Obdlink lx bluetooth app. OBDLink LX Bluetooth (Android Windows) diagnostic and programming device

Obdlink lx bluetooth app

OBD(On-Board Diagnostic, 배출가스 자기진단장치)

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OBDLink LX is a budget-priced.size Bluetooth OBD adapter device that features exceptional performance, intelligent sleep mode, hacker-proof link security, unparalleled third party app and software support, and free lifetime firmware and software updates. It can be used as a diagnostic scan tool, trip computer, logger, and real-time performance monitor.

In direct comparison tests, OBDLink LX outperformed every competing Bluetooth OBD adapter, delivering 300% more data samples per second. Its intelligent sleep mode (BatterySaver™) allows the device to stay plugged in indefinitely, without draining the vehicle’s battery. The wakeup is also entirely automatic, requiring no intervention from the user.

Unlike the vast majority of Bluetooth OBD adapters, which continuously broadcast their presence and use an easy-to-guess 4-digit PIN, OBDLink LX implements a unique multi-layered link security mechanism, which eliminates the risk of unauthorized access. OBDLink LX’s support of the de facto standard ELM327 command set, makes it compatible with more third-party OBD software and mobile apps than any other competing OBD adapter.

OBDLink LX will quickly and accurately diagnose engine problems and access performance parameters for all OBD-II compliant vehicles. Included OBDwiz software for Windows and the OBDLink app for Android allow you to:

  • Turn off the check engine light, and erase stored diagnostic information.
  • Read and erase stored, pending, and permanent trouble codes (both generic and manufacturer-specific).
  • Access freeze frame information.
  • Display, graph, and log 90 real-time parameters
  • Create custom digital dashboards
  • Measure and display fuel economy
  • And much more!

The firmware inside OBDLink LX is upgradeable, which means you can enjoy the latest features simply by downloading a free update.

LX supports all legislated OBD-II protocols, and works with all 1996 newer cars and light trucks sold in the United States. It also supports EOBD, JOBD, and all other international variants of OBD-II.

Key Features

  • Maximum Vehicle CoverageProprietary connection algorithm enables LX to connect to more OBD-compliant makes models than any other scan tool (How do I know whether my vehicle is OBD-II compliant?)

OBDLink LX/MX Comparison

Supported Devices, Software Apps

Android Smart Phones Tablets

Bluetooth-enabled Windows PCs, Laptops, Netbooks (Windows 2000 newer)

Symbian Smart Phones (Nokia, Samsung, LG, Sony-Ericsson)

PalmOS PC phones PDAs

NOTE: Apple products are not compatible with OBDLink LX Bluetooth.

Vehicle Compatibility

OBDLink LX works with all 1996 newer model year cars and light trucks sold in the U.S., including all American, European, and Asian vehicles. Live outside the U.S.? Most newer non-U.S. vehicles are complaint with the OBD-II standards. Check here to verify that LX will work with your non-U.S. vehicle. If you have any doubts, we do offer a 90 day, no-hassle money-back guarantee!

Supported Protocols

OBDLink LX supports all legislated OBD-II protocols, including EOBD, JOBD, and all other international variants:

  • ISO15765-4 (CAN)
  • ISO14230-4 (Keyword Protocol 2000)
  • ISO9141-2 (Asian, European, Chrysler vehicles)
  • J1850 VPW (GM vehicles)
  • J1850 PWM (Ford vehicles)

OBDLink LX Bluetooth (AndroidWindows) diagnostic and programming device

OBDLink LX Bluetooth is an easy-to-use, inexpensive, hacker-proof, lightning-fast Bluetooth OBD adapter that can turn your Smart phone, tablet, laptop, or PC into a sophisticated diagnostic scan tool, trip computer, and real-time performance monitor. Working with most popular apps like: BimmerCode, BimmerLink, Appcar DiagFCA, MOTOSCAN, Torque PRO, TesLAX, DashCommand, Harry’s Lap Timer, Dash, OBDwiz, ScanXL PRO, ScanMaster.

