Do not rush if there is no direct ban on such placement, this does not mean that there are no other subtleties in this case.

Is it possible to put a microwave on the refrigerator?

Microwave. The technique is capricious and a little dangerous. The place in which it can be installed should provide a good air flow to the device, be inaccessible to children.

It is important to know! “The placement of the microwave on the refrigerator is possible if certain conditions are met”.

It is not recommended to thought up this unit for a refrigerator. A breakdown of both devices may occur. From such a neighborhood, a risk of a short circuit of a microwave oven may arise from such a neighborhood.

Pros and cons of such accommodation

The advantages of installing the device on the refrigerator include the following:

  • Saving space in the kitchen.
  • Protection from children.
  • Proximity to the place where products are stored.
  • Beautiful interior if the microwave and refrigerator are made in the same style.

It is not difficult to put the microwave on the refrigerator on the refrigerator, subject to certain rules. First you should consider the disadvantages of this location before installing one unit on another.

  • Inconvenience of use;
  • A ban on long.Term preparation of products;
  • Additional manipulations before installation;
  • The danger of placement.

What happens to METAL in a MICROWAVE?

Microwave tank cannot be used for a long time on the refrigerator. The preparation of rice or pie in it will entail a large load on the compressor of the refrigerator, and the degree of readiness of the dish in it will not be able to control.

Rules for placing a microwave on the refrigerator

Modern cuisine is a place where there is always lack of space. People are so overgrown with various cooking devices that they contain them even in the largest kitchen with great difficulty. Various bleeders, kitchen combines, thermopotes and electric teapots are set closer to sockets, which significantly limits the choice of places for microwaves.

According to the current requirements, put a device for refrigeration equipment, adhering to such rules as:

What Does Metal REALLY Do In A Microwave?

  • The gap between the ceiling and the microwave should exceed 20 cm.
  • Thermal insulation material should lie between the refrigerator and the stove.
  • The legs of the stove are required to be raised above the refrigerator so that the air from the fan of the microwave freely passes between the devices.
  • The microwave should have a ground socket. It is desirable that the refrigerator and the stove have different sockets.
  • The stove is also removed from the walls and cabinets at least 15 cm.

The device installed in this way will be as safe as possible to use. To comply with all conditions is much easier if the refrigerator does not exceed 130 cm. Refrigeration equipment of larger dimensions will make it difficult to use the microwave. To load the plate into the furnace, you will have to use a chair or a children’s stand.

Reliable ventilation

Without good ventilation, the microwave will not last long on the refrigerator. The kitchen unit, often, has fans in the side walls and at the bottom of the device. When heated by food, the air in the stove should circulate freely.

It is important to know! “Metal parts of the microwave oven should not come into contact with the metal of any other device”.

If the stove is located close to any other technique, not only the access of ventilation to the device is limited, the risk of fire in the kitchen increases. Remember that swing stoves with forks or spoons when food is heating there is life.Threatening.

The convenience of use

When a chamber for warming up food is too high, it is inconvenient to use it. The risk of overturning a plate with hot food increases and burn yourself. In a small refrigerator in a small kitchen, the microwave looks harmonious and correctly. It is simply necessary to comply with the rules for placing technology.

It is forbidden to work a stove on the refrigerator for a long time. Only 5-10 minutes are a limit of the time that can be included in the refrigerator equipment. Long work of this technique will greatly heat the surfaces nearby, even if all the requirements for the distance are observed. Therefore, the compressor of the refrigerator will receive an additional load. It is better to avoid such situations so that the expensive device does not fail. This situation is still fraught with the formation of condensate on the wall behind technology. So can easily form mold. From constant humidity, the wall coating will deteriorate.

Thus, using the stove on the refrigerator is not too convenient. Restrictions in the installation entail restrictions on the functions of the device.

The intensity of the use of the furnace

Put a microwave on the refrigerator? Then it often will not be possible to use it. If you slam the stove door constantly, something can fall in the refrigerator and break.

Use time is also limited 10 minutes several times a day. Otherwise, the freezer wardrobe will poorly save products and maintain the necessary temperature inside.


