Is it possible to steal a tank of a washing machine with a soldering iron


Washing machine is an obligatory attribute of every modern home. Today it is difficult to imagine life without it, breakdowns are always associated with a mass of inconvenience. Sometimes there is no way to call a professional master, and then the owners try to solve the problem on their own.

Tank is the main part of the washing machine, one of the main. Consider the common problems in its breakdown, as well as effective ways to solve them on our own.

Why you have to glue?

Sealing and gluing the tank of the washing machine is a forced process that the owners of some models of SMA have to face. Washes with a non.vegetable reservoir offer, for example, brands such as “Ariston” and “Indesit”. Manufacturers, making this element monolithic, do not imply its disassembly. If the bearing breaks, then the knot needs to be completely changed. But such a replacement costs a lot of money and our people simply cannot agree with a similar order of things. As it turned out, you can cut the drum, extract the bearing, change it to a new one, and then connect the halves. It is important to know how and what to seal the tank.

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Why the sealant is used?

The gluing and sealing of the tank of the washing machine (SMA) are considered forced, but the necessary processes that many owners face. Ariston, Indesit brands and some others are equipped with non.vegetable tanks, which in the case of a bearing breakdown are replaced completely. Such works are costed in large sums, and therefore not all the owners of the grease agree to them. Masters can carefully cut the drum, extract and replace the bearing, and then glue half. For sealing and gluing the tank, a sealant for washing machines is used.

How to repair a breakdown?

The washing machine contains several mobile components, including the drum. He actively participates in the washing of linen, although outwardly it seems that direct interaction occurs only with the surface of the drum.

The flow of water occurs inside the tank. A deceptive impression of the strength of the detail may be created: it seems that its breakdown is almost impossible. But this is not so. repair list depends on the type of tank and the breakdown:

  • Bearings. mobile components. Are inexpensive, but it’s hard to get to them. Independent replacement requires accuracy and patience, since there is a risk of damage to other important details.
  • Drain valve. It may break or clog with garbage, then you will need to clean the holes (you can see the instructions for the installation of the drain here).
  • Damage to the shaft. Such a nuisance is a consequence of problems with bearings that were not replaced on time.
  • Wall deformation. Possible due to failures in the operation of the shock absorbers of the washing machine and its bearings under the influence of centrifugal forces.


In modern inexpensive models of automatic machines for washing tanks made of plastic are often found, since it is believed that they combine a combination of low price with average quality. Just produce them, the weight of the part is small, the water heats up quickly. The service life is about 30 years.

A significant drawback of such containers is increased fragility. Repair involves a complete replacement of the part in the presence of serious defects or the elimination of minor shortcomings and cracks by sealing or gluing.

  • Gluing. an unreliable way of repair. The sealing composition may lose its properties due to constant vibrations and the effects of hot water. Therefore, you need to choose the most components that withstand the influence of high temperatures and mechanical factors.
  • Can be repaired with rations. Only an electric soldering iron is needed. To give the seams more strength, it is recommended to additionally reinforce them with wire, which is shed in plastic.


Most manufacturers make the design of a monolithic. So it becomes more durable, although it creates difficulties if you need to repair. It has to be sawn in half to get to the bearings or other details that failed.

  • To disassemble the structure, it must be carefully examined to detect the seam.sealed seam.
  • The holes of a small diameter are drilled in it in an amount of 15–20 pieces, which will serve as a place of installation of fasteners during reverse assembly.
  • Then the seam is sawn with a hacksaw for working with metal. The work is painstaking. Important

Attention! When sawing the tank, one cannot delve into more than five centimeters into its thickness. Otherwise you can irrevocably damage its walls.

Than and how to glue after?

With the independent repair of the washing machine, it is necessary to provide the return installation of the drum and choose the right remedy for sealing. To restore the performance of the machine, it will be necessary to combine the disassembled elements, connect half, achieve water resistance of the seam. After the cut to fasten the halves, sealing glue is used. For better sealing, the metal or plastic is fastened with self.tapping screws. They will act as fasteners, more accurately and tightly connect the components. The sealant is an excellent moisture insulator, so it can be used when repairing a machine for washing everywhere. The product must be applied to both halves and on top of the seam to create a more reliable connection.

