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The LG washing machine does not open after the end of washing: how to open it?

The mechanism blocking the door of the washing machine is designed to ensure safety during washing. The mechanism locks the hatch automatically when starting the machine and opens it after it is completed by it. If the mechanism locking the door fails, it remains closed even after the end of washing and turning off the machine.


The main reasons leading to this malfunction are considered:

  • Software errors arising due to voltage drops in the mains or problems associated with pumping and draining water;
  • Wear of the mechanism locking the hatch;
  • A clogged hose that prevents the complete drain of water;
  • Proceeding the protection system from children.

In the event that the cause of the malfunction was malfunctions in the supply of electricity, it is necessary to wait for the zeroing of a given program. As a rule, it is dumped for half an hour, after which the hatch can be calmly opened. True, this method of “repair” is not suitable if there is still water in it.

With an unplanned inclusion of the protection function from children, the drum door can only be opened with the help of a simultaneous press on the typewriter of two buttons responsible for unlocking. over, each brand of washing machines has a combination of buttons capable of opening the locking mechanism will be different.

If, at the end of the washing from the machine, not all water was pumped out and the door does not open because of this, you can use one of the following solutions to this problem:

  • repeat the squeeze of linen again or start this function along with the rinse mode;
  • inspect the hose to drain water on the fact of the presence of a blockage in it, and then once again “drive out” the pressing mode;
  • apply an emergency opening cable located, as a rule, next to the filter, in the lower right corner and having a red or orange color. Using the cable, do not twitch it. simply, slowly, carefully pull it for its handle.

If all of the above recommendations did not help, you can take a chance and try to remove the lock manually. Having decided on this step, take all the actions as carefully as possible so as not to aggravate the breakdown. First, turn off the unit out of the outlet and remove the top cover from it. Then, carefully disconnect the mechanism that blocks the door and tilt the machine. When tilted, her drum shifting back and free access to the location of the castle. Now, all that remains to do is get to him with a hand and open. This method of unlocking is quite complicated due to the considerable weight of the washing machine, so having decided on it, take someone to your assistants.

In 95% of cases, one of the considered methods of releasing the laundry sent to washing will certainly help and the hatch blocking will be removed. The remaining 5% fall on the nuances of the design of technology of various manufacturers and more large.scale breakdowns, which only a professional can cope with.

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We examined the universal ways to eliminate the automatic opening of the hatch of the automatic machine, which can be applied to any of its model and brand. However, along with them, it will also be appropriate to affect the methods applicable to models of a particular manufacturer.


Why can the castle be blocked

Washing machine. a technically complex device. The door lock can be blocked for reasons that at the first moment it is even impossible to think. Attach more strength when opening is not the best option. You can just break the lock. To solve problems in the root, you need to understand the probable reasons.

  • At the moment, some program has not worked out in which the door should be blocked.
  • The hatch lock device broke or jammed. The lock can break mechanically or be a blocked control unit.

Water does not merge from the tank

If the washer door was blocked, the first thing to check before taking measures to solve the main problem is whether there is water in the tank. If there is water, it is worth checking the installed program. By accident or by mistake, the machine can work out the mode with the end of “Stop with water”. In this case, it is enough to set the “drain water” mode. Perhaps the lock is unlocked automatically after this program. You can try to do the same if the causes of the problem are not clear.

Water in the drum can talk about serious problems.

  • The control unit has failed, the automation does not work on the drain. The help of a professional is needed here.
  • A water level sensor or pump broke. You should also contact the service.
  • Perhaps the water does not go away, since nowhere. If the sewage system itself is clogged, the help of the plumbing will be required (you can solve problems yourself).

In these situations, the machine “sees” water in the tank and blocks the lock for security reasons so that it does not result in the floor when opening the door. After the drum is empty, the door opens itself.

Program blocking of the lock

The door may not open because some program has not yet completed its action. For example, in some models there is no sound signal about the end of the cycle. Others have a large delay between washing and opening the door. In more advanced washing machines, there is also protection in high.temperature modes. At the end of them, the inner surface of the drum is hot. Until it cools down, the lock will be blocked.

