Mixer with stainless steel bowl

Rating of the best mixers for home 2021-2022

Category Location Name Rating Price
The best inexpensive hand mixers 1 Philips HR3740/00 9.4 / 10 2 400
2 Braun HM 1010 MultiMix 1 9.3 / 10 3 400
3 Moulinex HM 3108B1 9.2 / 10 3 100
4 Bosch MFQ 2210 9.2 / 10 2 490
5 Moulinex HM 460110 9.1 / 10 3 500
6 Redmond RHM-M2104 9.0 / 10 2 900
The best multi-functional hand mixers 1 Bosch MFQ 36480 9.7 / 10 5 200
2 Moulinex HM 461110 9.6 / 10 4 400
3 Bosch MFQ 4070 9.5 / 10 5 600
Best Stationary Mixers (with Bowl) 1 Bosch MFQ 36460 9.8 / 10 4 400
2 Philips HR3745/00 Viva Collection 9.7 / 10 4 000
3 Moulinex HM 4121 9.6 / 10 4 300
4 Panasonic MK-GB3WTQ 9.5 / 10 4 000
5 Bosch MFQ 3555 9.3 / 10 4 400
6 DELTA LUX DL-5071C 9.3 / 10 2 100
The best planetary mixers 1 Smeg SMF02 9.9 / 10 59 990
2 Kitfort KT-3007 9.8 / 10 11 690
3 Garlyn S-350 9.7 / 10 19 900
4 Polaris PKM 1002 9.3 / 10 8 400

Which planetary mixer is better for home

Planetary mixers got their name for the trajectory of the nozzles, reminiscent of the simultaneous rotation of the planets around the sun and their own axis. They can ease the work of the home cook by taking over the time-consuming work of mixing a variety of products. Let’s try to understand which of their characteristics affect the solution of specific problems, on what the convenience and duration of trouble-free operation of such household appliances depends.


The amount of work the machine can do per unit time depends on the power. For electric appliances, it is directly related to the consumption of electricity, which will have to be paid for. For this reason, the choice of the optimal value of this indicator should be taken as seriously as possible.

Low power

Low-power mixers are those that draw between 180 and 500 watts of power. They are ideal for baby food, cooking creams, yoghurt and other low-viscosity products. With a suitable attachment, they can be used to whip up a cocktail. Thick mixtures can be a problem for them.

Of medium power

Devices in this category have motors that consume from 500 to 900 watts. They are able to mix any mixture in a relatively small volume. This appliance is ideal for the average family.

High power

Look for high-powered machines if you need to knead dough frequently. They are equipped with motors that consume from 1,000 to 2,700 watts of electric power. Such a blender has a large size and considerable weight, but in a matter of seconds mixes any product in a large bowl.

Number of speeds

Different food preparation requires different intensity of head movements. Yeast dough is kneaded at low speed, smoothies. at extremely high speed, and whipping egg whites should be done with a gradual acceleration of mixing. Mixers with 2 to 4 speed settings are suitable for daily kitchen work. For true professionals there should be machines with 6-7 speeds or infinitely variable speed control.

Some manufacturers give their developments additional useful options:

  • Smooth starts that exclude accidental splashing;
  • turbo mode, which allows for a short time to develop the highest possible speed;
  • pulse mode, characterized by a jagged pace that is ideal for crushing sticky lumps or very hard products.

Remember that the lower the speed, the more viscous the mixer is able to turn the mixture.

Bowl material

When choosing a planetary mixer be sure to pay attention to the material of the utensils that come with it. When choosing, you can follow your own preferences, keeping in mind the advantages and disadvantages of one or another option.


Plastic products are cheaper than the others, but they can get scratched, cracked or discolored over time. The lowest quality plastics have their own odor or absorb it from surrounding foods.

mixer, stainless, steel, bowl

A stationary mixer with a plastic bowl.


