Preparation of a cast -iron pan Grill Biology

Preparation of a cast.iron pan Grill Biology

Difficulties associated with the use of cast.iron dishes are often too exaggerated. Rather, these are not even difficulties, but features. With proper use and timely care, cast.iron dishes will last you for many years!

Any cast.iron dishes (pans, cauldrons, roasts) before the first use requires special training. calcination. Why is it necessary to do?

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  • Cast iron. Metal is subject to rust. Manufacturers, in order to prevent the appearance of rust on cast.iron dishes and preserve the commodity of the products, treat them with technological engine oil. Therefore, the main purpose of the calcination. get rid of the remnants of machine oil.
  • Calcining cast.iron dishes with food oil oil. Mandatory stage. The oil, which lubricate the cast.iron surface before calcining, penetrates into the pores of cast iron when heated, forming a protective film. Black patina. Thanks to the protective layer, in a cast.iron pan can be fried without oil (or with a minimum amount of it) and not be afraid that the food will burn.

It is necessary to re.keep cast iron dishes! Cast iron dishes manufacturers do it themselves or transfer to the buyer. Lodge Cast Iron cares about its buyers! Lodge cast.iron pans are pumped at the factory and are ready for use immediately after the purchase.

Three calculation methods

Many of our buyers, despite all the assurances of the manufacturer, prefer to calculate cast.iron dishes for the first use, especially for Lodge pans. Worse from this will not be. You still have to do it periodically. Read the care of the cast.iron pan Lodge.

Cooking in the oven in 3 stages

Put the pan in the oven up the bottom and turn on the heating up to 200 degrees Celsius. Cooked for 20 minutes, take out and cool.

Lubricate the cooled pan with vegetable oil from all sides. Put in a heated oven. Keep for 20-30 minutes, get it, cool.

We wipe the cold pan with a damp sponge. Put inside the heated oven and turn off everything. The pan remains inside the hot oven until completely cooled.

Cooking in the oven in the 1st stage

We wipe the pan with an oiled sponge. We place the sheated to 200 degrees Celsius inside the oven. Hold for 1 hour, then take out and let it cool.

Cooking on a plate with salt

If cast.iron dishes are not placed in the oven, it can be pumped on the stove. It is also recommended in this way to pump cast.iron pancakes and grill.

It is important to fall asleep the bottom with a thick layer of salt to achieve uniform heating of the surface! Hold the dishes over low heat for 20-25 minutes until the salt is darkened. Remove salt and wipe the pan with an oiled sponge.

Why prepare a new pan for its use

In the production process, the metal is covered with protective agents, which during thermal effects release volatile compounds. These substances, in addition to an unpleasant odor, are harmful to health. In allergy sufferers, the course of the disease is aggravated, in hypertension headaches and other manifestations of pathology are gained.

Steel pan is not corroded. But for this there should be the correct ratio of nickel and chromium in the alloy. However, preparation for operation is necessary in any case. After purchasing, the dishes must be calcined and processed.

After purchasing, the dishes must be calcined and processed.

How to get a frying pan? Start by washing the product and drying. On the bottom of the pans, pour unpeeled oil 1 cm thick, pour table salt, heat the pan and leave it on a slight fire for 15 minutes. After the first haze appears, it is necessary to turn off the pan. The calcination on this ends.

After cooling dishes from it, it is necessary to remove the remaining oil. The pan is not washed or wiped, in this form it is ready for the first cooking.

How an aluminum product is prepared

Aluminum inventory does not need difficult preparation after acquisition.

Aluminum inventory does not need difficult preparation after acquisition.

New aluminum pan. how to prepare it for use:

  • The new pan is filled with half with water and lemon juice is added;
  • Boil for 20 minutes;
  • Hot steam is detrimental to microorganisms, and lemon helps to eliminate unpleasant odors that come from the new product.

You can also use large salt for calcination. After rinsing the pans, salt is poured into it. The process of incandescent is carried out for 20 minutes over low heat. After that, the plate is turned off and the salt is left until completely cooled, then it is thrown away. Complet the processing with wiping a napkin moistened in oil.

