Neva luxury boiler error e2

Troubleshooting and faults of the Neva Lux boiler

Indicates that there is no ignition. The fault is signaled from the flame control sensor. This component senses the presence of a flame and suspends the Neva Lux gas boiler cycle during limited burner main burner or gas supply interruptions. The operation stops after 3 unsuccessful starts. To return to operation, press and hold the reset button. Gas valve malfunction. The electronic circuit board controls the gas valve function. Diagnosis of this part is performed by measuring resistance and voltage. If it is found that the values differ from the standard characteristics, you need to replace the valve with a functioning. No gas supply to the boiler. There is a valve in the gas distribution system that can shut off the gas supply. On this basis, a faulty start-up of the appliance can be caused by a closed valve. Weak contact or no signal from flame control sensor. The electronic board is defective. When the ignition is normal and the appliance suddenly goes out, the control board seems to be unable to detect the flame. In this case, you need to carry out a diagnosis. Ignition malfunctions. This situation occurs when the ignition mechanism does not work or the flame bursts. It is recommended to check the connections between the ignition unit, flame sensor and also between the board and the gas valve. One of the factors of flame failure is the lack of draft.

Neva Lux boiler is overheated. Appliance has stopped. The thermostat that prevents overheating breaks down. Temperature sensor and thermostat overheating most often located on the outlet tube of the primary heat exchanger. The main task of the thermostat is to protect the appliance from excessive temperature increase. Failure is most often caused by problems with thermostat, temperature probe, or main circulation line malfunction. Temperature sensor faulty. Wrong signal on electronic board or loose contact between sensor and control board. Damage to the over-temperature thermostat. If it is functional, but real overheating of the heating medium is detected, there is probably a problem with the primary circuit coolant circulation. Clogged main heat exchanger or filter element of the main circuit (low circulation level indicates a high temperature of fluid heating). Circulation pump malfunction or airlock in the heating system.

Indicates low pressure in the system. Possible reasons for this malfunction appears: a decrease in fluid pressure in the heating circuit. Contact between electronic board and pressostat disturbed. Minimum pressure switch malfunction. Check the pressure gauge values beforehand. Failure is normally corrected by means of a make-up valve, which is installed to fill the heating system with heating fluid. In case of repeated emergencies, there is a probable leakage of the fluid. Circulation pump, primary heat exchanger, Emergency Relief Valve, worn seals, make-up valve and other components may be leaking. Leakage is detected visually by examination of hydraulic components.

Lack of traction. For the correct and safe operation of the appliance it is necessary to create a draught for the discharge of exhaust gases so that they do not penetrate into the room. The smoke output is monitored by electronics, and if certain problems occur, the traction relay sensor is triggered, and the gas appliance will stop working. Main causes for possible draught loss: insufficient draught diverter size, poor installation work, dirt, ice on the walls. Insufficient draught caused by small dimensions of the chimney. Length of the chimney pipe exceeded It is recommended to study carefully the instructions for use of the appliance and to observe all the necessary requirements. Long horizontal section of chimney often causes no draught. Damage to the draught sensor. If there is a vacuum in the inlet tube, you can hear a characteristic click. Damaged contact between draught sensor-relay and electronic board, condensate in pipes, as well as incorrect fixation of pipes with draught sensor. Damage to the fan components. Clogged fan impeller. There is no grease on the fan shaft, that is why it doesn’t increase the necessary rpm. Contact between the fan and the electronics board is lost.

The temperature sensor for hot water supply is not functioning properly. This indicates that the DHW temperature sensor is defective or the operating temperature has risen. The main sources preceding this fault: The hot water temperature sensor is not functional. Contact between the DHW temperature sensor and the electronic board is defective. Failure of the electronic board. When the hot water temperature sensor is functional and reliably contacts the circuit board, but the unit detects an error at this point, the circuit board must be defective.

Problems with temperature sensing on the heating system sensor. This indicates that the temperature sensor of the heating system is broken or the required temperature is exceeded. Open circuit in the circuit of the temperature sensor for the heating circuit. This fault occurs if there is no communication between the temperature sensor and the electronic board, or the temperature is below normal. After five seconds after the detection of the failure, the boiler Neva Lux must resume working functions, if the malfunction occurred accidentally. Make sure there is no moisture on the temperature sensor connector and control board connector. The heating water temperature sensor short circuit occurred. The malfunction occurs after a short circuit of the temperature sensor or if the water temperature exceeds the recommended value. First of all measure the resistance of the temperature sensor. If the resistance characteristics do not match the required ones, it is recommended to replace the temperature sensor. When installing a new sensor does not bring results, replace the electronic board.

The Neva Lux boiler is working at home. Error 06 is displayed. The device itself is functioning, the water temperature is set manually. During its installation, it must have overheated, because you turned on the automatic mode to regulate the temperature. We did not put the outside air temperature sensor. What is the cause and how to fix it?

Most likely, the hot water temperature sensor has failed. Sometimes the electronic board malfunctions.

The appliance runs for about four to five minutes, then the gas burner shuts down and error 03 is displayed. It flashes for no more than a minute, the burner, starts again, and the unit operates normally for another three to four minutes, and so on in a circle. According to the manual this code means that the draught sensor is activated, but the flue duct is not clogged, and the flue gases are coming out well. It is not possible to find the cause of the malfunction?

In this particular case, the main causes that lead to a lack of traction are: Problems with the traction sensor pneumorelay. Contact between pressostat and control board is broken. Condensation is present, as well as incorrect fixing of tubes with pneumatic relay. Incorrect operation of the fan. The boiler probably does not reach the necessary rpm.

Why the boiler Neva Lux doesn’t start? Also error E7 is glowing a few times. What to do?

This failure can occur due to various problems with thermostat, temperature sensor, but also with violations of the main circulation circuit. There is likely an overheating of the water in the heat exchanger. If the temperature sensor and thermostat are functioning, the problem is with the control board. Will need to replace it.

What is the problem if the boiler doesn’t start and error code 04 is displayed?? The pressure is correct, no leaks are visible. Tried turning off the power, but the problem remains. Help how to fix?

The fault code may indicate low fluid pressure in the heating circuit. In such a situation, you should check the sensor-relay of minimum pressure. We’re assuming it’s a problem.

Failure of the device looks like this: hot water is set to 40 degrees. When you turn on the hot water, the burner lights up and extinguishes almost immediately. This cycle happens all the time. Warm water but not hot or cold water flows from the faucet. Occasionally error code 02 is displayed. Why is this happening??

This fault indicates that the hot water supply is overheated. Apparently, the heat exchanger is clogged or the thermostat is incorrectly adjusted.

The Neva Lux boiler is in operation. In the last month almost regularly the ignition error code 01 comes on. After resetting with the Reset button, the appliance occasionally starts up well, but this happens sporadically. I removed the air vent plug a few days ago, and it is working better. What’s the problem??

If the error on the draught is showing, it is necessary to open the safety covers. It helps to bring in air from the room. Then check the flue pipe for the presence of ice and if necessary clean it. If there is a flame fault, you need to check if the gas is coming into the house.

All the time the boiler shows the error code E3. Can someone explain what it means?

Such a code indicates a problem with the temperature sensor of the heating system. It must most likely be replaced.

The following problem occurred. During ignition the appliance displays error E2. When restarting, boiler turns on normally, but when the burner ignites, I hear some clicks and the error is displayed again. I replaced the ionization electrode, flushed the flow sensor, removed the ground from the plug, but there is no result. What has happened?

There are three possible causes for this problem. Broken ignition electrode. Gas supply is incorrect. The electronic circuit board fails.

The unit has shut down by itself and the error code E1 is displayed. What happened?

There is no liquid in the unit or the pressure switch sensor is defective. First add water to the heating system.

The gas boiler stops working with error 03. Cleaned and blown out. no result. How to fix?

This situation indicates a lack of draught and it is recommended to check the chimney. Presumably, the diaphragm can stick. In the other case, you need to call the service department for a detailed inspection of the device with further.

Diagnosis and causes of faults in error 02 of the boiler Neva Lux 8224

Repair of gas boiler Neva Lux 8224, 8230, 8624 during an emergency situation, which is associated with error 02 can not end with a simple restart of the boiler. High-quality solution, contact a specialist.

According to the experts of our company, working with heating equipment, the overheating of the coolant in the heat exchanger of the boiler and heating system leads to a stop heating boiler and without the participation of a specialist in this situation can not do.

