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Updated: 18.03.2021 Washing capsules are a concentrated dosed form of detergents, or washing products. In the world market, a similar product was presented back in the 1960s and for a long time in different countries belonged to a small category of detergents.

In recent years, the capsules for washing have a high level of popularity and demand among consumers. This is explained by a number of advantages that have capsules over traditional means:

  • They have an exact dosage. One capsule-one washing, designed on average for 4-5 kg ​​of linen.
  • Convenient, compact storage. The composition of the capsules is concentrated, they have small weight and size, and do not take up much space. And also get rid of the need for transportation from stores of large packages with powder or gel.
  • The most simple use. The capsule is simply placed in the drum of cars. As an additional advantage, remains a clean container for powder and air conditioner.
  • Unlike ordinary means, completely dissolve, without leaving divorces on clothes.
  • High efficiency, due to concentration.
  • They can replace several means at the same time: washing gel or powder, stain.coir, air conditioning air conditioning.

A modern washing capsule consists of:

how to use a tide pod

  • Water-soluble polymer shell, which in structure is one or 2-3 isolated chambers.
  • Contents of the shell: gel with a high level of surfactants and soap, enzymes, phosphonates, polymers, fragrances, dyes and other substances.

There are certain features that must be taken into account if you use capsules:

  • Their cost is higher than that of traditional means for washing.
  • Since the composition of the product is concentrated. the danger to contact with the skin is higher, dangerous for children, more intense aroma.
  • Only for automatic washing.
  • The capsule is not suitable for washing several pieces of things, small weight.

Presenting a rating of capsules for washing 2021. The best 11 products that were selected by our experts on the reviews and estimates of users.

Rating (2021) Prices, ₽ Country
one. Tide go machine alpine freshness from 220 rubles France
2. Ariel pods 3-in-1 mountain spring from 230 rubles France
3. Tide 3 in 1 PODS Color from 240 rubles France
four. Ariel pods 3-in-1 Color aroma of shi oil from 300 rubles France
5. Ariel Pods 3-V-1 Color from 230 rubles France
6. Tide Go Pods Lenor machine from 300 rubles Germany
7. Power Caps Color 4 in 1 from 180 rubles Hungary
eight. Losk Duo-Caps Color from 240 rubles Hungary
9. Babyline BIO for children’s things from 700 rubles Germany
ten. Persil Duo-Caps Color from 400 rubles Germany, Hungary
eleven. Clean Fresh Duo Universal from 230 rubles Poland

11 Clean Fresh Duo Universal

Opening the rating capsule for washing Clean Fresh Duo Universal. They are produced in the bag of doe-pack. Each capsule weighs 21 g, there are 12 pieces in the package in the package. They are completely soluble, designed for machine washing, can be used for colored and black and white linen. The product is not suitable for all types of tissues, the exception is silk and wool.

One capsule is designed for 4 kg of linen, provided that the soft and medium hardness of the water. For hard water and moderate degree of contamination of things, the dosage remains the same, but with severe pollution it must be doubled.

The product not only perfectly removes pollution, but also helps maintain color intensity. The manufacturer also promises that the tool reduces the likelihood of the formation of spools on clothing and will make the process of ironing lighter.

Clean Fresh works effectively at a temperature of 30 to 40 degrees, at 60 and 90 degrees. In addition to washing properties, the product shows care for technology, protecting the washing machine from the formation of lime plaque.

  • Wipe off.
  • Save color juiciness.
  • Leave the smell of freshness on things.
  • Protects the washing machine.
  • Reliable packaging.

Persil Duo-Caps Color

In the tenth place in our rating, Persil Duo-Caps Color washing capsules, which are based on a unique two-chamber technology. Each capsule contains an active tool for removing stains and a concentrated detergent with a function of preserving the brightness of the color of the tissues. The components of the product are in isolated compartments, under one shell. In our ranking, the product takes a tenth position.

Persil Duo-Caps Color has a number of qualitative characteristics for which they are highly appreciated by housewives: they are suitable for any type of colored fabrics, have a convenient recommended temperature regime of water for washing from 20 to 60 degrees Celsius, and they cope well with simple and complex spots. Users also note a pleasant, not pungent smell, good quality of washing, while maintaining the color of things.

