Oven cleaning function

How to enable the function of self.Cleaning of the Gorenje oven?

The principle of operation of self-cleaning for launching the aquaclin steam cleaning mode must be poured into a baking sheet of half a liter of water, set a temperature of 50-90 C (depending on the degree of pollution) and turn on the oven of the electric stove for 30-40 minutes.

Pour 0.6 liters of ordinary water into the baking sheet and leave for half an hour at a temperature of 70 ° C using the Aquaclean program. Pollution on the internal surfaces of the oven will soften, and they can be wiped with a damp cloth without using synthetic detergents and practically without spending efforts.

How the cleaning mode in the oven works?

Everything is simple: you need to pour a little water to the bottom of the oven and warm it up. Steam softens the plaque on the walls, and it will be enough to wipe them with a damp cloth. This system of cleaning the ovens also implies the coverage of the camera with a special enamel, from which fat will easily lag behind with hydrolysis.

Pyrolytic cleaning is the hardest and most effective cleaning method. With pyrolysis, all the remnants of food burn to the ground. Ashes are the only thing that remains in the oven.

Description of functions

To choose a certain function, just press on the existing button, which is clearly visible in the photo. Gorenje oven instruction manual allows you to study in detail control methods. After each use of the button, one of the indicators begins to flash.

How to clean your AEG catalytic oven

To set a certain value, you should turn the button to the desired position. Confirmation of the choice occurs by repeated pressing. After that, the arrows automatically return to its original position and continue to show time. So that the user is not mistaken, each action is accompanied by a sound signal.

The cancellation of the choice is held by holding the button in a certain mode. A very convenient function is the start of the start. Thanks to her, the hostess is enough to set a certain time in which the oven of Gorenje will begin to work, and then turn off without extraneous intervention. The difference between the alarm clock is that after notifying the end of the allotted time, the device continues to work, and does not stop the process.

Working modes

When using the stove, you can choose one of the modes specified in the operating manual:

  • Lighting. When choosing any cooking mode, it turns on automatically. But the lighting can be activated and separately. The use of this function allows you to consider in detail the prepared dish.
  • Classic heating implies temperature radiation from all sides, so the heat is evenly distributed by the product.
  • Big grill. In this mode, only the upper heater is used, which contributes to the effective baking of the dish. It is suitable for the preparation of small meat products.
  • Ventilation heating helps to prepare the dish by heating the air blowing dish. The regime contributes to uniform frozen of meat located at several levels.
  • Defrosting. During this mode, air circulation occurs without the operation of heating elements.

Correctly choosing a certain method of cooking in the oven Gorenje, you can create many delicious dishes. Video management will help to understand how to use this device.

Gorenje concern produces a wide range of plates, gas and electric.

By marking it is easy to determine what type the device belongs to:

  • E. Electric hob and oven. Brings. Cast.Iron “pancakes”.
  • EC. Electric stove with glass.Ceramic surface.
  • EIT. Induction. The first model was released in 2017, for the first time induction coils are not used in built.In devices.
  • G, GI and GN. Gas models.
  • K. Combined, can be equipped with gas burners or gas/cast.Iron “pancake”, an oven is always electric.

It is forbidden to install gas devices not to specialists, but the electric stove can be connected independently.

How to clean the oven with soda, vinegar and citric acid?

If you do not properly care for the device, in addition to plaque and fat, an unpleasant odor appears over time. It is felt every time when opening the door. You can get rid of an unpleasant odor in a very simple and effective way. It is necessary to wash the oven with soda and vinegar with the addition of citric acid.

How to Self-Clean Your Oven

Step.By.Step instructions for conducting the procedure:

  • Turn on the oven and set the temperature of 100 ° C.
  • Pour half a glass (100 ml) of apple cider vinegar into a heat.Resistant dish. Pour 40-50 g. Citric acid and 1 tablespoon of soda. To stir thoroughly.
  • Turn off the stove and apply the cooked paste to the hot internal walls of the camera.
  • Close the oven and leave the mixture for 20 minutes.
  • After time, thoroughly wash the oven until the mixture is completely removed.

It is necessary to leave the door of the oven open until completely dry.

