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Frequently asked questions about the dishes “Kukmara

Frequently asked questions about aluminum kitchen utensils with anti.Stick and ceramic coating. Only facts!

Aluminum dishes are made from environmentally friendly food aluminum alloys made in accordance with GOST 1583-93. The maximum dose of aluminum entering the human body when using aluminum dishes is 1.7 mg/day, and according to the World Health Organization (WHO), 70-80 mg/day is considered the maximum permissible dose. As is known from a simple chemistry textbook, aluminum is quickly oxidized when oxygen interaction. At the same time, a thin oxide film is formed on the dishes that prevents the hit of any “harmful substances”.

Brand history

It just so happened that in the small Tatar town of Kukmore there are two large production: the metal panel plant (Kukmara brand) and trademark dream. And if the age of the second brand is still small (since 2013), then Kukmara is dishes that has been manufactured since 1950.

Previously, in the XVII century, the largest medical-smelter plants belonging to the merchant Yeremeyev-Inozemtsev were located here. Later, the manufactories were closed due to the lack of raw materials, and in the 20th century, foundry was revived. On its basis, workshops were opened in which they began to produce Kukmorsk dishes from aluminum.

Nowadays, the plant makes more than nine hundred items of kitchen utensils, collaborates with a large number of suppliers and dealers (more than three hundred). Almost a thousand high.Class specialists work in the production, new technologies are involved, which allows you to produce pots, pans, stewpan, cauldrons of excellent quality. In addition to products made of cast aluminum, cast iron, a series of IDEAL (stainless steel), tourism goods, dishes, cutting boards are produced.

In the segment of cast aluminum dishes without covering, TM Kukmara accounts for 57 to 65%.

Trendy Style trimmer fishing line

Add bright colors to your kitchen with a series of dishes “Trendy Style”! The Trendy Style collection is made in colors: Lime, Mystery, Solar, Emerald, Gold. This dishes will delight you not only with its bright colors, but also with excellent anti.Stick properties and wear resistance.

The series “Trendy Style” is specially designed in accordance with the latest fashion trends of the dispensing market. The dishes of this series will find its place absolutely in any kitchen, because it is made for every taste in several color solutions:

  • Mystery. A magnificent collection of dishes of the color of ripe plums will delight the most fashionable and exquisite housewives;
  • Lime. Pots and frying pans of a juicy lime will cheer up and create a cheerful atmosphere in the house;
  • Solar. A solar set of yellow dishes will fill with warmth and illuminate everyday life with new bright light;
  • Emerald. An exquisite fishing line for a trimmer of dishes of the color of a dark emerald will transform and ennoble any interior;
  • Gold. A gold fishing line for a trimmer of dishes will make a regular kitchen to personify wealth, luxury and elegance.

Any housewife will be pleased to demonstrate dishes, the color of which is successfully combined with a room, kitchen furniture or wallpaper. “Trendy Style”. This is the most profitable and quick way to complement and diversify your interior.

The main advantage of the Trendy Style series is that external and internal coatings have excellent anti.Stick properties and wear resistance. Dishes with this external coating will retain its pristine brightness and attractiveness for a long time.


Before the New Year, I got to the store to a mine, which impressed me with an assortment and price policy. I made several purchases in this store, including gifts close to the holiday, but I did not deprive myself. My purchase was a castle-fucker cast, thick-walled with anti-stick coating from the domestic manufacturer Kukmara.

To apply anti.Stick coating, the plant uses the German anti.Stick covering “Greblon NewTec” by Weilburger Coatings GmbH (Germany).

Antirpigant coating hardened by ceramics allows you to achieve high resistance to scratches and abrasion, provides long.Term surface protection due to the improved technology of the system of binders.

To apply anti.Stick coating, our factory uses the spraying method.

The spraying method is designed to apply anti.Stick coatings to foundry forms. On dishes of a higher price category.

The anti.Stick coating applied by this method is characterized by high reliability and durability.

If you like to pamper your household with delicious and healthy food, then I recommend paying attention to this assistant.

All useful information about the acquisition is focused on the package:

The pan is universal and suitable for all types of plates, except for induction.

It is simple: a couple of drops of detergent and a soft sponge for washing dishes are enough. Although they write that you can wash in dishwasher, I am not yet risk.

This is how the roasting looked when I took it out of the box:

The pan itself was “sealed” in a dense sealed transparent film, and even a corporate package was attached from above. After the “opening” we have such a beauty with a capacity of 3 liters:

kukmar, dishes, suitable, induction, plates

At the bottom of the pan \ Fryer \ cauldron lay instructions for care

And a brochure about the products of this factory, which I will leave the information in the gallery.

