Overlock foot for the singer sewing machine

This category includes feet that can be used to perform basic types of stitches (straight stitch and zigzag), sew on a zipper or button, trim the edge of the material.

Universal zigzag foot

This foot is always included. With its help, you can perform both straight stitch and zigzag stitch of different widths. There are versions with a special button for fixing the sole in horizontal position. This function is useful when sewing in areas where the thickness of the fabric is drastically different, for example when crossing seams.

For straight stitching

Designed for straight, even stitches, assisted by a small needle hole. This soleplate gives better stitch quality on slippery materials (e.g. silk or satin).

For zipper

There are several varieties of feet that are designed for sewing a zipper:

  • It is a universal stitch that can be moved to the right or left side, so as not to overturn the garment while sewing on the two sides of the braid;
  • One-sided and narrow sewing feet;
  • Blindstitch foot, designed to sew as close to the serrations as possible.

Can also be used for hems or difficult stitching.

For blindstitching

The special design of this foot is designed to work on heavy fabrics and create inconspicuous stitches. It is most frequently used for hems on bottoms of garments (skirts, pants, etc.). д.). The pattern must first be folded in a special way and then sewn with a blindhem stitch.

Always sew a trial blindstitch with a sample of your fabric to find the perfect setting for your sewing!


This foot has a pressure plate and guide, which prevents the edge of the fabric from being pulled down and aligned when sewing. There are models with a side knife, which allow you to combine processing and trimming allowance, as it makes overlocks.

For buttons

With the sewing machine you can quickly sew on buttons with holes, the width between them must not exceed the maximum width of the machine’s zigzag stitch. Special foot for this operation has rubberized gussets for reliable fixation of button. Sew with zigzag stitch and bottom feeder off.

For buttonholes

The buttonhole edges are finished in 1 or 4 steps (automatic or semi-automatic) and different presser feet are needed for this. Special frames are available for automatic buttonholes. They can have a loop length selection for a particular button, for which it is placed in the back of the frame and fixed. On the sides of the frames for semi-automatic buttonholes, additional markings are made. Modern machines offer a sensor loop function and, accordingly, a special foot.

For skewers and hems

Sewing with a scarf or hemstitching are very common operations. Their feet are sometimes called “snail legs”, for their specially bent soles that bend the hem or the cut of the piece immediately to sew on the garment. Available in different widths.

Overlock paws

In addition to the usual types of sewing and processing the cut of fabrics using a special foot for overlocks significantly expand the capabilities of traditional sewing technique. Small in size element opens up unlimited possibilities for sewing new stylish clothes, interior decor elements, accessories. Installation of only one foot for overlockers guarantees quality performance of different types of necessary work:

  • Blindstitching foot for hems on men’s, women’s and children’s clothing as well as curtains and drapes;
  • Blindstitching, sewing and seaming of fabric;
  • Cord gaskets, different types of edging;
  • Sewing on decorative elements, beads;
  • Overlock foot for lace ribbons and lace seams;
  • Stitching tabs, elastic ribbons;
  • Fabrics with a rubber base;
  • Overlocked edges of stretch fabrics, including knits, stretch, jersey.

And if you choose the overlock foot in the kit, these functions will not be available individually, but all together. This universal device opens up new opportunities not only for sewing over the cut of fabrics, but also for demanded types of sewing production. Advantageously buy overlock footwear appropriate model can be simply now on the website Sodbik.ru. Modern equipment will help to produce clothes, things, interior items of high quality and in full accordance with the technology.

Our online store works directly with the world’s leading brands. So here you will always find a wide range, you can buy overlock feet and all the necessary accessories, stitching material. Affordable and the advantages of modern high-performance equipment. We offer models of overlock footwear with unique opportunities for sewing.

Technical features and manufacturer overview

The widest range of sewing accessories includes all the necessary accessories for overlock machines. Products from world manufacturers are represented by unique devices. Advantageously buy overlock footwear can be fully consistent with the brand of equipment itself. Modern fixtures can be selected and universal models.

Overlock foot Bernina designed for hemming the edges of stretch fabrics with a stretch structure. When sewing with a regular stitching such a product is unlikely to be able to try on. But if you buy specially designed overlock foot, the seam will stretch along with jersey and knitwear. Only one small piece of equipment is needed to make your new garment comfortable to wear and last for a long time.

