New Washing Road Intesit is constantly gaining water

The washing machine picks up water constantly: the reasons, possible breakdowns, methods of eliminating the malfunction

The washing machine can continuously pick up water both during washing and in the off state. This is a consequence of a malfunction that needs to be eliminated. Consider the reasons for its occurrence, and what can be done independently without attracting household appliances repair master.

  • The reasons for the breakdown
  • Incorrect sewage connection
  • Water bay valves are faulty
  • Damage to the press start
  • Control block
  • Catalog of washing machines with reviews

Possible consequences of a malfunction

During operation, the machine can type water at least twice, since any regime involves directly the washing process itself, as well as rinsing underwear. Of course, depending on the selected mode of operation, the number of cycles of the set and drain of water may increase, which is a normal technological process. Anxiety should arise when the washing machine picks up water constantly, which relates to one of the most unpleasant and dangerous breakdowns.

In the case when the drain system functions correctly, the unit will remove water from the tank. But with clogged plum, it is possible to fail electronic control or flooding of neighboring residents. In addition to economic losses (increased water consumption), this situation leads to a large load on the main nodes and parts of the machine, which is the reason for their premature wear. Especially if the Indesit washing machine is constantly gaining water, a heating element suffers, which is connected very often.

In any case, the operation of a washing machine with uncontrolled filling with water is prohibited, as this can cause a breakdown of the remaining components of the unit.

Features of the Washing machine Indesit

The equipment is equipped with an electromagnetic valve with a level sensor that determines the amount of water in the tank. The sensor works in conjunction with the control unit, pumping contaminated fluid is carried out with a blade pump.

In case of failures, control LEDs are included, and an error code is displayed on the models with the display. The value can be decrypted according to the table available in the operating instructions.

Common reasons why the machine does not gain water

Problems in the recruitment of water arise due to clogging of the highways or breakdown of the components responsible for maintaining the fluid level. The owner can sequentially check the elements and quickly restore equipment performance. Service should be carried out with disconnected nutrition and blocked water supply taps.

Blocking the input filter

In the pressure line is a grid that separates mechanical impurities from water. When the filter is polluted, the passage cross section decreases with the simultaneous increase in the flow resistance. To remove dirt, you need to block the valve on the water line, unscrew the hose clutch and dismantle the net located on the input pipe of the machine. The filter pollution is accompanied by extraneous sounds when trying to gain water that occurs due to a turbulence of fluid flow.

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Broken press station

In the design of the equipment there is a fluid level sensor, with incorrect operation of the sensor, the machine constantly drains the recruited water, without launching the washing cycle. On models equipped with a screen, the error code F04 or F07 is displayed. The owner needs to clean the receiving pipe of dirt, and then check the sensor with blowing. If clicks are heard when the compressed air is supplied, then the sensitive element is good.

Иногда после продувки работоспособность прессостата восстанавливается. If the sensor does not work, then you need to install a new node.

Problems of the control board

During the breakdown of the controller, F17 or H2O codes are displayed on the screen. Electronics fails due to vibrations, oxidation of paths under the influence of condensate or burnout of elements after a jump in the voltage. The repair of the controller in domestic conditions is difficult, to restore performance, we need to drain elements and paths. When burning out a microprocessor, it is required to install a new module, the price of which reaches 60% of the cost of a new machine.

The burned pump

To remove contaminated water, a pump with an electric drive is used, turning on and disconnected is made by signal from the controller. In domestic conditions, you can check the integrity of the wiring harnesses and the condition of the engine windings. The owner can independently restore cables, but it is impossible to repair the motor. The drive is made in a single case with a pump, disassembly is not provided. It is recommended to select and install a new pump in the service conditions.

A pump with an electric drive is used to remove water.

Water supply valve malfunction

The valve design has an electromagnet that overlaps the flow of water by signal from the control unit. With a breakdown of the element, normal fluid circulation is disturbed, the main sign of the defect is a large amount of dry powder in the tray after washing. For verification, you must get to the valve located under the cover of the case, and then check the integrity of the winding by the tester. An alternative check is based on the voltage for contacts, the working valve should work with a quiet click. In case of breakdown, the installation of a new unit is required.

