Redmond skykettle kettle does not turn on

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To unlock the kettle (does not work switching on from both the control panel and the mobile app) you must press the “-” button very quickly three times from the control panel of the kettle, located on the handle of the device. This model is equipped with Smart Boil function.

Often people think that if the kettle does not turn on. It means that the heating element burned out and the kettle can be thrown away, especially if it turns out to be a disc. The spiral heating element could still be replaced if the cause was a faulty heating element, but these kettles are now quite rare.

I bought a REDMOND kettle. Lights up and turns on via the Internet

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My “smart” Xiaomi Kettle after 2 years went to the closet waiting for parts. It’s pretty hard to find them, so I had to look for a new one.

Found it: REDMOND SkyKettle G213S can turn on from your smartphone: via Bluetooth or remotely. And it’s easy to turn it into a decorative RGB light. Or a light musician.

The kettle with light-music function Progress has reached what it takes!

Redmond SkyKettle RK-M216S kettle review

The longer we test, the more devices with additional interesting functions we meet. The smart kettle Redmond SkyKettle RK-M216S is just the type of such: according to the manufacturer, it can work remotely, adjust the backlight to the water temperature or the user wishes, heat water to a predetermined temperature, and even play educational games with the owner.

We’ll check all these functions and also know the answer to the main question: can you boil water in it??





Country of manufacture




Case Material

Covering heating element

Steel type heating element

Contact group with temperature sensor


Minimal heating temperature

The function of heating water to a predetermined temperature without boiling

Automatic water temperature control

Auto shut off


Dimensions (W×В×Г)

Mains cable length

SkyKettle M216S
electric kettle
1 year
1,7 л
stainless steel, plastic
stainless steel
Step (on the handle), stepless (via application)
40 C
40, 55, 70, 85, 100 C
up to 12 hours
on boiling, in the absence of water, when removed from the stand
1,54 kg
250×230×159 mm
0,70 м


The teapot box is made of white cardboard with full color printing and has an almost cube shape. On its front side, there is a profile photo of the appliance, the Redmond logo, the model name and all the signs that we have in front of us a smart home product: the Smart Home, Ready for Sky and Bluetooth logos, a schematic image of a smartphone with the Ready for Sky app running (the app is open on the kettle backlight color selection page) and a Sticker Works with Alice.

The main, in the opinion of the manufacturer, features of the product are on the bottom line: water heating from 40 to 100 C, Smart Boil technology, Disco-Tea function and auto shut-off. The last feature looks a little unexpected: we can hardly recall the last time we encountered an electric kettle without this function. The back side of the box duplicates all this information in English.

On the right side, a few sentences describe the main technical features of the SkyKettle RK-216S:

  • the hollow insulating body, which creates a thermos effect, through which the water inside the flask keeps its temperature longer, and the outer walls do not get hot;
  • Strix contact group, which is responsible for the safety of the kettle and switches it off in case of boiling, removal from the stand and lack of water. According to the information on the box, it can provide up to several tens of thousands of cycles of turning the appliance on and off;
  • The indicator on the handle, which changes colors depending on the temperature of the water in the kettle or illuminates only one color, for example, the most appropriate to the interior of the kitchen.

Also listed here are some other members of Redmond’s smart appliance lines that may interest the user: SkyKitchen (kitchen products), SkyHome (home appliances) and SkyGuard (gadgets and security devices). On the same side, you can read a short description of the R4S technology and the Ready for Sky app. In the bottom right corner of the QR code to download the application and the Google Play and App Store logos.

The left side contains the basic technical specifications of the kettle in four languages. Under the text, there is a color scale of correspondence of the backlight to the water temperature: from blue (40 C and below) through the green (60 C) and yellow (85 C) to the bright red (100 C). Another QR-code under the scale leads to the manufacturer’s site.

The bottom of the box has information about the manufacturer, the importer and the organization authorized to accept claims from buyers.

The lid of the package is decorated with another photo of the device, a view from above (which makes sense) of the teapot and the refined cup of tea. Next to the photo there is a sticker with the serial number of the device and a bar code: if you scan it from the proprietary application, you can get an additional year of warranty on the device.

  • kettle with a lid, to the handle of which a label with a QR-code with a link to the application is attached;
  • base;
  • appliance instruction manual;
  • service book.

At a glance

Electric kettle SkyKettle RK-216S looks technological and modern. Its body is a regular cylinder and is made of matt white plastic, which is exceptionally pleasant to the touch. Decorated with few, but exquisite decorative elements and inscriptions in silver color.

The cover flaps open up to approximately 80° when the large round button in the middle is pressed. To close the kettle simply by hand and the latch lets out a distinctive sound. The lid locks securely in the closed position and opens smoothly and easily.

U-shaped handle is rectangular in cross-section with rounded edges. On its upper side is the control panel. Operation indicator in the middle part is a narrow slot covered with frosted glass. Under it, there are RGB-LEDs, which change color according to the water temperature or the user’s settings.

The SkyKettle flask is made of stainless steel. The heater is of the closed type, the bottom of the tank is flat and smooth, only the temperature sensor protrudes from it. The mark of the maximum water level (1.7 l) is stamped on the side wall. A little higher in the same manner a medallion with the brand name of the material: stainless steel flask complies with SAE 304. The kettle’s spout is equipped with a circular holes of about 4 mm in diameter. Of course, it doesn’t provide any serious filtration and is purely decorative.

