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Dryness in the nose

When breathing is difficult and “flows” from the nose, this condition does not cause us surprise. But what to do if there is no runny nose, but the congestion does not pass? The cause may be dry nasal mucosa. Dry mucous membrane cannot fully cope with its functions: a person is increasingly starting to hurt infectious diseases, and constant discomfort in the nose interferes with normal life. In our new article, we will figure out why dry nose arises and how to get rid of it.

It is believed that breathing through the nose becomes difficult, when the “adult” is overcome from it. But the cause of problems with nasal breathing may be the exact opposite state. the constant dryness of the nasal mucosa.

The mucous membrane of the nose in adults and children is permeated with a large amount of blood vessels and glands that produce a mucous secret. All this provides a constant necessary level of humidity in the nasal cavity.

Why do you need a moisturized nasal mucosa?


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The main tasks of the mucous membrane are to warm, moisturize and clean the air that enters the nose during breathing.

Mucus in the nose delays, like a filter, extraneous particles and pathogens of microorganisms. Cilia lining the surface of the mucosa, through chaotic movement, pushes foreign particles outward. As a result, a warm, moisturized and cleaned from pathogenic microorganisms enters the lungs. Of course, that a dry nose does not cope with these tasks. Accordingly, the adult and the child in this case sharply increase the chances of catching the infection and “earn” the disease of the lower respiratory tract.

What are the causes of constant dryness in the nose? How the dryness of the nasal mucosa is manifested? How to remove constant dryness in the nose? Let’s figure it out together. The causes, symptoms and treatment of sensation of dry nose are the theme of our new article.

Dryness in the nose: Causes

The causes of the disease of the mucous membrane can be divided into external and internal.

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External reasons include climatic features of the place of residence of an adult or child: the sensation of dryness in the nose is constantly experienced by residents of the latitudes with dry climate (where the humidity level does not exceed forty percent) with high or, conversely, too low air temperatures. We experience a similar state in the autumn-winter period, when the central heating system works intensely, which, of course, overdles our mucous membrane. Unpleasant sensations in the nasal cavity arise if you have been indoors with air conditioning for a long time and do not ventilate it.

Symptoms of the disease are also manifested when working in “harmful” industries with contaminated air or impurities in it of harmful substances. Similar symptoms occur during a long stay in a smoky room and with prolonged tobacco curls at the smoker himself.

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Situations when the main reason for the sensation of dry mucosa is not related to external factors is also a lot. Such reasons include:

  • the use of certain drugs (antihistamines, hormonal, antibiotics);
  • taking vasoconstrictor drugs;
  • chronic atrophic rhinitis;
  • allergic reaction;
  • alcohol abuse;
  • autoimmune diseases (for example, shegren syndrome, when the endoprisha glands are affected);
  • sclerium of the nasal cavity;
  • diabetes;
  • pregnancy;
  • increased blood pressure;
  • oncological diseases.

It is believed that the feeling of dryness in the nose caused by external causes is much easier to treat than internal.

What to do?

No need to believe the myth that without the treatment of a cold passes in 7 days, and with treatment. in a day. With a runny nose, as well as other infectious diseases, microbes can spread to neighboring organs and cause complications. In the case of ears and nose, it is sinusitis or otitis media, which can cause hearing loss.

If the congestion has appeared for the first time and lasts less than 3 days, you can try to cope yourself. To do this, just cure a cold. But while maintaining unpleasant sensations, an increase in body temperature, pain inside the ear or the appearance of purulent secretions, you need to contact an otorhinolaryngologist, or an ENT doctor.

These symptoms are an indicator of the spread of infection. Therefore, a special inspection will be needed. And if hearing is suspected, they make tympanometry, or acoustic impedance.

High congestion is treated at home, you do not need to go to the hospital. But any methods must be used with caution so as not to harm even more. For example, there is a recommendation to clamp your nose with your fingers, puff out your cheeks and try to squeeze the air with your mouth closed with your mouth. This method helps to get rid of congestion only if it arises due to the pressure difference. This usually happens during flights when the plane is gaining height. If you try to blow your ears with rhinitis, you can accelerate the development of otitis media. Therefore, it is better to start at home with simple, but recommended by doctors, methods.

