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Instructions for the Xiaomi Mi Smart Kettle Electric Teapier

The ecosystem of the “smart dwelling” of Xiaomi from domestic consumers is far from as popular as cell phones made by this company. Xiaomi Mi Smart Kettle Electrician has a white color. It is stylish, minimalistic and has exactly such similarities with the products of the Apple Corporation, which are required so that it cannot be made to it formal claims.

Teapot Xiaomi Mi Kettle

The user’s company guide, which comes with the device, can be useful exclusively for those few users who know the Chinese language very well, since there is no translation into Russian in it.

Any other users can be recommended to resort to one of the many in the open spaces of the World Wide Web, “copyright” translations. Below is one of them. In terms of execution, it looks rather believable.

Characteristics and equipment

Before connecting the Xiaomi smart kettle, you should get acquainted with its main characteristics closer.

In appearance, Mi Smart Kettle is not much different from other electric kettle. On the side of the case is the usual handle with a mechanical and touch buttons. Mechanical button is needed to open the cover. Two sensors are located at the bottom of the handle. For boiling and maintaining a given water temperature.

Inside the plastic case there is a steel container of 1.5 liters. Model mass is slightly more than 1 kg.

  • Intellectual control;
  • Instant heating of water;
  • Three level protection;
  • The inner flask is made of stainless steel.

The delivery kit includes the kettle itself, a stand with an electric cord, user guide.

The stand has one feature. A niche where the extra wire is removed. Its length is 75 cm.

The teapot body is completely closed. There is no water level sensor. The steel container is not protected by the filter from the appearance of scale.

The hull cover is opened by pressing the mechanical button. It is placed in the upper part of the handle, works as follows: first it opens by 45 °, then manually revealed by 90 °. Thus, you cannot accidentally burn yourself with steam, sharply opening a boiling kettle. When boiling water, the kettle will make a small sound and turn off.

In the lower part of the volumetric handle there are two touch buttons with Chinese hieroglyphs. The purpose of one of them is water boiling. Second. Designed to maintain a given temperature value. Touch buttons are highlighted in red.

A small flaw of the model is the lack of leadership in Russian. Therefore, to configure the smart kettle of the Xiaomi Mi Smart Kettle model and download the application to the smartphone, use the instructions posted on the Internet.


The kettle did not pass the test with automatic shutdown without water. When activating heating with an empty tank, heating went to 100 degrees without blocking. It is worth being neat: when boiling, there is a risk of overheating and failure.

The lid leaning at 90 degrees allows you to freely fill water. Boiling boils quickly. The option with the choice of exact temperature allows you to choose the optimal mode for subsequent brewing tea or coffee drinks. Adjustment range from 40 to 100 degrees.

  • 40 degrees. Baby food,
  • 50 degrees. Children’s mixtures, floral tea,
  • 70 degrees. Green tea,
  • 80 degrees. Black tea,
  • 90 degrees. Soluble coffee.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Kettle Pro: Technical characteristics

The kettle looks pretty: a white, almost cylindrical case, a white handle, and a stand of the same color. The design, as they say, is clean, stainless steel is made in the upper part of the device. The Pro version differs from the usual presence of OLED display on the handle. On it you can see the temperature of the water when the kettle is on the stand.

The case of the device. Two.Layer, made on the principle of thermos. Inside. Steel flask, outside. Decorative plastic.

Two buttons are located on the handle, not counting the one that opens the lid. One is responsible for turning on the kettle, the second. For maintaining the temperature.

[ Unboxing ] 2019 original Xiaomi Mijia MJYSH01YM smart kettle 1.5l

In the Mi Home app, you can set as the temperature itself that you need, and the time of maintaining it. True, the kettle in any case will first boil water, and then allow it to cool to the desired temperature and will support it. All the same, this is very convenient: say, for the preparation of baby food, you can configure the kettle at 40 ° C, and you will have warm drinking water all day at hand. Those who love green tea are useful to higher values: 70 or 80 ° C.

overview, xiaomi, smart, kettle

Overview of the smart kettle Xiaomi Mi Smart Kettle

Work in the modern world selects most of the time, sometimes it’s hard to find even a minute to stop. Sometimes it is so important to find a second time for yourself. To launch the body, restore the water balance, stimulation of the brain, you just need to drink a glass of water in the morning. And a cup of warm water, in addition, will help in the work of the stomach and intestines, and also stimulates the metabolism.

