Mesoroller for a beard to choose the length of the needle

Want to choose a mesoroller for home use? Find out which mesoroller is better

Mesoroller or dermaroller is a device consisting of a handle and a rotating plastic drum with many thin needles. Its action is based on the principles of acupuncture. When renting a rotating roller on the skin, its needle stimulates regeneration processes in skin cells, activate subcutaneous blood flow, stimulate the production of elastan and collagen. Microscopic punctures also provide better absorption of useful components from the applied tools.

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Initially, microholnut rollers were used in cosmetology salons, but over time they appeared in the free sale. Now everyone can choose a mesoroller for home use and independently conduct skin rejuvenation and healing procedures. Such devices are successfully used to solve cosmetic and medical problems in various parts of the body, as well as on the face and hairline of the head.

The benefits of the use of mesoroller

It is recommended to use a dermaroller in order to treat and prevent possible problems.

Skalprollers. Mesorollers for hair

Skalpapoller. Mesoroller with ultra.pounded needles made of steel, works on the principle of acupuncture, launches natural processes of renewal of the scalp. Due to the apparatus, the penetration of therapeutic drugs into the skin increases. Hair is restored, strengthened, gaining strength. According to the doctor’s testimony, instead of medications, blood plasma is used, enriched with platelets.

Differences in the size of the drum

Narrow and wide mesorollers differ in the size of the drum. Narrow mesorollers are used for sensitive sections of the face. nasolabial zone and eyes, the number of needles varies from 80 to 180 pieces. Help to eliminate the problems of swelling and bags under the eyes, loss of tone, dryness, pigmentation, wrinkles.

With the help of wide mesorollers, large areas of the body are worked out. They have an increased amount and length. The number of needles reaches 1200 pieces, the length of the needles. up to 2 mm.

Types of dermarollers by purpose, shape, material and number of needles

When choosing which mesoroller is needed for the face, and which is for the body or scalp, the length of the needles also is of the main value:

  • For self.processing of the skin of the face, models with needles length 0.2-0.5 mm are recommended, in the cabin. 0.5–1 mm;
  • to solve hair problems. 0.5–1 mm, in the clinic. 1–1.5 mm;
  • for home use in different parts of the body. 0.5–1.5 mm, in the cabin. 1–2.5 mm;
  • For thin skin with rosacea. devices with laser sharpening needles with a length of 0.3-0.5 mm long.

The form and area of ​​application distinguish between universal dermarollers, narrow models with 2-3 rows of needles for processing nasolabial folds and wrinkles around the eyes and wide body apparatus. The number of needles on the drum distinguish between standard models (have about 200 needles), 540, 600, 1200 microglle rolls and other options. Based on the material of manufacture, mesorollers with needles from medical steel and titanium are most common.

How to choose a mesoro.roller for home use?

Often we are requested. advise how to choose a mesoroller. Primarily:

  • Decide on the appropriate needle length depending on the purpose of the device. To process the skin around the eyes, improve the complexion, eliminate small wrinkles and minor flaws, the shortest needles are suitable. 0.2-0.5 mm. To enhance the absorption of hair preparations, it is recommended to use dermarollers with needles of 0.5–1 mm long. It is advisable to use needles of 0.5–1.5 mm on different parts of the body to combat cellulite, stretch marks, sagging skin and other problems on different parts of the body.
  • Select the suitable width of the roller. the narrowest models are designed for nasolabial folds and areas near the eyes, standard (about 2 cm). for the face and scalp, wide (about 4 cm). for the body.
  • Decide on needles material. titanium and steel options have proven themselves well. To minimize the likelihood of allergic reactions, you should choose models with gold or silver spraying.

Why do some people claim that they do not get the desired effect from the mesoroller?

Some people claim that they do not see improvement in a state of hair after using a dermaroller. Why? Whenever you take this treatment, many factors affect it. How often do you carry out the procedure? Whether you follow the exact instructions for your tool? Follow the procedure schedule? Do you choose the right needle size? You do this under the supervision of a professional?

Taking into account all of the above important points, your indicators can also be associated with stress, diet, lifestyle, etc.D. Carefully evaluate all these factors and then write down the results. You will definitely get the desired result.

In addition, the growth cycle of follicles is also of great importance. There are three stages of growth of hair follicle. Anagen, catagen and teenagen. If your hair follicles are at the Catagen stage, then they will stop forming new hair for about 10 days.