Vasoconstrictor drops from ear congeniality

To get rid of the congestion in your ears, you need to cure a runny nose. In the first three days, the nose swells, transparent liquid may ooze from it. This process is due to an increase in vascular permeability. over, swelling extends to the nasal sinks, reaches the opening of the Eustachian pipe.

Why, if you try to wander at this time, nothing happens: there is no mucus in the nasal cavity yet. Therefore, at an early stage, the embedded ears can be treated with vasoconstrictor drugs. These are drops for the nose that cause the capillaries spasm and reduce their permeability. So remove the swelling of the mucous membrane and at the same time return the hearing.

But when using vasoconstrictor drops, care must be observed:

  • instill a nose after 12 hours, or no more than 2 times a day;
  • Do not use longer than 3-5 days;
  • Do not use drops if there are severe pathologies of the cardiovascular system.

If you treat a runny nose with vasoconstrictor preparations more than the recommended period, the risk of getting addiction increases. At the same time, the vessels will lose sensitivity to the medicine and in response to drops will expand even more, enhancing the swelling of the mucous membrane.

But those who suffer from the laid ear and rhinitis cannot do without drops, you can replace them with saline solutions for rinsing the nose. They help remove edema and improve breathing.

Anti.inflammatory drops from the congestion of the ear

If the doctor examined the ears and found signs of inflammation, or otitis media, he will prescribe anti.inflammatory drops. Usually these are complex drugs, which include the following components:

Therefore, when using drops, you can get rid of pain and stagnation in your ears, cure otitis media.

Some drops have an oil base. Such drugs are prescribed for those who have sulfur plugs in addition to inflammation. Their oil moisturizes them and will help to be painlessly removed.

Sometimes with a pronounced inflammation of the eardrum, a doctor can recommend drops with glucocorticoid hormones. They are not used for long to remove edema as soon as possible and not provoke the development of side effects.

Vegetable drops are prescribed as an additional remedy for ENT doors. They also have an anti.inflammatory effect, but act softer and less often give adverse reactions.

MP compresses

After consulting a doctor, if there are no signs of damage to the eardrum, you can do various compresses. They can be dry and wet. For a dry compress, a cotton swab is used, which cover the entrance to the auricle. In some cases, from several layers of cotton wool and gauze make a bandage, which is fixed on the laid ear for several hours.

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Wet compresses can be cold and warm. The former are used less often. For a warming compress, warm water is prepared in which a small towel or a fabric cloth is dipped. It is applied for a few minutes to the ear. You can do this procedure once or twice a day.

A person who often suffers from the congestion of the auditory passage can prepare a special infusion in advance. To do this, take 30 g of propolis and 1/3 cup alcohol. Some folk healers offer to replace it with vodka. The ingredients are mixed in a glass bottle and left in a dark place for a week. After that, before use, the tincture is shaken, cotton swabs are moistened in it and laid in the outer auditory passage for several hours. To enhance the warming effect, you can tie a scarf on your head. But to remove the congestion in this way for a long time, so it is better to resort to the method in cases if medical care is not available.

Heating from the pace of ear

Medication treatment of colds is often combined with various warmings. At home, you can make simple inhalations: heat in a wide pan 1 liter of water, add a tablespoon of salt and a little less than soda to it. With the evaporation, an alkaline pairs will turn out, which warms up the nasal moves and removes swelling. This method can be used at the early stage of rhinitis, when it is difficult to breathe, and there is no discharge from the nose.

But before relieving congestion by warming up the auricle area, you need to consult a doctor. If an average otitis media occurs, it cannot be warm at an early stage. This will create favorable conditions for the propagation of pathogenic microflora. Therefore, a lot of pus will appear, and the eardrum may collapse.

In some cases, the ENT doctors are prescribed to warm up the nose. To do this, you can use special salt heating pads, use warm bags with sea sand. Sometimes the procedure is carried out using a boiled potato in the peel. Typically, 2-3 procedures relieve nasal and ear congestion.

Prevention of ear congestion

In order not to know about such a problem as the congestion of the ears, you need to carry out timely prevention of colds or begin to treat it as early as possible.

In the autumn-winter period, when the central heating and the air in the apartment is overpented, you can include a humidifier. He will relieve dry nose and help not to get a cold. Also effectively do daily wet cleaning.