The blockage of the pouring hose

To supply fluid, a rubber hose is used, which can clog with particles of rust. With prolonged operation, the material is dry and partially covers the cross section. Checking is to remove the sleeve and clean the steel wire. If a dry area is detected, the hose must be changed. Sometimes the cause of poor water supply is deformed gaskets that overlap the passing section. The damaged seal is visible when removing the fitting.

Autoles of water supply

Equipment requires stable fluid pressure in the water line. When the pressure falls or pulsation of the flow, the tank is not filled, it is possible to display errors. Check the position of the valve responsible for the water supply to the machine. In the case of reduced pressure, it is recommended to postpone the washing, since the process is delayed for several hours and may be interrupted by notifications about the occurrence of an error.

When the water pressure drops, it is recommended to postpone the wash.

When closing, the hatch is not blocked

The cover design has a castle with an electromagnetic drive and a sensor that prevents the opening of the hatch during washing. If the wiring or oxidation of the contacts is damaged, the system does not work, the control unit blocks the water set. An error F17 may be displayed on the display. Repair consists in a partial disassembly of the case, installing a new tourniquet or repairing damaged areas of the old.

The oxidized contacts must be cleaned and covered with a layer of solder, in the case of repeated failures, the elements should be changed.

The reason for the malfunction that can be handled on your own

One of the reasons why the washing machine constantly drains water is an incorrect connection to the sewer. Most often, such a problem occurs when installing a new technique.

If the drain hose along the entire length is located below the tank, then the water gradually “runs away” into the sewer by gravity. The water level falls, the sensor works, and the machine floods the missing volume. Due to the fact that water continues to leave, automation is constantly gaining new portions of water.

To prevent this from happening, some part of the drain hose should be raised 50-60 cm from the floor, that is, above the water level in the tank. This follows:

  • Lay the “loop” hose on the standard mounts of the washing machine located on the rear wall, and the remaining part can be laid on the floor and connected to the sewer in a convenient place. Most washing machines (Bosch, Samsung, Ardo, Indesit, Ariston and many others) are equipped with such fastenings.
  • When draining in a bath or sink, make sure that some part of the drain runs at the desired height.
  • The reason that the “assistant” constantly drains water, may be partially clogged or narrow sewage. When draining water on the floors below, it can be completely filled, while the discharge (low pressure) is created above). In this case, water can be delayed from the tank to the sewer. To solve this problem, you must either put the drain in the sink or in the bath.

There are special valves that are installed on the drain hose. They create the effect of a siphon and prevent the suction of water from the tank.

You can, of course, make a small hole at the junction of the drain hose through which the discharge will be removed, but through it a very unpleasant odor will pass into the apartment.

If it is impossible to see the location of the drain (furniture or objects interferes), then you can easily test the machine. For this you need:

If the level decreases, and a characteristic murmur is heard in the plum, then there are problems with the connection.

Other causes of constant drainage of water

If the washing machine worked normally for a long time, and then problems with the drain appeared, then this most likely means the failure of one of the devices.

Inlet valve

Perhaps the inlet valve has broken, which is installed immediately behind the pouring pipe. In this case, the water will enter the tank without stopping. When its level exceeds the desired value, the sensor (pressostat) will work and the washing machine drains excess. But since the valve does not work and continuously fills the water, the automation will periodically turn on the drain.

With this malfunction, a characteristic noise is constantly heard, which is heard when the machine is gaining water. In addition, the drain does not work constantly and you can hear how the drain pump turns on and off. Accordingly, the murmur of water entering the sewer is also not constantly heard, but only during the operation of the pump.

It is impossible to repair the intake valve, it requires replacement. It is difficult to do this yourself, so it is better to seek help from specialists.


This small part controls the fluid level in the tank. Information is transmitted by the board that overlaps the valve at the right time. If the press starts out of order, then the machine is constantly gaining water. The drain when overflow does not automatically turn on. Therefore, after filling the tank, the liquid will begin to merge into the sewer by gravity.

If the pressure is strong enough, then it is likely to flood their apartment, as well as the housing of neighbors from below. Therefore, if the washing machine constantly picks up water and its level in the tank is clearly higher than the norm, you need to immediately turn off the power, forcibly drain the water and solve the issue of repairing equipment.

Operate its indispensable “assistant” if she constantly picks up and immediately drains water, in no case can not be. Because sooner or later this will lead to serious breakdowns of the aggregates of the washing machine. And if the protection against overflowing the tank does not work, then the water will flood the apartment. Therefore, if such a malfunction is detected, it is better to immediately take measures to eliminate it. This will ensure the operation of equipment for a long time and save family finances.