Choose Bernina overlock foot at affordable for countersunk stitches. With it becomes available professional sewing and quality processing bottoms of skirts, pants and other clothing. Advantageously buy overlock foot to this model can be sewing knitwear, curtains, curtains. Small costs quickly recouped quality tailoring.

Sewing the cord can be carried out using the foot for overlockers Janome, Aurora, Merrylock, Pfaff (Coverlock), Singer. Versatile design provides two types of work. sewing the seams of the fabric and sewing the cord. Choose the best types of feet for the work you will help you highly skilled managers of the company, the questions you can ask just now in on-line mode. Call, order quality accessories for sewing

Overlock foot

The foot can be used to delicately sew a narrow rubber band (6mm to 12mm wide) into a garment, stretching it evenly when sewing.

If you sew a narrow braid into the seam, it will be much stronger and less prone to stretching. This technique is typical for shoulder joints. The foot allows you to sew a braid and straighten the seam allowance. Optimal width of the braid. 8 mm.

This set allows you to make two versions of pinnacles by selecting one of two guides. You can also use a cord for extra effect.

The foot has special notches on the sole that guide the threads with the beads to make a firm hold.

The design of the foot includes a channel for the bead thread, so you can accurately sew such a decoration on your garment.

Sew the lace at the same time as the hem of the edge, you can use this foot.

The foot works with cords or yarn up to 1mm thick. This sewing method creates a secure and rigid seam, which is often used for evening and wedding dresses.

The foot lets you sew on lace or other decorative fabrics with precision.

Standard design foot made of transparent plastic facilitates work with the seams, where there is a marking and it is important to maintain the exact positioning.

overlock, foot, singer, sewing, machine

Using a special foot can be sewn neat stitches in minutes! The branded foot is made of transparent plastic and will come in handy for sewing straps or belts.

Compatible with coverlock 3 models.0/4.0 and hobbylock 2.5.

The foot is designed to attach a cord and will help you attach sutta or other decorative trim, using the 3 thread stitch and a special guide (included).

When you need invisible hems use this foot with a stitch length of 4-5mm.

The quilting foot that folds the hem of your quilt. Suitable not only for seams but also for buttonholes, decorative trim.

The B500204A foot helps you sew on beads, ribbon or lace. The edges of the product, processed with it, will look professional and neat!

Precise blindstitching foot with adjustable width adjustment.

A great solution for a quick primer! Can be used to get gathers and sew them to the main fabric at the same time.

Use the flat stitch to neatly sew the lace on top of any piece.

Foot allows you to perform chain stitch and is equipped with two guides. It can be used to make overcasting stitches or a beautiful quilting.

You can get an original wavy edge with this foot. Perfect finishing for bridal and evening wear, dance suits, etc.

Various ruffle presser foot which tackes and sews the ruffle to the main pattern.

The design of this foot allows you to hem or sew lace. Can be hemmed, overcast and trimmed at one time.

The foot B5002S06A will allow you to professionally perform a countersunk seam, as invisible as possible from the front side. The foot is designed to be comfortable to use. Can be used for quick edge stitching.

With this foot you can sew over a garment and immediately sew it into place. Effect can be changed by adjusting the thread tension, differential or stitch length.

The foot is designed to make gathers on any fabric. Professional decorative trim which can be used for a quick and easy edging! Suitable for use with Brother 355D, 555D, 755D, 1034D, 1334D, 3034D, 3100D, 4234D, 5100D.

Sewing machine foot

Foot is for automatic buttonhole. For AB machines.

Special adapter lets you quickly change the foot. It must be screwed onto the presser foot of the machine and the foot can be unhooked by pressing the hook.

For Janome models with 5 mm width and vertical hook.

The plate made of durable plastic helps you sew on a button with a foot of thread. Can also be used for thick stitches.

The foot helps you sew appliques neatly onto garments or accessories. On the bottom of the sole is a recess, which freely pass the stitches under the foot lines of any shape. The folded edge of the presser foot also makes it possible.

For Janome models with a width of 5-7 mm and a horizontal hook.

The foot is designed for sewing zippers. An edge on the hem of the presser foot guides the zipper to create straight stitches. The notch on the foot is on the right side of the needle.

