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Samsung refrigerator Procedure for launching. Why the refrigerator cannot be turned on immediately after transportation

When choosing a refrigerator, it is taken into account what temperature is provided, how long it will last, what power consumes. However, the new refrigerator will not be able to correspond to the technical characteristics indicated in the passport and will quickly fail if it is incorrectly transported and hurry up with testing. After how many hours you can turn on the refrigerator after transportation is an important question.

If the seller in the store or delivery employee insists on signing the document on checking the operation of the unit, it should be refused to purchase the refrigerator in this store, since employees may try to sell low.Quality goods.

It is very important to understand whether the delivery of equipment was carried out correctly, that is, the refrigerator. Flooding manufacturers advise not to reject them vertically more than 40 °. But sometimes the dimensions of the refrigerator do not allow it to deliver it in the recommended position (small van, elevator, staircase marches), so you have to transport in the position of lying.

At the same time, it is possible to get machine oil, which lubricated the yumperpressor into the circulation system of the refrigerant (freon).

If the unit is turned on immediately 1 minute after delivery, the oil will push back further inside the system. The liquid, unlike Freon vapor, according to the laws of physics, does not compress, so the compressor will have to work with overload.

After they brought the new thing home, you can not turn on the refrigerator immediately after they were unpacked. First you need to carefully familiarize yourself with the recommendations for the connection and maintenance set forth in the leadership. This will prevent possible troubles when starting the refrigerator into operation.

If you followed the instructions when turning on, but the refrigerator suddenly broke, this will be the basis for a claim to a trading institution or contact a warranty workshop. When the refrigerator is brought by the delivery service, it is necessary to make sure that there are no damage and the correctness of the paperwork, paying special attention to the warranty coupon.

Perhaps employees will ask to check the operability of the refrigerator. The proposal, especially signing the verification act, should politely refuse, explaining why you cannot turn on the refrigerator immediately after entering the house.

You can fully evaluate the quality of work on the new unit on after it works for at least a couple of days. During this period, you can determine how time the specified temperature is restored, at what frequency is the compressor engine turned on and disconnected. If there are no complaints about the quality of work for these days, then the refrigerator will continue to fulfill its duties in full.

If you rush and immediately include the unit in the network, it is possible that it will fail shortly after the purchase. As a result, you will have to additionally spend money on the replacement of the compressor, the cost of which, taking into account the price of the repair, is sometimes comparable to the purchase of a new refrigerator.

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Inquiring from employees who delivered the purchase in what position the refrigerator was transported, it is determined how long it is necessary to wait until the first inclusion. The duration of waiting depends on several factors:

  • If the refrigerator was delivered to the side, regardless of air temperature on the street, the first inclusion is made after 8 to 16 hours (the colder the weather is the longer) after arriving home). To make the cooling circuit guaranteed to clean the motor oil to wait a day, opening the doors and lids of the boxes. In this case, you will not have to guess, it has returned where it is supposed or not.
  • Even with warm weather and transportation in a standing position, the refrigerator cannot be turned on immediately after transportation. You can turn on the refrigerator after 2 to 4 hours after delivery. This is necessary in order to avoid troubles associated with the accidental ingress of oil into the cooling system.
  • In cold weather and vertical delivery, you can turn on the refrigerator after transportation after 4 to 6 hours of the equipment in a home environment. This time is enough for the condensate formed under the influence of the cold to turn into steam.

During the waiting period “X”, the new thing should be washed with a soap solution using a soft rag.

To protect against electric shock, the refrigerator must be connected via an outlet with a grounding contact. If the solemn start of the unit into operation has passed without excesses, you should not immediately fill it with products “under the eyeballs”, you need to add them gradually. As the desired temperature regime will be established in the freezer and refrigerator. This will allow the compressor to work in normal mode without overload, which will favorably affect the duration of the service life.

A few days ago I once again encountered a situation of illiteracy of people who bought a new refrigerator. Over, this time these buyers not familiar with the service of the refrigerator were my distant relatives from the village. I didn’t sell them a refrigerator, and not even in our store there was a purchase, but, in principle, this is not important. The main fact is obvious. Technical illiteracy. And since there are a lot of such buyers, if not the vast majority, then let’s talk with you about what you need to know when buying a new refrigerator. What is included in the service of the refrigerator.

Since we decided that we will get acquainted with the proper service of the refrigerator from the very moment of its acquisition, we will start from the moment this wonderful thing falls into your house.

The first inclusion of the refrigerator.

