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Review of the best according to the editors of simplerule.ru. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and is not a guide to purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Janome is a Japanese company that was founded in 1921. Since then, the brand has established itself as a reliable manufacturer of quality equipment, in particular. sewing machines. Janome products are manufactured in modern factories in Japan, Thailand and Taiwan. It is very popular in the USA, Germany, Canada, UK and many other countries all over the world including Russia. Experts SimpleRule selected for you 11 best sewing machines of this brand, each of which can please you with its flawless and trouble-free work for decades.

Sewing machines with a mechanical (manual) type of control are almost a rarity today. And yet, some needlewomen prefer to work only on manual devices.

Janome Japan 957. Comfortable and original design

Janome Japan 957. semi-automatic machine with a bright design and user-friendly controls perfectly copes with its tasks: sews a variety of stitches and performs serging loops. Circular elements are easy to stitch on a narrow sleeve platform.

The 85 watt appliance has a plastic body and metal frame. On the front panel there is a switch for stitch direction and a regulator of thread tension. The work surface is illuminated by a lamp. Stitch width of maximum 5 mm.

  • 14 types of stitches, including all overlock stitches.
  • Powerful motor allows you to sew all types of fabrics.
  • Convenient needle threader, you can install a double needle.
  • Semi-automatic mode is set.
  • Easy to operate, easy to maintain.
  • Affordable

Sewing machines with mechanical type of control

Sewing machines with a mechanical (manual) type of control today. it’s almost a rarity. And yet, some needlewomen prefer to work only on manual machines.

Janome Japan 957. convenience and originality of design

Janome Japan 957. semi-automatic machine with a bright design and easy to understand controls perfectly copes with the tasks: sews a variety of stitches and performs slash buttonholes. Circular elements are easy to stitch on a narrow arm platform.

The device has a 85 W plastic body and metal frame. On the front panel there is a switch for stitch direction and a regulator of thread tension. The work surface is lit by a lamp. Maximum stitch width of 5 mm.

  • 14 types of stitches, including all overlock stitches.
  • Powerful motor allows you to sew all types of fabric.
  • Convenient needle threader, you can install a double needle.
  • Semi-automatic mode is set.
  • Easy to operate, easy to maintain.
  • Affordable

Rating of sewing machines Janome: which model is better

Rating of the best sewing machines in the world is confidently headed by Japanese brands. The beginning of their history dates back to the last century, when they offered a wide range of sewing equipment for domestic and industrial purposes. The Japanese brand Janome every seamstress, regardless of her skills, will find a machine to her liking. What model is the best household sewing machine Janome, it is difficult to say. It depends on the planned types of work. A cursory review of the proposals shows that the range includes machines for beginners, and devices for professionals, and with additional opportunities for decorating products.

How to choose and what to look for?

The choice of sewing machine depends on the needs of the buyer and the planned types of work.

If sewing is a hobby, it is better to choose variants depending on the type of fabric. For thin fabrics, choose low-power models.

The second selection criterion is the type of shuttle, which determines the speed and quality of sewing.

There are several types of shuttles in Janome machines:

  • Horizontal. a versatile option that provides optimum speed and quality of stitching;
  • oscillating. suitable for beginner sewers, does not allow you to develop a high speed of sewing;
  • Vertical. professional high-speed shuttle.

The third thing to consider when choosing a sewing machine is the material of the body.

Inexpensive models are made of plastic, which quickly wears out, so it is not suitable for regular use.

The more expensive models are made of metal. Universal option for the price. combined case.

Compared with computer machines, electronic machines usually use a more powerful motor, which increases the productivity of technology. Electronic machines require a little more skill in sewing, but, at the same time,0 are cheaper.

Janome ArtDecor 724E

Works well with thin stretch knitwear, cotton and linen. When you need to slowly sew items, the speed controller helps. Stitching is smooth. Built-in lighting is enough to work even if there is no additional light in the room. Despite the small weight, the machine is stable.

