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Preparation for laser hair removal. The main stages and recommendations

Laser hair removal is gaining more and more popularity. This technique allows you to get rid of unwanted hair for a long period. Preparation for laser hair removal is an important stage, since the further result depends on it. It is better to familiarize yourself with all the nuances before going to the procedure.

The procedure is the destruction of hair follicles due to the influence of the laser. The ray of the device affects melanin, under the influence of which the hair is destroyed. The result in each case is individual. Some manage to get rid of unwanted vegetation for several years. But most women have to periodically repeat the sessions.

It is necessary to carefully study all the recommendations before laser hair removal. It is important to start with a list of contraindications, since this technique is not suitable for everyone.

Contraindications to the procedure

The procedure has the following contraindications:

  • Oncological processes in the body.
  • Skin diseases.
  • The presence of abscesses on the skin.
  • Infectious pathologies in the acute stage.
  • Individual intolerance to the procedure.
  • Strong tan.
  • Diabetes.

Highlight a number of conditions in which the procedure is possible only after consulting with a specialist. These include:

  • A large number of moles on the skin processed by laser.
  • Hormonal pathologies.
  • Colds.
  • Veen diseases.
  • ALLLERGE in acute stage.
  • Slow down regeneration processes.

Hair removal by laser is not recommended at the age of puberty, as well as during critical days. In the presence of fresh tanning, it is recommended to postpone the procedure for several days.

Main stages

Preparation before laser hair removal begins 6 weeks before the procedure.

Features of preparatory manipulations depend on the type of skin, its color and hair thickness.

It is important to be careful about each stage, since the final result directly depends on this.

��Laser Hair Removal Aftercare: Do’s, Don’ts (❌). By Dr. Jangid | Care after Laser Hair Reduction

For a month and a half

In order for the laser to cope with its direct purpose, you need to take care of the preservation of melanin. This will need to completely abandon any means with a bleaching effect. It is forbidden to apply such cosmetics only to the skin area where hair removal is planned.

A month before the procedure, it is important to refuse sunbathing. Therefore, sessions of laser hair removal are best carried out in the autumn or winter period.

For two weeks

During this period, it is necessary to abandon shugaring, wax hair removal and hair plowing. If the hair is removed with the root, then the laser will not be able to affect the follicle. 15 days before hair removal, it is recommended to use only a razor. Also, during this period, it is important to use only sparing cosmetics that do not contain acids and vitamin A.

Per day

The day before manipulations, you will need to shave your hair on the desired area. This item is mandatory. Safe hair contributes to the receipt of the thermal burn during the procedure.

If the laser removal procedure is carried out independently at home, then you need to make sure that there is everything you need. You need protective glasses, soothing cream and analgesic.

On the day of the procedure

Preparation for the laser hair removal procedure occurs until the last day before the procedure. On this day, you need to take a shower, but do not use soap products, you will also have to refuse moisturizers. If hair removal is carried out in the axillary zone, then it is important not to use deodorant. Immediately before the procedure, an analgesic is applied. During the day, it is recommended not to use strong tea or coffee, since caffeine helps to increase sensitivity to pain.

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Features of the preparation of facial skin and different parts of the body

The stages of preparing the skin for laser hair removal are practically no different. However, there are some nuances of training for different parts of the body.

Preparation for laser hair removal on the face

It is important to pay attention to the cosmetic products used. In 2-3 weeks, it is necessary to abandon peels and masks containing acids. The day before the procedure, do not use anti.Aging cosmetics, especially for serums. A light gel is suitable for night hydration.

Preparation for laser armpit hair removal

Preparation for laser hair removal always includes the stage of skin cleansing. It is recommended to use wet wipes, since the deodorant will have to completely abandon the day of the procedure. It is important to consider that napkins should not contain alcohol.

Preparation for laser hair removal

A week before the laser removal of hair, you will need to abandon all funds with anti.Cellulite action. Massage is allowed to do.

It is important to inspect your legs before the procedure. If there are bruises, then it is better to postpone the session until they disappear.