Glass has excellent hygiene properties because it is scratch-resistant, easy to clean and has no odour trapping. It can break, so it needs to be handled with the utmost care.

Stationary mixer with glass bowl.

Stainless steel

Food-grade stainless steel is expensive, cold to the touch, opaque, but easy to clean, wash and has an enviable durability.

Stationary mixer with metal bowl.

Bowl capacity

The volume of the bowl should be chosen on the basis of the anticipated amount of food you regularly prepare. Keep in mind that filling the bowl more than 2/3 full may cause the mixture to spill out. Do not forget an extra reserve in case of holidays with invited guests.

2 to 3 liters

This volume is universal for small to medium sized families. It will not cause problems with storage of the mixer and its accessories.

3-4 liters

These bowls are popular with those who like to cook pies, cakes and other pastry dishes.

than 5 liters

If you regularly have large feasts or run a small cafe, the 5-liter bowl may be too small for you. When choosing an appliance with these utensils, make sure the motor is powerful enough for this volume of food.


The nozzles are the most interesting part of any mixer. The standard set must necessarily include:

Mixer with a mixing paddle.

Mixer with whipping hook.

Powerful mixers need a chopper blade. The working elements experience maximum stress during operation, so they must be made only of stainless steel. When inspecting the attachment node, make sure that the attachments are secure and can be quickly replaced.

How to choose a mixer for your home?

The question of choosing the right mixer for the home is open to many. A wide range of small household appliances with different technical characteristics and price policy cause some difficulties in choosing the most suitable appliance. Before making a choice in favor of a particular model, it is recommended to analyze what tasks the mixer will have, what characteristics it will have to meet all the requirements.

What parameters to pay attention to when choosing a mixer for the home?

  • Types of mixer for the home. According to this criterion, all mixers are divided into the following varieties: manual, stationary, planetary and combined. The handheld models need to be held in the hand at all times during operation. Stationary mixers are additionally equipped with special containers and holders that are attached directly to the stand. These models operate autonomously, without human intervention. Planetary or pastry mixers include a housing with a motor, a bowl and a kneading nozzle. Combined mixers visually resemble an ordinary stationary model, but the peculiarity is that it can be used if necessary, as well as a manual one.
  • Power. This criterion directly affects the performance of the household appliance and the speed/quality of food processing. For example, the higher the capacity, the higher the speed of food processing. The disadvantages include higher cost and higher power consumption.
  • Materials used in manufacturing. The body and bowl may be made of impact-resistant plastic and/or metal, in some cases the bowl may be made of glass.
  • Bowl volume. The volume of the reservoir can range from 1.5 to 6 liters. The amount of product that can be mixed/whipped in 1 sitting will depend on this parameter. To choose the most preferable option, you need to think with what volumes you usually have to deal with and add to it 200-300 ml. This reserve will prevent drips from splashing.
  • Accessories. The mixer may come with a variety of attachments. The more expensive the appliance, the more accessories you will need. The most common set includes: whisk attachments, sieve attachments, blender attachment, electric knife, disc-shaped attachment for pureeing.

Please Note! Nozzles come in direct contact with food, so the quality of the material must be excellent.

These are the main parameters that you should pay attention to when choosing a mixer for home use. To make your search easy, we’ve hand-picked the best mixers for domestic use in 2022.

Best Stand Mixer Rating

Best mixer with stainless steel bowl

Electrolux ESM 3310

The original mixer, made in red and silver color. Metal body. The machine is designed for the average family, the volume of the bowl is 3.5 liters, the power of the device 500 watts. The speed selection is done with a small knob, 5 speeds in total. The model belongs to the economy class, costs about 2 thousand. р. Standard attachments: whisk and hooks for kneading.

Work in the kitchen is greatly facilitated by such a household appliance as a stationary mixer with a metal bowl. It mixes, whips, slices products, allowing to prepare a variety of dishes. Particularly indispensable in the seasonal produce period, but also in professional kitchens, such as cafeterias or restaurants, where you need to quickly whip egg whites, cream, knead dough or prepare vegetables for a salad.


