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Home automation is so firmly embedded in our lives that it’s hard to imagine how our ancestors used to do without a vacuum cleaner, washing machine, iron. If you have to do without the usual household gadget or the necessary technological device, it is necessary to show ingenuity.

One of the necessary functional items. the iron. How to iron without this device if you do not have it handy or you are in a hurry? How to act if during the gathering of an important event, you saw in the reflection of a crumpled outfit, and time for the iron is not left?

Don’t panic! We’ll tell you how to get rid of creases without an iron. Some methods will surprise you and will be useful on trips. If you’re a perfectionist in laundry and ironing and understand the types of steamers, learn how to iron without an iron.

The following tips will solve the problem of smoothing clothes in any condition.

In times gone by, irons were considered a luxury. Those who had them were the rich, and the rest managed with improvised means.

The following methods were used for this purpose:

The prototype of the modern iron for ironing clothes dates back to the late 17th century. It was a special metal box, inside which hot coals were placed. The way of working with such a machine required great skill, otherwise there was a risk of burning a hole on the clothes. Gradually a device with a changeable heating “element” was invented, and a hundred years later the electric iron.

And to start our article with the most pressing topic. how to get this important part of the costume in a decent shape quickly if you do not have an iron nearby at all.

15 ways to iron without an iron

So, without further ado, here are the instructions for action:

  • Steam. A great way to do this if you have about 20 minutes to spare. Fill a bathtub with hot water / turn on the shower / turn off the faucet. Hang the shirt on hangers and hold it over the water vapor until it straightens out any creases or other imperfections. However, it is not very pleasant to put such clothes on at once. they will be wet. That’s why you should have time to let your shirt dry.
  • Hot mug. Go back in time to our great-grandmothers’ life. they used to iron their clothes with iron mugs filled with hot water.
  • When doing the laundry. If you wash a shirt and already know that you have no iron handy, do not wring the thing. Hang it on the shoulders, let the water drain off and dry naturally. While you won’t get it looking perfect this way, you won’t have any annoying creases on it either.
  • Under Weight. Prolonged pressure of something heavy on it will help to smooth the thing. Alternatively, place the shirt neatly under your mattress and sleep on it all night. You can pre-moisten particularly wrinkled parts beforehand.
  • Chemistry. Prepare a “self-hardening” solution: equal parts water, 9% vinegar and a fabric softener. Pour this mixture into the sprayer, splash on the shirt hanging on the shoulders. As a last resort, you can do with plain water. To wait for the effect faster, put hot jets of air from a hair dryer on the thing.
  • Wet towel. Spray a large terry towel with a spray gun or soak it in a basin and wring it out thoroughly. Spread it out on the floor or on a table, and place your shirt on top. Once it’s smoothed out, it’s left to dry on a hanger.
  • Your own. You can smooth out the shirt with your own hands as well, periodically wetting them in a container of water.
  • Bulb. If your clothes are cotton or other material that can be ironed with a three-point iron, you can use an even more unconventional device. a hot light bulb from a lamp on, making sure it is clean. But just in case, iron the shirt on the back side with this method.
  • Washing machine to the rescue. Check the settings of your washing machine, perhaps it has a delicate washing option that does not leave crumples on things. Some advise to set the number of drum revolutions per minute to the maximum to prevent the shirt from getting too wrinkled.
  • On the go. To take out of the suitcase, if not an exemplary looking, then certainly not too wrinkled shirt, fold it in a roll, roller beforehand.
  • A woman’s method. If you have a hair straightener (aka curling irons or flat irons) at hand you can, as a last resort, resort to its services. The method is suitable for fabrics that do not deteriorate under the influence of high temperatures.
  • The kitchen method. Boil water in an open pot or kettle with a “spout. When the steam comes, hold your unfolded shirt over it for a while.
  • With your body. If the style of the shirt is tight, it may well smooth out on you after a while. Moisten it with water vapor from a spray gun.
  • Two things at once. If you’ve just cooked yourself dinner in a pot, then it, while still hot, is perfect for ironing as well. Protect your shirt beforehand with a layer of gauze or a thin cloth, and go for it. Or you could just boil water in a pot and iron your shirt.
  • Expanding the possibilities. Or maybe you’ve got a steamer or steam iron on hand?? Then you’re in luck! About their pros and cons, features

Technical alternative to the iron

If you’re wondering “What’s the best way to iron shirts and blouses??”If you have an iron on hand, that’s a good reason to put it aside or not to buy one at all. Here are two heroes who are sure to make you frustrated with traditional ironing. A steamer A steamer is a device consisting of three main elements. the boiler, the hose and a special tube. you will see it in the photo below. It works simply: in the boiler water boils, steam rises, goes up the hose and through the tube, setting its correct direction, goes out, where it serves to the delight of the owners. What the steamer can do:

  • Iron clothes by weight;
  • Comprehensive cleaning of outer “heavy” clothing;
  • removing unpleasant odors from fabric surfaces;
  • disinfect clothes, toys: kills both mites, bed bugs, and microorganisms;
  • cleaning of upholstered furniture;
  • window cleaning.

5 Ways To De-Wrinkle Clothes Without An Iron

Tip! If you also need to put arrows in pants, shape a pleated skirt, then the steamer is not your helper. You can’t do without a good old-fashioned iron.

Steam generator A little note. still an iron with a steam generator. This unit looks a lot bulkier than a steamer. water tank, hose and tube, and the iron itself. Its benefits include:

  • Pressurized dry steam is not as damp as a steamer, but at a much higher temperature.
  • Allows you to iron several layers of clothes at once.
  • Creates those coveted wrinkles on your clothes.
  • Does very well with delicate fabrics.