Interruptions in the supply of electricity

The machine may not open for a very prosaic reason: at the right time it was de.energized. It is worth checking if there is electricity in the house. If there is, whether the fork is inserted into the outlet, and whether it is working. It also happens that if the machine has not opened due to a jump in the voltage, it must be open programm.

Defect of the ub

Perhaps the castle itself has broken. Mechanical breakdown or even a slight defect can cause the hatch door does not open. The replacement of the lock lock can be carried out on their own.

  • It is necessary to dismantle the broken lock. To access the mechanism, you need to remove the rubber cuff. Then unscrew the door.
  • Pull the castle out of the case, having previously photographed how it was attached to the sensors.
  • Install a new castle, focusing on the connection diagram of the sensors.

If everything is done correctly, the machine will open the door after the completion of the work program and the end of the delay automatically.

Damage to the door handle

Like any other mechanism subject to power exposure, the door handle can fail. often this is due to excessive effort when opening. The pen may break completely or break away from the working mechanism. Hands replacement is a simple operation that can be carried out independently. To do this, remove the machine door to access the lock. Make sure that the lock is in order, see the connection diagram with the handle. Install a new pen or restore disturbed joints of the old.

Problems with the control unit or sensors

If the problems arose with electronics, then only the service employee will be able to help. Yourself can only test or try to solve the problem programmatically.

If the control unit or signal sensors simply “hovered”, the machine must be disconnected from electricity. Leave in this form for 30 minutes or more, then turn on. If the internal computer has returned to normal, the door is automatically unlocked. If the reception has not worked, other measures are needed.


Sometimes this technique helps: if the machine did not open after the end of the washing, start some other or the same program again. The machine will automatically try to close the door before starting the program. Perhaps at first she will open her. You can try to catch this moment (a click of the uniting mechanism will be heard) and open it by the handle. This radical method is recommended to be used as a last resort. Or you can wait for the end of the machine and hope that this time it will open.

The reasons for the door blocking and their elimination

Whatever the root cause of the lock, remember that it is strictly forbidden to try to unlock the hatch with the help of the force. This is fraught with the fact that you can hit the electric shock or a washing machine, you will need expensive repairs or its complete replacement. We will analyze the main reasons.

Reason #1. AutoBlocketing at the end of the washing

Automatic blocking is necessary in order to avoid injuries in humans and breakdowns of technology. When the cycle ends, the hatch will automatically open.

But often the user is faced with the situation that after stopping the drum it is not possible to get things. the door does not lend itself in any way. This is not a breakdown at all, just immediately after the end of the washing cycle does not open. In such a situation, you should wait 1-3 minutes, the duration depends on the model of the washing machine.

Temporary blocking is a precaution designed to stop and cooled the machine drum and the lock device itself

If such a situation arises, do not even try to pull and pull the door. in this way you will not solve the problem, but only break the hatch. You should wait for a characteristic click or melody, after which the door itself will open.

Reason #2. software failure

The failure in the washing machine program, unfortunately, is not uncommon. This happens for a number of reasons: due to voltage drops, frequent disconnecting of electricity, lack of water. Let us consider in more detail the procedure, depending on the factor that led to the blocking.

The reason for the lack of light. You should immediately turn off the unit. Wait until the electrician is turned on, connect the device to the network and start the squeeze and rinsing, then the machine will turn off in the operating mode when the cycle ends.

If there is no light for a long time, then it makes sense to independently drain the water through the hose on the rear panel of the car, having previously de.energized it. In this case, the door will open itself.

Before draining the water that was delayed in the drum through the hose, lay down a soft cloth or towel under the bottom of the washing machine

The reason for the failure. You should turn off the machine, holding the OB \ VKL button, and then remove the cord from the outlet.

You can connect the device to the network in 30 minutes, during which time the machine will have time to reload.

If electricity turned off during the washing, then you should turn off the machine from the network and drain the water yourself. After that, take out the linen and wipe the drum

The reason turned off the water. You should de.energize the device, wait until the water appears and then connect the washer again.

Reason #3. Problems with the Castle

Most mocking models have an option that allows you to protect the technique from encroachments of the younger heir. It is she who can cause door blocking.

