LG washing machine drum cleaning function

Fabricated chemistry

For washing machine cleaning it is better to buy a special detergent. You can find them in any store, and in a wide range: cheap and expensive, liquid and dry, with or without fragrance. It is important to evaluate the cleaner comprehensively, examining its composition, action and volume. A quick review of the three most popular brands will help with your choice.

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  • Beckmann. German all-purpose cleaner based on citric acid, glycerin, nonionic surfactants and activated charcoal. Comes in gel and powder form and is designed to remove limescale, dirt and odor, even in hard-to-reach areas. The user will be pleased with the antibacterial effect. With regular use it prolongs the life of the dispenser, because special components protect the rubber and metal parts of the washer from hardening and corrosion. Ranges from 180-400 for 250 ml.
  • Tiret. Liquid cleaner for washing machines. Effective in neutralizing unpleasant odors, removing lime scale, scale and soap. Also provides hygienic cleanliness, washing all kinds of impurities from the inside of the dispenser. Citric acid, nonagenic surfactants and fragrance. Due to the latter, the washing machine after cleaning smells pleasantly lemon. 250 ml.
  • Bosch. Washing machine cleaner from a well-known brand. manufacturer of large household appliances. This is a powder that removes soap scum and lime scale, as well as dirt and unpleasant odors. Price for 200 gr. from 490

Before using any professional chemicals, check the instructions on the back of the package. There the manufacturer gives the composition, dosage and rules for adding the product to the machine. Do not forget about your own safety. wear gloves during the procedure and carefully wash your hands afterwards.

Maintenance intervals for the filter

The filter should be inspected regularly and cleaned if necessary. That it is time to do it, you can judge by the presence of the following signs:

  • If in the process of operation of the washing machine stopped abruptly.
  • When loading or emptying water slows down.
  • Built-in diagnostic system gives the corresponding error code on the display.
  • If it is not possible to activate the “Rinse” or “Spin” modes.

If at least one of these signs appears, you need to turn off the machine and check the condition of the inlet and drain filters.

A typical cleaning cycle is once every 2-4 months. The frequency depends considerably on how often the washing takes place.

Lg Washing Machine Tub Clean Cleaning Easy & Free

Clean the machine with baking soda

If the drum cleaning function is used properly, there will be no problems with the LG “cleaning”. If there is no such mode, you will have to act in the old fashioned way. wash the dispenser manually. In order to save money, baking soda should be preferred.

Soda or sodium bicarbonate has long been a safe and effective cleaner. It can be used to clean countertops, sinks, kettles, inter-tile joints and large appliances, such as a washing machine. White powder can remove soap scum and dirt as well as lime deposits, fungus and odors.

The instructions for cleaning the drum with baking soda are as follows:

  • Take 0.5 kg of baking soda and divide it into two equal portions;
  • Pour the first portion into the main compartment of the powder collector, the second portion into the drum;
  • set any high-temperature mode (with a heating temperature of 60 degrees or more);
  • Turn the spin cycle off;
  • activate the double rinse;
  • start the program.

For a comprehensive cleaning of the washing machine drum, you will need 0.5 kg of baking soda.

One cycle with baking soda is enough to remove plaque, limescale and dirt from the walls of the cylinder. Also, excess debris will be scrubbed from the rest of the machine: the heater, spigots and tank. Sodium bicarbonate is able to clean even a thick layer of dirt deposits, which will positively affect the performance of equipment.

It is best not to clean the inside of the appliance only. We recommend that you wash the outside of the washing machine as well. It is necessary to dissolve 100 grams of soda in a liter of water and add dishwashing gel. The sponge is dipped into the solution, after which the machine body is cleaned. At the “finish line” remove the foam and wipe with a dry cloth.

Service intervals for the filter

The filter should be inspected regularly and cleaned if necessary. That it is time to do it, you can judge by the presence of the following signs:

  • If the washer suddenly stops working during operation.
  • When the inflow or outflow of water is slow.
  • The built-in diagnostic system shows a corresponding error code on the display.
  • If the “Rinse” or “Spin” modes cannot be activated.

If at least one of these signs appears, turn off the machine and check the condition of the inlet and outlet filters.

Usually clean every 2-4 months. The frequency depends on how often the washing is done.

Alternative methods

In a situation where the washing machine is not equipped with a self-cleaning function, to return the cleanliness and freshness of the inner surface of the drum will help everyone available improvised means.

