My Home App does not see the vacuum cleaner

Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner doesn’t connect to WI-FI

Solve the problem of connecting your Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner to Wi-Fi through the Mi Home app. Usually there is an error Bring your phone close to the router. (network connection timeout expired).

If Connected and Message sent to the device are successful, and a red cross appears next to the message Time to connect to the network has elapsed.

  • If the specific model of robot-vacuum cleaner Xiaomi was released for the Chinese market (it can be understood from the inscriptions on the box and the device itself, all in Chinese), then it is very difficult to add it to the application. The problem is solved by changing the region in the app to China. (try it). But it doesn’t always work. There is information that in this case the phone must be set to Chinese time zone. If all subtitles are in English for European countries (enter one of the European countries in the settings). If all subtitles are in Russian, it means the Russian region.
  • Make sure that when you set up the robot vacuum cleaner, you entered the correct password for the Wi-Fi network you want the vacuum cleaner to connect to.
  • Your phone must have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled.
  • While setting up, place the vacuum cleaner and your phone (from which you are setting up) near the router (with the Wi-Fi network you will connect the robot vacuum cleaner to).
  • If it didn’t work the first time, try again. Perhaps the problem lies on the side of Xiaomi servers.
  • A tip from the Комментарии и мнения владельцев: enable all the permissions in the app settings.

Please note! Robots only work on 2.4 GHz. So it won’t be able to connect to Wi-Fi routers in a different range.

Changing the region

One of the primary causes of this error is an incompatibility of regions. For example, you bought a Chinese version of the vacuum cleaner, but the Mi Home app is set to the Russian region or vice versa. In this case, you need to change the region to China or mainland China: Settings Language and Region.

It also helps to change the time zone to Chinese try.

Nuances of connecting on iOS

Except for the store, from which you need to download the Mi Home app, there is no difference in the configuration. But there’s one problem that only occurs on iPhones and iPads: the device doesn’t see the vacuum cleaner when you set any region other than India and China. To change this, you will need to:

  • Select India or China.
  • Open the Mi Home app;
  • Select Profile on the bottom menu, or Profiles in English;
  • Select Region;
  • Find Settings or Preferences;

First it is worth to try India: in this case there will be fewer functional limitations.

Using the modified Mi Home app

The standard Mi Home app from Xiaomi often either does not detect the device, or gives an error about the incompatibility with a particular region. Smart people from thematic forums have long since solved this problem by modifying the program try to connect the vacuum cleaner through it. The author of the modification is the user vevs, and you can download the mod here.

  • Download your own version of Mi Home. It can be found on the website 4PDA.
  • Log in to your account in the China region.
  • Connect your robot.
  • Go to its settings and find the Control Plugin. An error message appears. This is fine.
  • Load the plugin without region locking.
  • Go to explorer: internal memory/plugin/install/mpk/615.
  • Write down the file name.
  • Rename the downloaded plugin so that the names match.
  • Copy the new plugin into the 615 folder and replace it.

If everything was done correctly, the restriction will disappear and the robot will connect to any region. To save the installed plug-in, it is recommended to disable automatic update in the vacuum cleaner’s settings through the app.

Restore the vacuum cleaner to factory settings

First, try just rebooting the vacuum cleaner if that doesn’t work, reset it to factory settings. All of the device data will be restored to defaults.

How to add to HomeKit

We add the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner to HomeKit step by step:

  • Download the Mi Home robot vacuum cleaner app from the App Store.
  • Register your Mi Home account using your phone number (skip this step if you already have your own account).
  • Add Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner.
  • Log in to your Mi Home account.
  • Click on “” to add the vacuum cleaner.
  • Find your Xiaomi vacuum cleaner model in the “Home Appliances” category.
  • Check the “Flashing blue light” box.
  • Select your home Wi-Fi and enter your password.
  • Click “Go to Wi-Fi settings”.
  • Choose a Wi-Fi network with a name (for example, Roborock-Vacuum-xxxxx to connect.
  • Go back to “Mi Home”, here you will see the connection interface.
  • Select the location of the robot vacuum cleaner. Give a name.
  • Tap the device on the Mi Home page to access the vacuum cleaner to work, and wait until the initialization reaches 100%.

Make sure your phone is already connected to Wi-Fi. Open the top of the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner to see the Wi-Fi light while connected.

Automatic way of building a map

The first time the robot vacuum cleaner starts to build a cleaning map in automatic mode. Using the camera and laser sensors, the map of the robot vacuum cleaner is adjusted. Then, according to its own established route, the technique will start cleaning the room. It is necessary to wait for the completion of the process. Then you need to check whether the entire volume of the apartment cleaned by the vacuum cleaner. If something is not cleaned, you need to restart the device so that the map of cleaning the room is built again.