  • The first thing to do is to remove all unnecessary objects from the refrigerator and freezer chambers of the device. And such items are sure to eat in any new refrigerator. They are all kinds of packaging materials: foam spacers, gaskets from any kind of film and so on. Delete!
  • The second stage can be called swimming. That is, you just need to wash all the inner surfaces of the refrigerator. I will immediately make a reservation that the bathing does not apply to such a refrigerator and it will work well without this procedure. But you buy a refrigerator for yourself, and not for the “uncle” and therefore the care of hygiene will definitely not be superfluous. In addition, the specific smell of the plastic of the cameras of the new refrigerator undoubtedly is undoubtedly nourished all the underly packaged products. Open your new refrigerator, sniff! By the way, it is best to wash it with water with a small addition of acetic acid, which kills extraneous smells.
  • Stage third. Installation of the refrigerator. This is the same procedure for which some sellers take money, selling as an additional service along with many household appliances. It is to install the refrigerator that it must be correctly set in the right place. Correctly means that he stands firmly, monolithic, does not hang out in general. For this, each refrigerator has adjustable legs. As a rule, such legs are two front. They are adjusted using a threaded connection, using a key, and sometimes even manually. I will not describe this process in detail, since a very simple procedure. I will dwell on one question: is it necessary to align the refrigerator in level? There are different opinions in this matter: some masters say that it is necessary and this is often written in the operating instructions, others argue that this is nothing wrong with the small tilt backward. By the way, my refrigerator is at home just like that. With a slope, because it is convenient. Pushed the door slightly, it closed itself. And has been working for almost 20 years. Install!
  • Stage Fourth connection of the refrigerator to the mains. And again, there are several opinions here. Many say that you cannot connect the refrigerator through extension cords. And in stores, sellers certainly try to sell a network filter together with the refrigerator, which in most cases is made just in the form of an extension cord. How to be? You know what I will tell you, my personal opinion that this issue does not matter much of great importance. If you connect your new refrigerator through a high.Quality extension cord (network filter), but nothing terrible will happen to it. Will be faithful to serve for many years. And if we talk about the network filter, he will also protect against large voltage jumps, which is also not so bad. And also about the outlet into which we connect our refrigerator. According to the manufacturer’s instructions, the device must be connected to a socket with a working grounding contact. However, where to get such a socket, when in most of our apartments the electric wiring is two wired, that is, without a grounding wire. The manufacturer does not say about this. Therefore, there is nothing left but to use the neme rosettes that are available. Connect!
  • Attention! The new refrigerator, which has just been delivered to your apartment, cannot be immediately included in the network. He must stand at least 2 hours. And if the street is a negative temperature, then at least 4 hours. However, if you, as expected, you will first “bathe” it, then the time will pass.
  • Stage Last. Loading Products. This is where the main mistake of most buyers lies. In no case do not fill the refrigerator with products immediately after turning on! Wait! Give the refrigerator time to dial the operating temperature. Different refrigerators have different time. One will gain the temperature in 5 hours, and the other on this process may be needed for 8-10 hours. And only after that you can start loading products. Again not immediately! No need to try to fill the freezer with warm meat to the eyeballs. This can lead to an excessive load on the compressor, which is not good. Fill the refrigerator gradually, in portions, so to speak. Then you will not face the situation that I mentioned at the beginning of the article, talking about my relatives. They just did the opposite. We bought a refrigerator, and at the same time several dozen kilograms of fresh meat, arrived home, loaded the meat into the freezer and turned on. As a result, they received the continuous operation of the compressor for almost two days. And since the refrigerator they acquired Samsung, from which the evaporator is built into the side walls, their new device was heated, like a good battery, that it is scary to touch. Don’t do that! No need to ruin the refrigerator from the first hours of operation!

The first inclusion of the refrigerator

Here, in fact, are all simple rules that must be observed for proper operation when the new refrigerator is first turned on.

Now let’s talk a little about the operation of the refrigerator in the process of further work. After all, we buy this device for more than one month, and not even for one year.

In what mode should the refrigerator work?

Most of the refrigerators work normally at the air temperature range of 16-32 ° C degrees. Although the refrigerators have a different climatic class, you should not ask too low temperatures in the summer, since this can cause an increase in energy consumption and the load on the refrigerator.

Most likely, the motor-compressor was failed: there was a break in the winding, an interval circuit or the motor “jams”. The faulty motor begins to work, it is very hot, and a starting relay is triggered to protect against overloading the compressor, after which the engine is turned off.

When you can turn on the refrigerator after transportation on the side?

To ensure uninterrupted operation of the device, you need to figure out how much you can turn on the refrigerator after transportation. When transporting equipment on the side. It is necessary that it settles in the winter for 16-18 hours, and in the summer-8 hours. During this time, the refrigerant will be distributed along the contour, and the oil drains into the compressor.

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The compressor of the refrigerator will work actively until it cools the space of the chambers to the desired temperature. This happens about the same time as cooling at the first turned on after the purchase-from 2-3 to 8-10 hours.