Error 02 of electronic board of the boiler Neva Lux indicates the practical stopping of the circulation of liquid coolant in the heating system. In this case there are dozens of possible causes of boiler overheating and there can only be one way out of the emergency situation is diagnosis, and the work that needs to be done annually.

In addition, you can notice the wrong installation of the boiler and heating system, which violate all existing rules and regulations for gas wall boiler piping.

Incorrect points of this plan may look aesthetically correct and correct from the user’s point of view, but this attitude leads to the repair or replacement of Russian quality boiler Neva Lux.

To solve the problem of repair and troubleshooting of error 02 Neva Lux 8224 must begin with diagnosis. If you analyze the electrical circuit of the TR, circulation pump, pump relay and make sure that everything is in working order, you can proceed to the next steps of diagnosis.

The technical checks are more complicated order comes to the bypass valve and its installation in the general system of the gas apparatus.

For confident control of the gas double-circuit heating device Neva Lux, as well as its remote control, our experts recommend the installation of GSM-module remote control of the boiler from anywhere in the world, wherever the user of this equipment. About this

Checking the gas settings directly affects the overheating of the coolant. Valve air vent in working order and open, check showed the absence of air in the CO now better go to the most interesting, or rather further will be like in the tale.

Diagnosis of all parts, systems and settings show the working condition, it remains the home heating system. Here the heating system has dirt, stone and oxide deposits in the pipes and radiators, as well as in the heat exchanger of the gas boiler Neva Lux 8224.

Chemical or combined flushing of the heating system of a residential house is necessary. And there is a rule here, the longer the CO and boiler have not been serviced, the more expensive the technical procedures.

Produce in time the annual maintenance and scheduled repairs of gas boilers, heating systems and your homes will always be warm and comfortable.

Error codes of Neva Lux boilers

If the Neva Lux boiler has a failure or incorrect operation of any of its systems, it will display the corresponding error code. This makes it easy to find and fix the problem.

Existing error codes and their solutions

Fault 01. This code means that the boiler has a problem with the ignition. In this case, the device does not start the operation. Possible causes: No gas supply. The shutoff valve on the gas line needs to be checked. If everything is OK there, it is necessary to measure the pressure in the cylinder, provided that the unit works on liquid gas. The ignition plug is broken. Irreparable, replacement is needed. Problems with the ignition plug electrical circuit. To fix it, you need to check the contacts and the circuit itself. The gap between the spark plug and the burner section is set incorrectly. Adjust the gap according to the manual. Should be 5 mm with a tolerance of no more than 0.5 mm. Spark coming from spark plug electrode slips onto combustion chamber shell. For the elimination of the need to move the shell, bending it together with the candle installation. Glow plug is covered with dirt. Cleaning and degreasing is required. Ionization plug breakage. Change required. Problem with ionization plug electrical circuit. Check ignition circuit and contacts. Ignition transformer breakage. Install a new one. Electric ignition transformer circuit is damaged. Check circuit and contacts. Burner unit is dirty. Clean it. Gas regulator electrical circuit problem. Check circuits and contacts. Gas regulator defective. Replace it. Thermostat broken. In normal operation, it should open at a temperature of 90 degrees. Replace. The electrical circuit of the thermostat is damaged. Check the electric circuit of the heating sensor and its contacts.

Error 02. This code means that the water temperature exceeded the permissible value. Boiler Neva Lux stands on failure. Possible causes and algorithm for elimination: No flow in the heating system due to severe clogging. Cleaning is required. Thermostat breakage. Normally it should open at 90 degrees. You need to replace it. Air in the heating system. Reset it through the bleed valve. Heavy contamination of the filter located in the heating system. Cleaning is required. Valve and bypass problems. It is most likely improperly installed or broken. Check that it is installed according to the instructions, if necessary replace it. Pump breakage. Replace. Air bleed valve breakage. Replace. Failure of the pump relay, located on the electronic board. The board needs to be replaced. Gas regulator malfunction. Install a new one. Incorrect setting of gas regulator. Adjustment according to instructions. Damaged overtemperature sensor electrical circuit. Check the contacts and the circuit itself.

Error 03. This code indicates no draught. Appliance stopped because of an accident. Possible causes and remedy: No exhaust gases, therefore possibly a clogged chimney. Clean it. Insufficient air supply to combustion chamber. Clean air intake duct. Pressostat tubing leakage Check contacts and circuits. Replace. Problems in electrical circuit of pressostat. Contact and circuit check required. Pressostat defect. Pressostat contacts close when pressure drop is equal to or greater than 130 pascals during normal operation. Must be replaced. Condensate build up in pressostat tubing. Remove condensation. Damaged the electrical circuit of the fan. Check circuits and contacts. Fan failure. Repair or replace.

Error 04. It indicates that the water pressure in the heating circuit is insufficient. The Neva Lux boiler is stopped due to a failure. Causes and solutions. The water pressure in the heating circuit is lower than normal. Make up water in the heating circuit to the required reading on the manometer. System is clogged. Drain the fan through the air vent valve. Breakage of the water pressure sensor located in the heating circuit. Sensor needs to be replaced. The pump or bleeding valve is defective. Repair or replace. Electric circuit between the pressure sensor and the electronic board is damaged. Check socket contacts in control unit and sensor contacts. Check electrical circuits for continuity.

Fault 05. Problem with temperature sensor responsible for heating. The unit has been shut down due to a malfunction. Causes and ways to fix them. Broken temperature sensor. Must be replaced. Problem with electrical circuit between temperature sensor and electronic board. Check circuit and contacts.

Error 06. Indicates DHW temperature sensor is defective. The Neva Lux boiler works only for heating. Possible causes and troubleshooting. Broken DHW temperature sensor. Replace it. Damaged electrical circuit between detector and circuit board. Check coil and contacts.

Fault 07. Gas regulator modulator coil is malfunctioning or broken. Device stopped due to malfunction. Possible Causes and Remedies. Breakage of the throttle coil of the gas regulator. Normally, its resistance should be 80 OhM. If breakage requires replacement. No contact between modulator coil and electronic board. Check wiring and contacts.

Existing breakages, in which no error appears on the device

It is impossible to turn on the boiler Neva Lux

There is no electricity in the network. Check with your electrical supplier. The fuse in the circuit board is blown. Need to replace it. The electronic board is saturated with moisture. To fix it, try to dry the board with a little warm air or take the board out and place it in a warm dry place for a few days. It is important that the water has completely evaporated. The electronic board may be broken. In this case the “Reset” button will not help. To fix it, unplug the machine and try to plug it in again. If this does not solve the problem, a new circuit board must be installed.

A popping noise can be heard in the burner

The minimum gas pressure and ignition power settings are not set correctly. These settings need to be readjusted. Air supply to the burner is too low. The pipe or duct supplying the air should be cleaned. Problems with spark plug ignition electrode. It slips on the edge of the burner section or on the combustion chamber shell. To rectify this, you need to bend the ignition plug slightly, or alternatively move the shell away from the combustion chamber. This will ensure that a spark will enter the orifices of the burner section nozzle. Possibly the burner unit is dirty. Cleaning is required.

When the boiler Neva Lux operates, you can feel a strong smell of gas

The tightness may have been compromised somewhere and the gas may be leaking. Check your circuit for leaks and locate where the gas is in the room. Clean it up. No hot water on tap or very low water pressure. The cold water pressure supplied to the domestic hot water circuit is insufficient for correct operation. Contact your cold water supplier. The water filter is heavily soiled. It needs to be cleaned. The filter is on the DHW line. The water temperature in the taps is much higher than the set temperature. To eliminate this problem, you need to increase the amount of water flowing through the DHW circuit. It is also possible to dilute hot water with cold water. However, the flow rate cannot be reduced.

Flow through HTW too low

The device works fine in DHW mode, but does not work for home heating

No room thermostat jumper. Install it. Broken room thermostat jumper that closes the contacts. Replace Required. Room thermostat itself may be broken. Replace.

System is supplied with a lower temperature than the setting

Sensor for controlling temperature of water supplied for heating is broken. Clean limescale from this sensor first. This applies if an immersion sensor is installed. Or replace it.

Appliance in pause mode, it shows “” on the display

Does not respond to any buttons. Voltage supplied to appliance is greater than 190. 250 volt. To eliminate this malfunction should ensure that the voltage is within the permissible limits. Every 30 seconds the unit tries to start in automatic mode and it will do so until the problem is solved.

