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Maneater Cheats for Nintendo Switch

The in-game collectibles areas for the Collectibles are displayed in this comprehensive video guide. The Collectibles are displayed in this 100% video, in the order that they appear usually per area. All Collectible Locations in Fawtick Bayou, Dead Horse Lake Golden Shores:

Fawtick Bayou Collectibles guide

Dead Horse Lake Collectibles guide

Golden Shores Collectibles guide

Sapphire Bay Collectibles guide

Prosperity Sands Collectibles guide

Caviar Key Collectibles guide

The Gulf Collectibles guide

Crawfish Bay Collectibles guide

Eat it all

Eat All Sealife in your WayAs your shark lurks around the ocean make certain to consume any sealife that gets in your way to enhance the key nutrient materials that will allow you to level up your capabilities. It is very important that you take note of the type of water wildlife you eat as each in order to get nutrients, particularly proteins, fats, minerals, and rare mutagenics. You will find that sharks and alligators are abundant in protein while other kinds of sealife will offer essential minerals. Use your sonar/finder to expose the hereditary makeup of your victim.

Upgrading Sonar

It is necessary that you upgrade your sonar/finder as quickly as possible in Maneater as doing so will make hunting the collectibles required to upgrade your shark simpler. It will also allow you to examine various food sources which will open new possibilities for your shark. Make certain you ping your finder frequently in order to find covert locations and completely mark them on your map.

Those Yellow Plants and Lights

If you get lost browsing/nav. the undersea caverns and tunnels in Maneater you can constantly ensure discovering yourself an exit by swimming towards yellow plants and lights. These aspects have actually been contributed to the game particularly to aid with navigation.

Regain your Health

Throughout the early game you will still be a reasonably under-powered shark and engaging in battle with more effective enemies is not in your benefits as you will likely be overwhelmed. If you do experience an enemy more effective than yourself and sustain damage throughout a battle prepare an escape path and swim away consuming other marine life to recuperate health as you make your exit. Once your health has actually been brought back and you have actually revitalized vitality, you can constantly return to continue the battle with your opponent.

Easter Eggs

Spongebob reference

You can stumble upon an undersea pineapple house that is stated to be a popular home for sea sponges, a reference to Spongebob Squarepants, where the title character resides in “a pineapple under the sea.”

Arrested Development reference

There is a frozen banana stand that states “There’s always money here” and is stated to be a trustworthy business design that constantly sees need, a reference to the Banana Stand in Arrested Development.

IT reference

Pennywise from IT can be discovered enjoying you from behind a gate, holding his red balloon, as obviously killer clowns are rather an issue.

Cast Away Island

A boat, indication requesting help, and beach ball can be discovered on an island, all referencing the movie Cast Away.

Peter Pan Croc

While not as particular as much of the other easter eggs, the statue of a crocodile consuming a clock is more than likely a reference to the crocodile from Peter Pan that bit off Captain Hook’s hand, since the crocodile had actually also swallowed a clock, providing it an obvious tick-tock noise when it approaches.

Kaiju Gate

There is a huge door that is stated to cause the world of the kaiju, which have actually been known to come through and rampage.- although not in the game itself, much to the frustration of kaiju fans playing!


Unlockable DLC Tiger Shark

Pre-order Maneater to get the Tiger Shark Adaptation! (At select retailers like GameStop only.)

DLC Shark Description: “Like the Tiger Shark, often called the “Garbage Can of the Ocean”, this evolution allows you to digest nearly anything!”

Game Walkthroughs

Walkthrough Part 1. Intro Full Game

Walkthrough Part 1. Surf and Turf

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Maneater Nintendo Switch review

Last year’s Maneater from Tripwire Interactive was a bit of a surprise. Although, perhaps not enough of a surprise to warrant a spot on anyone’s GOTY list. But what do you want from a game whose main loop is eating things and getting progressively better at eating things? It’s not like there’s even much context to the way your shark mutates. You’ll be swapping out intrinsic natural abilities like you’re affixing extra weapons to a LEGO tank until you’ve created some kind of prehistoric megalodon from your initially fairly innocuous bull shark.

