Pros and Cons of Samsung Galaxy F23 5G. Samsung Galaxy f23 5G

Pros and Cons of Samsung Galaxy F23 5G

The Galaxy F23 and Galaxy M23 are almost similar in price and specs. The only real difference is the display. The Galaxy M23 comes with a LCD TFT display without a Corning Gorilla Glass protection, whereas the F23 has the Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection.

Galaxy F23 is an affordable budget phone. But, should you buy the Galaxy F23? Learning about the pros and cons of F23 is the perfect way to make a decision. This way, instead of relying on others’ reviews, you be the judge and decide on your future purchase.

Here is a complete specs table for the Samsung Galaxy F23.

To check the latest price of this phone, please visit Samsung Amazon Store.

Pros of Samsung Galaxy F23:

These are the advantages of F23.


The biggest advantage of the Galaxy F23 is its price. Compared to other Samsung Galaxy series, such as the A or S, Galaxy F-series phones have almost similar build quality but have a low price.

Samsung created the Galaxy F series phone to compete with low-cost Xiaomi and Oneplus phones. Therefore, the F23 is the most affordable phone made by Samsung. Price is the main advantage. As Samsung sells millions of phones each year, they can leverage their marketing, RD, and factory floor to produce phones at a low price with suitable hardware that other phone manufacturers struggle with.

over, Samsung is very good with its quality control. Even though they have a bad reputation for terrible software, no one can say that Samsung ships with lousy hardware. Samsung makes the best phone parts in the world. Therefore, you get world-class phones at a budget price.

If you are on a budget but don’t want to buy Xiaomi or Oppo phones, the F23 is an excellent option for you. We suggest you buy the F23 instead of the Galaxy M23.

Large Battery:

The Galaxy F23 has a massive 5000 mAh battery. One can smoothly use this phone for two days without any recharge.

Expandable Storage:

Galaxy F23 comes with a massive 128GB internal storage. over, the F23 has an expandable memory slot, where you can insert a microSD card up to 1024GB. It is very convenient because you don’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars for memory upgrades like Apple’s iPhone.

Here’s an example. The 128 GB iPhone 13 Pro costs 999, and the next storage version, 256 GB, costs 1099. So, Apple is charging you 100 for 128GB of memory. Now check this 512 GB Samsung microSD card on Amazon.

Apple charges you 450% more money for the same product you can buy from Amazon. We hope you do realize the benefit of expandable storage space.

If you want to buy the Galaxy F23, we suggest purchasing the 128GB version from Samsung. Then go to Amazon and buy a 512GB SD card.

Many would argue that getting extra storage for Android OS is good for making the phone faster. However, it’s not entirely accurate. Nowadays, Android apps can be installed on external SD cards. Therefore, extra internal memory space isn’t required.

Good Processor:

The Galaxy F23 uses Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 750G processor. Qualcomm’s processor has better performance compared to Samsung’s Exynos processor.

Samsung’s Exynos processors have two main problems. It gets hot and consumes too much battery power. You will notice that Samsung only uses Qualcomm processors on high-end phones and uses Exynos and MediaTek processors on their budget phones.

Better Screen Resolution and Protection:

The Galaxy F23 has a 400 PPI 6.6 inch display. The screen resolution of this phone is so high that you won’t be able to distinguish individual pixels. over, even though this phone has a plastic frame and back, the screen has a Corning Gorilla Glass 5 screen protection. Therefore, the display is resistant to scratch or scuffs.

Has 3.5mm Headphone Port:

Nowadays most Samsung Galaxy phones come without a 3.5mm headphone port. However, Samsung has included the 3.5mm headphone port on the Galaxy F23. The 3.5mm jack is very helpful because you can charge and listen to music at the same time.

Galaxy F23 has OTG Support:

OTG stands for on-the-go. As F23 supports OTG, we can buy various USB-C devices and add useful functionality to our Galaxy F23. Here are a few examples.

USB C keyboard:

You can purchase a USB-C keyboard from Amazon and use it to type faster on your phone.

USB C game controller:

If you use a USB C game controller with your F23, it will tremendously improve your gameplay. For example, you can purchase this game controller from Amazon.

USB C microSD card reader:

You can buy a USB C MicroSD card reader and an SD card from Amazon and expand your phone memory on the go. OTG is mind-blowing.

USB C Flash Drive:

If you don’t want to buy a microSD card reader and SD card, you can purchase a USB C Flash Drive instead, similar to this one. Using a flash drive, you can transfer various files, photos, and videos between your Galaxy F23 phone and laptop.


A portable USB C HUB will allow you to connect a monitor, keyboard, mouse, speaker, hard disk, TV, SD card, projector, etc., with your Galaxy F23. Simply put, this type of HUB will transform your phone into a computer.

