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One of the most routine operations in the house is to turn on the kettle. You have to purposely go to the kitchen and then come back and wait for the water to heat up to the desired temperature.

Smart kettles and heatpots allow you to turn on the heating remotely, but use proprietary apps to do so. You have to keep a separate program just to turn on the water heating.

Some models, such as kettles from Xiaomi and does not allow you to remotely turn on the boiling mode. We have to twist and contrive, pre-set the heating mode.

Contents and packaging

The package with this multicooker came, we can say, a standard set, in which we see 2 plastic spoons (and as you remember, it is better to buy silicone), measuring cup and a special strainer for steaming dishes.

With all this joy, of course, comes the manual, warranty and a small booklet with recipes, although it is not particularly necessary, because all the recipes are in the application. The packaging is adequate, no cheap paper or scattered Styrofoam.

Appearance and Controls

As is the custom in classical Internet reviews, let us begin with the appearance of the gadget and its controls.

I liked the design of the Redmond SkyKettle M170S. On the one hand, it’s quite austere, without any frills, but on the other hand looks very nice kettle (although, of course, the taste and color. design is still a highly subjective concept). As I think the device will fit perfectly into any kitchen interior, whether it’s hi-tech or Venetian style or a typical Soviet kitchen.

The device is only available in black color. The body of Redmond SkyKettle M170S is made of stainless steel, encased in a plastic casing. In this case, the metal is visible in the part where the spout is located. The latter has a thoughtful shape. it is convenient to pour water both in a large container (such as a pot), and in a small cup. Water will not run out.

As for the stand Redmond SkyKettle M170S, it is made of high quality plastic. The design of the base allows the kettle to rotate 360 degrees on it. That is, when you put the kettle on the stand, you do not need to guess a certain position, you just need to make the central protrusion of the base coincide with the corresponding recess on the kettle itself.

The stand is equipped with a power cable. The length of the latter is 65 cm, which is enough to connect Redmond SkyKettle M170S to the socket.

I was also pleased with the design of the lid. It is made so that the steam does not burn your hands. To open the lid you press the round button in the center.

Redmond SkyKettle M170S has a special removable scale filter. I would also like to mention the automatic shutoff for boiling water, removal from the mat or absence of water. This option is very useful. On my account a few kettles, burned because I turned it on, forgot to fill the water, went away. Thank goodness there were no fires. With the Redmond Internet kettle you will not be in danger. there are all the safety systems that are needed to prevent accidents.

Let’s move on to operating the Redmond SkyKettle M170S. To be more precise, to the manual operation, as for the remote control, see above.

In general, everything is convenient and understandable. So, on the stand are located 8 touch control keys: Boiling, Start/Stop, Heating, 40, 55, 70, 85 and 95.

The values of the first three buttons are self-explanatory, while the others (keys with numbers) indicate the degree of water heating. The temperature values are chosen quite well. these are the most frequently used parameters for preparing children’s mixtures and medicines (40 degrees), as well as for brewing different kinds of tea and coffee (55, 70, 85 and 95 degrees).

Unfortunately, while in the Redmond SkyKettle M170S there is no way to set the temperature to within a degree, but, given the above, I do not see anything wrong with it.

All of the above keys have a bright blue backlight. It looks nice, but in the darkness is not so easy to read the inscriptions on the buttons. Can we consider this a disadvantage?? I don’t think so, because after a couple of days of using the kettle you memorize the position of the buttons and you push them without looking.

The touch buttons of the Redmond SkyKettle M170S Smart electric kettle work properly, no need to press them, at the same time, there are no false positives.

Now directly to the control. Let’s say you need boiling water. press the Boil key and hold it for a few seconds. To heat up the water press the Heating button with the required water temperature. If you want to boil water and maintain the set temperature. simultaneously press Boil and the button with the temperature value. You have to agree that everything is simple and straightforward.

We all know that to brew certain types of tea you need a certain temperature, for example for green tea the water should be 70 degrees. Before I had to catch the time before boiling, and to determine the temperature by eye, Redmond SkyKettle M170S has greatly simplified the life of tea lovers. So, lying on the couch in your room, with the help of Ready for Sky you can heat the water to a certain temperature your tablet or smartphone will inform you of the end of the heating.