It removes a runny nose well and prevents the hollow of ears of the massage of the wings of the nose. The fingertips need to make circular movements that will increase blood flow and help to quickly get rid of the first signs of rhinitis.

If the ENT doctor is treated often, especially in childhood, adenoids can increase due to colds. This will lead to a decrease in local immunity, overlapping the respiratory tract, constant nasal congestion. To avoid such complications, the doctor will offer to remove adenoids.

It is not difficult to get rid of stagnation in your ears and this can be done yourself, you just need to cure a runny nose. But in complex or incomprehensible situations it is better to entrust your health to an experienced doctor.

Air humidifiers from dry skin

Wet air prevents skin dryness and wrinkles.

Unfortunately, if the apartment has dry air, the use of a face cream may not be enough for skin rendering. One way to moisturize the skin is to have an acceptable level of humidity in the air.

Not only the skin of the face, but also the scalp can become dry and irritated when there is not enough moisture in the air. Dry air can cause itching of the scalp and the appearance of dandruff. The condition of the hair worsens, they become dry and brittle.

An acceptable humidity level can solve this problem. The humidifier will return the skin and hair a fresh and healthy look.

Advantages of the air humidifier with a snore

The use of a humidifier of air reduces dry respiratory tract, which causes snoring.

Snoring occurs due to narrowing of the respiratory tract, which leads to dry mouth. This dryness causes excessive compensation for the respiratory tract, the release of a large amount of mucus and, therefore, even greater narrowing and increased snoring.

Air humidifier helps to eliminate such a cause of snoring as dry respiratory tract.

The benefits of the humidifier

The beneficial qualities of the device are determined by the fact that it turns the hazardous for health of dry air into a humid.

Air humidifier for children helps to recover faster with influenza and other respiratory infections.

  • The drained mucous membranes of the nasopharynx cease to delay pathogenic microorganisms and they freely penetrate the body, causing SARS and other infectious diseases.
  • With a cough caused by dry air, bronchial mucus dry out, increasing the risk of bronchitis, and in case of impaired pulmonary metabolism. and inflammation of the lungs.
  • Insufficient humidity in the room leads to peeling and irritation of the skin.
  • Moisture deficiency in the atmosphere can cause dehydration of the body, which is especially dangerous for a baby.

Children breathing insufficiently wet air are more allergic. They tolerate high temperature more difficult, get sick longer, their immunity is not able to fight the pathogens of ailments. To avoid this, it is necessary to maintain humidity in a room at a level of 60–70 percent. To clarify specific indicators, a special device is used. hygrometer. The concentration of moisture in the air is below 50 percent. an occasion for the acquisition of a humidifier for children.

But if the humidity in the nursery exceeds 75 percent, it will also affect the well.being and health of the child. Frequent ventilations, the use of the air conditioner, and in cool periods, thermal core will help here.

Pros and cons of different types of moisturizers

Manufacturers offer 3 types of air moisturizing devices:

To know how to choose a suitable device, you need to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

Steam units act almost like kettles: the water in the device is brought to a boil with two electrodes. This is the most inexpensive and affordable model of home equipment. Before buying such a device, check the presence of a special sensor that turns off the device upon reaching the required moisture concentration. In the absence you will have to purchase it separately. Devices are easy to use and effective, but consume a lot of electricity. In addition, you will have to constantly ensure that the nimble baby does not reach the apparatus and does not burn with hot steam.

Ultrasonic humidifier works according to a more complex scheme. It is equipped with a special emitter. Under its influence, the water in a separate compartment turns into an aerosol and blown out using a ventilation element, increasing humidity to pre.exhibited indicators.

Such devices are more expensive than steam, but they have many advantages:

  • small power consumption;
  • high performance;
  • small size;
  • mobility;
  • the possibility of sending steam in any direction.

What does a humidifier do why you need it

However, these devices are quite capricious: with frequent use of hard water, the filter quickly spoils. And interchangeable cartridges are expensive.

The “cold” moisturizers called it because of the principle of action: dry air, enters the device, is cleaned, passes through a wet cartridge, cooled and saturated with moisture.