One capsule is designed for washing up to 4.5 kg of linen, regardless of water hardness. There are 14 pieces in bright informative packaging.

  • Washing quality.
  • Effectively copes with spots.
  • Saves tissue color.
  • Can be washed at a temperature of 20 degrees.
  • The unobtrusive smell.

Review: Losk Duo-Caps Color reviews. Divorce or truth?

Good day to all readers, I want to share my impressions of the use of “Losk” capsules.

I periodically try different capsules for washing. but so far I haven’t found better powder and capsules. That is why I decided to share my disappointed impression of the Losk capsules.

I tried Ariel capsules, they are perfect for me both at a price when with a discount and in use. I tried the capsules “Tid”, they are not very bad, but without a stain.coir do not wash off.

Seeing a very profitable action on capsules for the washing “Losk” in the Pyaterochka chain store, I certainly decided to try them. For packaging with 14 capsules, I paid only 180. The price is basically acceptable.

Packaging with capsules is made of medium strength of plastic, very bright and has a tightly closed cover. The lid must always be kept tightly closed, since the capsules can be drew and deteriorate or what worse the child can reach them, and they are not safe.

The manufacturer indicates that there is a stain for washing capsules for washing, but honestly I did not notice that things were perfectly washed off.

In the package of 14 capsules, which are enough for 14 washes, in principle, for a month such packaging will be enough for me, since I wash in a day.

The manufacturer also indicates an acceptable temperature for washing capsules– there are restrictions from 30 to 60 degrees. Capsules for washing “gloss” cannot be washed in cold water and boiled, since the consequences can be unpredictable.

Unlike a pack of powder, a box with capsules is easy to carry from the store to the house. since it weighs only 308 grams. And each capsule weighs only 22 grams. But for washing this is enough. The packaging does not take up much space in the bathroom, so there are no problems in storage.

Jelly.like capsules are divided into 2 parts, one blue, and the second part is like a lilac. The manufacturer, as it were, indicates that one part of the capsule is a powder, and the second part is a stain.

Capsules are rectangular and slightly flattened.

To use capsules for washing, you need to wipe your hands so that the water does not get on the capsule, otherwise it will begin to dissolve at the wrong time. And after using the capsule you need to wash your hands, since still washing capsules are a solution for washing.

The capsules smell pleasantly, which pleases me, no need to additionally use the air conditioning for linen.

I put the capsule for the washing “gloss” into the drum of the machine, and load dirty linen on top. And I turn on the fast.fast washing of 30 degrees. But I already used a few capsules to my disappointment and think about cut them and use them as a washing gel. Since the quality of the capsules was terrible.

After the first washing, I took out things with pieces of jelly, as if the capsule had not disappeared. I had to put things for additional rinse.

The second time I immediately put things on a double rinse, but still the capsules left dirty traces on clothes.

In general, not only capsules did not dissolve so badly. I will never buy these capsules again.

The consequences of incorrect use

If you accidentally (or experimented with) the pillow is not sent to the drum, but to a special compartment for powder, washing will not work out successful.

What can not be done with capsules:

  • use them at temperatures below 30 degrees. the film in such water simply will not dissolve;
  • bundle the capsule with your hands. there is no sense in this, just one capsule will become smaller, it will not be possible to use it;
  • combine a pillow with ordinary powder or washing gel, soap, other household chemicals. will no longer become effective, it is simply an uneconomic, irrational consumption of the product;
  • Take the pillow with wet hands. when contacting water, the shell should break up;
  • soak the linen with the help of a capsule. it is impossible to do this physically, and squeeze the gel with your hands from the capsule and pour it into the water for bending simply unreasonable;
  • Store in an open place. you can not help but write more about storage, because it is a matter of security.

You should not invent the author’s method of using capsules: the liquid in the shell is thought out so technologically completely that it reaches its maximum effectiveness inside the washing machine, which is placed in the drum before washing and precisely when distributing the product for 4-5 kg ​​of linen in the drum.

If, nevertheless, someone decided to try to independently invent the method of using the tablet (as they also sometimes call the capsule) and decided to release its contents in a basin with water to wash the thing with his hands, he would regret it. If only because the concentrated composition can cause an undesirable skin reaction: you should not touch household chemicals once again with your hands. Well, and washing in gloves in the pelvis is still rare.

