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Repair of gas boilers Navien and the main types of errors

South Korean company Navien is a major manufacturer of modern household heating boilers that compete with the best European heat generators. Navien gas boilers are highly reliable, endurance and adapted to operation in Russian conditions. However, like any other type of thermal equipment, products from the “country of morning freshness” may break. To facilitate the clarification of the cause of the breakdown and repair of gas boilers, the self.Diagnosis of the device is provided.

Navien (Navien). Error 02

It is strictly recommended to connect heating boilers through a stabilizer (for a boiler) or UPS, this will protect from excessive costs of replacing the control board.

  • Low coolant pressure in the system: if the boiler manometer arrow came out of the green sector and moved to red) it is necessary to raise the pressure to the minimum threshold of 1bar

The fuel tap is located in the lower part of the heating unit, next to the Pipe Pipe Pipe Pipe.

It opens counterclockwise until the characteristic noise of the incoming fluid appears, do not forget to close the tap in the reverse order, otherwise the pressure will crawl into the reverse red zone and begins to arrange a reset valve (water overlaps).

  • Air in the system: The accumulation of bubbles moving through the pipes along with the coolant is reduced by the speed of the duct, causing incorrect functioning of the pump.

It is necessary to steal air from the system. It is not worth hoping for the air vent in the boiler pump. Over time it wears out and is no longer so efficiently practicing air discharge.

In this case, it is good to have an additional air vent at the top of the system (2nd floor) that is additionally mounted on the battery in return for the Maevsky cranes, if this is not, then you can manually lower the air through the cranes of Maevsky (before the appearance of water).

You also need to check the rotation of the impeller: when the unit is disconnected, the washer is removed that closes the hole for the air sophistication. In the center is the tip of the engine shaft with a horizontal slot.

In a good pump. The axis is easily turning. The difficulty of its rotation is a certificate of incorrect operation of the pump.

  • Check the expansion tank: the working cavity of the tank is divided into 2 compartments, one is filled with nitrogen or air under pressure in the range of 0.8–1.2 bar. Inconsistency of this value is reflected in the correct operation of the system, as a result, an error is highlighted. With a low air pressure in the tank compartment, bring to the norm using a car pump, if when pumping you understand that the air goes into the system (pressure does not grow, batteries begin to crack) then the tank for replacement.

Any diagnostics and repair of the boiler should be carried out by a certified specialist with the current certificate issued by Rostekhnadzor.


Significant positions in the Russian market are occupied by Navien boilers. Against the backdrop of the great Western European analogues, they are equally high.Quality in technical characteristics, but cheaper solutions.

The characteristic features of such products turn out to be:

  • Excellent assembly;
  • High reliability and stability of action;
  • The presence in the assortment of only double.Circuit models;
  • The ability to choose between atmospheric devices and products with forced traction;
  • The presence of systems compatible with the coaxial chimney, as well as versions providing for its separate performance.

Boilers made in South Korea are equipped with a pair of separate heat exchangers, one of which is responsible for the water circuit, and the other for heating, but both are formed from stainless stains of steel

What is important, the company makes all the main components at its own enterprises. Therefore, the problem of incompatibility of components disappears, a stable interaction of their

Electronics is designed and executed in such a way that sharp voltage jerks do not lead to dangerous consequences. Separate German boilers have a similar level of security, however, they relate to a completely different price group.

The instability of Russian electric networks is too great, and therefore it is better to connect the South Korean Navien boilers through stabilizer voltage. Heating devices themselves are equipped with a remote monitor showing codes of certain failures.

В Европе начинают прозревать: России продолжает развиваться, а в Евросоюзе начались банкротства.

Also, the user will be promptly informed about the settings of the temperature of the liquid and air, about the mode of operation of the system. The sensor is invariably used that recognizes the temperature in the room. If you choose a system of another brand, almost always such an indicator is supplied only for a separate amount of money.

Codes error elimination

Users can eliminate many errors of Navien on their own.

