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Dishent selection table for meat grinders

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the first models of electric meat grinders appeared on the shelves of many stores. They were not just large, but very large, so they were not used in everyday life. And only by the middle of the forties, electric models of a meat grinder begin to gradually displace manual household meat grinders. In fairness, it is worth noting that electric meat grinders could not completely replace the mechanical kitchen meat grinders.

Not so long ago I had to explain why my meat grinder has many different gratings and knives, how to use them better, for which they are intended. Today I will talk about the cutting part of the meat grinder, and before that there are several facts from the life of a meat grinder.

  • What grille of the meat grinder should be used to prepare minced meat? It all depends on what minced meat you need, what is the consistency of the minced meat. For example, to prepare children’s sausages, I use two grilles. For the first time I twist the meat on a universal grille, and the second time already finished minced meat with the addition of the necessary fillers through the grille of a meat grinder with the smallest openings. And to prepare chicken sausages, I use the grille of a meat grinder with the largest holes, minced meat is obtained like a not large sliced.
  • If you have a question. Why is my meat grinder poorly scrolling the meat? Remember the last time you sharpened the meat grinders knives. This is the first one to think about, and secondly, you may use a grille for a meat grinder with too small holes for your product and along the trace, see how the lattice is installed relative to the knives, they are so tightly adjusted to each other friend. Universality is certainly good, but in my opinion the taste, for each product its own cell size.
  • If you have a new meat grinder of a well.Known company not a molet as it should, in 99% of cases it is not collected correctly.
  • If you looked at your gratings and you have a question why the lattices darken in a meat grinder, then you do not need to worry. Depending on the quality of the metal, all the grilles for the meat grinder darken over time, some earlier. Others later.
  • You can sharpen the knives and process the grille from the meat grinder yourself without resorting to the services of the masters. To do this, you need to buy a set for sharpening. This set includes two abrasive disks, you will insert one instead of a lattice when you sharpen a meat grinder, and the second instead of knives for processing the grate of the meat grinder. The cost of such a set is usually no more than 1.
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The quality of the material and the method of manufacturing a knife

First of all, look at the quality of the material from which it is made. Its durability depends on this. The knife can be made of hardened steel or cast iron. These types of material are the most durable and are designed for long.Term operation. Therefore, such knives can maintain the severity of their cutting edges for a long time. Knives are made in different ways: by forging or cold (hot) stamping.

If you find it difficult to select a knife for your meat grinder, then contact our specialists and they will consult you for free and select the necessary knife.

How to put in the cutting blade in the winholder meat grinder

Forged products, as a rule, are much stronger, but they are harder and cost more than stamped. There are cast knives and coating knives, for example, chrome knives. Although it is difficult to determine the quality of the metal by eye.

What first you need to pay attention to when buying a multicooker? What characteristics play an important role? We will analyze these issues more.

Although the choice of the device looks like a simple task, but not everyone can cope with it. This is due to the fact that everyone has different requirements for a meat grinder, so the selection criteria may differ and not every advice is absolutely suitable.

Who decided that the saber.Shaped knife is called a knife of improved cutting? Why exactly saber.Shaped, than it is better than a simple, direct? What he deserved, the right is called a knife of improved cutting?

How to choose a knife without finding your model?

In 98% of cases, knives and grilles are made, focusing on certain standards.

There are main standard sizes

Enterprise: #5, #8, #12, #22, #32, #42 (Enterprise. Simple system 1 knife and 1 lattice) 95% of household meat grinders

#5. Grate D-53-54MM, knife seat 7-9mm #8. Grate D-61-62mm, knife seat 9.5-10.2mm #12. Grate D-69-70mm, knife seat 12-12.5mm #22. Grate D-80-82mm, knife seat 13.5mm #32. Grate D-97-98mm, knife seat 15mm #42. Lattice 129-130mm, knife seat 22mm