It is better to soak the thing to the pelvis, where the fifting powder is added to the water, and then rinse it and send it to the standard session of machine washing with a gel capsule.

It happens, although rarely that the film with the gel does not completely dissolve. This happens if there are very few linen in the drum, as well as if things are erased in a machine in cold water. In this case, traces of the detergent may remain on the products, and this is what you need to do: rinse in warm water manually or start a rinse mode in the automatic machine. If the spot remains, you can also remove it with alcohol: apply locally to the spot, leave for 15 minutes, wash off with warm water. It is possible that the procedure with alcohol will have to be repeated again or two.

How to store?

Capsules are sold, usually in plastic containers. And do not deprive them of their usual place: do not sprinkle into something else, because the factory packaging is optimal for this form of detergents. It closes tightly, does not let water, convenient in all respects. But there is a moment of embarrassment. the packaging is usually bright, catchy (for marketing it is not bad), and children often react to such beautiful and colorful boxes. They want to open such things, see what’s inside. And if the packaging with capsules stands in sight, the child will reach for it. Household chemicals, and even concentrated, located inside, is a direct threat to children’s health.

There is only one conclusion: capsules should not stand where they are visible to the child, and should not be where he has unhindered access. In order not to attract the attention of children, the container can be hidden in another container, discreet. In addition, now few people prefer to collect a scattering of bright bottles and containers in the bathroom or pantry. they try to withstand the gamut, remove labels, pour into plain bottles from one collection, etc. D.

Selection of capsules for washing

When choosing a product for washing, it is necessary to take into account their composition and what fabrics are supposed to be washed off. Typically, drugs consist of:

  • Concentrated helium;
  • Liquid or powder stain remover;
  • Flavorings;
  • Pava;
  • Phosphonates;
  • Enzimov;
  • Air conditioning;
  • Optical bleaches.

Washing products, such as capsules for washing, does not produce so many companies. Judging by the reviews of consumers and the analysis of specialists, the most popular are:


According to the manufacturer, Vernel Persil Duo Caps, is the first in the history of the production of detergents, which consists of two parts. In one there is a concentrated gel with increased pav substances, and in the second. a stain.coir in a liquid form. The second fights with spots, and the first provides the return to things of the previous brightness. chemicals are more intended for colored clothing, but polluted bright things are successfully washed. This is a universal remedy that does not require preliminary soaking, additional bleaching or boiling underwear. Blue plastic containers of Persil are placed in a drum, where when in contact with water, they dissolve without sediment, without leaving stains or plaque. Produced in the form of containers with 15, 25 and 30 tablets.

Ariel Act Gel

A very popular product among cleaners. It is produced for both white and colored linen. Green “bombs” are designed for light linen, and purple-blue for color. Substances contained in the drug restore its tissue its shade and increase the brightness of paints. Judging by the reviews, the product from the world.famous manufacturer strikes a powerful blow to the most difficult pollution, withdrawing them in just one washing. At the same time, the products of the company Ariel gives fabric softness, without destroying its structure and maintaining the color of things. Ariel produces both a detergent consisting of two components and three.component. that is, either a gel and a stain coil or adding a third substance. air conditioning.

Since all funds of this manufacturer contain air conditioning, with these capsules you should be careful allergies and if there are children in the family. A universal remedy suitable for colored and light linen. The persistent smell is difficult to get out after drying, and sometimes it remains even after the sock of things. Consumers note as the advantage of convenient packaging containing 23 small pills that replace 3.45 kg of washing powder. The best time is suitable for removing old spots of rust, blood, fuel and lubricants and wine. When it is used, the structure of the fabric and its color are preserved.

Two.component bags with a stain.coir and helium concentrated. According to the manufacturer, the composition includes six components, thanks to the active properties of which, pollution is easily removed, without losing the color of the fabric. Lingerie after using the gloss has a pleasant fresh smell;

CM miele

Suitable for thin and delicate fabrics, such as silk and wool. The manufacturer also produces a tool for cleaning sportswear containing a special absorbent that neutralizes all kinds of smells.

Babyline Bio

A specially produced remedy for children’s clothing and for people whose skin is prone to irritation.


