Nintendo Switch game Sonic Forces. Sonic forces nintendo switch game

Nintendo Switch game Sonic Forces

nintendo, switch, game, sonic

In Sonic Forces, the evil Dr. Eggman has conquered much of the world with help from a powerful and mysterious new villain named Infinite. Now, you must assist Sonic and build an army to reclaim the world as you fight against chaos and destruction.Defeat enemies with blazing speed as Modern Sonic, catapult past perilous platforms as Classic Sonic, and create your very own Custom Hero Character equipped with a variety of powerful gadgets. Experience fast-paced action with these three unique gameplay styles, explore iconic stages, plus, fight across unique added content with Shadow as a playable character!The fate of Sonic the Hedgehog’s world is in your hands – Join the Uprising.

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Every Sonic Game On Nintendo Switch, Ranked

Sonic and Nintendo haven’t always gotten along, but with many games in the series now available on Switch, let’s see what comes out on top.

nintendo, switch, game, sonic

There was once a time when Nintendo and Sega were the biggest video game companies on the planet — before Sony and Microsoft began manufacturing hardware — and relentlessly competed against each other to see who would come out on top. One of Sega’s boldest strategies during this era was to create a character that would make Mario look outdated, and they eventually revealed Sonic the Hedgehog as its mascot.

It was hard to imagine Sonic appearing on Nintendo consoles back then, but now that Sega has bowed out of the console-making business, it’s become common to see the blue hedgehog show up on most of Nintendo’s hardware. There are currently a handful of Sonic the Hedgehog games on the Nintendo Switch, but some are much more exciting and fun than others.

Sonic Forces

nintendo, switch, game, sonic

Sonic Forces was developed to help commemorate the 25th anniversary of the series and seemed to have many of the right ideas, but it couldn’t turn them into a cohesive or fun video game. It featured 2D and 3D stages, a character creator, and much more, but it was held back by its technical issues and consistently confusing level design.

One of Sonic Forces’ biggest missteps was that it launched in the same year as the highly-acclaimed Sonic Mania. While the latter impressed audiences with its visual flair and flawless platforming, Sonic Forces stumbles every time it begins to gain momentum despite the interesting design at its core.

Mario Sonic At The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

nintendo, switch, game, sonic

Not only does Sonic appear on Nintendo consoles now, but he even appears with Mario in a bunch of games like Super Smash Bros. and Mario Sonic At The Olympic Games. The first time the two mascots competed against each other was on the Wii, and they’ve gotten together every couple of years to do it again since then.

Mario Sonic At The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 is easily the most polished and fun the series has been so far and features plenty of Super Mario and Sonic characters to play as. You can compete in classic events such as Javelin Throw, Boxing, and Fencing, and some of them can even be played using the original 8-bit character sprites.

Sonic Colors: Ultimate

nintendo, switch, game, sonic

The seventh generation of video game consoles — Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and the Wii — may have been the worst era for Sonic the Hedgehog. From the self-titled Sonic the Hedgehog in 2006 to Sonic Lost World for the Wii U, many of the Blue Blur’s adventures were poorly received by fans and critics alike.

One of the few exceptions was Sonic Colors, a Wii and DS game from 2010. It felt more focused than previous titles and benefited from prioritizing gameplay over narrative. The Wii version of the game was remade into Sonic Colors: Ultimate in 2021 and was released on nearly every platform, allowing more fans to enjoy this surprisingly good platformer.

Team Sonic Racing

nintendo, switch, game, sonic

Like Mario, Sonic and his friends have starred in a series of spin-off games that allows them to take a break from saving the world. Nearly every genre has been explored with games like Sonic the Fighters to Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine, but the most popular spin-off is the recent handful of racing titles developed by Sumo Digital.

It might not be as polished as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, but Team Sonic Racing is one of the best alternative kart-racing games on the Switch. It includes a narrative-driven campaign, 15 playable characters from the Sonic universe, and enough gameplay changes to make it feel different from anything else in the genre in the best way possible.

Sonic Frontiers

nintendo, switch, game, sonic

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild had an immeasurable impact on the gaming industry and has helped inspire countless games with its aesthetic and mechanics. Sonic Frontiers may seem like another attempt to recreate Breath of the Wild’s success on the surface, but it does a surprisingly great job of adapting Sonic‘s unique skills and making them work in an open environment.

After years of releasing formulaic and unsurprising Sonic games, Sonic Frontiers feels like the most refreshing entry since Sonic Adventure was released in the late 1990s. Running around as Sonic feels phenomenal, and its story is full of surprises. It might not be perfect, but Sonic Frontiers is a bold new direction for the series that is worth checking out if you’ve ever been a fan of the character.

Sonic Origins

nintendo, switch, game, sonic

There are plenty of ways to play the original Sonic the Hedgehog games — including through the Sega Ages versions also available on Switch — but Sonic Origins is the definitive way to play the first four platformers in the series. Sonic Origins includes remastered versions of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic CD, and Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Knuckles.

Each title has been improved significantly with new widescreen modes, the ability to play as either Knuckles or Tails in almost any game, and new animated cutscenes that are incredibly charming. It also has an in-game museum that you can fill with collectibles earned by completing achievements or spending the coins you earn between levels.

Sonic Mania

nintendo, switch, game, sonic

Around the same time Sega announced that it would no longer be manufacturing hardware, there was an almost immediate dip in quality in the Sonic series. Maybe it’s because Sega was developing games for multiple consoles at once, but a majority of Sonic games remained less than fantastic for over a decade before Sonic Mania helped rejuvenate the series with the creative boost it had been missing for so long.