Activated the function “Castle from children”. To disconnect this program, you can refer to the instructions. there is an algorithm for turning on \ shutdown of this mode for your model of the machine. Or just hold the “Start” button for 5-10 seconds and the hatch is unlocked automatically.

The “Castle from Children” function will protect your baby from injuries. To turn it off, refer to the instructions in which the algorithm of pressing the buttons is set out

Castle breakdown. The fact is that all machines are equipped with a physical mechanism locking the door without exception. And he can break. If the error code reports that the problem is out of order of the castle and there is no water in the tank, then the door should be forcibly open.

  • Disconnect the Wast from the network. Take a cable or a very thick thread. Gently stretch it between the door and the machine body. After these actions, there will be pressure on the castle tongue, it will be freed from the lock, and the door will smoothly swing.
  • De.energizing the device, remove the top cover. Find the castle (use a flashlight), and to make it more convenient to get to the door, tilt the washer a bit a little. Then carefully press the hook with your finger or screwdriver. After clicking the hatch will open.

Guide to eliminate technical reasons

If the castle or water level sensor has failed, the error code on the screen of the apparatus supplies about this. If you are confident in your abilities, you can independently carry out repairs, otherwise call a specialist.

Instruction #1. drain the water from the tank

Many cars are programmed so that if there is a liquid in the tank, then the hatch will remain blocked. Then you should drain it yourself.

The drain hose must be disconnected from the sewage system and lower its free end into any container that must be put in advance below the tank level.

If you saw that water was left in the drum after washing, then immediately de.energize the machine. Use the forced plum hose

If the first method did not work, then you should examine the filter, which is located on the front panel from below.

This is extremely simple: remove the decorative panel, unscrew the filter, tilt the washer and substitute the pelvis, then get rid of the water, clean the filter and tighten the part to the place. Connect the “Rinse” or “Excess” program.

If after these actions the water is still inside the drum, then the pipe of the drain pump clogged. To get to it, you need to put the washer with the back wall on the floor.

Pre-lay down on the floor under the device some soft rag or towel, so as not to damage the equipment. When access to the bottom of the device is obtained, it will not be difficult to find a pipe. Unscrew the mount, disconnect the hose and remove the water.

Instruction #2. Change the Luke lock mechanism

If the problem is in the locking device, then it will require a complete replacement of the worthless part with a new spare part.

Luke lock device is one of the key details of the washing machine. Its repair or complete replacement is better to entrust a specialist

Just follow the recommendations if you are confident in your abilities and decide to do it on your own:

  • Deange the machine. Raise the top cover of the machine and remove the screws holding the blocking element. For convenience, tilt the car and unlock the door with your hand, pressing on the castle tongue.
  • Remove the clamp fixing the door and slightly push the right side of the cuff. Spend your hand in the vacated opening and unscrew the screws.
  • Remember the sequence in which the lock device was removed. Now do the same in the reverse order. install the working uble.
  • Test after completion of installation. To do this, connect the machine and run the cycle.

When the door is blocked and open after the end of the washing, then everything is done without errors.

Instruction #3. Change the broken door handle

Sometimes a broken door handle can be the cause of the blocking.

First, turn on the emergency opening mode if it is provided in your car. Most manufacturers mount it at the bottom of the device near the plum filter.

Visually. it is a cable or a lever of orange or red, pulling for which you can open the door. In addition, you can open the castle manually, disconnecting the upper cover of the machine, or use the cable.

To replace the door handle of the lamp, gently unscrew the bolts holding the entire door, remove it and disassemble

Replace the broken handle with a new one is possible on your own. During the choice of a new part, pay attention to the model and brand of washing machine.

  • Remove the door using a screwdriver. Remove all the bolts that connect parts of the door, and disassemble the hatch into two components.
  • Carefully pull the glass and set aside. Fix (schematically or in the photo) arranging all the details so as not to confuse anything during the installation of the door.
  • Remove the handle, the hook of the lock and the spring.Using an awl or a screwdriver, press on a metal rod holding the handle.
  • Mount a new pen: first of all, install a new spring, then. a hook with a handle and a metal pin, at the end. the door.

