LG washing machine does not open the door

washing, machine, does, open, door

What to do if the door does not open in the washing machine after washing

When the washing machine does not open immediately after the final stage of washing (a couple of minutes) is normal. The default lock is carried out to prevent water leakage from the machine and without it, the work process will not begin.

If such a problem arises that the car does not open (both after washing and before it), then there may be several reasons for this. Let’s talk about why sometimes the washing machine does not open: consider the causes and ways to eliminate the door blocking.

washing, machine, does, open, door

If “cut down” the light

Another thing is if the machine stopped did not occur at the initiative of the user. Often, in the process of washing, the general light is “cut down”, and the machine stops the start of the cycle. In theory, the unit remembers the location and when the power supply continues the program from the reference point.

But in reality, not all washingrs can boast of an ideal memory, but are capable of recreating the regime only for a certain time, from 2 to 30 minutes. Often from turning off electricity, the program is knocked down. The user can only start again. Close the hatch and choose the mode.

We unlock quickly

If the lock breaks down, remove the lock, so that later open the lid of the lamp of the washing machine using a special cable does not always work. However, there is a reliable and proven way. Initially, the device should be de.Energized and moved into a spacious room for a detailed inspection.

The top cover must be removed, pass the hand deep into the case and find the flag for emergency opening the door to the touch. Click on it and try to open the door at the same time. The attempt should be crowned with success. If the reason for the lock is associated with a breakdown of a handle or lock, you can not do without the help of a specialist.

Experiment: spinning the laundry with the door open in the LG washing machine

There is another way. To remove the top cover, use the screwdriver to unscrew the nuts on the rear panel of the washing machine, and then slightly pull the lid up. Special efforts are not required so as not to damage the panel. Now you need to tilt the device so that the drum shifts away from the wall. At this moment, get and move the fasteners to the side. The lock should be removed.

In addition to the above, there is another interesting way to open a blocked door. You will need a little dexterity, a strong thread and a thin flat screwdriver, you can take a metal file for manicure. So, take the thread and stick it into the hole between the body and the door with a screwdriver, as if putting on the door.

Note! The thread should be thin otherwise, it simply will not crawl into the gap under the door.

Putting the thread on the door from the lock side, it is necessary to carefully pull the ends of the thread with a slight effort. Under pressure, the lock will click and open.

If you never manage to open a washing machine yourself, you should contact the service center so as not to aggravate the situation. A qualified specialist will reveal the cause and quickly eliminate problems. Otherwise, the cost of repairs will significantly increase.

How to open a machine correctly?

If, despite your expectations, the LG washing machine does not open, you will have to urgently open the door and pull out the linen. Of course, we will not break the lock with a nail and sledgehammer, there are much more humane methods.

  • First, check if the machine is de.Energized.
  • If the length of the hoses allows, we put out the washer on ourselves to access the top cover. Perhaps the bulk and drain hose will have to be disconnected, in this case, do not forget to block the water supply.
  • Next, you need to remove the top cover of the washing machine.
  • Through the formed hole, we stick out the hand down from above and remove the flag ubble. The device is approximately at the level of the door handle, so to quickly find the emergency opening flag, shut up there with a flashlight.
  • Removing the flag with one hand, you must open the hatch door with the fingers of the other hand.

That’s all, the door managed to open this time, but the fact is that at the next washing, the malfunction will show itself again. In order not to disassemble the LG washing machine after each washing, you need to establish the causes of the malfunction and repair it with your own hands.

The most likely reasons because of which the lamp of the washing machine does not open

A number of breakdowns and software failures can lead to disorders of UBB. Such malfunctions require professional repair using special equipment.

Signs of a malfunction Possible problem
The car does not open, while the handle on the door of the hatch is moving suspiciously freely The handle on the door of the hatch broke. Unfortunately, small details and accessories wear out quite quickly. Especially if they used too much physical strength. You need to replace the pen.
The handle on the door of the hatch is serviceable, but the washing machine still does not open Malfunctioning the hatch lock. In this case, it does not let the door “. It is necessary to forcefully open the hatch (independently or with the help of a master) and replace the ubble.
An intellectual module has failed, which gives a signal about the need to unlock the door. It will take over to flash the control board (in electronic control machines) or the curling of the programmer (in electromechanical machines). In the most difficult cases, the control unit will have to be replaced.

