No pressure in the Buderus gas boiler

Why does pressure drop in a gas boiler

To resolve all issues with heating and heating water, many owners of private houses install gas boilers with closed circulation of the coolant. Unfortunately, a situation may arise when pressure drops in the boiler, which is why problems arise in the work of the entire heating system.

In this article, we will examine in detail the reasons for the pressure of pressure, tell you how to raise it and advise how to avoid problems.

What pressure is normal and how to control it

The heating system negatively affects both excessive high and low pressure, which is measured in atmospheres. There are several more types of pressure:

  • Static. indicates the pressure of gravity on the coolant (increases by 0.1 bar with each increase of 1 meter);
  • dynamic. created by a pump, or with an increase in temperature, which leads to the expansion of the coolant;
  • working. the sum of static and dynamic pressures. In private houses, a level of 1.5-2 atmospheres (or bar) is considered normal in private houses. In multi.storey buildings, this value can be slightly higher than the norm, because the pipes should withstand the hydraulic boards (temporary exceeding the pressure rate).
  • maximum. the upper limit for the operation of the heating system. In this case, even a short.term excess of pressure can lead to an accident (rupture of pipes, radiators or heat exchanger boiler).

Water working pressure is measured by a manometer. Almost all manufacturers embed an analog or electrical varieties of this device into their modern models of gas boilers. To increase safety, experts recommend installing an additional pressure gauge, for example, on the boiler feed. In this case, even if the main device fails, you will always be able to control or compare the readings.

In addition to the pressure gauge, the gas boiler must be provided:

Buderus error 3s flashes the fourth indicator 80

If such an error occurs, the boiler control board does not receive a signal from the differential pressure relay, that is, its contacts are not closed after the fan is launched. The pressure relay serves to determine the necessary conditions for removing combustion products.

  • The control unit gives a signal to start the fan
  • The fan creates the necessary discharge in the graduation pipeline
  • Differential relay records a vacuum, and the contacts of the microswitching are closed
  • The board gives a signal for the opening of a gas valve and ignition

Therefore, to understand the problem, it is necessary to determine. at what particular moment the boiler goes into the error. If the fan starts, but the relay does not click. it is tidy to inspect the supply tubes, perhaps there is a blockage or condensate, or there is actually in the chimney itself.

If the fan does not start, you need to check if the voltage is supplied to it. A malfunction of the electronic board may be the reason why the fan does not start.

pressure, buderus, boiler

If the fan works, there are no problems with the chimney and tubes of the pneumorela, you need to check the pneumorelah itself, creating the discharge on your own and checking the presence of a characteristic click.

Constantly closed relay contacts or their opening during the operation of the burner will also be regarded by a security system as a malfunction.

A fan with an adjustable speed of rotation, which is controlled by electronics and equipped with a sensor, can be installed on Buderus boilers.

Baderus boiler error 6a how to fix it

First of all, it is necessary to exclude the accidental occurrence of an error and just drop it. If the error occurs again and the boiler does not start, then the problem requires solving. The problem with ignition in most cases can only be eliminated by a qualified specialist. The simplest thing that can be done is to inspect the combustion chamber and electrodes for pollution and, if necessary, clean.

If the boiler makes unsuccessful attempts at ignition-visually check that the spark is knocking on the burner, and not somewhere else. If a crack is heard, but there is no spark between the electrode and the burner-probably the electrode isolation is damaged somewhere and it must be replaced.

Only a specialist can be set up for a gas valve. Checking the availability of the proper pressure of the network gas can be carried out through a gas stove. If you light up all the burners on the stove at the same time, they should work without interruptions. If this is not the case, it can be assumed that the incoming pressure is not enough and you need to call the gas service.

In our practice, there was a case when a crack in the viewing window of the combustion chamber was the cause of the malfunction.

Combi Boiler Too Much Pressure. How to reduce the water pressure. Central Heating

If the boiler is kindled, but after a while it goes out. this may be the result of a malfunction of the electronic board. You can check by replacing the board with a deliberately serviceable.

Pressure rate in different heating systems

A very important factor that determines what pressure should be in the boiler is the type of heating system.

Heating of a private house

The open.type heating unit is installed along with the expansion tank connecting the heating system and the atmosphere. Even with the functioning of the circulation pump in the tank, the number of atmospheres will be the same with atmospheric pressure, and the indicator 0 bar will display on the pressure gauge.