Review: Redmond SkyKettle G200S. On leaving the kitchen, I always tell the kettle: Whistle when it’s boiling. Hasn’t let me down once. I respect it.

My kettle turns three years old today! During all this time nothing has happened to it!

Because it’s been a while. I don’t have the packaging box. Accordingly, no photos.

But there is a multifunctional kettle and a handy app for it.

Redmond SkyKettle RK-G200S electric kettle. I chose it for a reason. I saw on the banner that the kettle is illuminated with several colors instead of the usual neon one.

And with smartphone control. The only strange thing was that this kettle was cheaper than other more common kettles. And maybe that day was a promotion. I do not remember already)

The kettle, weighing only 1.1 kilograms, 2 liters, 2200 watts, with the “Smart Home” ecosystem, made entirely of heat-resistant glass, except for the lid with a button to open,

handles with on and lock buttons, as well as kettle stands.

The stand has a compartment for the electric cord. Kettle cord length 0.75 meters. If necessary, you can hide extra centimeters in this compartment

These very “exceptions.”. classic black color, suitable for any interior. And, of course, the colorful backlight of the kettle, the colors and brightness of which can be changed and adjusted with the app in your smartphone, will become an ornament to any kitchen.

The application is called Ready for Sky. It is installed on both Android and iOS.

To begin with you need to find it on Google Play or Apple Store and install it. Next, the app will prompt you to select the equipment from its wide list or “found nearby devices”. The second option is more convenient. First of all, the connection to the kettle is via Bluetooth or to another device, and the application will immediately identify your model of kettle.

Now you need to press the on button on the handle of the kettle and hold this position for 5 seconds.

The kettle will beep, after which you can click on the “Connect” button in the app.

True the app wants to update the firmware. Well, we’ll let him do that

In the center of the screen there is a bluish circle with the current temperature of water in the kettle.

If you tap on this circle. The kettle will start to warm up. It will heat up to 100 degrees, if you do not stop it at the temperature you want.

Or you can set the desired temperature at once. for this, just below, to choose for each type of tea, there is a temperature of heating. In addition, provides for heating water to a temperature of 40,55,70 or 85 degrees. You can set the temperature you want in the app,

or on the kettle handle with the buttons.

Useful function of the kettle. Maintains the temperature for up to 12 hours. As you can see, next to the power button is a lock button

You can turn on the “Fresh Water” function, so the kettle will remind you when you need to change the water in it.

Three colored buttons (green, blue and red) offer you to buy tea, water or dessert for tea. It looks like these functions are still under development, because by clicking on any of them, we see the same picture

Let’s move on to the “backlighting” section. Here everything is simple. with your finger you can move your finger in a circle and choose the color you want. At 100 degrees the kettle will light up red, cooling down to 35 degrees it will take on a purple tint. This is if we consider the photo below. If you wish, you can adjust any colors.Just below there is a scale with a slider that you can use to adjust the intensity of the backlighting. In this case. 100 percent.

Next, go to “Nightlight.”. It can be turned off, as in the photo below.

Or switch on any shade and your kettle will flicker softly in the dark.

Disco Tea section, gaining access to the microphone,

kettle works the principle of the equalizer, it begins to play different colors for different sounds. it depends on the intensity and volume of the sound. And it only happens when the kettle is off, that is, when it is not boiling water.

The “Games” tab offers just three simple games. They are more suitable for children.

With the help of “Calendar” you can program the kettle to turn on by days of the week at a certain time. This feature is convenient on weekday mornings, when you do not need to remember where and when to press to get hot water =)

You can make such a schedule by yourself according to the suggested option.

As you can see there are not only different recipes for brewing all kinds of tea,

(a detailed recipe for each type of tea will open if you open it)

but the children’s menu, which is very convenient for those who have small children. you can set the kettle to the desired temperature, and it heats the water to within 1 degree and gives a short beep when you turn it off. The same applies to brewing different types of tea.

And other recipes, such as “Funchosa Salad”

With the necessary ingredients for cooking, the number of calories per serving, and the cooking time

In the application settings it is possible to set the duration of boiling, depending on the water hardness

I have the Standard. the kettle heats up in 5 minutes. As you can understand depending on the setting of the duration of boiling, will change and power consumption. The higher the setting, the faster the counter spins. But this is up to everyone ;). Sound and light indicators can be turned off, but then the kettle will lose all its appeal 🙁

The heating element in the kettle is closed. Thanks to this it is easy to clean it from the inside.I don’t have to do it often, because I only fill the kettle with filtered water. If only traces of scale appear on the disc, I add citric acid to the water and boil the kettle. One time is enough.