I have a gas boiler Neva Lux 8230. This appliance with DHW and a secondary heat exchanger. Six months ago the operation has changed. When starting, first the fan starts and the gas is supplied, ignition goes on and the gas is ignited. And the flame symbol does not appear on the display screen. Then the gas supply is cut off. The second attempt to start is usually more successful because the gas supply stays on and the unit works. It’s been like that for six months now and it’s a real inconvenience because you have to wait a couple of minutes for the appliance to start if you want to wash your hands, for example. Now the problem has worsened. Even after the second attempt it still does not start because the gas supply is interrupted in any case. It takes 5 or 6 tries to start it. But even this does not always work. If I still manage to start the device, then it works as it should. I tried removing and inspecting the secondary heat exchanger, there is water in it, but for some reason it won’t come out. Perhaps the sand inside is blocking the drain. How do I solve this problem??

There is an air lock in your heating system. To be sure of this, you need to pump water into it up to 3 kg, and set the temperature to 90 degrees. If the unit does not stop on overheating, this is your problem.

My parents have a wall mounted boiler Neva Lux 8618, and recently there was a problem with it. When the tap of the DHW is opened for disassembly, there are loud noises and vibrations in the radiator of the boiler. As I understand it, it is boiling water. The pressure, according to the manometer, becomes very unstable. It goes up and down. The water fed to the faucet becomes gray-brown in color. After 10 seconds of this work, error E2 appears. The unit stops on failure. The problem can only be solved by removing its front cover and routing the heating medium through the emergency valve. In this case it is required to maintain the working pressure in the device. The unit then operates normally, but only until the DHW feed starts again. Then the problem repeats. It rarely happens that the hot water supply goes fine, but after that it takes a long time for it to switch to heating. I think there is some problem with the three-way valve, but I could be wrong. If you only start it to heat the house, there is no problem. What can it be?

As I see it, there could be two problems. Makeup of the heating system from the cold water supply line is not closed. The three-way valve is broken, it switches incorrectly from one position to another.

My boiler has been working for 3 years without any problems. The device firm Neva Lux 7224, it has a new board. Today I wanted to warm up the house and started the heating system. In the settings set 45 degrees, but the device could not heat water above 30C. After that, I set the maximum possible temperature, but still above 30 degrees at the output did not get. But the hot water supply to the taps is normal. What could have happened to it??

You should apply to a service center. A complete diagnosis of the unit is necessary.

Studying the instructions from my gas boiler Neva Lux baltgaz, I saw the following phrase: “the minimum time from turn off to turn on again”. Can you tell me if I understand it correctly? When the unit is in pause mode, if the water temperature has dropped below the set temperature in 3 minutes, the unit should turn on again. If the temperature remains within the set limits, it will remain off. If this parameter is set to its possible maximum, 14 minutes, the unit will turn on after 14 minutes of idle time, and no matter that the temperature of the coolant has greatly dropped. This is how it works? If I am wrong, what is the purpose of this parameter?

Yes, you are correct. It will turn on in exactly 14 minutes. The device heats the water to a predetermined temperature, and the mechanisms that provide water heating turn off. Only the circulating pump remains running, which delivers water for 3 minutes. It is not recommended to change this parameter so that the circulation between the phases of the unit is not interrupted. It is more effective to adjust its capacity, but this can only be done by specialists from the service department.

I have been using a wall-mounted boiler Neva Lux 8230 for quite a long time. During all time of operation I had only 2 breakdowns: a dirty secondary heat exchanger and what happened now, the unit does not ignite. When the water in it is below 50 degrees, then start-up problems begin. It works with long intervals between heating and waiting. Attempting to start after a pause, the unit turns on the fan, sparks. But the flame icon on the display does not light up. The appliance shuts off the gas supply and after half a minute makes a second attempt to ignite. Near the end of the heating season, it stopped starting and on the second try. It shuts down and shows error 01. The manual said that this could only be due to the ionization plugs. It also says that the anti-freeze function will not be active, the appliance can freeze. How do I solve this problem?

I had a similar problem. To fix it I needed a Phillips screwdriver and a match head. It was necessary to remove all the panels that cover the combustion chamber. Found two spark plugs that are not visually different from each other. At a hint, the left one is the spark plug, the right one is the ionization plug. Using a multimeter I measured the resistance from the plug to the electrode. The part of the electrode that is not covered by the flame should have a resistance of less than 1 ohm. The parts of the electrode, covered with flame, I could not measure. But they are covered with gray soot. To remove the plug, it must be unscrewed from the body, it is fixed screw, unscrewing is very difficult required: adapter, a bit and a small screwdriver with a ratchet. Once the self-tapping screw is unscrewed, the spark plug is turned by the electrode towards itself and taken out. It is most convenient to remove the plaque with a match head. Protect it until the resistance is close to zero. After that you can put the spark plug back in place. For convenience, the screw can be replaced by a bolt M4 length of 10-15 mm. Since you have opened the device, you can also clean the glow plug. After that you can assemble the device back. Naturally, all works are carried out with the boiler disconnected from the mains. And of course it is important to cut off the gas supply. It is also a good idea to buy a new spark plug in advance as if the old one is unrepairable you can replace it immediately. When installing the candle, pay attention to the gap between the burner. I think you will be fine.

My Baltgaz boiler has a leaky expansion tank. Accordingly, it was necessary to install a new. Since the old one was made at home, I do not know what is the volume. I have batteries installed with a total of 104 sections. Please advise which expansion tank I should have installed to ensure that the boiler Neva Lux 7023 worked correctly and heated the house area of 105 square meters.

Expansion tank should be 10% of the volume of the system. If you have cast iron batteries, 104 sections. That’s about 250 liters of water, maybe more. You need to install an additional expansion tank for at least 30 liters to work properly.

I wanted to install a gas boiler Neva Lux 8023. But during the start-up problems began. The unit was not holding pressure, but was building up pressure without restriction. To solve the problem, I removed the plug from the pump and cranked the shaft. The problem has been solved. But now there is a new problem. When it starts, the ignition is accompanied by a loud sound, sometimes even repeatedly. During the day, the device stops several times and shows error 01. The reset button solves the problem and the unit is back in service. Rarely, there are cases when this does not help, and it just stands off, and stands. The gas flow and the crackling of the spark is observed. To solve the problem I tried to take it apart and clean the electrodes. That helped for about 6 hours, then the problem returned. How do I fix this problem?

We recommend that you call in a service technician for a complete diagnosis.

Recently, the gas supply to my house was temporarily shut off. After that, on the boiler Baltgas error 01 is lit. The Reset button does not help. How to fix the problem?

Most likely there is an air lock in the gas supply pipe or something else is blocking the gas supply. These models do not depend on the phase of the network, so you really do not have a flame. Well, try pressing the reset button first anyway.

My two-circuit gas boiler Neva Lux 8224 began to have problems in the winter period. When the temperature outside drops below 25 degrees, it crashes and the display shows error 03. You can restart by pressing the reset button, as well as by removing condensation from the silicone tubes. The unit was installed in 2011 and the error has been present since the beginning of operation. How do I solve this problem?

Try installing a Vaillant silicone tube. Only it is designed with a plastic tube with a special hole between two pieces of pipe. You can also place a needle from a medical syringe in the tube where the condensate accumulates, pointing it toward the Pitot tube. Another option to solve the problem is to make a hole with a diameter of 1 mm. Although, error 03 can occur not only because of condensation. Frost and ice at the end of the coaxial pipe also gives the same problem.

In my two-circuit boiler Neva Lux 7023, when you turn on the supply of hot water on the indicator shows a number 95. At the same time there is a sharp drop in pressure and the boiler displays error E7. Of course further water flows cold. If you reduce the water flow rate, the pressure is normalized and the error disappears by itself. Water heats up, but only for a while, then the error appears again. At the same time, the heating works without any problems. What can it be??