Instructions for the repair of the Navien gas boiler:

  • Code “01” is the internal clogging of the passage of the heating circuit. The most affordable way to eliminate the accumulated air from the pipes. After that, the visual verification of the operating wheel pump is performed and the electric motor winding is measured.
  • With “02” test the circulation system of the DHW circulation, control the condition of the locking valves, feed the network to the working pressure.
  • With the “03” code, it is required to make sure that the gas parameters in the highway, check the surface of the ionization sensor and perform cleaning in case of contamination. Check the distance between the electrodes of piezo.Zhizhiga 3.5-4.5 mm and adjust the unit on a DIP-transcounter.
  • To eliminate encoding “05”, the contacts are cleaned, and also try to connect/disconnect the sensor several times.
  • For code “10”, it is necessary to repair or replace the boiler of the Navien boiler, clean the chimney. They also check the correct connection of the tubes from the sensor to the suction pipe of the smoke exhaust and the presence of bends in them.

The main error codes

Automatic control system for malfunctions in the work issues an error code on the display, which allows you to determine the malfunction. In some cases, it is just a system failure and restore the boiler by resetting an error.

The most common among the malfunctions of the Navien gas boiler can be noted as follows:

  • Error 02 signals insufficient filling with water of the boiler and heating pipes or a break in the circuit of the duct sensor. Why the pressure drops. The system can be angry, lower the air, it is possible to flow in batteries, determine the place and eliminate it.

Damage to the circulation pump, if possible, repair, otherwise it is required to replace. The duct sensor has broken, check the resistance at its contacts with a multimeter, if it does not correspond, replace the sensor.

The sensor of the duct

How to fix it. Check if the gas valve is turned on, the electrode has not bent or polluted, adjust and clean the electrode. The serviceability of the sensor can be checked by measuring the resistance for the closure;

The chimney can be clogged, clean it. In hinged models with a closed combustion chamber, a coaxial duma can be improperly mounted, or the movement of air and waste gases are difficult in it. Reinstall the chimney in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer or clean it.

Errors and methods of their elimination are described above, in frequently repeated errors.

The boiler does not start and gives an error 04. In the absence of a flame, a signal is received about its presence. Why is this happening- a short circuit or violation of contacts in the circuit of the control unit circuit.

The ionization electrode of the flame is in contact with the burners of the burner, bend them, the optimal distance of 8 mm plus or minus 1 mm. If the electrode is covered with soot, clean it. There may be a failure in electronic control, a replacement of the fee is required.

navien, boiler, indicator

Error 05, error 06 signals about the breakdown of the thermal attewer circuit on the heating circuit. Check the resistance on the contacts, if necessary, replace the sensor.

Газовый Двухконтурный Котел NAVIEN 24 Обзор и Отзыв!

The temperature sensor of the coolant

Error 07 appears on the display in the event of a short circuit of the hot water supply sensor, replacement is required.

Error 09 occurs when fan isolation. In this case, the boiler often turns on and turns off. Possible reasons.Sticking the contacts of the differential relay, the connection of the wires was disturbed, check and correct.

When the fan operates at low speeds, without reaching the desired speed, the cause may lie in insufficient supply voltage, check the network voltage and engine winding resistance. If the fan is faulty, replace it. In some cases, such a code appears in case of violation of smoke eating in atmospheres, check the chimney, clean it.

Error 10 means problems with smoke removal and violation in the operation of the air pressure relay. The causes and methods of eliminating the malfunction are described in frequently repeated errors.

Error 11 comes from the water level sensor, which means water pressure falls in the system. Check and rinse the filters, perhaps their clogging prevents normal pressure. A leak of heating pipes in the joints, their depressurization or fistula in the pipes of the heat exchanger is possible.

Cleaning the filter of the boiler Navien

Stammetize the batteries, the method of eliminating the leak on the heat exchanger. The solder, if it does not help, will have to change. It will be useful to check the expansion tank and the membrane in it. After eliminating malfunctions, add water to the system.

Code 12.This is a mistake in the operation of gas equipment. Check whether the gas pressure is sufficient, whether the nozzles are clogged, if the electrode has shifted, whether it was hidden. Nozzles can be cleaned from soot, the electrode can be dried with a hairdryer. Do.It.Yourself repair of gas equipment is unsafe, it is better to trust specialists.

Error 13 appears in the event of a short circuit of the heating water supply sensor. Check whether the flag depends, disassemble and clean the sensor. If it has not helped, replacement is required.

Error 15 means a failure in work, or a malfunction of the control board. Check the contacts of the board, connecting connectors. Check the correct connection of the DIP switches in accordance with the instructions. Then restart the boiler if the error is repeated, replace the board.