Baking soda

Soda is a mild abrasive that cleans surfaces perfectly from dirt.

  • Moisten the drum walls with water.
  • dip a wet sponge into baking soda powder and wipe off dirty surfaces.
  • After thirty minutes, wash the paste of baking soda (run the rinse mode).

Calcined soda can be used instead of baking soda.


It is not just clean, but also disinfect the walls of the drum with bleach.

  • In a glass container, mix Belize and pure water in equal proportions.
  • The liquid obtained is poured into the compartment of the powder hopper intended for the main wash.
  • Run the washing mode “Cotton” at a temperature of 90 ° C. Optionally set the double rinse mode.
  • The door must be opened and the drum door must be left open for airing at the end of the wash.

Do not wash more often than once a year with a chlorine-containing detergent.

Citric acid

Citric acid will help to remove the layer of limescale and dirt, remove unpleasant smells from the drum.

  • pour the dry citric acid powder into the main washing compartment of the powder bin;
  • Run the washing in “Cotton” mode at 60°C, with the double rinse option;
  • After washing is completed, open the door of the hatch, remove particles of undissolved citric acid with a soft sponge from the rubber sleeve.

The amount of citric acid is calculated on the basis of the drum‘s capacity. Up to 4 kg for quality cleaning 60 gr. of citric acid is enough, for the tanks of more than 4 kg 100 gr. of dry powder.

Peculiarities of using special detergents

There is a broad range of household cleaners for effectively cleaning the interior surfaces of the washing machine.

In tablets or in liquid form, regardless of the form of release, household chemicals are loaded into the powder tray for the main wash.

Then the washing machine is started in the mode of the longest possible washing time, at a temperature of 60 ° C.

Before using any special detergents for washing machines, it is necessary to study the instructions very carefully. This is especially true for highly concentrated gels (the dosage must be calculated strictly according to the manufacturer’s instructions).

It is not recommended to load them directly into the drum of the washing machine. Failure to follow the rules and recommendations prescribed in the manual can provoke malfunctions of the household appliance.

The function of cleaning the drum in the washing machine LG

In the process of using washing machines, many parts are exposed to water with detergents dissolved in it, and contamination from clothing. Over time, this entails the formation of both lime scale, and elementary dirt (soap deposits, oil deposits, and so on), which subsequently leads to the appearance of fungus and related smell. This problem is especially acute for washing machine drums. How to clean the drum in a LG washing machine. will be described in detail in this material.

The function of cleaning the drum in a washing machine. what is it

The automatic washing machine is one of the most frequently used household appliances in the house. Continuous washing leads to the appearance of excessive moisture in the drum, the development of mold and bacteria. As a result. deterioration of washing quality and premature breakage of parts. Careful observance of all the rules of operation does not always save you from the problem. Built-in drum cleaning function in the machine from manufacturers “Samsung” and “LG” will help to easily remove dirt and extend the life of an expensive machine.

Drum cleaning function in the washing machine “LG”

You can solve the problem of contamination by simply turning on the drum cleaning function in the LG washing machine. It is a special program that automatically runs the entire washing cycle on idle without laundry, washing the interior of the machine.

It is designed to dissolve the particles deposited on the inner surface of the drum and plastic tank, and keep them clean. The self-cleaning function is available in LG washing machine models of different price categories.

Scope of the cleaning function

than other parts of washing machines the drum is exposed to contamination, where stale laundry and detergents get in. It is also in contact with hard, poorly filtered water containing harmful impurities:

With frequent use of the machine, especially in large families, the drum is constantly left wet, with puddles and drips.

An environment is formed that is favorable for the development of microorganisms and bacteria that pose a health hazard. Worsening the situation is the habit of some housewives to store dirty items directly in the washing machine.

Regular cleaning of the LG washing machine drum is necessary to get rid of grease, mold and dirty plaque, dissolving particles of fabric, lint.

To prevent clogging the interior of the machine with pieces of delicate fabrics, they should be washed in special bags.

How it works?

Many housewives do not know how the function of cleaning the drum in the washing machine “LG”, trying to get rid of plaque and mold with folk remedies. vinegar, baking soda and citric acid.

Attention! Conventional means are not safe for parts:

  • Vinegar creates an aggressive environment in the drum of the machine, and should be used very carefully, without exceeding the dosage.
  • Citric acid damages the sealant cuff around the door and other rubber elements.
  • Soda is an alkali and corrodes aluminum and its alloys. In combination with other chemicals, the aggressive effect is intensified.