Why preliminary processing is needed

Any new dishes must be washed before cooking on it. But this is not enough cast iron. Cast iron pan before use, you need to pump. Manufacturers lubricate it with a special anti.corrosion coating, which, although it does not allow it to rust during storage, is harmful to humans. And if not, it smells extremely unpleasant, spoils the taste of food.

The calcination procedure helps to get rid of this coating (only washing alone), and also seals the porosity of the cast iron, making it more durable, protects from the effects of alkalis and acids from food, makes a frying pan anti.stick, so the products will not stick to it during cooking.

Also, processing helps to identify all possible defects in the pan. If chips, cracks or dishes have changed the color, it cannot be used, it cannot be used. The norm is considered only to change the shade to brown or gray.

As a rule, an instruction is attached to each pan, which indicates how to get it better. But if it is not, you can use long.existing, effective ways.

The main stage of processing

It must be washed, observing several rules:

  • Wash exclusively with your hands.
  • Use non.abrasive detergents and soft sponges.
  • Wipe the clean pan with a soft rag. Be sure to wipe dry.

How to use a frying pan. Gril

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Grill pan allows you to prepare dishes that are usually cooked on charcoal. Such utensils will be especially useful for the inhabitants of apartments. The experience of using the grill pan is different from working with ordinary pans. It is important to know a few nuances to correctly cook products with a clear pattern and aroma of grill. Prepare the pan and products, carry out the desired heat treatment, properly care and store the pan to reveal the entire potential of this device.

Select a pan with high ribs. Typically, a pan with ribs of significant height is better than options with low ribs. The higher the ribs, the more clear the pattern can be obtained on the finished product. In addition, the height of the ribs affects the similarity of the finished product with the one that is prepared on the coals. Choose a frying pan with a height of ribs more than 5 millimeters. [1] X Source of Information

  • It is easier to wash pans with anti.stick coating, but the taste of products will not be at all the same as in a cast.iron pan. [2] X Source of Information
  • Do not use a cast.iron pan on plates with glass.ceramic surfaces.

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Choose a square pan. Round frying pans-grille cope well with the main task, but offer a smaller surface area. In a square pan-grill, you can cook more products at the same time. [3] X Source of Information

Select a bilateral grill pan to get the most clear pattern. In addition to ordinary options, there are also bilateral pans in which the product can be pressed on both sides to get perfect traces from the ribs. In a one.sided pan, the drawing may not be so pronounced and uniform.

Buy a pan with a lid to enhance the taste of a coal grill. When we cook products on a regular grill, we often cover them with a lid to hold off heat, smoke and aroma. Cover for the grill pan allows you to get a similar result.

How to deal with old pollution

Before proceeding with the cleaning of dishes, it is necessary to determine what type it belongs to: without coating, anti.stick, classical. Each option requires an individual approach.

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In order to remove old pollution inside, you should refer to the following cleaning methods:

  • Boiling with the addition of vinegar, salt, soda. Mix salt with vinegar and soda, send to the pan and boil until the liquid is completely evaporated. Rinse the pan well after the procedure.
  • Use a special brush that can be purchased in any specialized store.
  • Soak dishes in acetic acid for 3 days. After the indicated time, it is necessary to rinse the container thoroughly, and then calculate.


In order to remove soot or other old pollution from the outside, you must resort to the following cleaning methods:

  • Outdoor. To do this, you need to dilute the bonfire and calculate the dishes, from which the cargo will begin to exfoliate itself.
  • Cleaning in the oven. To do this, cover the flat baking sheet with foil, put the pan upside down on it and heat the oven to 250 ° C. It is very important to leave the windows with open windows when conducting such cleaning at full power.
  • You can use mechanical cleaning, which requires emery paper of different grainness. These devices must be influenced by contaminated areas.

Restoration of anti.stick properties

Often, cast.iron dishes lose its anti.stick properties and food begins to stick to it. It is impossible to cook in such dishes, so it is worthwhile to restore the lost functions. This is necessary:

  • Leave only the grille in the oven and heat it to the maximum temperature indicator.
  • Send a clean and dried cast iron pan there.
  • Leave for 4 hours.
  • After the given time, turn off the oven and leave the pan for cooling.

After this procedure, you can additionally pump the container with the addition of vegetable oil. After the listed actions, the dishes will again be suitable for full use.