The SkyKettle RK-216S has no external water level indicators.

On the bottom of the case we see the usual round contact for connecting to the base and a sticker with the name of the manufacturer, model, serial number and brief technical specifications.

The same sticker is on the bottom of the base. The kettle’s stand has a traditional shape and design, the round contact group provides a 360° rotation of the device.

The bottom side of the base allows you to store a turn of the excess electric cord.

The manual

The small (A6 size) brochure has a black glossy cover and pages of thick and also glossy paper. The quality of printing is good. Instructions for use describes the SkyKettle RK-216S in four languages: Russian, Ukrainian, Kazakh and Romanian.

The Russian-speaking section takes up five or so pages of short text and contains rather concise but comprehensive information on safety precautions for handling the device, its technical characteristics, the device and its operation (including the use of the mobile application). The manual concludes with a table of possible problems and troubleshooting.

It also comes with a warranty card.


The control panel of the kettle, located on the top side of the lid, has only two buttons: the power button and ±. The first one switches the device on and off, with the second one you can select the temperature of water heating from four fixed values: 40, 55, 70 и 85 C. Above the control buttons is a bar of four LEDs corresponding to these values.

For boiling up to 100 C One brief press of the power button is enough. The kettle emits a short beep and goes on operating.

To set a different temperature from 100 degrees, before turning the kettle on (on standby) press ± the appropriate number of times and confirm the selection with the on button.

Pressing the power button again switches the heating off and sets the kettle to standby mode. At the end of the cycle the kettle emits three short beeps and goes on standby by itself.

To use the temperature maintenance function, select the required value with the button ± During the process of heating (the indicator next to the selected number lights up).

A long press on the button ± Press and hold to turn the buzzer off and on. In the same way, but the power button starts the process of connecting the kettle to a mobile device with the Ready for Sky app.

Control from a smartphone

To boil the kettle using your cell phone, you need to register in Ready For Sky. The app requires registration in the service and a working email address. On the Android system, it requests access to the device location and microphone access rights. The latest app update also requires additional personal data from a previously registered user: country of residence, sex and date of birth. Without this information further work is impossible.

An attempt to find the device automatically the first time was not successful: the app reported problems with the network access and offered to select the desired device from the list manually. Having found the SkyKettle M216S in the list, we got the instruction to enable the pairing mode on the kettle (long, about 5 seconds, pressing the power button) and safely connected to the device.

On the main control screen of the device the central power button, which changes color depending on the temperature of the water in the kettle, is conspicuous. To the left and right of it are buttons, which launch the boiling or heating mode to the desired temperature. The second has several preset scenarios (black tea, oolong, green tea, yellow tea, white tea and baby food) with temperatures of 90, 85, 80, 75, 70 and 35 C respectively. If that’s not enough for the owner, by clicking on the switch under the mode icons, he can select a precise one-degree heating temperature.

Although the backlight capabilities of SkyKettle M216S are not as wide as in the previous model of this manufacturer Redmond SkyKettle RK-G211S that we reviewed, the application gives us the same opportunities to control a small LED line, decorating the handle of the device.

Constantly on the backlight turns the kettle into an entertaining night light, the color and brightness of which can be changed at will. Within the same limits, you can also control the color of the kettle’s boiling indicator, adjusting the color range depending on the temperature of the water in the device.

If you allow the app to access the microphone of your cell phone, you can turn the kettle into a light and music console: the LEDs will change color in time with the playing music. This wonderful feature works only when the Ready For Sky app is running, the kettle itself does not have a microphone yet.

Device settings page allows you to enable or disable the audible alarm on the kettle, set the light indication and boiling time.

The app allows you to configure the kettle to start on a schedule at a given time and day of the week, indicating the desired mode: boiling, heating or boiling with heating. It is convenient when you meet the kettle in the kitchen early in the morning, heated to a comfortable temperature, you just need not forget to fill it in the evening.

For those who love culinary experimentation, Ready For Sky provides access to several dozen drink recipes you can make with the SkyKettle M216S. The entries in the cookbook not only contain a list of ingredients with cooking instructions, but also make it possible to boil water at the desired temperature directly from the drink card.

It is also possible to order the required amount of products from the recipe through the SkyMarket service. Unfortunately, we were not able to test this feature: the site of the service, apparently, is still running in pilot mode when trying to create an order an access error is displayed.

The Ready For Sky app also has three games that allow you to entertain your child, while teaching him to distinguish colors and name them correctly.

For those who like to control everything and everything the app gives access to the statistics of the kettle: the number of times it has been turned on, the amount of electricity consumed during the whole operating history and the data about the operating time of the device. To reset this statistic, for example, to calculate the monthly power consumption seems to be impossible.


Before operating the kettle, the manufacturer recommends taking care to choose the right place for the kettle. The surface for its installation should be chosen flat and horizontal, and the steam should not get on wallpaper, decorative coverings, electronic devices and other items that can be affected by high humidity and high temperatures.

After the first boiling we did not notice any extraneous plastic odor, typical of many new household appliances, but we drained the first two volumes of the tank out of habit.

