LG refrigerator stopped working as a freezer

LG refrigerators. How to eliminate breakdowns

Refrigerator GC B207GVQV. He works, but does not freeze, the side wall of the case does not heat up, perhaps the leak of the freon. Where can I find a scheme?

Freon leak, if it occurred, is quite simple to determine. It is necessary to inspect all the plastic inside, and where it will be very soft, then in this place there was a leak of Freon from the system.

I have a two.Chamber refrigerator LG GC 051ss. Recently, the compressor began to start and literally after 20 seconds to turn off. Sometimes this happens with characteristic pronounced knocking when disconnecting. Tell me what needs to be replaced? I have already changed the relay, I thought to him.

The most likely cause of the malfunction is the motor-compressor motor.

The refrigerator GC B247JMUV Side by Side does not turn off, can I fix it myself?

If it does not turn off, then there may be a reason. The most common are the following: the mode is incorrectly selected. The thermostat is at a very large mark. Optimal for the operation of the unit, installing a thermostat between 2.5 and 3.5; The thermostat is faulty. Does not give a signal to turn off the motor; The motor-compressor is broken. The pressure is not sufficient. At the same time, xk is badly freezing; Freon leak. The system does not have enough freon and to maintain work, it is necessary to work constantly to the motor. Yourself can be thawed by at least 12-16 hours.

Please tell me, I have a GC B207GVQV model. I recently noticed that near the legs where the door of the freezer opens, water began to gather on the floor. I watched. Under it the floor is dry, only in this place is there water. What could it be?

Most likely, defrosting is needed for at least a day. We recommend turning it off from the power supply.

Two.Chamber refrigerator LG GC B247JVUV Side by Side, know Frost. Why is his walls hot? What does this mean?

In the condenser, the refrigerant gives the heat taken to the evaporator (which is inside the unit), so the capacitor of the working holler is always warm or hot. In LG models, the capacitor is often located in the side walls, and not on the back wall. In addition, some models have heated the perimeter of the freezer to evaporate condensate. For this reason, the walls of the freezer can also be warm.

Two.Chamber refrigerator LG GC B247SEUV Side by Side. In operation for five years. Thawing ceased to work. At first, the thermostat stood somewhere in position 3-4, everything worked. About two weeks about two weeks ago, I began to intend a “fur coat”. When moving the thermostat to position 2, a click was heard, the compressor turned off, thawing worked. We defrost it, the situation has not changed in any way. A couple of days ago in position 2 thawing stopped working. When moving the thermostat to position 0, the compressor is disabled, but the thawing process does not start. The click is not heard. With an inaccurate compressor, the back wall is cold, when working. Warm. But before they were warm and side walls, now they are cold.

The reason may be breakdown of the evaporator tackle system. It can be, and the thawing sensor and the heater of the evaporator.

I have a two.Chamber refrigerator LG GC M247CABV Side by Side with the NOU Frost system. The freezer works, but there is no refrigerator. I suppose that the thermostat is damaged. Tell me where it is and what it looks like?

You have a model with electronic control and no thermostats are there. Most likely, a breakdown or in the temperature sensor of the Hill. Camera, or failure of control.

refrigerator, stopped, working, freezer

Two.Chamber refrigerator LG GC M257UGAW Side by Side is constantly in freezing mode, temperature control is not triggered.

In your hol-kka there is a supermorous function, turns on the only button. If this function is turned on, then it is precisely because of this that the unit is constantly working for freezing. If the function is disabled, then we can talk about the malfunction of the following details: thermostat; Freon leak; Blockage in the capillary system of the evaporator or a dewir filter.

LG GC 154SQW refrigerator forgot to close the door of the freezer, after which it is weakly cold, which could happen?

In your case, with an open door of the freezer, it could frustrate a lot of snow on the evaporator, and because of this, cold air may poorly fall into the chamber. We recommend defrosting the refrigerator for a day, and most likely it will work well.

Refrigerator LG GC 051ss. The temperature does not turn off on maximum inclusion. Freezer.18 degrees, refrigerator 0. You can find out a detailed description of the cause of the malfunction?