Attention! Before making a reverse assembly of the washing machine, it is worth checking the renovated tank for tight. To do this, hot water is poured inside and left for several hours. If there is no leakage, the part is ready to install in place.

Desoldering pump service#short

Practical use of tools

The first tested device is a hacksaw for working with metal, which the master uses in 90 % of cases.

She coped with the task: the cut turned out to be even, neat, as well as the most subtle.

The only minus of its use is physical labor.

The variant of disassembly using corner grinder turned out to be fast, but not practical and far from safe.

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The plastic was not cut for the most part, but melted, flying around at the same time. The seam itself turned out to be fat.

The disc saw was inconvenient in terms of application, since the electric screwdriver itself (in the process of testing was used instead of a drill) had to be constantly kept so that it would not fly aside.

And the cut itself, left by the saw, turned out to be torn.

The results of testing the renovator turned out to be almost the same as in the case of a corner grinder.

With an increase in revolutions, the power tool melted more plastic than cut it. One conclusion is inconvenient and ineffective, and the cut itself turned out to be poor.quality.

The plastic structure was cut with an electric jigsaw, without making great efforts.

It was convenient and easy to manage it. But the author notes that it is dangerous to lower the jigsaw deep down, since there is a risk of damaging the drum. Therefore, the main thing here is not to overdo it and maximize this process. The seam turned out to be more or less normal.

The hacksaw “Cool” (with a wide canvas and small tooth) coped well with the task.

But, as in the case of the first tested tool, for this the master had to make a lot of physical efforts.

The author of the video replaced the chain saw with the Bosch Easycut 12 battery.

The power tool did a high.quality and quickly made a cut. The seam turned out to be even, but wide.


The fixing composition is obliged to withstand the working loads from the washing machine:

Glue brands that meet the requirements:

Permatex 817.0. sealant, remarkably fills all the joints, irregularities, seams due to its turnover. After exposure to sealant, the seam is even, tolerates pressure, blows, moisture.proof, temperature range from.62 ° C to 232 ° C. The whole tube goes on gluing the halves.

Kraftool. elastic sealant, gives a very strong durable connection. Withstands strong vibrations and high temperatures up to 250 ° C. Is popular among professionals for high technical qualities and economical consumption.

Glue F is a powerful tool, fixes “to death”.

This Guys So Strong, No One Can Beat Him

ABRO 11 AB-R-Super-resistant sealant. Withstands chemical and mechanical exposure, wide temperature range. Average

Washing repair masters often use sealants, glue, designed for cars.

Why do you need a sealant?

In most modern units, such as Indesit or Samsung, a unusual drum. It is understood that when you fail both a slight part like a hose and a bearing, the user will contact the Indesit service workshop, and will complete the replacement of the drum unit.

The main difficulty that people involved in independent repairs are faced with the need to disassemble or saw the drum to parts in order to get to the desired section, especially if you need to replace the axis, bearings or the oil seal. The repairman needs to replace the parts, and then collect and seal the collapsed halves of the drum so that the design is completely tight, otherwise the unit will not work at all.

To seal the halves of a non.vegetable tank, they often offer to use only a sealant, but one glue to keep the parts together will not be enough. It is best to use bolts and clamps for repairing a non.vegetable tank, which will be bored of the structure, and adhesives are used only for waterproofing and protection against leaks.

How to glue a plastic tank for water?

Below are adhesives and sealants that are suitable for gluing the drum. These compounds easily transmit the difficulties characteristic of the smoke. temperature extreme, vibration attacks, high pressure, contact with water.

Permatex 81730

This is fluid adhesive mixture designed for hermetic gluing headlights and glasses in the car. The composition is characterized by transparency. Frozen seams do not pass water, are not afraid of extreme temperatures. Working range of the composition. from minus 62 to plus 232 ° C. Great for the task. It costs on average. 175.


The composition is highly elastic. Withstands strong vibrations and heating to plus 250 ° C. Its main purpose is the sealing of the connections in the electric motors. Reliably fastens the halves of the product even without bolted connections. One tube can glue 4 tanks.

Glue f

This is polyurethane glue. If you use it, then bolts will not be needed. But he is so durable that if you need to disassemble the machine again, you will have to cut it again. The second minus.


