No frost freezer works and there is no refrigerator

LG refrigerator does not freeze: the reasons, options for eliminating problems

Even the highest quality technique can fail over time. The reason can be both in the wear of any detail and breakdown of electronics, and in violation of the operating rules. LG refrigerators are devices with electronic control and with a complex electrical circuit, so diagnostics and repair are best entrusted to specialists from the LG service center. And if LG does not freeze in the refrigerator refrigerator or freezer, then the master will need to report the following information:

  • LG refrigerator model.
  • Which camera has stopped freezing.
  • How the compressor works, namely: it works continuously, turns on for a short period, does not turn on at all.

over, most often, when they say that the LG refrigerator does not freeze, only the upper main camera of the refrigerator stops cooling. But if you do not eliminate this malfunction in time, then you will face the fact that you will stop freezing and the freezer. This applies to refrigerators with one compressor. Freon supports a strong minus in the freezer, and then, according to the residual principle, goes to the upper section. But it is in the upper main section that the compressor switches are located, and when there is not enough cold above, the compressor begins to work without stopping and soon breaks down. After which the work of the refrigerator is completely stopped.

In refrigerators with two compressors, each camera has its own cooling circuit and its control. If, for example, the freezer will refuse, then it can be turned off, and the LG refrigerator will continue to work.

The called specialist will conduct further diagnostics, find a malfunction and eliminate the cause of the breakdown. The master will either replace the necessary details, or repair the available parts so that the refrigerator will work regularly again. But before calling a specialist, we recommend defrosting the refrigerator and leave it with open doors for 24 hours. It is also recommended to remove the back cover on the evaporator and drain all the water from there, but this can also be done by a specialist. There may be several reasons why the refrigerator does not freeze:

  • The door seal was worn out or shifted. In this case, it will either be glued in place or replaced with a new one, if necessary.
  • The technique hid in defrosting mode, then they will check the defrosting button, perhaps it began to sink. The button will be replaced with a new.
  • Freon’s leak (cooling gas) occurred). In this case, they will find damaged capillary tubes of the cooling system, seize them and refuel Freon.
  • The thermostat failed. The part will be replaced, since the sensor does not tell the managing module that the temperature exceeded the norm.
  • The cooling system clogged. They will clean it and double.check whether cooling air is enough in the system.
  • The electric motor, compressor or electronic unit failed. Individual parts will be replaced, or completely the entire node of the refrigerator.
  • The damper does not function and chilled air from the lower freezer does not enter the upper. The part will be replaced to increase the power of cold air supply. Cooling will be restored.
  • The fan stopped working in the refrigerator No Frost, providing the upper main and freezer parts with fresh air streams. If the fan operation has blocked a large layer of ice, then it will be necessary to defrost the refrigerator, wipe it dry and turn off for 12 hours. If the reason is in a burned.out sensor, then it will be replaced with a new.

In order for the LG refrigerator to work without interruptions for as long as possible, you must follow simple operating rules:

The refrigerator does not work, but the freezer works. the main reasons and ways of solving

Before talking about the causes of problems, you need to make out errors. If you interrogate people, most will say about:

Yes, because of this, the refrigerator can work worse. But to get out of order, you need some reason. And these four options are not that. They can lead to worse freezing or short.term malfunctions, but not disconnecting. Когда холодильник работает, а морозилка нет – поломки нужно искать в других местах.

The simplest problems

Incorrect connection, gaps of wires, installation in the wrong place, sockets. All this can lead to the fact that the refrigerator will stop working at one point. It’s not as scary as it might seem. You can fix small malfunctions with the defrosting of the refrigerator. It turns off from food, all products are removed, and after that day you need to carry out with the refrigerator turned off. After complete defrosting, it can be turned on.

Incorrect installation or error with choosing a place can lead to the fact that the refrigerator chamber starts to work worse over time. This is a cumulative effect. At first it is imperceptible, but then more and more. the temperature will be higher, and the products spoil faster.

To avoid this, you need to carefully read the instruction manual. It will be written there that you can not put the device tightly to the wall, there should be a small gap. Heating sources, like a slab or battery, should not be nearby. Then there will be no problems. If the problem is not corrected by defrosting, you need to look for the reason in another place.

Problems in conducting systems

Problems in the drainage or capillary system. If you do not clean them, a small product, butter or something like that can get there. What will happen next: the freezer works, ice is formed, nothing affects the products. The refrigerator stops working, the temperature inside becomes room.

frost, freezer, works, there, refrigerator

The drainage system can be cleaned independently. With capillary is more difficult. Can help, but if it does not work, it is better to call the master. He will do everything so that then there are no problems.