For Janome models with a width of 5 mm and a vertical hook.

Zipper foot, double-sided. Allows sewing a zipper on both sides.

For Janome models with a width of 5-7 mm and a horizontal hook.

Foot Aurora can be used on machines of different brands (Brother, Bernette, Juki, Janome, etc.).).

The sole design of this foot creates easy sewing on thin materials. With its help you can sew one piece to another in one step.

Foot Aurora can be used on machines of different brands (Brother, Bernette, Juki, Janome, etc.).).

This foot has a rubber sole, so that securely holds the button while sewing. It can also be used for sewing fasteners and hooks.

Foot Aurora can be used on machines of different brands (Brother, Bernette, Juki, Janome, etc.).).

Grooves on the sole of the foot give a neat parallel serrations on medium to fine fabrics.

Foot for sewing narrow seams with tucking (for decorating the edge of a tablecloth, collar, jabot). The foot has a special mechanism for feeding the material at the top and a hole on the other side, which is responsible for the width of tucking the edge of the product.

Foot for hemming (roller undercutters) is designed for Janome models with a width of 5 mm and a vertical hook.

Foot for undercutting with a special design to feed the fabric at the top. Designed for medium density fabrics, width of undercut 4mm.

For models with horizontal hook and zigzag width up to 7 mm.

Aurora foot can be used on many brands of machines (Brother, Bernette, Juki, Janome, etc.).).

This foot requires a double needle. Grooves in the hem create raised pleats in fine fabrics which can be fixed with utility stitches.

Aurora foot can be used on many brands of machines (Brother, Bernette, Juki, Janome, etc.).).

The design is ideal for sewing decorative (satin) stitches and sewing applications. Transparent and open sole allowing full control of the sewing process.

Foot for exact zipper insertion. Designed for MC line and Skyline S3/5 machines.

Foot is designed to sew on both sides of a zipper. The special edge of the sole guides the zipper stitching.

For Janome models with 5 mm width and vertical hook.

Aurora foot can be used on machines of different brands (Brother, Bernette, Juki, Janome, etc.).).

This variant of the adapter is used in those machines where the feet are fixed with a screw. You can change the presser foot much faster with it.

Footlets Aurora can be used on machines of different brands (Brother, Bernette, Juki, Janome, etc.).).

Foot with groove for quick sewing zipper. Made of metal.

Aurora foot can be used on machines of different brands (Brother, Bernette, Juki, Janome, etc.).).

Foot has a special plastic guide, which allows you to make a secret stitch on any product.

Foot with special sole allowing you to accurately sew the button to your product. Two slats with a rubberized surface hold a button and provide stability when stitching.

For Janome models with a width of 5 mm and a vertical hook.

Foot is supplied with the sewing machine and is universal. There is a slot in the center of soleplate to guide fabric more precisely during sewing.

For Janome models with a width of 5 mm and a vertical hook.

Aurora feet can be used on a variety of machine brands (Brother, Bernette, Juki, Janome, etc.).).

Metal foot can be mounted on both sides of the needle, so the zipper can be sewn without unrolling the workpiece.

Aurora’s presser feet can be used with many different machine brands (Brother, Bernette, Juki, Janome, etc).).

In order to insert a zipper fastener correctly, the stitches have to pass exactly along the serrations. Metal bumps on sole of foot spread the thread of zipper, so the needle makes a puncture in right place.

Foot Aurora can be used on machines of different brands (Brother, Bernette, Juki, Janome, etc.).).

The metal sole of this foot has a small round needle hole to make the neatest straight stitch possible.

Foot to improve straight stitch quality with a narrow hole in the foot. We also recommend the straightedge plate included with this foot.

For Janome models with 5 mm width and vertical hook.

Sewing machine feet are available for a variety of sewing operations, and a few basic options are usually included. When buying a machine for home, there will always be a universal foot (or zigzag foot) in the accessory kit provided. As the name suggests, this foot is suitable for many tasks (straight stitch, zigzag stitch of different widths, decorative stitches, knit stitches). In addition, most machines are equipped with feet for zipper insertion and making a slotted buttonhole.