It also happens that garbage has accumulated in a plum hose, a pump filter or a pump broke. It is for this reason that part of the water lingered inside, and the fluid level sensor does not work.

An error flashing on the display is informed about this situation. First you should examine and, if necessary, clean the release hose (it is located at the bottom of the machine). After that, you need to drain the water, and then the hatch will open.

To remove the water that has been delayed in the drum, you should carefully disconnect the drain hose from the sewage system and drain excess fluid

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The described situations are relevant if you have a machine with a horizontal load method.

Instructions #4-Unlock the Washing Room-Vertics

If the user has a washing machine with a vertical type of load and at one point its door turned out to be blocked, then you can try to solve this problem on your own. To do this, you have to do a number of manipulations.

Owners of washingrs with a vertical loading method should carefully close the drum. If this is not done, the car will be blocked

For such an unit to work again, you need:

  • Disconnect the machine from the network and water supply.
  • Put away from the wall.
  • Find Ten. To do this, it is necessary to disconnect the bolts on the back cover and remove it.
  • Then get the heating element: remove the belt and disconnect the bolt holding it. Remove all the wires that may prevent you to work. so as not to confuse the location of the wires, sign them.
  • Using a screwdriver, carefully get the heater with a sealing elastic band. Please note that the gum sometimes bothers to the body, so there may be difficulties.
  • Take out the heater from the machine and then gently scroll the drum so as not to damage the details.
  • Install the heater back and connect all wires.

Is it possible to open a washing machine yourself if it is blocked and how to do it

Repair how to open a washing machine on its own if it is blocked

Is it possible to open a washing machine without calling a specialist if its hatch is blocked? We will answer right away that this is possible, but this is needed for certain knowledge. There is an unit for washing today in every house and it is used almost daily. This is not always intense washing, sometimes you just need to refresh things. Blocking the machine in the case when it is impossible to extract linen from it, becomes an unpleasant surprise, but there is a way out.

  • The reasons for the blocking
  • How to unlock a washing machine
  • Mechanical breakdown
  • Unlocking washing machine “Samsung”
  • Unlocking washing machine “Bosch”
  • Unlocking washing machine “LG”

The reasons for the blocking

Luke blocking in the principle of normal operation of the washing machine. It is necessary during work so that the door is not accidentally opened by children or forgetful adults. Thus, manufacturers take care of our security. At the end of washing after one to two minutes, the lock is triggered and the door can be opened. And for what reasons the washing machine is blocked if the washing is finished, and it is impossible to open the hatch?

  • Electronics failure. May occur due to an interruption of the supply of electricity or water, as well as with voltage surges on the network.
  • Damage to the locking mechanism. In this case, it will require its replacement.
  • Clogging of the drain filter. Water does not drain completely, so the sensor does not allow the hatch to unlock.
  • The function “Protection from children” is accidentally included.

As you can see, there are few reasons. And in most cases the problem is solved by a simple way.What to do, we will tell below.

How to unlock a washing machine

How to open a washing machine during washing? Such a need arises if, for example, you forgot to put a thing in the drum that urgently need to be washed, or forgot to remove the keys or coins from your and they now rattle inside the drum.

Try to stop the operation of the unit and wait a few minutes. If the car door does not open, remove its fork from the outlet. Most of the models in this case will drain on their own, after which the hatch will open. If this does not work, again include the car in the network and install the “drain” program. the water should start merging immediately after choosing this mode.

If the cause of unemployment is clogging the filter, water may remain in the drum and a special sensor will not allow you to open the door. The problem is solved by cleaning the filter. It is usually located in the lower part of the washing machine and is closed by a special plug.

The filter was clean? Plunge the plug back and try to set the “rinse and seal” mode. If this did not help, turn off the power cord from the network and turn on after 15 minutes. Again zero result? You have to remove the plastic cover on top and try to open the blocking device from the inside.

How to open a washing machine. If it is blocked by random inclusion of the function of the blocking from children? It is enough to hold the “Start” button for 5 seconds and the machine is unlocked.