Food soda will help clean the glass on the oven door. Pour the powder on the surface and with the help of a damp sponge or rags distribute over the entire surface. Leave for half an hour so that the soda reacts with the pollution, and then remove the washcloth.

Soda can also be used to prepare various home cleaners. They will easily and safely clear the oven.

Connect small salt and soda in equal proportions. Grate all the surfaces of the oven obtained by the mixture and leave for several hours or at night. In the morning, remove the remains with a damp sponge. This method will not only effectively cleanse all surfaces, but also remove the unpleasant odor.

Mix food soda and citric acid. Rub the glass and walls of the oven and sprinkle with water from a spray gun. After a few hours, remove the pollution with a clean damp sponge.

As an alternative, baking powder can be used, which in its composition has the same ingredients. Wet the walls of the device with a sponge and sprinkle with powder. Fat will get into lumps and easily retire with a wet cloth.

Another simple way to clean the oven: mix soda, vinegar and laundry soap. After connecting the ingredients, a slurry should be obtained, which foams well. As a result of the reaction from mixing the components, hydrogen is released, which helps effectively eliminate fat, soot and food residues. Grate all the surfaces of the oven with the mixture and leave for 2-3 hours, then wash thoroughly with a sponge.

Advantages and disadvantages of steam cleaning

Absolutely everyone can cope with this oven cleaning system, even if it has practically no skills in using kitchen appliances.

  • You have to finish cleaning with a rag;
  • Hydrolysis does not remove all pollution;
  • The stove or stove must be dried, this is especially true for electrical appliances.
oven, cleaning, function

Built.In furniture can withstand a temperature of no more than 70 degrees.

Note! Immediately use the oven strictly forbidden! It is advisable to withstand 2 days.

Gorenje oven purification mode

Aqua Clean is a function of an oven designed to clean it. This is a special impregnation that allows you to get rid of dirt due to water. It can also be called hydrolytic cleaning, since cleaning occurs using water.

Separately, the function is translated as aqua. Water and clean.Cleaning.

Types of ovens where there is Aqua Clean:

The principle of operation of the Aqua Clean function is as follows. To clean with such a function, we need half a liter of water. We fill the water into the baking sheet and turn on the Aqua Clean function. The temperature should be 70 degrees Celsius. The process of work occurs about half an hour. Cleaning with such a function occurs due to a steam secreted from the water using temperature. During cleaning, steam softens fat and dirt from the inner walls. After, we have to wipe us with a damp cloth or cloth.

oven, cleaning, function

But it may be that the inner walls of the oven are completely contaminated with fat. This is accumulated due to the fact that the oven was not cleaned during. After all, the Aqua Clean function gives the effect of cleaning, only if the pollution has not yet managed to dry out. Otherwise, cleaning will need to be carried out in the traditional way. Everything will need to be washed with your own hands. To facilitate this work, the oven is covered with special enamel.

Oven cabinets with Aquaclean function are:

  • Multifunctional
  • They have a large area
  • The shape of the oven is vaulted
  • The doors are closed smoothly
  • Double or triple glazing with thermal layer

In addition to Aqua Clean, there are other self.Cleaning, these are the functions of pyrolytic and catalytic cleaning. All these functions differ from each other. How is the Aqua Clean function different from the function of pyrolysis and catalysis in the oven?

  • Unlike pyrolysis, the hydrolysis function requires a rare cleaning, the oven with the hydrolytic cleaning function must be cleaned after each use
  • Requires additional inclusion of the oven, unlike catalytic cleaning
  • The temperature does not heat up in the kitchen room, but with the function of pyrolytic cleaning it heats up, since there is a temperature of 500 degrees Celsius there
  • For the same reason, due to the fact that in the oven with the function of pyrolysis, the temperature reaches up to 500 degrees Celsius, there is a chance of burning, which is not in the Aqua Clean function
  • Cleaning is not complete automatic, unlike pyrolysis

For easy and fast cleaning, steam cleaning can be used in the oven in conjunction with special aggregate coatings. Silvermatte is a pyrolytic enamel that also uses as easy cleaning. An example of such a function is the oven of the producer of the BO5333RBR model.