The absence of grounding in a microwave or its insufficient degree can lead to a current defeat from the metal walls of the device. The answer to the question of whether it is possible to put the microwave on the refrigerator, depends on the grounding.

Modern sockets are already equipped with holes, where it is supposed to stick a gray-yellow wire from a microwave oven. If you doubt the correctness of marking technology or sockets, it is best to call an electrician specialist to the house, who will make appropriate measurements. It is dangerous to insert the cord from the microwave in a simple outlet that is found in the old housing stock. You cannot use standard extension cords for these purposes.

Any microwave device after disconnecting at the expense of the capacitor retains its charge for 30 seconds. If you had to pull out the cord of the stove from the outlet, do not immediately try to repair or wash the device. It still has electricity.

Why you can not put metal dishes in the microwave

Metal is strictly prohibited to use. Metal dishes have reflective properties, which is why the question is whether it is possible to put iron dishes in the microwave, there is one answer. There is no answer. The waves of the furnace cannot penetrate the metal, causing a powerful discharge that can disable the equipment or even bring to the explosion, after which it is no longer repaired, you can only throw it away.

For this reason, you should not poke a plates, no spoons, or a fork made of iron into the microwave oven. Then she will definitely live longer.

That you can not put on the microwave

In order to save space, many prefer to use the microwave as an additional shelf and put a kettle on it, not particularly asking the question of whether it is possible to do this. Some use it for drinking, flowers and other items. This is fundamentally wrong, as there may be undesirable consequences. In many models of the stove, a ventilation strip is located on the top panel, when water, crumbs and other solid small particles get there, the equipment can burn out.

Above the microwave, on a separate shelf at a certain distance, other interior items can be installed.

Despite the fact that the popular objects that are placed on the microwave are kettle and flowers, there are many other nuances. The issue is acutely discussed regarding whether it is possible to put a mobile phone on the microwave. The negative impact of devices on work has not been proven, but theoretically, a magnetic field is formed around a working furnace, which affects the magnetic tape of the SIM card in the phone. The level of charging may also decrease faster. You should not conduct experiments: if you put the phone on a working microwave, and nothing happened, this does not mean that the contact of the devices can be regular. In the end, the microwave can be heavily heated, and how the hot panel will affect the phone case. You can only assume. This rule applies to the location of the laptop on it. Surely the zone of influence of the phone, portable devices and furnaces is difficult to determine and even more so to prove.

In the presence of a large window with large window sills, many housewives begin to use them not only for flowers, but also as an additional surface for technology.

So that it is clear where to put the microwave, it is necessary to divide the kitchen area into several parts and determine the concepts: the ideal place according to technical standards is strictly prohibited and what unwanted areas.

Secret sides of the microwave

The microwave oven was fully used recently. Many today use it only to warm up products, while the functionality of this technique is much wider. In addition to built.In functions, there are several secrets to use the furnace:

  • You can warm up a dried piece of pizza by placing a glass of water into the chamber.
  • If you place it half a minute in the microwave before cutting on a bow, then you will forever forget about tears in the process of cutting it.
  • To get rid of the skin on garlic, heat it for 20 seconds.
  • So that your products warm up evenly, do not bite them in the center. It is better to place them along the edges of a rotating plate.
  • If you like boiled corn, then you can cook it in a microwave oven in just a few minutes.
  • If you want to cook potato chips, then place a thin cut product in the oven for 3 minutes. In the process of preparation, it is necessary to reduce power.
  • Cooking a delicious omelet has become quite simple. Place whipped eggs in the camera for 45 seconds, then mix them and cook for another 45 seconds.
  • You can dry the greens with a microwave in just a few minutes. The main thing is not to forget to constantly turn the grass.
  • In order for fruits to be given more juice when squeezing, heat them for 20 seconds.
  • To remove the skin from tomatoes, just put it in the oven for 30 seconds and let stand a little more time. The peel will move easily and simply.

Do not forget that the microwave needs regular care (cleaning and removing unpleasant odors). To make the cleaning process easier, before starting it, warm up the oven with a glass of water in which it is necessary to squeeze the lemon.

You can use modern equipment in different ways. When installing the device, it is very important to follow safety preca.

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