Multicooker pressure cooker redmond rmc p470 review

REDMOND RMC-P470 reviews

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Many automatic programs implemented in both non-pressurized and pressurized modes. The new unique program VAKUUM designed for cooking with sous-vide technology (in a vacuum). In addition, the Mastershef Lite function, which allows you to adapt the cooking process in the mode of the multicooker to personal preferences by changing the temperature, cooking time.

I bought a Redmond RMC-P470 pressure cooker and its accessories (cups for yogurt, an extra bowl, a fryer, a universal lid and a ceramic bowl for a steam cooker as a gift). And now about the muller itself. Already tried it twice, in the morning porridge cooked milk and for lunch stew with pork (under pressure, in a pressure cooker). Tastes as good as on the stove, but requires minimal involvement in the cooking. Took a long time to choose a model, I chose this one, price=quality. plus there’s the “master chef” feature that changes the temperature while cooking. I also read that rubber absorbs odors, but the instructions say that the manufacturer recommends not to leave cooked food in the multicooker for a long time, and if it happens and the smell still appeared, he writes that you can dissolve lemon juice and wash it with it. Works quietly, I didn’t notice the steam dropping loudly. The lid is not removable, on the valve and the rubber band unscrew, so it is easy to clean and convenient. There is a book of recipes as a gift, as well as an app on the phone, very convenient. So far I have been following all the recipes, until I get a knack for it, as they say))))) and then I will experiment.

It was the only pressure cooker that had a full analogue of the multicooker (in baking mode, you can adjust the temperature from 60 to 180 degrees)! Bakes, boils, roasts beautifully. Bowl with a good coating. Express mode for crumbled rice, reheat, and more. I cook almost everything in it: pasta, soup, compote, baking, loaf, casseroles, porridge, yogurt, mashed potatoes, stewed cabbage!

The last multicooker was not very comfortable to cook in and therefore did not really want to. Now I cook a lot and fast! So very recommendable!

Unreasonably complicated and unresponsive controls30% of the time it takes to heat up. Loses the point of pressure cooker.

A big bowl with a ceramic coatingNew interesting tastes of dishes

Not very convenient to clean the lid (for pressure cookers is to be expected, so this is a dubious drawback. If suddenly the pressure in the pressure cooker mode has dropped (which indicates that the water has run out), it does not turn off by itself. But I am not sure that some models can do this.

I will take it to my country cottage and forget about it like a bad dream!

Of the advantages I can highlight the fact that she resets the pressure. And actually that’s all) more good in it is not!

Disadvantages of a wagon and a small cart! Read the extended commentary!

I will take it to the cottage and forget about it like a bad dream!

The only thing I can single out as an advantage is the fact that she relieves the pressure. That’s all) there is nothing more good in it!

There are a lot of drawbacks! read in full commentary!

I will take it to the cottage and forget about it like a bad dream!

The only good thing I can say is that it relieves the pressure. That’s actually all) there is nothing else nice about it!

Drawbacks are a wagon and a small cart! read the extended commentary!

REDMOND RMC-P470 reviews

Advantages: Very handy features, controls.Significantly saves cooking time.

Advantages: pressure cooker. Thanks to the pressure it cooks soup in 30 minutes.

Advantages: It cooks perfectly. In half an hour (ten minutes pressure dial, fifteen minutes cooking, five minutes pressure relief) the softest meat, vegetables. Cereals are like stewed in an oven.Beautiful!)

Weaknesses: The programming wheel is uncomfortable, it’s too easy to turn and often the settings get lost and you have to re-set them.No other complaints so far.

Advantages: Beautiful! Cooks quickly!

Drawbacks: Failed after four months(((( backlight is red, menu is hard to see((((

Comment: The son gave it as a present in June for his birthday, and it already broke in October(( We took it to a warranty repair shop and have been waiting for over a month(( No spare part (electric magnet) and Redmond always have, said the master. The spare parts are too slow.

