Malfunctions of the meat grinder and ways to eliminate them

A meat grinder broke

Manual meat grinder, in terms of design. The device is quite simple. Its work is based on two things. A manual drive and mechanical pressure created by a screw. The grinding process looks like this:

  • Meat, fish or any other product is laid in the receiver and enters the screw shaft;
  • Then the product is pressed to the grill and cut off with a special four.Lobed knife, which slides along the surface of this lattice;
  • Products are crushed continuously: the meat is laid in the receiver and after that leaves through the grill.

The principle of operation is simple: we lay the products and get minced meat. Simply and easily!

The main types of malfunctions

Most often, meat grinders of this type break due to improper use. Only a small part of the devices fails through the fault of the manufacturer. It is important to use a meat grinder only for its intended purpose, following the attached instructions.

Mistresses face such problems as:

  • The device does not turn on at all.
  • The device does not grind the product.
  • During operation, the meat grinder is felt by the smell of burning and smoke.
  • There are third.Party sounds during engine operation.
  • The drive does not gain enough revolutions.

Do not rush to carry an electrician.Grinder to the workshop. Try to eliminate the cause of the breakdown yourself.

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The failure of household appliances is a sick theme for many users, because when items of life necessity do not work, this can cause a violation of the usual layout of life. At the same time, a breakdown of a microwave oven, meat grinder or juicer, this is only half the trouble, worst, when an unqualified master is taken for the repair of an electrome.Grown or other household appliances, or, for example, living nearby, a neighbor. Today, household appliances are repairing many specialized service workshops, which should be addressed. An equally important aspect is the right choice of high.Quality, reliable meat grinder. What should you pay attention to when choosing it? The model should have high power and performance. A device with greater power faster scrolls large pieces of meat or fat. This will make it possible to significantly save time, in contrast to the use of the device with low power.

The meat grinder should be made of high.Quality materials, with the main working details, including gratings and screws, from metal, as they carry the main load. In addition, the device should be as safe as possible, with a design providing for protection against injuries. Despite the high reliability, these devices, like any household appliances, are subject to breakdowns. Let’s figure out what troubles can occur during the operation of an electrician.Grinder, the causes of their occurrence and the way to eliminate. Quite often, in the work of an electrician, a malfunction is observed, expressed in the fact that the drive works with interruptions. Reason. Coal brushes have worn out, which will have to be replaced. Service centers will take up the repair of modern electromyas.Grinder with such breakage, in which the right equipment and tools are available for these purposes. If the frequency of rotation of the drive shaft is underestimated in the meat grinder, the engine was buzzing, as well as the smell of Gary, the breakdown is hidden in the electric motor. In this case, the master needs to diagnose if you need to replace a faulty electric motor. Quite often, users contact the service with the problem when the engine speed has decreased. The reason for the problem may be an intensive supply of products to the prefix. If the output shaft does not rotate in the meat grinder, the gear ratio of the gearbox of the gearbox occurred. In this case, you will have to disassemble the gearbox, correctly determine the malfunction, and then replace the faulty part. Another fairly common problem is a malfunction when the output shaft is distorted. The reason for this may be a bent output shaft, which will have to be replaced by dismantling the gearbox before. The wear of the working gears of the reducer of the meat grinder may appear due to the overload of the meat grinder. Such a defect as wear of a meat grinder knife is caused by the use of hard, with veins or small bones of meat, as well as products that cannot be grinding in an electromyas.Grinder.

Violation of the rules of operation of meat grinder

The main reason for the breakdown of the Zelmer technique is the wrong operation when the user frankly ignores the rules and recommendations of the manufacturer. Most often, the user makes two main violations:

The use of technology for a long time without a break. Not every model of the meat grinder is supplemented with a special system of protection against overheating. As a result, the motor quickly heats up and fails.

Hollow fibers, bones under the screw. In this case, the meat grinder and urgent replacement of the protective coupling will be required.

The failure of this technique also occurs due to improper care of individual details. After each use of the meat grinder, it must be thoroughly washed so that a piece of food does not remain anywhere. Then. All spare parts are wiped dry with a soft towel or paper wipes, leaving to dry.