For additional filtration in the spout of the kettle I prudently inserted a frequent strainer

проблема с Redmond sky Kettle, приложение пытается взломать почтовый аккаунт.

When the kettle boils, the water does not splash out on the table, as it did with my previous kettle from another company. And when pouring into a cup, not a drop spills either.

For safety purposes, the kettle has a “lock on without water” function, as well as auto shut off when removed from the stand in the working mode.

The video shows the kettle in boiling mode. In the reviews, people often complain about the kettle’s loud operation. But has anyone thought about the fact that the more scale and sediment in the kettle (or hard water), the more it makes noise. To reduce the decibels, it is enough to boil it with the addition of citric acid (I have already mentioned this).

I highly recommend the kettle for purchase! And the price is not exorbitant at all, and the kettle is beautiful and has a considerable volume. two whole liters!

Possible problems

The following possible problems, their causes and solutions are listed in the instructions for your kettle:

Failure Possible cause Solution
The device does not turn on There is no power supply Make sure the appliance is plugged into an appropriate outlet
Appliance shuts down prematurely There is lime scale on the heating element Descale the heating element
Kettle shuts off after a few seconds Kettle is running low on water, overheat protection has tripped Disconnect the unit from the power supply and let it cool down. If you continue to use the kettle, fill it with water above the MIN mark
Smell of plastic during operation Appliance is new, the smell is coming from the protective cover Odor will disappear after a few tries
Trying to synchronize the kettle fails The Bluetooth function on your mobile device is switched off Activate the Bluetooth function on your mobile device
The Ready for Sky app on your mobile device is inactive Open the Ready for Sky app on your mobile device
Synchronized devices are too far away Make sure devices are within 15 meters of each other, or use gate
No backlight You need to perform a reset Press and hold the power button until the second beep sounds
Kettle does not boil or boiling time is too long The boiling time is not set correctly Adjust the boiling time in the Ready for Sky mobile app

If the information given in the table is not enough, you should contact a service center or call REDMOND technical support service by phone 8-800-200-77-41 (a call within Russia is free). Suggestions and Комментарии и мнения владельцев on the app will be taken into account in the next update.

The inside of the kettle is hardly dirty, only scale is formed. To remove it, special non-abrasive substances are used. But Redmond also advises users to periodically wash the kettle body and the base, first unplugging them from the socket. You should use a damp cloth or sponge to do this.

Important! Do not immerse the kettle, the kettle stand, the power cord and the plug in water or place them under a running water stream. It is also not allowed to use rough cloths or sponges, abrasive pastes when cleaning the appliance. Do not use any chemically aggressive or other substances that are not recommended for use with items in contact with food. Other detergents are used as desired.

I have a gas stove at home and for boiling water for tea we have a regular kettle. But along with this, the kitchen has always been present and an electric kettle, for a quick brew of water when you want hot drinks urgently or when guests come, because the electric kettle boils faster. Sometimes it happens that all the gas burners are busy, since we have a small child at home who cooks separately, as well as a cat who rarely eats cooked cat lunches and I have to cook for him too. In general, the electric kettle has never been idle in our kitchen.

In this review, I want to talk about the new era of electric kettles. REDMOND SkyKettle G211S smart kettle light

The REDMOND SkyKettle G211S remote-controlled kettle is a smart model with colorful backlighting and remote control function via the Ready for Sky mobile app. Even if you’re in another room, at work or at the mall, you can use your smartphone to turn on the kettle and set the water temperature. When the water gets warm, you will get a notification in the app.

The appearance of the kettle is simple and concise. Honestly, when I saw it the first time, I thought that there was something missing in the appearance of the kettle, but after looking closely and comparing it with a kettle from another company, I realized that the simplicity of design is a plus. The kettle looks stylish, it does not distract too much attention, it does not stand out in the kitchen, it fits perfectly into my interior in light colors.

My kettle is white, but this model is also sold in black. The base of the kettle is also white.