Package contains:

1 x OBDLink LX scanner 1 x User’s manual, box 1 x 10PIN Adapter (For BMW Motorcycles, (Optional!)) 1 x Model S/X Adapter (Tesla from 2019 year, (Optional!)) 1 x Model 3/Y Adapter (Tesla from 2009 to 2015 year, (Optional!)) 1 x 12PIN Adapter (Tesla from 2012 and new 2015 S models, (Optional!)) 1 x 20PIN Adapter (Tesla from 2019 S model, (Optional!)) 1 x Torque PRO, BimmerCode, Bimmerlink, Bimmer BTool Expert (Apps)

Warehouse: In stock LV/EE Delivery time: 1-2 working days Europe Delivery time: 4-7 working days International Delivery time: 7-10 working days Worldwide DHL/TNT Express Delivery time: 1-3 working days

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OBDLink LX Bluetooth (AndroidWindows) diagnostic and programming device

OBDLink LX Bluetooth is an easy-to-use, inexpensive, hacker-proof, lightning-fast Bluetooth OBD adapter that can turn your Smart phone, tablet, laptop, or PC into a sophisticated diagnostic scan tool, trip computer, and real-time performance monitor. Working with most popular apps like: BimmerCode, BimmerLink, Appcar DiagFCA, MOTOSCAN, Torque PRO, TesLAX, DashCommand, Harry’s Lap Timer, Dash, OBDwiz, ScanXL PRO, ScanMaster.

Package contains:

1 x OBDLink LX scanner 1 x User’s manual, box 1 x 10PIN Adapter (For BMW Motorcycles, (Optional!)) 1 x Model S/X Adapter (Tesla from 2019 year, (Optional!)) 1 x Model 3/Y Adapter (Tesla from 2009 to 2015 year, (Optional!)) 1 x 12PIN Adapter (Tesla from 2012 and new 2015 S models, (Optional!)) 1 x 20PIN Adapter (Tesla from 2019 S model, (Optional!)) 1 x Torque PRO, BimmerCode, Bimmerlink, Bimmer BTool Expert (Apps)

Warehouse: In stock LV/EE Delivery time: 1-2 working days Europe Delivery time: 4-7 working days International Delivery time: 7-10 working days Worldwide DHL/TNT Express Delivery time: 1-3 working days

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OBDLink MX Vs. LX: Why MX is costly but many drivers are hunting for it?

Not to worry, I’ve got you covered! In this post, I’ll give you a quick and easy breakdown of the similarities and differences between the two adapters.

So, let’s dive in the OBDLink comparison and get your questions answered!

OBDLink MX Vs. OBDLink LX: The Key Similarities

Here something I found similar between the both scanners. Both OBDLink MX and LX

  • have Bluetooth/ wireless connection, they have the 3.0 Bluetooth version.
  • can support a wide range of cars, light trucks, SUVs.
  • work well with third-party apps, giving you flexibility in how you use them.
  • have free lifetime updates and come with a 3-year warranty.
  • won’t drain your car’s battery, thanks to their sleep mode feature.
  • have hacker-proof function to avoid vehicle theft.
  • can perform reset/ service functions using third-party apps/ software.

OBDLink MX Vs. OBDLink LX: The Key Differences

That’s everything that the OBDLink MX has in common with the OBDLink LX. Time to look at where they differ.

Vehicle System Diagnostics

When it comes to diagnostics,

  • OBDLink LX can only read and clear codes from powertrain system (engine transmission codes)
  • OBDLink MX can get much deeper with a full-system diagnosis.

Clearly, OBDLink MX is the winner when it comes to checking your car’s health.

Advanced Diagnostics

  • If you own a Ford, GM, Mazda, Nissan or Toyota, then the OBDLink MX can read and clear manufacturer-specific codes (OEM level) for those particular vehicles. The OBDLink LX also has this feature, but you’ll have to pay an extra 15 for each model.
  • The OBDLink MX can run active tests on certain modules, which make vehicle diagnosis much more advanced. However, to have bidirectional control with your OBDLink MX, you need to use it with the Forscan software.

