Preparation of cappuccino in the Redmond coffee maker with cappuccino

Redmond RCM-1512. Instructions for use and overview of the device

Redmond RCM-1512 will easily prepare for you any coffee drink, whether it is latte, cappuccino or espresso. A coffee machine can boil 2 cups of coffee at once, which is an advantage for a family breakfast and a good start of the day. And thanks to the electronic control system, the device will remember your preferences, and make the perfect portion of a invigorating drink.

Redmond RCM-1512 coffee maker-a worthy representative of his brand. Advanced technologies are used in the development of the device.

The price corresponds to the quality. Design. stylish, easily and unobtrusively, fits into almost any interior. Below is a detailed overview of the device and instructions for use.

Mister Cappuccino by Ariete

Features of the model

Note! Redmond RCM-1512 is an espresso. It is suitable for connoisseurs of real, strong and fragrant coffee.

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The machine is made of durable plastic, has a fairly large water tank. In addition, it is equipped with a milk whipping device. Care for this coffee maker is minimal, and the control panel is simple and understandable.

Redmond RCM-1512 is equipped with a cup heating function. It also has the opportunity to adjust the volume of portions of coffee.

A coffee maker is considered economical, to prepare a quality drink, you will need a minimum of time and coffee.

Lovers of Latte, Kapuchino or Espresso will be satisfied with the choice of this model, because many barists will envy its abilities.

Features of this drink

It’s not just coffee with milk. Its peculiarity is in a high cap of strong foam, which should not settle. It is dense and thick, without large bubbles. Such a drink was invented back in the 17th century, but it is possible to get a strong foam only in a coffee maker. She whips milk with a jet of hot steam.

Pour this drink into cups or glasses of thick glass in an amount of 180 ml. Only a third of a glass occupies coffee, the rest is foam. A drink with a small spoon is served. She is needed to eat foam first, and then drink coffee.

Cooking rules

It is impossible to make a real cappuccino without a coffee machine at least with a manual cappuccino. Dense foam can only be obtained by a special device. It is easier to use the production machines “Delonghi”, “Bosch”, “Philips”, “Melitta”, “Saco”. They work quickly, without failures. But even in this case, the drink may not work.

Before you make cappuccino in a coffee machine, you need to know about several features of this drink and the rules for its preparation. To make it delicious, you need to choose the right ingredients, dishes and coffee machine. Since cappuccino is a mixture of espresso and milk, it is recommended to choose the best grain coffee varieties. arabica or robust.


Before cooking cappuccino in a coffee machine, you need to choose the right milk.

  • Do not take fat.fat, it is impossible to make the right foam out of it. Its fat content should be at least 3.5%.
  • It should be highly unfilled, then the foam will turn out to be dry and light.
  • The required temperature is 3-5 0. Then the prepared coffee will not have a taste of boiled milk.
  • You need to make cappuccino only from a fresh product in which there are no impurities of milk powder.


To prepare delicious coffee, it is recommended to pay attention even to the dishes. The main thing is that it should be heated up to 40 0. If there is no such function in the coffee maker, you need to pour a cup with boiling water. Also warm up and dry the foam tank.

What should be the drink

Not always with a good car, it turns out to make a cappuccino. Only if you learn to use it, you can cook delicious coffee. To do this, you need to know what the real Cappuccino should be:

  • It consists of three parts: espresso, milk and foam, each of them occupies a third of the cup;
  • coffee should be saturated taste, without bitterness;
  • The color is light brown;
  • The temperature of the drink is 60-70 0;
  • The foam is dense, light, thick.

You can check the quality of the foam if you pour a little sugar on top. Grains should remain on its surface.

TOP-10 best models rating

Place name price
TOP-10 best coffee makers Redmond
one Redmond RCM-CBM1514 10 000 ₽
2 Redmond Skycoffee M1509S 4 000 ₽
3 Redmond RCM-1511 10 000 ₽
four Redmond Skycoffee M1505S 7 000 ₽
5 Redmond RCM-M1507 2 000 ₽
6 Redmond Skycoffee M1519S 5 000 ₽
7 Redmond RCM-1510 2 000 ₽
eight Redmond RCM-1512 12 000 ₽
9 Redmond RCM-1502 5 000 ₽
ten Redmond RCM-1503 10 000 ₽

Redmond RCM-CBM1514

One of the flagship models of REDMOND ROD.

Thanks to the milk foamer, the device can cook not only espresso.

Also drinks such as latte and cappuccino.

And a fairly large volume of water and the possibility of simultaneously preparing two portions of the drink can be an ideal option for any family in which all members love a invigorating drink.