Breakage in the capillary system can be confused with the failure of other systems. You need to check the temperature in the “condenser-compressor” section. If it is higher than it should be, and thawing occurs faster than cooling, the problem is in the capillary system.

Automation and electronics

Automation and electronics make the refrigerator more conveniently. To adjust the temperature and turn on non-standard functions, you can press one or two buttons. But, at the same time, electronics more often break. Due to frequent use, they can seize or fail the buttons on the front panel. This is the most common cause of breakdowns. it is impossible to configure the mode, which means that the refrigerator works with failures. It is decided by the replacement of these buttons.

The second reason is the temperature sensor. He may fail or initially be marriage. At first, this is not noticeable, since the compressor works uninterruptedly. But due to the fact that the detector is out of order, he transfers incorrect data. So, the compressor works at the limit of power, which leads to wear.

The master can advise replacing the compressor, but this will not solve the main problem. 5-6 months or a year will pass, but it will fail again. You need to replace the sensor, and then the root cause will be fixed. It is not recommended to independently engage in automation and electronics. For this you need a master who understands modern refrigerators.

Refrigerant leak

A refrigerator enters the refrigerator through the system of tubes. He additionally cools the temperature and works with the compressor. If the refrigerator is not closed, ice forms on the tubes. To speed up the defrosting, people knock it down with hard objects, which leads to microdistributions.

This, in turn, leads to a refrigerant leak. He goes out through the holes and does not cool the system. The compressor begins to increase power to achieve the desired temperature. Ultimately, everything is out of order. To avoid this problem, you need to perform two things: defrost the refrigerator without knocking out the ice, and season with a refrigerant.

Compressor breakdown

When the compressor starts, and after that it stops working, it means that it has failed. If there are two of them in the refrigerator, then the freezer will work, as before. You can try to fix the compressor, but it will cost more than the standard replacement. It is recommended not to change this part independently. Incorrect connection may not only not give an effect, but also damage electronics. It is recommended to contact the master.

Wear of the sealing gum

The gum on the door allows you to close the refrigerator more tightly, and avoid cold air leakage. If this happens, the compressor will compensate for the lack of cold temperature and work faster. What will come of it. overload and failure.

It will be more effective to change the gum. If there is no such possibility. it can be removed, soaked in boiling water and put again in the same place. So it will last another 2-3 years. If the problem is not in the elastic band, but in the places of fastening. they need to be tightened. In order to replace the sealing elastic band, special skills do not need. It is enough to remove it and install a new. Intuitively understandable.

Mechanical and chemical damage

With improper transportation, cracks may occur. If they do not notice them at once. at first there will be no problems. The refrigerator will work stably, as should. But the temperature inside will gradually be higher.

As the compressor is wear, it will give less and less cold, therefore, heat will increase. Due to damage and warm air, the temperature inside will be higher than should be. And the reboot will no longer fix anything. Ultimately the refrigerator will fail.

frost, freezer, works, there, refrigerator

Small injuries and cracks can be corrected independently. disconnected the damaged part, pour it with foam or replace and cover with foil. If the hole is large and arose during transportation, contacting the store will not help only if the employees were not mistaken.

If the problem was before that, you can submit an application for a return or replacement to the store. When the breakdown formed after the end of the warranty period. only closing holes.

Bosch Refrigeration. No Frost Feature

Oxidation and rust on the pipes

Oxidation and rust on the tubes constantly arise. This is due to the fact that moisture particles fall on them, and over time they begin to be covered with rust. No one is safe from this, especially if you do not clean the moisture or quickly close the door.

Rules for the operation of refrigerators

The first thing to consider is the installation site. The risk of 50 % of the breakdowns and the efficiency of the device depends on this. You can not put the refrigerator in a place with a high temperature and next to a direct heat source. Stove, battery. all this should be on the other end of the room. It is advisable not to put the refrigerator in the room, but only in the kitchen, where the temperature will be below.

Modern refrigerators do not need to be defrosting. old models. yes. Everything is pulled out once a year, and for 8-10 hours the refrigerator is de-energized. This will allow you to remove ice from the freezer and the main problems of the refrigeration chamber.

After disconnecting the refrigerator from the power supply, you need to wait 5-7 minutes. After defrosting. one cycle of work without loading products. Work cycle. time between how it begins to make sounds.

The temperature above or below the center of the scale practically does not affect the safety of products. But the engine loads more strongly, which, ultimately, will lead to overload and failure. The middle of the scale is the desired indicator.