The most likely cause of malfunction is the temperature sensor.

Side by Side LG GC B247JEUV refrigerator. 12 hours passed after turning on, he has hot walls. The plus temperature inside (the oil did not freeze). The position of the thermostat. 7. In the freezer, everything was frozen hard. Where does the cold come from in (upper) Hill. Camera?

Full No Frost means you have one evaporator in the freezer. Cold air enters the hall. A camera using a fan that is installed behind the evaporator and pumps air through the air duct. If everything is frozen in your freezer, then the reason is most likely lies in a frozen fan that cannot turn on and transfer air to the refrigerator. The reason for this freezing. Malfunction of the heater of the evaporator or a tie timer. And also, damage to the thermostat of the Holler. Chambers that do not respond to temperature. The exact diagnosis and the cost of repair can be determined by the specialist. The correct (correct) position of the thermostat for the work of x-ka. Between divisions 3 and 4.

We bought a refrigerator LG GC M502HMHL. A week later, he began to make shielding sounds when working a compressor, but when the compressor falls silent, the sound disappears. This only inconvenience begins to strain more and more every day (more precisely at night). Tell me what to do?

First of all, it is necessary to determine the source of noise. If the noise comes from the motor side, make sure that the tubes extending from the compressor do not touch each other and do not hurt about the refrigerated cabinet case, also make sure that the tray for the collection of melt water is tightly fixed on the compressor motor. If the noise comes from the compressor itself, then it is possible to eliminate it only by its replacement.

In the refrigerator LG GC 051 SS constantly freezes the lower box of the freezer. It is covered with a thick layer of ice, while with the upper boxes everything is fine.

refrigerator, stopped, working, freezer

Most likely, the drainage of the know.Frost system in the freezer has closed and it is necessary to clean it. To do this, in the freezer, you need to remove the back cover and clean the drain hole. After that, the water will stop flowing under the boxes and freeze.

Reasons why the freezer does not freeze

To figure out why the freezer does not freeze, you need to exclude the simplest reasons. This may not be breakdown, but inattention during operation. First study the thermostat data. The situation is considered optimal when the absence of the load on the motor is 3 and 4 or minus 18-19. If the camera has stopped freezing, perhaps the regulator is on the minimum values.

The problem may consist of focusing ice. This happens with a loose fit of the seal or when air enters the compartment. If ice and snow are present in the chamber, the breakdown can be in the compressor.

When the ice is accumulated in the freezer, it is recommended to defrost. If the regime is put correctly, but the ice is missing. Then the reason why the refrigerator does not freeze the freezer is a malfunction in the system.

When failing in the operation of refrigeration equipment, first check the serviceability of the power. The problem may be cable damage.

When the ice is accumulated in the freezer, it is recommended to defrost

The simplest problems

Simple reasons can lead to problems in the system. If the freezer stopped working, check if the door is closed and how tight. In this case, you should deal with a poorly closed door.

In some models, the problem happens with constant work without defrosting. To eliminate the malfunction, it is enough to carry out the procedure of frame and wash the equipment. In some cases, the abundance of products does not allow the device to cope with its task. In order for the device to work in full force, it is necessary to reduce the degree of filling the compartment.

Defrosting of the freezer

To solve complex issues, you need to contact the master.

Too large pauses in the operation of the compressor motor

I figure out why the freezer does not work, inspect the compressor. In case of breakdowns, this mechanism is either constantly working or turns on through large intervals. To cause a problem with a compressor may a lack of planned defrosting.

Inspect the compressor

Breakage in the capillary system

If the fridge works the freezer, the cause of the violations can be hidden in the capillary system. This is due to suction. Particles of garbage, drops of moisture and oil fall into the tubes. In this case, the cooler does not reach the necessary condition and the products do not defrost.

The problem with the lower camera in the refrigerator occurs when clogs in the drainage system. As a result, melt water does not pass and is assembled in the freezer. After that, corrosion processes occur.