Type of coffee makers Drip
The type of coffee used Ground
Power 1050 watts
The volume of the coffee pot 1.5 liters
The number of simultaneously cooked cups 2
Peculiarities milk.operator, a function of heating cups, installing a portion volume, auto shutdown.
  • High quality of the prepared drink
  • Allows you to prepare two circles at once;
  • A wide variety of cooking options.

Redmond Skycoffee M1509S

Redmond budget coffee machine. Despite the low cost, the device is equipped with modern technological functions.

So, for example, thanks to a special application for a smartphone, the device can be without a remote way to control the remote way.

In addition, the cook of the drink in such an apparatus will not cause difficulties in an inexperienced user.


Type of coffee makers Drip
The type of coffee used Ground
Power 1000 watts
The volume of the coffee pot 1.5 liters
The number of simultaneously cooked cups 2
Peculiarities display, control of the coffee fortress, anti.caviar system, light indicator, water level indicator, remote control.

Redmond RCM-1511

Another Rozhki coffee machine from Redmond. The device is similar to the model RCM-CBM1514.

But has a slightly smaller volume of water.

Despite this, the car also knows how to prepare most types of coffee.

Has the possibility of simultaneous cooking of two portions of the drink.


Type of coffee makers Horn
The type of coffee used Ground
Power 1000 watts
Pressure 15 bar
Water volume 1.4 liters
The number of simultaneously cooked cups 2
Peculiarities milk foaming, regulation of portion, safe completion of work.

Redmond Skycoffee M1505S

Redmond drip coffee machine with a smart coffee maker status. Thanks to a special control system, you can start making a drink not only with a smartphone, but even a voice using the Alice voice assistant from Yandex.

Also, one of the distinguishing features of this model is that it can use not ground coffee, but grain, which makes it possible to get a more aromatic and strong drink.

Coffee for the preparation of a drink is used grain.


Type of coffee makers Drip
The type of coffee used Grain
Power 600 watts
The volume of the coffee pot 0.5 liters
Peculiarities Voice control, adjustment of the degree of grinding, auto shutdown

Redmond RCM-M1507

Budget model of the initial level of the drip type coffee maker. For a low cost, the user gets the opportunity to prepare a high.quality invigorating drink.

Как Взбивать Молоко. КАПУЧИНО ! ( New! ) / How to Froth Milk. CAPPUCCINO ! (New!)


Redmond coffee maker line is relatively small, but this is for the best: it’s quite easy to decide on what is suitable for you and not compare dozens of almost the same models, as is the case with other brands. At the same time, the types of redmond coffee machines are quite diverse: there are drip, curious, with a cappuccino or milk jug, as well as “smart”, controlled from a smartphone. Consider all of them, as well as the features of each model.


One of the most popular models of this brand. Or it’s more correct to say. a model, because there is no difference between them, except for small design elements. Like them and Vitek VT-1522-BK (there is also one of the best-selling devices)-only the design of the buttons panel is distinguished.

In general, the version of Kofevar Redmond is very successful. a solid presentable design, a spacious jug for milk. The main stand for high cups (more than 10 cm), there is a folding for cups-expresso so that the drink does not spray. 1.4 liter water tank, made of high.quality plastic. The volume of drinks can be set, pinching the button.

, for the promotion happens for 8000. It is worth compared with the same Vitek. In general, it is worth taking.

Horn with cappuccino-1503 and RCM-M1513

Structurally, these Redmond coffee makers are very similar, and in terms of design they can definitely be attributed to one category, especially since their functions are the same. Make a worthy espresso, and milk in the foam needs to be beaten manually, using the cappuccinator. 5 buttons, twist, cappuccucer. the main control elements are typical and located the same. There is a strait of hot water.

Great plus. programming of portions and manual strain for clamping. You can set the amount of water, but at the same time the exact volume of the portion is not calculated, as it depends on the grinding and the degree of tamping of the coffee tablet. This allows you to experiment with tamping and grinding, and learn to cook really high.quality espresso. And beat milk.

for the plastic and metal coffee maker of an rye type of redmond, respectively. Buy unambiguously, especially by action.

Hurry RCM-1502 with cappuccino

It seems to be an obscene, but the strait does not go due to pressure (there is no pump), but simply under the weight of the water. That is, there is not enough pressure for cooking a real espresso, but it turns out something like a high-quality Americano or coffee from a geyser. Foam creams should not wait, there is not enough pressure. However, on the American or Lungo Penka is not particularly important.