If your hair follicles are at the heater, then they will remain inactive for about 3 months, and then they will give new hairs. Until the follicle reaches the stage of anagen, hair growth will not begin.

Be patient if you do not get results in the early stages. Your hair follicles can be in rest and for a short period of time, since the hair follicle will be active, your hair growth will begin.

How to carry out the procedure

Before starting manipulations, it is important to familiarize yourself with the features of the procedure.


The procedure begins with preparation. First of all, it is necessary to disinfect dermaroller so as not to bring microbes that can cause inflammation. Typically, the instructions for use to a specific tool indicate what needs to be done.

Next, you need to prepare the head:

The main process

Through microcanals created by needles, the active components of the applied drug are penetrated into the bulbs, wake them up.

Do not press on the skin. The effort should be minimal, soft skiing will be enough, otherwise there is a risk of leaving damage. Do not roll the roller several times in the same place.

Mesoroller should be carried out in one direction: from the crown to the forehead, from the crown to the sides. When changing the direction, it is necessary to tear off the device from the head.

For the first time, it is enough to carry out the procedure within 1 minute, in the future you can increase the time to 15 minutes.


  • With light patting movements on treated skin for 2-3 minutes, a drug is applied (for example, minoxidil).
  • Mesoroller is washed under warm running water to wash off the remains of cosmetic products.
  • The tool is disinfected and stored in a closed case.

Reference. In order for the drug to be completely absorbed, and the microcanals are closed, it is necessary to carry out manipulations a few hours before bedtime.

Home mesotherapy preparations

Mesotherapy can be carried out at home. What drugs are suitable for the procedure?

A nicotinic acid

Nicotinic acid. vitamin for hair. It is produced in ampoules format.

With home mesotherapy with nicotinic acid, the following effects are noted:

Nicotinic acid does not dry the skin. From ampoules gets a syringe. It is first applied to the frontal region and crown, then on the side sides, whiskey, the back of the head.

B vitamins

B vitamins cocktails. a complex necessary for the correct growth and health of hair. Usually they are presented in the form of serums. B vitamins have a number of actions:

  • normalize the work of the sebaceous glands;
  • accelerate hair growth;
  • activate blood circulation, supply bulbs with nutrients and oxygen;
  • moisturize the roots, prevent loss;
  • prevent dandruff, itching, dryness;
  • prevent early gray hair;
  • restore the damaged hair structure.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E can be found in the form of serums and capsules (they are revealed, their contents are applied to the scalp). It is a powerful antioxidant, protects skin cells from aging. It is useful due to several effects:

  • keratin restoration;
  • excretion from the hairline and skin of accumulated chemical elements;
  • normalization of the sebaceous glands;
  • protection against ultraviolet radiation;
  • Getting rid of dandruff;
  • hydration;
  • acceleration of blood circulation and as a result of activation of hair growth.

Aloe extract

Aloe extract is available in the form of ampoules or gels. It performs the following actions:

  • intensively nourishes and restores curls;
  • eliminates brittleness, gives elasticity;
  • activates growth;
  • Awakens “sleeping” bulbs, helps to fight baldness;
  • treats acne and acne on the scalp;
  • restores the normal functioning of the sebaceous glands;
  • increases the resistance of the protective layer to irritants.

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Hyaluronic acid

Cosmetologists have long estimated hyaluronic acid. She creates a film holding moisture on the surface. Produced in the form of serums and gels. Hyaluronic acid:

  • intensively moisturizes curls, makes them healthy and well.groomed;
  • It overtakes follicles, improves circulation and metabolism, due to which it activates hair growth;
  • restores the skin and hair after procedures;
  • stimulates the production of keratin, collagen and elastin;
  • solves the problem of hair loss.

How a dermaroller helps to cope with hair loss?

The main task of Dermaroller. This to ensure the penetration of therapeutic drugs deep into the skin. The secondary task of the dermaroller. This ensure the necessary microcirculation of blood in the upper layers of the skin.

In the treatment of hair loss, various lotions and sprays based on the basis are applied to the surface of the scalp. And everything would be fine, only more than 90% of these drugs are spent empty, because the effectiveness of their penetration deeper into the skin is very small. Here we come to the rescue and dermarollers and mesorollers come. Before applying funds from baldness, dermaroller “rolled” on the skin for 5-10 minutes, thousands of micro-handles remain on the surface of the skin. Through these micro.procenes, the active substances of the drugs penetrate deep into the scalp and due to increased microcirculation of blood are very quickly absorbed and begin to act.