Heating of a multi.storey building

A distinctive feature of the heating circuit of a high.rise building is a large static pressure. Increasing pressure of pressure increases in accordance with the number of floors. For example, for a home in 9 floors, a normal indicator will be 5-7 atm., and for 12-storey-7-10 atm. Powerful pumps equipped with a dry rotor are necessarily used here.

Closed heating system

For the equipment to work efficiently and productively, air does not penetrate the system, in such structures the static component is specially increased. For a private house for a closed type of heating, you need to calculate a static pressure (the difference between the highest and lower points measure in meters and multiply by 0.1). To the result, add 1.5 bar and we get the necessary indicator of normal pressure in the heating boiler.

As you can see, in a private house where there is a closed heating system, the value of normal is considered within the framework of 1.5. 2 atm. The transition above the set level is critical, the probability of serious breakdown in this case is very high.

pressure, buderus, boiler

What pressure should be in a double.circuit boiler is not difficult to calculate, it is necessary to calculate for each circuit separately and make sure that the level does not cross the boundaries. It is important to detect the cause of the jumps of the pressure force, if they are inherent, and eliminate them.

Important! It is always necessary to consider the parameters for which the unit is designed (they are indicated in the technical documentation). When setting up the values ​​of the device at the entrance, install 0.5 bares less than in the technical passport. This will help get rid of the frequent operation of the valve dropping pressure.

If you live in a multi.storey building, you cannot change the level of water pressure in a particular apartment. Here you can only improve heat transfer, change batteries and pipes, given their material and diameter.

The value of the pressure rate in the boiler is also affected by the temperature of the heat carrier. A certain amount of cold water is pumped into the closed circuit, which gives the lower threshold of the set parameter. When heated, the liquid expands, the pressure increases occurs.

Thus, the correction of the level of water heating leads to the regulation of the pressure in the system. The installation of the accumulator does not allow the pressure power to increase beyond.

Advice! Systematically check the expansion tank to lower the accumulated air. This will make it possible to keep pressure in the boiler normally. Plus everything, it is advisable to install the safety valve, which will allow the pressure of the excess pressure.

Reasons for deviation from the norm

The heating system should operate in the heating period uninterruptedly, and this is almost six months. At this time, every owner wants heat to be received in the right amount, that is, the pressure in the heating boiler must be constantly within the normal range. Practice claims that not always everything is as smooth as you want. Under the influence of certain factors, failures occur in the operation of the heating system or equipment. Which affects the effectiveness of the autonomous structure of heating?

The reasons for the decline in pressure

In most cases, a decrease in performance in most cases occurs due to the fact that a leak appeared in the sections of the pipeline connection to the device. Eliminate the heat carrier leaks for a while is available using a pumping valve. If there is no such node, then the resource is added to the highway either from the well or from the water supply system, focusing on the level of decrease in water pressure in the gas boiler.

Remember! Such actions only for a certain period will solve the problem, but the force of pressure will be completely restored.

You can get rid of the problem as follows:

  • Find the place of leaks;
  • turn off the heat source for a while;
  • block the water supply;
  • drain the liquid in the pipeline area where the leak is detected;
  • carry out the repair of the part;
  • pump water into the system, start the boiler.

Important! There are systems where it is impossible to drain the water in a separate section, then it is required to lower the resource completely from the entire system, at the end of the work. to download water.

How to find a leak? Wet spot or water in the places of connection about this eloquently talk. If there are no visible signs, try to raise pressure to 3 atm. and start the circulation pump. In cases where and this does not determine the site with a leakage of the coolant, completely drain the water and download the air. A characteristic hiss will tell you where the place of flow is located. To persuade, take soapy water and apply to the air exit, now you will definitely see the location of the problem.

  • the failure of the heating device or its wear;
  • the formation of scale and deposits on the details in the heat exchanger, on the pipes;
  • a hydraulic system, as a result of which a heat exchanger breakdown occurred;
  • If a hydraulic accumulator is installed, then its depressurization may be the reason;
  • The pressure regulator failed;
  • temperature decrease.

With great frosts or turning off the system for a while, the walls of the house cool. As a result, the coolant also cools down, and accordingly the pressure force is reduced. Therefore, the coolant should not be allowed. It is necessary to maintain at least a minimum value of 0.9. 1.0 atm. If the heating system in frosts is operated from time to time, it is necessary to drain water from the highway each time.

Briefly about the main thing

To control the pressure in the heat.generating gas installation and heating system, pressure gauges are used in digital and mechanical design. Modern boilers are immediately equipped with measuring instruments. If necessary, they are additionally installed in the pipelines of the circuit.