Expand the capabilities of your sewing machine with the help of special feet, which in large quantity are presented in the assortment of our online store. Featured foot options include the following uses:

  • for straight stitch, as well as special variants for stitching and the foot with the guide;
  • for sewing buttons;
  • for overlock stitches;
  • for sewing a standard or a secret zipper;
  • for blindstitching;
  • for patchwork and quilting;
  • for embroidery and stitching;
  • For satin stitching, including clear plastic and open front versions. Also for decorative work are feet for applique, creating fringes, sewing cords and beads, making pinches;
  • Teflon or roller foot for leather and other difficult materials;
  • The top feeder, which attaches in place of the adapter and provides a double feed of fabric. Available with interchangeable soles for some machines.

In order for the foot to fit your home sewing machine, you need to know exactly what type of machine. For entry-level models enough information about the type of shuttle and the width of zigzag, but for modern computer machines is better to specify the number of the necessary accessory in the accessories catalog.

“World of Sewing Machines” offers to buy sewing machine feet for famous brands at an affordable price. Please ask our consultants about compatible accessories and equipment.

Foot for sewing machines

Aurora footlets can be used with many different brands of machines (Brother, Bernette, Juki, Janome, etc.).).

Foot of this foot is designed for accurate reversal of a hidden zipper, so that the needle performs punctures flush with the teeth. That way, the buttonhole will be as inconspicuous as possible.

Foot Aurora can be used on machines of different brands (Brother, Bernette, Juki, Janome, etc.).).

With this foot you can accurately sew the appliqué on any item. The combination of transparent soleplate and openness of the front provides a great view of the stitching.

Foot Aurora can be used on machines of different brands (Brother, Bernette, Juki, Janome, etc.).).

On the bottom of foot there are grooves that hold hems, cord or trim thread during sewing.

Foot for those who work in the technique of quilting (patchwork, patchwork). The guide helps you create a precise ¼” (6mm) seam allowance.

For Janome models with 5 mm width and vertical hook.

Aurora foot can be used on machines of different brands (Brother, Bernette, Juki, Janome and others).).

Versatile metal guide that helps you sew an even, parallel stitch at a selected distance. Suitable for quilting.

The foot is made of clear plastic and is designed for sewing on appliqués. Curved edge and a special depression on the bottom of the soleplate easily skip stitches on the lines of any shape.

For machines Janome and Elna with a width of 9 mm and a horizontal hook.

The foot lets you create accurate trim on your garment. Due to the two special grooves on the soleplate it is possible to sew two cords at once.

For Janome and Elna machines with 9 mm width and horizontal hook.

The foot is equipped with a center guide and the sole has three notches. This design creates neat, hidden stitches that are virtually invisible on the front side.

For Janome models with 5 mm width and vertical hook.

Foot provides quality edge trimming. Use with overlock stitching on medium to heavy fabrics.

For Janome models with 5-7mm wide, horizontal hook.

A special attachment with a magnet attaches securely to the metal needle plate. Makes it possible to precisely maintain the width of the seam allowance.

The foot is designed to overcastcastcastcastcast buttonholes in one step. Inserted button determines the length of the buttonhole.

This foot lets you sew a standard zipper.

Foot is a standard sewing machine accessory and is suitable for most stitches, both utility and finishing stitches.

Foot with horizontal position locker, which increases the smoothness of movement when working with heavy fabrics. Installed when the machine is sold and is a universal foot for all basic stitches.

For Janome models with a width of 5-7 mm and a horizontal hook.

Foot is made for sewing 1 to 3 fine cords or decorative threads simultaneously.

For machines with a stitch width of 5 mm: 2055/2056

The foot performs a 2 mm hem and is used for the trimming of clothing and accessories in thin and medium outfitted fabrics.

For machines with a stitch width of 5mm: 1055/2055/E55/2056/E56.

Foot is made for fixing 1-3 cords. For work you can use the basic working or decorative stitches.

For machines Janome and Elna with a width of 9 mm and a horizontal hook.

Foot Aurora can be used on machines of different brands (Brother, Bernette, Juki, Janome, etc.).).

This model is used on machines with a horizontal hook and the foot is attached by a screw.

Aurora footlets can be used on different machine brands (Brother, Bernette, Juki, Janome, etc).).

