Laundry detergent for automatic washing machines

Dr. Beckmann for washing machines

The leader of the rating is the liquid detergent for washing machines Dr. Beckmann. Another product from the German manufacturer. Volume of the detergent is 250 ml. This is only enough solution for one application. Even for heavy soiling Dr. Beckmann detergent is enough to clean the machine 2-3 times a year.

The basis of the product are organic solvents, which effectively remove limescale, while not damaging the internal components of the machine. The effect of solvents is enhanced by special tensides, which fight with ingrained dirt.

Before cleaning the appliance, the manufacturer recommends that the detergent compartment be removed and the appliance be soaked in the Dr. Beckmann solution for approximately half an hour. With a small amount of liquid with the help of a sponge to make mechanical cleaning of glass and rubber surfaces. Let the product work for a while.

Then you need to insert the tray back into the machine, pour the rest of the cleanser in it, turn on the appliance in the normal mode of washing at a temperature of 60-90 degrees without laundry. The liquid foams actively during cleaning. At the end of the cycle Dr. Beckmann quickly and efficiently copes with its task.

After the cleaning procedure, the product may leave a chemical odor, which quickly fades away.

  • Effective.
  • Enough to use several times a year.
  • Safe for rubber and metal parts.
  • Cleans limescale and detergent residues.
  • Refreshes.
  • Eliminates unpleasant smells.

If you don’t know which powder to choose, it makes sense to get acquainted with the rating made by the experts of independent laboratories of Roskachestvo. According to him, the best products available on the Russian market are several positions from well-known and not very manufacturers. Let’s consider in detail 5 of the highest quality products according to the experts.

This Russian powder underwent re-testing, based on the results of which the staff had to admit that the manufacturer took into account and corrected all the previous flaws. As a result the sample was declared absolutely safe, and not only for health, but also for fabrics and equipment.

The powder does not produce much foam and washes well from fabric without causing its thinning, shrinkage and loss of color. No pigment remains even on the white, and the residual mineral precipitate on things does not pose any threat.

Burti Color

And this powder can be safely attributed to premium, and not so much because of its price, but because of the impeccable German quality. Thus, it turned out that the product is completely non-toxic, as its mineral sediment fully complies with the exaggerated standards of expertise.

The rest of the indicators are also perfectly normal, both in terms of the pilling ability of the fabric, color retention and strength. Your precious helper will not suffer, no matter how many times you wash with this powder.


The automatic laundry detergent from a well-known manufacturer has been praised by experts, but not without its criticisms. Truth be told, Ariel has a lot more pluses than minuses, because by and large it’s a safe and effective product.

[good title=]The powder hardly stays on the fabric, not affecting its durability, hardness, texture and base pigment.[/good]

The only drawback is that the small amount of mineral residue that does linger on things, does not meet the standards of Roskachestvo, although it is worth considering the clearly overstated bar of the latter.


Another powder made in Russia, which does a good job with its main tasks, being recognized as completely safe in all respects. The exception was the mineral residue, which also did not meet the laboratory’s outperformance standards, although no critical abnormalities were involved.

For example, the powder is non-toxic, it does not produce much foam and rinses out well in any water. It softens the water, which is most beneficial for the texture of the fabrics. In the end, the machine is clean, fragrant and fully textured.


Let you not be frightened by such a price, because the powder was not produced in Ivanovo, but in far away Australia. And it would seem that this is where the quality should be, but this position has a few more Комментарии и мнения владельцев, hence only the 5th place in the rating.

And again, the mineral residue, or rather, its standard discrepancy. Added to this censure is the large amount of foam produced by the powder, although it is not badly washed out. Well, the advantages are incomparably more, judge for yourself.

How to choose the right washing powder for a washing machine

To choose the right detergent, you need to consider the type of fabric you are going to wash, as well as the type of dirt. Whites require a bleaching powder, and for coloured fabrics, choose products that can retain the saturation of tones. When you wash delicate garments, use a mild liquid detergent that rinses out completely. This will prolong the life of your favorite things. Also determine the degree of contamination of your clothes. If you constantly have to deal with very dirty things, it is better to buy a powder with a lot of additives that help remove stains. The main characteristics of the detergent are usually highlighted in large print on the package.