Mechanical breakdown

If all the proposed methods were unsuccessful, then you are dealing not with a failure in work, but the reason was a mechanical breakdown. Perhaps the case is the wear of the castle or handle and their replacement is necessary. Sometimes young children hang on an open hatch of a washing machine, which leads to curvature by a loop. In this case, the machine will cease to close, or close, but it will be impossible to open it, the mechanism will jam.

What to do in such a situation? In this case, you can try to replace the loops or locking device yourself. To replace the lock is necessary:

  • Remove the top cover of the washing machine;
  • Think with your hand the locking device of the door and push the lock, the lock will immediately open;
  • After opening the hatch, proceed to replace the locking device.

The process of replacing the loops looks a little more complicated, if you are confident in your abilities, you can familiarize yourself with the explanatory video on this topic, which can be easily found on the Internet. In the absence of proper skills, you will have to call the master from the service center, which will eliminate the malfunction.

Unlocking washing machine “Samsung”

The control of washing machines of well.known brands differs depending on the functions preinstalled by the manufacturer. For example, if the Samsung brand machine was blocked and the door did not open 5-10 minutes after the washing is finished, remove the cord from the network and wait about half an hour. For this period of time, the program will be reset and the machine itself will open.

If after the end of the washing process there was no water drain from the tank, try to start the squeezing program. If everything remains still, then there was a problem in the pumping system. Drain the water forcibly using an emergency plum hose that is located next to the filter and then the car door should open. For the most extreme case, the manufacturer embeds a cable into its units for a forced opening of the hatch.

Unlocking washing machine “Bosch”

The Bosch brand enjoys well-deserved respect due to the quality and reliability of this household appliance. To unlock in various situations, this brand has its secrets. If your model has the Plus and Minus keys on the panel, then by pressing the “minus” you can unlock the machine without time and effort.

If the key is constantly burning and prevents not a single mode, it is necessary to return to that program during which the failure occurred, and then press the laid button and hold a finger on it for 5 seconds. After that, the lock will turn off.

Unlocking washing machine “LG”

What to do if the washing machine does not open ? In most cases, you can remove the lock from the technique of this brand with standard measures that are suitable for other washing machines. The original performance has only a blocking from children.

To install it, you need to simultaneously press two buttons: “super rinse” and “preliminary washing”. The command is canceled with a similar action, after which the washing can be continued by clicking on the “Start/Pause” button.

Possible reasons

The reasons for the hatch is after the end of washing:

  • The simplest and most common reason that after washing does not open the door of the Samsung washing machine (LG, Bosch, Ariston and others) is the presence of such a amount of water in the drum in which the lock will not allow the door to open freely.
  • The hatch does not open due to the technical features of the work of this model of an automatic washing machine.
  • The intellectual modulus of the locking device (UBB) is faulty.
  • Mechanical malfunction of the door handle.

Preparing for an emergency opening

Desperate attempts to open the hatch may not give a positive result. You need to understand when the failure occurred. If some time after the end of the washing does not give in to the opening, you can try to turn on one of the options: “squeeze” or “rinsing”. If there is no result, you should check the plum hose, possibly malfunction due to blockage. In this case, cleaning is carried out and subsequent launch on the squeezer of linen.

It often happens that after some time unlock occurs in automatic mode, just turn off the device cord from the mains. Waiting time is from ten minutes to thirty minutes. If there is still no result, take urgent measures, making sure that there is no water in the unit. This is necessary:

  • open the filter lid for collecting garbage;
  • find a hose for emergency plum (usually located on the left side);
  • Put a deep basin next to the washing machine, open the cork and drain the water.

We unlock quickly

If the lock breaks down, remove the lock, so that later open the lid of the lamp of the washing machine using a special cable does not always work. However, there is a reliable and proven way. Initially, the device should be de.energized and moved into a spacious room for a detailed inspection.

The top cover must be removed, pass the hand deep into the case and find the flag for emergency opening the door to the touch. Click on it and try to open the door at the same time. The attempt should be crowned with success. If the reason for the lock is associated with a breakdown of a handle or lock, you can not do without the help of a specialist.