Special plastic frame will help you to process the edge of the kerf in 4 steps (semi-automatic or manual mode). A marking on the side allows you to adjust the buttonhole to the correct length.

The foot is designed for overcasting the edge of the garment with overcasting stitching. Designed to guide the fabric and keep the edge flat during stitching.

For Janome models with a width of 5 mm and a vertical hook.

Foot Aurora can be used on machines of different brands (Brother, Bernette, Juki, Janome, etc.).).

Metal foot with narrow, reversible sole lets you sew a zipper in awkward places. Comes with an adapter.

The adapter allows you to easily change and attach the desired foot by pressing the red button. The adapter itself is fixed to the presser foot of the machine.

For Janome models with 5-7mm wide, horizontal hook.

Aurora feet can be used on a variety of machine brands (Brother, Bernette, Juki, Janome, etc.).).

Large transparent plate on the sole of the foot has a marking which will make it easy to create parallel stitches at a selected distance. Marking interval is 7, 12 and 20 mm.

The foot is designed for satin stitching and can be used for embroidering monograms, sewing appliqués, joining fabrics together, working on quilts. Foot has an extended cutout to increase visibility while sewing.

Sewing machine feet

When working with different accessories and fabrics, when decorating small parts and for many other sewing tasks different sewing feet are required.

As a standard sewing machine is equipped with a set of necessary accessories, but this is not enough for sewing models where you need a special trim, neat undercut, patchwork, sewing blindfold zippers and other complex sewing operations.

The universal foot is not suitable for all fabrics. Special sewing machine accessories are needed for sewing knitwear, leather, thin or, on the contrary, too dense fabrics.

Sewing machine legs

The sewing machine is sold complete with more than one presser foot. Mostly included are feet for simple operations: straight stitch, zigzag, sewing on buttons, sewing zippers and minimal decorative trim. But complex operations and fabrics (e.g. edge trimming, edging, blindstitching, undercasting, working with knitted fabrics or leather, patchwork, etc.) are not possible.д.) Will require additional accessories, such as special feet for sewing machines, which facilitate the work and provide quality results if skillfully used. Buy legs and get advice in our online store. We have selected a wide range of products from Brother, Janome, Aurora, Bernina. Happy to answer any questions!

Foot types

Sewing machine feet differ in purpose:

The accessories are chosen based on what operations the craftsman performs more often. For example, for bed linen straight sewing foot or standard zigzag foot come in handy. Stepping foot for the sewing machine will simplify the process of sewing multilayer products, buy it. a simple way to facilitate the advancement of tissue and avoid displacement of fabric layers in relation to each other.

overlock, foot, singer, sewing, machine

When choosing a foot it is important to consider the maximum stitch width for the sewing machine: some models are designed for 7 mm stitch, but it can not perform all devices. Some feet are only suitable for machines with a horizontal hook, or feature a special method of attachment.

How to order

Our online store is staffed by experienced consultants who can help you choose! We offer to buy sewing machine legs, Veliky Novgorod, St. Petersburg and Tyumen. Order can be made with delivery by courier, post or transport company, as well as by pickup.

Advantages and disadvantages

Just like any other parts, overlock foot has its advantages and disadvantages. First of all it is worth to learn its advantages.

  • The edges of the fabric at the end of the work are very accurate and straight. In addition, they do not shrink, which is very important when working with fabrics such as knitwear, tulle or chiffon.
  • With such a detail there is an opportunity to get quite high quality finishing stitches.
  • As the presser foot has a guide the edge is very straight and beautifully sewn.
  • With this foot can perform hemming stitch.
  • Blindfolding is done with higher quality.
  • Setting overlock foot on the machine is very easy. So even a beginner can cope with such a task.

To the disadvantages of such a device can include a number of points.

  • Not all sewing machine models can be equipped with the overlock foot. Therefore, when buying, you should pay attention to the instruction manual. It should tell you if it is possible to install such a piece. If there is no such option, then the seamstress will have to buy an overlock or just buy an adapter.
  • When overstitching the edges of knitted fabric, the seams do not always retain their elasticity.
  • Both thread size and needle thickness must be carefully selected in order to achieve high quality results. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to achieve good results.
  • Compared to an overlock sewing machine, the design with the foot is not designed for too high loads.