No message from the smart home

The second common reason for dissatisfaction among users of the development of Xiaomi Mi Home is the lack of push notifications. The problem is quite serious, and it is not worth turning a blind eye to. This way you can know in time about a water leak or a window opened by the wind. The first thing to do. Test the service on a third-party device. If everything is in order, then on your gadget perform the manipulation (the instructions are given on the example of Xiaomi with the MIUI shell version 6.0.1):

Set auto-run permissions.

View application permissions. “Pop-up windows” option must be checked.

Check the permissions under “Notifications and status bar”. It’s interested in the “app notifications” item, from which we go down to the smart home. The line “Show notifications” should be in the active state.

If after all these manipulations you are unable to receive messages, reinstalling the service is the only way to save them.

I can not connect the robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Mi Roborock Sweep One S50 to the home WI-FI

Please help me with the following question. Robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Mi Roborock Sweep One S50 International can not connect to the application MiHom. The application is loaded on the iPad, the home Internet through the router Asus RT-N11P. In the MiHom app, the vacuum cleaner is not automatically visible, manually hooking it is possible, but at the stage of connecting to WI-FI writes “5G WI-FI is not supported”.

The MiHom app has both Russia and other regions overridden. Home TVs, tablets, and other devices have been working with WI-FI for a long time and smoothly. Thanks!


Too bad, of course, that you have not attached screenshots from the application and have not written how you manually hook it up and where (at what specific stage) the error “5G WI-FI is not supported” appears. I don’t have such a vacuum cleaner and have never set them up.

As far as I understand, the algorithm for connecting and setting up the robot vacuum cleaner is as follows:

  • On the vacuum cleaner you need to activate the connection mode. Press and hold two buttons, or the power button. To make the indicator light blink. How exactly on the Xiaomi Mi Roborock Sweep One S50. do not know. The instructions should show.
  • In connection mode, the robot vacuum cleaner gives out WI-FI. Connect to this network from your iPad.
  • In the MiHom app, select add a new device.
  • There should appear Xiaomi Mi Roborock Sweep One S50 vacuum cleaner. After that the configuration process will go. The first thing you will need to choose your WI-FI network in the application (from Asus RT-N11P) and correctly specify the password for the vacuum cleaner to connect to the router.
  • After setup, the vacuum cleaner will stop distributing WI-FI, and you will connect your smartphone to your home network. The connection will be through a router.

Don’t understand the error “5G WI-FI is not supported”. I don’t think (although it’s possible) that the Xiaomi Mi Roborock Sweep One S50 only connects to the 5GHz network. Which Asus RT-N11P can not distribute. I don’t know what kind of iPad you have. If it is old, it does not support 5G WI-FI. Maybe that’s the problem.


Judging by the Комментарии и мнения владельцев to this post, the problem with connecting and configuring Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaners is very popular. I, unfortunately, can not give any specific advice and solutions for the reason that I do not have this device and have no opportunity to check everything myself.

In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below, many visitors to our site have shared solutions that helped them to solve the problem with the connection of the robot vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi to Wi-Fi through the Mi Home app. As a rule, there is an error “Bring the phone closer to the router” (The waiting time to connect to the network has expired).

When the items “Connected” and “Message sent to the device” are successful, and near “Network connection time has expired” there is a red cross.

home, does, vacuum, cleaner
  • If your specific model of robotic vacuum cleaner Xiaomi was released for the Chinese market (this can be understood from the inscriptions on the box and the device itself, there all in Chinese). It is very difficult to add it to the application. The problem seems to be solved by changing the region in the application to “China” (try it). But it does not always work. There is information that in this case, the phone must be set to Chinese time zone. If all captions are in English. for European countries (set one of the European countries in the settings). If all inscriptions are in Russian, it means the region is Russia.
  • Make sure that in the process of setting up a robot vacuum cleaner, you enter the password from the Wi-Fi network to which you want to connect the vacuum cleaner correctly.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth should be turned on on the phone.
  • While setting up place the vacuum cleaner and the phone (from which you set up) near the router (to the Wi-Fi network to which you will connect the robot vacuum cleaner).
  • If it did not work the first time. try again. The problem might be on the side of Xiaomi servers.
  • Tip from the Комментарии и мнения владельцев: turn on all the permissions in the app settings.
  • Full reset of the robot vacuum cleaner.
  • The name of your main Wi-Fi network should not contain any special characters, and be set in English letters only.
  • If you can’t set up from your iOS device (iPhone, iPad). then try to configure it from your Android device.


Eugene shared another solution in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

There should be no capital letters and special characters in the Wi-Fi network name and password. Only small letters and numbers. If you can’t connect your Roborock Sweep One S50 to Wi-Fi network, check network name (SSID) and password.

Read the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Share your solutions!