The option of how to lose the pressure in the boiler and the system is selected and executed depending on the reason for its increase. This indicator can be reduced by replacing the expansion tank if the membrane or its volume of less than the necessary capacity was torn in it. The required pressure is also pumped into the compensation tank when it does not initially meet the norm.

The parameter is still reduced by removing air from the heat circuit, complete opening of the valves, flushing the filter, replacing the broken tap of recharge or automation. Sometimes you have to seize a secondary heat exchanger so that hot water does not fall into the heating system and does not increase the pressure in it.

What do you think. is it capable of 100% to drop excess pressure of a proper boiler safety valve? Did you manage to find out the reasons for increasing pressure in your boiler? What method has chosen to reduce it?

No pressure in the Buderus gas boiler

Natalia, the coolant is flowing down, but there are no flows. Maybe a hole in the coil of the combustion chamber. He just boils and evaporates into the pipe?

Natalia, good afternoon!You have not indicated the brand of the used antifreeze. The pressure in the expansion tank should be within bar per dry. T.e. Checking and pumping the tank is carried out with a drained coolant. If the pressure reduced in the air cavity occurs. It is necessary to check the expansion tank, there should be no air leaks either by nipple or the seam of the expansion tank. If the tank is working, it is necessary to look for a heat carrier leak in the heating system. The boiler is disconnected from the heating system (the taps are overlapped) and excessive pressure in the heating system is pumped up, and pressure is controlled.

pressure, buderus, boiler

Good afternoon! The heat carrier is thermagent. They did not notice through the nipple of air leaks. After the gazmiers leaked the coolant from the expansion but the tank (6 liters), pumped the pressure in the. Tank 1.1, raised the pressure of water in the boiler to 1.6, after 4 days the pressure in the boiler to 0.4 again fell (the boiler worked), again called the gas workers. At first they measured the pressure in the expansion tank-0.7 (not on dry), then pumped pressure to 0.9-1 in it, then water was picked up in the boiler to 1 water.5 and left, advising to put another expansion tank. To my question “why?”, they said that it will not be worse. After 4 days, the pressure in the boiler is again 0.6., over, on the first day, it immediately fell to1.2, then slowly to 0.6. Tell me what will happen in the boiler if the pressure in the expansion tank is pumped up to 1-1.1 (for dry)? And whether the second extensor tank should be put?

Anton, the boiler works less than 5 months. Could a hole really appear in the coil during this time? And if so, how to check it?

Natalia, I don’t say anything about the hole. Maybe it was with Novya?! Verify. simply. Turn off the system, fill with water. And how everything cools to watch. Does the combustion from the boiler leak

Gas boilers “Buderus

Natural gas remains the cheapest fuel, so the popularity of gas boilers is only growing. Single.circuit gas units are used in heating. Double.circuit flooring or wall models easily cope with two functions necessary for comfortable living in a private house: heating and heating hot water.

The well.known Bosch Thermotecnik GmbH company is engaged in the production of gas household and industrial equipment of the Buderus brand. In addition to gas units, electric, solid fuel and diesel fuel boilers are made.

Buderus gas models are the largest group of heating equipment. This is due to the popularity of technology, produced specifically for climatic conditions, are diverse in design and installation method, are one- and double-circuit, with an open or closed combustion chamber.

Actual models working on gas can be divided into 4 groups:

The choice of model by placement depends on the power of the unit. In the apartments of the old housing fund, up to five, and in small in the area of ​​country houses, wall units are used. Large private buildings, commercial enterprises, production workshops are equipped, installing floor options.

Features in the design are not fundamental, but still there are, but the malfunctions are usually the same, as well as ways to eliminate them.

For good operation of the gas boiler, everything is important: the correct installation of the unit and chimney. regular maintenance, compliance with operating rules, timely cleaning and replacing parts, high.quality fuel.

If at least one point ceases to meet the requirements, breakdown is possible. The most common of them:

Often, difficulties in operation arise simply by inattention, when the user forgets to turn the gas valve or connect electricity. Read more about breakdowns and their methods of correction. below.

Common malfunctions and repair tips

The malfunction is considered typical if it can occur at the boiler of any modification. these are problems with the burner, combustion chamber, fuel supply, security system, electronics, sensors, etc.

Some problems are solved simply. cleaning, twisting contacts or reinstalling the part, they can be corrected independently. If you need more serious repairs for the repair, we recommend contacting the service center.