OBDLink MX can cost you a bit more money at first, but you can see that its enhanced diagnostics are totally FREE, which is a better money saver in the long run.

Today’s best OBDLink MX price:

Vehicle coverage

Both OBDLink Bluetooth adapters can support all OBD2 protocols and work well on many vehicles that I have tested.

However, the OBDLink MX has an added advantage as it also supports GM-LAN (for GM vehicles) and MS-CAN (for Ford vehicles) protocols. This makes it a great option if you own a GM or Ford vehicle and want to get a more comprehensive diagnosis.

Connection With Devices (OS Compatibility)

The OBDlink LX only supports Android and Windows systems, so it is definitely not the one for you if you use an iPhone, iPad, or MacBook.

Here, the OBDLink MX comes to serve, the MX can work well with iOS system. And sure, it can support Android, Windows systems.

Well, Bluetooth scanners always have trouble with unstable connection, it’s not an exception with these two OBDLink scanners. They can connect easily most of the time, but other times it may take a little more effort.

obdlink, bluetooth, android, windows, diagnostic, programming

Overall, I would suggest going with the OBDLink MX for a more reliable and faster connection.

Today’s best OBDLink MX price:

Service/ Reset Functions

In fact, the OBDLink app goes with the two adapters is a read-only app, it won’t do anything else over.

But if you pair the adapters with other specific apps or software, OBDLink MX and OBDLink LX can perform some reset functions.

  • OBDLink MX can perform reset functions with the FORScan software or Carista apps.
  • OBDLink LX can perform reset functions with the Motoscan app, etc.

It all depends on the app or software you use, not the adapters themselves. So, there’s no clear winner, just make sure you choose an app or software that fits your needs!


If you’re looking to get a complete and thorough diagnosis of your vehicle, then the OBDLink MX is the way to go.

But if you just want to take care of the most important part of your vehicle, and if your vehicle doesn’t support OEM-diafgnosis, OBDLink LX is enough.

It’s an ideal tool for beginners who are more interested in checking the engine than anything else with its attractively low price tag.


Q: Will the OBDLink adapter do ABS and SRS codes?

A: The OBDLink MX will do ABS, SRS, and many other codes. However, the OBDLink LX won’t. The latter can only do engine codes.

Q: What version of Bluetooth do OBDLink adapters use?

A: Both the OBDLink MX and OBDLink LX use Bluetooth v3.0 for faster data transfer and higher security.

Q: Will these OBDLink OBD2 adapters work on my car?

A: If your car is OBD2-compliant – i.e., manufactured in or after 1996 – then both the OBDLink MX and OBDLink LX should be compatible.

Q: What app can I use with the OBDLink OBD2 adapter?

A: They both come with the OBDLink and OBDwiz apps for free. But you can also use third-party apps like Carista, DashCommand, Torque Pro, OBD Auto Doctor, ScanMaster, and AutoGaugeX. Just keep in mind that the OBDLink LX is not compatible with iOS and Mac-based apps.

Q: Will these work on diesel engines?

A: Yes, the OBDLink MX and OBDLink LX scan tools are compatible with gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles that are OBD2-compliant.

Q: Can you drive with these OBD adapters plugged in?

A: Yes. They have a power-saving feature that prevents the adapters from draining your battery.


OBDLink Scan Tool: Full Comparison of Different Models for Your Needs

OBDLink products are one of the higher ranking companies amongst professional and beginner users in the automotive scanner industry.

With their quick-and-easy design and Bluetooth interface, OBDLink software and technology prove time and time again to be advanced products.

Users are able to rapidly connect their OBDLink devices with their iOS, Android or Windows device, which in turn puts all the diagnostic tools in their hands.

So, what are some of the best products from the OBDLink team?