What to do if the meat grinder does not turn on?

If the device does not turn on, check if the control panel is working. It is also worth paying attention to the fact that there may be no contacts. To do this, you have to disassemble the meat grinder. Act according to the plan:

  • Take off all the screws.
  • Fold them in a jar so as not to lose.
  • Check the contacts and connection of the cord with the device.
  • Strengthen the exhausted compounds.
  • Collect the device.
  • Try to turn on.

If all connections are fixed, the device should turn on.

How to disassemble an electric grinder using the example of Vitek VT-1677

How to disassemble a meat grinder? A similar question arises only when problems appear in its functioning. It is sometimes more convenient and faster to try to independently eliminate the malfunction than to contact the service center.

VT-1677 meat grinder VITEK is often found on the sale of customers, having a low price, is of good quality. But nothing forever, and any technique can break. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to know how to disassemble the meat grinder with your own hands. Over, this process is not very difficult.

And after simple manipulations, the reason for the improper functioning of kitchen equipment can be found and eliminated independently.

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Before moving on to the description of the analysis of the meat grinder, you should tell about the lock from overheating. With a long work or a large load, it may work. Just a click will be heard, and the kitchen appliances will turn off.

And as a result, the meat grinder does not turn on with further attempts to launch it. But you just have to click on this button from below, how everything works again. Sometimes this problem even leads to a service center.

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And how surprised people when the master just by pressing the button gives the meat grinder back!

How to disassemble a meat grinder Vitek VT-167777 RISSION Dismantling of a meat grinder is associated with the search for the starting point of this event. You can turn the device in your hands for a long time, but it will not work to understand right away. Therefore, we will start with this. The first thing to do is to turn the meat grinder upside down.

Below you can see four rubber legs inserted into the plastic case. Remove them, hiding with a screwdriver. Under the two legs removed, the screws of the hull mounts will appear. We unscrew them with a cross blade.

In the center from different sides, there are also two deeply drowned screws. They also need to be unscrewed, otherwise the disassembly of the meat grinder will not be crowned with success. But the problem is that the length of the screwdriver should be at least 30 cm. Why did they do it. It is incomprehensible! It can be seen to create a problem for home craftsmen. The screws are ordinary cross. In this case, the electrode sharpened under the screwdriver is used.

So, when these four screws are unscrewed, we turn the meat grinder with legs down. We take a screwdriver, and as shown in the photo, gently put the joint of the body element.

We push a little, and the silver front should get out of the latches. Now we take this part with your left hand from below and try to raise it as it were. With your right hand, we press on the back from above at this time.

There is a big latch there. At some point, the latch is free and raising the silver part up, it should rise with the gearbox.

Put it to the side and here is before you the insides of this apparatus.

Now you know how to disassemble the meat grinder Vitek VT-1677. After eliminating the malfunction, we collect the device in the reverse order. And once again we remind you of the thermal protection that can cause the meat grinder does not turn on.

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Eliminate the malfunction

In some cases, it will be possible to repair an electrician.Grinder at home. Some knowledge still needs to be possessed. If you do not have any experience and skills in repairing electrical engineering, it is better to give the device to the master, otherwise you will only aggravate the situation. But to determine what exactly has broken down, it will succeed on independently.

If the device does not turn on, check if the control panel is working. It is also worth paying attention to the fact that there may be no contacts. To do this, you have to disassemble the meat grinder. Act according to the plan:

  • Take off all the screws.
  • Fold them in a jar so as not to lose.
  • Check the contacts and connection of the cord with the device.
  • Strengthen the exhausted compounds.
  • Collect the device.
  • Try to turn on.

If all connections are fixed, the device should turn on.

malfunctions, meat, grinder, eliminate, them

How to disassemble a meat grinder

It happens that the washer of the meat grinder jams and I do not want to unscrew. This happens often, and this happens due to the fact that the meat grinder is not washed for some time in the collected form. Even if you do not see dirt, this does not mean that it is not, particles can be very small insignificant. Also, a small rust also promotes “sticking”.

ATTENTION! So that this does not happen very carefully rinse all the details after use, then dry them and store them in disassembled.

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