Problems with automation and electronics

Each freezer has an air sensor mechanism that helps maintain optimal temperature indicators. When it breakdown, freezing is incorrect. Electronics transmits incorrect data, and the compressor is not launched in time. Poor freezing is a sign of a breakdown in mechanical equipment or problems with buttons. Some models have problems with timers. To solve them, you need to deploy a regulator by a couple of degrees.

The following signs will help to determine the problem:

  • A long break in engine operation.
  • The appearance of incorrect information on the display.
  • Icy formation on the surfaces of the refrigerator.

Icy formation on the surfaces of the refrigerator

Refrigerant leakage from the system

Serious problems appear when Freon flowing from the system. The cause of the breakdown can be in worn details and improper operation. If you try to accelerate the process of defrosting and bring down ice, this can cause damage to the coating. Cracks are formed in the absence of defrosting for a long time.

Malfunction of one of the compressors

The refrigerator does not work at full power when one of the compressors fails. In such a situation, the refrigerator does not function in the correct cooling mode.

Problems with the seal

Often there are problems with sealing elastic bands. These elements can greatly affect the operation of equipment. The seals fail as a result of prolonged operation and natural wear. Over time, the elastic begins to peel off or dry out. The malfunction occurs with prolonged simple technology. As a result of loose fit, the air penetrates into the system and increases the internal temperature. This affects the increase in the performance of the compressor, which begins to work at the limit. As a result, rapid wear occurs. The cooling process in the system is significantly deteriorated.

In order for the freezer to work again at full power, it is necessary to perform such actions:

  • Dismate the door, remove the old elastic band and put a new seal.
  • When drying the seal, soak it in hot water. This will restore the elasticity of the material.
  • To glue the elastic band, you can use instant glue.
  • To ensure a tight fit of the elastic band, set the facades in a different direction. But first, choose the correct location for refrigeration equipment in relation to other items.

Mechanical and chemical damage

When using refrigerators in the housing, damage to the mechanical type. Cracks and holes appear. This can provoke reasons such as improper operation, inaccurate transportation or use of low.Quality materials. Damage can cause air from inward. As a result, the effectiveness of freezing is reduced.

LG refrigerators and their elimination

Two-chamber refrigerator LG GR-389SQF No Frost is weakly cold, and the freezer also blows a cool stream of air. And there and there I tried to restart, and according to the instructions I put the temperature at 1 WARM, but does not help. What to do?

If both cameras work poorly, then the malfunctions can be as follows: Freon leakage from the system; Failure of the engine-compressor; Failure in the operation of the control module; Malfunction in the sensor Output of the evaporator.

Built.In refrigerator GR N319LLA. Water in the lower chamber under a vegetable box. I can’t determine where the input hole of the drainage tube.

There is no drainage hole in the walking chamber. Cold air gets from the freezer using a fan. Water gets into there due to the fact that you have frozen the evaporator of the freezer, check it. You will need to defrost the unit for a day, and then turn it on. If after 3-7 days everything is repeated, then the malfunction in the system of hiding the evaporator. Timer of the ramp or heater of the evaporator.

X-K GR N309 LLA Nou Frost. Please tell me, after pressing the supermurine button, a red light lights up. What can this mean? At the same time, the freezer also works poorly.

When you turn on the Superfront mode, the refrigerator begins to work only on the freezer. This means that in the hall. The temperature will increase, and it is precisely because of this that the red indicator is on fire.

I have a two.Chamber refrigerator LG GR N319 LLB. The problem with the accumulation of water in the freezer under boxes of products. To clean the tubes, you need to remove the rear panel in the freezer? If so, how? I didn’t find any tubes from behind.

To clean the drainage hole in the freezer. First of all, it is necessary to disconnect the unit from the mains. Remove the back cover in the freezer (the one behind the boxes, there will be a plastic bolt that must be opened). Behind the lid you will see a drainage through which water flows into a storage tank located on the compressor motor. If the drainage hole is not clogged, then the heater malfunction in the evaporator of the freezer and a similar situation will occur regularly if you do not repair (replace) the heater.