  • Does not require any detergents
  • For cleaning the oven is not required for effort, if only pour water into the baking sheet and turn on the function
  • Easy to clean
  • The cost of the oven with the Aqua Clean function is low
  • Low power consumption

Aqua Clean oven with such cleaning, many can purchase. Compared to cleaning pyrolysis or catalysis, they are not so expensive. Over, they are high.Quality and reliable. Aqua Clean cleansing ovens is produced by ASKO, Gorenje, Bosch and others.

oven, cleaning, function

Opinic care is a headache of any user, unless he is the owner of the Gorenje electric stove with the Aquaclean ferry cleaning function. To clean the oven from the pollution formed after cooking, it is necessary to pour into the baking sheet and turn on the device.

Aquaclean steam cleansing electric boards is called the self.Cleaning function, because it does not require user intervention. All that remains to do is wipe the softened pollution with a sponge.

The principle of self.Cleaning

To launch the aquaclin steam cleaning mode, it is necessary to pour half a liter of water into the baking sheet, set a temperature of 50-90 C (depending on the degree of pollution) and turn on the oven of the electric stove for 30-40 minutes. After this time, pollution becomes soft and easily remove from the walls of the working chamber.

If you baked meat or used vegetable oil when cooking, fat will appear on the walls, which is poorly removed even with steam exposure. To get rid of it, together with water, a traditional detergent must be added into the baking sheet. Aquaclean steam cleaning is effective if it is carried out immediately after cooking, but dried pollution will have to be torn off by hand.

The advantage of hydrolysis over pyrolysis cleaning, which is also used in electrical plates, is that a large amount of electricity is not spent. Electric stoves burning with Aquaclean steam cleaning are available for everyone, their cost only slightly exceeds the cost of ordinary equipment.

In addition to the function of self.Cleaning, the signs of electrical appliances of Slovenian production can have grill and convection, which allows you to bake meat no worse than at the stake, and get fragrant pastries with crispy crust. The hobs of electric plates are made of glass ceramics, have 4 burners of different capacities, in some models there are expansion zones.

Slovenian manufacturer produces electric stoves in traditional and design performance. The latter are equipped with stylish switches, handles and glass of an unusual shape, decorated under brass or bronze. In separate models, a timer is installed, which reports the end of cooking.

If you decide to buy an electric stove with a ferry cleaning function, order a Gorenje technique with Aquaclean self-cleaning in our online store. Questions and difficulties arose? Click on the icon in the form of a telephone tube and use the advice of our manager. All electric stoves are provided from the manufacturer.

Self.Cleaning oven. Tempting phrase. It sounds especially pleasant for those who are familiar with the time.Consuming and long process of laundering the oven from burned drops of fat and food remnants. But is the ovens with self.Cleaning really can save its owner from this tedious procedure or is it just a marketing course of manufacturers?

Of course, progress has not yet reached the absolute self.Cleaning of household appliances. But technologies in which minimal human efforts are supposed to cleanse the oven, exist. Consumers are offered a pyrolytic, catalytic, hydrolytic methods of self.Cleaning of ovens.

Hydrolysis self.Cleaning

This name comes from the ancient Greek “hydro”. Water and “lysis”. Decomposition, decay. It is clear that self-cleaning in this case occurs due to the interaction of water pollution. Although here you can not do without high temperature.

Features of the process

You need to pour water into the lower baking sheet and set the appropriate program. It suggests that the contaminated inner surface of the oven will remain in a water bath for about half an hour at a temperature of about 70 ° C. A plaque that softens under the influence of steam is dragging into the pallet, and the remnants will easily be washed off.

Pros of hydrolysis cleaning

Such cleaning does not take much time and is not too costly. By the way, despite the fact that manufacturers position it as self.Cleaning, hydrolysis cleaning can be used in a conventional technique that does not have a special program.

Cons of hydrolysis cleaning

With this method, it is quite difficult to wash complex, old pollution. They will still require subsequent efforts: rubbing with a brush and special detergents. But it is precisely these efforts that those who choose a self.Cleaning oven are trying to avoid these efforts.

A miracle, of course, will not happen, and with any method of self.Cleaning, the oven will need to be washed manually. But this process will become much easier and shorter if you choose the right technique.

If you use it constantly, dwell on the one in which the technology of pyrolytic cleaning is built, if quite often, catalytic is suitable for you, and if rarely, hydrolysis self.Cleaning is quite enough.

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