Metal stove for a garage with their own hands

Waste Oil Garage Oven

Despite the fact that the oil miracle oven has burned a lot of garages, its popularity is not reduced. It is the most common design of metal stove, consisting of two tanks, connected by a peorized pipe. afterburner. It can run on almost any liquid fuel, provided that it does not contain water. Otherwise, the heater starts shooting flames through the holes in the afterburner, which causes fires.

For your information. In addition to fire hazard, this unit has other disadvantages, for example, produces a smell of burning and has a decent “voraciousness” (consumption. about 2 liters of waste oil per hour).

The popularity of this furnace on the exhaust is due to its simplicity and cheapness, so you can not ignore it. The algorithm of the heater is as follows:

  • Waste oil is poured into the lower tank and ignited with any flammable liquid.
  • After heating the used oil evaporates and starts to burn.
  • Pyrolysis gases are mixed with the secondary air in the afterburner and burn in the upper reservoir which has a partition.
  • Combustion products leave the stove through the chimney.

The assembly of the miracle furnace is extremely simple and is made according to the drawing:

To make the lower and upper chamber of the miracle oven, it is better to find a piece of pipe with a diameter of 350 mm or take a cylinder 30 cm across

How to install?

Experts with experience recommend placing the stove burzhuyka approximately in the corners of the room, and the flue pipe to the other side. Using such a layout, you can achieve the maximum heat output of the stove. To ensure that the heat does not go with the smoke, the pipe should be stretched at an angle of 30 degrees. You should also try to avoid straight sections of pipe, located horizontally.

To place the stove-burner in the room of the garage requires a system of ventilation and good ventilation.

Never place the stove close to the car. The stove should be placed at a distance of 1 cm from it.5 or even 2 meters. Also any flammable objects and compositions should be moved from the stove to a roughly similar distance.

On the sides and in the front of the furnace should be installed walls of bricks. This not only provide protection from accidental contact with the hot structure, but also provide storage of heat, which gives the stove, which can significantly increase the level of efficiency of the stove burburzhuyka.

If the garage walls are made of wood, there must be about 100 cm clearance between the wood and the stove itself. The wooden walls themselves should be covered with asbestos sheeting, bricks or other fire protective measures.

In the base of the stove is extremely important to put a sheet of iron up to two cm thick or pour a concrete screed that will help avoid the spread of fire in those cases where sparks, embers and so on fall out of the stove.

The fireplace should only be used in rooms where there is good ventilation. The main factor of the fire is oxygen. Therefore, fresh air must enter the garage in good volumes, otherwise the fire simply will not ignite, and the heat from such a furnace will be a minimum. Sometimes it is enough for this purpose to leave not very wide gap between the garage door and the ground. If there is no such a gap, you must either make it yourself or make a ventilation system.

In no case can you leave flammable materials near the burzhuyka.

If near the burning stove will be wood, containers with gasoline and oils, their ignition can lead to extremely negative consequences.

Wood-fired stoves for the garage: types and features of manufacturing

Often in garages and garage cooperatives there is no central utility heating. On the one hand. such a state of affairs seems to be an acceptable option, because the rates of housing and communal services are steadily increasing. Nevertheless, garages need to be heated for repairs in them.

Every owner thinks of his own way out of the situation. Stoves for heating are most often made with their own hands. it is cheap and effective. Such units for a short time can heat the room of the garage to an acceptable temperature.

Varieties of Garage Furnaces

Before considering a long-burning stove, it is worth familiarizing yourself with what kind of heaters are generally used in garages. Here you can install units that run on different fuels. gas, electricity, liquid or solid. All you need is a stove that is efficient enough and consumes as little fuel as possible.


One of the most popular variants, familiar to almost everyone. Burzhuyka compact, simple, quickly heats up and “undemanding” in terms of fuel used (you can use almost anything that burns).