Advice! If you don’t have a lot of room in your home, consider whether you need a bulky steam iron. Which, in addition, will need to buy an ironing board.

Recommendations to avoid ironing or to reduce the frequency of ironing:

  • When washing, set the mode to “light ironing” or no creases. Shake out the laundry immediately after washing. Hang up, straighten out. Hang up to dry on hangers or flat.
  • Buy items with synthetic fibers. They make the fabric form-stable, it is less crumpled.
  • When traveling, fold clothes in rolls, rolls. Do not take natural materials on the road.
  • How to iron without an iron? Sleeved garments can be ironed with steam. Straight pants, skirts, T-shirts are ironed under the press. The tongs clean the creases, creases on small objects, the edges of products. A wet towel is suitable for wool.

Unusual ideas for ironing

Modern man and electrical engineering are closely linked. Since these units are the most important assistants in everyday life, the malfunction of which can cause real panic in their owners.

What to do if the iron stops ironing?

  • First, remember whether the machine is equipped with a steam function (if the device is not completely off).
  • And continue ironing just under it. Or use a vertical steam cleaner, if you have one at home.
  • It’s also popular with users, and some even find it more efficient than a standard iron.

Advice! Even the slightest malfunction of the iron can cause it to become completely unusable. That’s why its repair should not be delayed.

Iron with water

No matter where you are, water is always at hand and you can easily smooth things out without an iron. The liquid method is not a quick method, because the garment still needs to be dried.

Using a wet towel you can smooth out knitwear: sweaters, pullovers, knit sweaters, etc. п. Take a large product with a dense structure, wet it and squeeze it slightly. Prepare a flat surface with a piece of plastic sheeting. Spread a wet towel along its full length, lay the wrinkled thing on it and straighten it with your hands. When the wrinkles are ironed out, hang the garment up to dry it.

To iron the clothes with water, you do not need to use additional attributes, you can even do it with your hands. Moisten clean palms of your hands and grip the cloth on both sides, pulling it down little by little. The thing is better hung on the shoulders and fixed in an upright position. This method works especially well if there are few dents and they are not strong.

Smooth creases with wet hands on a flat surface

A special solution can be used to smooth out your clothes and is easy to make at home. It is suitable for all fabric types and colors, and can be prepared and applied in a short amount of time.

Spray the liquid gently onto creased areas of the garment

To prepare the liquid, mix pure water, 9% vinegar and fabric softener in equal parts (e.g. 100 ml each). Pour the mixture into a spray gun and give it a good scrubbing. The active ingredients soften the fabric and straighten out creases without leaving any stains or streaks.


Use steam to iron the garment without ironing. Have to draw a whole tub of hot water, hang crumpled things over it, close the room for 20-30 minutes. It is better to do it in the evening, as the clothes can’t be put on after half an hour, they will be too wet. In a hotel, you can hang crumpled things in the bathroom, close the doors, take a shower. Under the steam, which will accumulate in the room, the folds will flatten.

A simpler, more economical method is to hang over a pan of boiling water. However, this method is only suitable for small items of closet. It is also not suitable in the presence of deep creases. Use a kettle in the same way. The shirt is hung on the hangers, steam it from the boiling water in the kettle.

Wool, knitwear can be ironed without ironing with a wet towel. To do this, you need to wet a large terry towel, spread horizontally, put a crumpled item on top, and flatten. In just two hours, all the creases will disappear.

Tweezers or a hair iron are in the arsenal of many women. With these items you can smooth out arrows, iron small things without an iron. Before using the tongs, the plates must be wiped with wet wipes so that they do not leave a trace on your clothes. The iron is heated to the desired temperature and pressed between the plates wrinkled places.

For iron-free ironing of small items such as ties or cuffs, use an ordinary incandescent light bulb. Turn the thing inside out and slide it over the light bulb. In this case you need to be extremely careful, because the very heated glass can burst at the touch and even leave burns on the skin.

I hope you like the article I prepared for you! If you find errors in it. email me about it! I will answer any questions you may have!

If you have a non-working iron at hand, you can heat it up on the stove and iron the thing. Similarly, it is allowed to use a metal mug.

Strong creases smooth out well under the press. When using this method, you need to stretch the clothes well, put them on a horizontal surface and press down on top with a heavy object. You can even put the thing overnight under the mattress, in the morning it will not be creased. The main thing is that the base of the bed is not made of slats, but solid.

A hair dryer, taken cautiously on a trip, will not only help dry your hair, but also smooth out your clothes. Use hot air to even out the wrinkles. The distance from the hair dryer to the garment should be 30 cm. The thinner the material, the easier it is to iron with a hair dryer. Spray deep creases with a water spray gun before steaming.

How to simply iron clothes without ironing

Sometimes. You might find that you just can’t have an iron on hand. You just can’t use it or don’t have the time. Here are some easy ways to rid your clothes of wrinkles plus the super recipe for “liquid iron.

Dry your clothes the right way

Ice drying

Water or a wet towel

Ironing with steam

You can use steam to iron your clothes without an iron. And it can be steam from the bathtub with hot water or steam coming from the spout of a just boiled kettle.

Over a tub of hot water you can hang your clothes on hangers and leave them for a while. Whereas the kettle will have to be waved next to the garment, directing the steam in the desired direction.

The same way you can iron curtains without an iron. They just need to be treated with steam.

Of course, it’s perfect if you have a steam generator. With it you can handle the task in a few minutes. But if it’s not there, then a kettle or just a container of boiling water that you can put under the curtain will do. There is more information about curtains on this portal

True, periodically you will have to heat the water and put it under the new part of the drape until it is all covered and treated with steam.

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