I have a malfunction in the LG GR-389 refrigerator with one compressor engine. The indicator lamp constantly burns on the 4th mode (green light). The buttons do not react to any pressing. A week takes place, I promote the freezer (two screws below), take out the lid with an electric motor and forcibly thawed a radiator with a lot of hoarfrost with a hairdryer, since it does not freeze anymore. I defrost everything, dried, I turn it on. The unit freezes well, but the problem is repeated again. Help me find and make the right decision, as the masters called, but they did not find the decision, they take the money for the call, and the malfunction in place. A friend gave the same unit for repair-a month or two could not repair. Just help or tell me what to do?

Most likely, the system of hiding the evaporator failed. The breakdown can be in the sensor of the latch or in the heater of the evaporator.

The problem with the LG GR-292SQ refrigerator (two-chamber, with the No Frost system). The light is on, the compressor works, but there is no cold. In a large chamber, temperature light bulbs blink. I turn off the network, stop blinking, but then blink again. Help solve the problem, there is nothing like that in the instructions.

Indicators flashed, t.To. The cells are not enough temperature. Most likely, the malfunctions can be as follows: the compressor has failed; DISPECT in the operation of the control module.

In the refrigerator LG GR-389SQF with electronic control, something closes, cracks, knocks out an automatic machine on El/shield and a light smoke appears, but there is no sharp insulation smell. After turning on the machine, it works without Комментарии и мнения владельцев 2-3 days, and again everything is repeated. Outwardly on the back wall are not visible. Operating equipment for more than 10 years. Maybe some dust gathered somewhere on contacts and breaks through it?

It is necessary to put forward the unit and check the dust at the bottom in the compressor area dust, only there it can close. If after cleaning everything is repeated, then the matter is in the compressor motor. If, after a knocked out machine gun, the compressor is so hot that the hand does not hold on it for 10 seconds, then the engine is definitely a problem with the engine.

X-K LG GR-349SQF NOU Frost. Did not work the top and bottom. After eliminating the leaks and refueling by Freon, he worked without disconnecting a day. One of the blades of the cooling fan of the evaporator radiator fan. Two days later, the upper and lower chambers stopped working again. The compressor does not turn off and does not freeze. The master said that the leak is again. Unit in operation 9 years. If you change the impeller, it can help? Without replacing Freon.

Your engine is inverter. The reason for the breakdown after the re.Refueling, indeed, there may be a freon leak (repeated, if for the first time there was a leak). If both cameras do not work again now, then this is either a leak or a module.

Refrigerator GR N389SQF, compressor ND62L31A. The voltage enters the control board and to the engine, the compressor starts for 5 seconds and is triggered by the thermorele. The thermallela was changed to a new one, exactly the same.

The most likely cause of the malfunction is the compressor motor, the malfunction of the launcher-protective relay is unlikely, although this is also impossible to exclude this.

LG GR S392QVC refrigerator two.Chamber. Holo stopped working. Camera. After 3-4 hours of operation, the indication of the electronic control unit is as follows: 1 left diode does not burn, the remaining 4 burn (0xxxx), the block does not respond to the pressing of the buttons. After turning off/turning on from the outlet, the control unit works again, and the indication shows the established mode (for example, xxx00). The temperature does not decrease, after 4 hours the situation is repeated. In the freezer, everything is unchanged (even the temperature has become even lower).

The malfunction must be sought in the automatic tackle system.

Question about a two.Chamber built.In refrigerator LG GR N309 LLA with a compressor ND62L31A. The red bulb called Vacation should also burn and two green?

Your model has an additional option. Vacation mode. The red light bulb should not burn. This light means on the mode. “vacation”. In this mode, the unit significantly saves electricity, due to the fact that when you are on vacation, x.To. Them.To. Do not open. If you do not leave, then this mode must be disabled.