There are important disadvantages: there is no measured spoon and temperature temperament, this is inconvenient. The cappuccino and the stream separator into two cups are made of polycarbonate, and when heated, it emits harmful phenolic compounds; At a temperature of up to 50 degrees, everything is in order, but the coffee is hot, like steam for milk. Up to 250 ml of the drink are placed in the jug, and the boiler holds up to 700 ml, while all the water is spilled. it is necessary to either control the strait, or pour exactly one portion for exactly one portion.

In general, this redmond coffee maker looks interesting, but, in fact, an impractical thing, so we do not recommend it. or even less, but it is better to add 1.5. 2000, and buy a normal pump.

Smart drip coffee makers SkyCoffee 1508S, M1509S and M1505S-E

You can control the Redmond coffee maker through a special Mobile application Ready for Sky, to which other types of technology of this brand are also connected. There are versions for Android and iOS, the connection is simple and fast, everything is clear.

Keep in mind that everything is implemented through Bluetooth, which means that the distance between the user and the device should be no more than 12-15 meters or so, and sometimes the walls and ceilings make it even less.

In a series of smart coffee makers Redmond, 3 models are presented so far:

  • 1508S-reincarnation of the once popular model 1501, it can still be found in stores of stores, but rarely, only now with the control from the phone where the heating and auto shutdown time is configured. The rest is banal. a jug of 0.6 liters, reusable filters.
  • M1509S. with a metal finish, looks expensive and solid. There are already reusable filters, a convenient removable water tank, high quality of all elements. Through the application you can configure the deferred start, as well as set heating and turning off. The main plus is the adjustment of the fortress, and it is implemented as an interval strait: there is a strait, then a pause, then the continuation of the strait, again a pause. The drink is prepared longer, but it turns out really stronger.
  • M1505S-E-Redmond coffee maker with a built-in coffee grinder. Like those who love filtered coffee made from freshly ground grains. There is the opportunity to use ground, which is convenient. True, the coffee grinder is knife, and this is a minus. it can overheat the grain. But it looks interesting.

Is it worth buying? Modification 1508 is not interesting, 1509. an excellent option due to adjusting the fortress and authorship, 1505 with a coffee grinder. only for those who will use grains more often and want to start automatic preparation remotely, otherwise it is more profitable to take a separate coffee machine and separately a better coffee grinder.

Redmond RCM 1501, M1507 and 1510 drip coffee makers. from simple to complex. Review

Redmond RCM-1501-very cheap and very angry the Redmond 1501 model opens the ruler of drip brand coffee shoes, offering at least money at least a buns. Actually, in front of you is one of the simplest similar coffee machines, which does not even have an indicator of water level in the tank. It may not be very relevant, taking into account the compact form factor, when 600 ml climbs into the tank (in fact 2 large

  • Redmond coffee makers are quite worthy in their economy class.
  • Produced in China in OEM, have many clones, but quality is on average higher than others.
  • The assortment includes Redmond’s drip and lacture coffee makers, there are models without a pump, as well as controlled from a smartphone, and even dairy semiautomatic devices.
  • are closer to budget, very low.
  • In general, we recommend RebMond brand coffee makers for purchase, but we need to read reviews of specific models.

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Manual coffee machines

Manual cappuccino (any that in a coffee machine, in an open coffee maker) helps to make cocoa or chocolate, simply whipping/heating/mixing milk along with the powder in it. You pour a couple of spoons of the corresponding ingredient into a suitable dish (it is better, like milk for cappuccino-to a pither), add sugar to taste, pour milk and foam the mixture, as if preparing Latte.

For cocoa and chocolate, milk foam is not particularly needed, so if you have a manual cappuccino with a nozzle of Panarello, who helps to foam milk, then it is better to remove it or at least lower the cabbage to the bottom of the vessel. then he will warm and mix milk than to bury his. After cooking, the cappuccucer must be cleaned well.

Coffee machines with automatic cappuccinators

But basically the request for cocoa/chocolate comes from women and/or children, who often do not really cope with manual cappuccatives. And this moment should be taken into account at the stage of choosing a coffee machine for ordinary, dairy-coffee delicacies. The problem is that automatic cappuccatives cannot be used to mix and heating a mixture of milk and cocoa powder/chocolate cocoa. The reason is the same as with a collar device of a coffee machine. the powder clogs a dozer in a cappuccious, and then it can be very problematic to clean it.

That is, you can simply heat milk using an automatic cabinator, then pour cocoa into a cup and interfere with a spoon, as in the case of a microwave/stove. I will say more, the typical temperature of the foamed/heated milk from under the automatic cappuccinator-around 60 degrees, this is not enough for cocoa and even more so for hot chocolate, the mixtures for which begin to thicken only closer to 80 degrees.