Management payment

Error 16 is a boiler overheating. Why overheating occurs. Due to a large amount of scale in the heat exchanger, the amount of flow through the transmitted flow decreases, the temperature increases, in which case, clean and rinse it. Interruptions in the operation of the circulation pump also cause overheating, adjust or replace the pump. Check the gas supply, if it is increased, fasten the gas valve. Perhaps the sensor itself does not work incorrectly, check and replace it.

If you are installed incorrectly, the DIP switches on the display error appears. Reinstall them in accordance with the table in the instructions for your unit.

Error 18 indicates overheating of the smoke removal sensor. After cooling, try to restart the column. If, when re.Turning on, the workproke has again occurred, check the chimney, if it clogs, clean. In models with coaxial smoke removal, hoar or ice can be accumulated, remove the interference.

Boiler thrust control sensor Navien

Check the sensor of the sensor, if necessary, replace it. The reason may be a faulty control board, repair is not subject to replacement (only for hinged boilers Navien Ace 24 K, Navien Ace 13k and other models Navien Ice).

Error 27 shows problems with air pressure sensors on the units Navien Ace. Cliff or short circuit. What to do in this case. You need to call the contacts, if there is a break or a short circuit, change it.

The second reason is the lack of contact between the sensor contacts and the control board, check the contacts. A control malfunction is possible if the boiler does not turn on after the restart, replace the fee.

Features of the boiler Navien

In these units, the problem, most often, is in leaks, especially when using fluids with high m glycol. Antifreeze is very fluid, so it penetrates the smallest cracks. Sometimes they are not easy to detect, so it is recommended to invite a specialist who will carefully check the entire strapping. The discovered leaks must be fixed, then again fill the expansion tank and clean the pipes from the air.

And also the pressure is slightly reduced as the coolant cools down. Usually, after turning on the boiler, this problem is solved independently. If the fluctuations are significant, diagnosis is required. The latter can lead to repair or replacement of equipment.

navien, boiler, indicator

To fix, it is enough to perform actions similar to the described above. In rare cases, if it is impossible to solve the problem, you will have to purchase and install a new heating device.

Wall gas boiler of the Deluxe 13a model, open combustion chamber. South Korea.


Emergency stop with code 18 is characteristic of Navien boilers atmo. The mistake is interesting in that in the instructions (in the fault table) it is not indicated for most models, and the user does not understand what should be done. The meaning of the malfunction is in overheating of the thermostat installed in the collector of the smoke removal system: to prevent the penetration of carbon monoxide into the premises, the Automation of the Protection blocks the operation of the Navien boiler. The control sensor is inertia, it takes time to respond to the problem: it is measured in second and depends on the series of heating unit.

Problems and diagnosis of gas boilers Navien

If your gas boiler Navien has certain malfunctions, you can make repairs yourself. To effectively eliminate various breakdowns and malfunctions, this detailed leadership will help you with which you can cope with any problems much faster.