Smart kettle Xiaomi Mi Smart Kettle

The new Xiaomi Mi Smart Kettle teapot will present you with water heated to the desired temperature, designed to warm your heart and soul, activate the processes of the body, reduce headache and spasms.

Smoothness and accuracy of lines, color, quality materials. This is what is striking in this electrician. But even more, hidden inside. After all, the appearance is only a shell, for a truly smart device.

Fast heating is possible due to the power of 1800W from the bottom up. Evenly and fast! After pressing the key, it takes only five minutes, and you can safely brew tea.

Mi Smart Kettle Teapon

The power connector is made in compliance with all safety rules. Smart teapot Xiaomi Mi Smart Kettle can be connected to the network even if water hit. The plug itself is made so that the water does not flow and does not damage it. There is also a built.In protection against the inclusion of an empty kettle, to prevent emergency situations.

For tea, the water temperature is 80-90 ℃, to open the entire taste palette. High temperature destroys the nutritional components, changing the taste of the drink. The desired temperature range can be configured in the application from the company “Smart House”. For various needs, you can configure a temperature with an error of only 1%.

TOP-8 rating of the best models

Place name price
TOP-4 best dummies Xiaomi
one Xiaomi Mi Kettle 1 500 ₽
2 Xiaomi Viomi Muchanical Kettle 1 500 ₽
3 Xiaomi Viomi Kettle Steel (YM-K1506) 1,000 ₽
4 Xiaomi Ocooker Kettle 2 000 ₽
TOP-4 Best Smart Dummies Xiaomi
one Xiaomi Smart Kettle Bluetooth 2 000 ₽
2 Xiaomi Viomi Smart Kettle Bluetooth 2 000 ₽
3 Xiaomi Mijia Multifunctional Electric Cook 4 000 ₽
4 Xiaomi Viomi Smart Kettle (YM-K1510) 2 000 ₽

Xiaomi Mi Kettle

Stylish kettle with minimalistic design. The metal heating element is made in the form of a closed spiral.

The walls are double, made of plastic. Due to this, one cannot burn about them, and the water inside remains hot for a long time.

The teapot has an average volume, it is suitable for a small family.

Keep in mind that in some stores there is a non.Standard Chinese fork, which will need an adapter.

Design characteristics:

Не покупайте чайники Xiaomi ! И вот почему

Xiaomi Viomi Muchanical Kettle

Model in white and black colors with a metallic lid. Inside the kettle case is made of stainless steel, and the walls are made of two layers of plastic.

Therefore, the device for a long time maintains water temperature.

The kettle is characterized by safety: double walls are protected from a burn, there is a locking cover and a lock function when starting without water.

Xiaomi Viomi Kettle Steel (YM-K1506)

Kettle in metallic color. Its case is made of stainless steel, so the device has the effect of thermos.

The whole body looks beautiful, but the teapot does not have a measured water scale, which makes it difficult to work.

At the same time, the device has a slight weight. Users note the reliability of the device, but complain that the stand is staggering.

Design characteristics:

Xiaomi Ocooker Kettle

A kettle with a non.Standard design in the style of “retro” and a large volume. The device heats up quickly, the temperature shows the thermometer.

The kettle is installed on the stand in any position.

Metal coating allows you to maintain the temperature of heated water for a long time.

Design characteristics:


On the front side of the box is the kettle itself. His image is duplicated on the back of the box. On the upper side of the box, Xiaomi. Mi and Mijia company logos are printed. On one of the side sides, the characteristics of the device (capacity 1.5 l, Net weight 1.24 kg, gross weight 1.58 kg, color. White, type of connection with the phone/tablet. Bluetooth, the requirements for the system. Android 4.3 or higher, iOS 7.0 or higher) and the contacts of the manufacturer are presented.

Inside the box is a kettle, an electric stand for it and the operating manual. Everything is packed in protective transport polystyrene foam.

Electrician Xiaomi Viomi Smart Kettle. All teapots boss and commander above the temperature.