USB C to USB adapter:

This type of adapter has various uses. Here is one example. If you have a DSLR camera and want to backup pictures from your DSLR camera to your phone, you can do it with a USB C to USB adapter.

Ethernet Cable Connection:

You can use a USB C to Ethernet adapter, for example, like this one to connect the Galaxy F23 to an ethernet network. This way, you can get the internet on your F23 phone without Wi-Fi.

G Support:

The Galaxy F23 supports 5G. However, not all models have 5G support. It depends on region and models. If you need a 5G F23, please verify the model before placing your order online.

Samsung Find My Mobile:

Every Samsung phone has a handy feature named “Find My Mobile.” If someone steals your phone or you lose it, you can track your Galaxy phone online with the help of this feature.

over, you can remotely lock it and delete personal data. You can even use “Find My Mobile” to unlock your phone if you forget your pattern, PIN, or password. To learn more, please visit

Fast Charging:

Though the Galaxy F23 does not have wireless charging, it has a 25W fast charging capability. As a result, charging this phone does not take too much time.

However, fast charging degrades the battery quickly compared to slow charging. So, we suggest that if you purchase this phone, slow charge it overnight. It will improve your phone battery life.

Fingerprint Sensor:

The Galaxy F23 has a side-mounted fingerprint sensor. A dedicated side-mounted fingerprint sensor is better than in-screen sensors. Many have reported that in-screen fingerprint sensors malfunction if the display gets broken.

SmartThings, Smart View:

If you have Samsung devices such as a Samsung Smart fridge, TV, oven, dishwasher, Air conditioner, Samsung washing machine, Samsung dryer, etc., in your home, you can control those devices using your Galaxy F23 with SmartThings and SmartView app. For example, you can wirelessly cast your phone screen onto your Samsung TV through the SmartView app.

Top-Notch Security:

Galaxy F23 is a very secure phone. It’s perfect for the “Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)” programs. Samsung Knox is integrated into this phone’s hardware and software. This multi-layered Knox security mechanism protects sensitive data from malware threats.

There’s a misconception that Android phones can get viruses or malware. It’s not entirely accurate. Android OS is inherently very secure. One app can’t steal information from another app.

However, an app can steal personal information if and only if you give too many permissions to the app. If you keep an eye on the app and permission list during installation, you can determine whether the installing app is bad or good. For example, if a game asks for permission to access your camera, media gallery, or SMS app, the gaming app is undoubtedly doing something nefarious in the background.

Samsung Pay:

The Galaxy F23 supports Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) and Near Field Communication (NFC) payment systems. Therefore, you can use F23 to pay at stores even if they only have old fashioned standard credit card readers.

Free Shipping:

If you order your phone online from the Samsung website, Samsung will ship you this Galaxy F23 free of charge.

Useful Apps and Features in Galaxy F23:

In Galaxy F23, there are many useful apps. The following features in Galaxy F23 are beneficial.

Secure Folder:

Every Samsung phone, including the Galaxy F23, has the “Secure Folder” feature. You can use the secure folder to protect your private photos, messages, apps, contacts, files, etc., from being accessed by others. It’s a great way to save and protect sensitive data on your phone.

Scan QR Code:

The Galaxy F23 has a built-in QR code scanning feature. From the notification panel, you can activate this feature.

Game Launcher:

In Galaxy F23, there are many useful apps. Game Launcher is one of them. You can use the Game Launcher app to record your phone screen and system audio while you play an Android game. A third-party screen recorder app can only record the phone screen, not system audio. So, this is very useful for YouTubers. One drawback of this app is that it can’t record anything except video games.

Built-in Screen Recorder:

The Galaxy F23 also has a built-in screen recorder app. So, you don’t need to install a 3rd party app to record your phone’s screen.

Wi-Fi Direct Printing:

If you have a printer that supports Wi-Fi, you can print anything from your F23 phone without a Wi-Fi router.

Samsung Kids:

Galaxy F23 is perfect for kids. This phone has a parental control feature. While activated from settings, you can restrict access to apps and set their usage times. over, you can also monitor daily usage time and activity history, including the history of frequently used contacts and browsing history. You need a PIN to deactivate “Samsung Kids” once it is enabled. So, don’t worry that your kid will disable it.

Data Usage Monitor:

The Galaxy F23 comes with a built-in data usage monitor. It is a useful feature to keep track of data usage.

