On what day the bake of Easter cakes

Is it possible to bake cakes on a passionate Friday: Arguments “For

Looking ahead, it should be noted that there are no specific prohibitions on the preparation of Easter cakes or other Easter dishes precisely on a passionate Friday. This is the main argument in favor of the fact that cooking can be done on this day.

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  • On Great Saturday, and even more so in a bright resurrection, a person may simply not have enough time to cook holiday dishes.
  • It’s already too late to cook on the day of Easter itself. It is customary to celebrate the holiday in the morning, gathered at the table with the whole family.
  • Best if the Easter cakes are relatively fresh. And if you cook them on a clean Thursday (as is customary among the people), then it will be more difficult to maintain freshness of Easter cakes. Although here there are tricks.

Thus, if you say specifically about whether it is possible to bake on Friday in front of Easter Easter cakes, the answer will be as follows: “Yes, you can”.

It is possible to do these things on Saturday. It is only important to understand that the holiday itself is of main importance, and not its material attributes. That is, home routine should not distract from reading the Bible, pronouncing prayer, and even more so. Visiting the temple.

Carrot Cake Trifle | Easter Dessert Recipe


After the Resurrection of Christ, the apostles left a place at their table and a loaf for the Savior. In the Church today, Artos. A large prosphora, which is consecrated on Easter worship, and at the end of the bright week is divided into pieces and distributed to parishioners as a shrine. The houses at home are reminiscent of cakes, which the housewives often bake themselves (usually on a great Thursday or earlier on a passionate week).

Kulich recipe and a story about Thursday salt from the chef Maxim Syrnikov:

AMAZING Easter Cakes!

And for those who always lack time, there are quick recipes for Easter cakes without yeast on kefir:

Sharn tincture is made at the rate of 0.1 g of the stigmas of the genuine saffron (best. Iranian, you can. Spanish) on a glass of vodka.

A recipe for small Easter cakes, baked in narrow high forms, with a diameter of not more than 12-14 cm (you can use tin cans from various drinks)

1 kg of flour: 500-600 ml of milk 30 g cognac250 g of oil10 yolks 350 g sucrolovin grated nut-bunken teaspoon of ground grains of the round-cloves of a strand of a teaspoon of ground cinnamon spoon with a teaspoon of chopped lemon zedrysol-half a teaspoon-half a teaspoon

When the cakes are baked and the eggs are painted in front of Easter

According to church canons, the beginning of baking Easter cakes falls on Wednesday and Thursday of the Holy Week. Most believers prefer to do this on Thursday, which is also called pure.

If on Thursday the hostess did not have time to do this, then it can do baking on Great Saturday, April 23. It is considered the last date. In many regions on the same day, the consecration of Easter cakes begins. Other believers for this purpose go to temples in the early morning on Sunday in the morning. Over, if there are a lot of Easter cakes, then it is enough to consecrate only a few, and not take everything with you to the temple.

Eggs can be painted in advance. This is allowed to do throughout the passionate week.

Когда пекут куличи на Страстной неделе в 2021 году

Orthodox Easter in 2021 celebrated May 2. Active preparation for it begins on a passionate week. In particular, from the middle of the week, dishes are prepared, they are restored in the house.

According to Orthodox traditions, in the great environment, all the products necessary for the Easter table should be purchased. Clean Thursday. Day of general cleaning, washing windows and doors, washing, also going to the bathhouse. On the same day it is customary to bake cakes, paint eggs and cook cottage cheese Easter. You can bake cakes on Great Saturday.

bake, easter, cakes

In the pure Thursday, in addition to cooking dishes, you need to do shower. On this day they are communed in temples. On a passionate Friday, nothing can be done at all, including cooking. On Great Saturday, all products sanctify.

When you need to paint eggs on Easter in 2018

As a rule, they paint eggs on a passionate Saturday, because the most mournful day has already ended during the church year. Passionate Friday (on this day, according to church scriptures, Jesus Christ was crucified in the Cross) and you can safely take up the festive table. But, if on Saturday it comes to a lot of things, then you can also engage in egg staining from Monday for a clean Thursday, inclusive.

bake, easter, cakes

Advice! Traditionally, in Russia, the first painted egg was carefully stored in the house for a year, because it was considered a strong amulet. It was believed that such an egg has strong healing properties, during the year they can even treat livestock.