For a year now, waged an unequal war with marketers, for the right to get a high.Quality product for a low price. Sometimes it turns out to win the battle and even a few, get the long.Awaited respite between the battles, and sometimes you give up the line abroad, the forces are running out and complete hopelessness overcomes But as usual in fairy tales, a ray of hope appears. A fighter of the “kitchen front”, which promises to end the “war with cold water “once and always. Today this beam is Smart Kettle from Xiaomi for me.

overview, xiaomi, smart, kettle

The packaging eloquently reports that this is not just an ordinary product, but a product that is fully consistent with modern realities and is relevant from a technical point of view at the moment: when opening the box I see Ukrainian instructions, carefully nested on a little deeper, under the second valve an already original liner on An English top.Up Ukrainian teapot, just immediately under a liner formed from polystyrene foam and covered with a film with a kettle with a teapot with its quality and tactile sensations, creates a complete sensation of products from Apple’s silicone legs that amaze with its thoughtfulness and, in fact, I expected, Kant was not chrome, but simply opened Stainless steel when pressing the button on the handle,It only opens “to look” but if desired by your hand can be applied to the width conveniently fill the kettle and it is clear that the lid is stamped from a thinner and smooth sheet of stainless steel. A thermal attribute contrasts with a rough surface of the reservoir, and the level of mines, the pole of Mach and the sovereign is stamped. The middle of the water of the vertical surface of the handle, two buttons (not sensory ones) pressed along with the plane of the film screen pixel and quite high.Quality Pictograms on the side wall of the sticker and indications for using the back of the kettle are nothing special and well.Known, the systems of thermal systems. And switching with a stand-patented Strix from Britain (according to the packaging), in previous versions of the teapot from Xiaomi there was something else and did not particularly cause confidence that holds the lid,It was made very elegantly. The lid itself does not have silicone gaskets neatly from Nim. Just gray plastic around the perimeter of stainless steel, which holds it in place and clearly from the same gray plastic as the hinge of the boiling time. From 20 ° to hundreds for hundreds in 5 minutes: for interfacing with the phone, you need the Mi Home application and the European location in it, otherwise it does not find the device (to work in Chinese localization, you need to take a kettle with hieroglyphs on the buttons), after choosing the device, pinch the Boil button, bring the smartphone The teapot is closer than 10 meters and in a few seconds of the devices in conjugate, you can choose a room and rename the kettle in Bosh or Phillips-to taste, you will again “settle” some legal nuances (agreeing to everything), and finally get it and finally get The summary directly to your smartphone about the temperature of the water in the kettle,as well as his state of activity, there are three tabs below, which are responsible for setting up four modes of heating, hiding under the lower button with the inscription “WARM”, in which you can fit the temperature and time of supporting it during boiling (which begins immediately after pressing by pressing on The upper key “Boil”), consumes a kettle of ~ 1650watt socket, “online”, is disposed of both the temperature in numbers and the color, upon reaching certain maximums, is 98 ° C (judging by the indicator), the heating element is disconnected, and the temperature is disconnected and the temperature It smoothly reaches 100 ° C, but from hard water at the bottom, a scale is still formed, which gives an understanding of the location and size of the heating element for cleaning from the scale of which, carefully printed in brochures in both languages.

Summing up, it is necessary to state that the application for victory is quite good, because the kettle at first glance does not have children’s sores of the old guard of my shirpo-ties, in which: the plastic does not withstand the temperatures of the steam and dry out, then the contact groups even burn out from Strix, then the weight of the teapot itself due to a glass flask is huge. Immediately everything is at a height. A whole flask with a minimum of holes for leaks, a stainless steel cover and no nets there. The temperature sensor allows you to heat water without even closing the lid (automation will work). Contact group from Strix promises protection and reliable contact with the stand for many years, even with an inaccurate removal of the kettle during boiling and lack of mobile contacts in favor of electronic control of a semiconductor. I think this is a breakthrough. The semblance of a soft-pile of plastic on the cladding of a stainless flask and the lids of the kettle, serves both a decor and prevents from an awkward burn-it seems that it is perfect?

Yes, he has unusual buttons and the handle creaks a little when the kettle of water, it is also not advised to wet the electronics, but I still give him a chance to beat off the respite for a longer period, let him serve as a “guest sword” and may not fall on Landfill of history as a detachment of my old fighters

And I finish my story, thanks to everyone for your attention, comment and evaluate if you want. Until new meetings.

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