navien, boiler, indicator

To determine the breakdown, you can use the self.Diagnosis system. In this case, you should familiarize yourself with the list, which contains errors of Navien boilers: 01E-the occurrence of overheating in the equipment, which is why the temperature sensor testified about this. 02e. Such a mistake means that there was a break in the sensor chain, which is responsible for the duct. Also, this code may indicate that the level of the coolant has decreased in the circuit. Error 03 means that there is no signal that warns of the flame that has arisen, while the flame may currently burn. 04E. This code, unlike the previous one, shows the presence of flame, although in fact it is not. It may also indicate that the sensor chain had a short circuit. 05e-this error appears due to the fact that a malfunction appeared in the heating circuit of the temperature of the coolant. 06E. A code that occurs when the temperature sensor is broken down. He indicates his closure in the chain. 07E. The occurrence of a malfunction of the sensor circuit responsible for the temperature in the dowry circuit. 08e. The error indicates the problem of the same sensor, only at the same time it diagnoses the short circuit in its chain. 09e is an error indicating that the fan functions incorrectly. 10e. Occurs with problems of the smoke removal system. 12e. Indicates that the flame went out in the burner. 13e. Denotes a short circuit, which was formed in the sensor of the heating circuit duct. 14E. Code that occurs in the absence of gas supply from the highway. 15e. Is considered an ambiguous mistake that indicates a problem with the control board, but does not show where exactly the node fail. 16e-the occurrence of such an error is due to overheating of the equipment. 18e. Problems in the form of overheating of the sensor in the smoke removal system. 27E. Error in the sensor that is responsible for air pressure (APS). Typically, there is no special repair instruction in the kit with boilers, since all repair work should be carried out by specialists. However, you can make the repair of a faulty node of the Navien boiler yourself. In order to avoid the appearance of scale, it is recommended to install a system of cleaning and softening of water from the water supply. Thus, you can significantly extend the life of the boiler. The specified temperature is not typed first of all to clean the heat exchanger of the gas boiler. You can clean at home using citric acid, special tools or tools that are designed for toilets. First you need to remove the heat exchanger, and then pour the cleansing liquid into it. After that, it is necessary to rinse it under a large pressure of water. In the case when the boiler Navien does not warm hot water, you need to use the same way, only with the heat exchanger of the contour of the hot water. If the cleaning does not change the situation, then the full replacement should be made. A quick temperature set and quick cooling such an error indicates the problems that are associated with the heating system. This can be due to faults or imperfections that have arisen. You can correct the situation by adjusting the revolutions of the circulation pump. At the same time, it is necessary to make sure that there is no disgrace of the system. Be sure to check the filter and the lumen in the heat exchanger. In some situations, a complete replacement of the coolant is required. Elimination of error 03 in the Navien boiler happens when there is no signal that there is at the moment there is a flame. To cause such an error, the lack of gas supply can. This can also happen due to the fact that a certain malfunction arose in the sensor. In addition, an error may occur after some work on the gas line. Another possible reason may be the non.Earnings of ignition. The error can be eliminated in the following ways: checking in the gas supply; checking the performance of ignition; checking the ionization sensor that could be polluted; Checking the reducer if reduced gas was used. If there are no malfunctions in the boiler, then the occurrence of error 03 can occur due to grounding problems. A malfunction of the boiler Navien Ice in this series is often found certain malfunctions, which should be found in more detail. In the Navien Ace 24 k model, error 10 often appears. Since this boiler is made with a closed combustion chamber, it often has problems with the removal of smoke. Often the malfunction is manifested in the form of a fan breakdown. If so, you need to make a replacement. In addition, error 02 is often found. If the boiler Navien quickly gains temperature and cools quickly, it is such an error that can appear in this case. The reason is to import the circuit or in the malfunction of the duct sensor. To solve the problem, it is necessary to save the air heating system. You can do this if you connect it to the water supply, where you can drive the coolant under pressure. The occurrence of the problem of control board so that you can avoid a malfunction of the board, it is recommended to install voltage stabilizer in the boiler power supply circuit. The malfunction of the fee is indicated by the code of the 15th and this is the most difficult mistake, which is difficult to figure out without special education. For this reason, you should use the services of a professional, as he can test the electronic fee and determine whether she has malfunctions. Thus, he will be able to localize the breakdown and quickly eliminate it. Testing can be carried out at home or in a service center depending on many factors. Ways to eliminate various errors to repair Navien’s hinged boiler with your own hands, it is best to briefly go through all the above.Described error codes and identify algorithms of malfunctions. Error 01 is shown if Navien’s boiler indicates such a mistake, you should not panic, since the occurrence of such a code can be due to the configuration of the system and filter. To eliminate this error, you need to steal the air, which is located in pipes and batteries. At the next stage, it is necessary to check the integrity of the circulation pump. You must make sure that it is spinning. In this case, its impeller should normally drive the coolant through itself. In some cases, an error may occur due to the fact that there was a breakdown of the impeller. If the circulation pump is out of order, it must be given to rewind or replace it. To avoid the problem with the circulation pump, it is recommended to acquire suitable models from Grundfos. The occurrence of error 04 If the system self.Diagnosis issued an error 04, you must first check the sensor, namely its flame and chain. It is important to make sure that the sensor does not touch other metal parts. This code may appear in case of a malfunction of the system board, due to which it is necessary to make repairs or replace. But almost always the control board is changed, not repaired. The appearance of errors 05 and 06 should check the condition of all wires. After all, torn or closed wires usually lead to such errors. The problem can be diagnosed using simple ohmmeters. First you need to diagnose a water temperature sensor, which is in the heating circuit. It is important to find data on its standard parameters and make sure that they fully correspond to the resistance of a certain temperature. Elimination of errors 07 and 08 Double.Circuit boilers provide owners with warm and hot water. They are equipped with two circuits and two sets of sensors. The boiler has two temperature sensors. In this case, one sensor is designed to measure the temperature in the heating circuit, and the second is aimed at measuring the temperature of hot water. Codes 07 and 08 indicate that there was a breakdown of the circuit sensor, which is responsible for the temperature. Diagnosis is carried out by an ohmmeter. This problem is also revealed on visual inspection. Error elimination 09 and 10 These codes indicate a fan malfunction at the boiler Navien Ice. It is important to verify the integrity of its windings and call their resistance, as well as diagnose whether he has an interval circuit. If the fan breaks, it must be replaced with a new. If it is whole, in this case you need to test the control board. You can do this yourself, but if there is no appropriate knowledge, it is better to contact a specialist. Error 10 appears in the case when difficulties occur in the operation of the system that is responsible for smoke removal. The cause of this code may be due to the fan. Be sure to check the length of the chimney and make sure that it has normal patency, this may require cleaning. The problem may arise due to incorrect operation of the air pressure sensor. An error can still occur due to regular failures in the boiler board. The appearance of such a code happens even due to wind entering the chimney. Error 13, eliminating the problem with the duct sensor, this code usually appears in the boilers Navien Ice and Navien Ice Coaxial. Its appearance occurs due to a short circuit in the sensor circuit or its inoperability. The sensor should be tested. If a malfunction is detected, it is necessary to replace it. In addition, you need to check all the connecting wires. Despite the rarity, it happens that the cause of the error lies in the control board. Solving the problem of error 16 with an increase in gas supply level often such an error appears. It is necessary to check this parameter, and if necessary, fasten the gase valve. Typically, such a code appears in case of overheating of heating equipment. The causes of the error include: overheating of the coolant; lack of coolant in the circuit; malfunction of the management fee; three.Way valve failure; breakdown of the sensor responsible for monitoring the temperature in the DHW circuit; To solve the problem, you need to carefully check all the nodes, and then localize the detected malfunction. Elimination of error 18 in atmospheric boilers Navien Ice such a code suggests that the temperature sensor has overheated the smoke removal system. In this case, the operation of the equipment stops. To eliminate the error, it is necessary to check the passage of the chimney, and it is also necessary to carefully inspect the sensor and all connecting circuits. It is important to make sure that there is no reverse traction. In very rare cases, the problem may occur due to incorrect operation of the management fee. Getting rid of error 27 This code appears in the models of Navien Ice and Ice Coaxial with a malfunction of the sensor circuit, which is responsible for air control. You should check all the connecting wires and, if necessary, replace the sensor. Here, as well as in all cases, the problem may arise due to incorrect operation of the management board. It should be noted that all of the above errors in the control board appear extremely rarely. But numerous sensors and wires in Navien boilers quickly become unusable. If you provide reliable protection of electronics, heating equipment will be able to work long work without failures. If you wish, you can study all the mistakes of the Navien boiler and eliminate a certain problem yourself.