There is another way. To remove the top cover, use the screwdriver to unscrew the nuts on the rear panel of the washing machine, and then slightly pull the lid up. Special efforts are not required so as not to damage the panel. Now you need to tilt the device so that the drum shifts away from the wall. At this moment, get and move the fasteners to the side. The lock should be removed.

In addition to the above, there is another interesting way to open a blocked door. You will need a little dexterity, a strong thread and a thin flat screwdriver, you can take a metal file for manicure. So, take the thread and stick it into the hole between the body and the door with a screwdriver, as if putting on the door.

note! The thread should be thin otherwise, it simply will not crawl into the gap under the door.

Putting the thread on the door from the lock side, it is necessary to carefully pull the ends of the thread with a slight effort. Under pressure, the lock will click and open.

If you never manage to open a washing machine yourself, you should contact the service center so as not to aggravate the situation. A qualified specialist will reveal the cause and quickly eliminate problems. Otherwise, the cost of repairs will significantly increase.

And what to do with breakdowns at vertical loading vertical loads?

This type of machine is most often blocked by the drum. This happens when it scrolls open. As a result, the drum is blocked and it does not scroll through. In order for a washing machine of this type to earn money, you need to do the following: push it away from the wall; disconnect from power supply; Find the location of Ten; pull out the heater; Manually scroll the drum.

All these actions need to be done with caution so that the heater and other elements of the washer are not damaged. After performing these actions, you can use the machine.


Mechanical breakdown

If all the proposed methods were unsuccessful, then you are dealing not with a failure in work, but the reason was a mechanical breakdown. Perhaps the case is the wear of the castle or handle and their replacement is necessary. Sometimes young children hang on an open hatch of a washing machine, which leads to curvature by a loop. In this case, the machine will cease to close, or close, but it will be impossible to open it, the mechanism will jam.

What to do in such a situation? In this case, you can try to replace the loops or locking device yourself. To replace the lock is necessary:

  • Remove the top cover of the washing machine,
  • grind with your hand the locking device of the door and push the lock, the lock will immediately open,
  • After opening the hatch, proceed to replace the locking device.

The process of replacing the loops looks a little more complicated, if you are confident in your abilities, you can familiarize yourself with the explanatory video on this topic, which can be easily found on the Internet. In the absence of proper skills, you will have to call the master from the service center, which will eliminate the malfunction.

Eliminate the malfunction

First we need to remove the front wall of the LG washing machine, test the UBB, make sure that the device is broken. Next, we need to either repair the luggage, or replace it, most likely the second, but so far it is far from.

Having opened the door of the hatch, examine the hook carefully. The hooks of locking devices of LG washing machines are quite durable and they break infrequently, but the springs often fly out, which provide the mobility of the hooks. If the door did not open due to a violation of the mobility of the hook, it is worth disassembled the door, put the spring in place and complete the repair on this. Such a breakdown is a matter of 5 minutes even for the layman, who does not know which side to take up the screwdriver.

If the door is serviceable, and the breakdown arose due to problems with UBB, you will have to climb into the body of the washing machine once again. Check if the machine is included in the mains, and then act.

  • To the right of the hatch of the washing machine, we see the uble hole and two screws next to it, one screw from above the other from below. Both screws need to be twisted.
  • Open the hatch door as wide as possible, then take a flat screwdriver, bend the edge of the hatch cuff and try to find the clamp that holds it.
  • There is a spring from below or from above on a clamp, pry it with a screwdriver, bend down and remove the clamp.
  • Spend the hatch cuff inside the drum so that it does not interfere with working. On the right, you will open a gap between the front wall of the body of the LG machine and the edge of the drum, through it gently remove the uble.

note! When you pull out the ubble, do not tear off the wires by chance.

  • We take the multimeter and nickname the supply wiring, and then uble. If the part is faulty, disconnect the wiring, remove the old device, and install a new one in its place.
  • We put a new ub to the place, after connecting the wiring to it, fasten the uble to the front wall of the case.

That’s all, it remains only to check how the new UBB will work. In rare cases, the cause of the breakdown is not UBB or Castle, but the control module of the LG washing machine. In such a situation, you will have to call for the help of a master who will identify the problem and fix the electronics of the machine. You should not climb on your control module on your own. We wish you a successful repair!

