Is it possible to put the microwave on the windowsill

Is it possible to put the microwave on the windowsill

We will figure out the question of whether it is possible to hang the microwave above the gas stove, what consequences this can lead. Let’s look at the foreign experience of such an installation, which models of microwaves are used and how the hood is organized. The article is supplemented by photo and video

Yes, you can install the microwave on the windowsill, but with a reservation. If it is not plastic. Otherwise, you run the risk of saying a plastic coating soon, which can swell due to the operation of a powerful microwave. But if the area of ​​the kitchen does not allow you to take a place somewhere else, you can even prepare a plastic window sill by ensuring thermal insulation-by laying cork tile, thin foam or decorative mosaic. Tiles and mosaics will successfully complement the interior if they are combined with furniture or textiles.

Important! In winter, due to the temperature difference during the heating of food, window glass may crack. First of all, this applies not to plastic windows. And there is also a solution. A piece of foilizol.

Also, microwave radiation is harmful to living plants, so they will have to be transferred. Over, they cannot be put on the furnace itself. Water can flow from pots, and this is a violation of not only operation rules, but also safety precautions.

TOP-5 places for placing a microwave in the kitchen

Where else can you put the microwave in the kitchen? There are several recommendations for placing the device that take into account the features of its work:

  • One of the most convenient options is installation on special brackets. They are attached to the wall anywhere, at any convenient level. In addition, it is not necessary to wipe the surface on which the microwave is on, since its area is extremely small. It is worth taking care of the reliability of installing fasteners. No movements or staggering the brackets when opening the door, and even more so when heating food is unacceptable.
  • Suspended regiments. This is also a great option that allows you to “play” with the location and make it as comfortable as possible. The example is very similar to the previous one, but has several of its nuances, for example, you need to provide enough space for ventilation. If you want to cover the stove with a facade, keep in mind that during the operation of the microwave it must be opened, otherwise the device may overheat and break.
  • The microwave is installed in the corner cabinet. This is a great solution for small kitchens, which also allows you to visually expand the space. Plus cabinets are usually in the working triangle of the housewife, and this will greatly facilitate the cooking process.
  • Built.In microwave. Also a great option for a small kitchen, but it should be thought out even at the stage of furniture ordering. But the result is worth it: the solution saves a place, and it is convenient to use the stove installed in the headset.
  • Installation on a kitchen cabinet is suitable if the dimensions of the kitchen allow, and the hostess will grab places for comfortable cooking. The surface of the cabinets is designed to cook food and is able to withstand temperature changes, non.Mechanical effects. But it is also necessary to take into account the fact that pieces of food can fall into the space between the stove and the wall, and due to the severity of the equipment it will be difficult to do cleaning.

Basic rules on placement

Since you have to use a microwave oven often, then the place of its placement should be treated with due attention.

  • Optimal height from the floor-60-150 cm;
  • You can not put next to the stove, the oven, the radiator and other heated devices;
  • Place so that you can easily reach your hand;
  • Do not put the microwave oven next to the sink;
  • Take care so that nothing prevents the opening and closing of the door;
  • Ventilation holes cannot be blocked. Usually they are on the top panel. If particles of food, water gets there, the device can burn;
  • Do not store interior items and kitchen accessories on the device.

At the stage of planning kitchen furniture, it is worth taking care of the place for the microwave. Modern headsets are ready and to order, often already have a special shelf for the device.

How to embed a regular microwave in a kitchen set

The main difficulty in embedding an ordinary microwave oven into the kitchen is the correct ventilation that prevents overheating. If the niche is not spacious, the flow of cold air and the removal of the warm will be disturbed, the microwave oven will quickly fail.

In the kitchen with a built.In microwave, this problem is not worth it: ventilation occurs through the front panel, so it is placed in a narrow niche.