Also want to pay attention to the lid. It opens easily by lifting a special handle on the lid. The lid opens up to 90 degrees, so you can pour water inside without any problems.By the way, you have to draw water clearly inside the kettle, so that it does not touch the outer walls, at least in large quantities. You can not wash the kettle under running water.

The lid has a little tricky. It doesn’t hold open, it closes by itself.

There is a sieve-filter on the lid that keeps limescale out of the mug. Pouring water through the spout, which is made directly in the glass container of the kettle.

The maximum amount of water that can be boiled at a time in this product. 1.7 liters, which is fine for use in the average family. The minimum amount of 0.5 liters, which is suitable for two cups of water.

The kettle flask is made of glass, the heating element is hidden, that is, there is no so-called kettle boilers inside the kettle, there is only a metal bottom that heats.

The kettle has a backlight that can shine all the colors of the rainbow. It is switched on as soon as the kettle is switched on for boiling or other modes, and is switched off as soon as the kettle stops working.

On the handle has two buttons and four LEDs with which you can control the kettle. The on and off button of the kettle starts boiling, and with the plus and minus buttons you can set the standard temperature from those suggested. 40, 55, 70, 85 degrees.

In general, I like the look of the kettle. Simple and concise, it fits perfectly into my bright kitchen. I thought at first to order the kettle in black, like the kitchen appliances, but for some reason I changed my mind.

But, this kettle would probably not be called smart if it just had the ability to boil at a set temperature. That wouldn’t surprise anyone. The thing is that this kettle can be controlled from a smartphone.


The first thing to do is to download the Ready for Sky app on Google Play or App Store. Downloading is free. Next, you need to connect your kettle to the application. To do this you need to put the kettle on the base, in the application choose your device (kettle, its model or the iron and its model), press the ON button on the kettle handle for about 5 seconds, after which the LEDs will start to “run” from 40 to 85 degrees, this means that the kettle is looking for a connection. As soon as the LEDs began to search for a network, in the application we press “Connect“.

After the connection is made. You can give your kettle a name. This can be done just for fun, if you have one smart device at home, or if there are many devices, the names will not confuse which one is which.

On the main page is all the most important (for me personally). Here you can see the temperature of the water in the kettle at the moment, and also here are the modes in which you can start the water to heat and boil.

For example, you can heat the water to 35 degrees, for this you can select from the list “baby food”, or just on the left side press the button “35”, on the right side you need to turn off the button “boil” and press start (the big button in the middle).

Why control the kettle with a smartphone?

This is actually very handy, in different situations. I have been in several situations where turning the kettle on remotely is not just a dabble (of course, not to say that the super important thing, but still convenient)

  • When guests came to her, so as not to leave them alone, in the process of talking, I was distracted for 15 seconds on the phone and put the kettle on boil;
  • When the baby would not go to sleep and I was telling her a story, and I was very hungry and was waiting when the baby would let me go, I put the kettle on boil so that I could make my own coffee;
  • Well, the most common case is when I’m sitting at my laptop, writing the same review or watching a show, so I don’t have to get up and go into the kitchen to press a single button. I start the kettle to heat up remotely.

So, as soon as the smartphone started heating. bubbles will appear on the big button, it is very clear to see that the kettle is working. By the way, pay attention that in the app you can see whether the water in the kettle is fresh or not. We have water wastes quickly, because I drink a lot of tea and just water, but for some people the function will be useful not to drink stale water.

As soon as the water in the kettle is boiled to 35 degrees. the kettle will turn off. Also in the app, there are modes in which you can make certain types of tea, such as oolong, green, black tea. That is, you do not need to set anything manually, just select the mode.

As for, for example, baby food, which is the default setting of 35 degrees, then you can change the temperature manually (in the application), because 35 degrees should already be boiled water, so you can first boil the water, ie set 80 degrees, for example, and then reheat at 35 (I reheated at 37, when preparing a baby formula)

Full boiling. From cold tap water to a full boil, the kettle managed in 4 minutes and 20 seconds. By the way, when the first bubbles appeared in the kettle. Combined with the backlight the kettle looks very nice.

By the way, the kettle has a very interesting function. It can be set to boil every day at the same time, for example, in the morning, for breakfast. This is very convenient, especially if you are late for work and do not have an extra five minutes to boil. Get up in the morning and you already have the right temperature for brewing tea.

The backlight can be set with the app. Set what color the kettle will glow when heated to a particular temperature. Mine is blue, for example. Cold, green starts heating up, red is hot.