Freon leak

Freon, gas, without which the work of the refrigerator would be impossible at all, therefore, if the LG refrigerator does not turn on after defrosting, a leakage of this substance is possible. This is usually the case due to mechanical damage, when the owner “helping” the defrosting process begins to scrape the ice with improvised means, with a knife for example. If you have just such a refrigerator that begins to defrost only after your team, it should not help him.

Such repairs are very expensive, and in some cases it is generally impossible, depends on the complexity of the damage.

Elimination of non.Advantages of LG refrigerators

Please tell me what is the reason? Two.Chamber refrigerator LG GW B489SMFZ began to make clicks and periodically buzz. It was found that the freezer sometimes does not work and does not freeze the products as it should (on different shelves, different temperatures).

If the unit system is No Frost, then to start defrost it for a day. If the clicks then repeat, then check the freezer chamber. If it has a lot of snow, then the clicks that you hear is a fan that hit the snow in the evaporator. It is necessary to diagnose the thawing system (tickling sensor, defroster and heating heater of the evaporator).

Two.Chamber refrigerator LG Electronics GW B489SEFZ. After thawing and drying, exactly 20 days work until a fur coat increases in the freezer chamber. The fan begins to buzz, the relay does not work, the xk itself does not turn off for 3-4 hours, if it turns off for 5 minutes, the fur coat does not thaw on its own. The unit works through the stabilizer, the relay changed. You can explain what the reason is?

If in a model with Full No Frost an fur coat in the freezer on the evaporator is exposing, then it blocks the fan and in the Hill. The chamber is insufficient temperature. There may be faulty: the heater of the evaporator. Does not thaw the evaporator; Output sensor (or timer for electromechanical models); DISPECT in the operation of the control module.

Model GW B489SQFZ. Can he stand on self.Defense, and how long it will gain working condition?

LG refrigerators all electronic. They are really often equipped with a car defective system. The unit should be included in working condition in 3-4 hours, but the main thing to pay attention to is in the freezer cannot become higher.16 degrees, and in the refrigerator 7.

I have a two.Chamber refrigerator LG GW B207qeqa No Frost. He stopped freezing and began to cool badly. I turned it off, he stood for a day, turned it on again. He began to work normally, frozen, chilled for five, six days, but then he again defrosted. Turned off again, stood for a day, turned on and worked again for 6 days and again defrosted. I tried 4 times the same. What kind of breakdown is this?

In models with the NOU Frost system, this is a fairly common problem. The most likely is the malfunction of the heater of the evaporator (or timer) in the freezer. The unit freezes (the “fur coat” intends) and the fan, which drives cold air into the refrigerator, does not spin. You defrost it, and for 5-6 days it works fine, t.To. It does not have time to freeze, and then everything is repeated (it intends the snow and prevents the fan rotation). Replacement is necessary. Heater of the evaporator or timer for models with electromechanical control (evaporator sensor for electronic models).

LG GW GW B489 Seql Nou Frost, very strongly buzzing inside the freezer, the fan is absolutely clean, I pull out one box, press the back wall, the hum is stopped for a while, then the rumble again.

It is necessary to check the rear wall of the freezer. Perhaps the rear wall of the evaporator froze and the fan touches the snow and ice. If there is no freezing, then the engine fan motor.

LG GW B489SMFZ refrigerator. I bought it about a year ago, everything was normal for a rumble and a fan noise (No Frost system). Not so long ago, chattering in the compressor area appeared. When swaying, h-ks of chatter passes for a few seconds, and then begins again. The compressor is turned off, the sound disappears. When the compressor is turned on, sometimes not immediately, but after some time. What could be and how scary it is?

Very often, especially the LV manufacturer, made models with a fan at the compressor to cool it. We recommend that you put forward the unit and check if the fan hurts for something.

LG GW B489SQL No Frost refrigerator. The freezer works, but in the second cold. I want to figure it out myself. What could be a breakdown?

The cause of the malfunction in the hall. The camera for models with a full No Frost is a problem in the fan (it simply does not rotate). Why it does not spin described below: defrosting is necessary, even aggregates with the know.To.Frost must be defrosted once a year; The failure of the heater of the evaporator, and it does not allow the fans to rotate; A failure in the tickling system (a touch sensor or a defroster), a fur coat is freezing, and the fan does not spin; The failure of the fan motor; Failure.