The button, fixing the lid, works clearly and confidently, the latch holds it securely when emptying the kettle.

When first acquainted with the SkyKettle M216S, we noted that its body is made of soft touch plastic, and the use confirmed the first impression. The kettle is not only good looking, but also a tactile pleasure: the surface of the device is matted exactly enough not to slip in your hands (even wet or greasy), but the uneven surface does not allow the dirt to stay on it. The handle of the kettle is easy to grip.

Despite its white color, it is not stained. Accidentally spilled dirt can be easily removed without leaving a trace.

It is more convenient to fill the kettle if you hold it with the right hand: the mark of maximum water level is placed only on the right side of the opaque body. A left-handed person unused to the device can easily pour too much water, which will cause the boiling water to splash out from under the lid.

Opacity of the body and the lack of water level indication is probably the main drawback of SkyKettle M216S. The information on the site of the manufacturer in the column Water level indicator laconically says there is, but we did not find the slightest signs of it on the kettle. Assuming that the indicator is hidden inside the handle of the device, we compared the backlight and appearance of the indicator panel at maximum (pictured left) and minimum (right) water level in the flask, but we found no difference.

If for an ordinary kettle it is not a significant trouble (it is easy to look into the kettle, turning it on), but for a device controlled remotely such a constructive drawback nullifies all the convenience of its communication capabilities. However, perhaps in the course of prolonged use the user develops a habit not to leave the kettle empty or half-empty.

When you remove the kettle from the base, it turns off regardless of the program set. Boiling or heating mode is interrupted, the selected temperature has to be set again if it is necessary to continue operation.

The manufacturer recommends cleaning the kettle body and the stand with a damp soft cloth and wiping thoroughly to prevent any spills. Of course, this should be done on the unplugged and cooled down appliance.

Scale build-up must be removed using specific non-abrasive cleaning agents and descalers for kitchen appliances, following the instructions of the manufacturer of the cleaning agent.

Our measurements

The results of our instrumental tests are shown in the table below:

Useful volume

Full kettle (1.7 L) of water at 20 C is brought to the boil in

What an amount of electrical energy is used, equal to

1 liter of water at a temperature of 20 C is brought to the boil in

The amount of electricity consumed is equal to

Kettle body temperature 3 minutes after boiling

Maximum power consumption at 220 V mains voltage

Consumption at standstill

Electricity consumption to maintain temperature 80 C for 1 hour

Actual temperature after heating to 40 C

Actual temperature after heating to 55 C

Actual temperature after heating to 70 C

Actual temperature after heating to 85 C

Water temperature in the kettle after 1 hour of boiling

The water temperature in the kettle after 2 hours of boiling

Water temperature in the kettle after 3 hours of boiling

Pouring time of full water in the normal way

1,695 л
6 minutes 9 seconds
0.190 kW·ч
3 min 45 sec
0,114 kW·ч
50 C
1922 W
0.4 W
0,029 kW·ч
38  C
55 C
68 C
84 C
75 C
63 C
54 C
14 sec

The actual volume of the SkyKettle M216S matches the manufacturer’s claims nearly exactly. Although the kettle does not perform miracles of speed boiling, the thermal insulation of the body is designed well it retains heat for a long time. Thanks to the double walls, no extra energy is needed for keeping the kettle at a set temperature.

Temperature sensor of the kettle is also good: in all the tested temperature modes, its deviation did not exceed one or two degrees. Great result.

The SkyKettle M216S is a beautiful and smart device. It will not only boil water or heat it to a predetermined temperature, but also decorate your kitchen: the appearance in bright light, and a pleasant and varied illumination in the semi-darkness. Working as a night light in complete darkness, it allows you to find your way to it without tripping over the furniture, and the opportunity to play educational games with the device will help to occupy the child during the preparation of food.

The new SkyKettle keeps you wonderfully warm in passive mode and is economical when it comes to keeping the water at a set temperature. The precision of its temperature sensor allows you to cook your favorite drink, strictly following the recipe and allowing the aroma and taste of the finest varieties of tea to unfold.

The need for remote control of such a simple device as an ordinary kettle is the subject of long and long discussions. Some of the desire to have such a smart device might seem sybaritic, someone will ask a sacramental question if you can remotely pour water into the kettle. We believe that an extra little bit of comfort can (and therefore should) make life better.

Sometimes breakdowns do happen because of the owner. It happens in case of improper maintenance. But just clean the electric kettle regularly and the problem can be avoided.

Without cleaning, limescale builds up on the walls of the appliance. It interferes with heat dissipation. The coil heats but does not transfer heat to the liquid. Then the heating element breaks, burns out.

Important! If the kettle began to turn off prematurely, it is worth checking the walls. It is possible that a scale has formed on them. The fouling must be removed immediately, otherwise other elements will break.

Also, the appliance must not be plugged in if there is no water in it. This leads to combustion. The heating element can not cope with power surges, so the device fails.

  • Expired service life. The plastic can become deformed over time. This can be seen at the point where the heating coil is attached. This is how the device starts to leak.
  • The pull rod is frayed. This element is needed to transmit power from the switch, which is located on top of the device. Because of this the power button is broken. Also it can fail because the contacts are burned out or oxidized.