Buderus Logamax GB142 No Heat or Hot Water Error CO Explained and Repaired

The burner does not turn on after maintenance

Often, after repair work, the boiler does not want to turn on, there is no ignition, while no errors are indicated on the display.

If you decide to rinse the pipeline or change the radiators, and for this you turned off the boiler and lowered the coolant, then after the reverse filling of the system with water, attempts to turn on the boiler may fail

And it’s all about emergency thermostat. We will tell you how to repair and turn on the gas boiler Buderus after a forced disconnection.

Logamatic control system has a safety temperature limiter STB. It is located to the left of the water regulator, under the cap. To return the limiter to the working position, you need to remove the cap and press the button, then restart the unit

If nothing has changed after pressing, you need to change the overheating sensor. it is better in the service center, with a guarantee for the work performed.

Other reasons for the downtime of technology are possible.

  • turn on the start.up and emergency switches;
  • check the operation of protective machines, with a malfunction. replace;
  • Check if the combustion products control system are functioning correctly, after blocking it, start again and wait 15 minutes.

In modern devices, the restart button is provided. It is always recommended to use it when various kinds of failures in work.

Many units do not need interference and make restart on their own. With multiple idolature, the equipment must be shown to the employees of the service workshop.

No sparks and flame with ignition

If the launch process occurs in working mode, but the flame does not appear due to the lack of a spark, you need to turn off the ignition cable, repeat the inclusion and listen.

The lack of sound, a kind of click, indicates a breakdown of a smallers, which required to replace. If there is a sound, but the spark does not fly out. replace the smell burner or electrode.

Original odor AE for a gas boiler Buderus. To save, you can purchase a Chinese counterpart, but the quality will be lower

Perhaps the reason is elementary. just forgot to unscrew the gas crane. Open the valve and repeat the starting attempt.

Air traffic jams can also prevent rosema. It is recommended to release air from radiators and systems through the cranes of the Maevsky. Inspect the automatic device for air removal, then try to light the burner again.

Ionization current problems

The unit will not work if, when connecting, L and N are accidentally confused, as well as if voltage has been installed between PE and L. It is recommended to retake the wires and check the ground, if necessary, install the dividing transformer.

Perhaps the matter is in weak contact. during the period of operation, terminal compounds are often loosened, and the wiring falls out. Tighten all connections or replace the defective element

How to top up the pressure of a boiler or heating system that has an external filling loop

Due to damage, there may occur to the mass, damage to the ionization electrode should be eliminated. If the ionization current does not reach 1.5 mA, it is necessary to clean it. remove the pollution of the ceramic part or core of the ionization electrode. You may have to replace the smell burner.

Extraneous noise in the aggregate

If the sound of a boil is clearly heard, it is necessary to carefully clean all the nodes and parts in contact with the coolant. Usually with regular cleaning, which is carried out once a year, such a problem does not happen.

To a greater extent, the pollution of mineral forms occurs in the heat exchanger, where hot water is constantly circulating. The scale is laid on literally on all elements of the node

  • remove the cladding of the unit;
  • dismantle the heat exchanger;
  • clean all the elements of scale by a special tool;
  • Install part.

In order to reduce the amount of deposits to a minimum, we recommend installing filters that reduce the concentration of salts in water.

If the noise of water is heard when heated, which lasts longer than programmed, you should check the settings. Perhaps it is a matter of improper operation of the pump. you need to check how the turbine operates, adjust the speed of rotation.

Air traffic jams in the system

Pay attention to how well the heating boiler holds pressure immediately after filling the system with a coolant (water). Due to the fact that the heating system of the room consists of many elements (pipes, radiators, fittings, adapters) with primary filling with its liquid, air traffic jams can form.

During the enhanced circulation of water through the pipes, these traffic jams should gradually exit. Special taps are installed in the heating radiators for air descent. If the remnants of air traffic jams lingered somewhere in the pipes, then they usually go out with a stream of water and automatically remove through a special valve in the boiler.

If the pressure falls in the heating boiler in the process of starting and adjusting it, this is normal. The system should be fully filled with water and expel all air traffic jams. Usually, if everything is mounted correctly, this happens during the first half an hour of work.

Sometimes it happens that the pressure in the boiler is normalized and rested constantly, but at the same time, some sections of pipes or batteries remain cold. They may not even have air traffic jams. But, no matter how hard you try, including heating at full power, they do not heat up. The reason in this case is not in pressure, but in the wrong scheme or installation errors.

