LG refrigerator stopped freezing in the heat

The refrigerator works, but does not freeze: what to do

Users who have recently purchased new equipment often ask the question: “Why is my new refrigerator suddenly does not freeze?»The reason is the transportation of equipment to a new place. Should pass at least 1-2 days, while the motor begins to normally escalate the cold to cool the products.

If you just loaded the shelves with products, the motor can work for an hour and more without pauses while the cold air is injured.

Some are faced with the following problem: the refrigerator is poorly freezed, while the compressor is hot. What causes a similar failure? Most often, the cause is a malfunction of thermal protection, which protects the motor from overheating. Before repairing the technique, perform simple actions:

refrigerator, stopped, freezing, heat

If after defrosting the compressor works, but heats up, it is better to turn off the refrigerator and call the repairman.

A two.Chamber refrigerator buzzes and gurgles when working? These are normal phenomena if the noise level does not exceed the established norm.

Why in a two.Chamber refrigerator the freezer does not work

If you have a two-chamber refrigerator “Indesit”, “Ariston” or “Atlant”, the freezer in it may not work not only for objective reasons, but due to careless use. Check such moments before sound the alarm and cause a specialist:

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  • Thermostat. It is worth installing the selector wheel between the 3-4 or 2-3 marks so that excessive load is not created on the compressor. When the mark is higher, the motor does not have time to cool both cameras, so the freezer and it offends to work.
  • The density of the fit of the sealing gum. If the door is closed loosely, then snow or ice is growing in the freezer compartment due to the constant receipt of unkiting air flows from the outside. When “rest” the motor is melting, and the melted water flows to the floor. In this case, you need to defrost the refrigerator and carry out minor repairs of the seal in those places where it leaves.

If in your refrigerator LG (LG), “Steinol”, “Ariston” or in any other there is no “fur coat” and the value of the thermostat is correctly set, but the freezer still does not freeze, then there is a breakdown.

Why does not the damper for the refrigerator LG Nou Frost does not work

This is perhaps the last malfunction, on which it depends on how the refrigerator compartment will be cold. On refrigerators with mechanical control, the damper works regardless of electricity. The fact is that it works as a thermostat, it has an accordion into which Freon is pumped and as it cools, this accordion taps, as a result of the damper closes. In general, if we talk about a mechanical damper, then it fails very rarely, for all the time, I personally changed it several times and then due to the fault of households who decided that the problem in it and stupidly picked it up. In general, if you have a cold with mechanical control, you do not need to touch the damper, it is better to look at the hidden system. Now you can talk about electronic control and a barrier that closes or opens an air channel thanks to a motor

With my refrigerator LG No Frost, just some miracles are happening. In general, if you turn it on, it perfectly gains the temperature and turns off, but then the refrigerator stops working, and the refrigerator operates in 20/20 mode, that is, 20 minutes and 20 work. The freezer is oaky normally, but in the refrigerator the products disappear, there is no cold at all, the temperature is 20 o. I found such a thing, after a temperature set, the damper closes and then does not open, there is no ice on the evaporator. I tried to do the next thing, removed the front cover to see how the damper closes and opens, I understand that if the door is open, it closes, so that this does not happen, I took the magnet and simulated the closed door, that is, I ran it through the case and the fan turned on, So the brains should see that the door is closed. In general, the fan works, and the damper does not open, if you push it, it makes a turnover and gets in place. Tell me where to dig

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refrigerator, stopped, freezing, heat

You don’t need to dig anywhere, you need to check the temperature sensor of the refrigerator, apparently the problem in it or in the control module, at room temperature, its resistance should be about 13 kom. For verification, you can use an ordinary resistor, but this is only to check

General malfunctions of the refrigerators LG NOU Frost

Due to the fact that the article turned out to be very long, about the breakdown of the fan, the control module and other malfunctions, I will speak briefly. To check the fan, it is enough to submit 220V on it, if it works, put it in place. The fan operation depends on the control module and the button that turns on the light. If you have a refrigerator with mechanical control, then the button usually stands in the refrigerator, it performs two functions. When you close the door, this button turns off the light and crushes the contacts on the fan, this is done so that the refrigerator, as little as possible, pumped warm air. In refrigerators with electronic control, everything is a little more complicated, the role of the button plays, a kind of electromagnet, it looks like a small glass flask, inside of which there are two contacts, when the door closes, under the influence of the magnet one contact is attracted to another, thereby they close, they close, As a result, the control unit sees that the door is closed. If the button does not give a signal about a closed door, the fan does not turn on, the electronic damper will also not work. It happens that the control module itself fails and the processor does not see the closed door in the end you will get what I wrote above, that is, the damper will be closed, and the fan does not spin. As you understand, everything depends on the control module, including the work of the hidden, if you checked all the elements and they were working, it is better to call the master, let him make diagnostics again and diagnose

Good day. Tell me, please, what may be the reason for the breakdown of the refrigerator LG Nou Frost (10-11 years): the freezer is periodically defrosted (placed a street thermometer. During when the compressor and fans do not work, the temperature reaches the plus of 10-12 degrees, when operating the compressor. Up to minus 16, although minus 18 is set on the digital scoreboard). During the refrigerator operation, the side walls are hot, the channel for the drainage of thawing water is clean (removed the lid in front of the evaporator, checked), the evaporator is not frozen, the fans work. This happens from once every two days, up to once every 4-5 days. The zummer behaves strangely (on the top cover of the refrigerator, where the electronics are located): spontaneously signals something, with this, it may either turn on or turn off on the display “Blocking” (lock) switching modes and temperature. “Catch” how long the compressor and fans do not turn on after disconnecting. It is not possible, t.To. This happens at different times, but as much as possible I waited for the inclusion for about an hour. After turning on, the refrigerator operates normally until the next shutdown (2. 4-5 days). If you turn off the network and then turn it on to the network, it also works normally the same period. I apologize for the not entirely correct description of the problem. I would be very grateful for the answer.