Don’t be surprised to read that many apps use data in the background, even if the phone screen is off. To test in a Samsung phone, Goto Settings. Connections. Data Usage. Data Saver. Now tap on “Allow unrestricted data usage.” Now in the top right corner, click on “⋮” and click on “Sort by allowed apps.” Now click again on “⋮” and “Show system apps.” You will get all the apps that use your phone’s internet data in the background. If necessary, you can turn off data permissions for apps individually by switching the toggle button.

Cons of Samsung Galaxy F23:

The Galaxy F23 is less popular than the Galaxy A series. Samsung primarily makes the M series budget phones to compete with Chinese Xiaomi or Oneplus phones. M series phones are less powerful and don’t last as long as the Galaxy A series. These are the drawbacks of F23.

No Charger, No Headphone:

Samsung doesn’t ship a charger or headphone with this Galaxy F23 in the box. You have to pay extra to purchase these from other retail shops. However, some users have reported that depending on the region, sometimes Samsung provides a charger with the F23. Therefore, please verify with your seller whether a charger comes in the box. If not, please order one.

No Super AMOLED Display:

The Galaxy F23 has a 6.6 inch TFT LCD screen, and its resolution is 1080 x 2408 pixels (~400 PPI density). We know that the AMOLED display is superior to the TFT LCD screen and consumes less energy. Furthermore, the AMOLED display is vivid in color and lasts longer.

However, AMOLED displays have two types of problems.

One, an AMOLED display loses its sharpness, crispiness, and vividness after a few years. The screen would look dull compared to a newly purchased F23 phone’s screen. over, after 12-13 months, the AMOLED display would lose its white balance and would look yellowish.

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Second, the AMOLED display has a screen burn issue. It arises when someone uses a single app extensively — such as Google Maps — for a long time. This extended usage would leave a ghost watermark of the used app imprinted on the screen permanently.

No MHL Support:

Most of the Samsung phones support MHL. However, Samsung Galaxy F23 does not support MHL connectivity.

MHL is a fantastic piece of technology that many do not know. MHL stands for Mobile High Definition Link. Using the MHL-HDMI cable, you can mirror your phone screen to any projector or TV. This feature helps you to give a presentation from the phone or watch a movie on the projector.

Though Galaxy F23 does not support MHL, it’s beneficial to know about this fantastic tool. Here’s an example of an MHL cable.

On Amazon, if you search “MHL to HDMI,” you will get thousands of results. This cable will help you transfer your phone display signal to an HDMI port. Before you buy your MHL to HDMI cable, please make sure which USB your phone supports, whether it is a micro USB, mini USB, or USB type C.

Connect one end of the MHL cable to your phone, connect the other HDMI end to a TV or projector. After configuring your TV or projector to HDMI input, your phone screen will show up on your TV or projector. Now, enjoy movies, gameplay on your TV or projector. over, you can give a presentation on office settings with your MHL supported phone without laptops or computers. Isn’t it great?

No “Always On Display”:

The Galaxy F23 does not have the “Always On Display” feature. It’s primarily because this phone uses an LCD, not an AMOLED screen.

“Always On Display” is very useful. Using this feature, you can control music, watch time and date, view the calendar even when the screen is turned off. If enabled, the Always On Display will appear if you tap on the screen.

Galaxy F23 Battery is Non-Removable:

The Galaxy F23 has a non-removable 5000 mAh battery. It is a disadvantage because the removable battery is useful in many scenarios. An old phone loses its battery capacity. So, it charges slowly but discharges rapidly, making the phone unusable for a practical purpose.

over, if Samsung OS detects the battery has become weak, it will slow down the processor to protect the battery from further deterioration. The slow processor will make a Samsung phone laggy. It is why an old Samsung phone lags and hangs.

Replacing the old battery with a new one will solve all these problems. But, the F23’s battery is non-removable. So, when your Galaxy F23 phone gets old and becomes slow, you have to replace the phone itself.

F23 Isn’t Water and Dust resistant:

Unfortunately, Samsung F23 is not IP67 certified. It means it’s not waterproof or dust resistant. So, you have to be careful with this phone to prevent any water damage.

Nevertheless, we ask you to be careful before you take your F23 to the sea beach. It’s because saltwater will damage your phone.

Weak Cameras:

The cameras on F23 are disappointing. Even the midrange A series phones have superior cameras than the F23.

For example, the F23 has three back cameras — one 50 MP, one 2MP, and one 8MP. But none of these phones takes a better picture. Even an iPhone with a 12MP camera takes a better picture than this 50MP camera.

A MegaPixel (MP) on a camera means nothing. Whether a camera would take a good or bad photo depends on the pixel size of the camera sensor and the amount of light that enters the camera.

Even though the primary camera on the F23 is 50MP, Samsung hasn’t increased the camera sensor size. Therefore, each pixel size has decreased. It means that, even though the F23 would take a good photo in daylight, F23 will fail to capture even a decent photo at night.