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Mixers are simple but very handy kitchen tools that make chopping, mixing and whipping operations much easier. Mixers can be used for kneading, powerful devices can easily cope even with thick dough. In our store you can buy rotating bowl mixers and handheld models. It all depends on your preferences. When choosing a new device, pay attention to its power, the number of basic and additional modes, such as turbo and pulse. Also pay attention to the accessories that come together with the mixers. The parts of the mixers that come into contact with food are made of stainless steel, an easy-to-clean and hygienic material, for hygiene reasons. Bowls are made of healthy and easy-to-clean plastic. Manufacturers try to make their mixers as simple and easy to use as possible. Ejection of used attachments is carried out by pressing a button, mixers are switched with the slightest movement of your finger. Ergonomic handles and low weight allow you to work with them for a long time. The mixers presented in our catalog will satisfy all your wishes on functionality, comfort, design and price.

Rotary Bowl Stand Mixers. Top offers

Rotating bowl mixers are indispensable in the kitchen, especially if you love to cook. These gadgets make all the work faster and hands free. So you can do more things and save time. And the rotating bowl allows you to better stir the dough and other ingredients. And although devices of planetary type can be positioned as a more attractive option in this respect, its price tag is not an example more than that of mixers with a rotating bowl. In addition, most of these models are collapsible. such devices can be used as a stationary and handheld format. Here’s our review just what kind of mixer with a rotating bowl is worth to pay priority attention.

Planetary Bowl Mixers. 503 items found.503 items

Modern planetary mixer Kitfort KT-3018 power of 800 watts will help you mix ingredients, whip egg whites or cream, mashed potatoes, sauce, mousse, knead liquid dough for pancakes and steep. For dumplings and pies.The model features a smooth.

Stationary, power 1000W, 6 speeds

Type: planetary mixer, control type: mechanical, bowl/cup volume: 7L, max speed: 660 rpm, variable speed, power: 280W, height: 43.70 cm, width: 24 cm, depth: 41 cm

Stationary, power 2000 W, 9 speeds, pulse mode

Modern, powerful and quiet all-metal mixer Kitfort KT-1328 will help to mix ingredients, whip egg whites or cream, prepare mashed potatoes, sauce, cream, mousse, knead dough.The mixer is equipped with a 5 liter bowl with a comfortable handle. Sturdy bowl, durable, made of tempered steel.

Manual, power: 450W, 5 speeds, turbo mode, 1.367 kg

Stationary, 800 Watt, 8 speeds, 9 kg

Stationary, power 1000 W, 6 speeds, pulse mode, 3.2 kg

Stationary, 500 Watt, 5 speeds

Stationary with rotating beater, power 600W, 5 speeds

Power 1200 watt blender for large quantities mincer stainless steel body

Stationary, 500 Watt, 5 speeds

Stationary, 700 Watt power, 5 speeds, turbo mode

Manual, 500 Watt, 5 speeds, pulse mode

Stationary mixer with power of 800 W hooks for kneading dough, whisk

German manufacturer has a high power of 1000 watts and the ability to perform tasks of any complexity. Bowl capacity. 5 l that allows you to cook different dishes even for a large family. Six speeds ensure quality mixing of ingredients. Works on p.

Stationary, power 1300 W, 6 speeds, pulse mode

Multifunctional and powerful planetary mixer KT-1371 will help you mix ingredients, whip egg whites or cream, mashed potatoes, sauce, cream, mousse, knead liquid dough for pancakes and steep for dumplings and pies, ground meat for mince, cook, cook, prepare a variety of dishes.

The reliable planetary mixer VIATTO VA-SM5R has a high power of 1000 watts and is suitable for various cooking tasks. With it you can whip eggs, cream, meringue and all sorts of desserts and spreads. The modern stationary device supports whipping.