The “Fast Froth” button should not be used without the need. So the “contacts” are shorting, and the engine begins to work without a break. After freezing the products, the button needs to be turned off, otherwise everything will fail in the day.

Most of the problems described above are a chain reaction. First, a small breakdown that is not noticeable. Then. deterioration of the system and increased load on the compressor. Ultimately. shutdown and expensive repair. To avoid this, you need to fulfill all the requirements.

It does not hurt to read the instructions. There can be a lot of useless information, but the main features of operation and the use of buttons are spelled out. Usually add typical malfunctions and ways to solve them.

Examination of the seal

Sealing gasket in modern refrigerators is made of soft magnetic rubber so that the material tightly fitting the entire perimeter of the door. If the rubber of the gasket has cracked or broke, it will not work to repair it. you need to buy a new seal.

If there is a gap, the compressor can work constantly, but the cold will go through the gap, and there will be no fright of the unit at the proper level. Do not go to cheap offers, it is better to buy an original gasket that will definitely last much longer than a fake.

The increased and unnatural rigidity of the seal can come from old age or from contact with cleaning means. Replacement is not obligatory. you can try to return the plasticity with rubber homework. This can be faster and cheaper than contacting the service center. After dismantling the seal, do the following: warm the rubber with hot water for 15-30 minutes.

frost, freezer, works, there, refrigerator

To remove the seal and not damage it, first find out how it is fixed. Often it is fixed on glue or special mounting foam, and then it can simply be torn without damage. The second case is the fastening of rivets or other types of metizes. The dismantling method should be selected on the spot. cut the rivets, cut them down with a chisel or cut off a corner grinder.

Turned on the mode and forgot

Household routine makes us forget that the refrigerator mode is set to work in defrosting mode. In this case, the cold is not produced because the compressor does not work. And the sound of rotation of the rotor can not be heard if you think the engine should work. This is a simple “malfunction”. just switch the unit to normal operation.

A hot summer day under heating from sunlight in a refrigerator (where the operating temperature is 4 °/5 ° C) the temperature may be higher than the set cooling mode. Thus, you might think that the refrigerator has stopped producing the cold.

This phenomenon is temporary, but the temperature should be adjusted to adjust the temperature controller. It is not recommended to install the regulator on the maximum so that the compressor does not overheat and does not fail. After the decline in heat, the temperature must be returned to the initial settings. Incorrectly exhibited and the reason for why the refrigerator is buzzing or issuing a rumble.

Problems with electronics

When a temperature sensor breaks in the refrigerator, the readings are transmitted to the system incorrectly and the device works for wear. In such cases, the module is simply replaced, the master should do this.

In general, it is better to immediately entrust all the work related to electronics to the professional, because buttons, connections, and the Hurcon of the air damper, the freezer temperature sensor can break. In a word, there are enough contacts inside, and if you do not understand this, you can aggravate the situation.

Here are a few more frequent causes of breakdowns:

  • A leak. The rule here is simple. The less refrigerant, the less cold. This usually happens if you like to knock the ice from the shelves to speed up the defrosting. The master and special equipment will be able to eliminate the leak.
  • One compressor broke. There are two of them in the refrigerator, so the freezer can work, but the main camera is not. The problem is solved by replacement.
  • Mechanical damage. Most often they appear with improper transportation and threaten the penetration of warm air inside. The crack can be eliminated independently. foam or isolation.

Take care of your refrigerator, and for new details, contact the “Spare parts” store our managers will definitely select the desired detail that will not fail!

The refrigerator does not freeze, but the freezer works

In the home refrigerator, a plus camera opens more often, and malfunctions in its work are found quickly. The freezer will save the products frozen, for a long time, even with a slight flow of cold. There are malfunctions when only the freezer works, and the refrigerator stops freezing

In a combined refrigerator with one compressor, the distribution of cold between cameras is proportional to, corresponds to the volume and needs. Why the freezer continues to freeze when the refrigerator does not cool? cold, goes to freeze. Autonomously cold in the chamber lasts a long time, due to thermal insulation. If the productivity of the contour with the refrigerant falls, then the lack of cold is more noticeable in the upper chamber. It has less temperature range, warming by 2-3 degrees is easily determined.

In the refrigerator, its own microclimate is created, supported by the thermostat. If the freezer freezes, and the rest of the refrigerator is warm, first of all you need to check how the thermostat works. When this device is faulty, the mode in the closet is violated. Depending on the temperature in the chamber, this device launches and stops the compressor. A faulty thermostat must be replaced with on their own or called the master.