The more complex the electric kettle is, the more possible causes of breakage. Therefore, it is not recommended to buy devices with a thermostat. The detail leads to the burnout of the contacts and wear of the product.

Parsing the protocol of kettle Redmond G200S and connecting it to HomeAssistant

On Giktaims there was already an article dedicated to the disassembly of the protocol of the kettle Redmond SkyKettle. However, there it was about the model RK-M171S, here we will talk about a more functional G200S. In this model the protocol of interaction has changed, due to what the approach of the author of the previous article does not work anymore, and also there are additional functions of a night light and indication of current temperature in color.

In this article I will present the results of the protocol parsing with python code examples (if anyone wants to develop his own module/application to control the kettle). Also at the end of the article is a link to a finished module for connecting the kettle to HomeAssistant (this is my first experience writing in python after the online course, so this module can and should be improved).

Anybody who is interested, welcome under the hood.

Problems and challenges

This kettle has a huge disadvantage (other than those indicated by the author of the first article): as soon as the kettle is removed from the stand the current time is reset and therefore it is impossible to use the schedule for boiling the kettle. According to the authors of this creation, every time after returning the kettle to the stand you have to run their proprietary application and synchronize the kettle with your smartphone. That’s how, instead of facilitating routine tasks, “smart” technology trains us to perform additional actions. But that all changed when HomeAssistant came into the house. That’s when I decided to understand the protocol.


I honestly tried to decompile and disassemble the original application, but failed. The tools I used didn’t let me understand the logic of the kettle. All procedures and functions are “crooked”, unnamed (like a, b, c, etc). Perhaps I do not have enough experience and skill. In the end I took the same path as the author of the previous article. The only significant difference was that I used the interactive mode of the gatttool. The advantage is that this mode eliminates all sorts of “races”, about which the author of the first article wrote.

Because HomeAssistant is written in python, all the following commands will be written in it. To use the interactive mode of gatttool in python we can use the library pexpect, which allows us to generate entities of third-party applications and monitor their output (good guess).


For a general description of the exchange protocol I will again refer to the author of the first article, so without long preludes let’s move on to the control commands.

Once the connection is established, the first thing we need to do is to subscribe to gatttool’s notifications. Without this the kettle will receive commands, but will not be able to answer us anything except the text “Successfully”.

Here and below iter is an integer iterated hex variable from 0 to 64 (0 to 100 in decimal). After each command (both successful and unsuccessful), this variable must be incremented by 1, and when it reaches 64, it is reset to 0 again; key. hex 8 bytes authorization key (for example: ffffffffffffffffff).

In all my experiments, the answer has always been.

Here tmz is the timezone in reverse hex format (e.g. we convert timezone 3 to seconds, then to hex format and get hex(36060)=2a30, break it down into pairs and display it in reverse order 302a). I don’t know what to do with negative time zones, I haven’t tested it, but I suspect, that the next byte after tmz is responsible for this. Here timeNow is the current time unixtime in reverse hex format. The algorithm is the same: get the current time in seconds, convert it to HEX, split it in pairs and print it as a line in reverse order.

Parameter mode: 00. boiling, 01. heating to temperature, 03. night. Parameter temp is the hex temperature to which the kettle should be heated in “heating” operating mode, in boiling mode it is equal to 00. Parameter howMuchBoil is the duration of kettle operation after reaching the desired temperature, the default value is 80 in hex (apparently, it is some relative units, definitely not seconds).

Parameter onoff is either 01. to enable the function, or 00. to disable the function.

The boilOrLight parameter is equal to 00 if we set the current temperature display mode or to 01 if we set the night mode. The scale_from parameter indicates the beginning of the color change range and is equal to 00 in the night vision mode and 28 in the current temperature display mode (28 is 40 in decimal format and this is the temperature from which the smooth color change will start). The scale_mid parameter is the middle of the range and is equal to 32 in the night mode and 46 in the current temperature display mode. The parameter scale_to indicates the end of the color change range and is equal to 64 in both modes. Parameter rgb1. hex color of the beginning of the palette. Parameter rgb_mid. the hex color of the palette middle (I calculate it as the middle between the left and right ends, but in theory you can set any color, it will only affect the appearance and smoothness of color changing). Parameter rgb2. hex color of the end of the palette. Parameter rand. some parameter, the value of which I do not understand exactly, probably, somehow related to the brightness of the color (example values: e5, cc).

The boilOrLight parameter can be 00 if we set the current temperature display mode or 01 if we set the night mode.

If gatttool does not want to connect to the kettle (this is possible when connecting to unknown devices for the first time), then try to search for the kettle using OS tools before connecting the module:

device. the ID of your Bluetooth device (for example, hci0). Make sure that the Mac address of your kettle is in the list of found devices. After that:

UPD6: I upgraded the kettle module: 1. Moved the module from the platform to integration mode 2. After adding you will automatically have 3 items: water heater (current temperature, target temperature, boiling and heating), sensor (sync time, energy consumed, hours of operation, number of turns on) and light (you can use as a nightlight and choose any color of backlight) 3. The module is now available on GitHub. 4. Module supports installation through HACS 5. Example configuration:

Smart kettle Redmond rk-g200s and how you can “burn

Have been using the redmond rk-g200s smart kettle for 1.5 years.