Replacing the level sensor

The principle of operation of the press startup is such that the tubes leading to it capture a change in pressure in the tank. As a result of the membrane, inside the part, the switch closes and closes. So the module “finds out” that it is time to turn off or turn on the water supply. The reason for the problem may be in the suction of the tube or breakdown of the sensor.

If nothing is heard, then install a new part. Pressostat cannot be repaired. Replacing the press.start of the press described in detail on

Inspection of the pump

When washing, the fluid from the tank is drained several times. before rinsing and spinning. But if it does not completely go into the drain and some part remains in the tank, then the car cannot normally estimate the amount of water. We are not talking about a complete breakdown of the pump, but a partial blocking of the pump. What could happen:

  • Substitute the container.
  • Remove the filter.
  • Wait for the drain of the liquid.
  • Clean the filter and look into the seat.
  • The impeller is a little deeper. Check if there are an extraneous object (coins, threads and hair on the axis).

Now you need to get to the pump. If your model has a removable bottom, turn the car to the side and act. Not sure where the pump is located? Then it’s easier to remove the back panel and see. If the pump is closer to the front, you will have to dismantle the front wall.

After cleaning, collect all the details in place. In the future, carefully see what you load into the drum. Coins forgotten in s, small decor elements remain in the washer and fall into the drain, blocking or breaking the internal nodes.

Errors when connecting

The main error when connecting the product is the low location of the connected hose to the sewer. With such an error, the water from the tank of the washing machine spontaneously stems out of it and the washing machine constantly continuously picks up water. Despite the fact that the drain hose is fixed in a high position on the rear wall of the car, water can still flow into the sewer.

And this happens because many washing rooms at the beginning of the washing after the preliminary bay of the water (to dilute the existing small balance from past washes) include the pump to remove it and the newly arrived water merges after it.

For this reason, it can happen so that the washer is gaining water, but does not wash.

You can avoid this problem by completing the correct connection of the device in the proper order recommended by the manufacturer. If it is impossible to arrange a connection at the proper level from the floor and put a special valve in the drain system that does not allow arbitrary outflow of water from the device. But it should be noted that the installation of such a device will complicate the operation of the pump and due to its premature wear.

A very common error when connecting washing machines is the wrong location of the hose when it connects it to the siphon of the washbasin.

The hose must be placed so that part of the water from the washbasin does not flow into the hose and then in the washing machine.

If it is impossible to eliminate. this must be put a special valve that allows water to flow in only one direction. But this part of the drain system also requires a periodic inspection and prevention from pollution.

In conclusion, I would like to add that despite the independence of the actions of your main assistants when washing things, you should not leave them unattended during work. Modern aggregates are equipped with timers delayed the time of turning on the devices, but they should not trust them once again, and not because of their unreliability, a breakdown can also cause a short-term voltage jump, for example, when lightning struck.

The reasons

In general, that is, the three main reasons why the washing machine is constantly collecting and produces water when it washed.

  • Incorrect connection of the drain hose to the sewer.
  • The failure of the filling or exhaust valve.
  • A malfunction associated with a sensor that controls the fluid level, which is typed in a machine.

But it is unlikely that the dry list of the reasons that the abnormal operation of the washing unit may be due to something that may be due to something will be useful to you. Therefore, it is worthwhile to find out in more detail how the mentioned malfunctions affect the fact that the automatic machine continuously picks up and lowers the working fluid.

It is believed that the device is correctly connected to the sewer system, if the drain hose is not connected to it directly, but through the siphon, and its end is fixed above the working drum of the unit, that is, at a height of about 60 cm from the floor. As a rule, if the hose is lowered directly into the sewer, the working reservoir in the washing machine is constantly gained and released. This problem is usually found immediately after installing a new, recently purchased device. Perhaps, when connecting the hose, they were guided by the principle “the easier, the better” and ignored certain requirements of the operating instructions.

As for the flood and graduation valves, their malfunction is usually associated with the electromagnetic shutter installed inside them. This mechanism is led by the electronic control system in the washing machine. It initiates the voltage supply to the coil, which draws into itself a magnetic stem, thereby acting on the membrane that opens the valve hole. When the filling or water production is over, the coil power is turned off, and the spring returns the membrane to its former place, closing the hole. The essence of the valve malfunction may be that:

If the spring weakened or the lumpy valve membrane has deteriorated, then the washing machine will be constantly filled in the turned off state.