The temperature will rise in the refrigerator, it will not freeze if the evaporator is covered with a snowy and ice fur coat in a few days of work. The freezer continues to freeze in normal mode. The reason may be a loosely closed door or broken seal. Fresh air constantly falls into the camera, cools, moisture turns into ice. A puddle of water accumulates at the bottom near the door. At this time, the compressor works, trying to hold the mode. You need to urgently replace the seal, set the door without distortion.

The regulator is installed correctly, working, and the compressor works non.stop? Take the condenser grille. If it is slightly warm, there is little freon in the system. Refueling is required. If the refrigerator will work for a long time in this mode, the compressor will burn.

The reason when the freezer in the refrigerator does not freeze, and the plus freezes happen when the compensator is clogged. Replace the tube or plug the cork can only the master. Similar signs determine the sticking of the distribution valve.

The freezer freezes, and the refrigerator does not cold in the premium model

Modern multi.door refrigerators with air and combined cooling, electronic control have a complex circuit. Any malfunction should be eliminated by the master. The display after self.diagnosis reflects error codes. Decryption of them is given in the instructions. But the red flashing indicator and the sound signal in all devices notify the violation of the thermal mode in the chamber. Why the freezer works, but the refrigerator is not, sometimes depends on the state of the electronic control unit. With unstable voltage on the network, it breaks the first. If the device with electronic control, a air sensor is installed in the refrigerator, which gives the signal to the board. A faulty sensor acts on the entire system as a thermostat for a compressor during electromechanical control.

Smart electronics will stop supplying a cell with a refrigerant, into which fresh air constantly enters. The increase in the fur coat on the back wall of the chamber with a simultaneous increase in temperature signals. the thaw in the drip defrust system is faulty. If drainage is clogged in the chamber, condensate will accumulate at the bottom, freeze and break the seal from below. This will lead to an increase in the temperature in the chamber.

When using No Frost in both cells, the freezer can freeze, but there is no refrigerator if the damper is blocked in the air duct. The error will affect the display, the result will be an increase in temperature in the refrigerator.

If the compressor is faulty or a little cold cold may not be enough, and again the question will arise why the freezer is freezing and there is no refrigerator. The compressor will work for wear, since its launch and stops are carried out according to the parameters of the plus compartment.

Non Frost Refrigerator wiring | Non Frost | Refrigerator

Possible problems

In the design of refrigeration equipment, a piston compressor controlled by a special launch relay is used. Due to constant mechanical loads, the distribution node fails, due to the breakdown, the lower camera does not freeze (in models with 2 compressors) or the equipment is not cooled entirely (modification with a single compressor). The refrigerator chamber is also damaged, in which the refrigerant tubes are destroyed or an unpleasant odor appears.

Malfunctioning the launcher

The start.up relay is designed to control the operation of the compressor electric motor, the product is located on the side of the case. The relay works together with the temperature sensor, distributing the supply of power to the engine winding. When damaged or handling the contacts of the node, the compressor does not turn on or works without stopping. For part of the models on the display, error information is displayed. Before contacting the service center, the user independently checks the condition of the part and decides to replace the node.

It is possible to check the relay on the refrigerator using a test device, which measure the resistance of the sections of the circuits. For testing, you need to remove the product from the refrigerator, and then dismantle the electromagnetic switch from the body. If a mobile core is broken in the solenoid, then you will need to replace the assembly assembly. You can purchase a new relay for refrigeration equipment at Indesit service centers.

If the refrigerator does not turn on after the prevention, then it is recommended to check the correctness of the installation of the distribution box. Control arrows are applied on the relay and compressor housing, the direction of the indicators must match. If the compressor cannot be launched, then the user should check the engine performance (direct power supply).

Freezer does not freeze

If the Indesit refrigerator does not freeze or a decrease in performance is noticed, then the cause of the malfunction is the breakdown of the thermal regulator or the departure of the refrigerant from the highways. A similar defect occurs when destroying or improper installation of rubber sealing edges on the doors. Repair of the Indesit refrigerator is to diagnose and replace worn or damaged parts. Rubber cands are installed on guide selection, torn nodes are recommended to be replaced.

In cases where the upper chamber does not freeze in the Indesit No Frost refrigerator, it is necessary to check the operability of the fan that distributes air flows. When the impeller stops, air exchange is disturbed, only the wall adjacent to the radiator of the heat exchanger is cooled. The problem occurs when the tubes are destroyed and the refrigerant is leaving or with excessive radiator is overwhelmed (due to the breakdown of the automatic defrosting unit). Intended ice is able to jam or damage the impeller of the fan.