The low light performance of the F23 is terrible. Both video and photo taken in low light with this camera are unusable. It’s grainy and noisy. Therefore, please don’t buy this phone because it has a 50MP camera. This pixel count means nothing.

over, the camera doesn’t have any image stabilization. Therefore, if you record a photo while walking, it will look horrible and nauseating.

over, the feature Samsung advertises as “Space Zoom” is useless; it is nothing but a digital zoom, which causes image deterioration.

Phones 4K video is awful:

The Galaxy F23 has decent cameras and can record 4k video. However, a 4k video recorded on this phone is inferior compared to 4k videos recorded in a DSLR camera.

over, F23 cameras aren’t gyro-stabilized. This phone captures terrible videos. The midrange details, colors, and saturation aren’t that great. over, if you record videos while in motion, the video becomes blurry.


The Samsung Galaxy F23 would ship with 4GB or 6GB RAM. We consider it a disadvantage because 4GB RAM is not enough for the Android OS with One UI 4.1 and with all those bloatware pre-installed. While new, your phone will open apps blazing fast; however, this RAM will choke to run different apps after a few years.

Android is inherently a resource-intensive operating system. The RAM Samsung is giving in this phone is actually not for users. It’s primarily for the heavy Android OS because, without the 4GB RAM, the F23 will struggle to run apps smoothly.

However, as the RAM ages, this phone will slow down and fail to run various apps without crashing.

G Battery Consumption:

Samsung claims that even on 5G, the F23 will last for 24 hours. Unfortunately, we found that F23 does not last the whole day on 5G. It’s because 5G consumes a lot of power.

On the iPhone, iOS automatically switches between 5G and 4G depending on data usage. For example, if we are browsing a website, the iPhone will use a 4G network to save battery power. But when we initiate a large download, the iPhone will switch to 5G, download the file, and switch back to 4G. However, iOS will show the 5G logo all this time even though we are not on the 5G network. It’s a brilliant solution.

However, Samsung F23 does not have this type of intelligent 5G implementation. It’s similar to GPS. On the iPhone, we don’t need to turn off GPS. Depending on apps, iOS will turn off and turn on GPS. Whereas, Samsung F23 does not have this type of feature.

Samsung Phones Slows Down:

One of the most significant drawbacks of Samsung phones is that their phone becomes slow over time.

Samsung inherently is a hardware company, not a software company. They develop software because they have to. On the contrary, Apple is inherently a software company. Therefore, Samsung’s software isn’t that great.

Even though Samsung develops its hardware, the Android OS comes from Google. Samsung only modifies it for their F23 phone. Therefore, the optimization isn’t that great.

over, Android is inherently a processor and memory-intensive operating system (OS). But as the Galaxy F23 is a relatively weak phone, it struggles to run the Android OS.

When new, the phone would run blazing fast. However, as the phone ages, it will become increasingly slow. After 12 to 18 months, this Galaxy F23 would become painfully slow.

No Wireless Charging:

Galaxy F23 does not support wireless charging. Even a mid-range phone from Xiaomi has wireless charging support, but this phone does not have this feature.

No Wireless PowerShare:

The Galaxy F23 does not have wireless power share technology built-in. Therefore, we can’t use this phone to charge other phones wirelessly.

Plastic Back:

This F23 has a plastic back. So, it does not feel premium at all. over, a plastic back will chip its paint after a few years. At that point, this phone will look very ugly. However, if you use a phone case, you can avoid this issue.

No Extended Software Update:

Apple provides regular software updates to all of its iPhone. They never abandon their phones. But Samsung stops giving any software update after only 18 months of release. But this is only true for high-end Samsung phones.

As the F23 is a mid-range phone, Samsung will never release an OS update after 12 months.

Samsung Phone Becomes Hot:

Samsung phones overheat quickly. For the last ten years, Samsung failed to fix the phone overheating issue. Samsung acts like this issue does not exist.

If you play any video game, run YouTube, Netflix, or run an app that uses a lot of processing power — such as a video editor — the phone would become so hot that it would be impossible to hold it in hand. When the phone overheats, your phone will become slow and laggy. Furthermore, your Galaxy F23 can also overheat while you record an HD video with the phone cameras.

Samsung BloatWare:

Though we love Samsung Phones, we aren’t too fond of their software. Samsung always ships its phone with a lot of bloatware pre-installed. F23 is not different either. This Galaxy F23 comes with more than 50 preloaded apps. There are several duplicate apps too.

Note: The number of preloaded apps and apps selection differs depending on the region.