Leak in the heating system

The most common reason why the pressure in the boiler drops is to flow in pipes or batteries. If she is strong, then you cannot not notice her. But, there are times when it seems to you that everything is in order, and the flow is actually present.

If you periodically drop the pressure in the boiler, then this is an occasion to conduct a thorough inspection of pipes and heating devices.

A leak in batteries can happen from the inside or from the back. If it is drip, then it is difficult to notice it. Droplets of hot liquid dry quickly. They don’t have time to slide on the floor. But such problem areas can be found with a thorough examination. Do it with a flashlight. If you notice small dirty (yellowish) stories on the batteries, then this is a sign of their damage.

Flow can be formed on pipes or connective reinforcement. Even if everything was fine with you earlier, then over time, threaded connections can be slightly untwisted, sealing gaskets are worn out, corrosion on the metal will appear.

pressure, buderus, boiler

A slight drip leak gradually reduces the pressure in the system. After eliminating malfunctions, the problem is solved by itself, unless there are other reasons.

Analysis of situations

As you know, there are isolated and open systems. The first, as a rule, include devices with two contours. They are relevant for houses with problematic or autonomous water supply.

What pressure should be in a double.circuit boiler depends on the specific model. But according to general norms, these are indicators of not more than 4 bar.

Buderus Logamax Plus GB142 Gas Wall Hung Boiler Not Working

High pressure in a dual.circuit boiler can be observed if the heating circuit or the entire highway is incorrectly filling. Air traffic jams appear. The system works with failures, and the boiler is rapidly heated.

Solution: During the start of heating, the system needs to be filled slowly in the direction from the bottom up, with the open valves of the Maevsky.

To accelerate such plugs, a pump is used if it copes poorly with its functions, its impeller is worn out. It is necessary to replace this detail.

The pressure in the boiler is also rapidly developing too high the temperature of the water in the hydraulic circuit or the coolant in the heating circuit. The water pressure does not withstand water pressure.

Solution: Constantly control the pressure and water temperature indicators.

If the coolant stopped in the system, then this can serve:

Control over the operation of the filter and its purification is carried out immediately after the initial launch of the device, and then after seven days of its operation.

The frequency of subsequent checks. once a month or according to the level of pollution of the coolant.

An alternative option is to install a magnetic or flushing filter.

If the fraud of the fraud can form leaks. Excess fluid, leaving the network of water supply and penetrating the heating system, develops pressure in it.

Solution: Tighten or replace this valve.

In dual.circuit modifications there is a secondary heat exchanger that serves to heat the hot water. It includes two closed tubes. The first is the cold water, the second is heated.

If the walls of this node are damaged, a fistula appears, and these liquids are mixed and found in the heating unit. As a result of which the pressure increases.

  • A set for repair is purchased.
  • Falling taps overlap.
  • Water is drained.
  • The case is opened.
  • Two bolts are removed, fixing the heat exchanger. He is extracted.
  • New gaskets are placed in the fasteners, a new node is connected.

If the pressure in the heating system systematically grows, it is necessary to identify the true cause of this and explore all nodes. Most often the culprits are air congestion. Methods of elimination are described above.

pressure in the boiler is also determined by the problem with the expansion tank.

It can be isolated from the apparatus or enter its design. Its main task is to take excess water when heated. When heated, the liquid increases in volume by 4%. These interest are sent to the indicated capacity.

The parameters of the tank depend on the power of the boiler. From the total volume of the coolant, its volume reaches 10%. In a situation with solid.fuel models. 20%.

If the membrane breaks in this container, the coolant completely fills it. And when opening a crane to add water with a system, the pressure exceeds the standardized values. Takes occur in contact places.

To reduce pressure, replace the entire tank or its membrane.

To achieve normalized indicators in the boiler, a machine pump should be used. The action plan is as follows:

  • Drain all water from the system.
  • Blocking valves.
  • Pumping the contour pump until the water is completely eliminated. The air descends through the nipple on the back.

It is necessary to download until the parameters reach the nominal values ​​specified in the boiler documents.

If you put an expansion container after the pump, you can cause hydraulic attacks. This is determined by the specifics of the device (pump). When it starts it, the pressure is rapidly reduced and falls. We eliminate such dilemmas as follows: in an isolated system, we put the tank on a return pipe, the pump is in front of the boiler.

With blocked reinforcement, the pressure develops dramatically when water is sophisticated, and the defensive devices turn off the boiler.