As you can see, the reason why the washing machine does not want to give linen after washing can be both physical breakdown and electronics failure. It is definitely possible to understand this only to a professional. Therefore, if your washer does not unlock the hatch, it is best to immediately call a repair specialist who will conduct diagnostics, determine the exact cause of this behavior of your machine and, with your consent, will carry out repair work directly on the spot.

washing, machine, does, open, door

Damage to the handle of the hatch (asked not to pull)

What to do if the door of the washing machine does not open due to the broken handle? The answer is unequivocal. To install a new pen. Fortunately, this is a purely mechanical device that can be fixed with your own hands. Provided that you have sufficient patience and accuracy. You can purchase a new pen at a specialized store or service center. By calling the seller the brand and model of the washing machine, ask not only the price of the part, but also the cost of the service for installing it. It is possible that the requested amount will not seem excessive to you, given the probability of transporting half a day.

Step.By.Step instructions for replacing the handle handle of a washing machine:

  • Open the door and unscrew the two connecting bolts on the loop.
  • We lay with glass up, while it is better to cover the flat surface with a soft cloth.
  • We unscrew the screws fastening the external and internal sash of the door around the perimeter.
  • With a wide slotted screwdriver, carefully squeeze the latches around the perimeter of the end.
  • The outer part and glass are put aside.
  • To quickly and without problems collect the door back, we photograph the inner part and all the details located there.

All details of the locking mechanism are held by one pin. Using a thin screwdriver or nail, pour the pin forward, and then capture it with pliers and pull it out. We install a new mechanism. It consists of the following elements:

The assembly of a new mechanism is carried out in this order:

  • The spring is installed in the nest;
  • The tongue of the latch is threaded into the hole and fixed with the hand near the spring;
  • The pin is introduced into one ear of the spring (not to the end);
  • A plastic handle is installed on the outside, and its eyes are lowered into the appropriate grooves;
  • The tongue of the latch, the spring and the mounting hole of the handle are positioned on one line. A pin is pushed into these holes;
  • After the entire mechanism is carefully fixed, the reverse assembly and installation of the door is carried out.

Make sure the water stop mode is not chosen

In some machines for washing delicate fabrics, a special mode of stopping with water is provided that protects things from stretching and deformation.

If you really have chosen this mode, click the Start/Stop/Cancel button and run the water drainage program. After that, the door should be unlocked.

If such a regime was not selected, most likely, we are talking about some problems that arose in the washing machine. Below we will consider possible options.

Possible malfunctions and methods of elimination

In the instructions attached to the washing machines, there is usually a layout diagram of the hatch door. If the instructions are lost, then you can open it yourself.

  • Turn off the car out of the outlet;
  • Make sure that there is no water in the drum. If it is available, water should be drained through the emergency drain system;
  • Open the lid of the drainage filter and look in the hole of the emergency door opening cable. Most often it is yellow. Eating a cable eat, then you need to pull it over and the hatch should open;
  • In the absence of a cable, in order to open the hatch, you will have to dismantle the upper panel and tilt the car back to move a little tank. Then push the lock blocking the door.

If the handle broke in the washing machine, then you can try to open it without resorting to the help of a specialist:

  • Use emergency cable;
  • Close the rest of the broken handle with pliers and pull on yourself until the click is heard;
  • Open the lock through the top cover;
  • Open the hatch with wire or rope. Sticking it around the perimeter of the loading hatch.

Important: with independent unlocking the hatch of the washing machine, you cannot:

  • Carry out work when included in the electrical network;
  • Try to open the door with great effort, if there is water in the drum;
  • The malfunctioning code that displayed on the display should be deciphered only using the instructions or recommendations of the manufacturer;
  • Repair an electronic fee or dismantle the wiring if there is no necessary experience in the repair of washing machines.

Many manufacturers equip their machines with special protection against children’s actions, such as a Hotpointan Ariston Aqualti and Samsung Eco Babble model. If you bought such a washing machine, the user did not carefully read the instructions and accidentally pressed a combination of buttons, then this function may turn on.

In this case, the hatch will not open, and a smile and lock will blink on the display. To remove the door lock, press a couple of buttons on the edges of the figure of a drawn man. In the machines, Ariston Hotpoint, after turning off the electricity, the door is also blocked and you will have to look for an emergency cable to remove the lock, from the bottom of the device near the filter.

You can open the hatch of most washing machines using an emergency cable, as well as using the method specified by the manufacturer in the instructions. If you select the Baby or “light ironing” mode (as in the Daewoo Direct Drive model), then the drum is slowly rotating. Choosing the “silk” mode, washing will be without drain from the drum. To drain the water, you need to press the pause button or start, or enable the “light ironing” mode.


We suggest watching a video on how to open the door of the washing machine:

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