In principle, the need for its cleverness was not especially there, until the baby. But with the advent of the child, to heat the water to a temperature suitable for the mixture, it became a handy thing.

But a few months ago, with it began to happen strange, began to stick to the stand. It is unclear what’s what, there was an area, as if the glue got. Then noticed the heating in the place of this “glue”. As a result, after disassembly it was found that burned one of the terminals on the “heater. It burned and was melting the bottom of the kettle. That’s what made it stick. Changed.

And today when I went to work I found out that the kettle smells and I even noticed a smoke. Burned the second terminal on the “heater”. Had to fix it urgently, and leave the wife and child without a kettle is not very.

My point is this. It is a smart kettle, with the ability to remote start via sinezubu and the ability to run over the Internet, if you use gate. Burning terminals on the kettle. I don’t know, I’ve been using electric kettles for at least 20 years, this is the first kettle I’ve ever thrown away, not because it got dirty/yellow/tired.

I suffered the same fate with the same kettle, but not so fast. only in the 3rd year of use.

Same symptoms. Started smelling burnt and sticking to the base. At first I thought that a small candlestick for a cake (as on the picture below) stuck to the bottom, which pressed and melted. Just coincided with the holiday and the color of the plastic on the bottom was the same. blue.

Peeled it off, shrugged it off, and went on using it. But just a couple of days later, the “blue plastic” showed up again. Only this time when I tried to unscrew it, it contained thin copper wires o_O

Suspecting something wrong, I disassembled it and found a blue fucking wire inside, embedded in the bottom!

The diagnosis is exactly the same. one of the terminals on the “heater” got burned and started melting the bottom of the kettle. Only in my case, the bottom was so melted that the blue wire, which I mistook for a sticking candlestick, started drowning in it.

I’ll explain what’s “smart” about it: faggots put iron terminals instead of brass ones. I don’t know what galvanic pairing is? In short, “planned obsolescence,” and they don’t give a shit if there’s a fire.

Could have just changed the terminals to brass and moved on. Thankfully the terminals themselves are standard.

For LL: Redmond do not buy. fire hazard!

Bullshit war. It’s not the first kettle I’ve had this problem with. And all treated trivially. By stripping the terminal on the shade and replacing the terminal on the wire.

Dangerous thing this: bluetooth kettle. Decided to boil my own kettle when I got home from work. heated up the whole apartment with fire

Redmond’s a fucking shit, I thought everybody knew that. not?

The rest doesn’t matter. I thought I’d boil my kettle when I got home from work.E, so this louse lies within 5 kilograms. You move it a little bit to the other side and it’s plus or minus a nickel. Even the crappiest scales from some Scarlett are better. And this is not a defect problem, it is all the same, only the error is different (apparently depends on the weight of the weighed)

It’s a clever kettle, with a remote start capability via sinezub, and the ability to start over the internet if you use a gate.

First of all, it’s a Redmond. The rest does not matter.

When I bought a Redmond, after a while the kettle stopped boiling, I replaced it with the same one, first time it was normal, then the same thing. returned, bought a Braun, has been working for 6 years and no problems. But the Redmond juicer is great, more than 7 years, I often make juices.

The Chinese are assholes, they put the terminals on 1500W. That’s fucking ridiculous.

I had a kettle with a lid that broke off 2 months after I bought it, the only good thing about it was the gift of a waffle iron, which is a super thing

By the way, there was a joke a long time ago about a driver for a mouse pad. So I have a USB hub in the form of a mouse pad and periodically the bitch updates the firewall )))) So any trick has a chance for life ))))

What progress has come to. bluetooth kettle.

I have heard of refrigerators with Internet, but I have not yet heard of kettles

It was assembled by a drunken Chinese in a basement from defective parts

You’re so lazy you can’t even get to the kettle to press the button?

After reading the phrase “smart kettle” inscription Skykettle persistently read as Skynet (you know)

Ремонт электрочайника REDMOND SkyKettle G210S

I had a multicooker disassembled and repaired (I changed the thermistor). Everything inside is so creepy and ugly. Apparently, the cheapest production.

Also bought myself one of these. The second day something burned out and the whole place reeked of burnt plastic. Replaced without question, but I don’t know how long the new one will last.

Why don’t you heat it in the microwave?? It’s faster and cheaper. I put the small jars on for 30 seconds and the big ones on for one minute.

maybe above the MAX marking? Yes in a wayooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo above

I’ve been using this kettle for two years, no problems.

Didn’t you look for a flask for it?? because I accidentally ruined it on my own kettle. MB from some other cheap one fits.

I also used this model of kettle. Only I have another problem with it. After the water comes to a boil, the light goes off and there’s a beeping sound that the water’s boiling. But the kettle does not stop boiling. This is after a week of use. Swapped the warranty on the same, but six months later the problem repeated itself.

Same kettle. Rarely a piece of crap. In half a year the lid fell off, and in another year it started to turn on when it felt like it. And it goes out without boiling water. I ended up buying a regular one.

@MadMnu, tell me how the bottom cover came off? Watching the video all have 3 screws in the center 2 holes on the outside diameter, like unscrewing and “screwing” with clamps, I have a model 201S and there are 2 outer diameters are blank, tried to drill out so just empty. The bottom does not turn, and tried my hands, and a screwdriver inserted into the hole to pull it, the feeling that these outer holes for a cunning wrench, like an angle grinder, but spaced more, but when you pull it seems that the bottom of the glass will break away.