Simply put, a coffee machine with an automatic cappuccino is not an assistant in the preparation of hot chocolate or cocoa.

Cappuccino in capsule coffee machine

You even find automatic cappuccutates requiring too much attention, or want to get a “full machine”, but cheaper? If at the same time you plan to consume no more than 2-3 cups of coffee per day, take a closer look at capsule coffee makers.

Among them there are affordable machines preparing dairy-coffee drinks from capsules, literally in two presses. Dolce densely uses milk powder, Tassimo. a sterilized concentrate. Both systems for the preparation of milk drinks use two capsules one after another, respectively, the total price doubles relatively black coffee. Hand on the heart, the final product, of course, is inferior.

But the systems of non.spress make dairy delicacies as automatic cerebral coffee machines or using an autonomous whipper. Aerocino. But there is such a technique, respectively.

Examples of capsule models: with a jug for milk. Nespresso Lattissima, with Aerocino. Delonghi EN85 RAE/Lae/WaE or premium Kitchenaid 5kes0504. There are completely rare specimens-capsule machines with manual cappuccino-Panarello: the Nespresso Maestria line (Delonghi En 450). But in recent cases, I don’t even know how to justify such a horse price.

P. S. By the way, evaluate a selection of current shares and special offers that I try to update daily. There are often full assets for cappuccino at a very “delicious” price, with large discounts.

There are questions or reviews? Ask in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев

472 Комментарии и мнения владельцев

Good evening. I’m from Uzbekistan, I want to buy a coffee machine for home use, our choice is not large, only Philips and Delonghi. But since we love coffee more with sourness and drink mostly milk, we decided to take Philips. I read all your reviews, but I can’t choose from what we have on the market. The choice between EP3243/70 = 790, EP2035/40 = 680, HD8925/0 = 1050, EP53311/10 = 900, EP3559/00 = 800, HD8829/09 = 680 in the priority of ease of operation, cleaning and care. Service Center is not important from the word at all. Thank you if you pay attention.

From Moscow time to Uzbekistan, I suspect, delivery will cost terrible numbers. If Americano is not relevant (you can dilute the espresso yourself with hot water), then 3559. If Americano is relevant, but irrelevant correct cappuccino with one press (milk in coffee), then 3243 if acute and Americano, and the correct cappuccino, then 5331. The rest are not interesting.

thanks a lot. Helped a lot. Delivery to Uzbekistan will cost 3500. There are cargo transportation, I constantly cooperate with them at work, work and during quarantine too. Maybe there is a good assault rifle with a cappuccino at the moment at a discount? Yura or Miles for example? Cereals?

If you do not care about the warranty, then the E80 in GoodThings24 (their advertising hangs in the site’s hat right now) is your choice, they are obvious in St. Petersburg, but even if you throw 1,500 for delivery, it costs a candle.

And the Philips 8654 was brought to us today for 500 whether it is worth considering it compared to 5331?

Good afternoon. They advised the KRUPS Evidence Plus EA894810 coffee machine, but I doubt this choice fell on Philips 5400 Late GO or DELONGHI. But they dissuaded. What do you think about the cereals ?

I have not very warm feelings, first of all, because of its built-in hydraulic tender device. By the way, here is literally just a question about such a cereal https: // 101kofemashina.RU/Cleaning/Comment-Page-7/#Comment-412221

Hello, tell me please, you know something about the online store They offer coffee machines with a very good discount, I don’t know if it is worth contacting them, I haven’t found reviews on the internet.

Well, it is obvious that this is a vivid example of https: // nedorogo/ p.2.2.

Good afternoon! Please tell me, the most of all I like the cappuccino from McDonald’s. I understand that this is soon Latte Machiato than cappuccino. I drink coffee only with milk, I don’t like bitter. I drink 3 cups per day. The wife drinks only Americano. Not every day. What car you advise home? Thanks!

If the budget is about 20 tyr. Nivona 520. Kapucchucchucker semi.automatic, launching coffee and milk in two different processes, rearranging a cup for different nozzles. If the budget is about 40 tyr. Nivona 779. There is an Americano program. Kapuchinochnical is a complete machine gun, but does not know how to pour it first coffee, then milk. If the budget is about 50 tyr. Nivona 821 (821 This is updated 841, it has become quieter, the muzzle has changed). This one can.

Geyser coffee maker with a clap of Bialetti Brikka in Popigodnaya Popigodnaya. She cooks moka coffee and of course the same Cappuccino class, but many this option is also very pleasant

Dmitry, good afternoon! There is a Siemens TK 76K573 coffee machine, in principle, I am satisfied with it, but when preparing Americano and espresso you feel strong sour, have tried many varieties, sourness does not pass. We mainly drink only cappuccino. I want to purchase a budget plan coffee grinder up to 30,000 rubles for a summer residence, but so that the cappuccino was tasty as in a coffee shop, about the cabbage, I would like it to be automated. Is it possible??