Preparation for laser epilation of bikini

Preparation before the laser hair removal of the bikini is the most delicate. 4 days before the procedure, it is recommended to gently exfoliate the skin with gentle means. It is important to abandon all cosmetic products containing alcohol. Shaving should be of high quality, so for reliability you can use the mirror.

At the time of shaving, the skin should be stretched. This will help not to miss the hairs. As a moisturizer, it is allowed to apply the Aloe Vera gel.

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How to prepare for hair removal with a diode laser

Before carrying out the procedure, La Chance clinic specialists advise:

  • Refrain from tanning and going to the solarium at least two weeks before the procedure.
  • Abandon other methods of hair removal injuring hair follicle (for example, vaxing and shugaring).
  • Brown hair 1 to 3 days before laser hair removal procedure. This will help the device more effectively affect the follicles.
  • Do not use deodorants, oils, creams and alcohol lotions before the procedure in the processed area. Due to a layer of cosmetics, a special composition, which a specialist applies to the skin before the procedure, may not act or enter into an unplanned reaction with products applied earlier on the skin.
  • The procedure should not be carried out during the use of antibiotics of the tetracycline group.
  • It is not recommended to use the funds for auto.Salesman for 7 to 10 days before the session (they contain a pigment that can reduce the effectiveness of the procedure).

It is also important to follow the schedule of sessions assigned by a specialist. The fact is that laser epilation removes only hair in their active growth phase. On the human body there is about 30% in it. The remaining follicles are in the sleeping phase. Gradually they awaken and begin to grow. At this moment, they need to be treated with a laser to get the maximum effect. If you miss this phase for some hairs, you will have to go through a few more additional procedures. Ignoring the requirements described above can reduce the effectiveness of laser hair removal. Also, in some cases, irritation may occur on the skin after processing.

Is it possible to shave after laser hair removal

Remove hair with a razor. You can. Over, this is the only way to eliminate growing hairs between laser sessions.

During shaving, only the visible part of the hair is removed, the follicles are not damaged and are not injured. And this means that the bulbs can be removed using a laser beam.

It is best to exclude shaving within 10-14 days after the laser session. The remaining hairs will fall out during this time, so do not accelerate this process.

Before the procedure, vegetation can be shaved in about 1-2 days. And if necessary, it is possible to shave on the day of the procedure.

Is it possible to do laser hair removal after shugaring

Shugaring before the laser procedure is strictly prohibited, which is associated with the peculiarities of the effects of such depilation on the follicles.

The hairs during shugaring are removed with the bulb mechanically. But at the same time, the follicles recover quite quickly, which means that after a while the hair appears again.

After shugaring, it is recommended to wait 2-3 months and only then start the course of hair removal. Excess vegetation can be removed with a razor, and in the breaks between Lazer sessions you should adhere to the same rule.

Is it possible to sunbathe after laser hair removal

The tan after the laser is one of the most popular issues of our patients, since the removal course usually lasts about a year, which means it will certainly fall out in the summer time.

There is a myth that the tan is strictly prohibited. This is partly true, since earlier diode and ruby ​​lasers were used for procedures. These devices influenced not only follicles, but also on the skin. As a result, the temperature of the upper layer of the epidermis increased, and with an additional effect of ultraviolet radiation (on the beach or in the solarium), there was a risk.

Laser Hair Removal Gone Wrong | Make sure this doesn’t happen to you! | Eshi Jay

Currently, equipment has appeared that affects the hair follicles only. In particular, our clinic uses a Alexander Laser with the Motus AX system operating using Moveo technology. Due to this, the skin is not injured and not heated during the sessions, which means that there are no restrictions on the tan.

Is it possible to go to the bath after laser hair removal

After the procedures, you can go to the bathhouse and sauna. It is necessary to give the skin 24 hours to recover after exposure. If the skin is sensitive and prone to reddening, you can refrain from the bath and sauna for 2-3 days.