Redmond in principle a hat, got so with the coffee maker, killed in a month, I gave up buying the crafts of this company.

I here too once looked in the direction of Redmond on the site with an alien and here in the review on your favorite model saw that the man found exactly the same teapot under the brand of this online store, kettle is one in one, but cheaper by 1tr.

Why buy G and expect it to work properly?? Here, you can either buy a cheap one and throw it away in a year or two or a branded one and throw it away in 4/5 years

But I’m paranoid about all sorts of electrical appliances and their potential malfunctions, so I categorically prefer the smartest kettle possible stupid metal kettle, which must be heated on gas. But it’s reliable. And I make coffee in a pot, yeah.

I had a similar smart kettle from redmond lasted a month (!), the wire melted through the bottom. I’ll take it to the store where I bought it, I’ll probably get my money back and get another kettle of a different brand.

I don’t know why I buy a G in a year or two and throw it away in 4/without hope it will work properly.)

I had a kettle like that. Bought on preorder with a normal discount. Very convenient and keeps the temperature for a long time (no, not in heating mode). Also exactly a year and a half and it just stopped turning on. The power is on the stand, the power reaches the control board, and then it goes somewhere in the brain (this is where my knowledge of electronics ended). All the terminals are intact, but it’s no use.)

Bought the same kettle and also for baby formula) Stuck firmly to the base in 1.5 months (just under the temperature sensor), but so was the second kettle and to go to the shop 20 minutes, made it there. As a result they wrote “unrepairable due to non-supply of spare parts” and gave a certificate for a similar new kettle. New one month old and is still alive. In the Service Center, they said that previously they were not popular and were of normal quality, but now the production can not cope and there are a lot of defects.

redmond. Chinese Chinese in a beautiful package. The multicooker started to shut down after less than a year. over, you can cook it ten times in a row normally, but you won’t succeed the eleventh time. In the end, decided that the savings on the brand in 90% of cases is more expensive than buying the original normal thing.

I bought a Xiaomi smart, it turned out you can not start it remotely. Well, thank balls, it boils quickly and keeps the temperature “smart” set in the appendix. The funny thing is that the smart kettle, costs as cheap Tefal-Bosch about, but the tactile is nicer and works quieter-faster.

The feeling that the kettle is smarter than the user, you can not leave the kettle and the iron, no matter how sophisticated they may be, the chance of error is minimal but it is there. I worked in this firm when these new products came out, the whole network laughed that we need a fire extinguisher as a gift.

I moved into a new house, most of the money went for repairs, of course. Bought in Galamart kettle for 300 rubles. for the first time. It’s been a year, I don’t even think about changing it. Boiling water. what more do you need?

Was a REDMOND SkyKettle M173S-E. Once every six months to a year he died cover, jammed the mechanism, each time they recognized the manufacturing defect and replaced under warranty. In the end all the same platform accidentally poured boiling water and sent to the trash:/

I have been using this kettle for about three months, recently began to smell horribly of plastic (not burned), visually everything is fine. The lid’s jammed, too.

And if I understand correctly (in my situation), under a guarantee it will not accept, the kettle in fact works?

Oh you motherfucker, TC thank you, and I thought that for two holes on the base appeared, I thought maybe a couple of saccharine got and heated through. melted. I wonder if they’ll take it under warranty?

“I had to urgently repair, and then leave the wife and child without a kettle is not very.”

You should not have thrown it away, this failure is only a consequence of poor contact, do not press the terminal, simply by soldering.

Oh, shit! Just bought one of these two months ago.

I don’t buy Redmond as a matter of principle, I think the brand is any shit, not worthy of our money. Too cheap product, too active advertising campaigns, too often on sale for chips in supermarkets, too groomed housewives on the packaging. Fuck it.

Through these plug terminals the maximum current is 10A, this is in the case of quality terminals, t.е. It’s not nearly up to capacity. Think about it)

Oh, man. I’ve had a Braun W-210 “dumb” kettle for 15 years, if not more, and it still won’t die. I’m kind of tired already, but there’s no sense in buying a new one: this one boils water great and looks, if wiped down, almost like new.

I don’t know, I don’t use electric kettles. Not because the fundamentally new do not accept, but because there was not in our family (as far as I remember) such a kettle, which would live long. Everybody burned out. I don’t know, I don’t even use electric kettles? No, apartments are always different, except at the cottage. I can understand that. Kettles weren’t the last shit, either. Anyway, considering all the factors, I decided I’d rather have a classic “whistler” than a chance to get a good discharge or get fucked up.

It’s got a year warranty, and that’s probably the life expectancy on the paperwork. It’s time for him to die.

Redmond skykettle does not turn on

If the kettle button does not work or does not work properly, this circumstance can seriously mar even the most beautiful morning. It’s hard to start the day without a cup of hot coffee or tea. But that’s lyric.

So, if it’s a matter of fact, the kettle button is the thermostat. Т.е. An element in an electrical circuit that is responsible for closing or opening that electrical circuit to certain thermal (temperature). In case of a kettle, closing of the circuit is forced by pressing a button (kettle switches on), and opening is caused by the effect of hot steam on the thermostat (kettle switches off).