I have a wall mounted boiler Neva Lux baltgaz, have long wanted to do it, but all did not have time. Especially since I get hot water from an electric boiler. Finally I decided to flush the secondary heat exchanger. It is difficult to remove it, because the three-way valve motor does not allow you to unscrew the second hexagon, which holds the heat exchanger on the tubes. I rinsed it with tap water and it got a lot of flat gray stones. The heat exchanger was flowing before the rinse. I do not have a special solution, so I decided to use some home remedies. The first thing I did was to soak it in Coca-Cola and heat it up. And then soaked in citric acid for one hour. But these actions didn’t have the expected effect. Noticed that the worst permeability on the heating side, and the DHW side is not contaminated. Additionally I checked the temperature sensors and the three way valve and they are fine. The only thing I did not like was the resistance of the engine, which was 9 KOM, not 15, as written in the manual. Could it be that the information in my manual is out of date?? I also cleaned the dirt filter.

information on gas boiler models: Features, operating functions, accessories, controls and adjustments, troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting and regulation of boilers Neva

The burner on the gas boiler Neva Lux 8224 (BaltGaz) doesn’t light. Faced with this error at startup. After the new appliance (not operated before) were installed nozzles for liquid gas, set the jumper to this type of fuel and reprogrammed, according to the passport, the burner does not ignite in normal mode. If you press the RESET button and hold it down, the setting mode indicator (little man) lights up at the bottom right and the burner lights up in this mode. Flame is even, blue color. Batteries and underfloor heating are on. When trying to check the operation of the DHW circuit, (summer mode) the boiler fails, as well as at normal operation. Tries to light the burner, goes out, a few seconds later lights the burner again and then goes out again. Only works if you press and hold the reset button. Т. е. similar behavior in winter and summer modes. Inlet and outlet of the heating circuit were swapped (because of the wrong marking of the unit). But the presence of the hydro, as I understand it, should neutralize this defect. Please tell me if this is correct and why? And also, what are the possible causes of such behavior of the boiler. Gas pressure has not checked. The 3 gas cylinders are connected by a gas hose through tees and reducers. My reasoning was that even if one of the reducers is faulty, the pressure in the system should still be balanced by the other cylinders. Reducer is the most common, a frog for gas cylinders. How would the low and high gas pressure in the gas supply line affect the burner flame? I would be grateful if you could point out possible specific errors. According to the manual, the nozzles were replaced with the factory ones for liquefied gas. The unit has been reprogrammed for liquefied gas (the only parameter that can be changed is the “LPG” setting). The ignition power), the jumper in it (which is responsible for the type of fuel) is set to a position for liquefied gas. What other errors there may be?

I had a similar situation with a wall mounted boiler Neva Lux. Lack of experience in troubleshooting. The reason is banal. When replacing the nozzles (when converting to LPG) flame sensors were taken out. Two metal contacts in white ceramic insulation. The metal contacts inside these sensors are loose and when installed back they were a little “turned” to the side and “didn’t see” the flame. As a result, the boiler’s automatics thought that the burner was not burning and kept firing it up. The installer of the boiler checked all the sensors one by one, and then saw this fault. This is most likely a typical failure due to a design flaw. This might save someone some time. In any case, the master made a commissioning and most importantly a note in the passport, so that the two-year warranty on the unit is valid.

Installed and connected the gas boiler Neva 8230 (dual circuit), running the first season. Recently, when you open the tap of hot water went warm, but a minute later went cold. Looked at the boiler. error 02, pressed reset, heating turned on. And it was in the morning, tried to turn on in the evening. everything was fine. Having calmed down, in 4 days (today), all happened again. Here are the details. When you open the hot water faucet, the unit switches to hot water, then there is some noise, something like air suction, and simultaneously begins to fluctuate the gauge arrow, up and down by 0.5, and then a strong sound of sucking air in the boiler and in the membrane tank (additional near stands at 18 liters). And the gauge arrow rises to 5 bar, then the gas apparently turns off (candle indication on the display), and the water temperature drops rapidly to 23 degrees, and the error appears 02. Kind of like this error means that the air in the heating system, but I do not quite understand one thing, I then open the tap on the line of hot water, and all the air and pressure on the line of heating. Maybe something with the three-way valve? Or look in the direction of the heating, I was told that there is a filter that needs to be cleaned. The boiler is new, but I installed it myself and it was launched without service personnel present (it was late October, I couldn’t wait any longer), so I probably lost my warranty. When starting up, according to the instructions, filled everything with water, opened the air vent on the pump, drained. The heating system, no calculations, but it seems to be all points, no air, the only thing is that the floor in one room does not circulate, but it is not quite right (branch from 32 pipes to 16, no comb and additional). pump), probably does not press. On the heating is an additional manometer, it shows almost the same as on the boiler. On the unit, the recommended 1.5, on the return pressure gauge shows 1.8 (gauge is supposedly Italian). Maybe someone had this or similar, just do not want to call a wizard, and he said a lot of things you need to change, and that the little things myself can wash, clean. Yes, there are filters on the water, a common thread of 5 microns, and on the inlet of the DHW polyphosphates (as recommended by the manufacturer). Without hot water boiler NevaLux for heating works fine, keeps the temperature and everything. The problem of mains power is solved by 2 levels: 1) Resanta Stabilizer 3 kW 2) UPS, online conversion, 3.5 kW. At our cottages, there are unexpected power outages, and judging by the stabilizer, the input can be up to 255 V.

There is a problem with fine tuning and adjusting the parameters of the boiler baltgaz 7224 through the remote control doo neva lux. The manual says that there is an opportunity to change the temperature maintenance mode, either by modulating the flame, or on and off the unit. But when entering the menu of this setting “P01” and selecting the parameter, instead of “0”. Turning on and off the unit and “1”. flame modulation, the temperature gradation scale appears. If anyone has encountered this, can you please tell me what the fine tuning programs on the unit mean. Complete discrepancy with the instruction.

P1- power for ignition. I want it to light up smoothly. Р2. power to heating. by area of the room.

In operation wall mounted double boiler Neva Lux 8224, house 48 sq.m. м. I took it with a reserve for the future scaling up to 90 kv. м. CO 6 aluminum radiators in 6 sections with a total power of 6912 W. I just found a paragraph from the manual: The appliance is connected to the heating and DHW system, taking into account its characteristics and heat output. The minimum heat output of the heating system should be more than 8.9 kW for a boiler NevaLux 8224. How critical is the “lack” of 2 kW? To put another radiator with such power or forget about it and spend the winter this way? Because the following paragraph is not much of a strain: “Otherwise, the unit will work unstable, which will lead to a reduction in its service life.”

There is nothing to be afraid of. Only the boiler needs to be adjusted and the room thermostat needs to be additionally connected. To increase the life of its operation. It is better to take not programmable, but the usual mechanical principle on.-turned off. The only thing is the figures on the dial does not always match the actual temperature.

Installed the gas boiler Neva Lux 7224 installed in the house 2 years ago. Connected via UPS-12-350K Sibcontact. The board is neva pcb rev7. Already is the 3rd. Presumably the 1st one burned out during a thunderstorm. Visually R65 burned out on both boards. Recently, the price of the board has increased. Is it possible to repair these boards?

These boards do not like a large ignition electrode gap, so I recommend to see it on your unit. No other reasons for these boards to break down have been noted.

In operation wall mounted boiler Neva 7224 Baltgaz. After 2 years of operation the following problems appeared. When using hot water for a long time, the unit depressurizes the heating system and gives error 04, with the pressure gauge standing still, both with and without pressure 1.6 bar. All the time I have to open the makeup before it starts. Every time. What to do?

Check air pressure in the expansion tank, if less than it should, the boiler generates error 04.

Please help me. We moved to an apartment. There is a wall mounted double boiler Neva Luxury 7218. During the day it shows error 04. Power up. Then the temperature started to drop below 1. Now water is leaking out of it where the heating pipe enters. Now turn it off. What to do? It cannot be turned on?

Check your pressure switch to see if the tubes are blocked or if there is a small pipe in the chimney where the air goes.

Malfunction of the gas boiler neva lux 7023. Heating works fine, but when you open the hot water tap, it gives error E2 and cold water flows, when you close the water again heating works. The water pressure is good and does not change. What can be the problem? Е2. The error of failed ignition or overheating of the coolant. The burner ignites and 2 sec. Lights up (the water is warm), then the temperature is 95 and the error E2 is displayed. And the heating works.

Possibly a defective DHW temperature sensor. Although E2 error indicates failed ignition, it would also drop out on heating.

And how can you check the DHW sensor for proper operation, before replacing?

According to the resistance! They should all be indicating 1 kohm at 25 degrees.

Carried out the installation and installed a boiler Neva Lux 7224, reprogrammed the boiler to LPG, replaced the nozzles at 0.79, adjusted the minimum and maximum gas pressure. But here’s the problem, heating works well, and RW above 27 degrees is not heating, the water pressure is not very powerful, but even with a decrease in water flow above 50 degrees warm up failed. What can be the problem?? The flow of water at the inlet to the unit 20-30 liters per minute.

That’s a lot. Look at the boiler data sheet. As much as he can handle, so put it.

Can you advise the problem: the temperature of hot water jumps when running in DHW mode. hot, then cold, no errors, everything else works fine. The boiler Neva Lux 8224, works since 2009 continuously. The pressure seems to be normal, it makes a sound. For about half a year when you turn on the hot water “howls” to different LADA, when just the heating is working. no sounds.