Advantages: It cooks quite fast. The difference in the speed of cooking with a conventional multicooker is obvious. This is the end of the advantages.

Disadvantages: Problems with pressure. The multicooker almost never depressurizes automatically. I want to reset, I want to not, the pattern in almost a year of use is not revealed. Accordingly, it is impossible to open the lid. What’s more, the pressure release button does not always work either. The only thing that helps is the button on the lid, which must be pressed with an object, wearing a glove on your hand so as not to burn yourself.Totally inconvenient controls. The joystick is very sensitive, you have to get used to the program to avoid it getting blown out of proportion. The button to start the program does not always work the first time. You press it, and the program bangs and jumps to another one. Again, it takes some getting used to.The names of the programs are highlighted dimly, in red. A person who is not 100% sighted needs to take a closer look.Regularly the lid locks, even when using programs. that don’t use pressure. Т.е. ,For example, the “milk porridge” mode. The porridge is cooked, the program enters the heating mode. You open the lid, add oil, stir, close the lid to let the porridge infuse. Bach! The lid is locked, you can’t open the multicooker! The pressure release button does not always help. Again, we go back to pressing the lid button. Put a glove on your hand and press the button in the lid with an object. Reset the steam and only then opens the lid. Again, a program that does not provide for pressure dialing/resetting.There is almost no point in using the “baking” mode. Т.к. Burns like this (if the recipe calls for not stirring. For an omelette, for example, or a biscuit, etc.д.) All the positive emotions from a puffy omelette, for example, pale in comparison with the prospect of scrubbing off the pan. I wouldn’t risk putting it in the dishwasher.к. I have read reviews that the bowl spoils. Т.е. If there is a ceramic coating, it is very, very conditional. I’m comparing a bowl from my first Panasonic multi, which is 15 years old and this one, which is not a year old. A 15-year-old bowl is, without exaggeration, better.

Comment: I do not recommend to buy. Capricious machine that always needs a special setup. Approaches. Before buying, I read all the reviews, I saw that there are nuances. But I like the look very much. I was convinced that the negative reviews do not lie 🙂

REDMOND RMC-P470 pressure cooker

The minimum price for the period and the difference from the previous period is indicated.

This is the pressure cooker I bought a year ago.

Since I am always short on time with two kids, I decided to get myself this helper. In general, I’m happy with it, very helpful when I cook baby food for 10-15 minutes in pressure cooker function. For me it is a big time saver!

It’s also very helpful in the morning, I pour milk and grits. And I do my own thing. I come in and the porridge is ready. If I cooked it on the stove, I’d stand near the stove so the milk wouldn’t run away. But I mind my own business while my “helper” cooks.

Baking in it is not super, not comparable to the oven!

A very big plus is stewing in it! Braising is IDEAL. Even old tough beef in this pressure cooker turns into melt-in-the-mouth meat! And again the plus side is that you don’t have to stand around it and guard it!

Now I’ll tell you the biggest disadvantage I don’t like about it, the jagged lid. All right, you can wash it easily in front of the wall but in the back, to wash it you need to play with ear sticks and a tool to get the dirt, grease, as a rag, sponge or finger will not get there!

Maybe for some people it’s not a problem, but I’m too picky, after every cooking it must look like new))))

And, of course, rubber bands! But this is a problem with all multicookers and pressure cookers, when you cook something rubber absorbs the smell, and the next meal smells like the previous one. But you have to admit, when dessert smells like condiments or meat or something, it’s no good. But there is a way out, you can buy an extra rubber band and use one for desserts only and another for the rest. Or do as I do after cooking, I wash the pressure cooker, add half a cup of vinegar to the pot and put the steam function on for 10 minutes. And there’s no smell.

Redmond RMC-P470 pressure cooker. review

Decided to get a pressure cooker in the house. Came to the store, on the showcase there were many different models with different price range and different functionality. I had my eyes wide open, but we knew exactly what we wanted. A consultant came to the rescue. After talking with a specialist, we were proposed multicooker pressure cooker Redmond RMC-P470, it was most suitable for our “wants”. It just had a good discount) And we succumbed to the discount and the recommendations of a specialist and bought it.