This kettle can be used as a night light. In this case, it does not heat the water, and just shines in different colors that can be set in the app. I like the colors on the kettle to change frequently, so I chose to change them after 30 seconds.

In night mode, the kettle lights up no less interesting than when the water is boiling. Exactly in the darkness and reveals all the beauty of lighting, kettle wraps the whole room in the color that is lit at the moment.

Another interesting feature in the app is the presence of games. Games with the kettle, just think about it.

  • You can click colors in the second game. We need to quickly click on the color with which the kettle is lit at the moment of bath. In this game, the colors change quite quickly, so you need to be attentive.

    In the third game you need to guess what color the teapot will light up. A game of chance, yet interesting, especially for a child.

I have not described all of the kettle’s functions, but only some of them. For example, if you have hard unfiltered water, you can set a higher boiling level in the application to kill bacteria for sure. Or on the contrary not to bring it to the boil a few degrees.

How to take care of the kettle

The instructions say that the kettle must be wiped with a damp cloth and in no case wash under running water, otherwise the kettle will become an ordinary, not smart (microcircuits can be filled). It is also recommended to scrub the scale with a rag, but this is very strange, because the scale is usually washed with citric acid. Quick, convenient and does not need to rub anything.

To wash with citric acid is simple, pour water into the kettle. I usually pour not a lot of water, almost the minimum mark, in order to pour more acid, saving kind of. Then we put the kettle on boil, the usual. After we pour the water with acid and rinse the kettle under running water. That’s it, the kettle is perfectly clean, really, like new.

And now the story of how to write in a review that the kettle should not be poured with water and fill it.

Anyway, one day I failed to wash the kettle. I usually clean it with a wet sponge, but that time I didn’t notice that the sponge was wet (well, I grabbed it and quickly ran it over the kettle handle). Wet, that is, the water could be squeezed out, but I decided, but it’s not a jet of water. nothing will happen. In general, the water got into the seams on the body of the handle and flooded the relay and transistor. The kettle stopped heating, but the backlight worked. My husband fixed the kettle by replacing these components. For the money 200. So be careful, the casing is very leaky.

Finally, I would like to share some of the tea recipes that were in the booklet enclosed in the box with the kettle. In this brochure are a lot of recipes and simple, which I give below and complex, consisting of many components.

I am delighted with this kettle. It is not only beautiful, stylish and fulfills its original function, but also complements the interior as a nightlight, entertaining the child while I heat dinner, and very convenient, because you can boil water not only from another room, but even in his sleep.

In this review, you will learn how the backlit kettle works, how to start it through an app, and whether an app is needed at all.

A long time ago I wanted to buy a teapot with a light! In the tape constantly flashed reviews on these miracle kettles, and just had to choose something. Because I had two thousand points on the card Eldorado. I paid 900 more and that’s it, the kettle is ours!

To say that the teapot was bought by trial and error, is nothing to say! There are a lot of models, somehow we chose at random, in fact, my mother bought it. When she brought it home, I decided to go to the reviews, to read how to use it properly. The instructions are not particularly detailed. And previously I have read reviews on this particular model, but I forgot! I also wonder what kind of shameful kettle this is, a grade below B. And then I stumbled upon it and realized that we were in for it.

The box 40×40 cm. Compact and not heavy. Very colorful, cute.

The box contains the minimum and basic information. By the barcode I was able to find the kettle on the internet instantly, and all the specifications.

Well first of all this is the kettle itself. About him a little later.

Next, some papers that were put as a gift. Why do I need them? These are the sheets with the other Redmond appliances.

Paper with tea, also an advertisement! They have a link to this tea. And a “buy” icon in the appendix.

Service book. Well, at least the right papers went in.

By the way, I want to point out that all-in-all was in small bags. Even a bunch of paper was in a separate bag.

And there’s even some rags inside it.)

The body of the teapot with a graduated scale is made of durable glass, which shines. The glass is 1-1.5 cm. The bottom of it is made of frosted plastic. It also has “Skyline” written on it

The weight of the kettle is medium, it is not heavy without water. It is quite comfortable to hold with one hand.

The handle is made of plastic tighter than on the bottom. There are also ridges on the handle, the instructions say they are rubberized, but they are not.

The lid of the kettle is also made of black plastic.