The gaps for different types of microwaves are different:

Substation options for Schi:

possible, microwave, windowsill

Place for microwaves is chosen taking into account the presence of a socket. Manufacturers do not recommend using extension cords or tees when connecting equipment. The optimal distance between microwave and other household appliances is from 45 cm.

possible, microwave, windowsill

Microwave oven built.Up algorithm

When the place and the method of embedding microwave tapes are selected, you can proceed to the installation.

Simple installation instructions:

  • Inspect the microwave and fasteners for the presence of cracks, chips and other defects.
  • Install the mount if the equipment is mounted on the bracket or suspension shelf.
  • Make a hole in the wall wall for subsequent access to the electric network.
  • Place a microwave in the closet, pull out the cord and check if its length is enough so that the fork is inserted into the outlet.
  • Check the presence of gaps for proper air circulation.

Focus on the rule of the “working triangle

In the 20s of the last century, German scientists calculated the perfect distance between the three main zones of the kitchen, which allows the hostess to spend on cooking at least time and effort.

To date, the rule of the “working triangle” (the conditional peaks of which are a washing, a refrigerator and a stove) is still relevant, and many architects and designers are guided by it, thinking through the arrangement of the kitchen.

Optimally, the area of ​​the working triangle should be no more than 5–7 square meters (otherwise the preparation of dinner risks turning into a long distance race).

Microwave Efficiency

The approximate distance on which the refrigerator should be located relative to the sink. 1.3–2.3 meters. The plate relative to the sink should be placed at a distance of about 1.3–1.8 meters. And the optimal distance between the distant peaks of the “working triangle” is 3-4 meters.

Make sure that in the way of moving between the refrigerator, stove and sink, nothing hurts you.

In small kitchens, the dimensions of the “working triangle” will predictly be less optimal, but try to find a compromise and not squeeze it to a completely tiny size. Otherwise it will be simply uncomfortable to cook for you.

Microwave in the kitchen: where to put and where to put it is not worth it, real photos examples

It is difficult to imagine a modern kitchen without a microwave. She has long entered our daily life and firmly took her rightful place in the kitchen. But where is it, this place? We suggest you familiarize yourself with the most popular options for placing this device and choose the one that suits you and your kitchen most.

“Hide” under the countertop

So that the microwave does not occupy useful area on working surfaces, it can be removed down. Placed under the countertop. To do this, replace one of the lower cabinets of the kitchen set with a niche for the microwave.

It is best to initially lay such a change in the project. Then it will harmoniously fit into the overall design, it will look neat and stylish. But you can convert the existing space.

There is such a placement and their minuses. The microwave is very low, which makes it difficult to use, especially for high people. Be sure to consider such an option well if there are small children in the house. With their ubiquity and curiosity, it can be dangerous. In addition, frequent leaks and divorces on the facade of the device cannot be avoided, it is necessary to carefully monitor its appearance.

Classic: put on the countertop

This is the most popular and logical option. To put the microwave on the surface of the countertop.

  • She is always “at hand”;
  • Located at a convenient height for use;
  • Near the working surface where you can place the dish before cooking and calmly arrange it or, conversely, put it after heat treatment;
  • Conveniently clean;
  • The entire body is freely available. You can easily track and eliminate the slightest problems;
  • At any time it can be rearranged without problems in another place.

Minus, in fact, one, but significant. If you are not the owner of a spacious kitchen and a large countertop, the microwave will “steal” a fairly large area of ​​the already insufficient working surface. Therefore, this option is optimal only for spacious rooms.

Do not forget about the “Rules of half a meter”: you can not put this household device no closer than 50 cm from the sink and stove.

Stylish: We build in a kitchen set

This is a fashionable, beautiful and convenient way to place the microwave. Naturally, it should be stopped even before you ordered a kitchen set. Decide in advance at what height and next to what kitchen equipment you would like to see a microwave oven.

And tell your wishes to the designer. He, in turn, can offer you standard options or develop an individual project for your requirements.

It is advisable to determine in advance the model of the household appliance. Modern microwaves can differ significantly in size.