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You may think it’s not a big deal for your F23 because you have plenty of remaining storage capacity left for you. But the problem with pre-installed bloatware is that those apps have some root permission to access your user data that 3rd party apps don’t have.

over, A pre-installed app can run several processes in the background, which you will never be able to detect. For example, the app runs several processes in the background that consume a lot of battery and processing power. It not only limits the battery but also prevents other apps from running smoothly, such as Maps. It is why Google maps crashes if you have installed.

3rd Party Bloatware:

  • TikTok
  • Wego Flights Hotels
  • Spotify
  • Netflix

Duplicate Apps in Galaxy F23:

Samsung is infamous for shipping its phone with duplicate apps. Galaxy F23 is not an exception, either. The following are the duplicate apps in a Galaxy F23.

Unnecessary Pre-installed Apps:

There are apps on Galaxy F23, which are not necessary at all times. It could be beneficial for some, but not for all people. over, anyone can download these apps from the App store. So, there’s no point in pre-installing the following apps.

Note: Varies depending on the region.

LinkedIn, Dictionary, Chat Over Video, Galaxy Friends, Spotify, Wego Flights, Netflix, Samsung Member, Samsung Global Goals, Samsung Notes, Galaxy Wearables, Google Search, Outlook, Play Movie TV, Duo, YouTube, Google Photos.

We don’t know about you, but we are laughing, looking at the F23 bloatware list. Compare this with an iPhone, which comes with zero bloatware, zero 3rd party apps, and zero carrier pre-installed apps.

Samsung Phones Don’t Last Long:

We all know that Samsung phones don’t last long. A new Galaxy F23 will operate smoothly. But after only a few years, this F23 will become very slow and laggy.

This Samsung Phone Has 3 Problems | Samsung F14 5G

No Eligible Trade-in:

Though Samsung frequently offers trade-in on their various phone line up for a new buyer. Galaxy F23 does not provide a trade-in opportunity.

No Free Offers:

On various phone models, Samsung gives free offers. However, the Galaxy F23 phone does not come with any free offers.

No DEX support:

The Galaxy F23 does not have Samsung Dex support.

DEX is a great feature. With this, you can turn your phone into a trackpad for TV or PC, wirelessly connect to monitor or TV for enhanced multitasking experience such as browsing the web like a PC.

No eSIM support:

The Galaxy F23 does not have eSIM support.

No Link to Windows:

The Galaxy F23 does not have a link to the Windows feature.

Various high-end Samsung phones have this feature; for example, the S20 FE also supports the “Link to Windows” feature. You can live-stream your phone’s screen to your PC, interact with your phone using a keyboard and mouse, see notifications, read and reply to messages, and interact with photos with “Link to Windows” functionality.

Useless Bixby:

Samsung is terrible at software. Bixby is the prime example. Most of the time, it does not work. over, Android Assistant is far superior to Bixby. Still, Samsung ships this unnecessary software with every phone.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Does the Samsung F23 come with a screen protector?

No, Samsung F23 does not come with a screen protector pre-installed on the phone.

Does the Samsung F23 come with a case?

No, Samsung F23 does not come with a phone case in the box.

How to activate Developer Mode in Galaxy F23?

Before you can develop apps and test on F23, you need to enable the “Developer options.” To activate it, go to “Settings” then click on “About phone.” Now, click on the “Build number” 7 times to enable “Developer options.” Once activated, the option will appear in the “Settings” main menu.

How to force restart F23?

If your F23 is frozen and unresponsive, press and hold the Side key and the Volume Down key simultaneously for more than 7 seconds to restart your phone.

Does the Galaxy F23 come with a headphone?

No. Samsung doesn’t ship a 3.5mm headphone with the Galaxy F23 package.


The Galaxy F23 is a moderately priced, decent phone. However, this phone has more drawbacks than benefits. We encourage you to compare this phone with similarly priced Xiaomi and Oppo phones first, then make your final purchasing decision.

Honestly, we aren’t impressed by the F23 specs. It doesn’t make sense why Samsung would ship a phone with this inferior hardware. We advise purchasing the A series phone over the F series phone.

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The Samsung Galaxy F23 5G is the upcoming smartphone from the company in India. It is about to launch soon and comes with an octa-core Snapdragon chipset.

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Samsung has annoucned the launch date of its upcoming Galaxy F-series device, i.e. the Galaxy F23 5G. The smartphone is about to be launched in the coming week. Ahead of the launch, Samsung has not revealed many details about the device, except that it comes with a Snapdragon processor and has a higher refresh rate display. As seen in the official image, it looks like the smartphone will come in two colour options. Keep reading to know more about the Samsung Galaxy F23 5G, its specifications and launch date.