The lid opens at the touch of a silver button. The lid doesn’t open very easily. I think over time it will die, as I read from other reviews. But so far, it’s working pretty well.

There are buttons on the top of the handle to operate the kettle.

On / off button, temperature mode at 40, 50, 70, 85 degrees.

The kettle has a very, very short cord! Well, why do you save on such an important? Because of the short cord, I can only use the kettle in one place. This is a huge disappointment.

So. How do you turn on the kettle?? How to make it heat water?

These are the questions that stumped me!

And who likes to read instructions? Still had to read.

  • Download the Ready for Sky app for iPhone.
  • You need to create an account. Any. You can make up a name. You also have to enter your email.
  • We need to put the kettle on the flat surface, plug it in and press the on button. Hold down the button for 5 seconds. Next you will hear a beeping sound. You can release the button. This means that the kettle is ready to be connected.
  • Turning on the Bluetooth on the iPhone.
  • The app automatically detects your device.
  • Then I got some kind of update.

The Ready for Sky app

It’s weird. If you click on the “boil” icon, nothing happens. Even if you select the temperature. In short, nonsense.

Well let’s say that you need to heat water up to 50 degrees. Then turn the kettle on manually, and in the app, keep an eye on the degrees. Then manually remove it from the cradle as well. Done.

In the app you can adjust the colors, lighting percentages, etc. There’s even a night mode. The kettle burns for 8 hours.

Butooo. I got so sick of the backlighting that I just turned off all the modes in the app and only turned on the “backlight” at 100%.

How the kettle works now? How it glows?

Generally how to heat water in the kettle without the app?

You just need to press the power button. Everything. The kettle heats up to one hundred degrees. First the red backlight turns on, then it turns yellow and as soon as the kettle boils it turns blue. The kettle turns off and so does the backlight.

Set the temperature? You need to heat the water to 40 degrees?

Only if you monitor through the app. The kettle will still heat for a hundred, it does not care what mode you set it. If you choose 40 degrees let’s say, that means the kettle will maintain that temperature even after heating to a hundred degrees.

The kettle would not work if there was too little water in it!

You have to download a painful app-minus!

Kettle works fine, I finally figured it out after much agony!

Why it needed to be replaced and we went looking for a new one:

We used to have a quite usual kettle, it could only heat water up to boiling and that’s all. The plastic has turned from white to yellow and the lid does not close well. We decided to change the old rarity. Time does not stand still, and in the industry of teapots, too, when we went to buy a new one, we came across a Redmond RK-M216S in mvideo, and became interested in. It cost 3800, but we had some bonuses saved up and we got it for 2500.

We brought it in, unpacked it, and started exploring:

On the handle there is an indicator, it corresponds to the temperature of the water, this indicator has other purposes, but I’ll talk about them next, under the story about the application. Now just remember where it is located:

On the box was listed range and color gradation, I took a picture on purpose, so it was clear what color corresponds to what temperature:

The kettle itself sits on a round stand, and rotates in all directions. Convenient! You can turn the spout any way you want. Also, if you turn the stand upside down, there will be a compartment for the cord, if its length seems excessive, you can just twist it into it, leaving the required size.

Inside it is very similar to a thermos, the walls are metal and as if double. As far as I understand, this is what keeps the temperature longer.

I have for some reason caused a great stupor in the task of opening the lid, the first two times I just poured water through the spout, without opening. Then my husband showed me how to do it, it was as simple as possible, here is the button to open. It is so flat, I had an idea that it is a picture, not a button. Maybe I’m not one of those, and someone else will benefit from this information:

You can turn it on without the app, but it’s more convenient and fun. To turn it on, press the button and select the temperature, if you do not select the temperature, by default it will heat to boiling, t.е. up to 100 degrees. By the way connects to the application kettle, also through the power button, you need to press it and hold for five seconds, I was counting to five. A little beep appears and the buttons flash. means that you can start a search.

The application, the most interesting

I was very surprised that now the kettle will have a separate application, but why not? To download it, there is a QR code on the box, scan it through the phone camera and install. It has a simple registration, and a bunch of Redmond devices that you can connect through it.

How to connect the kettle I wrote above. The first sheet of the app, at the moment shows the current temperature of the kettle. The application has a menu: kettle, lighting, schedule and recipes.