Management of control fees

The most unpleasant mistake, since it is difficult to understand something here. It is indicated by code 15E. It is almost impossible to figure out the payment of the board on your own, without a specialized education. Therefore, we recommend calling a specialist. He will test the electronic fee for the presence of faults, localize the breakdown and eliminate it. How testing and repair will be carried out at home or in the service center, the specialist will determine.

When purchasing a gas unit for heating their apartment, a private house, it should be remembered that modern devices belong to the category of complex, high.Tech, saturated with automation and protective systems. Therefore, in order to extend the life of the boiler and prevent its premature failure, it is necessary to comply with certain operating rules.

  • Firstly, this is the installation in accordance with the established requirements, according to the scheme recommended by the manufacturer, and not on the basis of the tips of the familiar master.
  • Secondly, these are high-quality materials and nodes: savings at this stage threatens to develop into financial costs for the repair of the boiler in the future.
  • Thirdly, this is a thorough check of the condition of the sensors, chimney, water/gas supply before launching the boiler. Inspection and cleaning of the main nodes must be carried out regularly, and not from case to case.

The probable causes of malfunctions will be told by automation by displaying coded messages on the display. Experience indicates that the implementation of these recommendations will help to avoid likely serious breakdowns, failures, which means that the owners will not have to find out what typical malfunctions have a Navience boiler and what will be required to eliminate them.

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