When placed, consider: perfectly, so that the countertop is from the microwave at a distance of no further than an outstretched arm. And from the point of view of classical placement, it is considered the most effective to install it next to the refrigerator.

We use the corner space

This method helps save precious kitchen space. A deep angle rarely manages to effectively use. Installing a microwave there is one of the most acceptable options for filling it out.

possible, microwave, windowsill

The plus is that the device is facing the facade in the kitchen and is easy to use for use.

Is it possible to put a microwave on the freezer

The use of the microwave on the freezer is not prohibited according to the instructions for operation. The work of both techniques will not be violated, provided that the microwave will be installed in compliance with all safety measures.

Important! If the microwave is on the freezer, then it should not be included in the general outlet. For each unit, a separate outlet should be provided.

Before installing the stove on the freezer, you need to compare its depth with the width of the unit. If it turns out to be larger, then the microwave will hang, which will entail a violation of the ventilation process.

Hide near the countertops

For the most reliable fixation, it is necessary to mount a special fasteners for the wall.

  • It is better to place it under a hinged cabinet directly above the countertop. Another way is a real shelf. This is quite convenient, because there will be a place to work on the table. As for the outlet, the cord should not just hang around the wall (this is ugly).
  • If the working surface is small or in the hinged cabinets there is no place for the microwave, you can replace the lower box with a niche. This option allows you to leave a lot of free space on the countertop. But if you have children, this location can be very dangerous.

What type of microwave chips to choose

Microwaves have long entered our daily life and became indispensable assistants in the economy. It is now difficult to imagine the kitchen without this household appliance. Apartments and offices, suburban houses and cottages, cafes and restaurants. Microwaves are used almost everywhere.

Modern microwaves are distinguished by diversity not only in design and dimensions, but also in their functionality. Depending on the characteristics of the device, the price also differs. Most often, it is customary to release microwaves on the principle of operation.

Solo microwave ovens is the simplest and most budget option. They use only microwave radiation. These models are perfect for warming up dishes or defrosting semi.Finished products. Such devices differ in the power of microwaves in the range from 600 to 1500 W. The higher the power, the faster the heating occurs, but even the 700-800 W indicator is enough for quick and high-quality cooking. The furnace is more powerful. This is an uneconal energy consumption. The control system for stoves is usually mechanical, but sometimes there is an electronic. Such models are most often the smallest in size and volume.

Microwave ovens with grill The most optimal option in terms of price. Functionality. In these devices, in addition to microwaves, a quartz or Tubular Heater grill is used, which allows you to cook food using a heating element. The product acquires a beautiful fried crust.

Tubular Heater is located at the top or side, there are also double grilled models. Such models are budget options, but the heating element in them occupies a lot of space in the chamber.

The quartz grill is located in the upper part of the furnace, right above the working camera. It does not occupy much space, more economical, heats up faster, and it is easier to clean. Expensive stove models are equipped with such grilms.

Microwaves with grilms allow you to combine operating modes, have more power levels (up to 1,500 VI), increased chamber volume, as well as wide functionality. Microwave ovens with grilms are a more expensive option compared to microwaves-sun.

Microwave ovens with grill and convection are quite capable of replacing the oven. Convection is a way of cooking with hot air circulating around the prepared dish using a special fan. Convection allows you to cook many dishes: bake pies, bake meat, simmer vegetables.

Microwave oven with convection mode have a power of at least 1350 watts. If you want to choose a microwave with all the functions of the oven, such a furnace model will be the best choice.

Location on the windowsill

This option is quite common and often used, because it is very profitable and convenient, especially if there is not enough space. But in this case, you need to take care of the precautions.

13 Random Things You Shouldn’t Microwave

Firstly, the windowsill should be sufficient width to fully accommodate the microwave and leave the space for air circulation around it. And secondly, in the cold season, you will most likely have to constantly move the oven, because the effect of its thermal radiation can lead to problems with the window glass. And plants will not be able to survive in such an environment.

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