The backlight has its own submenu, it refers specifically to the backlight that is located on the handle, remember the thin fishing line I mentioned above. It is from this menu we can control it. I don’t know who came up with this feature, or why. But in addition to the usual useful temperature indication feature, there’s more:

The main menu is more useful functionality, for example there is a section with recipes, and there are examples of drinks for which a special temperature mode is important.

Setting the temperature. The scale itself goes from 35 degrees to 100, you can set it and it will heat up to a certain temperature, which is convenient, for example, when you cook baby food.

There is a start schedule, you can make something like a permanent mode and in the morning at a certain time tea will be ready.

When the kettle is in boiling mode, you can see bubbles on the central circle:

By the way, several phones can simultaneously connect to the kettle, which is convenient, every member of the family downloaded the app and now everyone is too lazy to heat the kettle, everyone only turns it on through the app.

It would seem that the kettle is very smart, you can even play with it. The manufacturer has not considered a very simple detail, it is not clear how much water is in it, and this indicator is not available anywhere in the application. In other words, I can turn it on sitting in my room, but I have no idea whether it has enough water for a mug or whether it needs to be refilled. There seems to be a protection against empty switch on, but if it does not work. It seems to me that it would be better to do on the handle, which.then the indicator, well, or in the application itself the water level. For example, instead of all the games that well do not fit on the kettle. Otherwise I am satisfied with the model, there is something modern and stylish about it.

REDMOND SkyKettle M216S electric kettle (model review)

Smart electric kettle REDMOND model SkyKettle RK-M216S from the company Redmond easy enough to use, it is modern and multifunctional.

The start and heat level keys are on the top of the knob. There are also four optical temperature indicators. At the beginning of boiling and after its completion, the kettle beeps. If the sound is not a delicate function, you can easily turn it off.

All functions of the electric kettle can be fully seen by controlling it from a tablet or smartphone. To do this you first need to install the Ready for Sky (R4S) mobile app and register in it. Using the internal cues set up a connection with the kettle is not difficult, besides the built-in menu is intuitive even without them.

The button in the center demonstrates the temperature of the water at the moment, both numerically and with the help of color. A little lower are the scroll keys to set the temperature for any beverage, from tea and coffee to oolong. You can set the heating with an accuracy of 1 degree.

You can also set the app to start the kettle on a convenient schedule. The main thing here is to periodically check the presence of water and top up if necessary. You can set your daily schedule.

In addition, R4S has a cookbook with detailed cooking instructions and ingredients for various beverage variants. There is a button under the recipe, with its help the heating to the desired temperature is started. You can find completely different and unusual combinations in the book, such as tea with honey, cloves, and even chili peppers.

R4S even allows you to keep your child occupied with one of the three built-in games: color study, memory training or attention.

In addition, the application keeps statistics, in which you can see the entire history of the kettle: how many times it was started and how much electricity it consumed.

Electric kettle handle is equipped with a bright colored backlight. Depending on changes in water temperature, the color of the light changes: at 40 ° C. blue, 60 ° C. green, 85 ° C. yellow and 100 ° C. red. At night it might well act as a nightlight to keep the overhead light off in the kitchen room. If you give the R4S access to a microphone, it can play the role of a music light, changing colors to match the tunes playing on your smartphone.

Thanks to Strix, a highly reliable contact group designed for tens of thousands of hours of operation, the sensors will automatically turn off the kettle as soon as it boils over. In addition, they prevent the device from starting if there is no water in the kettle. The autoshutdown will also work if you remove the device from the stand early.

The advantages of the heating disk element are as follows:

  • Limescale is formed more slowly;
  • Direct contact with water is excluded, which increases the duration of use;
  • the base stand can rotate fully 360 ° C;
  • The base is easy to care for because it is flat.

The kettle can be rotated as needed, so that the steam does not fall on the wallpaper and other objects, where it is not desirable.

Cylindrical double-walled housing, thanks to the adiabatic process, creates a thermos effect. That is, there is no need to constantly reheat the kettle, because the water in it does not cool down for a long time.

The outer part of the case due to the insulation practically does not heat up, which means that the probability of getting burned when in contact with the kettle, is excluded.

Inside is a flask, which is made of high grade steel, with a measuring scale on it. This is convenient and allows you to pour exactly as much liquid as you need: not below the minimum, and not above the maximum.

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