A means showing good results, along with a successful price/quality ratio.


A German remedy, consisting only of plant components, without the use of phosphates and is considered to be safe for the environment and human.

How to choose the right cabbage for washing

With all the advantages of washing products in capsules, their clear drawback. For packaging. Most of the compounds include aionic and non.unogenic surfactants, enzymes, phosphonates, soap and fragrances. The best capsules for washing each housewife will determine for herself, at first the reviews will help to navigate. We will talk about popular manufacturers and the features of their funds in capes for laundry washing:

  • Persil Duo Caps. Capsules for washing color and white laundry. The tablet is two.section. In one tool to remove problem spots, in the second substance that protects the fabric from fading. In one container 15-25 capsules for washing, it costs from 200 to 400. These caps for washing reviews are mainly positive, their user assessment. 4 out of 5. Many praise them for the quality of washing, and some scold the aroma too strong
  • Tide. Can be used for both white and colored fabrics. Tide washing capsules are generally positive: people praise them for high.quality getting rid of pollution. But many believe that the smell of capsules is too caustic and obsessive. On average, a container with 23 capsules will cost 550. This is an alternative to a pack of powder weighing 3.45 kilograms
  • Losk Duo Caps Color. The most cheap washing capsules. Like Persian tablets, they are two.section and are intended, among other things, for highly troubled things. The formula of the product consists of 6 active components, each of which is suitable for a specific type of pollution. Also has good consumer reviews and assessment of them 4 out of 5. Packaging with 15 capsules costs approximately 270
  • Ariel. The most famous manufacturer of washing powder also did not ignore the novelty and produces modern capsules. The concentration of the active substance here is twice as much as in the washing powder of the same company. Washes well.haired things well and has a pleasant, unobtrusive aroma. Approximate

Is it worth buying capsules for washing

Despite the growing popularity of capsules for washing, they did not displace the powder. Most modern housewives continue to use washing powders. But there are those who completely switched to capsules and gels. However, due to the exact dosage and the inability to divide the capsule into several applications, it is not very profitable to use them.

The best option. use both products for washing: powder and capsules. If you plan to wash a lot of things at a time. Choose a capsule. If you need to wash a couple of things, of course, it makes no sense to spend a whole capsule on them.

Capsules are perfect for washing outerwear. The powder is not completely washed off such fabrics, leaving stains. But most importantly, some outerwear can not be washed with powder, because it can damage the filler of a down jacket or jacket. And instead of giving a lot of money for dry cleaning, you can wash the thing with a capsule in a washing machine.

Do Laundry Pods Work?

Choose the manufacturer

The main recommendation for choosing a capsule manufacturer is to choose the one whose powder you like the most.

Today, such dosed means are presented on the market:

  • Ariel washing capsules. Ariel Active Gel Capsules with a double concentration of active substances allow you to quickly remove things even with a fast washing cycle and minimum water temperature. This is a phosphate substance for automatic washing of white and colored linen. The capsule is divided into 3 parts, in each there are separate components that remove the spots, give freshness to things and clean. Washing pillows can be universal (Ariel Pods Touch of Lenor Fresh) or designed for a specific type of linen (Ariel Pods Color Style). Cost 1 pc From 26
  • Tid Capsules. Tide Go Pods. Intended for all types of linen and do not have phosphates. Even after the first washing, heavy linen with persistent and difficult spots becomes absolutely clean and acquires a fresh aroma, for example, alpine meadows. Sold in packaging for 15, 23 and 30 pcs. Price for 1 pillow. from 22
  • Persil washing capsules-Persil Duo-Caps The perfect remedy for washing white and colored linen. The pillow consists of 2 compartments. in one powerful stain converter, and in the other formula Persil. Such a combination allows you to quickly remove all the spots and any pollution on textile products. There are no phosphates in these capsules, so they are absolutely safe for health, both during washing and in the operation of things. You can buy different types of washing tools. Persil Expert (for white and bright things), Persil color lavender (for colored aroma), Persil color expert (for colored linen). Cost for 1 pillow. from 20
  • Losk Duo-Caps washing capsules-Losk Duo-Caps. The formula of this washing tool contains 6 active active components that allow you to remove any pollution on clothing as well as possible. The concentrated substance does not contain phosphates. You can purchase universal capsules. for color and white, or with specific characteristics for certain types of linen. Price. from 18 /pcs.