When the freezer does not work, it is recommended to check the position of the temperature regulator, which should be between the 3rd and 4th step (corresponds to cooling before.18 ° C). On 2-compressor models, it is required to check the condition of the compressor responsible for the operation of the freezer compartment. The problem arises when the sensor circuit is refused or cut off that measures the temperature inside the compartment. The malfunction is determined by a long pause between the cycles of the compressor electric engine. Similar symptoms accompany the failure of the thermostat.

In equipment with the No Frost unit and a single compressor, a special valve is used that distributes the refrigerant flows between the freezer and the refrigerator. When jaming the node in an intermediate position, the compressor tries to cool the upper and lower equipment chambers at the same time. Due to insufficient performance in the freezer, the temperature rises, which leads to ice and defrosting stored products.

When cleaning the refrigerator, the accelerated method has a risk of damage to the tubes that pass inside the freezer. The refrigerant goes through cracks, the gas has no color and smell, it is visually impossible to notice the leakage. When the equipment is re.starting, the compressor begins to work idle, without ensuring ice formation or temperature reduction. Another reason for the breakdown is the refusal or failure in the operation of the electronic control unit, which is flashed or changes to a similar product.

There is also a defect in which the refrigerator does not cold, and the freezer works normally. The malfunction occurs due to overheating of the upper section of the equipment with warm air (for example, from central heating batteries). The reason is improper temperature adjustment in the refrigerator, on 2-compressor models the problem is manifested when the compressor of the upper compartment is damaged. The breakdown also occurs when jaming the camshaft in the position of the refrigerant only in the freezer chamber.

Unpleasant odors

Another malfunction of the Indesit refrigerator is the appearance of an unpleasant odor in the cells. It is recommended to remove food from the compartments, and then wipe the surface with a clean towel. A container with water is installed in the chamber, in which lemon juice is added (concentration 1-1). After that, the door is locked, the equipment is disconnected from the network for forced defrosting. After removing the remains of the ice, the walls of the chamber are wiped with a solution of water and lemon juice, after 5-10 minutes a re-wiping with a dry cloth or towel is carried out.

Other breakdowns

In the design of Indesit refrigerators, additional nodes are used, involved in electrical circuits or in the contours of the given temperature inside the product. When the nodes are out of order, the upper chamber may not work, and error codes will be displayed on the display. If the refrigerator does not work after the power supply, then it is recommended to check the condition of the power cables, the plug fork and the unit of fuse fuses.

The fan does not work

In the design of the equipment, a fan is used, which provides uniform circulation of air in the chamber.

When the impeller stops on the display, error f04 is displayed.

It is possible to repair the Indesit refrigerator by checking the light rotation of the fan rotor and the power of the power circuit. The motor is checked by direct connection to the household network of alternating current. If the rotor does not rotate, then the fan replacement is required. If the impeller is spinning, then the problem is in power cables or the microprocessor control unit.

Tenn does not work in the cell

In case of refusal of the heating element installed in the freezer of the refrigerator with the No Frost system, the display is displayed a message from the form F07. To eliminate the breakdown, you will need to check the condition of fuse fuses, and then measure the resistance of the spirals with a test device. Independent replacement of the heater is not recommended due to the need to use a special tool.

Breakage leading to the fact that the freezer is freezing and the refrigerator does not

Flame of refrigerators are typical and have certain signs. They diagnose and repair the device are carried out on them.

Non frost refrigerator evaporator full ice reason|no frost refrigerator evaporator ice reason

  • If the refrigerator freezes only the freezer, the fan does not spin, and the defrosting did not help, perhaps the reason is the faulty motor, which is responsible for the rotation of the blades. To eliminate the problem, it is changed to a new.
  • When an oily puddle forms under a two.compressor unit, while the engine turns on, it works for a few seconds and turns off, the cause is looking for a compressor that cools the refrigerator. The specialist who will conduct its diagnosis will be eliminated and replaced in the event of a breakdown.
  • Situations when the refrigerator does not cold, unlike the freezer, occurs when a freon leak. This problem is accompanied by various signs. If the wall of the camera is bloating and the reckoning of ice with an uneven layer, most likely, the refrigerant flowed at the place of bloating. To eliminate the problem, set a new evaporator and season the system by freon.
  • The appearance of rusty spots and subteces on the case in the area of ​​the freezer indicates a leakage of the refrigerant in the area of ​​the steel circuit. This problem is characteristic of models in which the freezer is installed below. The drainage system brings it to it. As a result, water accumulates on the front of the freezer, where under the plastic panel there are steel pipes of the circuit. Water seeps through plastic, the metal rusts, cracks are formed on it through which the refrigerant comes out. To eliminate the problem, the damaged area is cut off, the system is sealed and seasoned with freon.
  • If the refrigerator stopped freezing after the tickling, in which there was a mechanical effect (failure to have ice from the walls, placement in the hot water chamber, etc.), the reason can also be a leak of freon. Incorrect actions lead to damage to the evaporator. To correct the situation, find this place, the system is sealed and seasoned with a refrigerant.