Stationary, power 1000 W, 8 speeds, pulse mode, 4.6 kg

Stationary mixer Kitfort KT-1308 power of 600 watts is made of durable plastic and stainless steel, so it can withstand heavy loads. Large bowl for 4.2 liters will allow cooking a large dish for the whole family. The set includes whisk and two beater heads.

Endever Sigma-17 bowl mixer, multifunctional, 1100 W, stainless steel body and bowl, 4L steel bowl, 6 speeds, pulse mode, LED indicator, three attachments and spatula included, bowl lid with hole for adding ingredients, cord length 1.

Multifunctional planetary mixer ENDEVER SIGMA-17 helps you mix ingredients, whip egg whites or cream, prepare mashed potatoes, sauce, cream, mousse, mix liquid batter for pancakes. 6 speeds plus pulse mode

Cutting-edge and powerful stationary planetary mixer Kitfort KT-1343 helps you mix ingredients, beat eggs or cream, mashed potatoes, sauce, cream, mousse, knead liquid dough for pancakes and dough for dumplings and pies. Mixer is equipped with a planetary.

Stationary, 1400 Watt, 6 speeds, 3.94 kg

stationary, 250 Watt, 10 speeds, 6.5 kg

stationary, with rotating working bowl, 450 W power, 5 speeds, turbo mode, 1.9 kg

Stationary, with rotating working bowl, 450 W, 5 speeds, turbo mode, 1.05 kg

Compact mixer Supra MXS-201 with interchangeable accessories will be a real help in your kitchen. The device has 200 Watt power and five switchable speeds of rotation that allows to make fast and high quality kneaded dough, airy cakes or dishes.

Combine, power 1200 W, bowl capacity 6.3 л

Stationary, power 900W, 6 speeds, 3.75 kg

Manual, 700W power, 5 speeds, turbo mode, 1.3 kg

Features Power 1,300 watts Number of speeds6 Planetary rotation✓ Quiet and powerful motor✓ Bowl lid with access opening✓ Contents: Removable stainless steel bowl5.1 L Indoor Sprinkle-Preventive Cap✓ Manual.

Features: Power 1300W Number of speeds 6, Planetary rotation, Quiet and powerful motor, Bowl lid with access opening for adding ingredients. Accessories: Removable stainless steel bowl 5.0 l, Spatterproof lid, Handheld.

Stationary, power 600W, 6 speeds, pulse mode, 11.7 kg

Manual, 450 Watt, 5 speeds, turbo mode

Stationary, power 1500W, 6 speeds, pulse mode, 11.7 kg

Equipment Review: Best Stainless-Steel & Glass Mixing Bowls (Open Stock, Sets) & Our Testing Winners

Stationary, with a rotating working bowl, power 600 W, 5 speeds, turbo mode

SmartMIX technology. The device automatically selects the optimum power for each type and quantity of ingredients.PROtect technology to protect the motor from overheating.Reliable construction with steel gears.Planetary whisk attachment rotation.Stainless steel bowl.

Stationary with pivoting bowl, 2300 Watt, 6 speeds, pulse mode, 5 Kg

Kitfort KT-1336 ultra-modern and powerful stationary mixer will help you mix ingredients, whip egg whites or cream, prepare mashed potatoes, sauce, cream, mousse, knead liquid dough for pancakes and steep for dumplings and pies.Features and functions:- higher.

, 1000 W power, 8 speed, pulse mode, 6.28 kg

Type: planetary mixer, control type: mechanical, bowl/cup capacity: 30L, number of speeds: 3, maximum rotational speed: 365 rpm, maximum load: 6 kg, power: 1100 watts, height: 85.20 cm, width: 54.60 cm, depth: 51.20 cm

Stationary, 1600 Watt, 6 speeds, pulse mode, 6.6 kg

Table-top planetary mixer Gemlux GL-SM312GR is designed for mixing yeast and yeast-free dough of different viscosity, whipping eggs, cream, mousse, puree, stuffing, etc.п. The equipment has electromechanical controls, six s.