The device does not need to be monitored: it independently maintains humidity at the right level and at the same time works as an air cleaner.

The disadvantages are the high price and moodiness of the filters. They need to be wetted with distilled water or use special cartridges to soften and demineralize fluid. They must be changed every three months, which. In addition, the device does not raise air humidity by more than 60 percent, but this is usually enough.

According to doctors, it makes no sense to purchase the most expensive moisturizing unit for the apartment. If you have the opportunity to monitor the operation of the device, you can do the steam. Even a simple apparatus is able to provide the correct microclimate so that the baby grew up healthy.

What to do with excessive “drying out” of the nasal mucosa?

The main thing is to find out the causes of dryness and eliminate them. Here’s what you can do:

Monitor the humidity and cleanliness of the room-ideally it should not be below 50-60%. Especially for hydration of air should be paid attention to in the cold season in the heating season. Air humidifier copes well with this task. In addition, air humidity can be increased using domestic plants and aquarium. Do not forget about regular wet cleaning

Vasoconstrictor drugs are used strictly according to the instructions and not exceed the frequency and frequency of use (usually they are not recommended to use more than seven days)

Use funds based on sea water. The water of the Adriatic Sea as part of Aqua Maris preparations provides moisturizing the mucous membrane, and useful trace elements protect it and restore it

Which drug Aqua Maris choose?

Drugs of the Aqua Maris family are pioneers among means that use the unique properties of natural sea water. Aqua Maris “ruler” helps to provide soft and natural hygienic care for the nasal mucosa.

Aqua Maris spray gently and evenly irrigates the nasal cavity, enriching the mucous membrane with microelements of the water of the adriatic sea, which trigger the natural mechanisms of and protection, increasing resistance to the introduction of pathogenic bacteria and viruses. Permitted by adults and children from the year.

Aqua Maris Drops is a means for daily care of the nasal cavity and the prevention of a cold in children, starting from the first days of life. Sea water helps to remove stagnant mucus and naturally facilitate its excretion, cleaning the nose of the child. Aqua Maris for children gently and evenly irrigates the mucous membrane, contributing to the moisture and restoration of its functions.

This drug is designed to restore the nasal mucosa, damaged as a result of inflammation, long.term use of vasoconstrictor and local hormonal agents and with the so.called “dry” runny nose. Dexpanthenol, which is part of Aqua Maris Plus, provides healing and restoration of the nasal mucosa. Sea water, rich in salts and minerals, moisturizes the mucous membrane and stimulates local immunity. a mechanism due to which the nasal mucosa can independently cope with viruses and bacteria. Permitted by adults and children from the year.

Is it possible to get caught up due to a humidifier of air?

Yes, this is possible. In a humid environment, viruses are not very well circulated, since they are carried by air. However, if the pathogen has already entered the body, a cold and raw atmosphere in the house can aggravate the problem.

With excess humidity, water begins to condenses on furniture, walls, floor. This spurges the propagation of harmful bacteria, dust ticks and mold. all these are serious allergens and source of respiratory infections. For example, it is ticks (Dermatophagoides), and not dust itself, are considered source of allergic rhinitis, conjunctivitis, attacks of bronchial asthma and atopic dermatitis.

You can get caught up due to a humidifier of air if you keep it on constantly and not monitor the cleanliness in the house. There are frequent cases when, due to the humid and hot environment, people became infected with more serious infections-for example, legionellosis.

How to measure humidity?

The best way is to use a special device, hygrometer, or buy a humidifier with moisture measurement sensors and setting up parameters.

Types of air humidifiers

Air humidifiers are divided into two main groups: warm and cool. Each group has several subspecies that have some differences in the principle of work. Let us consider in more detail each type of air humidifiers.


  • Moisturizers of the traditional type. They absorb air through a water.saturated filter, increasing humidity, preserving minerals and other impurities from the water. The design of this type of moisturizer does not imply thermal air heating and is based on cold evaporation. These models have a powerful fan that can create noise during operation.
  • Ultrasonic humidifiers. The principle of operation of such a moisturizer is based on high.frequency ultrasound fluctuations. They break water particles into a cool, moisturizing fog. Quiet and effective ultrasound devices take up little space and consume less electricity than traditional models. Since ultrasonic humidifiers do not have filters, they sometimes produce fine white dust. This is a natural by.product caused by minerals in water.