Induction cooktop.Trick for use any utensil.Induction hack.

As I said earlier, the roasting has an anti.Stick coating, and both external and internal, so so that I do not cook, does not burn anything, while I use it both in the oven and on the stove as a pan for extinguishing or deep Frying pans. At the same time, the cooking process gives true pleasure, especially since the dishes are very tasty.

For example, several photos of my everyday dishes.

No less appetizing the dish looks on the plate:

The pilaf is very crumbly and tasty, although the husband says that this is porridge 🙂

Well, I also baked the “Tabacian chicken” in the roasting, it turned out even tastier for me than on a baking sheet.

After a month of using the pan, I realized that I want to now purchase a couple of pans of this company (the tefal nervously smokes nervously), because they are somewhat accurately asked to be replaced. We will support the domestic manufacturer!

I am sure that with proper care, the roasting will last a long and true and will delight loved ones with delicious dishes.

Rules of care

Even the most expensive dishes with improper care will not last you a year. Therefore, in order to maintain the commodity of the kitchen utensils and extend the service life as much as possible, it is necessary to adhere to several simple rules for caring for the dishes Kukmara:

  • When cleaning dishes, it is forbidden to use metal brushes, as they can damage the anti.Stick coating of products;
  • When preparing food for turning or mixing something, wooden or silicone blades should be used, since metal cutlery can scratch the surface of the dishes, which will lead to a deterioration of its anti-stick properties;
  • It is better to cook food over medium heat, because a sharp change in the temperature regime can adversely affect the qualitative indicators of the dishes;
  • With strong overheating, products can distinguish the substances dangerous for health;
  • It is not recommended for cleaning cast aluminum dishes Kukmara to use a dishwasher;
  • In such utensils, storage of finished dishes is not allowed due to the fact that substances that are released during the debt of food in the container can eventually lead to the destruction of the structure of kitchen utensils.

Subject to the above recommendations for the use of kukmara pots, the dishes will adequately serve its owners for many years.

Information about the manufacturer

This manufacturer appeared on the market back in the 1930s. Initially, its main specialization was the manufacture of various household items from metal. Carts, boxes, containers and other things.

By the way, the name is not by chance. Kukmore. That was the name of a small settlement in the mountains, where copper was mined in mines and engaged in its melting.

In 1967, the “Kukmorsk metal panel plant” appeared, and the assortment of kitchen utensils made on it increased many times.

Today the plant is called “TM Kukmara and consists of several unique units at once.

Kukmara brand dishes today are widely known and popular not only among Russian buyers, but also among those who live abroad. The brand managed to establish itself as a manufacturer of various, safe and high.Quality dishes of various types of aluminum, as well as utensils with anti.Stick coating.

Stone of the bottom of the dishes with anti.Stick coating

The groove is necessary to improve the thermal conductivity of the dishes (without a bottom of the bottom, the dishes are heated longer, t.To. Any coating reduces the degree of thermal conductivity of aluminum) and for leveling the bottom. The larger the area of ​​contact of the bottom of the dishes with the stove, the faster and more uniformly the dishes warm up. In addition, the bottom of the bottom allows the use of dishes both on traditional gas, electric and on glass.Ceramic slabs. At the bottom of each product there is a KUKMARA logo.

#How to make roti. On induction plate/ceramic cook top/electric plate,in hotels#chapati#phulkaरोटी

Cast thick.Walled anti.Stick dishes have extremely high thermal conductivity and the ability to evenly distribute heat over the entire surface of the product. Cast thick.Walled case also provides ergonomic and prolonged heat maintenance on the product.

Comparison with other brands

For clarity, we give a table with data from different domestic manufacturers of dishes from cast aluminum of the middle price category.

I have been a dream for two years now. A pan and a pan. It’s nice to cook for them and just. Honestly, I did not think that the domestic brand would be so convenient and high.Quality. I’m thinking about buying a baking sheet of the same manufacturer.

I made a gift to myself. I bought a set of dream granite. I have a three.Liter pan, a frying pan, a cauldron, two pancakes in my kit. Everything has already been tried in work, everything is wonderful. The cauldron has a little such a bottom (I used to have another) so you need to maintain when mixed so that he does not overturn. Fry in a pan, I also bake cakes. The walls are high, the pastries rises perfectly, the handle is removed. And yes, pancakes are a separate song, very cool. The pancakes are thin, openwork. I used to think that I couldn’t bake such people, but, it turns out, it was not in the test, but in a pan. Recommend!

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