Is it possible to visit the pool after laser hair removal

You can visit the pool the very next day. This is due to the fact that water in public basins is chlorine, and this is an additional irritating factor for the skin, so you should refrain from swimming directly on the day of the procedure.

How painless the procedure is

Many patients are frightened by soreness and trauma of laser hair removal, but this is in practice all this is a myth.

Modern lasers affect the skin very carefully and carefully, in addition, the devices are equipped with a high.Quality cooling system, which allows excluding pain and discomfort during the session.

For example, equipment in our clinic. Motus AX with Moveo technology. Has a built.In contact skin cooling system. The tip of the device is cooled up to 15 degrees, which contributes to the comfort of the procedures.

In addition, the procedure is performed according to the gel and in motion, which does not allow the skin to heat up, thanks to this the procedure is as comfortable as possible and does not require absolutely no anesthesia.

Is it possible to pluck hair after laser hair removal

Do not touch the hair remaining after the session, so as not to injure the skin once again. The remaining hair will fall on their own, within 10-14 days.

During plucking, you can accidentally remove the “living” hairs with tweezers with tweezers. As a result, during the next laser session, these follicles will not be destroyed, and after 1-2 months they will begin to grow again. All this will worsen the effect of the procedure and can lead to additional sessions.

If you want to get rid of unnecessary vegetation as soon as possible, then we advise you to observe all the advice of a cosmetologist. By the way, plucking hairs in front of the sessions is also prohibited. To remove them, use a regular razor.

Is it possible to take a bath after laser hair removal

After such a technique, the patient is not recommended to take a warm bath. The ban is valid for 1-2 days.

A warm bath can cause increased sweating, and this increases the risk of skin irritation.

If you want to avoid such effects, then after laser hair removal do not take a bath directly on the same day.

In what cases laser hair removal will not help

Hair removal by a laser today is recognized as the most effective way to combat excess vegetation. However, there are really cases when the technique does not help. With what it can be connected?

The individual characteristics of the patient include, as a rule, hormonal background. Persistent growth of vegetation on the body of a woman can be associated with hirsutism. This disease is characterized by an excessive amount of androgens (male hormones) in the body that provoke the growth of dark hair above the upper lip, around the nipples or on the white line of the abdomen. Also, increased growth of unwanted vegetation can be provoked by polycystic ovary, menopause and other conditions in which hormonal restructuring of the body occurs.

As a result, laser hair removal solves only the aesthetic side of the problem. Hair is removed, but after a while new ones begin to grow, and the visible effect does not occur after the procedures. In this case, comprehensive therapy is needed: that is, the patient needs to undergo treatment with a gynecologist and endocrinologist, and in parallel the laser procedures. Only in this case it will be possible to stop the growth of unwanted vegetation on the body.

Rules for skin care after the procedure. How to care for skin after hair removal?

You must follow some rules so that the period of adaptation after the procedure is successful. To do this, you will have to adjust the care of the processed place of the skin.

  • We need to calm the skin after epilation. Therefore, do not use cosmetics in the first days so as not to irritate the skin. But a logical question arises: how to process our skin after hair removal? At least five days, your daily ritual should include the process of applying cream (panthenol, pantoderm, Bepanten). Make sure that the ointment is not too heavy or fat, as this can cause new rashes in a processed place.
  • Use tan cream with maximum protection for 3-5 days after the procedure.

How they do laser hair removal?

Depends on the size of the processed area: from 5 to 45 minutes.

Rules of conduct after laser hair removal

Immediately after the patient’s hair removal procedure, erythema (redness) and edema (swelling) around the hair follicles in the epilation zone, which can last up to 2 hours and longer, can be observed in the patient. Erythema can last up to 2-3 days. The sensations in the influence of the laser are similar to a sunburn, but after a few hours these sensations pass.

On the zone treated with a laser, the doctor applies local moisturizers, for example, panthenol spray, Bepanten cream. At home, it is also recommended to continue the use of these funds for several days.