It is not recommended to use hand-washing powder in a washing machine. it can put it out of operation

For washing in automatic mode, you need to choose a special powder for washing machine-automatic, which forms less foam than the means for manual washing. If this rule is not respected, the excess foam in the drum can cause damage to machine parts. Therefore, choose the powder with the special designation “Automatic” on the package.

If possible, it is better to give preference to powders that are labeled “non-toxic” or “environmentally friendly”. They are less harmful to human health, because they do not contain hazardous substances.

Before using the selected powder, you should read the instructions. Do not exceed the norm: it accelerates the wear and tear of the machine parts. Manufacturers often indicate the maximum allowable amount of powder in order to increase consumption and, accordingly, sales. Sufficient for washing can be considered the following dosage: 1 tbsp. л. powder per 1 kg of loaded items, t. е. 1.5-2 times less than written in the instructions. It is also not superfluous to observe the following rules:

  • When using a liquid detergent, the water temperature should not exceed 60 ℃, and prewash is not needed at all;
  • If you wash a small number of things, the amount of powder needs to be proportionally reduced;
  • When washing children’s clothes, do not add the detergent to the detergent drawer, but add it directly to the drum to increase its effectiveness.

If you follow these simple recommendations, the washing process will not only be harmless for the machine, but also better quality.

What’s the best detergent??

We all know that the quality of washing depends not only on the washing machine, but also on the detergent. Therefore, the experts tested the effectiveness of nine powders and ten laundry gels, well-known brands, and found out which of them is the leader on the price-quality ratio. Safety studies were not conducted as part of the test, this aspect will be devoted to a separate test. We will publish the results of the study of gels next week, but now let’s find out which detergent washes the best.

How the test was conducted?

  • The examination was conducted with two washing machines, which performed well in a recent test.
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of each powder, the test wash was repeated several times with “60 Degree Cotton” and “40 Degree Cotton” programs.
  • Washing quality is assessed using a so-called dirt target. a special cotton cloth on which 11 types of contaminants from mashed fruits and vegetables, sauces, drinks, cosmetics, shoe polish, stationery ink and gouache paint are applied in strictly defined places. Application parameters, types of contaminants and other aspects of target preparation are strictly regulated.
  • The machines were loaded with fabrics to 50% of the declared volume. That is, the means were tested in conditions as close as possible to domestic.
  • The dosage of the powder was done in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, based on a loading weight of 3-5 kg, an average degree of soiling, and water of average hardness.

Test results

Powder Actual dosage Price of 1 kg of powder Price per wash Final score
Persil Deep Clean Vernel 190 ml (148 g) 135 20 74
BioMio 70 ml (57 g) 200 11 73
Ariel Mountain Spring 205 ml (163 g) 135 22 72
BiMax 100 stains 215ml (170g) 135 23 72
Tide Fragrance Lenor 180 ml (144 g) 150 22 72
Ears nanny 180 ml (117 g) 140 16 72
Amway 55 ml (43 g) 720 31 71
Losk Mountain Lake Active-Zyme 6 190ml (171g) 150 26 71
Miene Liebe Department. washcloth. powder 90 ml (94 g) 335 31 71

Remarks on the quality of washing

When washing with Bio Mio and Meine Liebe concentrated powders, the white cotton fabric turned blue because of a gouache stain. That is, the powders washed it off, but also distributed to all the other laundry. Of course, it is unlikely that someone would wash so dirty things together with whites at home, but other samples of powders did not have such an effect.

Overall Bio Mio has shown very good results.

Ariel and Persil found to be guilty of double standards

Powder “Earside Nanny” pleasantly surprised. It had previously underperformed in terms of wash quality, but the new test shows that it is much more effective. Now the product performs at the same level as competitors.

Ilya Sukhanov, Head of the test lab, Expert Center of the Consumers Union Roscontrol:

All powders have been shown to be more effective at 60 degrees than at 40 degrees. At the same temperature, there are virtually no stain streaks or secondary stains from contact between dirty and clean cloths.

And what about the price?

Experts calculated the cost of one wash with each powder. It turned out that the powder concentrates Amway and Miene Liebe, despite their economical consumption, are much more expensive than conventional powders in terms of the price of each wash. more than 30.

Powder Bio Mio on the contrary is very profitable. 11 rubles per wash.

From the conventional powders, Ears Nanny (16) and Persil (20) were the most profitable.

All other agents (Ariel, BiMax, Tide) are approximately at the same level. 22-23 rubles per load. The exception was Losk. it costs 26 per wash.