Steam evaporator. A steam evaporators or moisturizers of warm fog work on the principle of a teapot. They heat the water, and then release it into the air in the form of steam. Their advantage is that in the process of heat treatment, all bacteria in water are killed and steam is purified. Steam evaporators can be used for inhalation, adding a little essential oil or medicines to the water. This type of air humidifiers are more quiet and less expensive. They not only moisturize, but also heat the air in the room, allowing you to avoid dryness that appears when using heaters.

Another criterion by which humidifiers are divided. their area of ​​action. Humidifiers are table, console and central.

  • Air desktop humidifier is the most popular. This is due to its compactness and mobility. It has a small size, so it is easy to move from the room to the room. The area that he can moisturizes does not exceed the size of a small room.
  • The console humidifier covers large areas and is designed to moisturize air throughout the house. It has a large size and is able to hold from twenty to forty liters of water at the same time, depending on the model. These moisturizers have wheels for ease of movement.
  • The central humidifier is located inside the duct and works continuously, providing the necessary humidity inside the entire room. This type of moisturizer has great efficiency, but is the most expensive.

Physiological factors.

Physiological are the so.called domestic, non.infectious causes that are associated with the effects of adverse external factors on the body or with human lifestyle. In this case, it is not necessary to treat the throat in this case: eliminating the effect of such a factor, discomfort in the throat disappears. Physiological reasons include:

possible, humidifier, cold
  • Too dry air in the room, which occurs in the midst of the heating season or with prolonged use of the air conditioner. Buying an air duct, as a rule, solves the problem.
  • Polluted or dusty air. Such a problem is faced with people living in places with a poor environmental situation or working in “harmful” industries who are forced to constantly inhale pairs, gases, dust, etc.P.). This also includes passive smoking.

Overstrain of the vocal cords. If you regularly subject your voice apparatus excessive loads, dryness in the throat is a typical situation for you. Typically, representatives of speech professions are faced with this problem-artists, singers, teachers, announcements, guides, employees of call centers, etc.P. To learn how to safely use and do not overstrain your voice apparatus, it is recommended to visit a phoniature doctor. A phoniatrist is an ENT doctor who specializes exclusively on a human voice apparatus. The phoniatrist will show effective exercises for the vocal cords and give the necessary purposes.

Specific treatment these conditions do not require. In most cases, it is enough to eliminate or exclude the annoying factor.

Respiratory system diseases.

Diseases of the respiratory system is an extensive group of diseases and conditions that can provoke dry throat and require mandatory treatment under the control of an ENT doctor. Typically, such diseases are accompanied not only by dryness, but also by other symptoms: runny nose, frequent pain, cough and sore throat. When these symptoms appear, you must definitely contact an ENT doctor for inspection.

What diseases of the respiratory system are dry in the throat?

Acute respiratory viral infections, flu, cold. In addition to dry throat, the patient has the following symptoms of colds and SARS: increased body temperature, cough, nasal congestion, muscle pain and joints, weakness, loss of appetite. Symptomatic treatment: temperature reduction, coughing and runny nose with drugs, as well as abundant warm drink.

Pharyngitis. inflammation of the mucous membrane of the pharynx. Pharyngitis can be acute and chronic. By the nature of the change in the mucous membrane, catarrhal pharyngitis is distinguished, when the swelling of the tissues is observed, hypertrophic, when the mucous membrane thickens, and atrophic pharyngitis, when the mucous membrane, on the contrary, becomes thinner. Dry coughing attacks, red throat, discomfort during swallowing, sore throat. all these symptoms are signs of pharyngitis disease. Pharyngitis can simultaneously appear in pairs with tonsillitis (inflammation of the palatine tonsils) or laryngitis (inflammation of the larynx). In this case, the patient is diagnosed with tonsillopharyngitis and laryngopharyngitis. The patient is prescribed anti.inflammatory, antibacterial drugs, throat rinsing, irrigation of his antiseptics and physiotherapy (to consolidate a positive result from the action of drugs and accelerate the recovery process).