Recommendation: Top 3 OBDLink Scan Tools Comparison Chart

Take a look at this comparison chart if you don’t have time.

4.5 / 5

4.3 / 5

4.3 / 5

Now, let’s dive into these reviews to find the best quality product that fits your needs.

OBDLink MX Professional OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner – Editor’s Pick

The OBDLink MX is a brand new device from OBDLink technologies.

Since it is a newer addition, this OBD scanner promises better performance, reliability and processing speeds than previous devices.

3.7 / 5

Connect this Bluetooth device to an Apple iPad, iPhone or your Android devices and begin using expert tools for car diagnostics.

You might be asking, what makes this device different?

Read about the features and functions and decide for yourself if the OBDLink MX is what you might be searching for.

Features and Functions

OBDLink is an original device that turns your handheld electronics into a professional level scan

With this iOS-compatible scanner, you will have access to one of the only products that support GM-LAN and Ford MS-CAN vehicle solutions.

This means you will be able to utilize more ECUs and more specific trouble codes from your vehicle.

Manufacturer-specific trouble codes are the most accurate way to get a clear read on the most common trouble codes fro your engine.

Complete with ABS, SRS, TPMS, A/C and internal transmission temperature, the improvements on this device will give you more reason to chose this Bluetooth scanner.

The OBDLink MX has improved its response time from past models, in turn, you will have up to 4X faster processing time for live-data readings.

Additionally, you can have peace f mind with this device because you can leave it plugged in without draining your battery.

Keep the information safe and accurate with hacker-proof security features and free upgrades with the OBDLink MX purchase.


Experience more coverage than ever before with this auto scan tool.

OBDLink MX is compatible with all 1996 and newer vehicles sold in the United States.

Unfortunately, this excludes Hybrid and Electric vehicles.

With this scan tool, the MX allows you to connect to more makes and models. Thus you will be able to read and clear codes on all OBD-compliant vehicles.

  • Advanced diagnostics- gain access to manufacturer specific codes for clear DTCs.
  • Application Compatability- The MX works with dozens of car diagnosis applications.
  • Security- With Hacker-proof technology, you can ensure your information is safe.
  • Coverage- the MX promises a wide variety of compatibility with many vehicles.
  • Additional Costs- Expect to pay 9.99 for extra manufacturer codes.
  • ABS and SRS exceptions- For some makes and models, some features are not available.

The OBDLink MX is a great tool to help the beginner user or the expert mechanic.

With a wide range of coverage, this device can help just about everyone.

OBDLink MX OBD II Bluetooth Scanner for Android Windows

The OBDLink MX is the predecessor of the MX scan tool, but you can still expect high processing speeds that outshine those of competitors.

4.1 / 5

Wireless technology means with the OBDLink MX Bluetooth device, you will have access to all OBD2 protocols from your Smart devices.

With the newest updates, you will experience faster screen time and more graph parameters when it comes to live streaming data.

Calculably faster live data reading isn’t all this device offers, additionally, here are a few more key features and functions.

Features and Functions

The OBDLink team has engineered this device to work alongside a feature loaded application that works with iOS, Android and Window devices.

That means you can easily read and clear engine codes, as well as graph and log real-time engine data from the palm of your hand.

Additionally, you can check emission readiness, and calculate MPG all from the application.

With battery saving technology and advanced hacker-proof security parameters, you can rest assured that your information is in the right hands.

If you happen to own a Ford or GM vehicle, the OBDLink MX Bluetooth device syncs with GM-LAN and Ford-MSC to offer customizable settings.

obdlink, bluetooth, android, windows, diagnostic, programming


The OBDLink MX Bluetooth scan tool has maximum vehicle coverage.

You can rely on this device working with any 1996 and newer vehicle sold in the US.

For other European or Asian vehicles, this diagnostic device works with most OBD2 compliant vehicles.