For your information! Care should be taken when operating the hair dryer, otherwise the unit could cause a fire. In addition, the stoves consume fuel quickly, regardless of the type of fuel.

Earlier with the help of such stoves heated living quarters, but after the appearance of central heating have become irrelevant. That’s why today they can only be found in garages and outbuildings.

As a rule, for self-made burzhuyki use old gas cylinders or large metal pipes with thick walls. Be that as it may, it is important that the thickness of the material is at least 2 mm, but it is better still 5 mm. The body should have a cross section of at least 30 cm. Also note that the fireplace serves for an average of several years.

Table What are the stove-burners?

Another feature of the hut is that it gets very hot (sometimes even red-hot), so it is not easy to stay near it. Because of this there were designs with two walls. The simplest variant is to take barrels of different diameter, put the smaller one in the big one and fill up the gaps between them with sand or pebbles. As a result, you will get a thick-walled unit, which is more convenient to use and retains heat longer. On the other hand, the double-walled firebox takes longer to heat up.

Brick oven

Brick is a heat-intensive material, and therefore a stove made of it will store and give heat into the room for a long time. You just need to warm it up well. The best option for car owners who spend a long time in the garage every day.

Brick stoves are less common, as burzhuyki, but they are still not as fire hazardous and more convenient. Note also that such a stove must be placed on a solid foundation, t. к. it weighs a lot.

Furnace with waste oil

Such furnaces are characterized by efficiency and economy, they do not need to buy additional fuel. A properly equipped furnace will not smoke and emit heavy metals into the air (the latter may be present in used machine oil).

Please note! Not only machine oil can be used for these stoves, but also transmission and transformer oil.

In fact, such an oven is a pair of containers connected by a peorized tube. The weight of the unit can be up to 30 kg, and it can hold about 12 liters of used oil. Average fuel consumption. 1 liter of fuel per hour of operation. If you decide to make a choice in favor of the furnace on the exhaust, then think through in advance where you will take the fuel. with one car oil is certainly not enough with the constant use of the heating unit. You can ask the owners of other garages in the neighborhood. maybe they will agree to give you the oil.

The disadvantages of such design is the long chimney (at least 4 m), which. necessarily. must be placed strictly vertically and not have any bends. In addition, you will need to regularly clean the used oil tank, which can hardly be considered a pleasant thing.

Stove long combustion

Let us proceed directly to the topic of our today’s article. Let’s start with the fact that such a furnace (and it can also be made with our own hands from a cylinder) operates on the principle of converter combustion. Long combustion units are more complicated than the aforementioned stoves, but nothing is impossible. You can use coal, wood, pellets and others as fuel., But only use solid fuel.

Important! The cost of such a factory-made oven is quite high, and therefore many people, trying to save money, give preference to self-made.

Let’s get acquainted with the key features of combustion units.

  • The fuel burns for a longer time. Wood in a conventional firebox will burn quickly, while in a similar stove, they smolder and give off heat for 6 to 10 hours; therefore, the garage will take longer to heat.
  • The wood must be pressed before laying. so it won’t get too hot and the smoldering time will be longer.
  • Burning fuel starts at the top (traditional ovens start at the bottom), so these designs are usually vertical.

Table What are the types of furnaces for a long combustion?

Pros and cons

Like any heating device, a wood stove has its advantages and disadvantages.

Consider some of the advantages:

  • Relatively low price of fuel.
  • The versatility of the device during operation. You can use the heater for heating the room, cooking and heating food.
  • The installation and installation of the garage furnace is very simple and does not require large expenses.
  • For the manufacture of the unit can be used improvised materials.
  • During the operation there is no need to use additional equipment and appliances.
  • Small dimensions of the unit make it versatile for use in garages.
  • Operation of such a device does not require the use of additional types of energy (electricity).

The disadvantages of this design can include:

  • Such furnaces have a great heat output, and as a result they heat up quickly and cool down quickly.
  • To maintain a high temperature in the stove you need to periodically add wood.
  • Continuous monitoring of the heating process is needed to ensure safety.