Is there a cycle of ignition? Stops, ignition. stop, there is an uninterrupted request for water at this point (icon blinks). The boiler needs maintenance, it has heated a lot of water during this time. You just have a clogged heat exchanger or banal low pressure, the heat from the secondary heat exchanger is simply not removed, the unit cycles because the boiler circuit water reaches the nominal, and since there is no heat removal, it stops heating and waits until the temperature drops a little. Sees the drop and then turns on again, in this pause, when the device responded, the heat was removed, but the small circuit has not yet had time to heat and you get a contrast shower.

Trouble with the boiler Neva, error 03 popped up. Fan doesn’t work, I bring voltage to it. It works, the pressure switch also works. Relay must be faulty on board again. I had this issue about 2 years ago when I got it from a guy who had a broken unit and he soldered it back on. Everything is working. Tell me if it can be bypassed? When I reset the error and manually connect the fan, the boiler is trying to start, fires up, but it seems that the gas is not coming (the same relay, apparently) and after a couple of attempts already shows error 01.

Prolong the life of the relay can adjust the gas valve, the capacity for heating and room thermostat installation (comfort, gas savings, increase life of the boiler Baltgaz). Fault 01. it is necessary to check whether the voltage goes to the gas valve, whether it opens and whether there is gas pressure. Be careful in general. Otherwise you go to 220 and you go to the gas. It is better to call a master. Master can identify at least the presence of gas dif. Pressure gauge. a device for measuring gas pressure. The area of the house is probably small, the device was not adjusted to the power. As an option to put a room thermostat.

Trouble with the boiler Neva Lux 8230. Turned it off after winter. But with the onset of the rains, decided to warm up the house a little. I turn it on, it lights up all right. The temperature rises abruptly to the set temperature on the display and the appliance switches off. Disassembled, thought maybe the pump is jammed. Turned it on with a screwdriver, turned it on, pump whirring. Switching speeds on it. switches. It buzzes differently, everything is normal. And then again.The boiler heats up quickly and shuts down. Touching the outlet nut on the pump. it is very hot. As if something beyond the pump does not let the water pass. What can it be?

Check the connection of the three-way valve actuator on the circuit board.

The gas boiler Neva luxury 8224 (Baltgaz) is in operation, the post-circulation pump is constantly rotating. I noticed that all the time regardless of the temperature. To check it, I brought the CO temperature up to 60 degrees. Burner shut off, turned the temperature down to 30 degrees so it wouldn’t turn on anytime soon. It wouldn’t turn off at all. As I understand it, it is impossible to change the operation of the pump?

They say that the default post-circulation time is three minutes! Parameter P3 minimum time from switching off until switching on again. Can be changed from 0 to 14 minutes. The default setting is 3 minutes. Try increasing it to 5 minutes and if after that the pump is still pumping without stopping, then the brains.

At first, the wall boiler Neva Lux refused to switch from heating to DHW mode, but sometimes it happened. Checked all the wires. I have contacts. Took the el. The motor from the three-way valve. I used a screwdriver to push the valve. When switching the mode, with the valve motor removed, it also works. The stem goes back and forth as it should. But you put it together, it doesn’t switch. Called the master. He said it’s probably the flow sensor. After testing, it doesn’t seem to have a signal. I have to order. Gone and the boiler works in both modes! But it didn’t last long. The appliance has been on standby for 24 hours. And the next day I walk up to it, and then the light blinks. All the symbols on it light up at the same time and so on ad infinitum. Attempted to reset. does not help. Unplugged it. Waited. No effect. What’s the problem??

Remove plug from circuit board. Take out the wires one by one from the connector (you need an awl), going to the three-way valve actuator, and squeeze the connectors. This will help, you’ll see.

Recently turned off the gas and after that error 01 is flashing, reset and does not heat the water, what to do?

You have air in the pipe or the gas supply is blocked by something. The boilers are not phase dependent, so there is really no flame. And the first thing to press all the same reset.

In operation the boiler Neva Lux 7023 (already discontinued). When plugging in the socket, there was a sharp pop, and the machine shut down completely. Called the master. A burned out mainboard was replaced. The device periodically shut down after a day or two of operation. I had a voltage regulator and a room thermostat installed (on the advice of a service technician). The boiler was giving out error E7 on a regular basis and shut down every other day. Called again to the masters. They came, for a long time stirred, removed all the control buttons on the front panel so that you can regulate the work only by the thermostat. After the departure of professionals unit worked for two days and then shut down again. It turns out that now every time you need to call a master to start this machine (before it was possible at least to start it at night by pressing the RESET button). Now we are deprived of this possibility. And ahead of us are waiting for the cold.

On the fault of the boiler Baltgas. Error E-7. Overheating of the coolant. The reasons: 1. The temperature sensor is defective. 2. Incorrectly adjusted new board. 3. The board itself is probably defective (but it is. Very seldom !) 4. If the boiler is more than 2 years old and has not been serviced, the heat exchanger may be clogged. Т. е. The heating medium circulation is weak, sometimes it works, sometimes it does not work.

A Neva Lux 8224 double circuit boiler is installed, regularly at a lower temperature.25 in the street it stops and error 03 pops up. The problem is solved either by dumping or blowing condensate in the silicone pipes. Was installed in 2008. Error 03 appears from the first year of operation, no other problems were not. How to fix?

Installation of a silicone tube from a boiler Vaillant, it has a special plastic tube with a hole in the transition between the two pieces of pipe. 2. Stick a needle from a medical syringe into this silicone tube, the diameter of the hole is about 0.5-1 mm. The needle must be pointing towards the Pitot tube in the tube where the vacuum is. 3. Make a hole with a diameter of 0 in the pressostat.5-1 mm. The 03 error itself may not be due to condensation in the silicone pipe but frost or ice on the coaxial tubes on the street side is a frequent cause of this error, especially if the frost interferes with the intake of combustion air.

Please advise, NevaLux dual boiler always breaks down. Error 03, the fan does not turn on at ignition, it turns on when you blow on the pressostat tube. Boiler starts and does not turn on when heated, you have to turn it off.

Open the hatch at the top right and restart the boiler, this is usually enough.

Malfunction of the boiler Neva luxury 7023. At intervals of 2 times a month there is an error E7. But after resetting it still works. At the moment there is error E6. Runs for 15 minutes and then shuts down. What can it be??

Error E7. this is overheating of the coolant. Scale build-up in the heat exchanger, lack of circulation through the heat exchanger. Is there any noise, crackling when the boiler is working?? About E6. Look at the pressostat, the fan. Here you need to look at. And ideally you still need to call a specialist. Look visually: no icing on the chimney outlet.

A Neva Lux 8029 gas boiler is installed and connected. Error E2 lights up and the appliance does not ignite at all. Ignition transformer does not work when water is turned on (no spark). At the same time after a failed start, the exhaust fan does not turn off (even after turning off the button on the front panel, when the indicator light goes out). Checked the transformer circuit, relay in the control unit clicks on startup. Please tell me what voltage is coming from the board to the transformer. I want to check with a tester?

The ignition unit is supplied by the board with 220 V. You can check with a simple 220V wire, it should start clicking. If there is nothing, then the ignition unit is damaged, can not be fixed, only a new one.

Help solve the problem with double boiler Neva Lux 7023. When you open the tap with hot water on the indicator shows number 95, the pressure drops, the error E7. Water runs cold. If the water pressure to reduce, the pressure is the same (the arrow returns to its original position, t.е. pressure increases), the error code E7 disappears, the numbers on the indicator rises to about 48, the water is quite hot, then the temperature drops, and so repeats. The heating is on, it works. In general, at normal hot water pressure comes out 95, then E7, and the water flows cold. How to fix this problem?

I started the boiler in heating mode (after the summer downtime) lost circulation. Came masters, said the pump is no longer working and have a week looking for a replacement. Fortunately, my system is designed for a device without a pump (there is a slope) and it heats up, but it turns on and off twice a minute. Neva Lux 8029 and a pump Wilo NFSL 12/4, can you tell, it is corrected? How serious is the failure? it is warm (but not hot), warmer than the water inlet.

Unscrew the screw on the pump shaft and try to turn the pump shaft. If it does not work, then change the pump. For the future, do not disconnect the boiler from the network in the summer, and put it in summer mode, it will turn its pump from time to time, thereby preventing it from getting sour.