What is the essence of the work of Mesoroller (dermaroller) for hair.

The mechanism of action of Mesoroller is based on the centuries.old experience of acupuncture. For a more complete understanding of the solution to the problem of baldness, it is necessary to consider the processes occurring in our skin during the use of the mesoroller.

  • Collagen and elastin production. Sharp and very thin needles of dermaroller make microscopic punctures in the skin, which helps the release of collagen and elastin. The human body is arranged in such a way that when you receive any injury, it casts all your strength to restore. Our micro.ropes are no exception, after the procedure the intensive process of recovery begins, the body emits a large amount of energy and nutrients in the field of damage, thereby the nutrition of hair follicles is enhanced. Colossal absorption. Thanks to microtrauma formed after the skin of the skin with a dermaroller, the absorption of drugs increases many times. Dermarollers’ manufacturers say that absorpability is intensified by 400 times.
  • The micro.strive of the skin is delayed less than an hour after the procedure, that is, the probability of infection is minimal. Using a dermaroller, you use all the possibilities to get the maximum effect of expensive drugs. The follicles of your hair also get much more nutrients.

Despite the fact that dermaroller is mainly used to restore hair, it is also great for stimulating the skin to grow a beard. The choice of Mesoroller (dermaroller) for a beard should be approached with caution. Using a search on the Internet, you will not find a special device called “Mesoroller for a beard“, in fact there is no need. For delicate skin, a dermaroller with needles, the length of which is 0.3 mm, is well suited.

Mesoroller. review

Previously, the words “mesotherapy” or “beauty injections” caused, at least, interest, bewilderment, and some have fear, but today this type of skin rejuvenation is available to everyone.

“The second youth. Shock to wrinkles. cocktails for the skin “. Such names are often full of articles on glossy covers and pages. And what is behind this?

Of course, it’s hard to figure out all this on your own first. Terminology is enough: biorevitalization, mesotherapy, fillers, Botox. All this is due to the rejuvenation of the dermis.

If you dwell specifically on mesotherapy, then in simple words this injection technique can be designated effective for skin problems such as losing elasticity, sagging soft tissues of the skin.

With the help of special small needles, healing cocktails rich in vitamins and trace elements are subcutaneously introduced. Hyaluronic acid.based preparations have proven themselves. substances responsible for moisturizing and elasticity of the skin.

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The composition of the cocktail in each case is selected individually.

Mesotherapy allows you to rejuvenate the skin, and not only outside. but also from the inside. But the effect will show itself at least after 6-8 sessions. Usually the procedure is carried out once a week. After the session in the skin, minor redness can form at the puncture site, which disappear by themselves in a few hours.

Mesotherapy is often quite painful, so this procedure may seem tedious to persons with sensitive skin.

But mesotherapy is not a panacea from skin aging. It is effective when age.related changes in the skin layers have just begun. With a serious skin lesion, it is powerless.

I recently acquired the mesoroller most ordinary, with steel needles.

The purpose of the cosmetic product: hardware cosmetology

Mesoroller is a unique novelty in the field of cosmetology. The device is a roller with the thinnest steel needles that penetrate the skin 0.2 mm, forcing it to actively produce collagen and elastin, which makes the skin younger and more elastic. Experts came to the conclusion that no more than 3% of nutrients get into the dermis. Mesoroller helps to increase this percentage. Small punctures from the needles of the device become channels through which nutrients enter the skin.

Before making a purchase, I found out that for home mesotherapy you can use rolls with needles of not more than 0.5 mm. 0, 75 mm. I think this is quite justified.

My dermoroller has a needle length. 0.2 mm. But now, after experience and procedures, I came to the conclusion that a mesoroller with needles is optimal for my skin. 0.5 mm.

The fact is that the length of the needles certainly affects the result. And for the skin 40 roller with needles 0, 2 mm is weak.

However, I started a course of procedures and even with a meager needle size noted a certain result, very good.

The number of needles is also few, but even this is enough to feel the work of the device.

I bought a roller on the WB website with a discount for 320.

The roller case itself is transparent, and the head with green needles. Roller came sealed and in a case. In fact, in it he is stored.

What I still need to carry out the mesotherapy procedure at home?

The following attributes are needed for the mesotherapy procedure at home:

chlorhexidine, cotton pads, mirror, serums and mesococcetils, dermoroller itself.

What time is it better to hold a session?