Methods of pumping pans


The cast.iron pan is subject to calcination with the help of units available in the kitchen and some products. You will need a plate, oven, vegetable oil, salt.

preparation, cast, iron, grill, biology

The technology of calcining the cast.iron frying pan before the first use is as follows:

  • First, it is necessary to wash the new cast.iron pan with a soap solution and dry in the oven at 180 ° C;
  • The cooled dishes must be installed on the stove, adjusting the panel to the average temperature regime. When smoke appears above the pan, continue to keep the product on a comfort until the signs of smoke completely disappeared. This suggests that production oil is burned out;
  • Put hot cast.iron dishes for cold water. In this case, you need to be careful, since the emerging steam can cause a burn on the skin. The chilled product should be rinked with water and wiped with a sponge. And after such a procedure, cast iron should not crack or deform. If cracks or deformation appear, the product is poor.quality, and it must be thrown away without regret;
  • Wipe the whole dishes of leisure, pour the salt with a layer closing the bottom, and send it to the stove again.
  • Cook the pan 10 minutes until yellowing of salt. “Shooting” when fried, the product leads to calmness of fire under the pan;
  • After the pumping with salt, the utensils must be washed with water and dried.

At the end of processing at home, a new cast.iron pan must be lubricated (more precisely its bottom and wall) olive oil. The salt used is required to throw out. it has drawn toxic substances from the pores of the utensils.

Wash the dry, dry it with salt until it becomes dark


How to prepare a cast.iron pan before the first use? It is necessary to take an oil brought from the store with caution with caution with caution. Oil. combustible product and can flare up. And not far from the fire.

The method allows the oil to fill out the maximum expanded pores of cast iron. After cooling the pan, they narrow, which indicates the passage of the oil inward, which means that the appearance of a protective film on the dishes.

  • For the first time, kitchen utensils washed by a sponge with soap water is subject to calcination. The washcloth after washing will become black from industrial oil, and it must be thrown away;
  • The washed frying pan needs to be wiped out. the remaining droplets of water will lead to the fact that the oil poured for the pumping will “shoot” and cause a burn;
  • Pour such an amount of oil into the product to completely close the bottom. Then the dishes are placed on the stove and heats up to the average temperature. Strong boiling of the oil is removed by installing the minimum possible mode;
  • Fucking oil dishes requires at least 35 minutes. After which the plate turns off, the oil is carefully spilled, and the pan is returrected to cooling;
  • Further, cast.iron dishes are thoroughly washed out, wiped dry and lubricated with a silicone brush with a thin layer with a new portion of oil.

It is better to process cast iron before using olive oil, as it does not leave. The same way can be done with the pan.

Clean and dry the dishes, pour oil boil oil, wash the oil


How to start pumping a cast.iron pan in the oven? This is not necessary for this and attention. Meanwhile, the procedure will not hurt to do other matters. Simple rules will help to relay the pan in the oven:

  • First, the pan is washed in soapy water, after which plastic handles are removed (if any). plastic melts at high temperature. And in the oven is set 250 ° C;
  • Before waiting for the oven heating, cast iron dishes are lubricated from the inner and outer side with vegetable oil. The product is also wiped with a dry cloth so that the oil does not flow from the walls;
  • A cast.iron frying pan is placed in the oven by the bottom up for 1 hour;
  • At the end of this time, kitchen utensils remain in the oven until cooling.

Preparation of cast-iron dishes for first use will be better if such a procedure is done sequentially 2-3 times, but without the use of oil. Next, the dishes from the heat.resistant material are wiped with a sponge and removed into the kitchen cabinet for preservation. a cast.iron pan before the first use is ready. The use of a new pan implies the procedure for calcining without fail.

Gas stove

Processing of the product made of cast iron from industrial oil on the gas gas is carried out as follows:

  • The dishes are washed with a cleaning product in the house;
  • Then it is installed on the fire and is calcined until the smoke disappears over the product;
  • Next, the dishes are removed from the tile burner, washed and dried;
  • The utensils are placed on the stove again, a salt with a layer of 1 cm is poured into it and is calcined with it on medium-sized fire for 25-30 minutes;
  • Over time, the gas turns off, and the pan remains to cool on the stove;
  • Salt is spilled out, and the product is washed with water;
  • Wet dishes are again installed on fire, and when moisture disappears from it, the bottom and side walls are lubricated with vegetable oil;
  • Utenships with oil are heated for 10 minutes.