All the time there was no time to deal with the boiler production Baltgaz, and on the DHW is an electric boiler, so it particularly did not burn. Here got to the secondary heat exchanger, there is a certain inconvenience in the dismantling interferes with the engine 3-way valve, without removing it does not get to the second hex, fixing the heat exchanger to the tubes. Removed, rinsed in the bathtub under water fell out a lot of stones flat, dark gray, long knocked out the water pressure, and when removed immediately tried to blow, and all blown, that is, the water flow was clearly, but it may be very complicated. I tried to find a solution, it was impossible to do it on the day off, no one picks up the phone or they do not have it. Followed the old method, first I dabbled with Coke, heated the radiator with hot water. Then I filled it with citric acid and left it for an hour. I didn’t see any clear result, so I flushed it under pressure again. And clogged only on the heating side of the system, all clean on the side of DHW. Anyway, I decided to look at the rest of the stuff as I went along. temperature sensors and three-way valve. The sensors were functional and responded to temperature changes. 3-way valve disassembled, saw nothing critical, the spring is elastic, all rings are normal, valves without galling, the only resistance of the engine was about 9 kOhm, and 15 kOhm should be, maybe it depends on the model. I put everything back together and it worked. The return strainer was clogged with the same thing, I cleaned it, but I didn’t find a hole in the grid. Someone must have opened the bypass without me.

information on gas boiler models: Characteristics, operating functions, accessories, controls and adjustments, troubleshooting.

Errors of gas boilers Neva Lux | Neva Lux

Gas water heater Neva Lux from the domestic manufacturer is a technically complex product. The whole cycle of operation from turning on the speaker to the heating of water is controlled by the automation, which over time malfunctions. For a better view of the fault, the company’s engineers placed on the front panel an indicator window, which displays one or another error code in case of an emergency stop. Let’s see their details.

WARNING! Maintenance and repair operations of gas boilers, which involve disassembly of its gas or water connections, should be performed by a qualified technician. Self-repair can have the opposite effect, up to the purchase of a new unit.

Errors during exploitation of Neva Lux boilers

No ignition. No gas supply to the burner assembly. Most probably the stop valve is blocked. Valve on gas supply line must be opened. If the initial start-up is performed, it is necessary to bleed the air from the pipeline. Check the pressure indicator of the gas fuel supplied to the burner. The required pressure is about twenty Mbar. Also check the maximum and minimum setting values of the gas mixture at the nozzle. The adjustment values are prescribed in the installation manual. If necessary, adjust the boiler Neva Lux. Gas valve defect. If you discover the problem, replace the gas valve. Ionisation electrode is unstable or does not work. Check if it is dirty. Adjust the distance between the burner assembly and the ionisation electrode if necessary. Defect of the gas node. Check the coils in the gas valve for possible openings or shorts. Replace the gas valve if there is a problem. The gas valve sticking. Put a silicone tube on the fitting on the front of the valve and form a high pressure. Lack of power for ignition. Adjust the ignition power using the service menu. Functional failure or damage to the electronics board. Ignition transformer does not work. Perform a boiler reset. If the error repeats, we recommend replacing the electronics board. Perform grounding test. The cladding must have no potential. Excessive humidity causes the appliance to shut down. Clean condensate from the furnace, ionization electrode and gas burner mechanism. Functional failure of the ionisation electrode. Control board detects the flame, but there is no combustion. Examine the wiring of the ionization electrode. Could be bad contacts and breaks. Check the electric circuit continuity from the control board to the ignition electrode for short circuit. Ionization electrode contact with the gas burner. Broken circuit board. It must be replaced. Trouble with the ignition. An error is given when the ignition mechanism does not work or the flame bursts. It is recommended to check connections between ignition mechanism and flame electrode as well as between gas valve and board. One of the factors of burner flame failure is an unsatisfactory draught.

The Neva Lux boiler is overheating. Safety thermostat may have reached a temperature of about 105 degrees F. If there is no ignition signal present, there will be no error. The gas burner went out due to the rising temperature of the heating circuit, but the heat exchanger heating is not interrupted. It is 90 C in the heating phase and 95 C in DHW mode. The automation system shuts down the boiler if between 10 sec. The safety thermostat temperature will rise above 105 degrees. If the overheating thermostat detects a temperature higher than 105 degrees in the heating or anti-frost protection cycle, the boiler automation will pause for about thirty seconds. If the temperature of the NTC heating sensors and the thermostat does not decrease to a hundred degrees within this time interval, the automatic device signals an error. Appliance may block when ignition of the burner is on. If during the ignition phase the temperature of the safety thermostat exceeds 105 degrees Celsius, check the electric circuit and contact the main burner., The boiler goes on stand-by for 10 seconds and only then signals a malfunction. Temperature sensor in the heating circuit or safety thermostat is activated, stopping the unit from operating. The safety thermostat will switch on at a temperature higher than 105 C. Wait until the unit has cooled and restart it using the on/off key. The thermostat sensor malfunctioning or not working properly. We recommend that you change it. Poor circulation of the heating circuit fluid. Measure pressure in the heating system. Its value in the cooled system is 1.2bar. There is air in the heating pipes. Remove the excess air from the system by means of the drain cock. The circulation has stopped. It is advisable to open the shut-off valves against the correct circulation of the heating medium. The water circulating pump malfunctions. Pump is not turning at the correct speed. Check voltage and power network characteristics. If you notice a voltage instability in the electrical network, connect the boiler Neva Lux to the mains using a stabilizer. Check the resistance in the circulation pump motor winding for open or short circuit. The water pump is operating normally, but the pressure drop is insignificant. The impeller is presumed to be defective. Pump must be changed if worn out. Pump doesn’t start turning, although pump’s flow is good. Check the pump; it is clear that the pump is jammed. Remove the plug, then rotate the rotor shaft of the motor. The water circulating pump is not powered. Control board failure. Boiler must be restarted. If the problem starts again, replace the board. The thermostat on the smoke evacuation product has overheated. We recommend waiting for the thermostat to cool down before resetting it.

NTC sensor of the heating circuit is defective. The circuit breakage or short circuit of the heating water temperature sensor is present. When the NTC sensor electrical circuit is broken, the signal is lost, consequently the control board sends a message to interrupt the function of the gas burner.

Faulty hot water temperature sensor. If there is a fault or closing of the circuit of the NTC hot water sensor at intervals of three seconds, the burner will not burn in the hot water supply mode. Operation of the Neva Lux boiler is continuing in the heating cycle. D.H.W. temperature sensor defect.

Is a sign of low pressure in the system. Possible causes of this malfunction: decrease of liquid pressure in the heating system. No contact between pressostat and control board. Pressostat malfunction. It is necessary to look beforehand at the results of pressure gauge reading. Usually, the failure can be eliminated by using the make-up valve, which is designed to add coolant to the system. When the failure occurs again, it is likely there is a leakage of liquid. The circulation pump, main heat exchanger, relief valve, damaged seals and gaskets, make-up valve and other parts can leak. Leak is detected visually by inspecting hydraulic components and connections.

Lack of draught. For correct and safe operation of the boiler Neva Lux it is necessary to organize draught for exhaust of combustion products, so they do not penetrate into the room. The electronic system monitors the smoke exhaust, and when there are any problems, the draught sensor turns on and the device stops working. The main factors that contribute to the lack of draught: small chimney diameter, inadequate construction, clogging, ice on the walls. A reduction in the chimney diameter could be the cause of a draught defect. The chimney pipe is too long It is recommended to study carefully the instructions for use of the gas boiler and observe all the necessary requirements. Too long horizontal part of chimney may cause lack of necessary draught. Stack sensor malfunction. If there is a vacuum in the supply pipe, you will notice a faint click. The contact between the traction sensor and electronic board is broken, there is condensate, as well as the incorrect connection of pipes to the pressostat. Fan operation stopped. Fan impeller is clogged. The fan shaft is not lubricated, therefore, does not generate the required rpm. No contact between fan and electronics control board.

Dacha and cottage heating systems. Boilers, gas heaters, water heaters. Repair, service, operation. Installation and mounting recommendations.

Stoppage of the Neva Lux boiler, caused by failure or malfunction of any of its systems, is accompanied by the corresponding error code displayed on the control panel, which facilitates malfunction detection.

Error codes, possible causes and troubleshooting

Error 01. Malfunctions associated with failed ignition. Boiler doesn’t work.

Gas supply malfunction. Open the stop cock on the gas line or check the pressure in the gas cylinder (LPG).)

Ignitor defective. Replace plug.