Not all breakdowns, because of which the refrigerator does not work incorrectly, are accompanied by characteristic signs. To detect them, it is better to contact a good specialist who, using special equipment, will diagnose the device.

A failure in the system is possible due to the following problems:

  • Launch relay failure. The malfunction leads to natural wear or voltage jump. To eliminate the problem, the details are changed to a new.
  • Blockage of a capillary system or filter-dryer. The oil circulating through the pipes thickens and burns under the influence of high temperatures. As a result, clots clog the system, and the unit ceases to function normally. To fix the problem, oil and refrigerant change in the system.
  • Damage to the temperature regulator. This malfunction is characteristic of units with mechanical management. The compressor does not start due to incorrect temperature indications. To eliminate the problem will help replace the details with a new.
  • A malfunction of the air thermal attewer. The part is installed in models with electronic control. With a breakdown, it ceases to give signals that the chamber is warm and it is time to cool it. As a result, the compressor does not start. To eliminate the problem, the replacement of the part is required.
  • Control in the control unit. When it fails, the unit begins to behave unpredictably or does not turn on at all. The temperature in the cells jumps. In this case, a sound signal about an error or an icon on the display appears. To eliminate the malfunction, the system is reflash or change.

What to do so that the refrigerator cools

If the unit stops cooling after the voltage jump, check the RCD and the machine on the shield, it may have been knocked out traffic jams. Could fail the network filter. When everything is in order with electricity and the light bulb burns, check the established mode on the thermostat.

Then pay attention to compliance with the rules of operation of the device and the density of the door of the door. If the problem is a rubber seal, it is changed or try to restore its properties. This procedure is carried out independently or using a specialist.

If the unit began to work incorrectly after moving, rearranging or defrosting, most likely the reason is the leakage of the freon, which occurred after mechanical damage. In this case, they turn to a specialist who finds the place of leakage, seal it and refuels the system with a refrigerant.

When the refrigerator stops cooling in the device with the No Frost system, it is defrost. If this does not give a result, the masters cause.

Some malfunctions can be identified independently by certain characteristics. The failed details are changing, but this requires experience. It is more difficult to find breakdowns without symptoms. Therefore, it is better to entrust this to a qualified specialist so that independent repair does not lead to more serious consequences and the complete failure of the equipment.

frost, freezer, works, there, refrigerator

The simplest reasons

If the refrigerator has stopped freezing, what to do in this case, the problem can be superficial. First of all, they consider the likelihood of too frequent use of the unit. When it opens regularly, the cold is intensively out of the camera, and the air that enters inside does not have time to cool.

Due to the totality of these factors, the temperature in the refrigerator Samsung does not decrease, but, on the contrary, increases. Solving the problem is simple. you need to close the door for several hours. During this time, a rather low temperature in the refrigerator is normalized.

Another simple reason that the Samsung unit does not freeze is to violate the tightness of the seal on the body. This is possible when ice formed on the inner walls of the device. As a result, the door stopped closing. Then the cold air more intensively leaves the chamber. The same result can be obtained if the refrigerator is full, the dishes do not give the door to close. In this case, the internal nodes of the unit work properly, the cause is external and is easily eliminated without any consequences.

If the upper Samsung refrigerator does not freeze, you can consider another probable factor. ice on the fan, which implements the function of blowing the unit in order to eliminate condensate. Different reasons contribute to this. To eliminate the consequences in the form of a broken mode of operation of the camera, you need to defrost the refrigerator. over, this can take up to 10 hours, it all depends on the thickness of the ice. To prevent the emergence of such problems in the future, periodically defrost the unit. This is done for prevention, even if ice is not visible.

They also note the possibility of installing the unit near heating devices or close to furniture, wall. In both cases, the heat is removed much more slowly. This leads to longer cooling of products and air inside the chamber.

Breakdown in conducting systems

If the refrigerator does not work, and the freezer works properly, first of all, a violation of the function of the capillary system should be assumed. The cooler goes a fairly long way. If the blockage is formed in one of the sections, its movement is stopped. This leads to a change in the temperature regime inside the chamber. The main causes of blockage: getting into a system of moisture, oil or pollution that got there due to filter pollution.