LG GW F499Bnkz refrigerator two.Chamber. There was a short circuit on the network, there was a strong cotton and it stopped working, neither the engine, nor the fan, nor electronics. Only light inside the camera and all. Please help me figure it out.

The fact that the light works after a short circuit is not very good. This means that the start.Up relay is regular. This means that the malfunction may be as follows: the control module is damaged; The compressor burned down.

LG GW B489SMQL refrigerator, about 5 years in operation and is all the time, the snow and ice fur coat in the Hill is all the time. The chamber on the back wall and in the freezer in the upper part so that it is impossible to put forward a box. You have to turn off the network and defrost for two days. What needs to be fixed?

If the model is not with a complete No Frost, then the HOLD Air sensor is faulty. Chambers and grounding occurs. If with this system, then the failure of the freezer fan is possible, or the evaporator sensor is faulty.

I have a two.Chamber refrigerator LG GW B489SQFZ. There is a condensate container on the back wall from the bottom. The other day I noticed that he was empty and dry, slightly in dust. This is fine? Should moisture constantly be in it?

On the back wall, the drainage hole, which is necessary to remove moisture, which is formed on the rear wall when warm air enters. The fact that it is dry is normal, do not worry about this.

Refrigerator LG GW B489SQGZ squeaks. Even when I turn it off the outlet. What is the reason?

Unfortunately, we meet with this for the first time, t.To. With the power circuit turned off from the power supply, there can be no sounds. If he squeals only in the on state, then this indicates an insufficient temperature in one of his chambers.

Please tell me, the refrigerator LG GW B489 SQFZ stopped freezing after transportation. What could be the reason? The compressor works, but does not cold.

It all depends on the specific model. If it does not work completely, then Freon can be released from the system, blockage of a capillary tube or insufficient compressor performance. As you can see, there may be a lot of reasons.

LG refrigerator two.Chamber freezer does not work

The LG GA-E409 SERL refrigerator is two-chamber, the freezer does not work, advise what to do?

If you feel sorry for the money for diagnostics with the call of the master, try to defrost it, suddenly lucky

Check:. Is the door tightly adjacent to the hull of the freezer and whether the rubber seal is working;. Whether the temperature in the room corresponds to the climate class of the refrigerator LG GA-E409 SERL;. The correct installation, the distance between the refrigerator and the wall or other objects of at least 5 cm, the absence near the refrigerator of heat sources, or sunlight enters it;. Whether planned defrosting is needed. You can also try to make a software reset of the refrigerator settings to factory.

If everything is in order, then malfunctions are possible:. Relay;. Management fees;. Compressor;. Switching valve;. Pollution of the capillary pipeline;. Fans;. Air sensor;. Filter-dryer;. Pollution of the drainage pipeline;. Refrigerant leak.

If you cannot eliminate the malfunction yourself, call the master! The cost of repair depends on the malfunction, which will be accurately known only after diagnosis. Approximate repair price: from 1200r.

Most likely, the freezer motor-compressor of the freezer failed. As a rule, this happens as a result of natural wear with prolonged operation of the unit, or due to excessive load on the motor.

They have inverter motors. Very difficult to repair. It is better to call the master

First of all, make a complete defrosting of the freezer. Let him post in this state of the day. To completely defrost. Then, turn off the refrigerator from the outlet for 5 minutes, and set the maximum temperature in the freezer. May I help. If it does not help, then most likely you have a Freon leak, blockage of the capillary tube, or the compressor fail.


Such troubles happen to the technique that has served for many years, the new refrigerators of the suckers are not susceptible to. To cope with the suction, it is necessary to blow out all the tubes, and for this you need a small compressor and a special power tool. If you have a similar tool at your disposal, you can try to eliminate the blockage yourself.

You can ask a question to the masters from our service center by calling on the phone or writing your question on the feedback form.

LG refrigerators

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