Location change app Android. 2023 How to Change Location on Android

23 How to Change Location on Android

Liam Alexander

We often need to change the location on our Android devices to find a way out of the geographical restrictions, enjoy games in multiple locations, or access different region-restricted content. It is a must for many people, and they need a reliable tool that can help them change the location of their Android devices. In this article, we will discuss how you can change your location with and without a VPN.

How to Change GPS Location on Android without a VPN

If you want to change your current location to the desired one on Android, a VPN is not enough because most VPNs only change your IP address, and the GPS location remains the same. In such a case, you can easily get caught by the game you are playing, online streaming platforms, etc. Therefore, your account can get banned, or you can get penalized. Therefore, if you want to change your location on Android, you need to use a location changer/spoofer. You can use the Fake GPS GO application on your Android device. It is available on the Play Store, so you can download it without any hassle. You can easily select the desired location on the app. It is quite precise, and there is no way you can get caught. Most importantly, you can also move your location using the joystick. It pretends your walking or driving movements to make everything look natural. You can also save your favorite routes and use them whenever you want. Step 1: Download and install the application from the Play Store. Step 2: Open the application. When you open the application first time, you need to allow it to access your device location. Step 3: Once the application gets access to your location, you will see it on the map. Using your fingers, you can move to the desired location.

Step 4: Once the location is set, tap the Play button. It will instantly change your current location to the selected one. The best part is that you can move your location using the joystick.

Fake GPS Location Spoofer is an application for Android, but if you want to change your location on iPhone or iPad, you need to use another application, i.e., iToolab AnyGo. Install the application on your computer (Mac or Windows) and change your location without getting caught. It is a reliable application that works for all geo-restricted applications, games, and content.

How to Change Location on Android Play Store with a VPN

If you want to change location on Android Play Store, you need a VPN. It will change the current region to the desired one, and then you can access the applications or do whatever you want. There are various Android applications available on Android Play Store, and you can choose a suitable and reliable application for this purpose. Surfshark is a fast and reliable VPN you can use on your Android device. It can help you change the location on Android Play Store. It ensures optimal privacy and security and protects your critical information. The best part is that it has 3200 servers worldwide, so you can select the desired region and work at an exceptional speed. Step 1: Download and install the application on your Android device. Step 2: Open the application and select the desired location. Tap on the Connect button, and you are ready to do whatever you want without any restrictions.

Benefits of Changing Location on Android Phone

By changing your location, you can access the content that is actually banned in your region. over, you can also access the content that is available in specific regions only. It removes all the barriers and allows you to enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Play Games at Any Location

Some games, such as Pokemon Go, are based on geographical location. You need to move on the map to catch pokemon, have a pokemon battle, and enjoy other features of the game. When you are restricted to one location only, you cannot have a wide variety of Pokemon. Plus, you need to move from one place to another place to play the game. By using a location changer, you can change the location in real time. You can also walk or drive on the map and enjoy the game to the fullest without any restrictions.

Maintain Privacy

If you have shared your location with anyone, then you might be worried about a privacy breach. But with the location changer application, you can change your location and maintain your privacy.

Protect Sensitive Information

While using the internet, there are always chances of information leaks. Your information, such as the region, IP address, and other things, is exposed to hackers and scammers. Thus, you need to protect your information on your own, and a location-changing app is the best way to do that.

Prank Your Friends

If you want to prank your friends and family, you can fake your location and make them fool using a location changer. It can also help you surprise people by selecting the desired location and sharing it on social media in real-time.

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Q1: Why is my location wrong on my Android phone? First, you need to make sure that the location service is turned on; otherwise, it will show you the wrong location. If your location is still wrong, restart your device; there could be a bug. Make sure the internet connection is also stable. If you have tried everything and nothing worked, there could be an issue with the phone’s GPS. Q2: How to set location on an Android phone? On an Android phone, you can set the desired location using Fake GPS Go. Download the application and select the desired location. Q3: How to change GPS location on iPhone? If you are using an iPhone, then iToolab AnyGo is the best solution to change GPS location. It allows you to select any location you like, save routes, and move on the map without getting caught. It is quite easy and beginner-friendly.