The right kitchen helper. the KitchenAid ARTISAN mixer. highest quality and robustness of all parts. The unique 4.8 liter large bowl does not limit your imagination at all, allowing you to work wonders. Mix and blend, whip and grind, it’s a novelty!

GASTROMIX B 5 ECO planetary mixer. The compact professional mixer. This model excellently copes with different dough consistencies, whipping and simple mixing

Modern, powerful planetary mixer Kitfort KT-3046 will help you to mix ingredients, whip egg whites or cream, make mashed potatoes, sauce, mousse, knead liquid dough for pancakes and steep for dumplings. This model has a continuously variable speed control.

Cutting-edge and powerful stationary mixer Kitfort KT-1338 will help you mix ingredients, whip egg whites or cream, mashed potatoes, sauce, cream, mousse, knead liquid dough for pancakes and steep for dumplings and pies.The mixer is equipped with a planetary.

manual, 450 W power, 5 speeds, pulse mode

Stationary, power 1000 W, 6 speeds, 1.5 kg

, 1000 W power, 8 speeds, pulse mode, 6.28 kg

Planetary mixer Kitfort KT-1337 with a set of interchangeable attachments is equipped with a reliable motor power of 600 watts and has six speed modes, so you can quickly and accurately knead dough, make airy cakes or egg dishes. auxiliary and.

A powerful planetary mixer Kitfort KT-1353 will help you mix ingredients, whip egg whites or cream, prepare mashed potatoes, sauce, cream, mousse, knead liquid dough for pancakes and steep for dumplings and pies.The mixer is equipped with a planetary mixing system.

Multifunctional, 1000 W, white/brown, 4 L steel bowl, 6 speeds, three nozzles, planetary blending system

You need to make a cream or sauce in no time? With the Scarlett SC-HM40S15 mixer you will save time and effort. The mixer has 5 speed modes and you will easily find the optimal one for both quick beating and gentle mixing. Use the included stainless steel bowl.

The compact mixer perfectly copes with different dough consistencies, whipping and simple mixing. Bowl capacity of 7 liters. Plastic body. 6 speed pulse mode. The mixer set includes a mixer whisk (stainless steel). steel), spatula (stainless steel), paddle (stainless steel), spatula (stainless steel) and holder (stainless steel). steel), hook (stainless steel), hook (stainless steel), multi-purpose mixer (stainless steel), stainless steel bowl. steel).

Planetary mixers with stainless steel bowl

Planetary mixers with stainless steel bowl. a classic model created over a century ago by specialists from the American company KitchenAid. Since then, these powerful and multifunctional home helpers. that is how the name of the company is translated. have invariably remained popular. Buying them, you do not have to worry about buying a meat grinder, blender, juicer or shaker.

The principle of operation of planetary devices is very simple: not only the nozzle, immersed in a bowl with a mixture, but also the head, in which it is fixed. as the planet rotates around its axis and around the sun. The entire mixture is treated, so that the optimum result is achieved. The manufacturers offer the devices in 35 bright colors and remain faithful to the retro style. Stainless steel, of which the bowl is made, is strong, completely safe and resistant to all kinds of influences.

Planetary devices produce and other well-known brands. in the online store “Hausdo” presented products from the Italian company Smeg and the Russian brand Bork. Smeg products are made in the style of the 50’s with their streamlined forms and soft pastel colors, and models from Bork. in a restrained modern design.

Some of their main features include:

High power up to 1200 watts: average power is 500 watts;

Significant speed of rotation. up to 1900 rpm, which contributes to better mixing;

Up to 10 speeds for liquid and solid products;

A complete set of accessories: beating whisk, dough hooks, mixer blade, whipping nozzle for solid products;

Convenient attachments: food adding nozzle, bowl guard.

The official website of the Hausdorf online store invites you to buy a planetary mixer with a stainless steel bowl at a fair price.

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