Dear Dmitry, you have a very good site about coffee, probably. The best in the Russian.speaking internet. Please help. What is better whipping milk for cappuccino: Delonhi Dinamica Ecam350 /370 (or corresponding Philips) or the coolest magnetic drive foam? I ask, because I stopped choosing on two versions: Delonhi Dinamica Ecam350 / 370 (or corresponding Philips) or Caso. Café Crema One Autonomous foam.tank for milk Delonghi EMF2 Alicia / Melitta Cremio. Which is better for cooking cappuccino? What do you think of these options is easier in terms of daily care (cleaning. washing) and from the point of view of the speed of cooking cappuccino?

I still like the option of beating steam more, but this is not ultimate. Plus, it’s better to prefer Delonghi instead of Kaso, regardless of the foamer. For care and speed, but about the same. Well, perhaps you should not clean the jug at once after preparation, and you need to wipe the foamer capacity and you need to wipe it off. But then in a separate foamer you can make chocolate and raf-coffee, for example.

Delonghi Ecam23.460.S after Bosch 100 is better or worse?

After the hundredth of Bosha, probably any better, but in general, this is about different things, Bosch noticeably tumbles in sourness, and Delonghi in bitterness. But in general, in general, Delonghi will be better, yes.

Тест кофеварок: Hyundai, Vitek, Kitfort, Redmond и Polaris розыгрыш кофеварки (2022)

Good evening! First of all, I want to thank you for sharing such valuable information, very clear and interesting write! And now the question: you wrote that good cappuccino will turn out in the Philips 5000 series. And in their own cars, Lattego, but the younger series. 2000, 3000. will not work real cappuccino? They differ in something?

It will turn out exactly the same, but in two entry, first the espresso program, then the milk program. But since there is no milk program, you have to perform a “roundabout”, it is described in their review.

In 5000 series with Lattegou (in 5000 episodes with an ordinary, old jug, this is not!) there is a CAFE AU LAIT program. this is a program of correct cappuccino (milk in coffee). I meant that.

Hello Dmitry. Please tell me which coffee machine to choose. 1) 3 cups Latte per day. 2) automatic cappuccino. 3) removable jug for milk (to put in the refrigerator) 4) after milk supply. 5) up to 70 t.R.

472 Комментарии и мнения владельцев

Dmitry, tell me please, I understand correctly that for example the usual simplest capsule, such as Krups Inissia, and two times more expensive than Krups XN2601 UMILK, the main difference is only Aerocino!? And at the same time beaten milk is added manually. Is it not easier to buy the first option, but milk with an ordinary mixer, for example, beat and add. Thanks in advance.

Tatyana. You understand everything correctly, but in a mixer you will not get the right foam, as in Aerocino. There are different “knives”. precisely, in Aerochino there are no knives. Another thing is that it will be cheaper to buy a simple capsule machine and separately Aerochino. electric capuchicuror, a pair of examples in paragraph 4 of this article.

How to Make a Cappuccino | Perfect Coffee

Preparation of coffee: grinding and its features

Preparation of a drink in a coffee coffee maker requires the right grinding of grains. This is one of the most important parameters affecting the taste of coffee.

note! Before grinding, pay attention to the grain. They should be fresh, fried and dry. Low quality drink is obtained from wet grains. If you accidentally get water, dry the grains in the oven.

Rough grinding with too large particles gives the drink a sour taste. Too small grinding, in which the grains are brought almost to the state of flour, is suitable only for drip coffee machines and Turks. It is better not to use it in a coffee jacket.

Most often, medium grinding is used for the preparation of coffee in the ruby ​​apparatus, with a particle size of about 1 mm. This size will not allow you to suck thicker through the filter and saturate coffee with a bright taste.

Do not grind the grain in a hurry, since the device can only do the most effectively with the task only with the same particle size. In order to achieve uniform consistency, use an automatic coffee grinder with the ability to choose grains.

Is it possible to use a device for cooking cocoa?

Some users may have a desire to use an apparatus for the preparation of other drinks, for example, cocoa.

However, cocoa and coffee are prepared in different ways. The cocoa powder consists of very small grains, which are too compressed and may not let steam through the mass.

In addition, the small.shaped powder can clog holes in the holder. Therefore, it is better not to experiment with the preparation of cocoa in a coffee apparatus.

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