Tonsillitis. Acute form of tonsillitis is called angina. If the sore throat is not treated in time, the disease will go into the category of chronic, when exacerbations will happen to several times a year. Unlike pharyngitis with tonsillitis, not mucous membranes is affected, but palate tonsils (tonsils). Angina proceeds with acute sore throat, high body temperature, white coating or purulent clusters appears on the lips. An effective means of combating tonsillitis is high-quality antibiotic therapy prescribed by the ENT doctor and physiotherapy-conducted in the ENT clinic. Chronic tonsillitis does not proceed as brightly as angina, but its symptoms also cause a considerable discomfort: increased body temperature, unpleasant odor of iso-RTA, sore throat. Purulent traffic jams are noticeable on the lips. clusters of compressed streptococcus. Traffic jams support inflammation in the tonsils, so you need to get rid of them. Effective therapy of chronic tonsillitis should be complex and include treatment with medicines, washing the tonsils from traffic jams and physiotherapy. In the absence of proper treatment, tonsillitis gives complications on the heart, kidneys and joints.

Pharyngomycosis (or fungal pharyngitis) is an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the pharynx, the causative agent of which was a fungal infection. Often the disease occurs against the background of uncontrolled taking antibiotics. The disease proceeds with dryness, strong burning, discomfort and pain in the throat. On the mucous membrane of the throat, curdled raid. Therapy consists in taking antifungal, anti.inflammatory drugs, rinsing and irrigation of the throat with antiseptic drugs. An excellent addition to drug therapy will be physiode.

What is sputum?

Sputum is a substance that accumulates on the walls of the respiratory system in the event of a disease. The secret in the lungs and bronchi is always produced and departs in small quantities without irritation of cough receptors.

possible, humidifier, cold

But in the conditions of the development of the pathological process, it becomes too much. Sputum varies in composition and happens:

  • in an inflammatory process or bronchial asthma. the mucosa;
  • with bacterial diseases. purulent;
  • with edema of the lungs. serous;
  • with tuberculosis or cancer of the respiratory system. bloody.

In any case, it must be removed from the respiratory tract. Its accumulation is fraught with obstruction of the bronchi. If their gaps are blocked, there will be a respiratory failure that poses a threat to life.

Types of cough

By the number of secretions, the first and unproductive cough is distinguished by the first accompanied by the discharge of sputum and, in fact, performs its main function. The second is dry. At the initial stage of the disease, it is so due to increased viscosity of sputum. But it can also arise under the influence of other irritants of cough receptors (inflammatory process or flowing nasal secretion).

Usually the cough is first unproductive, and as sputum is liquefied, it becomes wet. This causes inconvenience, but it is necessary to recover. However, the unpleasant sensations and ignorance of the principle of action of the cough mechanism make people make serious mistakes in treatment.

What are the air humidifiers?

There are 3 main types of devices: steam, traditional and ultrasonic. Each of them has their own characteristics:

    Air steam humidifiers. In fact, this device is a “kettle”: the water warms up and turns into steam, with which the air is moistened. This type of moisturizers is not recommended for the children’s room: hot steam and water can be dangerous for the child.

The benefits of using a humidifier in the child’s room:

  • Healthy microclimate, moistened mucous membranes, skin and lips, bacteria will be more difficult to penetrate the child’s body.

    The steam humidifier can be dangerous: the child can get the thermal burn from the stream of hot steam.

Which humidifier to choose in the child’s room?

For the child’s room, the most optimal choice will be the ultrasonic humidifier. We advise you to pay attention to the device designed specifically for the nursery. SMART AIM AGU Misty. This modern model has a number of important advantages over other ultrasound moisturizers presented on the market:

    Antibacterial cartridge made of coconut fiber with silver ions and filter for demineralization clean the water in the device from bacteria, lime plaque and other particles.

An important advantage of the AGU Misty moisturizer for use in the children’s room is the night mode: for the duration of sleep, you can turn off all the backlight and indication, the device will not bother the child and interfere with his falling asleep. In addition, the device can be controlled not only by buttons located on the device itself, but also remotely. using a special AGU application for smartphones.

High.quality air humidifier will help create the right microclimate in the child’s room, the body will be easier to protect against bacteria and viruses. The child will hurt less! The baby’s sleep and appetite, general mood and well.being will also improve. Let your child grow up healthy and happy!

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