Redmi Power Bank 20000mAh. Redmi 20000 mah

Xiaomi Redmi 20000mAh 18W QC3.0 Fast Charging Power Bank – Type-C

20000mAh Li-Polymer Battery

Redmi Power Bank comes with high-density advanced Li-polymer batteries that make it more durable and optimizes charging efficiency. It can charge Redmi K20 Pro – 3.5 times, iPhone XS – 4.7 times Redmi Note 7.3.5 times.

18W Fast Charging

The Redmi Power Bank comes with 18W Fast Charging. It supports 5.1V/2.4A, 9V/ 2A MAX, and 12V/1.5A MAX charging outputs that ensures efficient and quick charging for your devices

Micro-USB/USB-C Output

Dual input ports (Micro-USB/USB-C) and Dual USB Output with Smart charging – Redmi Power Bank intelligently adjusts power output up to 18W to deliver fast and efficient charging for each connected device.

Ergonomics at its Best

redmi, power, bank, 20000mah, 20000

This power bank is crafted using high-quality material and comes in classic black and white color. The anti-slip edge texture offers a great hand feel and prevents pesky falls and drops.

12 Layers Circuit Protection

The Redmi Power Bank comes with advanced chipset protection that ensures protection against short-circuit, over-current, over-voltage, over-charge discharge, etc.

Two-way Quick Charge

The feature ensures faster charging for Power Bank and connected devices; Charging time: Approx 6.7 hours (18W charger, standard USB cable), Approx 10 hours ( 10W charger, standard USB cable).

Easy to carry

The product has been designed keeping the Indian usage in mind and is made for carrying it on-the-go. The weight has been kept to a minimum for easy portability.


General Brand: Redmi Type: wireless Power Bank Model: PB200LZM Color: White
Specification Battery type: lithium ion polymer battery Battery energy: 74Wh 3.7V 20000mAh Rated capacity: 12000mAh (5.1V/3.6A) Input interface: Micro-USB/USB-C Output interface: 2XUSB-A Input parameters: (Micro-USB/USB-C) 5V/2.1A 9V/2.1A 12V/1.5A Output parameters: (USB-A single port output) 5.1V/2.4A 9V/2A MAX 12V/1.5A MAX (USB-A dual port output) 5.1V/3.6A
Weight Size Product Weight: 0.338kg Package Weight: 0.444kg Product Size(L x W x H): 15.47.362.73cm Package Size(L x W x H): 1684cm
Package Contents 1 x Power Bank 1 x User Manual 1 x USB Cable

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Redmi 20000 mah

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Guide to choosing the best living room furniture.

If you have just recently moved into a new home, then you would probably understand the actual difficulty of having to buy furniture that will fully make your house a home. While most people end up buying more than what they set out to buy, in other cases it is just not enough. It is always best to start with buying minimal pieces in the beginning and then progress to buying more in time. For that you can start with all the day to day furniture and the absolute necessities for the house like a sofa, a bed, chairs, a dining table and other kinds of furniture to furnish the living space. You could then go on to add elements to your entire living space from there.

Things to look at before buying furniture online.

While most living room furniture are entirely based on your requirements, the overall spacing, the furniture designs and what you would want to add in it, it’s also important that you identify the actual focal point of the living room. The idea is to choose the living room furniture that can go on to make for great conversation areas. It should also help to take care of the possible traffic flow within the living room. You can find the best living room furniture online if you look in the right places.

  • A comfortable sofa set is definitely a critical investment for any home. For that, it’s alright to even splurge on a good sofa set as you might ideally spend a lot of time on it or otherwise. A Sofa should probably be the best investment for any small home.
  • A center table, dining table or even a coffee table is key to amp up the living space. You can opt for either a minimalistic or a bulky wooden one. That entirely depends on the space in the house. The furniture designs can essentially vary to match the overall theme of the house.
  • If your living room tends to double up as a TV room, then you may want a good side table and other cabinets to keep in each space.
  • A dining table and the chair can essentially be the only critical requirements in a dining room. Keeping in mind the size of the family or the number of people you tend to host you can opt for a 4 seater table or a 6 seater dining table. You can also choose from the stylish round tables to the regular angled ones based on your style preference.
  • The bedroom has a whole new difference of furniture requirements for its ambience. With that in mind, you can choose to opt for either a king size bed for the master bedroom. If the space is less then a queen size bed would even do. The remaining bedrooms could house a queen size or single beds, with consideration to the space.
  • Mattresses are a long time invest so you may want to take your time on choosing the ones that go a long way with you. You can choose from sprint, coir, foam and all sorts of mattresses that ideally keep you all snuggled up at night.

Now that’ve seen what we need to look out for, let’s get into the specifics of the absolute must-have furniture for your home as well as the various furniture designs available online.

Best sofa sets for your living space

There’s something really relaxing about chilling out in your new living room. A sofa can do to you want a bed can in terms of comfort and for that it becomes a must-have for the living space. Getting a new sofa can just be the perfect addition for lounging or even relaxing at the end of the day.

redmi, power, bank, 20000mah, 20000

A sofa can oddly not even seem like an essential item, but if you have a family or plan to entertain a few guests, then investing in a sofa can really knit the whole place together and make people feel more connected. The tip to buying a good sofa is to choose its style, quality and pick from the prices. While you research, you will be able to quickly finalize the cost and the approximates to understand which sofa is ideally priced and which is on the pricier side. Then opt between the styles and the fabrics to go with the theme. Also keep a close eye on the color, its accents and the size. This is where you can pick a sectional to play with your space.

Which sofa is best for the living room?