This problem is often hidden. Signs of disruption of the unit at the same time are the same as in the case when the evaporator fails. To understand what caused the temperature in the main chamber, you need to check the operation of the pair compressor-motor. If these nodes are not subject to intensive heating, it means that the main factor contributing to the violation of the temperature regime of the unit is blockage.

When the problem is detected immediately, it can be eliminated on your own.

In this case, light tapping on the tube will help, where it can be clogged. You can not exert pressure on the pipeline, t. to. It can be deformed, which will contribute to a complication of the situation. If after such manipulations the problem was not eliminated, it is better to invite a specialist. The advantage of this measure is the possibility of replacing freon, purging the tube, eliminating blockage and installing a new filter.

Small problems

In the process of active use of household appliances, it begins to fail and does not cope with its tasks. At the same time, users often complain that the refrigerator does not work, and the freezer works as before. Many are interested in how to explain the problem, and is there a way to eliminate it with your own hands.

Combined models of refrigerator chambers, which are equipped with 1 compressor, distribute cold air flows between each department in proportion, given the volume and needs. If the freezer operates normally, but the temperature rises in the rest of the system, this is due to the fact that in the first tank the cold is held much longer due to the presence of good isolation.

Benefits of Non frost free Freezers

With a decrease in the productivity of the contour with the refrigerant, a lack of cold in the upper chamber is noticed. In this case, the temperature range rises by 2-3 °.

If the upper chamber of the refrigerator does not work, this may be due to the following reasons:

  • Undressive closure of the door. If a object was under the sealing elastic band, excluding the tightness of the door slammer, this will entail the inappropriate operation of the refrigeration unit. When disruptions appear in its work, you need to check this reason first of all. It is also worth making sure that there are no punctures, ruptures or exfoliation, which entails an arbitrary output of the chilled masses of air out.
  • Elevated room temperature. A similar problem arises with single.chamber, small models of refrigerators. If the unit is installed near the heating device or there is a hot microclimate in the room, the equipment motor is not able to withstand a large load. To eliminate problems, it is enough to change the mode of operation for a more gentle or preventive defrosting of the refrigerator for 10 hours. Then it must be re.enabled by choosing a suitable temperature.
  • Damage of metal elements of the cooling system or freon leakage. Often, users by negligence damage important details of the refrigerating chamber when removing ice residues from the lattice with sharp objects. If this happened, the help of a professional master will be needed. But the work on restoring tightness is not expensive.

To eliminate the problem, you need to restore the sealing of the damaged area and re.pour a refrigerant into the system. To avoid the complete failure of the refrigerator, it is important not to accelerate the process of ice peeling with a knife or other sharp objects. The process should be carried out naturally.

There are other reasons why the upper chamber of the refrigerator does not freeze, and the device itself makes a familiar working sound and light. Sometimes the device ceases to be cold even in the absence of these faults. To determine the breakdown, you need to conduct a deep inspection of electrical equipment or call the master at home.

If the freezer is freezing, but the refrigerator cannot freeze food, you need to perform such actions:

  • Make sure that the problems concern only one part of the refrigerator, and not the entire system.
  • See if there are heating devices near the refrigerator, which prevent him from freezing products.
  • Assess the condition of sealing gum and sealing layers.
  • Check the operability of buttons to change the mode of operation and temperature.
  • Determine whether there is no ice and snow in the freezer.
  • Check the operating mode. Sometimes users forget to change the mode with quick defrosting to normal, as a result of which the motor cannot cope with the load, but the freezer continues to work intensively.
  • Inspect the unit externally to make sure that there are no traces of rust, butterflies of oil or other visual defects. It is also important to check if there is no deformation of the elements and the inner surface of the refrigerator.

If you find the cause of the damage and inform the specialist about it in time, the elimination of the problem will take much less time and effort. Timely response. the path to the rapid and effective restoration of the system without the need for additional repair.

The seal was dry

If the refrigerator is poorly freezing, perhaps the problem is to dry out the door sealing, which led to the sewing of air out. The drying of rubber occurs with prolonged simple technology, as a result of which the tightness of the door closing is lost.

When aggravated by the situation, the compressor will spend a lot of time and energy to restore the optimal temperature regime. This will entail its overheating, as a result of which the relay will completely turn off or fail. If traces of damage or other visual defects of the seal were found, it will have to be replaced.

The thermostat is broken

If you notice that the upper chamber does not freeze, but the refrigerator turns on, you should check the performance of the temperature relay. Often, experts confirm that the refrigerator stopped freezing due to the failure of this detail:

  • The unit continues to work without pauses and stops. He is not able to turn off on his own.
  • In the department where the temperature should be present with a plus value, ice appears.
  • During operation, a spontaneous disconnection of the refrigerator and the lack of a signal are noticed.