Super.resistant sealant that can tolerate the most severe conditions. He is not afraid of very high temperatures, is not afraid of chemically aggressive substances, including acids.

The use of sealants in the repair of the washing machine

Most washing machines now have non.vegetable tanks. In case of breakdown, sometimes you have to completely replace this important detail, because it is not always possible to repair it. Nevertheless, in some cases, you can use a sealant for a washing machine to eliminate the leak, glue the cracks of the drum and again establish the work of the household appliance.

All tanks of washing machines can be divided into collapsible and non.vegetable. The former are a design adjusted according to threaded joints. Incorrect tank is a part of two halves that are soldered among themselves. What model in a specific washing machine can be found from the instructions or after a careful inspection of the device from below. Also, tanks are divided depending on the material from which they are produced.

From enamel steel

Currently, such products are infrequently sold, and among the automatic machines they cannot be found at all. To protect against corrosion, the drum is covered with special enamel, but it is unstable to the action of mechanical and chemical damaging factors, so it quickly deteriorates. Components are also not available for such devices, therefore, it is unlikely that the leak is to be repaired.


Washing and dishwashers with such tanks are widespread in the economy segment. Drums in them are made from reliable polymers with different additives. Plastic facilitates the total weight of the product, has sufficient strength for scratching, does not cause noise when rotating. Unfortunately, plastic tanks cannot boast of a long service life and rather fragile when falling, a strong blow.

From stainless steel

Such drums are equipped with the washing machines of the premium segment. They are quite expensive, but high.quality, serve for many years. The stainless steel is not afraid of water, not subject to corrosion even without additional protection, high.strength, is not damaged by the action of household chemicals and mechanical “injuries”. Of the minuses, you can call a high price, an increased noise level during operation, a significant weight of the technique.

The reasons for the breakdown of the machines

Most often, devices malfunctions are associated with violation of operation rules. For example, the cause of the rupture of the sealing cuff is often the ingress of an acute object or the careless exit of linen in the tank. The nozzles proceed from lime deposits or clogs, bearings-due to non-compliance with the norms of the mass of laid underwear or with mechanical wear. The reason for the breakdown of the tank can be:

What details most often break

Bearings are most often breaking. Their price is small, and by masters they are considered “consumable” in the washing machine. Nevertheless, a complete analysis of the device is required to replace, which without the absence of skills can cause damage to the shaft, pin and other details.

The second most frequency is the failure of the drain valve. This happens in the absence of measures to regularly clean the machine, ignore the preventive launch of the device with special cleaning compositions. The walls of the tank may also deteriorate, the reason for which is:

What will be needed for work

There are several methods of repairing the bursting tank of the washing machine, but most of them are not effective. Attempts to use glue or other fastening elements are not crowned with success, since a tank is a part that is in contact with moisture and undergoing strong mechanical effects.

There is one working technique. this is a solder, but not just the fastening of plastic, but sealing through additional reinforcement.

If the problem is already diagnosed and the cause of the car breakdown is a tank, there is no need to mention the tools necessary for disassembling the machine. In the repair of the tank you will need only:

Using a simple tool, it will be possible to eliminate the leak and restore the former tightness of the tank.

Attention! If it is not possible to collect all the fragments of the crack of the bursting tank, you will also need an additional piece of plastic. It can be cut out of the non.functional embossed part of the lid.

Prevention and cleaning

Damaging the tank of the washing machine during the standard washing procedure cannot be. Most of the breakdowns arise due to violations of the operating conditions of the device. The following tips will help to extend the service life:

  • Careful following user instructions.
  • Sitting water by installing filters or using chemicals.
  • Periodic cleaning of filters.
  • At the end of washing, the hatch should be left ajar to evaporate moisture.
  • Installation of voltage stabilizer will protect the machine from its differences.

Many parts of the washing machine are subject to independent repair, but you need to know how the washing unit is versed in the brand (Ariston, Baby, etc.D.). How to repair or replace the pump, pump, drum, press, Ten. read on our website. of the tank of the washing machine. complex, painstaking work. You can proceed to it if you are confident in your abilities and know how to work with the necessary tool.

How to avoid the entry of foreign elements into the drum of the washing machine?

So that the extraneous elements do not penetrate the device of the device (for example, in Hansa WDHS 1260 LW) and could not damage its internal components, several simple rules must be observed.