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Samsung Galaxy F23 5G launch date

Samsung’s Indian website has officially announced the Galaxy F23 5G launch date. The smartphone will be launched on March 8, 2022, at 12 PM noon. To retail the device, Samsung has partnered with Flipkart. Additionally, the device will also be available on the official website of Samsung. The South Korean tech giant says that the Galaxy F23 5G is capable of handling accelerated customer needs which include content streaming and gaming.

Samsung Galaxy F23 specifications

The launch date of the smartphone was announced with a few details about the smartphone. For instance, the Galaxy F23 5G will come with a panel that supports up to 120Hz refresh rate and is protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 5. While the type of display has not been revealed yet, it is most likely that Samsung will use a high-quality AMOLED display on the device, as it does in other mid-range devices like the Galaxy M52 5G.

Another key aspect of the device is its processor. Both the Samsung’s website and Flipkart’s microsite for the product mentions that the Samsung Galaxy F23 5G will come with Snapdragon 750G, which is an octa-core processor that supports 5G connectivity. This would be the first time a Galaxy F series smartphone will ship with a Snapdragon 750G processor. The processor will be accompanied by Adreno 619 GPU that offers a decent gaming performance. While the storage variants of the device are not declared at the moment, consumers can expect a 6GB RAM variant along with 128GB of storage. Although, there can be other variants as well.

Samsung Galaxy F23 5G Review: A standout performer

In this review, we’ll see if the Samsung Galaxy F23 is a good value for money under Rs 20,000.

The Samsung Galaxy F22 was a respectable product from the South Korean company last year, and now the Galaxy F23 5G is its successor. It was launched in India as part of the company’s F-series of smartphones. This mobile has a Snapdragon 750G processor, a TFT LCD 120Hz screen, and a 5,000mAh battery with support for 25-watt Rapid charging. In this review, we’ll see if the Samsung Galaxy F23 is a good value for money under Rs 20,000.

Samsung Galaxy F23 5G Review: Design and Display

Starting with the design, Samsung has mastered the phone’s unique style for the most part, and we are particularly fond of the Forest Green colour variant we have. The corporation did not overdo it with the camera island. The phone’s display is protected by Gorilla Glass 5, but that’s it. There is no official IP classification, and the SIM slot, which accommodates two SIM cards and a microSD card, lacks a rubber gasket. Regardless, we like how the Galaxy F23 5G is lighter and smaller. As a result, carrying it about in your will be a breeze.

Samsung is also staying with curved frames in this field, while other brands have begun to dabble with flat edges. The curved edges, on the other hand, appealed to us more. The fingerprint scanner is exactly where we want it to be, and it is also, for the most part, fast and accurate. Similarly, all of the ports are located on the bottom frame, including a 3.5mm headphone jack, a USB Type-C port, and a single downward-firing speaker. We were anticipating stereo speakers on the Galaxy F23 5G, as amazing as they sound, given how ubiquitous stereo speakers are in this price bracket.

Another shortcoming with the Galaxy F23 5G is its TFT LCD display, which we are split on. Given that the SAMOLED display was one of the best features of the Galaxy F22, Samsung’s decision to switch to an LCD panel is not what we had expected. The firm should, in our opinion, have included a 90Hz FHD AMOLED display.

Sure, the 120Hz refresh rate feels fluid, and it hasn’t caused us any jitters during testing, but if it had been an AMOLED panel instead, we wouldn’t have had a problem with a little lower refresh rate. That being said, we don’t believe it’s as bad as the TFT moniker suggests.

Obviously, the colours don’t match those of an AMOLED screen, and the blacks appear less dark. But this is true of any LCD panel, even the IPS panel that many believe Samsung should have chosen. The display offers a broader field of view, brighter content, and improved image quality.

On this phone, we had no issues streaming Netflix and Prime video material. On both of them, HD playback is supported, however, there is no support for HDR. Outside visibility is just average, viewing this screen in direct sunlight would be difficult if not kept at peak brightness.

Samsung Galaxy F23 5G Review: Performance and Cameras

So, let’s speak about the performance now. Samsung has chosen the Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G octa-core SoC, which comes with up to 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. Because this chipset is well-developed and optimised for games, you can run the most prominent titles at their top settings; however, for stable gameplay, you’ll want to crank down the settings. Call of Duty Mobile, for example, with high visuals and high frame rates are the most optimal settings, you cannot go beyond. The phone warmed up quickly around the camera bump when gaming for long periods. But it cools down instantly when the game is shut down.

Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G vs Samsung Galaxy F23 5G

The Galaxy F23, like many other new Galaxy phones, comes pre-installed with Android 12 and One UI 4.1. Samsung even guarantees software upgrades for two years and security patches for three years. Unlike its predecessor, which just ran the Core edition, this one has a full UI. As much as we like the Samsung custom skin, the phone’s bloatware problem is a bit frustrating. Thankfully the extra apps can be removed.

Let’s jump right into the cameras now. According to our findings, the Samsung Galaxy F23 5G is one of the greatest camera configurations in this price range. A 50-megapixel Samsung ISOCELL JN1 main sensor with an f/1.8 aperture is included in the Samsung Galaxy F23 5G’s triple rear camera configuration. The camera also includes an 8-megapixel ultra-wide lens and a 2-megapixel macro sensor. For selfies and video chats, the phone sports an 8-megapixel selfie camera sensor on the front.

Though there’s nothing particularly noteworthy about it, the image signal processor and colour optimisation elevate it to a level that we found very appealing. In general, the photos taken with the Galaxy F23 5G have good colours, contrast, and dynamic range. Similarly, auto HDR worked flawlessly for us, and there was no noticeable colour change when shifting from the primary to the ultrawide angle camera. The dynamic range of the extreme wide-angle photos was rather good. Portrait background separation is also good, albeit the subjects appear to be warm.

When it comes to nighttime shots, the device produces dark, grainy images that try to mimic natural colours as closely as possible. While using night mode brightens the images, it does not always increase noise and detail levels. Although selfies have a faint reddish tint, dynamic range is hit or miss.

The rear cameras can record footage in 4K at 30 frames per second. The videos are usually more stable in most circumstances. Here, the selfie films are 1080p @ 30fps and cropped inside the frame with a blue hue.

In terms of battery life, the phone easily lasted over a day when used normally, which included navigating through social networking apps, watching videos, and taking photos. However, due to the power-hungry 120Hz refresh rate but with an LCD panel, battery life is far better than we anticipated. When recreational gaming was thrown into the mix, we frequently found ourselves reaching for the charger at the end of the day. The 5,000mAh battery in the F23 took an hour and thirty minutes to charge using the 25W charger.

Our Take

The smartphone is priced at Rs 17,499, making it the company’s first phone without a charger in this price range. Because a 25W brick must be purchased separately, the 17,499 price tag is a bit of a ruse.

To sum up this review, the Samsung Galaxy F23 5G is a good smartphone for the money. The camera, design, and general performance are all excellent. In the mid-range sector, Samsung’s software optimization is also unrivalled. So if these are your top priorities, it is unquestionably an excellent choice for you; however, if you watch a lot of movies, you may want to consider other smartphones that feature a high-quality AMOLED screen and quick charging with a charger included in the box.

Samsung Galaxy F23 Pros

  • 5G connectivity
  • Robust design and built
  • 120Hz display
  • Decent cameras

Samsung Galaxy F23 Cons

  • Lacks IP rating
  • No charger inside the box
  • No IP rating
  • Lacks a rubber gasket
  • LCD display instead of an AMOLED screen

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Samsung Galaxy F23 5G review: The latest mid-budget smartphone from Samsung is 5G ready and sports good specifications. But is that enough to stand out against the competition?

Samsung Galaxy F23 5G comes with the Snapdragon 750G processor. Here’s oure review of how the phone performs. (Image credit: Shruti Dhapola/Indian Express)

When Samsung announced the launch of its new phone Galaxy F23 5G, I was a little surprised with the price — Rs 17,499. The reason: Samsung said it would do away with the charger inside the box. Typically, phones in this price segment do come with a charger, and it’s what most users expect as well. The 33W fast charging is almost standard in this segment nowadays.

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But Samsung appears to be taking a different path and removing chargers from across its device range. Charger or not, the question remains how does the Galaxy F23 5G fare in daily usage? Here’s our review.

Samsung Galaxy F23 5G specifications: 6.6-inch Full HD screen with 120 Hz refresh rate | Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G processor | 4GB or 6GB RAM 128GB storage with 1TB expandable storage support | 50MP main camera 8MP ultra-wide and 2MP macro| 8MP selfie camera | 5,000mAh battery with 25W fast charging support| Samsung’s One UI 4.1 based on Android 12 | Colours: Forest Green and Aqua Blue.

Samsung Galaxy F23 5G price in India: Rs 17,499 for 4GB128GB variant and Rs 18,499 for 6GB128 GB variant.

Samsung Galaxy F23 5G: What’s good?

The Samsung Galaxy F23 5G in Forest Green does look quite nice and the overall design is simple. The phone has an all-plastic body, but the build quality is good and the phone has a triple camera at the back, which doesn’t jut out too much. The fingerprint sensor is part of the power button on the right side. It does continue with the headphone jack at the bottom.