Makeup can be applied immediately after the procedure if the skin is not irritated.

  • After laser hair removal, you cannot be exposed to direct solar radiation for 1 month to prevent skin hyperpigmentation.
  • The patient should use sunscreen (SPF 30) (can be purchased in the center) throughout the course of the procedures.
  • The patient should not injure and comb the skin in the zone of exposure to the laser, do not use any other methods of hair removal (wax, electrocoagulation, pinching with tweezers) that damage the hair follicle in this area. Shaving is preferable.
  • Hair after laser hair removal burns. From 10 to 21 days, the patient may note that the hair has fallen. The patient can clean or remove the hair while washing, carefully using a washcloth.
  • After laser hair removal of the axillary region for 24 hours, the patient should not use deodorants, to reduce skin irritation, instead of them, you can use powder (powder).
  • Washing is not prohibited, but it is necessary to carefully treat the skin, at least for the first time 24 hours after the procedure.
  • After the hair removal procedure, hair growth is partially resumed (after 4-6 weeks for the upper half of the body and 1.5-2 months for the lower half), but not earlier than after 3 weeks. To finally get rid of hair, you should contact the center to repeated one or more procedures. On average, it takes from 4 to 8 procedures (depending on the zone).

For any issues related to the laser hair removal procedure, you can consult with a specialist of the laser hair removal center by phone 8 (499) 973-10-80.

Laser hair removal rules

Laser House experts will definitely tell you how to care for the skin after removing unwanted hair with a laser. Main recommendations:

  • Special creams “Panthenol” “Bepanten”, “Pantoderm” and others will help to reassure the epidermis after processing by the laser. You can use olive or coconut oil.
  • The first 3-5 days after hair removal, the skin requires regular moisture. It is advisable to use a light fluid so as not to score pores and not provoke the appearance of acne rash. Cosmetics should not have glycolic acid, retinol.
  • Maximum protection against UV radiation. Even in cloudy weather, it is necessary to apply sunscreen at least 3 months after the session, and with the active sun. Use the maximum protection of SPF 50. The most reliable means are the means that contain titanium dioxide, zinc oxide.
  • Postpone water procedures for at least a day. It is advisable to replace solid soap with light gels and foams, do not use a washcloth and scrubs, do not rub the treated areas with a towel. Water should be comfortable temperature, not hot. It is better to choose free clothes to minimize mechanical contact with the skin.

What can not be done after laser hair removal?

It is important to know that laser hair removal is slightly injured by the skin, so after the procedure you need to take care of the processed area as care, for example, you can not visit the sauna.

After laser hair removal, you cannot take actions that can harm the skin, as well as lower the effectiveness of the procedure performed.

Try to comply with some rules to avoid complications after the session. Below is a list of those manipulations that cannot be done.

  • Allow the contact of the prolonged zone with water on the first day after the procedure. A slight inflammation may increase from water.
  • Visit the bath, take a bath, take a hot shower, rub the skin with a washcloth, use soap in the first three days. Intensive wet heat and friction can cause severe peeling of the skin, as well as painful sensations.
  • Go outside without sunscreen for two weeks. SPF level should not be lower than 30 for reliable prevention of pigmentation.
  • Visit the solarium and sunbathe in the sun. Also for two weeks to avoid burns.
  • Use cosmetic products containing alcohol, as well as injure the skin with scrubs.
  • Remove the hair roots remaining after the laser processing in any way-after a week the process of destroying hair follicles will end and they will fall out themselves.
  • If you are undergoing laser hair removal (usually the course includes 5-6 sessions), and during the pause between the sessions there is a need to remove the hairs, you can not pull them out with a napshever, wax or tweezers. So you will prevent the laser from destroying the follicles during the next session. It is better to use a machine or a cream-cutter, and at least a week before the procedure.

Cosmetological procedures are contraindicated during pregnancy and during lactation.

After laser hair removal, you can not sunbathe and visit the solarium, take a hot bath, use a scrub on the area treated with a laser, remove the remaining hairs.

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