When choosing a washing mode, you must be guided by information on the label of clothing, as well as read the passport for the washing machine. All capsules actively act in water of any stiffness and at temperatures from 30 degrees.

The use of gel pads with a concentrated substance for washing any type of linen has its own undeniable advantages. the quality of washing, ease of use, accurate dosage and efficiency of consumption. Therefore, we recommend trying gel capsules for washing any manufacturer and make sure their advantages.

Віддалений кабінет Lux Wash. Урок 12. Що робити, якщо клієнт забув картку?


But the capsules also have their disadvantages compared to other washing products, such as:

  • They cannot be used in parts. they should be loaded into the drum of the washing machine in intact;
  • used only for machine washing;
  • most funds have a strong aroma that can irritate;
  • quite toxic due to a high concentration of detergents;
  • not recommended for silk and wool, if the instructions are not indicated otherwise.

Among the shortcomings, it is worth noting a fairly high price.

Attention! Often Sasha for washing look very “tasty”. Therefore, there are cases when young children manage to try them to taste. For this reason, it is necessary to store the product in an inaccessible place for the kids, and if the child suddenly managed to swallow the gel, you need to immediately call the ambulance team.

How to use capsules for washing?

There are instructions on how to use washing capsules. It is universal and suitable for the product of all manufacturers:

  • Sort clothes by type of fabric and flowers.
  • Remove the capsule from the general packaging and put in the drum of the automatic machine, closer to the back wall. It is forbidden to put it in the compartment for the powder, because in this case the shell will remain the whole.
  • Load things into a machine.
  • Select a mode suitable for a loaded batch of linen, and start the wash.

Attention! It is impossible to allow moisture in the general packaging, the capsules can stick together and become unusable. For the same reason, you should get them out of the container only with dry hands.

How To Use Tide Pods

If we consider how much Sasha is used for one washing, then, as a rule, one “tablet” allows you to qualitatively remove pollution from 3-5 kg ​​of linen.

Advice! If the loading of the drum involves a larger volume and washed at full load, you need to take two capsules.

Once rejoiced, I was upset twice (photo before and after washing)

I have long wanted to try liquid capsules for washing. I purchased a gloss for a rally in a five. In the store I did not look at the package, t.to. I did not suspect that something might be wrong.

The usual price is about 360, promotional. 200.

I read at home that there were 14 capsules in the box, but it seemed that less. Counted. 10.

Theft is theft. It is difficult to say who stole. sellers or buyers, but in any case it does not honor the store (it’s time to rewrite a review about it).

This was the first time I was upset because of the gloss.

Packaging is a fairly comfortable plastic box with an opening lid. The smell is felt immediately when opening the box, and it can dump and elephant, so strong. I will not say that unpleasant, but very intrusive. The smell of washing powder.

The product is in capsules. They are double, in one compartment, the liquid is bluish, in the other. greenish.

In the container, in addition to capsules, lies a cardboard puffy card. Когда я нашла ее, убрала из коробки, но средство от этого меньше пахнуть не стало.

The capsule must be put in the drum of the washing machine, the film dissolves, after washing from it there is no trace left.

Wipes very well, things look fresh and clean. True, I did not try to wash out difficult spots, but I think that they do not completely wash their gloss.

Color things become brighter, the color is saturated, almost like new. This cannot but rejoice. With this tool it is not necessary to use air conditioning, t.to. And without it, the laundry is pretty soft. And this is given that not every air conditioner in our water softens linen.

Good quality washing is what I was pleased with the Losk Duo-Caps Color Active 6.

But the smell of wiped linen is just some kind of tin. He fills the whole apartment does not leave her until the laundry dries, and I will not remove it.

My husband’s things I will not even try to wash with a gloss, t.to. He cannot stand the smells of powders. And in general, I don’t even know what they would wash for them so that the smell does not strain.

Additional rinse partially saves the situation, but does not remove the smell as we would like.

Perhaps if you dry things outdoors, the smell will disappear, but I do not have such an opportunity.

So, a strong obsessive smell is the second that upset me in a gloss. And then I was even delighted that there are fewer capsules than expected, because I will not use them regularly.