Brackers with bones, as well as corsets. wash in a special bag closing on a zipper. It also avoids deformation of bras during washing and spinning. The replacement of the cover is the ordinary pillowcase created from cotton.

It is advisable to wash the clothes equipped with large buttons or decorated with other large.sized items or glue it with tape. It is likely that they fall off, less.

Lifehack: Metal objects glued with ordinary adhesive tape, decorating light clothes, will not leave traces of rust on the fabric.

The article discusses the methods that will help remove the stuck bone from the corset or bra from the washing machine. The user of equipment is able to cope with this without outside help. A method that does not require analysis is more painstaking, methods that suggest that the machine will need to be disassembled, at the same time will give access to the details that need to be cleaned.

Repair of the Tank of the Washing Machine

Buck is the main part of such equipment in which moving elements and drum are located. Water is typed in it and washed in it, although underwear is in contact with the walls of the drum during the process. If the cause of the breakdown becomes a tank or a movable element located there, then you will have to disassemble the washing machine to the base:

So if you decide to independently repair the tank of the washing machine, then do everything the first time and for conscience, otherwise. you will have to make a second disassembly of the unit. And this is very expensive in time and time.consuming.

Important! The sealant can also be used to repair other details of such technology. Read also about the repair of the door of the washing machine.

possible, steal, tank, washing, machine, soldering

What breaks in the tank?

In this part of the automatic washing machine, they may break:

  • Bearing. This is one of the most important elements, on which the entire work of the mechanism depends. The bearing itself costs a penny, but in order to replace it you need to disassemble the machine, while there is a risk of damage to the shaft, pin and other details.
  • Shaft. This element can be deformed during the repair and replacement of bearings.
  • Drainer. The hole itself cannot be damaged, but the drain valve that is installed on it may become unusable. The only malfunction that can occur with the hole is the blockage that must be periodically cleaned.
  • Walls. Under the influence of centrifugal force, as a result of contact with the drum or in case of damage to bearings and shock absorbers, the tank walls may be damaged, which will violate their tightness.

Важно! Если вовремя не заменить, вышедший из строя подшипник, то это может привести к полному разрушению бака вибрирующим барабаном. После такой поломки, его придется полностью менять.

Before taking any actions to disassemble the equipment, carefully check the error codes and mark signs of breakdown. Then read our article, which will help you quickly deal with the faults of washing machines and restore their working condition without unnecessary movements.

Dowsil 7091 Grey sealant

Universal glue/sealant with a neutral type of curing, forms durable but flexible compounds.

Old name: Down Corning 7091 Grey

Properties and application

  • Universal gluing and sealing.
  • Manufacturing of gaskets formed on the site.
  • Application that require durable but flexible compounds, such as gluing materials with various coefficients of thermal expansion, such as glass and metal or glass and plastic.
  • Strong adhesion without primer to ordinary materials, including enameled and painted steel, aluminum, ceramics and glass, as well as many types of technical plastics.

Questions about the product

Which glue is better suited to eliminate leaks in the junction of polypropylene pipes?

At the site of the leak, you need to cut the connection and solder the repair coupling. We do not recommend applying the sealant from the outside for this purpose.

Is Dow Corning 7091 Grey destroyed under the influence of UV radiation?

No, UV radiation does not destroy the sealant of Dowsil 7091 Grey (Down Corning 7091 Grey).

Whether the headlight will fog in the process of solidifying the sealant of the Dow Corning 7091?

In the process of solidification, the sealant Dowsil 7091 (Down Corning 7091) does not create condensation (fogging) inside the headlight.

I plan to glue the plastic tank of the washing machine with this sealant. Whether the Dow Corning 7091 GREY will withstand vibration and high temperatures when working washing?

Yes. The sealant of Dowsil 7091 Grey (Dow Corning 7091 Grey) is resistant to vibration loads and high temperatures when the washing machine is operating.

How long does the sealant of Dow Corning 7091 GREY freeze?

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Silicone sealant of Dowsil 7091 Grey (Dow Corning 7091 Grey) freezes to a depth of 2 mm for 24 hours (at room temperature and 50 % relative humidity). Deeper departments will take more time before the final solidification. Solidification time increases with a lower humidity level.