The results: the most expensive are not the most effective

First place in the ranking won Persil. It demonstrated high washing quality and moderate cost per load.

The most profitable powder. BioMio. He also washes decently, but there may be a problem with the staining of neighboring things in the case of joint washing of white and colored clothes.

Test full-size washing machines

Ariel, BiMax, Tide and Ushastnyanya by the quality of washing were “good”. The most inexpensive among them “Ushastnyanya”.

The remaining three powders, despite their high cost, performed slightly worse. These are Losk, Amway and Miene Liebe. they are inferior to other samples in terms of effectiveness and price.

Surfactants in powders

Surfactants can trigger allergies, immune system disorders and can have harmful effects on health.

Pour the powder with a measuring spoon, avoiding contact with your hands, and do not inhale it.

Use the “Rinse” mode for as long as possible, changing the water several times. Keep detergent out of the reach of children.

In addition to the effectiveness of detergents, we are all concerned about how safe they are.

Roskontrol previously published the results of testing 12 detergents of various brands. Then Ariel was the most toxic of those tested, BiMax the least.

A new study will be conducted next year to name the safest laundry detergent.

What kind of detergent do you use, and are you happy with how it washes?? Do tell us in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев!

Opens the rating of detergents in the category, which presents a universal formulations only for use in the machine. In order to select the best products, we analyzed more than a hundred reviews on various forums, communities, online stores, and so on. 4 nominees were approved by VyborExpert.

Ariel Color Aqua Powder

Powder for washing from a European brand “Ariel” helps remove stubborn dirt on things, penetrating deep into the fiber structure, does not let them digest. Useful for many types of washing machines.

The composition contains 15% of anionic and 5% of non-ionic surfactants capable of attaching dirt and grease molecules to water molecules. Special enzymes, being of natural origin, help to wash clothes well, even at 30°. Zeolites, which have properties of a sorbent, also successfully fight against stains.

The powder retains the color of the material, gives it brightness, the clothes are infused with a fresh scent. The manufacturer has several packaging options. The carton packs contain 450g, the plastic packs from 1g.5 to 12 kg.

  • For all types of machines;
  • Cleansing effect at 30°C;
  • It rinses out well;
  • Limescale and scale protection;
  • Choice of packing;
  • Dye retention.

The granules instantly mix with water, do not leave any particles and therefore do not require rinsing again. Additional components protect household appliances from limescale, lime. Required quantity for one wash is 150g.

Persil Fresh by Vernel

Persil” is a German brand of household detergents for universal use (manual, in-machine). Cleans clothes of synthetic, blended fibers, linen, and light-colored cotton.

Formulated with “Deep Clean Technology”. a combination of 13 active ingredients. This set removes stains, does not harm fabric fibers, preserves the saturation of the pigment. Effectively washes clothes in water of any hardness, but requires the right dosage.

Additional ingredients are enzymes, effective bleaching agent, stain remover and conditioner. Absence of phosphates is an advantage. Comes in a 450g carton pack, in 3/4 size plastic bags.5/6/8/9 kg.

  • Versatility;
  • Noticeable results;
  • Pleasant fragrance;
  • Guaranteed removal of stubborn dirt;
  • No phosphates;
  • Economical consumption.

Fine granules have a pleasant persistent fragrance. Contains components which fight signs of wear and tear. Dosage: 150 g per wash. May cause pigment washout.

Stork Oxi Energy

The Russian-made nominee has a distinctive feature. it has antimicrobial activity. Suitable for cotton, linen, synthetics and mixed fabrics in machines of all types.

The formula contains 15% of AHA, which has good detergent properties and resistance to hard water. 5% of surfactants has low foaming properties. These components are biodegradable, which means that they disintegrate into simple particles, becoming environmentally and health friendly.

Thanks to the inclusion of natural enzymes, bleach removes not only fresh dirt, but also long-standing. Products are packaged in cardboard packs weighing 0.4/1.8 kg or in thick plastic bags of 2.4/4 kg.

  • Antimicrobial properties;
  • For all types of washing;
  • Good cleaning properties;
  • Removes stubborn stains;
  • Neutral fragrance;
  • Inexpensive.

Neutral fragrance suitable for people who react to strong odors. Rinses well the first time, so you can save water on additional rinses. Effectively washes fabrics in cold water.