I can recommend only those who are calm about strong smells. I will not buy again.


Henkel, which belongs to the Losk brand, constantly not only improves product quality, but also works to expand the assortment. Therefore, means for washing are produced in all popular formats today. This is a powder, and gels, and capsules.

Dry powder

The most popular, traditional and familiar form of release of washing compositions is dry powders. And they are necessarily present in the assortment of a famous brand. Modern high-performance Losk powder products have a unique, specially designed Active-ZYME 6 formula, which helps to cope with a large number of different spots. Consists of 6 enzymes that fight spots that leave grass, starch, any food, even oily, including milk cocktails and ice cream, spaghetti sauces.

As well as powders prevent the occurrence of spools on fabrics of the x/b and mixture.

The range of powder funds includes the following options.

losk, washing, capsules
  • Color. Designed to care for colored things, such powder can be washed rather complex and old spots, while the brightness of the color of the material is maintained.
  • “Mountain Lake”. This product is designed for washing white linen.
  • Sensitive. Hypoallergenic, suitable for those who have sensitive skin (confirmed by specialists of the European Center for Research Allergies). Has a delicate aroma of chamomile.

Absolutely all options for Losk powder products can be used for both manual washing and for use in the washing machine. Dry powders are suitable for cool water, washed at a liquid temperature starting from 30 degrees. The powder consumption is this: 3 kg will be enough to perform 20 washing procedures when loading a machine of 4-5 kg.

Powder products are designed to care for things from materials such as h/b, flax, as well as synthetic fabrics, mixed materials. Not suitable for woolen products and silk things.

Concentrated liquid gel is the last development among LOSK washing products. There are also 6 enzymes in the funds, which confront the large number of spots from various substances and products, providing careful care for the x/b and mixed matters.

The advantages of the Losk product can be called a number of factors:

  • washing efficiency;
  • 2 times less weight compared to the powder (1.46 liters of gel corresponds to the efficiency of 3 kg of powder product, that is, 20 washing);
  • The gel is convenient to store and dose, and there is also a preliminary processing option for complex spots.

A similar form of washing products is also created using the patented Active-ZYME 6 formula, which allows you to process and clean the fabric as efficiently as possible. The active substances are APAV, NPA, Enzymes, their proportions are similar to the powder.

The assortment of gels is as follows.

  • Color. It is needed for colored things, it will wash off the most complex contaminants, retain the brightness of color fabric without stains.
  • “Mountain Lake”. For white clothes and things, retains whiteness and radiance of things.
  • “Children”. Can be used from the birth of the baby, contains only natural ingredients without dyes, tested by dermatologists, has a neutral aroma.


Losk double capsule is a new concentrated tool designed for washing. Includes two powerful components:

  • an effective stain that easily copes with the most old and stable contaminants;
  • concentrated gel that enhances brightness, and also makes lingerie perfectly clean.

There are two options for a capsule product in the assortment.

  • Color. For color things, combines a stain.coir and gel to maintain the brightness of paints.
  • “Mountain Lake”. Suitable for creating snow.white purity of things (each capsule also contains 2 independent ingredients: gel and stain).


The company also produces a fishing line for a trimmer of powders and gels from the series “Aromatherapy”. There are three enchanting aromas in the line:

Review of reviews

Buyers of washing powders, gels and capsules for washing Los leave many reviews on various sites. Among them there are both positive impressions and a small number of negative. First of all, users noted many positive aspects when using washing powder from this brand. Here are the most common opinions:

  • The spots are washed quite quickly, while it is not necessary to first soak or befall them (this mainly refers to fresh pollution);
  • All colors are preserved, including bright ones, when washing colored linen;
  • pleasant aromas were noted, which turned out to be unobtrusive and impeccable;
  • At all means of users, there was basically no allergic reaction;
  • The optimal combination of affordable price and pretty good quality.

However, some opponents do not agree with the latest statement. they seemed to them a rather high. It was also noted that dry powder can often annoy the respiratory tract. Separate users drew attention to the fact that the powder of this brand is not always completely washed out of the tray of the washing machine, after which lumps can form. Because of this, other buyers advise to purchase capsules, which in this sense are more convenient, as they are put directly in the drum.

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