Final Words

Changing location on an Android phone is possible, and you can do it without any hassle. By using a location changer application, you can select any location you want and spoof the original location. You can use Fake GPS Go on your Android phone. But if you are using an iOS device, you can try iToolab AnyGo. It is an exceptional tool that will help you spoof your location without getting caught.

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How To : Top 3 Apps for Masking Your Location on Android

  • By Dallas Thomas
  • 12/19/19 3:39 PM
  • Privacy Security
  • Handy Roundups
  • Gadget Hacks

It seems like all tech companies want to know where we are. Even Apple and Google have been caught abusing their location access on iOS and Android. Luckily, there are apps that can trick your phone into thinking it’s somewhere it’s not.

As The New York Times recently detailed, there’s an entire industry behind collecting and analyzing location data from smartphones. The location of users is typically gathered by seemingly innocuous apps like weather forecasts, podcasts, news feeds, and even games.

Your options are limited to combat this. You can turn your GPS off, but your phone will still know your location based on nearby Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices. You can deny location access to your apps, but you’ll end up breaking their functionality.

Your best bet is to use a mock location app to trick your phone into thinking it’s somewhere else. Then, when an app asks for your location, the phone will pass along your fake location and the app will also think you’re somewhere else. When you want to use your real location, it’s as easy as disabling the mock location app.

App 1: Advanced Virtual Location. Best Overall (Requires Root)

The first app we have for you is Advanced Virtual Location. To use it, you’ll need to be rooted with Magisk, and you’ll need to have Xposed installed. If this isn’t an option for you, skip ahead to the next app.

The reason this is our top pick is that it’s undetectable to other apps since it doesn’t have to be set as your Mock Location app. Plus, it’s super simple to use — just long-press a spot on the map, then tap the play button.

If you’d like to give it a try, tap the link below from your phone, then tap the Download: link on the page that opens. When it’s done downloading, make sure Unknown Sources is enabled, then tap the Download Complete notification and hit Install when prompted. You’ll then get a notification from Xposed — tap the Activate and reboot button on this notification, then you’ll be ready to try it out.

  • Download Advanced Virtual Location from the Xposed Repository

(1) Spoofing location with AVL is as simple as long-pressing a spot on the map, then pressing the play button. (2) To end location spoofing, tap the notification, then press the stop button.

App 2: Fake Traveler. Best for Most People

The second app we have for you is called Fake Traveler, and it doesn’t require root. But it’s not on the Google Play Store, so you’ll need to enable Unknown Sources on your phone before you can install it.

This is a dead-simple app, and it’s more trustworthy than most since it’s open source. To install it, head to the link below from your phone, then scroll down and tap the first Download APK link. If your browser asks if you’re sure you’d like to download the file, press OK. When that’s done, open your notification tray and tap the Download complete notification, then press Install when prompted.

  • Download Fake Traveler from F-Droid

Now, you’ll have to set Fake Traveler as your Mock Location app. To do that, first head to Settings, then About Phone. Here, tap the Build Number entry seven times fast, then enter your PIN to activate Developer Options.

After that, head back out to the main Settings screen and select Developer options (if you don’t see this option, go into System, tap Advanced, then select Developer options). Now, scroll down just a little bit and tap Select mock location app, then choose Fake Traveler on the popup.

Now, spoofing your location is simple. Open Fake Traveler and long-press a spot on the map or enter coordinates, then hit Apply. If you want to turn off location spoofing, just open Fake Traveler again and hit the stop button.

App 3: Location Changer. Best Option on the Play Store

This last app is the best of some fairly poor options. There are quite a few ugly, ad-ridden, and outright questionable mock location apps on Google Play, But the one I’ve come to trust is Netlinkd’s Location Changer.

  • Play Store Link: Location Changer (Fake GPS Location) (free)

Just like with App 2, you’ll have to enable Developer Options, then go into the newly-unlocked menu and tap Select mock location app, then choose Location Changer on the popup. After that, just open the app, long-press a spot on the map, then hit the Start button in the bottom-left. If you’d like to use your real location again, tap the app’s notification, then hit the Stop button — simple as that!

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Other worthwhile deals to check out:

Location Changer. Fake GPS for Android

Location Changer. Fake GPS is a free fake location app that let you change your GPS location. You’ll be able to prevent websites from tracking your actual position and protect your privacy more effectively. This APK will keep working even if you’ve rebooted your mobile phone. It shows detailed whereabouts and can be used as a reliable positioning status tool.

