Oven door does not close tightly

  • Use gasoline and other flammable liquids to kindle the stove. This can cause an explosion and fire.
  • Burning garbage, polymers, tar, roofing felt, old shoes, etc. This causes the furnace to clog with hard to remove tarry soot and an unpleasant smell in the house.
  • Use wet firewood for heating. Up to 40% of the heat can be used to evaporate the moisture contained in the wood. In addition, wet firewood gives a large amount of soot. Firewood is considered dry if it has been stored under a shelter for 1 year. If there is no dry firewood available, a two to three days’ supply of wet firewood is a good idea to dry it out in the house (by the stove).
  • The overlap of the stove (or the bed of the Russian stove) should be covered with combustible materials. It causes fires. Do not put anything on the stove until two to three hours after you stop heating it. е. When the stove begins to cool.
  • Overheating the oven. The temperature of the heater walls should not exceed 70 °C.

Symptoms: door tongue does not fit into the lock hole

This, of course, is some exotic, but for some reason, not only the door can warp, but also the stove itself, for example, if it is unevenly installed. Carry out a visual inspection and, if you notice deviations, adjust the oven legs. As for the deformed door, it is unlikely to straighten completely, it is easier to replace it.

Symptoms: the door can be felt to be slightly loose

The springs that are closing the door tightly can also become loose or broken: you can try to retighten the springs, but the broken ones need to be replaced.

Oven Door Not Closing All The Way Quick Fix

Gas stoves are made of fireproof glass. It retains heat inside and allows evenly heated, baked food.

Cleaning the glass inside the oven is not only for oven appearance, but also for quality cooking and hygiene reasons.

Removing the oven door can help clean the interior glass.

Following the principle described above, open the door, fasten the hinges, remove the bolts along with the top metal lid. Take out the glass from the inside and wash it with hot water and detergent. An effective cleaning agent can be prepared at home by mixing warm water and baking soda. This will help to avoid streaks and clean even long-standing grease. For extra shine, manufacturers recommend wiping the glass with a cloth with white vinegar. After washing, place the glass in the correct order, freeing the hinges beforehand.

In addition to the obvious benefits of cleaning glass, you will gain practical skills in removing the glass and oven door, and this will be useful if you need to repair your gas stove at home.

The door in the electric stove won’t close. what to do?

The door must close tightly when the oven is in use for safety reasons. If it doesn’t, you can’t use your oven. When the door in the electric stove does not close, it is not always an indication of a malfunction. Sometimes the cause is inattention: dishes or trays can stick out and obstruct. To prevent malfunction it is not recommended to put heavy objects on the door. In some cases, the door does not fit tightly due to debris and foreign objects. When there are difficulties with opening or closing the oven, you should not resort to brute force, it can only aggravate the problem.

The door in the kitchen stove will not close if the rubber seal installed around the perimeter is dislodged or worn. This problem can usually be solved by yourself or with the help of a professional technician. Broken hinges or lock. a fairly common cause of failure. To make repairs in this case is already more difficult and more expensive. The worst case is deformation of the door or hob body due to impact and other mechanical effects. It can happen during transport of equipment or repairs in the apartment. Such failures are rather difficult to correct and often unnecessary.

Each household appliance is designed for a certain period of active use. For this reason, the physical deterioration of materials (metal corrosion, drying and cracking of rubber seals) is already a strong argument in favor of buying a new stove. If you have decided to update outdated appliances in the kitchen, we recommend paying attention to the products of the German brand AEG.

Adjusting the hinges on the closet doors

Furniture in our homes is not just a part of the interior, pleasing the eye with its beauty or unusual design. In most cases, it is also an object that performs a specific functional purpose, for example, to store clothes, dishes or other small things important for our daily life. The right furniture for a comfortable home environment.

To ensure that personal belongings do not spoil the interior of the room, not creating a mess, they are usually stored in the closet. This convenient and practical piece of furniture today is in almost every home, so the problem of adjusting the hinges of cabinet doors is undoubtedly familiar to many.