The oven for the garage with their own hands: a review of the best self-made options

Unfortunately for the garages heating is not provided (although, maybe, and fortunately, given the current rates), so we have to heat ourselves. Well, any heating is a stove. In this case, it must be small, but effective need to quickly bring the room from minus to a good plus. So, choosing a design, do not forget that the oven for the garage should quickly and easily flare. desirable that it could be stoked by waste to buy good wood is very unbudgetable, and particularly to store nowhere. Well and another requirement, the design must be simple, so you can easily make your own hands.

Features of garage heating

The capital garage with heating is not available to every car owner. often than not, the owner of the vehicle is in possession of a metal structure, devoid of any insulation. Any thermal energy leaves such a structure almost instantly.

When dealing with the problem of heating a garage room, you should not estimate its need for heat based on a similar experience with a residential home. And it’s not just because of the lack of insulation.

There is the so-called law of the square-cube, which states that when the size of a geometric body decreases, the ratio of the surface dimensions of this body to its volume increases.

This affects the size of the heat loss of the object, so to heat one cubic meter of a small room, such as a garage, you need more heat than when heating a large house.

If a heater with power of 10 kilowatt is enough for a two storied building, the much smaller garage needs a unit with power of about 2-2,5 kilowatt of thermal energy.

To maintain a very modest working temperature of 16 ° C is enough and the stove capacity of 1.8 kW. If you only need to keep the car parked at an optimum temperature of 8°C, a 1.2kW heater is the right choice.

It turns out that the fuel consumption for heating a unit volume of garage space can be twice as much as that of a residential house.

In order to thoroughly heat the entire garage, its walls and floor, you need even more thermal energy, t.е. even more powerful heater. But even with insulation, the heat will leave the room too quickly. Therefore, it is recommended to heat not the entire garage, but only the so-called working space.

The idea is to concentrate the heated air in the center of the room and around it so that a layer of cold air remains between the walls and the ceiling. As a result, equipment and people will always be in a cloud of air at a comfortable temperature and the consumption of thermal energy will be markedly reduced.

This phenomenon specialists call a warm cap, it occurs due to the natural-limited convection. Intense stream of heated air rises upward, but a little does not reach the ceiling, because its kinetic energy is dampened by denser cold layers.

Then the hot air is distributed on the sides, just touching the walls or just a little distance from them. Almost the whole garage becomes warm, under the influence of convection processes even the inspection pit is heated.

To achieve a similar effect, garage ovens of relatively low power are suitable, creating an intense, but not particularly dense flow of warm air.

An alternative option for heating the garage is to use various infrared heaters. For a garage with metal walls, such equipment is not particularly well suited to. Infrared energy is poorly reflected by metal surfaces, it pierces through them, so all the heat simply escapes to the outside.

For a brick garage with half-brick walls infrared heater specialists also do not recommend. This material does not transmit infrared waves, but also does not reflect them. Brick absorbs this type of heat energy and gives it away over time. Unfortunately, the process of storing energy and its return takes too much time.

Practical recommendations for choosing a garage heater are given in this article.

From sheet metal thickness of 3 mm, the body of the furnace was welded, the door for the furnace was made.

View from the end, two partitions of the maze for the smoke, the partitions allow you to remove more heat from the smoke, because in the stoves burzhuks most of the heat goes to the chimney.

On the walls of the furnace additional sheet metal is welded.

The legs are made of profile pipe, the furnace is installed in the garage.

Wood Stove from Car rims DIY

The chimney is made of a pipe with a diameter of 80 mm, of course for the chimney is not enough, but the other pipe was not.

Homemade stoves for the garage: options and advantages

The garage is not only a place to store your car. Many people spend a lot more free time in it, and it can be not only hot summers, but also cold winters. Of course, it makes no sense to equip a full heating in such a room, but a useful and practical self-made handy thing will come in handy.

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