To convincingly confirm the breakdown, several actions need to be performed:

  • Disconnect the refrigerator from the power supply source and remove all food from it.
  • Move the handle of the temperature regulator to the “Maximum” mark and start the process of freezing.
  • Next, you should place a thermometer on the middle shelf of the refrigerator, which supports the negative scale, and start an empty refrigerator.
  • After 2 hours of idle, the thermometer must be taken out and check the obtained values. If the thermostat is serviceable, you will see 6-7 ° C. When other indicators appear, you will need to repair the part. And if it is electronic, independent repair may be impossible.

Serious malfunctions

I figure out why the refrigerator does not freeze, but the freezer works without failures, or only the freezer was removed, you will need to check the equipment for complex breakdowns well.

Methods of elimination of problems are determined by their specificity and character.

Fan motor failed

Faced with such a nuisance when the refrigerator is poorly freezed, the cause of the breakdown can be sought in the fan motor. In the presence of such a defect, the ventilation system will cease to make the characteristic sounds of the buzz.

In most cases, the malfunction appears due to freezing of the part.

To restore the normal operation of the refrigerator, you need to immediately replace the failed fan or carry out some preventive work.

To determine the breakdown, you should carefully listen to the work of the refrigerator. You can still turn it off and defrost it for 10 hours. If there was ice on the blades, such an action can save the situation without replacing the part. Otherwise, you will have to seek help from a specialist.

The compressor burned down

Another reason why the refrigerator does not work, the camera does not freeze and does not cold, is the compressor burning out. The models of a single.chamber type are equipped with 1 compressor, so if the part fails, this is accompanied by the appearance of leaks in one of the cameras. Two.chamber models differ in 2 independent nodes for each part of the refrigerator. If the temperature regime does not correspond to the established, perhaps the compressor has a failure. You can restore normal functionality after a complete replacement of the part.

Blocking the cooling system

If the refrigerator stops cooling, buzzing and poorly copes with such a function, it is necessary to check it for a block of tube, inside which the refrigerant circulation is carried out. A professional master will eliminate the problem without much difficulty using special equipment.

Refrigerant leak

Another reason explaining why the refrigerator works, but does not freeze, may be a refrigerant leak (freon). Freon is an inert gas that does not smell, which goes into a boiling stage at negative temperatures.

But the compressor’s work is based on the creation of such pressure in which the refrigerant turns into a liquid and carries out the contour until it gains the previous form of gas.

To make cooling productive, you need the right amount of cooling substance. In the case of leakage, the performance of the refrigerator worsens, so you have to find a place in which a breakdown occurred.

In most cases, fluid flow occurs with non.compliance with the refrigerator operating manual. Another problem appears against the background of the following factors:

  • Inaccurate transportation of the camera, mechanical exposure and intensive loads during transportation, which led to damage to welds.
  • Using sharp objects to accelerate the process of defrosting products by cutting ice. With such actions you can damage the tubes in the freezer.
  • The appearance of rust in the heating circuit.
  • Natural wear of the system, corrosion processes.
  • Factory defects. If the refrigerator is under warranty, it must be immediately taken to the store where the purchase was made.

With a decrease in the level of freon in the refrigerator, the compressor works as before, but inside the camera will be warm. To determine the breakdown, you will need to use the services of a specialist who will apply the appropriate diagnostic equipment.

Often, symptoms of a refrigerant leakage are intertwined with signs of loose closure of the door or loss of sealing sealing gum.

To check the system yourself, you need to defrost and dry the unit. If, after the re.start of the start, the camera does not freeze, but it becomes warm inside, then Freon leaked and it will need to refuel it.

Determining the place of leakage at home is easy. A black spot will appear in the open areas, indicating that the gas was released. At the same time, the non.lethal oil in the circuit will remain near the fistula.

When damage to the tube appears in the cooked part, bloating of the walls of the camera will occur, which will simplify the process of searching for a leakage site.

Experts for the detection of such leaks use a special device. a lecture detector that operates like a metal detector.

After determining the place of depressurization, the device makes a characteristic sound.

Another signs of freon leaks can appear in the form of the appearance of an oily puddle on the floor. Evaporating at room temperature, the refrigerant leaves behind oil and decomposition products. At the same time, the working compressor will begin to make a loud noise and buzz, and the grate will remain cold.

The method of restoration of tightness depends on the material of manufacture and other features of refrigeration equipment. If the evaporator is made of aluminum, a solder with an aluminum base will be used to close up the breakdown.

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