Why is there no air escaping through the gap between the control panel and the oven door?

When the oven is in operation, special functions ensure that the outside walls, including the door, glass, and panel of the oven are overheated. This function is performed by tangential cooling. It is not present in all brands of electric oven.

It works in the following way: an electric motor with ventilation drives the cold air in the oven from the outside, letting it out through the gap between the door and the oven panel.

Often there are problems when the air does not escape through the special gap in the oven. What to do in this case?

Let’s consider the causes of the problem and its elimination, when the air does not escape through the gap between the door and the control panel.

Causes of air not escaping through the gap in the oven:

    The oven door is not closed tightly or not all the way in;

  • A defect in a particular oven manufacturer’s model;
  • The motor or fan that runs the tangential cooling is broken;
  • Improper installation of the oven may have pressed the fan.

After making sure that no air is escaping through the gap, we can find a solution to the problem. With some causes of no air through a special gap can be solved by yourself, and other more complicated causes require the intervention of a specialist.

Suppose that the reason that the air doesn’t come out between the door and the oven hinge is because the oven is defective in a certain model. All that’s left to do is return it to the manufacturer or exchange it for a working oven.

If the air is not coming out through the gap because the oven door is not closing properly, then consider the oven door. The door may not close tightly if we have not closed it all the way or if the oven hinges are loose. Here we tighten the hinges until the door closes. From. Because the oven door is not closed properly, the panel and the door with the glass gets very hot. All the hot steam does not escape through the gap, but through the gap where the door is not properly closed. If the problem could not be solved, then already call an understanding specialist.

Air may not escape through the gap and if the built-in oven is not installed correctly. If you do not keep certain distances in mind, there is a chance that the electric motor in the oven will be jammed. If you press the upper part of the panel into the built-in oven too hard, there is a chance of jamming the fan. Thus it stops working, and does not provide the oven with safe cooling. See illustration for required installation distances.


Electric motor and fan break when carrying or dragging the oven. Frequent movement of the oven can cause a contact or fan part to bounce. Convector stops working and from frequent use. In such a case, if possible replace the fan or the oven itself. All of these conclusions should be made after an oven inspection by a qualified professional.

If the fan, which is responsible for cooling the outside of the appliance, is broken or not working, it is not recommended that the oven be switched on. This problem can only be eliminated by a specialist.

Oven features of gas ovens you didn’t know you had

Many models of ovens use hydrolysis, i.e.е. Steam cleans walls and glass. But few people know that such a process to perform with their own hands is not difficult. Bring water to a boil in a pot, put it inside at low heat for half an hour. Steam will make cleaning the oven easier, getting to places where it’s hard to remove dirt with a sponge.

Another useful feature of a gas stove oven is the grid, which is not only used as a rack for dishes. It can be used to bake vegetables, meat, and other foods using the tray as a cooking tray.

Why interior doors spring open?

The problem can cause discomfort not only for the owners, but also damage the door leaf or box. The main reasons for such a door defect are given below.

  • Mistakes when installing the hinges. If the hinges are embedded deeper than required on the front edge of the leaf, the construction begins to spring. In such a situation, the hinges may bend during use, or the self-tapping screws fixing them may become deformed. Destroyed elements are dismantled and the hinges are reinstalled.
  • Improper operation of the handle or lock. The handle and the related lock are under the greatest strain when using a door, so it is not surprising that these mechanisms are more likely to malfunction. In general, the repair of the door handle can be carried out independently with a screwdriver and wrench. In rare cases you need to replace individual elements of the mechanism or the whole set.
  • Installation errors or warping of the door frame in operation. Check that the door frame is properly installed by using a spirit level (preferably laser level) and a plumb line. If a misalignment is found, the leaf is removed from the hinges, and the architraves are taken out. After that, align the door frame by adjusting the anchors on which it is fixed with a Phillips screwdriver. Then the gaps that appeared are eliminated and the door panel is set.
  • Swelling of the wooden door. The swollen wooden door should be removed immediately and cuts should be made on it with a planer on the side of the door leaf. Be especially careful where door elements are connected. In some cases, it is necessary to make cuts on both sides of the leaf. On the treated surface apply the same compound (paint, varnish or tinting) that is applied to the whole door leaf.