If you are looking to choose the best sofa set for your living room, then it is important to understand and analyze every tiny detail of your living room and register the size, style, colors, layout etc. This will help to establish harmony. L-shaped sofa’s can help optimize the space while wooden or leather sofas can greatly lift the look and make the place look way more luxurious. Corner sofas are also distinctly more modern in the overall style and can naturally suit all contemporary homes. Corner sofas ca also allow you to fully maximize your floor space thus creating different zones within a much larger living area that comes with a natural partition.

Buy dining table set online

Since you are actually moving into a new home, you may want to have it host a bg party with friends and family. For that you will definitely need a nice looking dining table to keep the place full and with life. The dining table then not only becomes the most essential furniture item for any home, it also becomes a highly flexible piece of furniture that can then go on to be used as a desk, a craft table, and so much more. Your dining table is likely one of the most used and appreciated furniture items in the entire house.

You may not be fully prepared to purchase a huge dining table right away as it can be expensive, but investing in a small functional table is definitely possible and can add to be an important item to cross off from the essential furniture list. Shop around to actually determine what size of table you will need to make it work for your immediate needs. Then you can plan on what table you may need in the future and keep it functionally for the entire living space then. But for eating or communal dinner and all the get togethers, a dining table is an absolute must-have!

When actually purchasing a 4-seater modern-looking dining table set, it’s always crucial to consider its overall size, the basic details in the style, it’s design, and the material. The most frequently bought dining table is that of the four-person set. This will look just fantastic in your dining area with four seats arranged around it. If space and price is not a constraint then you can invest on a 6 seater dining table which is definitely one of the most coveted tables among several customers. But certainly most people stay ignorant of the advantages and the disadvantages that can accompany a six-seater table. If you are aware of why you need a big dining table and if the purchase is planned then it’s certainly a stand out piece for any home.

Best dining chairs for you dining table

With a great dining table you will of course want to get some matching dining chairs to fully go along with that cool brand-new table. It’s essential to look for chairs that match or feature the theme of the table. You can also make a purchase of the complete set, that is one which comes with a dining table and a dining chair. This will be very nicely coordinated in look and style.

Buy office chairs at affordable prices

You can always make a great office space within your home with the work from home situation and for that you will need the right office chairs. If you actually work from home or if your child is learning remotely, then a nice desk is surely another must-have for your new home. While executive desks can be larger in size and can always have a lot of drawers for that extra storage, they can go on to occupy a lot of space. If your new home is devoid of the space, then a sleek writing desk will definitely be fine. Either way, it’s always a good idea to allocate a space for a desk to your list so that way you can get your work done while at home or assist the kids with their homework.

For a good office/work-from-home/ study chair you will need to look into it’s top features:

  • Backrest
  • Seat height
  • Seat pan characteristics
  • Material
  • Armrest benefits
  • Stability

With all these considerations, an ergonomic chair will be the perfect fit for your work-from-home needs. You can couple with with a great desk to keep in your study.

The best comfortable Beds

If you feel your current bed is old and worn-out, then it’s probably great to buy something new. You will need to determine what is the size of your room and then plan on the new bed. Most homes come with a master bedroom, this will give you enough and more space for a queen or king-size bed. For the kids room, you can consider a bunk bed if they will be sharing a room along with the othe kids room furniture. The guest bedrooms can be filled with a nice twin or full-size bed. It’s always a fact that a new bed is definitely a wonderful way to create a very warm, comfortable and welcoming space.

Mattresses a must as bedroom furniture

A comfortable mattress is definitely another highly essential furniture item that can elevate the feel of your home. Older mattresses won’t really give your body the needed support to stay cozy throughout the night and for a good night’s rest. Consider buying a good quality mattress that can go with your bed and with everything that is fresh in the new place. Whether it’s going to be a memory foam, innerspring, or even a hybrid type, mattresses can surely make all the difference when it goes to sleeping well at night.

What are the different types of mattresses available?

The different types of mattresses that are available in the market generally all solve a wide range of purposes and come with their own set of benefits. They range from:

  • Medium-hard mattresses
  • Gel-based mattresses
  • Spring foam mattresses
  • Water-based mattresses
  • Inflatable mattresses

These are some of the very innovative options that are available. But other than that there are the traditional coir, straw, and cotton-stuffed variants as well.

Buy the best Living Room furniture

Since you’ll undoubtedly going to be spending a lot of time in your new living room, a few tables is a must have. Its also always a wise addition to include in this part of your new home. Having a sturdy coffee table is just great for creating a central conversation area. Also look for a set of matching side tables as part of the living room furniture that you can also be placed on both ends of your sofa. Having a sleek and slender coffee table is surely an awesome option for your new home.

Redmi POWERBANK 20,000mah



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2,500 mAh, external auxiliary battery. Inside LED light and body especially designed for laser printing, illuminating the logo. Charging indicator,


5.0 wireless moon shaped speaker in ABS. Light with 2 levels of brightness (warm and white LED). Including wooden base.


190T umbrella with wooden handle and 16 ribs, with automatic opening. Winter. womens day o1110 mm | 945 mm |


The high-quality, recyclable aluminum bottle is extremely light, robust and can be conveniently carried with one finger. And it is

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Xiaomi PB200LZM Redmi Power Bank 20000mAh

Main Features: 20000mAh Large Capacity durable and optimises charging efficiency, offer constant power Dual USB Input and Output Two USB ports, which can charge the devices at the same time, the USB-C and Micro USB provide two charging ways, convenient and fast Up to 18W Power Input 12V / 1.5A, 9V / 2.1A up to 18W power input, deliver fast and efficient charging for each connected device. High-density Lithium Polymer Batteries Adopts premium Lithium polymer battery cells. It’s compatible with smartphones and tablets as well as a variety of digital cameras and handheld gaming devices.



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