The previous stage is repeated twice every time with a change in oil. The method burns harmful substances of the industrial coating.

The cooled pan at the end of heating is washed with one water. The formed anti.stick coating will remain intact for a long time if it does not wash it with corroding cleaning or abrasive compositions. You can dry the dishes with dry matter or a napkin, so it is prepared for storage. Then rust will not appear on its surface.

I wipe it and put it on the stove, how it does not stop smoking, put on a stove with salt thoroughly washed


What to do with the new cast.iron pan we figured out, now we will consider ways to restore the used utensils. It is possible to reanimate and make it efficient. And on how to properly cite the product, it depends on whether the preparations will pester its bottom and sides of the sides.

Important recommendations

Use cast iron products? They will last longer, and simple rules will help to extend their operation. You also need to observe care for them:

  • Cast iron washing is carried out under a stream of hot water. So thoroughly excess fat will be removed. But when working with hot water, you must be extremely careful so as not to cook your hands;
  • The prohibition of the use of metal scrapers, detergent fat.soluble compositions. If circumstances are forced to apply them, dishes will require a pumping with vegetable oil;
  • After washing, the frying pan should be thoroughly dried (for example, with a towel of paper) and grind a piece of margarine on it. Its surpluses are also eliminated with a towel made of paper or a napkin;
  • It is better to store cast.iron products in the oven. it has the dry air in it. Another option for preserving cast iron dishes, aluminum is a closet where there should be dry, otherwise the utensils will be drawn by corrosion.

Periodically exposing the cast.iron frying pan and properly abdicing it, it will be possible to cook food in it for a long time. Use the proposed methods!

Keep the dishes in the oven cannot use hard sponges and scrapping for washing use only hot water

Cast iron pans

The lines of various manufacturers amaze with the variety of materials, design, prices. But the products from cast iron are out of competition, and every housewife is sure to buy an ordinary cast.iron frying pan, grill, stewnik, pancake or wok to the kitchen.

How to Clean Le Creuset Grill Pans and Skillets

The material is durable, evenly warms up, for a long time it holds heat. And even such shortcomings as decent weight and fragility cannot block numerous advantages of cast iron.

But all “pluses” are manifested only on condition that the acquired new frying pan will be correctly prepared. What are they doing (step by step):

  • remove labels;
  • thoroughly wash the product in soapy hot water. You can use liquid detergents. Abrasives and hard sponges (washcloths) are excluded;
  • Dry with a towel.

On a note! It is recommended to warm the dishes slightly on low heat so that all the moisture leaves from the pores.

When washing from the surface, an oil film is removed, which cast iron products are covered to protect the metal from oxidation. Wipe dry dry!

  • The table salt of large grinding is falling asleep into deep pans. The layer with a thickness of 1-1.5 mm should cover the bottom completely;
  • put on a gas or electric stove and include maximum heating;
  • Salt is carefully mixed, not allowing the product to begin to burn;
  • Cook salt for 10-15 minutes, then remove from heat, pour out;
  • The dishes are cooled naturally.

After that it remains to wash with warm clean water (see. video).

The Best Way To Clean and Season a Cast Iron Skillet | Epicurious

Shallow pans are bolded with vegetable oil. It is poured at about ⅔ heights, put the dishes on the stove and hot. Then they reduce the fire, warm the oil for 20-30 minutes, cool.

To seal the pores in the structure of cast iron, deep pans after calcining with salt are heated with a small amount of refined oil. Cool, carefully wipe.

  • include an oven for medium heating;
  • Lubricate dishes on all sides with vegetable oil;
  • put a frying pan in a hot oven with a bottom up;
  • withstand 1 hour;
  • Remove and cool.

Thoroughly wipe with a paper towel. In two days, the pan will be ready for work!