Washing machine bypass

Luke lock device is one of the key elements of coordinated work of washing machine. If the door is not blocked, washing simply does not start, but what to do when the device has failed? Replacing it requires money and time, but it may be possible to somehow bypass the uble of the washing machine and wash without it? Experienced users claim that this is quite real, it remains only to learn this.

To get around the locking device, you need to close its contacts, and this requires dismantling the part. There are two ways to remove uble: through the upper cover of the case and through the manner of the hatch. We will not consider the second way, since with a lack of skills there is a risk of incorrectly set the cuff in place, which is fraught with leaks. How to remove uble through the top of the case?

As you can see, dismantling does not require any special skills. The main thing is to observe precautions and act as carefully as possible so as not to harm yourself or typewriter.

Close the necessary contacts

To start the machine, bypass UBB, you need to make the device think that everything is in order and the lock works. The deception of the module is to close some of the contacts of the non.working device in a blocked position. This can be done without difficulty, if we understand the specifics of the element and try to reproduce it artificially.

The base device of the hatch lock is equipped with three contacts. The voltage is supplied to the first two contacts N and L, due. The heat rod, in turn, after a few seconds heating the bimetallic plate connecting the contacts L and C (medium and extreme) and, accordingly, closes them. The closure of medium and extreme contacts is a signal for the module to the fact that the hatch is blocked and you can start washing. Therefore, you need to close the contacts l and c with a jumper.

Attention! After a manual closing, the typewriter will need a few minutes to run the wash bypassing ubble.

The owners of modern models began to face the fact that it was not left to close the UBBA. The washing machine only gives out the error code on the display and does not start. This is due to the fact that some manufacturers have developed a new protection and diagnostic system for cm. However, such a problem is still incident, so there is still a try to get around the uble.

Signs of a malfunction

The owner of the washing machine can determine the castle breakdown by the following signs:

  • The technique completed the work and turned off, but the hatch is still blocked. This indicates a malfunction of UBB or central module.
  • After choosing and turning on the mode, the door is not blocked, and the washing machine does not start executing the program.
  • The washing machine displays the code or informs the indicators in a certain sequence about the malfunction of UBB.

Determine what is the cause of the breakdown, you can use a multimeter.

Problems with the electrical and electronic component

The door of the washing machine may not be blocked if the contacts suitable for the castle, ubble or sensors are cut off. This often happens due to strong vibration of the machine. You can find a cliff with a simple inspection. Soldering and island will help to solve the problem.

Another situation: failure of the control unit. In this case, the processor simply does not give commands to block the lock, as a result. the door is not closed, washing does not start. Visually, on the control unit, you can find melted or ragged elements. In this case, the best that can be done is to call the master from the service.

We are looking for the reason

If the error de on the Samsung washing machine appears again and again, it is necessary to carefully examine the unit. First, try to close the loading hatch more tightly. If the situation has not changed, you need to open the door, turn off the unit from the mains and wait 15-20 minutes. For some Samsung and LG models, such a reboot allows the mechanism to come to normal. If after the rest the unit works in normal mode, then the problem is eliminated.

In case of saving error de on the Samsung washing machine, it is recommended to do the following:

  • Open the door and check the integrity and performance of the fixing hook.
  • Check the compartment in which the hook is fixed.
  • Check the availability of contact in the electrocontroller.

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If after all the manipulations carried out, the Samsung washing machine earned in normal mode. This means that the user managed not to correct the situation, but only to find the reason. In this situation, you will have to replace the blocking device of the washing machine.

Useful tips

If the LG Error error is displayed on the washing screen, you can try the following scheme:

  • Close the doors of the machine tightly.
  • Disconnect the device from the network, open the hatch, then turn on the washer and close it again.
  • Now you need to turn off the machine from the outlet again, open and close the door, turn on again.

Often after such events, the device begins to function normally. all problems are fixed. But it is worthwhile to understand that if such a mistake surfaces often, this means that there is still a problem and it needs to be found.

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