Guys, the router did not want to assign an IP to the vacuum cleaner, which was evident from the network map and its event log. solved by setting static DHCP in the router settings. Hope to help anyone out.

Helped to connect to WI-FI 2.4GHz by changing the Wi-Fi to 802.11n Region Russian, language Russian.

Hi, can you please tell me how to change the name of the wi-fi?

home, does, vacuum, cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner: Roborock S6 MaxV Router: Asus RT-AC66U Phone: Samsung S21 Ultra

The problem: Robot does not connect to the network (as many others here)

Solution: This is where it gets really interesting. I didn’t initially have a problem with the characters in the network name and password, although I tried those options as well. I tried reconfiguring the router for different types of networks (ac/n/legacy), changed channels, changed the firewall settings, in general I danced with tambourine. I was never able to connect the vacuum cleaner to the network via the Roborock native app. But by accident I managed to do it through the application Mi Home, and it had nothing to do with the router or the vacuum cleaner (at that time I had already rolled back the router settings to their original state, and reset the Wi-Fi settings on the vacuum cleaner stopped long ago), then I was able to repeat the connection several times. In general, my connection algorithm is as follows: 1) Uninstall the Mi Home app so that the permission to control the Wi-Fi network gets lost and reinstall 2) Forget the Wi-Fi network of the robot itself 3) Start the standard procedure of connecting the robot to the network, 4) Wait till app gives error that it cannot connect to vacuum cleaner 5) Go to Wi-Fi settings and manually select vacuum cleaner network 6) Go back to app, it should automatically start to connect to vacuum cleaner 7) Almost immediately (within 10 seconds) robot says it starts to connect to the network 8) Wait till connection is finished

Then everything starts to work. Sometimes it is not possible the first time, you need to repeat the algorithm, I, in general, about 5 times successfully connected the vacuum cleaner to the network. I can’t do it with the native Roborock app.

From all of the above it is easy to conclude that in my case, the problem is neither in the router, nor in the robot, but in the crooked software from Xiaomi. Perhaps with a future update they will fix it.

Hello, my friend. Not quite understand your instruction. Can you explain?( the problem is the same

Vacuum Cleaner: Roborock S6 MaxV Router: Asus ZenWiFi AX

A month was working without problems, then dropped out of WI-FI and everything, now as with all in the 3rd stage Bring your phone closer to the router connection time to the network has expired I have already tried everything in this thread, nothing helped. Network name (all lowercase Latin letters) Password (numbers only) Encryption methods (WPA WPA3) Regions (Germany, Singapore, China, Ukraine, ) Various combinations of setup and resets Mi Home Reset to factory settings of the vacuum cleaner, and separately reset WI-FI, 100500 times at each step Reconfigure DHCP on the router, disabled security and firewall, all blocking devices disabled blocking third-party DNS at the provider Stal as DNS in the phone and on the router Left only 2.I put all the devices directly by the router three different mobile devices with different versions of Android (including Samsung and Xiaomi), one of them with root privileges, and the application itself (Mi Home) gave absolutely all rights

All the settings have been copied 100 times over. Damn, well, the router is not an option to change, it is new, and the money is normal ((( Already brain starts to melt.

What else to try ? Help, please

Happened the same thing, a couple of weeks, flight was normal, then bam and fell off.

Tried everything on your list too.

Noticed that the router vacuum cleaner appears. So he can not connect to the servers ? (Home Internet Beeline) gave out the Internet from the phone (MTS) hooked up the vacuum cleaner and everything worked.

I think that the Bilain home Internet periodically cuts off the Xiaomi server. They even have mobile and home internet differently opens the sites that on the PC without vpn not plashu, on a mobile internet open normal.

I checked it via mobile internet (MTS) and it works ! I changed provider during this time (now Lanet in Kiev) the same story does not work. It seems that the issue is with the router, Asus updated the firmware with security updates and after that it stopped working. When changing the provider, by the way, I reset the router to factory settings. In the next week I will try to get another router for testing (not Asus) and I will report here if I get positive results.

On the router came the following update, and everything began to work, I think it was in the 3 point: Firmware version 1. Fixed network related issues. 2. Improved system stability. 3. Fixed Android 7 device connection issues.

Connecting Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner to a smartphone through the app

Mi Home. Universal application developed by Xiaomi, through which dozens of devices are controlled. From smart home sensors to electric vehicles and appliances. The app is available on both Andriod and iOS.

To connect a robot-vacuum cleaner to the application will need:

  • Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner or company partners
  • An Android 4 smartphone.4 or iOS 9.0 and higher
  • Wi-Fi router that works in the 2.4 GHz band

Как подключить Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum (робот пылесос) к приложению Mi Home ?