A special built-in function knows how to clean the drum of the LG washing machine without harming the mechanism:

  • Prewash mode is activated
  • The main wash at 60 C and a motor speed of 150 rpm
  • Spin and double rinse.

Standard program run time is 1 hour and 35 minutes.

Attention! The manufacturer does not recommend the addition of descaler or powder when performing the cleaning function. it causes a large amount of foam, which is fraught with leaks.

How to use the feature?

How to use the function correctly:

  • Remove foreign bodies
  • Close the door
  • Press the two “intensive” and “crease-free” buttons (marked with an asterisk) simultaneously for 3 seconds until the “tei” appears on the display.
  • Press the “Start” button
  • When the program is finished, open the door and wait until the drum is completely dry.

Samsung eco drum cleaning function in a washing machine

Original development of Samsung Korean company. ECO BUBBLE technology. In combination with the original design of the drum in the form of a bee-honeycomb it allows to whip detergent into oxygenated bubbles and improve the washing quality. Over time, the recesses in the “honeycomb” may be clogged with particles of dirt or threads.

There is a special function for removing garbage, it is identified on the machine panel as “Eco Drum Cleaning”. The latest models of Samsung washing machines are equipped with a warning system. At this point, the image of the drum with a star will light up on the panel.

The appearance of a reminder does not mean there are serious problems with the washing machine. The frequency of the cleaning process depends on how often the appliance is used. Usually the auto-alarm lights up once a month and if the owner has not used the function, the icon will reappear after two washing cycles.

Scope of the cleaning function

Mold and putrefactive bacteria, if not removed from the machine, grow in a humid environment, resulting in an unpleasant odor. Bright items fade after washing, becoming dull. The automatic cleaning function keeps hygiene inside the drum at a high level and allows washing at a lower temperature more often, saving energy.

How it works?

After turning on the function, the washing machine runs idle at a water temperature of 70 C, which allows to destroy bacteria and mold accumulated in the drum. The temperature is set automatically by the program itself and cannot be changed by the user.

The entire program runs for 90 minutes at high engine speed. The function works without user intervention, only the “Delay” button is available for control.

How to activate the function?

Before using the function, it is worth checking that the filter and drain hose are clean. if they are blocked, the program will work less efficiently.

Warning! Do not activate the self-cleaning function with laundry inside the appliance. this could cause damage to the appliance and items in it.

  • Open the door and inspect the area for any forgotten items or jammed debris
  • Close the door
  • Turn on the power to the appliance
  • Turn the thumb wheel to select the washing mode and stop at the “Eco drum cleaning” setting
  • Press the start/pause button

Tip! Do not use commercially available chemicals to clean the appliance. Deposits from cleaning agents left on the drum will reduce the appliance’s performance. Only products recommended by the manufacturer should be used.

The function will help keep the washing machine clean and avoid mold, prevent unpleasant odors. This is an excellent mode that cleans the internal parts of the device. Thanks to it, the machine can be rid of various insoluble particles, such as sand, wool, fabric residues and other debris.

If you turn on the drum cleaning mode regularly, the hostess will never have to clean the machine from mold, as the device operates at a high temperature (about 60 degrees), and its speed reaches 150 revolutions per minute.

  • The prewash function is started first.
  • After it, the main one is activated, just at this moment the water is heated to 60 degrees, and the speed of rotation of the drum of the washing machine is increased.
  • The last stage is the double rinse and spin.

The program runs for almost an hour and a half. It is recommended to turn it on at least once a month.

So how to clean the drum? Instructions on how to turn on the additional mode:

  • As this is a separate program, it is activated with only one button. However, before starting it, it is necessary to check the drum for foreign objects, forgotten clothes and debris. After. close the door of the machine, plug in the washing machine and press the star button for three seconds. The last action is to press “Start.
  • The program does not require powder or descaler, it runs “idle”. The manufacturer does not recommend adding any agents, as they can cause the device to malfunction.

LG washing machine drum cleaning function

Often people are unaware of the usefulness of a washing machine’s functions, using only two or three basic programs. But when it is time to clean the machine, the drum of the machine is covered with a deposit, LG washing machine users remember the function “cleaning the drum”. The question arises as to how to properly start this function and how it works?

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