Maneater on Nintendo Switch: There’s always a bigger fish

But I don’t think anyone expected it to be quite so much fun. I mean, the concept is there. You play a little bull shark on a quest for revenge against the Cajun shark-hunter who killed your mama. To be fair, though, your direct run-ins with Scaly Pete are spread quite well across the runtime. And those long moments between are spent hunting down other marine life such as alligators, fish and other sharks.

maneater, cheats, nintendo, switch

As an RPG, Maneater performs very well and keeps the risk/rewards interesting for as long as possible in a game where the primary goal is to become the baddest fish in the whole damn bayou. It’s actually not too far after the halfway point that you realise you’ve grown big enough to survive most fights, and you’ll have unlocked enough mutations to stay alive against all but the toughest of adversaries.

The game is structured like most open world role-players. You move from area to area eliminating objectives and side-concerns until the big bad of that particular biome shows up. In Maneater these come in two forms. The Apex Predator, usually a huge version of the standardised enemies, and the human shark-hunters. The former are by far the more fun to take on, since fighting other marine predators actually requires a little savvy to pull off. You’ll need to learn to dodge and evade, utilise your tail flicks and learn when to risk a bite and shake, and when to back off and wait for a better opening.

maneater, cheats, nintendo, switch

A little jank in the tank

By contrast, the human contingent is literally a screaming, splashing buffet. Even the shark-hunters and their harpoons don’t pose much of a threat. You can slow-motion evade their shots as you strafe around their boats, and to kill them all you have to is jump out of the water and mash the bite button like a saucepan full of Sunday spuds. And speaking of things that are super easy to chew, all encounters with humans are the same. Just eat them like the planet-polluting, ocean-invading little meat popsicles that they are.

Rick Morty’s Chris Parnell features as the narrator of the TV show “Maneater”. This documentary follows Scaly Pete’s exploits and doubles up as your guide as you play. There are tons of collectibles, power-ups and areas of interest in Maneater, and his narration adds a patina of comedy to all the wanton slaughter that sometimes seems a little oddly juxtaposed. Despite being fairly janky where the combat is concerned, Tripwire’s action RPG is an enjoyable adventure. It also feels quite unlike anything else. It’s a strong power fantasy, and its submerged world is a joy to explore as such a graceful, gliding beast.

maneater, cheats, nintendo, switch

Smooth(ish) waters

I was mostly impressed by how Maneater ran on PC, but I wasn’t expecting anything overly impressive on Nintendo Switch. To Tripwire’s credit it runs very well, only hitting framerate drops when there’s a lot going on. The resolution has obviously taken a hit, rendering some of the underwater sections a little trickier to navigate. For the most part it’s not detrimental. The Switch version also comes with a groovy tiger shark skin (which actually gives your shark red and black tiger stripes, obviously). Sadly, though, there’s no new gameplay content included. There is DLC announced for the other platforms this Summer, though. Hopefully this will find its way to the Switch release too.

As with many straight ports, if you already gnawed all the meat from Maneater’s bones on the other platforms there’s nothing much to encourage a replay here. Besides, of course, being able to do it on the loo. Or on a boat somewhere, if you like, as it’s a single player offline game and requires no internet support to enjoy. But if you haven’t had the chance yet and you’re looking for a meaty action RPG to sink your teeth into (yes, I went there), Maneater on Nintendo Switch could be just the prey you’re hunting for.

Maneater: Truth Quest DLC Release Date Confirmed For Late August

maneater, cheats, nintendo, switch

Maneater from developer and publisher Tripwire Interactive is getting a brand new DLC expansion titled Truth Quest, as was previously announced earlier this year in April, but now we finally have a confirmed release date of August 31, 2021.