UNGER | 1/2 UNGER: R70/SO, H, A, B, C, D, E, J, GU, FW, U

R70/SO. D-70MM grille, knife seat 9x12mm h. D-82MM grille, knife seat 12x16mm a. D-90MM grille, knife seat x mm b. D-98MM grille, knife seat 15×19 mm with. 106mm grate, knife seat x mm d. Grate D-114 mm, seat of the knife x mm e. Grate D-130 MM, knife seat 20×24 mm j. D-150MM grille, seat of the knife x mm gu. D-160MM grille, seat of the X mm fw knife. D-200mm grate, knife seat x mm u. 200mm grille, knife seat x mm

You need to select a knife:

knife, meat, grinder, petal

Measure the seat under the knife on the screws. It can be of different shapes (square, rectangle, hexagon) and different diameters standard dimensions: 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 12mm, 13.5mm, and others.

knife, meat, grinder, petal

The thickness of the knife is also important (for example, in Zelmer, Braun knife #5, #8 can have different thicknesses and not have interchangeability.

We measure the circumference of the grill, for this you can use a caliper, or in the center of the lattice we put the ruler. Standard dimensions: 53MM, 61MM, 69MM, 81MM, 98MM, 105MM, 114MM, 130MM

Important. There can be a groove or several grooves on the periphery of the lattice, or various lengths of the convex “ears”)


In meat grinders, this accessory can be of two types:

  • Shnekovaya. It is a shaft twisted in a spiral, which crushes the laid products and pushes them through the grill. The remaining cake is squeezed through a separate hole. Suitable for almost all berries, vegetables and fruits, can be used to make tomato juice. The only drawback of the device is the juice with pulp.
  • For citrus fruits. It is a plastic nozzle nozzle with ribs. To obtain juice, citrus fruits must be divided into two parts and pressed to a rotating cone. The ribs will be crushed by a soft pulp, and squeezed juice through a sieve will flow into the drain.

The capabilities of a screw nozzle compared to citrus is much wider. Therefore, before choosing a meat grinder, you should clarify which juicer is complete with the selected model.

When buying a nozzle with a screw juicer, it is worth paying to the material of the shaft (metal or plastic). It will not affect the speed and efficiency of work, but the reliability of the adaptation and resistance to loads can affect.

It will also pay attention to the presence of protective covers (from spray) and convenient drain for juice.

What to pay attention to when choosing a knife for an electrome.Grinder?

The main load is laid on the knife when grinding meat and other products, so the choice of this accessory should be paid special attention. Pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • Material. Knives are produced from different types of steel: stainless, high.Carbon, carbon with stainless coating. It is better to give preference to the latter option. Such a knife will be protected from corrosion (and he is constantly in contact with the juice of products), while he holds sharpening for a long time. Recently, manufacturers began to make knives from cast iron. They are more durable and durable, however, they need additional protection against corrosion. In appearance, it is difficult to determine what material the knife is made of, and manufacturers do not always indicate this information.
  • Manufacturing method. In home meat grinders, stamped samples are mainly used. Forged knives are more durable, but they are more expensive, more often used in industrial models.
  • Type of sharpening. One.Sided or bilateral sharpening is used. The latter is more practical. Such a knife can be installed by any side, and it will last longer. It is important to fix the blades with unilateral sharpening: the flat side should look at the grill. Otherwise, the device simply will not grind the meat. Less commonly, manufacturers install self.Staining knives. They are very convenient, as they do not require editing: scrolling during work, they themselves are hidden on the grill. Their blade always remains sharp. True, such knives are not made of stainless steel. They are prone to corrosion and require careful care. After work, they must be thoroughly washed, wiped dry and it is advisable to lubricate every time with vegetable oil.
  • Type and size of the landing hole. When replacing a knife, you need to pay attention to the shape of the screw. It can be 4-, 5- or 6-angle. The shape of the knife landing opening should be the same and fit in size.

The main components of a mechanical meat grinder

Many components in electrical and mechanical models are identical and perform the same role (a firm nut, a screw, grilles and a knife), so there is no need to dwell on them in more detail. There are also additional nozzles in manual meat grinders, however, their assortment is not so large. At best, manufacturers are equipped with a set of additional grilles and a cookie nozzle. Consider only those components with which these electrical and mechanical models are fundamentally vary.