Ignition plug electrical circuit broken. Check electrical circuits and contacts.

Improper gap between ignition plug and burner section. Set the gap (50,5 mm).

Spark leaks from the spark plug electrode to the combustion chamber shell. Bend back the combustion chamber lid at the ignition plug installation point.

Contaminated spark plug. Wipe off dust and degrease plug.

Ionizing glow plug is defective. Replace the spark plug.

The electrical circuit of the ionization plug is broken. Check electrical circuits and contacts.

Improper clearance between the ionization plug and the burner section. Set the gap (30.5 mm).

Ignition transformer is defective. Replace the ignition transformer of the Neva Lux boiler.

Ignition transformer electrical circuit broken. Check electrical circuits and contacts.

Burner unit is clogged. Clean the burner unit.

Electric circuits of gas regulator broken. Check electrical circuits and contacts.

Gas regulator not working. Replace gas regulator.

The thermostat is defective (normally closed at up to 90°C). Replace the thermostat.

Electrical circuit of the thermostat (over-temperature sensor) is broken. Check circuits and contacts.

Error 02. Water overheating. Boiler not working.

Heating system is clogged. Clean the heating system.

Thermostat defective (normally closed at temperature up to 90°C). Replace the thermostat.

Air lock in the heating system. Open de-aerating valve.

The filter in the heating system is clogged. Clean filter.

By-pass valve not working or incorrectly installed. Check the correct installation of the bypass valve components and replace if necessary.

Pump or bleed valve defective. Replace pump or bleed valve.

Pump relay on electronic board defective. Replace electronic board.

Gas regulator does not work. Gas regulator does not work Change gas regulator.

Gas regulator not adjusted. Adjust the gas regulator.

Circuit of thermostat (over-temperature sensor) broken. Check electrical circuits and contacts.

Fault 03. No traction. The Neva Lux boiler does not work.

Chimney or air intake duct obstructed. Find out the reason of blockage and remove it.

Pressostat malfunction Loose tubes on pressostat. Replace the tubes.

Pressostat circuit malfunction. Check electrical circuits and contacts.

Pressostat faulty (pressostat contacts must close at a pressure drop of 130 Pa or more). Prestat not working or defective.

Condensation in pressostat tubing. Remove condensate from pressostat tubing.

Electric circuit malfunction of the fan. Check electrical circuits and contacts.

Defective fan. Replace the fan.

Error 04. Insufficient water pressure in the heating circuit. Boiler not working.

Water pressure in the heating circuit is too low. Check the water pressure in the heating circuit up to the recommended values.

Air lock in the heating system. Open vent valve.

Water pressure sensor in the heating circuit is defective. Replace sensor.

Pump or bleeder valve defective. Replace the pump or bleed valve.

Electrical circuit between the pressure sensor and the electronic board is defective. Check contacts of connectors in the control unit and on the sensor and check electric circuit of the sensor.

Error 05. Heating circuit temperature sensor defective. Boiler not working.

The sensor of heating circuit temperature is defective. Replace sensor for heating circuit temperature.

The electric circuit “temperature sensor. electronic board” is defective. Check electrical circuits and contacts.

Fault 06. Malfunction of the temperature sensor. Boiler Neva Lux works only in a heating mode.

Defective sensor of the temperature of hot water. Replace the sensor of temperature of DHW.

Electrical circuit between the sensor of d.h.w. temperature and the electronic board is broken. Check electrical circuit and contacts.

Fault 07. Gas regulator modulator coil malfunction. Boiler doesn’t work.

Open gas regulator modulator coil breakage. Replace gas regulator (resistance of modulator coil is 80 ohms).

Electrical circuit “modulator coil. electronic board” is broken. Check electrical circuits and contacts.

Troubles of boilers Neva Lux without error code

No electricity. Contact the electric service.

Fuse blown. Replace the fuse on the board.

Water infiltration on electronic board. Allow the board to air dry or leave it in a dry place for two days to allow the water to evaporate completely.

Electronic board failure (RESET does not help). Disconnect and restart the boiler or replace the electronic board.

The minimum gas pressure and ignition power are wrongly set. Adjust the minimum gas pressure and ignition power.

Insufficient air supply. Clean the air inlet pipe or duct.

Spark from the ignition electrode goes to the edge of the burner section or to the combustion chamber shell. Bend the spark plug or bend the combustion chamber shell backwards to allow a spark to escape around the nozzle holes of the burner section.

Contaminated burner unit. Clean the burner unit.

Gas leakage. Check the entire gas circuit for leaks, remove the gas leakage.

Low or no hot water output

Insufficient water pressure at the hot water inlet. Call the utility company.

The water filter is clogged. Clean the filter on the DHW line.

The heat exchanger is clogged. Clean the heat exchanger.

Fixed domestic hot water temperature not maintained (too high)

Input water temperature too high. Increase the water flow through the DHW circuit or dilute the hot water with cold water, without allowing the flow through the DHW circuit to decrease.

Water flow through the DHW circuit is too low. Increase water flow through the domestic hot water circuit.

Boiler Neva Lux doesn’t work in heating regime (but it does work in DHW regime)

Jumper of room thermostat is missing. Install a room thermostat jumper.

Jumper of the room thermostat connecting the contacts is defective. Replace room thermostat jumper.

Room thermostat defective (if the thermostat is installed). Replace the room thermostat.

Water temperature at the water inlet to the heating system is lower than the preset temperature

Heating circuit temperature sensor defective. Clean the temperature sensor from scale (in case of immersion temperature sensor), or replace the temperature sensor.

Boiler is in stand-by mode, the display shows the symbol “-.”And the boiler does not respond to pressing the control buttons

Power supply voltage is out of 190 ÷ 250 V. Restore the supply voltage between 190 ÷ 250 V. After 30 seconds the boiler will start automatically in the same mode as it was before the voltage went out of 190 ÷ 250 V.

Tips for troubleshooting the boiler Neva Lux

Gas wall hung boiler Neva Lux 8618 can not start. As long as you hold the start key, the burner works fine. If the button is not fixed, the unit goes out. What is the cause of the problem??

Possibly the thermocouple is defective or there is a problem with the gas valve. There is also a drop in gas pressure on the inlet line. In some cases there is insufficient voltage on the electronic board.

A malfunction has occurred. It is very difficult to start. Ignition device lights up, but there is no flame on the main burner. Can anyone explain what the cause is?

Most likely a malfunction of the igniter. We advise to have the appliance serviced and the igniter cleaned.

Why the gas boiler Neva Lux 7224 doesn’t switch off when the temperature reaches the set point? It heats up to 90 C, then the oven malfunctions. After restarting, the problem repeats.

Presumably, the control board is not in order, the boiler water temperature sensor has a breakdown, broken sensor for overheating. It is quite possible that there is an error in the operation of the automatics.

Tell me please, why the boiler does not heat above 70C? I am trying to set a higher value, but the screen shows that this is the highest value. How can I make the heating more intense??

If the unit fails to cycle the temperature rise in the heating circuit, we can assume the following problems. The maximum heating temperature is limited to max 70 C in the settings. The decrease of draught speed in the chimney is noted.

The Neva Lux 8224 boiler does not function satisfactorily in the process of heating the DHW system. The tap in the kitchen can mix and mingle cold and hot water. Please help me, what is the cause of this malfunction?

The causes of the fault may be as follows. There is a cold water inlet because the 3-way stopcock is out of order. The heat exchanger is blocked with debris. You are advised to clean it.

There is constant water leakage from the tap on the bottom of the boiler. The device itself can not be started. What must be done?

The coolant may be discharged from the safety valve. This fact indicates an increase in pressure in the system. The tap on the fill tap may not be closed or the expansion tank must be filled.

Can you tell me what causes the pressure to rise regularly and at the same time the drain valve? The display shows a heating symbol every time the unit heats up. What to do?

The temperature sensor in the heating circuit is defective. There is no normal circulation in the heating line.

What is the breakdown when the wall mounted boiler Neva Lux 7023 constantly shuts down? The other day the ignition element didn’t work at all. The device was serviced a month ago. What can it be??

There seems to be a malfunction in the smoke evacuation process. The chimney must be diagnosed. Failure of the piezo ignition can indicate damage to one of the components after power surges or water intrusion.

Can anyone tell me how to clear the chimney situation? It is almost the second day after the reverse draught and the smoke goes straight into the kitchen. I made the chimney myself. It looks like a metal pipe. Maybe there is a gap somewhere.

The unit normally produces hot water, but if you start the heating, the water starts boiling and the unit stops working. What is this problem and how to get rid of it??