The first connection to the mains

Preparing for the first turning on the refrigerator for power supply, you should adhere to some tips:

  • Often, technology sellers advise buying a network filter to preserve the unit from voltage drops. But if there is a good outlet with ordinary grounding contacts in the house, such a filter is not required. By the way, if you have a house of a regular extension cord, you can also not buy a network adapter. Modern extension cords have all the contacts grounding, and they cost an order of magnitude cheaper than the filter.
  • If, in addition to the refrigerator, it is planned to connect several more devices at the same time, it is better to use network adapters from possible overload, in addition, they are usually equipped with a large number of sockets.
  • If the refrigerator was purchased in the cold season, after delivery home it is strictly forbidden to include it on the network for the first 3-4 hours. During this time, all parts of the device will warm up well, the condensate that has arisen will evaporate and it can be safely included in the network.
  • At the first connection, it is not recommended to clog the refrigerator with products. It is necessary to give him the opportunity to gain the necessary temperature inchor. This can take about 5 to 10 hours. Only then fill the refrigerator with a small number of products. The refrigerator should be included in the normal mode of operation gradually. In a few hours, the unit will be filled with coolness, the freezer will accumulate a sufficient amount of cold, and the refrigeration unit will be able to start working at full power.

Modern frosty devices are mostly equipped with computer control, all sensors are very sensitive to various changes and differences, and, accordingly, can fail faster.

On a note. Do not turn off the refrigerator for a period of time less than 1 minute. The compressor can jam and then you can not do without a master!

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So, how much time the new refrigerator should work before its first disconnection?

This issue is very worried about the owners of both new devices and devices that have recently been in the repair or former for a long period. The fact is that the first time of its work usually has dependence on factors such as:

  • The temperature of the room.
  • The volume of the refrigerator itself.
  • Compressor performance performance.
  • The number of products loaded into it, their temperature.
  • Type refrigerant and t.P.

On average, this period can be about two hours. If desired, in order to determine the norm of time until the first automatic disconnection of the new refrigerator, it is best to leave it empty, put in a minimum position the temperature thermostat and not open the door until completely disconnected. Depending on the above factors, time can fluctuate from 30-40 minutes to 2-3 hours.

We bring the refrigerator home

At the moment, the market for kitchen techniques is simply full of various refrigerators. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult to make a choice, for example, between LG or Indesis. Both of these manufacturers have already managed to prove themselves from the good side.

But still, when the choice has already been made, this unit gets to your home, you need:

  • First remove all extraneous objects from the surface and from the inside. In all new refrigerators, they are available. For example, cardboard, stickers, packaging paper, foam, film. Therefore, carefully examine all departments of the unit and remove the excess. This moment is very important.
  • Hygiene. First of all. We take a sponge, moisten in water with vinegar and wash well the internal and external sides. Someone can say: why wash it, he is new? This is necessary to get rid of the specific smell of plastic. Any new kitchen technique has it. A solution of water and vinegar just copes with this task. And then, here you will store products that should be contained, if not in sterile, then hygiene conditions.
  • It is strictly forbidden to use cleaning agents with m chemistry. There is a chance that you will not wash them well, and these technical poisons will fall into food, which will be stored here. Therefore, you can wash only with water, and with a strong unpleasant smell of plastic. With the addition of conventional acetic acid.

Buying and transportation

When buying a household appliance, they clarify how they will transport. Immediately inspect the integrity of the configuration. Are convinced of the absence of damage on glass shelves, check the mechanisms of closing compartments.

Delive the device special services of household appliances stores. Most often the service is paid, so you can refuse it. To move independently, you will need a spacious vehicle, a couple of strong men and knowledge of the rules for transporting refrigerators:

  • The desirable position of the device is vertical.
  • Permissible roll. 40 degrees.
  • In the cold season they try to get to the room with plus temperature faster.
  • If the unit had to be put in a horizontal plane, it is important to strictly withstand the time before sticking the plug in the outlet.

Preparation of the refrigerator for operation

Behind the installation of the refrigerator and its cleaning. It’s time to move on to its preparation for operation.

Let’s start with the fact that immediately after transportation, the refrigerator should stand a little. This is especially necessary if the equipment was in a rather cool room. Just while the installation and cleaning will be ensured, the device will have time to warm up.

Then, when the refrigerator has time to adapt to a new temperature, you can connect it to the network. On the first day after turning on, uninterrupted operation of the compressor is possible. Therefore, excessive noise should not scare.

Also, if the socket does not provide grounding, it is necessary to additionally purchase a network adapter or just an extension cord. Both devices will protect the equipment from voltage drops.

Reference! Before connecting, it is also necessary to cheer with the instructions, since refrigerators of different models, for example, Bosch, LG, Atlanta, Indesite or Samsung will have some features of the connection. If the connection process causes difficulties, you can invite the master. It will help with installation and debug the temperature regime.

It is also worth remembering that the refrigeration equipment will gradually dial the set temperature, because if after 2-3 hours after the device is turned on, cooling is insufficient, you should not worry. As a rule, the operation of equipment is established 1 day after including. This time is enough for all equipment systems to join in the work.

If the equipment does not gain cold a day after the connection, you should contact the store in which the unit was bought. Perhaps the supplier has provided defective equipment, then it must be replaced. Call the equipment for the repair of equipment in this case. You should not. He can disrupt the terminals, and any intervention during the warranty period under a strict prohibition.

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