Just you described everything super if you did it. In general, the problem is associated with the sensor, first of all, the sensor of the latch should be checked, it is because of it that such a misfortune usually occurs on LG. It is also necessary to check the thaeen, I had it more than once, again on LG, that when he checked the heater, he rolled up normally, but when heated, the spiral went into the cliff-as a result of the heating element, he did not speak the temperature that was needed and the refrigerator stood in Athtyka mode is much longer than expected. You also need to check the temperature sensor of the freezer compartment

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TENS of defrosting

The modern two.Chamber know.Toe Frost is equipped with heaters, which are responsible for the defrosting of ice, which is formed on the fan and radiator. As a result of combustion, they cease to perform their functions. The fan and radiator forms ice that prevents cold air circulation. The temperature in the chamber gradually begins to increase. A clear feature is that the refrigerator does not freeze after defrosting, but the light burns.

Determining the presence of ice is quite simple. It can be temporarily eliminated independently. But, the damaged Ten will still have to be replaced. Otherwise, the problem will be repeated soon. This is one of the reasons for the top, why the refrigerator does not freeze.

Important! Ten malfunction can harm the compressor, as the thermostat makes it work more intensively.

How to protect the freezer from breakdowns

If it was possible to identify the cause of the fault of refrigeration equipment in time and eliminate it, you need to remember what to do in order to prevent repeated problems. Some work, for example, cleaning the drainage system, can be performed independently. And it is better to entrust the difficult repair and replacement of parts to specialists.

The solution of problems with technology directly depends on the causes of breakdowns. If the refrigerator does not freeze, the repair may be as follows:

  • You can eliminate clogs in capillary tubes with light tapping on them.
  • To clean the drainage system, you need to drive hot water through the tubes with rubber pears.
  • The defect of the thermostat is eliminated by the replacement of the part of the new.
  • The drunk seal needs to be replaced by timely.
  • When overheating the compressor, you can try to push the refrigerator from the wall, oven and other furniture. If the situation has not changed, the detail needs to be replaced.
  • The malfunctions of the touch sensor, due to which the incorrect data is transmitted to the control system, are eliminated by the replacement of the device.
  • Rust from the tubes is eliminated by processing with a special tool or 9%vinegar. Before the procedure, you should check the effect of the substance in a small area, only then using on the entire oxidized surface.
refrigerator, stopped, freezing, heat

To avoid problems with refrigeration equipment, it is recommended not to violate the rules of operation of the device prescribed in the instructions. Also, do not overload the freezer compartment from above the specified norm. Regular defrosting and washing of equipment will help extend the life of the engine and other parts.

Energy supply

Voltage drops can lead to incorrect operation of the refrigerator systems, for example, if, after the electricity is turned off, your refrigerator stopped freezing, it is quite possible that its cooling system has closed. It also contributes to a sharp temperature difference, which can lead to suction of cooling equipment.

Simple reasons why the refrigerator does not freeze, and the freezer works

A cooling camera may stop freezing for several reasons. You need to know the main of them.

Problems with doors and seals

A loose adjacent door can cause the refrigerator out of order. For example, large pots or long handles can prevent the closing of a cooling unit. In this case, it is required to eliminate the interfering object (place deeply in the camera).

Another cause of poor freezing can be a weakened rubber seal on the doors. The material is able to crack or exfoliate in separate areas, warm air will begin to enter the inner chamber. Inspect the door and, if necessary, replace the seal.

refrigerator, stopped, freezing, heat

Frequent opening of the doors

This increases the load of the compressor and affects the functionality. Especially if the room has increased air temperature.

Hot food in the refrigerator

Experts do not recommend placing hot products in equipment. This can lead to a temperature conflict that is able to negatively affect the work of the refrigerator.

Incorrect installation

Incorrect setting, as well as the location in a place not intended for installing refrigeration equipment, can negatively affect the further operation of the unit.

How to avoid breakdowns

In order for the LG refrigerator to work without interruption and expensive repairs, several rules must be followed:

  • Monitor the mode of operation of the refrigerator, given the air temperature in the room.
  • Defrost at least 1 time per year.
  • During defrosting, do not put dishes with hot water inside the refrigerator and not break the ice with sharp objects, t. To. They can damage aluminum capillary tubes, and this will lead to a leakage of the refrigerant.
  • Monitor the condition of the seals and not keep the refrigerator door open for a long time.
  • When the first signs of a malfunction appear, contact the service.

Proper operation of the LG refrigerator, timely repair and replacement of the failed parts guarantee a long service of the freezer equipment of this brand.

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