Presumably, the circulation pump is defective, the electronic board failure, the temperature sensor is broken. At the same time the filter screen can get clogged with debris.

During the hot water supply phase, the unit alternates between cold and hot water. Help me understand what it depends on. How to correct the heating?

The heating system could be fouled or the heat exchanger could be in need of cleaning. The pressure control sensor may also be defective or the circulation pump may be broken.

An important reason is the wrong configuration of the chimney. Maybe a soot deposit on the walls of the pipe, which significantly reduces its performance. Also it is necessary to control the exhaust vents in the house.

The dual circuit gas boiler Neva Lux 8618 is working. The unit quickly performs a temperature rise above 96 degrees, but then shuts down with an error. After a while, when it cools down, it may start working. What is the problem?

Stopping due to overheating indicates a lack of circulation. Firstly it is recommended to have a look at the radiator valves. They should be opened. Then perform an inspection for clogging of the filter, and make sure that the heat exchanger does not contain dirt.

We installed this boiler in Autumn of this year. After about five months the appliance started making noise. Explain the reason for the noise in the boiler?

Presumably the presence of scale in the heat exchanger. If the water is hard, lime will eventually deposit in the radiator tubes.

I’m planning to connect the boiler Neva 8023. Can you advise how to start it correctly?

We recommend the following steps for the correct commissioning of this equipment. Connect the power supply to the machine. Turn the gas tap on the open position. Then start the main burner. Then set the desired temperature.

Want to carry out maintenance. Instruct how to drain the appliance yourself?

According to the data sheet, the procedure is as follows. Disconnect the device from the power grid. Close the gas valve. Open the bleeder valve a little bit. Open drain valve. Then we collect the poured liquid. It is also allowed to drain the liquid with a relief valve. This valve is located on the bottom of the unit.

Explain to me how to diagnose the operation of the three-way valve? I think that this part does not properly perform the opening. In the heating mode does not pump the far batteries, and in hot water mode is strongly heated pipe on the heating water supply under the boiler.

Certainly need to check the three-way valve to see if the stem is acidified in the middle position. In turn we advise to check the heating system.

We have a gas boiler Neva Lux 8224 in our apartment. Until then, it worked smoothly. Currently after 3 seconds after starting it began to go out. Neva LUX 7224 ошибка 02. Полное техническое обслуживание.

Think it can’t get liquid into the system. Tell me what the source of the problem is? A possible factor of this malfunction is the ignition electrode, which does not fix the flame, or lack of circulation.

There was a problem with this model a few days ago. It hissed during operation. Tried to do a reset. I was able to fix it, but the whistling still hasn’t stopped. Maybe someone can tell us what the problem is?

It is not uncommon for a sharp whistle to occur if the pressure setting on the gas burner nozzles is not done according to the instructions. Need to check the set value and correct if necessary.

Yesterday water got into the boiler and it started malfunctioning. For example, if you set an arbitrary temperature, and the heating mode reaches only 26 degrees and then the unit turns off. Can you tell me what the problem is??

If there is water in the control box, we can assume that the control box is defective. We advise you to reset it by completely disconnecting the device from the power supply. Then restart it and test its functionality.

The Neva 7218 boiler is in operation. Now during start-up the wick burns for five seconds, the main burner does not take fire, which causes the unit to go out. How can I solve the problem?

Probably the ignition mechanism has failed or there is a problem with the burner. In either case you need to check if the phasing is correct when you connect to the electricity supply.

I wired the same appliance myself last October. After about half a year there is a failure in the DHW circuit, but the heating functions smoothly. Tried to use hot water, but the appliance only indicates the temperature and does not think it is necessary to heat. What’s the reason for the malfunction??

The 3-way valve is probably defective. It needs to be replaced.

Please tell me why a safety temperature sensor is installed in the boiler system?

This part blocks the gas supply to the burner when the water in the main heat exchanger overheats.

I need to flush and clean the main heat exchanger. Please help me which steps to take in order to remove it according to the instructions?

This element can be easily removed from the machine with a simple screwdriver. Below is shown the order of disassembly. Drain the water from the appliance using the drain valve. Then free the DHW system from water. Loosen the screws that fix the heat exchanger and take it out of the frame.

Start the boiler Neva Lux 8624. After about 4 months the water pressure in the unit has dropped. It keeps dropping and shutting down. That is, it doesn’t hold pressure at all. Why it doesn’t hold pressure?

When the appliance does not hold water pressure, it can be assumed that there is a leak from the make-up tap. If a trip occurs and the pressure drops to the zero limit, the 3-way valve is damaged.

Tell me how to clean the cold water filter?

First, the hot water system needs to be drained. Secondly, unscrew the nut of the flow sensor. Next, remove the sensor together with the filter from the socket. After that clean it from impurities and dirt.

The appliance was humming at startup before, but now the noise has intensified. Initially the sound was transient, but now it lasts much longer. I have encountered this problem only briefly?

The formation of excessive noise can be explained by mineral deposits on the internal walls of the heat exchanger, which heats up unevenly due to the uneven thickness of the walls. The more the heat exchanger is clogged, the noisier the unit is, and consequently the heat output decreases.

The unit seems to be running, but the water circulation system does not seem to be. The pump acting on the return flow has become too hot. What is the reason?

Probably a clogged filter/mud filter or at some point valves are closed, obstructing the passage of coolant. The circulation pump could also be defective.

Why isn’t the burner primed? water? The water comes out of the tap totally warm. Help me understand what happened?

Finding out the problems lead to several ways. E.g. DHW temperature sensor failure, need to replace the sensor. Perhaps the water heating capacity of the unit is out of adjustment.

Occasionally a spark stops during ignition. No dirt in the burner, the chimney is fine, the draft is excellent. Where to look for a breakdown?

The appliance can´t detect the spark because the ignition control unit´s signal is insufficient. Check the wire from the ionisation sensor to the electrode. You probably need to tighten it up. There may be a defect in the sensor insulation, which provides for replacement.

Troubleshooting error 01 of the boiler Neva Lux 8224.

What does error 01 mean, how to troubleshoot the repair Neva Lux?

Two-circuit gas boilers Neva Lux 8624, 8230, 8224 are wall-mounted device with forced circulation of coolant (water or antifreeze).

Repair and maintenance of boilers Neva Lux is made according to the service manual by a specialized service organization, which also performs installation, start-up and maintenance works with delivery, replacement of defective parts with new ones of this heating equipment Neva Lux.

So, when error 01 in the combustion chamber does not ignite the flame or ignition starts, but fails Neva boiler does not work. In this case, there may be one or several reasons for the error 01.

Let’s consider all the causes of the emergency situation and give full recommendations for repairing the gas boiler Neva Lux in the event of error 01. Technical information provided for service engineers of gas equipment repair organizations.

Error 01 in the electronic control board is common when repairing gas boilers from various manufacturers of electronically controlled heating equipment.

The first common malfunction lack of ignition is the incorrect operation of the entire chain of power and mechanical operations, from the pilot to the main gas burner.

Similar problems during the appearance of error 01 relate to wall hung boilers Wisman Vitopend 100, Baxi, Kiturmi, Electrolux, Ariston, Immergas, as well as the Neva Lux 8224 and other models of various manufacturers of analogous two-circuit boilers.

When visually inspecting the gas appliance, make sure all manufacturer’s recommendations are followed regarding the installation of the gas boiler: electricity, electronics, gas, chimney, air supply, the correct installation of the boiler Neva Lux according to the installation diagram and the rules of the gas economy.

Repair of gas boiler Neva Lux with error 01 information begins with a check of gas supply to the heating boiler fittings. Next, check all RTs for working condition, observing the contact capacity of the relays. Diagnose the gas valve-modulator, check the static and dynamic pressure.

Default ignition, ionization elements to be checked and serviced. In this case, you should observe the gaps relative to the burner section on the two electrodes. Eliminate misalignments and mechanical damage that interfere with the correct setting of the boiler. Diagnostics of ignition transformer unit (coil), if there is no power supply to the ignition electrode.

When repairing the boiler Neva Lux with liquid gas, it is necessary to prepare documents for the last filling of the gas tank (technical data of the fuel), the contract for the technical maintenance of the boiler. service of gas boiler and call a service technician for gas diagnostics and repair. apparatus.

Timely, continuous maintenance of gas boilers Neva Lux gives trouble-free operation of equipment, warmth and comfort in your home. By carrying out routine repairs, necessary replacement of spare parts you extend the life of boilers Neva Lux and make the right investments.

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