Developed by Joystick, you’ll need to ensure your Android has 4.1 and up for the app to work optimally. You can download other similar apps, including Fake GPS and PGSharp.

Create mock locations

Mock positions are hidden settings in the developer options in the Android operating system. Mock locations allow you to set the device’s GPS location. You can enable developer options in your device settings. You’ll need to tap ‘About’ seven times (this can vary between devices).

Disabling the mock locations on your Android phone will require you to complete the action from the developer options. Typically, you don’t need to disable mock locations, but some other apps may detect that you have enabled mock positions. Press the stop button before disabling any mock locations to obtain your actual whereabouts again.

Add multiple pin locations

You’ll be able to add multiple location pins and set intervals in seconds to change the position of each pin. When the device goes into sleep mode, the intervals will vary significantly. Clear pin locations. You can tap ‘Done’ and press long on the search or map position to set a new position pin. Pins can also be changed from the position status screen.

Simple location-changing app

If you want to protect your privacy and prevent apps and or websites from tracking your whereabouts, then the Location Changer. Fake GPS is your best choice. It’s simple to activate and deactivate, see the detailed position and status information by installing this APK.

You can download the free app and ensure you’re safe from prying eyes. Use this powerful location status tool and protect your privacy.

The Top 5 Mock Location Apps for Android and iPhone in 2023

Used Pokemon GO apps to catch Pokemons? You will be familiar with mock location apps. With mock location settings on the phone, you can spoof your real location. Apart from catching Pokemons, it has many use cases. Some use Mock location apps as a VPN to access location-specific content. Though it’s safe to use, it’s not recommended in a business environment, especially in company assets.

If you are still curious about mock GPS apps? Read further to know what mock location apps are, why they are needed, and the best undetectable mock location apps.

What does a mock location app do?

Mock location apps are there to hide or fake your current location on devices using a custom location. You don’t have to physically move to a location for your phone to reflect that in GPS. When an application has access to your device location, it can only see the spoofed address. Hence, the user gets access to contents that are not available in their original location.

Android app developers use mock GPS apps to test their applications’ location-wise performance. Customers use it on shopping apps to check out international products.

The Top Five mock Location Apps

App 1: ClevGo location changer

If you are looking for a safe and reliable GPS spoofer mobile application, ClevGo will be your best option to go. Available in both iOS and Android versions, ClevGo from ClevGaurd lets you choose any virtual location worldwide. Download it for free and don’t let trespassers track your location. It’s rated as the best location spoofer for Android and has 100k downloads. It meets safety standards as it doesn’t share your data with third parties. Many regular location spoofer users suggest ClevGo as a go-to for faking the location.

1.1 The highlight features of ClevGo

  • Instantly change your location on the phone to anywhere in the world.
  • Doesn’t require you to change the root settings of your phone.
  • One account can be accessed on up to 10 devices simultaneously.
  • You can also set a customized route by choosing an initial and final location. You can also set the movement speed.
  • Put the app on the multi-spot mode by pinning many locations in a route.
  • GPX file supported.
  • Full joystick control through keyboard or mouse The steps to mock location with ClevGo Here is how you mock your location with ClevGo software.

1.2 How to use ClevGo

Step 1: Install ClevGo for your Windows/MAC

Install the ClevGo mock GPS app on your Windows or Mac device from the ClevGo website. Wait for the software to finish the installation.

Click on ‘Get started’ once you see the dashboard.

Step 2: Connect the software to your phone

Use a USB cable to connect your phone to the system where the software is installed.

Choose your phone name when you see the Pop-up on your computer.

Step 3: Choose the preferred mode and select the destination to change

Go into your phone’s USB connection settings and choose the type of transfer as ‘Media Transfer Protocol’.

Turn on the USB debugging’ as you see the prompt on the phone. Choose ‘allow’.

Finally, choose gaming or social mode depending on your needs with a mocked location.

After the connection with the USB, you will see a map of your current location. Just choose your preferred mode and start to fake your GPS location.

Step 4: Selct destination and start to change

App 2: iTools virtual location

iTools is an iOS-friendly mock GPS location app. This is a paid software with monthly, quarterly, and annual plans. For unsatisfied users, they have a 30 day money-back policy. It’s compatible with different types of uses like gaming, social, navigational, etc.