I want to use the Dow Corning 7091 GREY to seal the headlight of the car. How he has with adhesion to glass and plastic?

Silicone sealant of Dowsil 7091 Grey (Dow Corning 7091 Grey) is well held on glass and plastic, providing reliable and long.term gluing surfaces from these structural materials.

How to apply down Corning 7091 GREY correctly?

First clean and degrease glued surfaces. Then apply the sealant of Dowsil 7091 Grey (Dow Corning 7091 Grey) on one of the prepared surfaces and quickly connect it to the other surface. Under the influence of humidity, the newly applied material can “delay” for 10-15 minutes (at room temperature and 50 % relative humidity). Any adjustment of the position of the surfaces relative to each other should be completed before “tightening”. The surface can easily be processed by a spatula. The sealant will become indisputable in 30 minutes.

Whether the properties of the sealant of the Dow Corning 7091 GREY will weaken if it is used at negative temperatures?

Not. The sealant of Dowsil 7091 Grey (Dow Corning 7091 Grey) shows high efficiency, even when it is operated at very low temperatures before.40 ° C.

Is it possible to use Dow Corning 7091 Grey sealant in the manufacture of gaskets for flange joints and for water supply connections?

Yes, you can. Silicone sealant of Dowsil 7091 Grey (Dow Corning 7091 Grey) is perfect for performing these tasks. This is a water and chemical composition, which after solidification is an elastic rubber. In addition, Dowsil 7091 Grey does not cause corrosion on metal surfaces.

Hello! I have such a problem: I disassembled a motorcycle headlight. Before that, he glued her with a sealant. he kept tightly. Now the old sealant remains adhesive, but I’m not sure about tightness. I think to replace it. Tell me, Down Corning 7091 will help to solve this problem?

Yes, this sealant of the Dow Corning 7091 will provide a reliable and sealed connection.

possible, steal, tank, washing, machine, soldering

Many companies producing washing machines make tanks not collapsible for the following reasons:

Consider the disassembly of the “Indesit” washing machine, since for all models with a disobedient drum, this process is similar.

Важно! При распиловке корпуса не углубляйтесь слишком сильно (максимум на 5 см), так как рискуете повредить стенки барабана.

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We eliminate the malfunctions

After dismantling the drum, carefully inspect its axis for damage to seats, as well as on the break of the rays of the cross:

Важно! Подшипники меняйте комплектом — передний и задний. Перед установкой обязательно примерьте новые подшипники к валу барабана. Они должны садиться с натяжкой, без люфтов. Для запрессовывания новых подшипников применяйте специальные насадки или внешнее кольцо старого подшипника — это позволит избежать повреждения новых деталей.Вместе с подшипниками произведите запрессовку сальника со смазкой типа “Литол”. Чтобы подшипник надежно работал, смазку очень плотно напрессуйте в сальник.

How to cut?

Repair of the tank of the washing machine is performed according to a certain algorithm. The procedure for disassembling such a detail in all models of cars is similar, regardless of whether this is not collapsible or collapsible. We will describe the whole process of disassembly on the example of a non.collapsible tank, since it is much more complicated.


In order to disassemble the tank (drum) prepare the following tools:

Важно! Если возникли подозрения на поломку, приготовьте сразу для замены необходимые детали, так как разборка — процесс весьма трудоемкий.

Most washing machines have a horizontal type of load, but some models have a vertical load. Consider how to prepare a device for dismantling the drum.

Washing machines with front loading

First of all, to repair the tank of the washing machine with your own hands, turn off the device from the network and pull out the drain hose. Cross the water supply hose.

Then proceed directly to the disassembly process:

Washing machines with vertical loading

Models with a vertical type of loading are more ergonomic and take up little space. The loading tank in such machines is fixed using screws.

To make it more convenient to carry out the repair of the tank of the washing machine with your own hands with such a model, remove the drum in this way:

Which washing machines have collapsible tanks?

Italian production devices and other high.quality and expensive foreign.made models have collapsible tanks, for example, “Electrolux” or “Indesit” by Italian manufacturer. To disassemble the drum of such units, you need to find the place of fastening of its two halves, and then remove the screws that fasten them.

Важно! При разборке барабана, внимательно осмотрите состояние всех деталей. При необходимости, протрите их от пыли и грязи.

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