In fact, in mechanical models it is a cast chamber fixed on the table. In the upper part, it has a bell (meat receiver) through which the product is laying. In some models, it is shifted relative to the center of the case or beveled at the base. This shape of the bell helps the screw to capture loaded pieces. The wider the meat receiver, the easier it is to make a bookmark. The corps can be cast iron aluminum. Each of these materials has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Mincer Plates & Mincer Knives (Sharpener)

Upper and lower shoe with a clamping screw

This is the name of the upper stops and the lower clamp that fix the body of the meat grinder on the countertop. So that the mounts do not leave traces on the surface, it is necessary to choose a model with plastic or rubber gaskets. The clamping screw moves the lower shoe up, allowing to fix the meat grinder on the countertop. In modern shoes, manufacturers sometimes replace the vacuum suction.


Attached to the screw, installed in the back of the case. With its help, the shaft and the knife is set in motion. The handle is fixed using a plastic or metal screw.

Types of knives for meat grinder

All knives that are produced for modern meat grinders made of steel must be periodically tightened. Expensive models of knives that will be made from a special alloy containing Cobalt with the addition of molybdenum, chromium will be more wear.Resistant. Thanks to this alloy, the knife will serve the owner for a long time and will not demand sharpening.

A self.Adjusting petal knife for a meat grinder, which is made of instrumental steel, is used in meat grinders for industrial purposes. These are the most expensive knives that it makes no sense to purchase for household meat grinders.

A variety of bars of meat grinder

The grille for a meat grinder is a full.Fledged motionless knife. The principle of its operation is similar to filtering scissors: it grinds the product in accordance with the diameter of the openings of the lattice.

Each hole has a cutting edge. If all of them are summarized, then the length of the cutting canvas will be greater than that of a cruciate knife.

According to GOST, the lattice should be stronger than a knife by at least 5 units, so they are made only of three materials:

  • Carbon steel. The most budget option. Over time, the metal oxidizes and rusts, which negatively affects the taste of the product. So that the grill serves as long as possible, after each use it should be washed, thoroughly dried and treated with lean oil.
  • Alloyed (stainless) steel. Unlike the previous ones, the gratings from the “stainless steel” are resistant to corrosion and do not react with the product, but cost 10-15% more than carbon fellows. Components of alloy steel are most often used in industrial kitchen appliances.
  • Ceramics. Ceramic grilles for meat grinders. Pleasure is not cheap. They are more expensive than steel by 3-4 times, but have a number of advantages: they do not dull for a long time; do not oxidize; Significantly stronger than steel analogues; The cross.Shaped knife is self.Terminated about the grille. If you decide to put a ceramic lattice in a used meat grinder, then at first dark (washed off) traces of a knife may remain on it. When the blades are polished, the traces will disappear. In addition to the high price, ceramic grilles have a significant drawback. They are very fragile. Wash carefully.

Which grille for a meat grinder is better: steel or ceramic. Each cook decides for itself. Both types have advantages and, with proper care, the material will not affect the quality of the final product slightly. The diameter of the holes is true. It depends on him what you get in the end: a paste or chopped minced meat.

  • 2.5mm-3mm-fine-grained minced meat. Suitable for the preparation of paste, mashed potatoes, fruits, dried fruits and nuts.
  • 4mm-4.5mm. Medium.Grained minced meat. Ideal for cooking cutlets, meatballs, elaboxes, crockets, meatballs. The most popular diameter of the grilles for home cooking.
  • 6mm. Medium.Grained large minced meat. The scope of application is the same. Unlike the previous type of sieves, holes of 6mm allow you to save large fibers of the product.
  • 7mm-8mm-finely chopped minced meat. Designed for preparation: tie, chopped shnitzel, kebabs, cufts, visits, steaks, dried sausages (like “Moscow”).
  • 13mm23mm-15MM25MM-chopped minced meat. Suitable for the preparation of home sausage, manti, Ossetian pies, Lagman, Samsa. Also on this lattice are cut the leaves “Ivan-tea” for fermentation.

This is just a small bit of dishes that can be prepared using a particular grille for a meat grinder. In order for the technique to serve as long as possible, do not forget to drag the cutting canvases and change components. We hope our article “How to sharpen the meat grinders” will facilitate your task.

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