Released the same year as Sonic Forces, Sonic Mania finally gave fans what they had been asking for. Dynamic stages, beautiful graphics, and a phenomenal soundtrack are just a few of the standout features in this throwback platformer that helped reestablish Sonic as one of the greatest mascots of all time.

Spoiler-Free Review: Is Sonic Forces Worth It?

nintendo, switch, game, sonic

Sonic Forces released on Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows in November of 2017. Despite it being out for a good three years by this point, I barely played it for the first time back in 2020. It was back when my husband and I were quarantined and we were looking for cheap video games to play. Sonic Forces was only 20 at the time so we figured we’d try it out. While I will say I enjoyed the game, it was one of the more mediocre Sonic games I’ve played. Sonic Forces definitely has its shining moments, along with its flaws. In today’s post, I’m going to share my thoughts of Sonic Forces.

Its Relatively Cheap!

Sonic Forces is not a very long game (seriously it takes less than 10 hours to beat). Since you aren’t playing it very long, it’d be a huge ripoff if you had to pay the average game price for video games nowadays for a game you’re barely going to play. My husband and I only paid about 20 for our copy of Sonic Forces, and I’ll admit, if we had paid full price (60) and then only got a few hours of gameplay in, I probably would’ve asked for a refund since that’s a total ripoff. However, for the amount of gameplay in Sonic Forces, 20 on the Nintendo Switch is pretty fair.

nintendo, switch, game, sonic

You also get free DLC called “Episode Shadow” which is a prequel to Sonic Forces. So, not only do you get a cheap game, but you also get extra gameplay content! I will say the extra gameplay only takes about 30 minutes to an hour, but its still really fun! You can probably still pick up a new copy of Sonic Forces for about 20!

The Game is Glitchy at Times…

nintendo, switch, game, sonic

Another reason Sonic Forces was probably so cheap is because it wasn’t totally flawless when they released the game. This game used to have a MAJOR glitching problem. It’s gotten better with time, but sometimes I noticed the game didn’t respond as quickly when I really needed it to. For example, you could be running and try to stop and the game wouldn’t register that I was trying to stop until it was too late. I noticed this happening around the times I was trying to jump from platform to platform especially.

I will say, I played this a year ago and it was way worse then, than it is now. I almost never had a problem playing the game the second time a year later. The game developers must have gone in and fixed some of the glitchy controls. But there were still some levels I had to try a few times just because my controls weren’t working totally right.

You Get To Create Your Own Avatar!

In Sonic Forces, your avatar is one of the main characters! Near the beginning of the game, you’re recruited by Knuckles to help defeat Dr. Eggman and Infinite. As you play the game, there are even levels where you play as your character!

When you design your character, you get to choose all sorts of things including: gender, what kind of animal you are, physical attributes (such as fur color), your clothing, your voice, and even a victory pose! And throughout the game, you can change up your character’s outfit as you unlock more clothing! Being able to design my character with such detail really made me more excited about them and I was more invested in their role!

Gameplay and Story

When it come to Sonic games, there’s not much deviation in how stages go. You have some side-scroller action along with more direct views of your path. When it comes to Sonic stages in this game, you can mostly expect the same thing you’ve seen in past Sonic games. One thing that is unique however, is you get to play as three different characters throughout the story of Sonic Forces which are: Sonic, classic Sonic, and your character you create. Sometimes there are even courses where you use multiple characters at once! All three characters have moves that are unique to them, so being able to play as all three was really fun!

nintendo, switch, game, sonic

I did enjoy the story of Sonic Forces, but it wasn’t the most thrilling Sonic game I’ve ever played. Because of how short Sonic Forces is, everything felt rushed, and the plot was moving along faster than it should’ve. There were a lot of times in the story where something would happen that seemed kind of random and the characters would be lowkey grasping at straws to explain why the event was important (in order to make sure the story made sense and to move it along quicker). Ultimately the story itself wasn’t all that bad, it just sometimes had holes that were filled too quickly.

The Soundtrack To Sonic Forces is AMAZING!

I’m not going to lie, my favorite part about this game is the music! It’s not the most amazing video game music of all time, but its pretty catchy and is definitely the kind of music you would hear in a Sonic game! I was humming one of the main songs “Fist Bump” all week as I was playing Sonic Forces again! You can tell the producers put a lot of work into their soundtracks. Something I appreciated about the music in each level was that it really fit the mood and what was going on in the moment. I feel like if a video game soundtrack is going to be really good, it needs to fit the game and the levels it accompanies. I feel like Sonic Forces’ soundtrack did a great job in contributing to what was going on in each moment of the game!


Ultimately, Sonic Forces wasn’t my favorite video game of all time, but I don’t regret buying it. If Sonic Forces was any more expensive than 20 I probably wouldn’t have bought it. If you are planning on purchasing Sonic Forces, make sure you get it for a good deal. Also if you’ve never played a Sonic game before and you were wanting to buy Sonic Forces to try out the series, I would suggest you find another Sonic game to try out first (see Sonic Adventure 2). Sonic Forces is not the best Sonic the Hedgehog game out there and if you play Sonic Forces first you might get a bad impression of the series as a whole if you’re not careful. Overall, Sonic Forces is not the best video game out there, but it does have its glorious moments. And if you LOVE Sonic the Hedgehog, you will really enjoy Sonic Forces!

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Are you a fan of the Sonic the Hedgehog series? Have you ever played Sonic Forces? If you’ve played Sonic Forces already, what did you think of it? Let me know in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below!

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