Steel pans

Stainless steel.beloved stainless steel also requires proper care. What do they do before the first cooking:

  • wash a frying pan with soap or liquid for washing dishes;
  • dried;
  • pour a thin layer of vegetable oil on the bottom. It is advisable to use sunflower or soybean, as they have a high smoke temperature;
  • put on the stove and heat the contents. As soon as signs of small smoke appear, the frying pan is removed and wait for complete cooling of the oil;
  • The contents are drained, the remains of the oily film are thoroughly rubbed along the inner surfaces of the dishes with a paper cloth or a towel.

The product is prepared. In the future, if after frying the surface and walls are not very contaminated, the stainless steel pan is simply wiped and cleaned in the closet.

Washing is recommended only when burning food residues and exclusively using soft sponges and sparing detergents (without abrasives). After washing, thoroughly dried and again treated with oil. In this case, the food will not burn when cooking, and the pan will last a long time.

Preparation of a cast.iron pan Grill Biology

Calcination. Mandatory technical stage in the preparation of a cast.iron pan, cauldron, grill before use. Often manufacturers, in order to reduce the cost of goods, transfer this stage to the buyer. When buying cheap dishes from cast iron, you are forced to independently calculate your new cast.iron frying pan. Read about 3 ways how to re.pump cast.iron dishes at the link.

The manufacturer of high.quality cast.iron dishes Lodge Cast Iron cares about its customers and saves them from unnecessary troubles. All Lodge dishes are held at the stage of bolding at the factory in South Pittsburgh, USA.

Lodge Cast Iron do not use machine oil when calcining and storing cast iron dishes. Only natural food oil is used. No chemistry and synthetics! New cast.iron pan, pan, grill are completely ready for use immediately from the store.

All that must be done before the first use of the Lodge cast.iron frying pan. Wash it! If you have another cast-iron dishes Lodge (Lodge)- frying pans, pots, cauldrons, act in a similar way.

Remove the yellow proprietary label Lodge Cast Iron. Put on a silicone overlaid on the handle. Rinse the pan with water and dry.

Warm up the pan on the stove. Use the same size fireplace with a pan for more uniform heating. Cast iron is extremely warm.intensive, so turn on the burner for average heating. Do not put on the maximum so as not to overheat cast iron.

Add a drop of vegetable oil to the heated pan. If you plan to cook food in butter, still drop a little vegetable oil first. Then add creamy and other ingredients.

If you want to pump the Lodge pan before the first use, it will not be worse from this. We advise you to immediately read the care of the cast.iron pan Lodge! The lack of proper care of cast.iron utensils will lead to the fact that the article why a cast.iron pan rusts will become very relevant.

Old polluted dishes care

If it so happened that the old dirt remained on the dishes, they clean the cast iron in different ways. There are several simple ways how to wash a cast.iron pan after cooking the food efficiently and without damage to the coating and the material itself. This is especially true for caring for a cast.iron pan grill, because the grill is a long and languid process, and the dish often sticks and remains on the product.

    A solution of glue, soda and washing powder. All these components need to be diluted with water and placed in this container for the pan. Then boil for two hours;

Do not clean the cast iron with strong acids and rigid materials, since this material can be badly damaged.

It is better to immediately clean the contaminated cast iron so as not to resort to extreme measures using acids and hard surfaces subsequently.

Restoration of anti.stick properties

Great trouble for housewives causes burnt dishes. This can be avoided using anti.stick products. But how to restore the coating on it if it was damaged?

  • Wash and dry the pan thoroughly;
  • Next, we use salt: we cover the bottom of the dishes and place it in a preheated oven or in a pan for no more than an hour;
  • After biting, treat the surface with oil;
  • If the procedure has not given a result, you need to repeat it again.

Carefully contact a hot product. a large weight of cast iron and high temperatures make work quite difficult. Hold it by the handle and use the tacks.

In the old days, people almost always used products to cook their favorite and delicious dishes.

How to care for a cast.iron frying pan? This is a serious work in which you need to monitor many rules and criteria. But with their compliance with instructions, such dishes will last a very long time and will not harm the family with corrosion or burned dishes. It is no coincidence that in the old days people almost always used products to cook their favorite and tasty dishes, for example, pancakes or cutlets. They knew how to care for a cast.iron pan. Particular attention should be paid to the care of a cast.iron pan without covering, since clean cast iron without coating and impurities is more exposed to the external environment.

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