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The sensor of the level of filling out the working tank in the washing machine is called the Pressostate. He responds to a change in pressure in the system and transmits a signal to the control center, which turns on or offs the supply and drainage of the liquid. Pressostat can transmit irregular signals to the “brain” of the unit, if in the internal hydration system of the machine there is a blockage that affects the pressure indicators. The same result may be if tightness is disturbed. for example, a crack appeared in the tube connected to the press.steam.

What can be done in one case or another?

First of all, you need to verify the correctness of the connection of the drain hose, if you did not install the machine yourself. Sometimes this is difficult to do, since various kinds of furniture and other interior items can interfere with free. But in this case, it is not necessary to push the nightstands and tables or disassemble the partition behind which there are sewer pipes.

You can simply perform the following actions.

High Efficiency Washing Machine Water Level Trick

  • Turn on the washing machine and let it pick up water.
  • When the drum is filled, transfer the device to the drain.
  • In the middle of the operation, suspend it by setting the pause mode.
  • Follow further fluid behavior in the drum.

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If you notice that she continues to constantly decrease, then it means that the hose is connected incorrectly. If the level remains the same, then the reason lies in the valve or press startup.

Checking the drain valve is also not difficult. Its terminals must be freed from wires and connected to them 220 V from an extraneous power source. If the valve is serviceable, then you will hear a click, after which water flows from the drain pipe.


Keep in mind that before the start of such a check, the liquid is first typed in the machine so that there is something to release. And immediately prepare a plum container.

If nothing happened, then most likely the coil has burned down, and the valve needs to be replaced. The replacement of this part will have to be performed when the membrane or spring became unusable. Their malfunction will be indicated by the fact that the water will constantly oozes through the drain valve, even if the washing machine is turned off.

You can verify the work of the press, freeing it from the tube coming to it and unscrewing the holding its fastening. If you blow inside, then the clicks of the circuit breaker in it will be indicated about the serviceability of the part.


Do not blow in the press start very strongly, as you can ruin it.

Also check the hose interacting with the sensor for the presence of cracks, punctures or blockages. If it turned out that the detail itself or the hose associated with it needs to be replaced, then contact the household appliance repair service and purchase a new spare part. Its replacement does not require special experience or great efforts. And having corrected the machine in time, you will prevent the premature failure of the heating element and will not suffer financially, wasting a lot of water and powder.

The reasons why the washing machine is constantly gaining water

The reasons for the permanent water bay in the laundry of the washing machine can be:

It is important to correctly transport the car when moving. In no case should you carry and put the washing machine horizontally. When transferring, a slight deviation down the upper part of the technique is possible. The fact is that inside the washing machine there may be water, the remains of which are not completely merged when washing. If the machine is turned over, it will be sprinkled through the hole for the washing product and flood the contacts of the electric circuit. This is fraught with big problems in the future and not only with a constant set of water.

Whatever the reason, it can be detected and eliminated. We will figure out in more detail for each of the causes of the malfunction.

The washing technique is incorrectly connected

The washing machine has just been bought and connected, and the hostess noticed the problem of a constant set of water, then it is worth checking the correctness of connecting the hose to drain to sewer networks.

The instructions for household appliances indicate that the drain hose should be at a height of the floor not less than 50 cm. Its location at a smaller distance threatens the appearance of a “siphon effect”. Then the water flows out of the tank by gravity, the water level sensor is constantly triggered, and the car picks up water again and again. The solution to the problem will be the correct location of the drain hose. Often, washing machines are equipped with special holders where the drain hose is inserted so that its location is true.

Damage to the water level sensor

If the washing machine is not new, but has long been connected and worked perfectly, then the cause of a constant water set is a malfunction in the internal nodes of the technique. Controls the amount of incoming water into the tank of the washing machine Special sensor. Pressostat. The principle of its operation is as follows: as soon as the water level in the tank reaches the desired level, the sensor sends a signal, and the water set stops.

The press steam fails as a result of closing contacts, violations of tightness, malfunction of the sensor parts. This breakdown is quite capable of eliminating at home. Before starting work, you should familiarize yourself with the detailed instructions for replacing the press.start in washing machines.