To connect the robot vacuum cleaner to your smartphone download the application “Mi Home” in the application store “Play Market” or “App Store”

In the Mi Home app, regions act as a cloud service. A couple of years ago smart home devices worked only in the region of “China”. Since last year, the company has been adding popular devices in other regions. Now, the robotic vacuum cleaners that Xiaomi and partners produce are connected through other regions as well. In our case we choose the “Russia” region.

  • Click “Add device”. The app will ask for location access to locate devices nearby. Allow, so it will be easier to find and connect new devices.
  • Connect and select the router that stands in the house. Then enter the Wi-Fi network password, that is, the password of this router and wait for the robot vacuum cleaner to connect to the network.

All! Robot vacuum cleaner connected.

We connected Xiaomi Mijia 1C Sweeping Vacuum Cleaner, but the connection principle is the same for each model.

The Mi Home app increases the functionality of robot vacuum cleaners. For example with the help of the application a house map is built, zoned cleaning appears, virtual walls are placed, cleaning according to the schedule and so on.

To get acquainted with robot-vacuum cleaners Xiaomi can on our website in the section “Goods for home. “Vacuum cleaning robots”.

Calculating coordinates and specifying cleaning zones

To determine the coordinates on the map of the room and orient the vacuum cleaner on them, you need to carry out a series of actions:

  • Start Mi Home and select the vacuum cleaner. A layout of the room with the position of the docking station will open.
  • Coordinates of the base are taken as initial and have the following readings: x-axis. 25500, y-axis. 25500. On the basis of these values the other points are determined when the vacuum cleaner moves.
  • A test job or Flow is created. In the column “When” place the tab “This Flow is started”, in the column “Then” place the image of the vacuum cleaner, which shows the initial coordinates.
  • Next, you need to move to the “Send vacuum cleaner to target” tab, scrolling through the actions, and specify the test coordinates on it. Changing their values, the scheme determines the correspondence of the entered data with the real position of the vacuum cleaner. In this way you can determine the coordinates of the area to be cleaned.

The described procedures will allow you to navigate correctly in the scheme and enter the correct coordinates for the cleaning zone. Having learned how to correctly enter the data, proceed to specify the boundaries of the territory to be dusted. To do this, perform the following steps:

  • In the created test task, scroll to the “Start zone cleaning” action.
  • Next, in the tab that opens, specify the coordinates of the rectangular area to be cleaned. The format of the record is as follows: [X1, Y1, X2, Y2, N] where X1, Y1 are coordinates of the rectangle corner, X2, Y2 are coordinates of the opposite corner, N is the number of dusting in the zone, can vary from 1 to 3.
  • After entering the necessary data, start the cleanup.

Following the described steps, you can automate the process of cleaning as much as possible.

Nuances of connection on iOS

Except for the store, from which you need to download the Mi Home application, there are no differences in the configuration. But there is one problem that occurs only on the iPhone and iPad: the device does not see the vacuum cleaner when installed in any region other than India and China. To change, you need to:

  • open the Mi Home app;
  • in the bottom menu, select the “Profile” section, or “Profile” in English;
  • Find “Settings”, or “Settings”;
  • Click on “Region”, or “Region”;
  • Choose India or China.

You should try India first: there will be fewer functional limitations.

You may have made a mistake when connecting. Just follow these steps to connect your phone to the Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum cleaner:

Connect your cell phone to WI-FI (instead of 5G network). Open the WLAN icon, after a while WI-FI will appear, click the name to connect your phone to the wireless network.

  • Make sure you’ve entered the correct WI-FI password and the WI-FI router is working properly.
  • Keep the robot vacuum cleaner within good Wi-Fi signal range.
  • Don’t leave your cell phone, router and Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner far away from each other.

Log in to the Mi Home app using your Xiaomi account / phone number / email. If you don’t have the latest version of Mi Home, update it to the latest version.

Once logged in, turn on your Xiaomi vacuum cleaner and make sure its blue light is blinking.

Then add your vacuum cleaner to Mi Home: click on “My Device” icon “” in the upper right corner “Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner” “Flashing blue indicator” “Next”.

Enter your WI-FI name and password, then click “Next”. You must make sure the WI-FI password is correct, otherwise the connection will not be established.

Connect your phone to your Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner. Go to WLAN Settings, select the name of your vacuum cleaner “rockrobo-vacuum-xxx” and there is a checkmark in front of the name. After that, go back to the Mi Home app, your phone will start connecting to the vacuum cleaner.

You will be prompted to change the name of your Xiaomi device and start using it. After tapping “Experience”, the app starts downloading the connectable components for the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner.

Click “Experience Now” (“验 体验”) in the main interface, then click “Accept and Continue”. Finally, the connection is complete and you can use Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner right now.

If you follow the instructions but still can’t connect your Xiaomi cleaner, change to another cell phone and download the latest version of Mi Home to try again. If it still doesn’t work, there may be something wrong with the robot vacuum cleaner.

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