I always spend a session of mesotherapy either on weekends in the morning or in the evening.Just after working with a mesoroller, the skin experiences slight stress and it is not necessary to allow it to the wind or frost.

How long does one session or procedure last and how much the course is calculated?

The fact is that everything is individual.I read a lot of information and realized that the most optimal way to conduct mesotherapy at home. This is 2 times a week to year up to 15-18 procedures.It was according to this graphics that I used a dermoroller.

It is permissible to nourish the skin with cocktails and serums, both during the session itself and immediately after it. I chose the second option, because it seems to me the most convenient, simple and safe. Why, I will explain.

If you apply serums from time to time before using a mesoroller, then, for sure, you can see a more reliable effect in this. But at the same time, in this I see the opposite side. The needles on the roller are very scanty and each needle is perfectly cleaned of skin fat and serum compositions is simply impossible. Therefore, experts recommend soaking a rolller in soapy solution after the procedure for 30-60 minutes, and then place it in chlorhexidine for some time. I think this method is not quite reliable, so I do it differently.

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Mesotherapy for a beard

Initially, mesotherapy was an additional method of treating pain. It appeared in the middle of the 20th century and gradually began to be widely used in cosmetology. Mesotherapy is based on injections in subcutaneous tissue, which “saturate” it with vitamins, minerals and other useful substances or affect the affected area.

In cosmetic clinics, they usually promise to choose the optimal mesotherapeutic “cocktail” for each patient. Indeed, the composition of the injection depends on what result you expect to get. At the same time, the scalp mesotherapy is widely used in the fight against alopecia, or baldness, but the mesotherapy of beards is not done in every clinic. Perhaps the reason is its low demand, because in order to have a result, cosmetologists advise to pass at least 5 procedures and repeat the course from time to time. In addition, mesotherapy has a number of contraindications, including endocrine disorders. And if you have at least the slightest reason to believe that the beard is not growing due to a lack of hormonal failure, the first thing you need to contact an endocrinologist.

Do hormone therapy is needed?

As we know, testosterone is the main male hormone responsible for the secondary sexual characteristics, including the hair on the face and body. It also affects stress resistance, endurance, muscle ratio and fat. After 30 years, the level of testosterone, as a rule, begins to decline, and this is natural: with age, the body needs more effort to produce immunity. This process has its own “side effects”, but the cessation of hair growth is one of the most serious. This may not just talk about a lack of testosterone, but about health problems. To take hormones in order to grow a beard, without consulting with a specialist. the worst that you can come up with.

We see nothing wrong with hormone therapy, but only if it is as prescribed by a doctor

If everything is in order with the endocrine system, and the lack of testosterone is caused by age.related changes, you can try to increase it in natural ways. About how to do this, we wrote in detail here. But we will warn that for this we will have to reconsider your lifestyle.

mesoroller, beard, choose, length

Recommendations for choosing the length of the needle of Mesoroller

The upper layer of the skin serves as the main protective barrier, which limits the penetration of cosmetics into deeper layers. The needles on the mesoroller drum make many micro.proocions and, thus, reduce the protective capabilities of the skin for a short time and activate the process of developing their own collagen and elastin fibers.

On the face, depending on the skin of the skin, the thickness of the upper protective layer is from 0.1 to 0.5 mm., and on the body can reach 2-3 mm. Therefore, the correct selection of the length of the needle of the Mesoroller is very important and for this you need to solve two issues:

We collected the most common skin problems and the recommended length of the mesoroller needle in one table.

0.2-0.3 mm. 0.5 mm. 0.75 mm. 1 mm. 1.5 mm. 2-3 mm.

Important! The data given in the table is only advisory in nature. Remember that the skin is individual for each person and depends on the age, condition and type. If you doubt the choice of size, it is better to purchase a mesoroller with a smaller needle.

Important! If you are going to use one mesoroller on different parts of the body (face, hips, hands), then before each procedure you need to process your rolller with a disinfectant and dry it well! This is due to the fact that on the skin of each part of the body its own microflora. Always keep the mesoroller clean and, if possible, sterilized.

In most cases, mesorollers are purchased for skin care, which has different thicknesses depending on the zone. For example, the skin around the eyes is very delicate and sensitive, therefore a mesoroller is needed with a short needle. And for effective procedures on the skin of the forehead and chin, a longer needle is suitable. See the lower image with recommender values ​​of the length of the needle depending on the area of ​​the skin.

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