Ears Nyan

Universal and hypoallergenic product approved for cleaning baby linen from the first days of life. Washing stains both organic and inorganic well. Country of origin Russia.

Formulation is biodegradable. 15% APAV and 5% HAPA, so it easily copes even with the oldest stains. No soap allows a single rinse. The manufacturer emphasizes hypoallergenicity, the inability of chemicals to be absorbed into the skin.

Special agents are added to soften the water and protect the washing machine from corrosion. This prevents premature breakage. Packed in cartons of 0.4 g with child-friendly design and sturdy plastic bags from 0.8 to 9 kg.

How to Use Tide Liquid Laundry in a Washing Machine

  • Hypoallergenic;
  • No age restrictions;
  • Biodegradability;
  • Choice of packaging;
  • Good rinseability;
  • Inexpensive.
laundry, detergent, automatic, washing

Versatile use for both whites and coloreds. Washing powder “Earside Nanny” works even in cool water without soaking. No dust when dispensing, the smell is moderate, barely perceptible. Dosage is 100 to 170 g.


Another one of the best detergents for washing machines, which name is not particularly sensational, but familiar to those who advocate environmental protection and care about the health of their family.

To ensure high detergent properties, several groups of active ingredients were added at once:

As a result, the product is gentle, but effective way to fight impurities. After washing and rinsing, all particles of the detergent are completely removed from fabrics. The manufacturer did not add any fragrances. So you can safely buy BioMio BIO-COLOR washing powder with cotton extract and for children’s clothes.

The manufacturer does not recommend washing silk and cotton, but other types of fabrics will perfectly withstand the effects of the active ingredients. This product can also be used without fear by residents of private homes: it does not threaten to disrupt the autonomous drains.

Just like the above products, this product, if anything, is embarrassing, or 141 UAH.

How to use for laundry?

Laundry detergents for colored fabrics come in different concentrations, so the dosage of each specific product should be specified on the package. The preparations can be used for manual and machine.

When washing clothes by hand, fill the basin with warm water and dissolve the full amount of detergent in it. Then either soak or wash only. For automatic washing, the detergent is poured into the powder compartment of the washing machine, the necessary settings are made and the cycle is started.

The result can only get worse, because:

The quality of washing is not only determined by the choice of the powder, but also by its proper use. Most manufacturers of detergents give an indication on the packaging of the required amount of preparation, taking into account the pollution of things, and even the hardness of the water.

Laundry detergents

It is cheaper by the pack! Price for a pack of 4 detergents.: 1 704 р. Price per unit. goods: 426 p. 483 р.

It is more profitable by packaging! Price per pack of 4.: 160 р. Price per unit. Item: 40 p. 46 р.

Better value in packs! Price per pack of 4.: 1 028 р. Price per unit. goods: 257 р. 291 р.

It is cheaper in packages! Price per pack of 4.: 704 р. Price per unit. item: 176 р. 200 р.

It is more profitable by packing! Price for 4 pack.: 1 276 р. Price per unit. goods: 319 р. 362 р.

expensive by the package! The price for a pack of 4.: 196 р. Price per unit. goods: 49 р. 57 р.

Best Price per unit! Price for a pack of 4 pcs.: 1 820 р. Price per unit. goods: 455 р. 516 р.

expensive by the package! Price per 4 pack.: 776 р. Price per unit. 194 р. 220 р.

It is more favorable in packages! Price per pack of 4.: 1 720 р. Price per unit. goods: 430 r. 488 р.

Best in bundles! Price per pack of 4.: 496 р. Price per unit. goods: 124 р. 143 р.

What kind of dirt

The manufacturers promise Perfect Cleanliness, Crystal Cleanliness and even Deluxe Cleanliness. Do they keep their promises? Experts have applied the most common and difficult to wash contaminants on the test samples of fabric: red wine, cherries, chocolate, coffee, meat dish with soy sauce, persistent lipstick, fresh herbs and sent the dirty laundry to be washed using the standard program Cotton 60ºС.

Persil Expert coped with all types of stains best of all, and Dosia powder showed almost the same result, proving that a low price does not always mean low quality.

Tide and Pemos showed average efficiency, not coping with cherry puree, chocolate, or soy sauce. And the worst washed Ariel and Myth 3 in 1. The latter hardly ever gets rid of cherry and chocolate stains.

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