Damage of the valve

If the washing machine, even with the state, is collecting water into the tank, then the point is in the inlet valve. With such a breakdown, the most water will be consumed than during the breakdown of other parts of the machine. If the valve is serviceable, then it overlaps the water supply when the tank is filled to the desired level. The faulty detail does not cope with this task, and the water is constantly pouring. So that there is no overflow of water over the edge, an emergency drain is triggered, and so without stopping.

The valve itself is not subject to repair, because this part provides for mechanical wear. Even if it turns out to temporarily restore its performance, then this is not for long. The detail just changes to a new. It is better to do this once than to constantly climb into the machine. When buying a valve, keep in mind that a new part should be absolutely similar to the old. Together with the valve, it is worth buying clamps for it, since the old ones in the process of extraction are likely to be damaged.

The control module failed

Worst of all, if the problem in a constant set of water will occur due to problems with the control unit of the washing machine. In this situation, the control unit does not control the operation of the sensors, he does not send the team details or does it wrong. The control unit can fail due to a sharp jump in the network, drops of water drops on a fee or just any mechanical damage.

Independent repair at home is impossible. You need special equipment and skills for the correct replacement of the control unit. In addition, a new unit before installing requires the installation of firmware for a particular model of the washing machine.

How to find and eliminate the cause of the breakdown?

The easiest way to detect the cause of the problem of constant water gain visually. It is enough to check that the plum hose is above the drum of the machine. If this is not the case, then just raise and fix it at an altitude of 50 cm from the floor and above.

It is sometimes difficult to see how the water drain hose is located. In this case, you can determine the problem as follows: turn on any washing program, wait for the filling of the tank with water. After that, select the water drain mode. Approximately in the middle of the drain process, you need to pause and listen. If you can hear the water continues to flow out, then the drain hose is located low, and its position is required. If the cause of the malfunction in the location of the drain hose, then such a repair is quite possible to carry out at home.

washing, road, intesit, constantly, gaining, water

With a faulty water level sensor, the reason should be sought inside the washing machine. Starting to search for a malfunction, turn off the washing machine from power.

The malfunction of the press start or tube leading to it is one of the frequent problems of washing machines. You need to remove the back cover of the car, there is a sensor in the upper left side.

It is a cylinder with a rubber membrane. Take a hurry to disconnect it from contacts. First, check if oxidation has occurred, sometimes it is enough to clean the contacts, and the sensor will return to normal. Inspect the pipe of the press start. If there are cracks on it, then seal them. If the tube has a blockage inside, disconnect it and blow it well. Check the rubber membrane, it should be whole. If the contacts and the tube are in order, then the part requires replacement.

The sensor itself is marked with the name of the manufacturer. When buying a spare part, you should focus on the inscription on the sensor.

The procedure for replacing the press start: we disconnect the phone, compression chamber, terminals and unscrew the bolts. We take out a faulty part and in the reverse order we install a new.

If the washing machine, even in the off state, is filled with water, then the matter is in the absorption valve. The problem with this detail can be 2 types: a small pressure of water due to a membrane on the valve, or water is quickly typed due to a damaged valve.

To get to the valve, you will have to remove the cover of the washing machine. In models with vertical loading. side cover. The valve will be below. In models with front loading. the upper cover, the valve right under it. We pull out the valve, after turning off the wires and fastening from it. A new inlet valve is put in the reverse order, and proceed to check the operation of the machine. Be sure to launch any washing program.

Unfortunately, if after checking the drain pipe, the water level sensor and the intake valve, the problem was not found, then the problem is a high probability of the problem. the power control unit has broken. Here it will not work to cope on your own. The block will be able to qualitatively replace only the specialist of the service center. Repair of this part is not carried out.

In some models of household appliances with constant water bay, an error on the display may occur.

Replacing the electromagnetic valve

The inlet or electromagnetic valve is located immediately behind the water supply hose, in the upper part of the front machine. In models with vertical loading, the part can be located behind the side wall. When the equipment is in a disconnected state, the valve is closed. As soon as the washer starts up, the current comes to the valve contacts and the damper opens, letting the water into the tank.

As soon as the current supply stops, the damper closes and the washing begins. Often the valve can be heard as a characteristic click. With a breakdown of the element, the damper does not work at all. Then even in the off state, the machine takes the water.