  • Advanced support for GM and Ford- customize your car with special parameters for GM and Ford.
  • Battery Saving Technology- You can leave this handsfree device plugged in without worry.
  • Compatible with other Apps- Works with other popular third-party applications.
  • Security protected- With security systems in place, you know your data is safe.
  • Fast processing speeds- Count on double the speed for all OBD2 readings.
  • Useful for GM/Ford users- Not all vehicle owners can utilize the loaded features of this device.

If you are in the business of purchasing a car and want to make sure there will be no surprises, this device could save you a headache.

For beginner users to experts, this device can quickly give you the response you need from any vehicle engine.

OBDLink LX Bluetooth OBDii Scanner for Windows Android

Similar to the other OBDLink adapters, the OBDLink LX is a handsfree, Bluetooth adapter that syncs with any phone, tablet or computer to transform it into a diagnostic tool.

4.1 / 5

The OBDLink Bluetooth LX works with all OBD2 protocols while outperforming processing speeds of other products.

On average, this device, like the others takes about 3 minutes to install, saving you from the frustration of other complicated devices.

There is a button on the back of the unit that makes the connection time instantaneous, without broadcasting its presence to other networks.

That means you are safe from any hackers or security breaches, keeping all your vehicle information safe and secure.

Similar to the other OBDLink products, the LX promises top performance speeds along with accurate, detailed graphing.

Some additional features and functions include:

Features and functions

Checking and reading engine codes to make informed and accurate repair decisions about your vehicle.

software coverages from major third-party applications, the Bluetooth LX works with Torque and DashCommand plus more.

obdlink, bluetooth, android, windows, diagnostic, programming

Not only is it compatible with third-party applications, but you can expect easy connection to almost any device including Apple, Android and Windows PC, tablets and smartphones.

You can also count on maximum vehicle coverage due to the software that allows the LX tool to connect with more makes and models than other devices.

Data protection alongside hacker-proof technology makes the Bluetooth LX device and secure purchase.

Beyond keeping your information secure, this device will also keep your battery life secure.

Battery Saving Technology saves you the headache of worrying about low battery levels from leaving the LX adapter plugged in.

The OBDLink LX is loaded with the necessary OBD2 protocols such as Live data reading, freeze frame data and more.

On top of all that, you can have peace of mind with your purchase due to the 3-year warranty and 90-day money back guarantee from the OBDLink team.


The OBDLink Bluetooth LX is compatible with all vehicles made in the US from 1996 to the present.

All other European or Asian vehicles with OBD2 compatibility should also work with this device.

If you are driving a Ford or GM vehicle, it is recommended that you purchase the MX device for its GM-Lan and Ford-MSC connections.

  • Maximum Coverage- Expect a wide range of vehicles covered with this device.
  • Fast and Compact- Record-setting processing speeds in the size of our hands.
  • Hacker Proof- Strong security system eliminates the worry of unauthorized users.
  • Choices- Compatible with most devices and third-party applications.
  • Notas Fast as Promised- The OBDLink team promises a 4X faster connection speed, but this promise is not fulfilled by all users.

The OBDLink LX is a handsfree device that is perfect for anyone looking to save from extensive repair fees.

If you enjoy Bluetooth technology and want to get quick and accurate information from your engine, look no further.

For the beginner user, the DIY user or the expert mechanic, everyone can use this device in their workbench.


OBDLink tools are some of the most compatible diagnostic tools on the market.And that goes beyond just engine compatibility, OBDLink scanners work in sync with some of the leading third-party diagnostic applications and software.These tools are some of the top leading tools in the automotive industry today for both professional and personal users.

Plug the OBDLink Bluetooth connector into the adapter port, most commonly under the driver’s side steering wheel.Turn the key in the ignition to the ON position.Once the device is plugged in, the green Power LED light should become illuminated.For the Bluetooth model, the BT light should flash and indicate it is ready to be paired.From your handheld device, connect through the Bluetooth settings on your phone or computer.