Reasons for a drop in pressure and solution options

A pressure drop can adversely affect the normal operation of the heat supply system. In this situation, water stops entering the unit, and it automatically turns off

Therefore, it is important to provide timely maintenance, inspection and repair

The causes of pressure falling can be different, consider the most common of them.

The pressure in the system drops when hot water is turned on

This problem is a fairly common. This phenomenon is explained by the special design of boiler rooms.

According to experts, that in reality it is just a manometer reflects incorrect meaning. The pressure of the pressure can contribute to the air leaks in the circuit or the incorrect operation of the three.way valve.

For information! If when opening a tap with hot water, the normal operation of the system is not restored over time, then the pressure is reduced, and the problem really exists.

Pressure drops due to leaks

To eliminate this type of malfunction, the owner needs to diagnose and inspection of the entire heating system, since the liquid can go through any node.

The cause of the leak may be a loosely clamped connection, the wear of heat exchangers, cracks in pipes and batteries. Most often, the tightness level is checked when the circuit is launched into operation, however, the tightness can violate during operation itself.

Nodes that need to be inspected and checked in the first place:

The discovered problems must be eliminated, after which the system will be fed with liquid until the normal pressure level is restored.

Air traffic jams

The formation of cracks and depressurization of the heat supply system leads not only to leaks, but also to the opposite effect. suction of air masses in the outline. The result of this is the formation of air bubbles.

Reduced pressure can occur due to air traffic jams

Bubbles are also formed with incorrect filling of the circuit, so air traffic jams appear in it, causing a significant drop in pressure.

Recommendation! This problem is solved through ordinary defaulting the system, thanks to the installation of descent.

Explanatory tank problem

There are cases of problems with expansion tanks. A gap is formed here or the nipple can pass air. The inner side of the tank consists of two compartments separated by a membrane. There is air in one department, and the other is filled with the coolant. When heated by a liquid working environment, its expansion occurs, and it presses on the membrane with greater force. The membrane, in turn, affects the compression of the gas mixture.

Когда оборудование функционирует длительное время, ниппель изнашивается и начинает пропускать воздух, что и приводит к снижению давления.

The problem with the expansion tank can cause pressure change

The only resolution of this malfunction is the complete replacement of the tank, however, before that, you should make sure that the problem lies in this, and not in the leak of pipes, radiators and bullying the system.

Malfunction of measuring equipment

Sometimes the diagnosis of the system for the integrity of its component components may not give results. If you have not been able to detect a visible reason, then you should think about checking the serviceability of the boiler automation and instrumentation equipment. This equipment may break and give out incorrect readings.

It is quite difficult to determine this type of malfunction yourself, so it is better to seek help from specialists. The problem is solved by replacing instrumentation.

Cracks on the heat exchanger in the boiler

On the walls of heat exchangers, after time, microcracks can form that pass water from the heat supply system. Since the water in the boiler quickly evaporates, this breakdown is identified by ourselves in the same way as in the previous situation, not just. In addition, cracks can occur during washing, which is carried out for prevention or due to factory marriage. This problem is eliminated due to the sealing of the detected area with a crack.

In the walls of the heat exchanger, microcracks can lie over time

The reason is the problems with the filters

For full operation of the system, filtration elements are mandatory. Softeners are used to reduce water hardness, and coarse cleaning filters. for catching garbage, rust and other dirt. Carrying filter pollution is the following reason when there is poor pressure of hot water from a gas column.

Microparticles captured by filters are blocked on a special grid, constantly accumulating in it. During long.term operation, the net is clogged and reduces the pressure in the pipeline.

Ways to solve the problem

In order for the system to work correctly, filters must be periodically washed or replaced. When maintenance, it is enough to extract a grid from the filter and rinse it from the plaque using a rough brush under running water. If the brush with the raid does not cope, you can soak it in a solution of vital acid. Then the grid can be installed back. If the effects of acetic acid did not have the proper effect, it is recommended to replace the coarse cleaning filter.

The reason is the crane malfunction

A weak water flow can be caused not only by malfunctions or problems with the water heater. Another problem of why water from a gas column does not flow is caused by a breakdown of a crane or mixer. And here are two options: pollution of a metal mesh at the end of the “goose” of the crane or deformation of rubber gaskets inside the system.

Check it is very easy. The pressure of water in the kitchen and in the bathroom when opening the hydraulicular crane differs. As well as with a coarse cleaning filter, you can try to rinse the grid. If the problem is in the elastic band, it must be replaced or dismantled the rotary mechanism.

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