Failure of the thermostat can manifest itself in the following ways:

  • The kettle does not turn on. Most likely the thermostat has failed. Repair of kettle in this case is carried out by replacement of the thermostat for a new one.
  • Kettle doesn’t turn off. Dismantling of the kettle and inspection of the thermostat is necessary. Depending on the state of the latter, repair the kettle by scraping the contact groups of the thermostat or (in a more severe case) by replacing it.
  • The kettle is off for several attempts to boil water. In this case the repair consists in scraping the contacts of the thermostat.

In any case, to solve any of the above problems you will need to disassemble the kettle and remove the thermostat. For the repair we will need the following tools: Phillips screwdriver or flat (depends on screws screwed on the kettle) and a tester to check the voltage.

  • To get to the cause of failure (thermostat) you need to unscrew the handle from the kettle itself. We remove the cover from the handle, which is attached to the latches or self-tapping screw. You must be very careful not to damage the kettle from the outside.
  • This is where the button (thermostat) is, which we need. It is worth noting that through the contacts is flowing quite a large current, namely 1500-2000W, depending on the characteristics of a particular model. This often burns the contacts, which leads to a malfunction of the device, manifested in the fact that the kettle button does not work. Now we have to disassemble the thermostat to get to the contacts. It has to be done carefully!
  • To disassemble the button you need to slide the upper part to the left and lift a little. Then remove the top part. As we can see, in this case the contacts are completely burned out.

so replacing the thermostat in the kettle with a new one is inevitable.

Reassemble the kettle in reverse order. As you can see, disassembling the kettle to remove the button and replacing the thermostat is a fairly simple activity. Good luck!

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If the button of the kettle does not work or does not work properly, then this circumstance can seriously mar even the most beautiful morning. It’s hard to start the day without a cup of hot coffee or tea. But this is lyric.

So, if business, the kettle button is the thermostat. Т.е. An element of the electric circuit, which is responsible for closing the circuit according to certain thermal (temperature) values. In case of the kettle, the circuit is closed by forcing the button (the kettle switches on) and the circuit is opened by exposing the thermostat to hot steam (the kettle switches off).

Failure of the thermostat can be expressed in the following ways:

  • Kettle does not turn on. Most likely the thermostat is out of order. Repair of the kettle in this case is done by replacing the thermostat with a new one.
  • The kettle does not switch off. It is necessary to disassemble the kettle and examine the thermostat. Depending on the condition of the latter, kettle repair is done by cleaning the contact groups of the thermostat or (in a more severe case) by replacing it.
  • The kettle shuts off after several attempts to boil water. In this case the repair consists of cleaning the contacts of the thermostat.

In any case, solving any of the above problems will require disassembling the kettle and removing the thermostat. For repair we will need the following tools: Phillips screwdriver or flat screwdriver (depends on screws screwed on the kettle) and a tester to check voltage.

  • To get to the reason of the breakage (thermostat) you need to unscrew the handle from the kettle. Let’s remove the cover from the handle, which is mounted on hooks or self-tapping screws. You have to be very careful not to damage the kettle from the outside.
  • This is where the button (thermostat) we need is located. It is worth noting that through the contacts is flowing quite a large current, namely 1500-2000W, depending on the characteristics of a particular model. This is what often burns the contacts, which leads to a malfunction of the device, manifested in the fact that the kettle button does not work. Now you need to disassemble the thermostat to get to the contacts. This should be done carefully!
  • To disassemble the button you need to slide the upper part to the left and lift it up a little. Then remove the top part. As we can see, in this case the contacts are completely burned out.

So replacing the thermostat in the kettle with a new one is inevitable.

Reassemble the kettle in the reverse order. As you can see, disassembling the kettle to remove the button and replacing the thermostat is a fairly simple activity. Good luck!

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And so, passing by a REDMOND branded store in his “Akademicheskiy” mall, I decided to look into it. Among the several models of electric kettles on display, the RK-G200S caught my eye. First, by its appearance, so all of its glass, and therefore transparent. Immediately see if it has water and how much. Secondly, with its expanded functions of color changing backlight, the ability to maintain a set temperature for 12 hours. And what is more, it can be controlled remotely, for example, from a smartphone via Bluetooth. Well, thirdly, all this miracle on some action was only 1999, that is, in fact, the price of most conventional electric kettles, but without all these innovations. In short, I bought it and went home. I wish I’d known what I was getting into!

Came home, unpacked it. In my opinion, this kettle looks quite decent. Useful volume of 2 liters. In addition to the simple boiling mode, there is a heating of the water to a pre-programmed temperature of 40, 55, 70 and 85 degrees C. You turn the kettle on and off with the left button on its handle. Use the right button to choose the desired temperature. It’s as simple as that.But. After washing the kettle and boiling water a couple of times, I found drops of water on it when removing it from the stand. I thought I just carelessly poured water from the faucet inside. I wiped it down thoroughly and put the kettle back on the stand, filled with water. After a few minutes I took out a drop of water on the stand. Leak! Upset, but since some 2-3 hours have passed since the purchase, decided to return the kettle in the store benefit of less than 10 minutes walk to him. Packed the kettle in a branded box, enclosed the attached documentation. The most interesting among others is the small but colorful “REDMOND Tea Recipes” book. There are 15 recipes for making tea. I think some people may be interested in this.Thanks to the salesman, they exchanged the kettle for me without a word of explanation. So I started using it. I installed Ready for Sky control software on my smartphone.