In order to pair the OBDLink Wi-Fi device, the steps are the same for pairing with the OBDLink Bluetooth device.Plug the adapter into the port on the drivers’ side, normally under the steering wheel.Wait for the green LED power light to illuminate.After the power light is illuminated, the Wi-Fi light will begin to flash slowly.Using your phone or computer, chose the OBDLink Wi-Fi network to get an instant connection.

The OBDLink MX Is a Loaded Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner With Fun Tricks, but It’s Not Super Cheap

Our entire lives are run through — and directed by — our smartphones, so it only makes sense that your car’s diagnostics would live there, too. Thanks to Bluetooth technology, wireless OBD2 scanners can now pair directly with your phone to detail your car’s health.

As OBD2 scanner tech has progressed, the devices have evolved, functionality has improved, and have dropped greatly from the 1,500-3,000 units of old. App-connected dongles can open the entry point because the uninitiated are more likely to consider the idea of seeing their car’s information on a phone compared to something that still looks like a specialty mechanic’s device. It doesn’t hurt that the power of smartphone processing and graphics allow for added features and prettier graphics, too.

Given those reasons, The Drive wanted to get a few of these devices in hand to check them out for ourselves. First up, we’re testing the OBDLink MX, one of the most reviewed and highly rated offerings on Amazon. At the time of writing, the MX is listed for 119.95 but is on sale for 99.95. OBD Solutions sent a unit to us to test for free.

The Drive and its partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links. Read more., Tony Markovich

OBDLink’s price is low when compared to professional Bluetooth tablet-style OBD scanners such as the Autel Scanner MaxiCOM MK808 or the Ancel DS700 Bi-Directional Scan Tool or even pro-level corded models like the Innova CarScan Pro 5610 Bi-Directional Scan Tool, but when considering the range an average first-time OBD buyer would consider, 100 is a bit high compared to other offerings. A basic Ancel diagnostic tool, for example, only costs about 40. The MX does have a bevy of features, but many people won’t need all the frills and add-ons, which makes this a more premium product.

After toying with this device using my nearly 20-year-old Acura (Ed. Note: I now feel very old.) and an iPhone 6S, I can say it’s a solid tool that is easy to use and boasts a lot of capability, but there are cheaper options you might want to consider.

Unboxing and Initial Impression of the OBDLink MX

The OBDLink MX wireless OBD2 scanner arrived in a small plastic-wrapped container about the size of a small watch box. The cardboard is covered in a soft-touch matte black material, and the box opens from the front with a magnetic flap keeping it down. Inside the flap, OBDLink greets you with a nice thank you message and the email address for the company’s support line. A warranty card noting three years and “100 percent satisfaction guaranteed” sits on top of the small user manual, which sits on top of the small zipper case that holds the product.

The case is no ultra-protective OtterBox-type thing; it’s a case akin to what is often used to hold over-ear headphones. Its shape likely comes from a slightly pliable piece of harder plastic embedded within the soft-touch skin, and a specifically cut foam insert that lives inside one half of the case houses the scanner. This case would be perfectly fine for keeping inside your glove compartment, but because the additional cardboard packaging is also small and stays closed, I’d probably keep it in there as well for added protection.

About the size of the plug at the end of the cord on a normal wired OBD2 scanner, the scanner’s exterior shell is made of hard black plastic, so it’s visually unremarkable. The face of the scanner features four different alert lights, including Power, OBD, Host, and BT for Bluetooth. There’s also a tiny button that is used for pairing and resetting the device.

Using the OBDLink MX

After downloading the free OBDLink app, the dongle plugged into my 2003 Acura RSX, and it paired and connected to my iPhone quickly and easily. I actually didn’t read the instructions, did it wrong, and I was still able to link it up. Once it was paired, I didn’t have any issues with dropped connections or poor readings. The only thing that might slip people up is the fact that certain features like many of the basic diagnostics cannot be used when the car is running, while others like the live data charts require the car to be running. So, if you’re switching back and forth, you might accidentally lose the connection by turning the car completely off instead of returning the ignition to the on position.