This is a desktop-based application that must be connected to your phone to use. It’s suitable for anyone who wants uninterrupted location mocking on their iOS devices.

The main features of virtual gaming location

  • Can customize movement by pinning a start and end location. Multi-pin mode is available too.
  • Set the movement on walking, cycling, or driving mode for custom speed.
  • Can spoof locations on five iOS devices at the same time.
  • Joystick control of location available for gamers.
  • Can save favourite routes for reuse. Also, save your history of routes covered.
  • No jailbreaking is required.
location, change, android, 2023

Guide to setting the virtual location by iTools

Step 1: Download the free iTools location spoofer software on Windows or MAC. Open the installed program.

Step 2: Go into the privacy and security settings of your iOS device and turn on the ‘developer mode’. The installed software will guide you on how to do this.

Step 3: You will be required to restart the phone after the developer mode is ON.

Step 4: Connect two devices using a USB and click on ‘start’ on the screen.

Step 5: The map will load on the screen. Choose the destined location to teleport your location.

App 3: Location faker

Location faker is an iOS-specific mock location app. It’s compatible with models starting from iPhone 8 to 11. Unlike other apps that require desktop installation, this location faker mock GPS app is directly installable on iPhones. As it is accessible from the phone, you can mock your location with just a flip. The mocked location works with any app like weather, WhatsApp, find my phone. etc. To install it on the phone, you need to perform ‘jailbreaking’.

Tutorials to install and use the location faker

Step 1: Before installing, follow the instructions to jailbreak your iPhone and change the root settings. Or find out if your phone is already jailbroken.

Step 2: One of the easiest ways to identify a jailbroken phone is by checking the app’s installer. If the phone has a different app store called Cydia rather than the default, it’s a jailbroken phone. You can also find it by installing a jailbreak checker app.

Step 3: Location faker is available only on Cydia. Download the app from there.

Step 4: Install the app, open it, and mock your location by choosing any other place on the map.

Apple doesn’t recommend jailbreaking as it can make your phone vulnerable to security threats by disabling the strong wall of security. iPhone has a strict vetting process and only allows secured apps to be deployed. Jailbreaking opens doors for accessing unsecured and unauthorized applications. This can lead to malware, virus, or ransomware attacks and put your data at risk.

App 4: Fake GPS joystick and Routes Go

This is one of the reliable mock location apps available for Android phones to mock their location. It received 3 ratings from the user. This is a paid application with monthly pricing plans. Using this, you can fake your location, and choose a customized fake route with joystick control. You can also import GPX files and add your favourite routes and locations to choose from.

Steps to simulate GPS by Fake GPS Joystick Routes

Step 1: Before installing, turn on the developer mode on your Android phone.

Step 2: You can do that from settings → About phone → Software information. Enter your phone’s passcode and turn on the developer mode.

Step 3: Go to Google’s play store, and install the app. Install the app, make the payment, and you are free to use the software.

Step 4: Whenever there is a new update or patching from the Android, you must uninstall the application and reinstall it for uninterrupted use.

App 5: Fake GPS location. Hola

Hola is a free and unlimited mock location app for Android devices. This app allows you to mock locations to use for gaming and networking purposes. The recently released version has bugs removed and comes with an improved UI experience. It’s a directly installable application that you can download from the play store. But you will have to play around with the location settings for a satisfactory experience.

Guide to Fake GPS Location with Hola App

Step 1: Go to the location settings on your Android phone. Disable higher accuracy location positioning settings and keep the ‘GPS only’ option enabled.

Step 2: Download Hola, the mock location app, from the play store or the website.

Step 3: Open the installed application, load the map or choose a location from the search bar. Connect and spoof your location.


The above software are some of the trusted and most-rated applications available for both devices. To choose the best application, you need to find one that’s user-friendly, well-built, and suitable for all models. It should offer a seamless navigation experience during gaming sessions and fit your budget. While every application listed above fits this, ClevGo tops all. It is suitable for both Android and iPhone and is rated for its affordability and user-friendliness.

location, change, android, 2023

If you are concerned about your devices’ safety but want to enjoy mock location privileges, ClevGo is the reliable way to do that. This undetectable mock location app will fulfil your gaming goals without jeopardizing your privacy and security.

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