Top 10 most necessary legs for sewing machines

There are a huge number of presser feet for sewing machines on the market. Although they all perform different functions, but if you have a set of 10 feet, whose purpose we’ll understand today, you can perform almost all the necessary sewing tasks.

I’m sure you have some sewing machine feet that come with your sewing machine. Why not learn how to use them?? They can greatly improve your sewing!

Taking a little time to learn and then installing the foot and needle correctly can turn your sewing idea into something to be proud of!

Depending on the brand of your sewing machine presser feet can be on the latches or screws.

Most modern machines use the snap method, which allows you to quickly and easily change feet. Older machines usually have screw-on feet that are attached to the machine with a large screw. Although they take a couple of seconds longer to change, they’re also very easy to use, so you shouldn’t have any trouble changing the feet on these types of devices.

how to use overlock/overcast foot on singer sewing machine

So what are the most necessary sewing feet? We’ve compiled a list of the 10 most essential presser feet that will allow you to perform almost any sewing task.

All machines come with a universal foot that is used to sew straight and zigzag stitches on a wide variety of fabrics. It can also be called general purpose foot, straight stitch foot or standard foot.

If you have an older machine with just this foot, you can do 90% of your sewing with it. You don’t need to have fancy accessories to sew beautiful clothes and other items. It’s all the same. The most important foot for the machine.

The hemming foot (sometimes called the hem foot, whisker foot) is used to create a narrow edge on thin and opaque fabrics. It both folds the hem and sews straight, so you can save time on ironing. It has a special “folding” attachment on the front for tucking the edge. The hemming foot is best for straight edge rather than curved edge. Generally sized. 3 and 6 mm.

Read more about this foot here.

The foot for sewing a zipper

These sewing machine feet allow you to sew right up to the edge of the zipper teeth, the edging or thicker edges. Most zipper legs allow the needle to be positioned on either the left or right side of the zipper. The photo below shows several zipper foot designs. One thing they all have in common is that the needle holes are on the sides instead of in the middle like regular sewing feet.

You can buy optional foot for sewing invisible zipper (you can read about it here). But even an invisible zipper can be sewn with normal zipper foot.

Most modern machines have overlock simulation stitching. Working principle is of course different from the sewing machine. Overlock foot will trim a raw edge and then overcast it, while overlock foot will not. That means you have to trim the edge yourself just before you sew.

Foot for invisible hems

This foot can neatly hem the edge. It has a metal guide that helps the machine create accurate stitching for an invisible edge.

The first 4 presser feet probably come with your sewing machine. The last 6 can be purchased individually or as a set. I use Teflon feet a lot, so check out this one.

This handy foot glides over leather and vinyl fabric without sticking. I use the Teflon presser foot a lot when sewing Lycra and other delicate fabrics and even use it more than the universal foot for normal sewing.

Since these feet are made of a material similar to plastic, they do wear out a little bit. That’s why I change them about once a year. You can see from the photo that I really love this foot ;)))

The tacking foot

This foot tackles lightweight fabrics when sewing. It can be used to tack and sew at the same time. If you do this regularly, the foot will save you a lot of time.

The most important thing to realize is that this sewing foot is designed for light and thin fabric and creates only easy gathers. If you need a foot for thicker fabrics, check out Foot 0 from our selection.

Foot for buttonholes

overlock, foot, singer, sewing, machine

The appearance of buttonhole feet varies greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer, but their purpose. create smooth and perfect looking buttonholes.

Buttonholes can also be made with a zigzag stitch with a transparent foot, as in the photo below left.

Long white buttonhole foot (see “Sewing with a buttonhole foot”). buttonhole (see photo above on the right) automatically creates a buttonhole of the desired length, and to make a hole of the desired size, a button is placed on the back and pressed by a spring mechanism.

This foot provides perfect seams at 6mm.

You can buy them with or without additional guide on the side. The foot with the guide is great for sewing on the flaps of bags and clutches.

Last item on our list. is a foot for ruffles. This fancy gizmo is great for pulling the pleats on any fabrics. Like the sewing foot, it can be used to gather creases and stitch fabric.

In the next lessons we will continue to explain the purpose of presser feet, so if you are interested in our newsletters, give us a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel.

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