The Galaxy F23 5G comes with a 6.6-inch Full HD display. (Image credit: Shruti Dhapola/Indian Express)

The 6.6-inch LCD display, though prone to smudges, works well for most scenarios. Yes, it is a bit reflective during bright sunlight and you will have to crank up the brightness outside. Samsung has, however, given this an adaptive smoothness feature, which adjusts the refresh rate automatically up to 120Hz. This is also better for battery life instead of the standard just switch to 60Hz or 120Hz option that most phones have in this price segment.

The display itself works well for daily browsing, watching shows on Netflix, etc, and should keep most users happy. The audio experience could be better, but again it is not something I would call a deal-breaker.

The Galaxy F23’s display works well in most scenarios. (Image credit: Shruti Dhapola/Indian Express)

The Galaxy F23 5G runs on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G, which we’ve also seen on the older Xiaomi Mi 10i, the OnePlus Nord CE 5G, etc. Samsung says the phone is compatible with 12 5G bands, which means it should be future proof for most users if they are looking for a long term device. I have the 6GB RAM version, and you can extend the RAM by another 6GB using the RAM plus feature.

For regular browsing, daily usage, the Samsung Galaxy F23 5G delivers well, though, at times, I noticed sluggishness. When I played Asphalt 9 at the highest display settings, the experience wasn’t all so smooth throughout, and the phone got rather warm towards the top. With Genshin Impact, there was a noticeable lag when rendering, even at the lowest settings. But, I could play the game without any major hassle.

The Galaxy F23 5G comes with a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz. (Image credit: Shruti Dhapola/Indian Express)

The Galaxy F23 5G has a triple camera at the back featuring a 50MP8MP2MP combination and an 8MP front camera. The camera performs quite well in bright outdoors, delivering sharp pictures with good colour reproduction. Even bright colours such as reds and maroons are handled very well and don’t look burnt out. Photos shot in night mode are bright, though this comes at the cost of details, which is not ideal for most scenarios. But the overall camera performance is in line with what most phones deliver in this price segment.

A camera sample taken from the Galaxy F23 5G. (Image credit: Shruti Dhapola/Indian Express) The Galaxy F23 is able to handle colours like reds, maroons fairly well. (Image credit: Shruti Dhapola/Indian Express) An image taken from the Galaxy F23. (Image credit: Shruti Dhapola/Indian Express) An image taken from the ultra-wide camera on the F23. (Image credit: Shruti Dhapola/Indian Express) A camera sample taken at night with the Night mode on. (Image credit: Shruti Dhapola/Indian Express) A camera sample taken with Night mode and in low light. (Image credit: Shruti Dhapola/Indian Express)

The phone comes with a 5000mAh battery, which will easily last more than a day with moderate usage and just over a day with heavy-duty usage. The problem though is the lack of a charger and it only supports 25W fast charging. I did have an older Samsung charger from the Note 9 series, but it meant nearly 2 hours to get the phone to a full charge.

The phone runs Android 12 with One UI 4.1 on top. Samsung is also promising two years of software updates for the device, which means it will get Android 13 and 14 at the very least. It will also come with four years of security updates, which is also good to hear.

Samsung Galaxy F23 5G: What’s not good?

One thing I noticed was that the fingerprint sensor did not always work accurately. An error would appear and times so the device wouldn’t unlock, while at a few other times it worked to unlock in a jiffy. I’m not sure why this kept happening, but it was a recurring problem.

The phone runs Android 12 with Samsung’s One UI 4.1 on top. (Image credit: Shruti Dhapola/Indian Express)

The front camera delivers average selfies. The 8MP does seem like a compromise in this segment considering what other rivals offer. While clicking photos at night, the main camera was not able to preserve details of the subject.

Finally, the device gets warm if you play games at higher graphics settings, and with Genshin Impact, I noticed lag, stutters even at the lowest settings. What I also didn’t appreciate were Samsung’s notifications for its Galaxy Store, etc and turning these off from the settings took quite a while.

Samsung Galaxy F23 5G: Should you consider it?

The Galaxy F23 5G lives up to the expectations in this price range. The display is good, the battery is impressive, the camera and general performance should keep most users happy. It is also 5G ready and should be a future proof phone in this segment. The performance though is not perfect.

But what might not make users so happy is the lack of a charger. Not everyone will have their old Samsung 25W charger waiting for this new phone. If one wants to get the official Samsung charger plus cable, that’s another Rs 1,999 going by the price listed on the website. In that case, the phone will cost around Rs 20,000. If you compare it to the Redmi Note 11 Pro or Pro or even the Realme 9 series, this does put Samsung’s F23 at a disadvantage.

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