The OBDLink app, which has 4.7 stars from 3,500 reviews on Apple’s app store and 4.1 stars from 9,896 ratings on the Google Play store, is clean and straightforward, but it’s a bit overwhelming. The main menu shows two vertical columns that include Settings, Diagnostics, Dashboard, Maps, Monitors, Logs, and Performance, and a Connect button sits at the bottom. But there’s so much more information available, and each menu seems to have dozens of additional options.

obdlink, bluetooth, android, windows, diagnostic, programming

I ran three primary tests with the MX. I wanted to check for codes and emissions issues, experience the real-time gauges and fuel economy, and see if I could find a way to clear an SRS light. Checking for codes was quick, as my check-engine light was not on, and when the car was scanned, no codes were found. All systems go. I then checked if the car was ready for emissions testing, a really nice feature, and everything looked fine.

When I tried to find a way to search for an SRS code, however, I couldn’t figure out if it was possible. I downloaded the optional Honda/Acura extras that are built into the MX’s program, and nothing was showing up. After some digging, I found my way to the manufacturer-specific advanced diagnostics support PDF document that shows all of the vehicles that work with the scanner’s advanced diagnostics. This doc showed that the RSX is not supported, only the 2007-2019 MDX, 2016-2019 NSX, 2007-2019 RDX, 2009-2012 RL, 2014-2019 RLX, 2009-2014 TL, 2014-2019 TLX, 2009-2014 TSX, and 2010-2013 ZDX. You might want to check that document to see if your cars are supported before purchase.

For my final test, I started the car up, brought up the gauges on the app, and spent some time tooling around the block. With Bluetooth connections, these types of applications can get laggy, but the MX seemed quite responsive and didn’t freeze up. When I hit the gas, the mph reading immediately spiked, as did the rpm gauge. Engine temp increased as I spent more time in the car, and for the first time ever, I had a real-time fuel efficiency readout in my RSX. It was also cool to see the battery reading, which ensured that the RSX’s was still solid.

These types of features might seem unnecessary, but it’s fun for gearheads wanting to learn more about their cars. It can also be used when diagnosing issues, as you can collect data, store your readings, and download them as.csv files all within the app to use for comparison specs.

To be clear, there are dozens of extra features on the MX that I did not test. Things like live charts, quarter-mile, and zero-to-60-mph recorders, Dropbox and iCloud pairing, and more were out of the parameters of what I would usually be using an OBD2 scanner for, so I didn’t get that deep, but these features will be appreciated by certain people.

What’s Good About the MX

During my research on the OBDLink MX, I found that this device — and OBDLink’s range — has gone through a few changes. The MX was launched in 2018, and it was originally listed for 100, but it’s evolved with a few upgrades, increased functionality, and the addition of a protective case, and now it has a higher price. The result is a semi-premium product that’s also welcoming to new OBD2 scanner buyers.

This is the first time I’ve used and interacted with a Bluetooth OBD2 dongle, and I was impressed with how much this thing could do. Not only is it compatible with many types of devices, including certain Amazon Kindle Fire tablets, it’s also compatible with virtually all U.S. vehicles, 1996 and later. On top of that, there’s no subscription fee for any of the manufacturer-specific advanced diagnostic add-ons, something you might have seen in previous generations of scanners, and it’s possible to use the MX with tons of different third-party apps, such as FORScan, Torque, BimmerCode, Dashcommand, AlfaOBD, and Carista, although some of those do require payment. OBDLink points out that the MX has access to the GM-LAN and Ford-MSC networks for super in-depth diagnostics as well.

The complexity of features doesn’t cause anything to lag, either. Although I hadn’t personally used any other Bluetooth OBD dongles before the MX, I’m aware that one of the most common complaints is delayed response time within the app and between the car and the displayed information. Not so with the MX, as my experience with the device was a quick user-friendly interface, even with many pop-ups, and accurate real-time information.

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