What to do? First of all, block the intake valve and de.energize. Expand the technique of the convenient side to yourself. Next, follow the instructions:

The broken element cannot be repaired. Multimeter will help to verify the service. Attach the tester probes to the valve contacts and look at the scoreboard. The working detail will show the result of 3 kOhm.

Select a similar part and install the installation in the reverse order. Do not rush to install the car cover in place. Turn on the test cycle and check the work of the details in the case.

The video shows how to replace the valve:

How to avoid leaks?

It is unpleasant to detect a puddle on the floor, especially when you have to pay repairs to neighbors. In order to avoid such situations, do this:

  • After each washing, block the inlet valve.
  • Use the anti.syphon valve that will prevent dirty fluid entering the drum.
  • Set full protection against. It includes sensors on the floor that will work when leak.

Use verified methods so as not to repeat other people’s mistakes. It is better to take care of security in advance than to eliminate the consequences.

Types of breakdowns

If the restart did not correct the problem, then we are talking about a malfunction of one of the nodes of the washing machine. The most common reasons are related to the malfunctions of the level sensor. This happens in 90% of cases.

The level sensor does not have the ability to determine the water level directly. Since the tank of the washing machine rotates during operation, the amount of water is determined using pressure measurement.

This sensor is called a press start. Когда в барабане накапливается достаточный объём воды он срабатывает, и дальнейшее поступление перекрывается.

For example, contacts can burn and oxidize in it. Sometimes a refusal of work comes from the fact that the membrane has lost tightness. Only the master can determine why the problem arose.

Sometimes rust or garbage particles entering the valve together with water from the water supply network lead to the problem. However, other reasons are possible.

Further in detail it is considered, which must be done in various cases.

With excessive set and complete drainage of water

In this situation, the water in excessive quantities enters the drum and completely merges. In some cases, the machine gives a signal about the presence of a breakdown.

There may be several reasons:

  • The problem is related to the malfunction of the Pressostat sensor tube. She could disconnect, be damaged or clogged. In this case, it is possible to carry out repairs independently, eliminating the cause of the breakdown. In this case, the valve continues to work normally.
  • Когда камера прессостата забилась мусором. If cleaned, the machine will work fine.
  • If the sensor fails, which determines the water level. In this situation, to carry out repairs, you need to contact specialists.
  • Sometimes the reason that the washing machine is gaining a lot of water and does not erase, there is a non.working control device. When contacting the service service, such a breakdown will be eliminated.

A set of water occurs and it does not stop

If the sensor does not work and the water arrives, then the most likely cause can be considered a faulty filling valve. In a situation when he was jammed, he cannot block the water.

Such a valve is an electronic device. When voltage is supplied to it, it opens, and the water begins to go to the washer from the water supply. When the press start (level sensor) will determine that the car is ready for washing, the fill valve is de.energized, and the flow stops. If normal work is violated, then it does not stop the flow of water. At the same time, the built-in protection will not work and the water can spill out due to the faulty valve. This can lead to damage to the electronic components that water will fall.

In order to cope with this problem, it may be necessary to replace the valve.

Incorrect connection when installing a machine

If when installing the drain hose is not installed in the loops laid for it on the case, then the water will flow uncontrollably through the drain hose into the sewer. At the same time, the washing room will constantly not have enough water. This will lead to the fact that a lot of water from the water supply will flow through the input hose and the inlet valve.

Because of this, an additional loss of washing powder will occur. From the fact that the water will actually become running due to constantly open valves, the machine does not warm the water to the optimal temperature for washing.

To check what the problem arose, it is necessary to do the following check:

  • It is necessary to launch the car.
  • When the water is completely gained, you need to turn on the drain.
  • While it continues, it is necessary to pause and see what will happen.

If after suspension the drain continues, then this indicates an incorrect connection. Otherwise, the case is in the breakdown of one of the components or sensors of the machine.

If it was not possible to fix the problem on your own

The owner of the washing machine can practically only make sure that the problem is when the washer gains too much water is not a random failure of the control system. If the machine malfunction is precisely installed, it will be a reasonable solution to call the master from the service service.

He will be able to determine the breakdown only after he examines the machine. After the water from the washer is lowered, it will have to disassemble. He will need to inspect the sensors, the inlet valve. After analyzing the situation, he will decide on what repair is needed in this situation.

Its cost should provide for the cost of work and the price of those components and parts that will have to be replaced. It is best to contact those specialists who will not only fix the breakdown, but also provide a guarantee.

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