Troubleshooting Gorenje GI438E instruction manual

Lift them inward and remove them from the top of the holes.

Clean them only with ordinary cleaning agents.

After cleaning, insert the rails in the appropriate

Open the oven door fully. Bottom hinges

of the hinge carriers on both sides of the door lift

into an upright position and place them on the tabs

of the upper hinge carriers. Then close the door

of the oven until halfway open (refer to. figure) and remove it.

The door is installed in reverse order of.

Push it halfway open (at an angle

approximately 60° ) so that in the process

Press the door all the way open against the oven. in doing so

Make sure that the slits on the lower hinge carriers

“seated on the lower wall of the oven. After the door


When the door is fully open, remove the hinges from the reeds

of the upper hinge carriers and return them to the

Removing and installing the single axis oven door

Open the oven door fully and hinge the removable

the tabs all the way back (Figure 1). Then slowly

close the door so that the reeds slip over the holes.

At approximately 15° (relative to the closed door)

Lift the door slightly and remove from both

Hinge holes on the appliance body (fig. 2).

Reverse the order of installation.

the front of the appliance and push them forwards and downwards,

so that the hinges “seat” in the holes Check,

Then open the door fully, and turn the tabs

all the way back to its original position. Doorknob slowly

close and in doing so, check to see if it is correct

closing If the door is opened and

does not close properly, check if the

the hinge slits in the holes on the body are installed correctly.

Never let the door hinge couplings

pop out, as the powerful springs can cause the

Wash the trays, grids and similar equipment

Aluminium trays should not be cleaned with harsh

cleaners, which can cause the

scratches. If the surface is cleaned frequently

the tray loses its shine. This cannot be avoided, however, it is

will not affect the cooking result.

Special Enamel: Oven and Interior

The oven doors are coated with a special enamel that has a

This special layer makes it easier to clean at room temperature

The hob drawer is secured against accidental opening.

If you want to open the drawer, lift it slightly.

If you want to remove the drawer from the stove, first of all

Pull it out to the stop, then again

It is forbidden to store flammable things in the drawer of the heating plate,

oven, door, does, close, tightly

Explosive and heat-resistant items.

In some appliances, the drawer is installed as follows

How: Insert the bottom rear shelf of the drawer into the

guide on the hob base. If the hob drawer

has side rails with wheels, insert it

so that the wheels fit into the rails, and

authorized technician.Unqualified repairs can lead to serious danger to the consumer.

Removing the glass

After removing the door, you can begin to remove the glass. Two or three panes of glass are installed in modern ovens. The second glass is usually attached to the housing. It is easy enough to remove it. Removing the door was necessary for safe and convenient cleaning. If the door is not off its hinges, there is a risk that it will slam shut and injure the person.

For the following oven models, here are instructions on how to remove the glass and clean it:

Do not put too much pressure on the glass. If it is pressed too hard, it can be damaged.

  • Put the door with the handle down on a smooth and soft surface.
  • Pay attention to the bolts in the door. If there are any, unscrew them. If they are missing, start moving from the bottom up. The open door looks like a laptop. Screws might not be present in some ovens. But the upward movement of the structure does not depend on the type of model.
  • Now the glass part is free. It needs to be lifted up and pulled out.
  • You can proceed to clean the glass.
  • After cleaning, put the glass back where it was. Note that there are special strips on the sides.
  • Fixing all fasteners.
  • Putting back on the oven.

Pull the top of the door from the top down

oven, door, does, close, tightly

When open, the door looks a bit like a laptop

It doesn’t matter whether the glass needs to be removed, exterior or interior. In both cases, follow the steps listed above. The fasteners for both panes are inside.

If you can not clean the glass, you can turn to professionals.

The fasteners on the oven door

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