When you turn the kettle on, as the water temperature changes, the color of the backlight also changes. I found a bug in the program. No matter how you change the “boiling” tab of the program on your smartphone, in reality they do not correspond to the color of the backlight of the water in the kettle.

So, never seen during the rapid boiling of water, which corresponds to 100 degrees, red backlight so, rather yellow-orange. Nonsense, of course, but still.

In the “Control” tab you can set the modes of operation.

You can select a simple boiling mode, as well as fixed modes of water heating for cooking your desired tea. The central circular window in the tab displays both the temperature of the water at the moment and the color of the backlight (as noted earlier, not corresponding to the real one). There is also a small animation in the form of moving as if water bubbles.

The kettle looks especially spectacular when heating water in the dark. over, in the program on your smartphone you can choose the “night light” mode for the kettle. In this case, even without water will work backlight with a color of your choice. But why do I need this mode, I can’t imagine. Although, maybe someone needs night lighting in the kitchen but not me. But again, this is my personal quibble. In the end, there is this mode, but whether you’ll use it or not, you decide and do not ask silly questions to developers.And now about the sad and serious. A few days later I found that the kettle does not turn off when it reaches the boiling point, sometimes it turns off, sometimes not. Then it did not turn off at all. The water in the kettle is boiling for a minute, another minute, another minute, but it does not think to turn off. And, most interestingly, the program shows the water temperature at 93-94 degrees. No, of course I know that the boiling point of the water may well be. But for that my favorite city would have to be built by Peter I at an altitude of about 2000 meters, not at sea level!I had to go back to the store. This time I filled out the “Application”, described the defect and the kettle was taken for “Technical inspection” in the service center. A couple of weeks later they called and said that the defect is confirmed and I can get another kettle in the “Application” I had previously indicated that I was asking for an exchange, not a refund or repair.So I got my third REDMOND RK-G200S kettle in my kitchen. But, oh the horror, and this worked for about two weeks, and then found the same defect autoshutoff. In the “application” I had already indicated “return the money”. I don’t want to take any more chances. What if it does not turn off when there are little grandchildren in the house, or I myself will forget to forcibly turn it off when I go to work?! Wouldn’t the glass of the flask burst, wouldn’t its internal electronics catch fire??A few days ago I received the “act of technical examination” of the service center that the defect of the control board was revealed and that you can get the money. Which I did.

PS. That was my unsuccessful purchase of electric kettle REDMOND RK-G200S. Although I liked the kettle itself.

The boiling of water in the dark time of day looks especially spectacular. The control from a smartphone on one side seems to be an unnecessary gadget. On the other hand sitting in the evening at the computer or watching sports on TV and do not want to be distracted, and drink coffee / tea on the contrary. This is where the control from your smartphone comes in handy.

PPS. Currently electric kettle REDMOND RK-G200S in our city can be bought for 2800-4000, depending on the store Google to help you.

Child Protection

For safety, the G214S has a locking control panel that helps prevent children from accidentally pressing the buttons and turning on the kettle.

Ready for Sky. A new dimension of your freedom!

Remote control from anywhere in the world is possible through the REDMOND SkyCenter 11S Smart Home Center

When the R4S Gateway app on your Android home smartphone/tablet is connected.

Please note that the device works through the Ready for Sky application and is not compatible with the Sky Guard line of devices Wi-Fi socket RSP-102S-E, reed sensor RG-G31S, motion sensor RG-D31S, sockets RSP-R1S and RSP-R2S, smoke detector RSD-01S. Warning! During play, the kettle must stand so that no child can touch the body of the appliance, the stand or the power cord

Attention! During play, the kettle should stand so that the child cannot touch the body of the appliance, the stand, or the power cord. AISI 304 steel is used for high-quality cookware and kitchen equipment

AISI 304 has a reduced carbon footprint. This composition makes 304 steel very durable and resistant to corrosion and oxidation, even in aggressive environments

AISI 304 steel is used for high-quality cookware and kitchen appliances. AISI 304 is characterized by a lower carbon content. This composition makes it very durable and resistant to corrosion and oxidation even in aggressive surroundings.

Products made of AISI 304 steel are durable: they are resistant to temperature extremes, salt and fresh water, acid and alkaline solutions, and are highly resistant to mechanical damage and rust.

The British company Strix has established itself worldwide as a manufacturer of safe controllers and contact groups for various brands of electric kettles. The quality of Strix parts is confirmed by international certificates and tests.

Thanks to Strix controllers, REDMOND kettles can automatically shut off when water boils, when overheated, when there is no water in the flask or when the appliance is removed from the stand during operation. According to Strix internal tests, the controllers provide a minimum of 12,000 boiling cycles.

The stands with a centered Strix contact group allow users to easily position the kettle and rotate it 360°. That means the kettle can be used with the same comfort by both right- and left-handed people. In addition, the latest version of the Strix contact group has made it possible to implement temperature mode selection in some REDMOND kettles. Kettle models with this option can not only boil water, but also heat it to temperatures ranging from 40° to 95°C.

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