Does not pick up unusual fabrics (such as perforated or heavily synthetic), can skip stitches. When adjusting the thread tension on the hook, you need to remove a lot of details, and without that you can not sew knitwear. Machine is suitable for most home use fabrics. Included is a hard case for storage.

Janome DC 603

When thread is out on the bobbin, install an additional holder and the bobbin winds without removing. You can see the remaining threads through the transparent cover. When sewing quickly, the bobbin often slips. After turning off the machine or changing the stitch is set to the original settings. Sews viscose knitwear and silk well after proper setting. Suitable for beginners and masters with experience.

Janome 7524E

The most powerful (85 W).) model in the line with features required for most operations. High power and extensive equipment provides comfortable work with difficult materials. The machine, thanks to the large mass, stable, while the noise level is not high.

Handles leather and vinyl, folded into several layers. Additional features: needle positioning, speed regulator, which is set by the adjustment threshold. Smooth change by foot pedal. The machine is equipped with a soft case.

Good budget sewing machine without frills.

Janome Ami 15 is not a bad economical sewing machine without frills. Small number of decorative stitches, shuttle. vertical, buttonhole. semi-automatic. I use it to repair clothes, sew (not often, but periodically) crafts for the kids.

Included: 3 plastic bobbins, sewing foot for sewing zippers one-sided, foot for blindstitch, foot for winding semi-automatic buttonholes, 3 needles, tucker. Foot included all metal.

There is a sliding case, which stores accessories that came with. It has little space, so it can not shove much, but the spare bobbins, needles, feet fit quite well. A few bobbins and small scissors, I think, also fit.

I sew with the needles that came with. Thin fabric and knitwear they do not sew. You need special needles. But if you put a thin paper under the fabric. You can get by with a regular needle.

There is a handle for carrying. The sewing machine is not heavy.

Backlight turns on and off only with the sewing machine. It didn’t bother me until I started sewing on smooth fabric, from which the light bulb began to glare, thus making it completely impossible to sew, as it became impossible to see the place of work. I solved this problem by sealing the light bulb with duct tape.

I miss a smoother start to sewing. Needle jumps out of place too sharply. You can turn the handwheel manually at the beginning of the stitching, which is not very convenient.

Taking into account the small price to minor flaws can be closed eyes. Overall, I think that the sewing machine is good.

Janome Ami 15 Sewing Machine Overview

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Janome v-15 sewing machine

Zhanka Iman

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: It’s super, no complaints, and I don’t regret buying it.


Pros: Simple and reliable. Even a beginner can do it. Has all the right stitching and copes with many fabrics. Even sewed epaulettes, and after them sewed tulle curtains. Everything’s fine ! For home work.

Komment: Good and simple machine, but need to buy the feet.

Andrew G.

janome, sewing, machine, review

Disadvantages: No ruler. Sometimes it is very necessary. After grandma’s k?The hler is very light. But it’s a matter of getting used to it.

Comment: I sewed jeans and knitwear, bedding, curtains. Needles are still native: Organ universal 90. Jeans in 4 layers without problems. In 6 layers, slows down, and the threads have to hold at the beginning of the stitching, so there were no beards. For knitwear, of course, you need a foot for knitwear, without it pulls. Bedding and curtains in a straight line, everything is ok. Thread tension must be sought by experience, I got the average of 5.5. Must be cleaned and lubricated more often. The oil is also suitable aurora oil. What do not tear off in a hurry, adjusted the pedal, the Internet is full of clips on how to do this. The review will be supplemented (I plan to see what’s inside it when I take it to preventive maintenance). Upd: six months passed: I bought a knitting foot to shorten the bra waistband. When sewing elastic to knitwear sometimes skips stitches, and the sound of needle-piercing an elastic is appropriate. In general, if you sew lingerie, then knitwear should take a biflex, tighter, or thinner needles. Tried to sew the special. With a needle for knitwear, I do not like. I realized that the universal one is better.

The information in the model description is for reference only. Always check the specifications and accessories before buying with the manager of your chosen online store.

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