This news comes via a press release from the developer, which detailed the release date and multiple features for players to expect. The expansion will come to both PS5 and PlayStation 4, and will be the continuation of the story that concludes at the end of the main campaign in Maneater, taking players down a rabbit hole of conspiracy theories surrounding the Port Clovis and the Naval Wildlife Organization.

The announcement also came with a new trailer for the Maneater: Truth Quest expansion, which you can watch for yourself here:

There will be new evolution sets to unlock, a maximum level cap increase up to 40, new organ evolutions with one additional organ slot. The expansion will also feature new wildlife with new apex predators and evolved hunt creatures. There are two new objective types, five new bounty bosses, helicopters will now hunt you by air and you can expect the military and bounty hunters to be outfitted with all new weapons.

With all that, Maneater: Truth Quest is looking to be quite the sizeable expansion, though hopefully it doesn’t take a sizeable bite out of our hard drives.

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Maneater Truth Quest review

After the previous review of Maneater, we decided there is still something else we need to review. The DLC called the Truth Quest, thus In this DLC the narrator will take you on a quest for the truth. Is this DLC worth the price tag, and how much will be added in this DLC? The narrator returns as well with a new story, but something in me says that the narrator may have snapped. Why you ask? Let us continue with the review to find out, it is time for the truth quest!

What did I think before playing Maneater the Truth Quest?

We immediately had a problem as this DLC is not available on the Nintendo Switch on which we played the base game of Maneater, thus we had to buy Maneater again for our PlayStation 4 along with the DLC. To get the game ready for the DLC review, I made a speed run of the base game Maneater! As for the DLC itself, my wife and I are big fans of the X-files and other series with (government) conspiracies thus we were very interested in how this DLC would play out, time for the PlayStation 4 Truth Quest Page!

The PlayStation 4 Page first thing that jumps up is that there will be a full new area called Plover Island. It is always fun to explore new areas in a DLC. It seems there will also be a government conspiracy to unfold, along with new apex predators to fight. My wife and I were very excited to play this DLC!

maneater, cheats, nintendo, switch


I rate Maneater the Truth Quest with an 8.5 before playing.The DLC looks promising, but not as good as the main game!


The story takes place after the cliffhanger of the main game, the narrator who made Maneater was banned since there were actual deaths in his documentary! He now has a full-blown psychotic break and decides to follow the Bull Shark once again in the hopes that she will help him stop the insectoids from taking over the world by releasing a virus. After the virus has been spread, they come up with a vaccine, but only if everyone submits to the insectoid overlord! This reminds me of recent events…


I rate the story of Maneater the Truth Quest with a 10.This story was seriously weird, I had no idea what was going on with the narrator, but a lot of conspiracies come by, including the fake moon landing otherwise we would see the insectoid bases. I am not kidding! There are many times you will be like, did he really just say that!?


The gameplay is quite the same as you experience in the base game, but certain new elements have been added to enhance your experience in the Truth Quest. For starters, there is in increase in the level cap, which lets your bull shark grow even bigger! There are also new apex predators to challenge who use the same power as you! Who knows what they have been doing on Site P!

There is also a new evolution skill tree, which is frankly amazing and extremely overpowered. You can now become a full-blown radioactive super shark that can shoot laser beams, this skill will come in handy when you need to fight the new bounty hunters whom are from professional military grade, Thus they have helicopters and huge battleships!

maneater, cheats, nintendo, switch

There are also new missions to complete, a whole new mission that is hell-bent on frustrating you are the time missions! Yes, you read that correct, time missions in which you need to swim through circles extremely fast! Every ring gives you a few extra seconds to complete the mission! There are now also beacons that you need to destroy by tail whipping things, these things mostly consist of whatever is up for grabs, against the beacon, or just shoot a couple of laser beams!

maneater, cheats, nintendo, switch

Plover Island also has new landmarks, loot boxes and license plates to collect, for which we made a video. However, there is also a new collectible, well person. You now also need to find truth questers to eat, alas they have tin foil hats, thus your sonar won’t work on them! The battle missions also make a return with stronger and new enemies!

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