A little bit about the characteristics of this model:

I’ve never used a multicooker before, this is my first experience. First, I thoroughly studied the instructions for use. Everything is clearly written and in detail, so there was no difficulty in starting. Our first dish was buckwheat porridge, and you know, it turned out great! Crumbly, delicious, and most importantly fast! The multicooker even has a warming function and a delayed start, which is very useful if you have a busy schedule or when you have to do many things at once. Then there was pilaf, soup, steamed fish, pork stew, etc.п. Everything turned out very tasty, and most importantly healthy! The book contains more than 200 recipes for preparing various dishes: breakfasts, second and first courses, desserts, appetizers, salads, soups and drinks. In addition to the book, REDMOND has released a mobile app, where you can choose your model of multicooker, yogurt maker, steamer, etc.п. (Generally, the model of your device) and it is to your device the application will pick up various recipes (they, by the way, are updated). The app is also very easy to use, and you can even create a shopping list!

Multicooker. pressure cooker is a great helper in the kitchen for the hostess! I am very pleased with the product!

REDMOND RMC-P470 pressure cooker

REDMOND Smart Home in Karat Shopping Mall

Moscow region, Reutov, ul. The app is also very handy to use, and you can even create a shopping list there.1А

REDMOND Smart Home in Afimall City mall

REDMOND Smart Home in Vesna mall

Moscow, Altufievskoe highway, 1 st km, vl3 s1

REDMOND Smart Home Shop in Tropa Shopping Mall

Обзор мультиварки-скороварки нового поколения REDMOND RMC-P470: программы, чаша и функции

REDMOND Smart Home in the Pushilkovo department store

REDMOND Smart Home in VIVA mall

REDMOND Smart Home in Picnic Shopping Mall

Zapadnaya St, Novoivanovskoye urban district, Odintsovsky district, Moscow region, Russia. 4

REDMOND Smart Home in Maxi City mall

REDMOND Smart Home in “Raikin Plaza” mall

REDMOND Smart Home store in Mosaic Shopping Mall

At regular intervals the lid locks, even when using the programs. Which do not use pressure. Т.е. ,For example, “Milk porridge” mode. Porridge boiled, the program goes into reheat mode. Opened the lid, added oil, stirred, closed the lid to let the porridge infuse. Bach! The lid is locked, the multicooker can not be opened! Pressure reset button does not always help. Again, back to the mechanical pressure of the button on the lid. Put glove on hand, press button on lid with an object. Reset the steam and only then will the lid open. Again, a program that does not provide for pressure dialing/resetting.

Lacks remote control and a normal clock for delayed start.

Questions the quality of external materials and assembly. On closer inspection, you can see all sorts of burrs and sloppiness on the plastic, between the lid and the body in the cracks of the hinge can be seen sloppily laid wires. Center button is loose and seems to fall off over time. The ratchet when you turn the knob feels very slight. It’s easy to miss the right program. Digital controls come from the 2000s. It is not beautiful and very uncomfortable. The backlighting of the elements is uneven and flickers when the touch buttons are pressed.

The RMC-P470 is like a pressure cooker

The tightly closed lid of the pressure cooker locks in the pressure cooker mode in the Rice, Soup, Stew, Stew and Steam programs. an increased pressure is created in the chamber. High pressure causes water and other liquids in the cooker bowl to boil over at a temperature greater than 100°C. Thanks to these conditions, food in the P470 cooks much faster than in a classic multicooker, stove top or oven. So, borscht or rassolnik will be ready in 20-30 minutes, and a spicy turkey with cheese and vegetables for main in 10 minutes.

Cooking at high pressure is absolutely safe. A multi-level protection system monitors the pressure rise in the blocked appliance and in an emergency will normalize them without interrupting cooking. In a particularly dangerous situation, the protection system will suspend the operation of the device.

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