Particular attention when staining eggs, and this can be done, as already found out in this article, on Great Saturday before Easter, as well as throughout the passionate week with the exception of Great Friday, you need to devote their color, as well as the pattern. The traditional color for Easter eggs is considered a red and orange shade, which is a symbol of the revival of life and its new turn.

Armenian Easter 2021

There are two branches of the Armenian cervical. Catholic and Apostolic, to which most of the Armenians belong. The Armenian Apostolic Church is more than 9 million believers around the world. Interestingly, they note Easter in different calendars. Basically, the AAC lives on the Gregorian Easter, that is, it calculates the date of the celebration of the Resurrection of Christ just as Catholics do. And for most members of the AAC, Armenian Easter 2021 came on April 4. But with the blessing of the bishop, the Armenian churches can use another, Julian Easter, and celebrate Easter “according to the old style”. So in Jerusalem there is an autonomous Patriarchate of the Armenian Church, which lives according to the Julian calendar. Accordingly, in Jerusalem, Armenian Easter in 2020 will come on April 19.

In the AAC, Easter begins to celebrate in the evening, performing the liturgy of Christmas Eve in temples. And in the morning on the day of the holiday itself, they serve Easter mating, perform Andanistan. A rite of consecration of four side of the world, and then the liturgy. The Armenian Church celebrates Easter up to the Trinity, that is, fifty days.

Armenians were one of the first to paint eggs on Easter. According to the Holy Armenian Church, Grigor Tatevaci, an egg, painted in red, symbolize the universe, saved by the cost of the blood of Christ. “When we pick up a red egg. The theologian wrote. We proclaim our salvation “.

When is the better bake cakes

Easter cakes, a ceremonial, black bukhanka, is traditionally baked in a passionate week, and usually housewives prefer to do this on a pure Thursday, which this year falls on April 29. On this day, people are preparing for the upcoming holiday, cleaning the house, making culinary blanks, baked cakes and fried Thursday salt.

However, there are two more days in which the pask is quite acceptable. According to the church canons, you can bake kulichi on Wednesday, but then they will not be very fresh and not so soft to Sunday. Therefore, many housewives prefer to bake on a great Saturday. This day is considered mournful, but in the Christian tradition it is still allowed to deal with the Easter cakes on Saturday, which can not be said about the passionate Friday, the strict day of the passionate week.

Although at the same time, some housewives believe that cakes baked on passionate Friday never deteriorate and even have healing properties. However, it is still better not to bake on this day, because to bake the yeast Bukhankaa, you need a favorable atmosphere and a good mood, which does not go well with the Day of Christian sorrows.

Why are red eggs eat on Easter

On Easter days, Christians greet each other with the words “Christ is risen!”And kiss. By tradition, believers “beat” with painted eggs, and also give them to each other. According to legend, when Mary Magdalene came with sermons to Rome, she presented Emperor Tiberius a white egg with a greeting “Christ is risen!””.

He told her that a dead man could not come to life, just like this egg cannot blush. Immediately the egg was painted in red, after which the emperor believed her. Since then, the egg has become a symbol of the tomb of the Lord and the emergence of life. Red color has become a symbol of Sunday of the Lord for Christians. However, later the eggs began to paint in other colors, because the main thing is the symbol of faith.

When to consecrate paints and Easter cakes

The main tradition of Easter is the consecration of Easter cakes and dyes. If you follow the church rules, then the festive service should come on Saturday evening and stand over all.Night vigil. At midnight, the sacrament of the consecration of Easter attributes begins. After that, believers come home and start a festive meal in the family circle.

Nevertheless, it will not be considered a violation or something bad if you go to lice the Easter cakes and paints only in the morning of Easter. After all, clergymen conduct a rite of consecration of products that were brought to church, for a long time of Easter Sunday.

The question often sounds: what else to put in the Easter basket? In addition to Easter and eggs, it is customary to consecrate red wine, fruits, sweets and other sweets. At the same time, you should not collect everything you have on the table. The main thing is to take cakes, paints, salt, etc. Just start at home a meal precisely with products consecrated in the church.

Finally, another cute tradition with paints. They are customary to exchange with family and friends. Be sure to leave several products in the temple. As a gift and gratitude to the Almighty

bake, easter, cakes
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