Kitchen machine with a pasta nozzle

What are the firms to consider?

Among the best manufacturers in the segment, according to reviews and user preferences, the leading positions are occupied by brands

  • Bosch.
  • Kenwood.
  • Kitfort.
  • Philips.
  • Redmond.
  • KitchenAid.
  • Gorenje.
  • Hyundai.
  • Moulinex.

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Note, budget manufacturer Kitfort is also in the top three.

A class above recommend Gorenje, the cost of their combines, given the quality of the brand, is quite reasonable.

Of the luxury models interesting products KitchenAid, in the top 3 brand is not included more because of the price.

Recently, Russell Hobbs and Polaris brands have actively reclaimed a place in the kitchen combine market, but they are still not in the top ten, but are considered promising.

  • The British brand of home and kitchen appliances Russell Hobbs belongs to Spectrum Brands, which also owns Remington, VARTA and other brands. Russell Hobbs supplies mid-priced appliances and is known for the excellent design of its products.
  • Polaris is a domestic brand, so customers from Russia can count on reliable service support. The brand specializes in budget-friendly small appliances and has already made a mark with high quality standards.


Among multifunctional kitchen appliances, the household food processor is well known. In the kitchen, the names machine and food processor are often equated. The machine has a greater capacity, bowl volume and dimensions. In terms of functions, they practically do not differ from each other. Kitchen processor is the universal name for these appliances. With it, you can chop, shred, grind, whip, knead, squeeze. The device has a compact size.

The functions of a meat grinder, mixer, chopper, mixer, blender and other appliances combine universal kitchen machines. Their purpose. Optimization of time and space. There are two categories of these devices: machines for catering companies and household machines. Bowl capacity of a household mixer from 1.5 l to 6.7 l. Structurally, both categories of devices are equipped with a single drive and interchangeable nozzles.

What is better: a planetary mixer or a kitchen machine

The construction of the kitchen machine is based on the principle of the planetary mixer, in which the mixers rotate simultaneously around their axis and around the circumference of the bowl, but in opposite directions. This principle gives a quick and qualitative effect. The planetary mixer comes with a standard set of attachments that allow you to: whip eggs and cream; knead dough; make sauces and soufflés.

The functionality of a kitchen machine is much broader. The set usually includes: a meat grinder; a blender; a juicer; a grater; an ice press; a combine with knives for slicing fruits and vegetables.

Depending on the features of the model to the basic set you can buy additional attachments, which are necessary for cooking some dishes.

Model “VK-5201” from

Purpose: for sheeting thin dough and making all types of pasta and lasagne sheets.

Kitchen equipment with mirror polish and manual operation, attaches to the table with a clamp. Square rubber inserts (grooved) at the corners of the platform base to protect the tabletop from mechanical damage (scratches). Handle has a plastic handle with horizontal stripes that allows it to rest securely in the hand and not to slip out while working.

Features: adjustable sheet feed size; flip handle; availability of roller; paste nozzle.

Product Code: 1176874
Parameters (centimeters): 20,5/19,5/15
Weight: 2 kg 735 g
Drive: mechanical
Regulator positions: 9 pcs.
Dough thickness: 0.5-3 mm
Product width (mm): 1.5 or 6.6
Warranty: 1 month
Color: silver
Case material: Stainless steel
Country of Origin: China
  • dough width adjustment;
  • high quality;
  • reliable;
  • convenient;
  • long service life;
  • affordable price.

Model “TK 0094” from

Purpose: for making pasta and dumplings.

Household compact unit for making Italian ravioli, Russian dumplings, dough for noodles, pasta and lasagna. Installation method. tabletop. It is equipped with a press, as well as two rollers, which are used to prepare the products with stuffing.

Working principle: the unrolled layer of dough is placed on two plastic rollers, any filling is placed on top, then the handle is cranked. The ravioli are formed thanks to two rollers that grip and press the sheets of dough. They are easily separated from each other and form beautiful wavy edges.

Accessories: device for unrolling dough, forming dumplings; fastener for attaching the equipment to the surface; instruction for use.

Item: 1096094
Parameters (centimeters): 20/15/18
Net Weight: 2 kg 250 g
Material: plastic, stainless steel
Installation method: tabletop
Manufacture: Chinese
How much it costs: 1600

Best Pasta Machine Rating 2022

Rating of the best pasta machines 2022 in 2021 to buy. Top. 10 review of the best reviews. Ranking of the best pasta machines 2022 in Russia list 2019. 2020.

Pasta machines and noodle cutters are a popular type of equipment in professional kitchens where there is a large flow of customers and no time to roll out the dough by hand. But who says it can’t be used at home?

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