Redmond vacuum cleaner robot blinks red on charging

Redmond R100: Champion Redmond Robot Overview of the Second League

Robots for cleaning in houses and apartments ceased to be a new.fangled curiosity and managed to become such familiar devices as a TV or a refrigerator. Among the budget models, good operational characteristics are demonstrated by the Redmond R100 robot vacuum cleaner, which should be found with the technical features of.

  • Great ratio
  • A thoughtful navigation system
  • Good cleaning quality
  • Very quiet work
  • A capacious battery. continuous operation time about 100 minutes
  • Reliable assembly
  • The need to prepare the territory
  • Dubious quality of wet cleaning
  • The need for regular cleaning the shaft of the brush and wheels

You will learn everything about the smart robotic “cleaner” from the article we have presented. We described in detail the functionality of the device, brought the technical characteristics. For the completeness of evaluating the pluses and minuses of the model, we compared it to the nearest competitors.

Features of the Redmond RV R100 model

This robot vacuum cleaner is designed for dry and low wet cleaning of various flooring. It can be used on a tile, linoleum, laminate and other solid surfaces.

As for carpets, carpet and similar grounds, here for the Redmond RV R100 only a pile of not more than 20 mm is available, otherwise the efficiency of the device will significantly decrease.

Appearance and equipment

Together with the device, a set of devices that ensure its operation is also supplied.

This is a battery base and the battery itself, as well as an adapter for connecting to power supply and the necessary consumables: one central and four side brushes, a floor washing napkin, two HEPA filters, etc.P.

There is also a remote control for the vacuum cleaner and detailed instructions for its operation.

redmond, vacuum, cleaner, robot, charging

Robot Redmond RV R100 is made in stylish and laconic design, it will look good in the modern interior

The case made of durable black plastic has a round shape traditional for this type of device. A cover is located on top, under which a vacuum cleaner and filter elements are hidden. From below there are wheels, brushes, a place for fastening the nozzle for wet cleaning, etc.D.

In this regard, Redmond RV R100 is not much different from other robotic vacuum cleaners of this brand and similar devices from other manufacturers.

The Redmond RV R100 model is equipped with all the elements necessary for its operation, as well as some additional consumables

Four operating modes

An interesting feature of the Redmond robota is four modes of operation that can be installed depending on the situation:

Auto mode. Ideal for regular cleaning of the room. When using it, the vacuum cleaner moves along the entire area of ​​the room until the battery charge is exhausted, t.e. for about a hundred minutes.

Then the device is automatically returned and attached to the base to exercise the battery.

The Redmond R100 vacuum cleaner settings provide four automatic cleaning modes, while you can select the device’s movement scheme: zigzag or spiral

Fixed cleaning is used to process local areas on which pollution is concentrated. For example, crumbs accidentally shook off the table. It is enough to turn on the Redmond here in a fixed mode, and within two to three minutes the problem will be solved.

The device can move along the zigzag trajectory or in a spiral from the center, gradually expanding the zone of exposure. The desired version of the vacuum cleaner is also determined by the settings.

Cleaning in the corners. It is appropriate when dust accumulates near the walls. In this mode, the robot vacuum cleaner will only move along such objects (walls of the room, furniture, partitions, etc.P.), intensively removing pollution.

Fast cleaning. This mode allows you to increase the speed of the device to reduce its operation time. The parameter is convenient to install from the remote control. This control method is also useful if not one of the proposed modes is suitable, and you need to make adjustments to the operation of the device.

Characteristics and nuances of operation

The principle of operation of such a device is quite simple. Side brushes move in different directions and move dust and garbage to the central brush. Here, pollution is picked up and moved to the vacuum cleaner. Air passing through the device case is processed by filters.

The vacuum cleaner must be periodically cleaned of accumulated dirt. To do this, remove it from the body, free it from the savings, wash it with warm water, dry and install in place.

Redmond RV R100 is suitable for almost all smooth and hard flooring, as well as for surfaces with a pile of not more than two centimeters

The charger station of the vacuum cleaner is best installed on the wall. There should not be any obstacles at a distance of about two meters from it so that the device can freely return to the station in automatic mode and start the battery charging cycle.

If for some reason the vacuum cleaner did not reach the station, it needs to be attached to it manually. There are situations when the cleaning cycle must be stopped without waiting for automatic shutdown. To do this, just press the button with the image of the house on the device case.

Redmond RV R100 will go to the station. If at the same time, the Auto button indicator is replaced from green to orange, you should not worry, it shows that the automatic mode is disabled.

In addition to the HEPA filter, the device is equipped with an additional cloth filter, which can be washed under a stream of running water. It is also necessary to dry it before installation. But the Hepa filter cannot be rinsed in water, it can only be replaced. The resource of one such element is enough for about a year.

Do not neglect these simple service rules. If the vacuumboard is full, the robot vacuum cleaner may simply disconnect and stop working. For some time until this moment, the device engine will work with increased load.

If the vacuum cleaner began to make too much during operation, this is a sign of the problem, it is time to check the condition of the vacuum cleaner. If the capacity is overflowing, the device is disconnected, the probability of a serious breakdown is not excluded

Sometimes it happens that the Redmond RV R100, which previously performed cleaning the installed program without any problems, suddenly stopped acting in accordance with the settings. You need to check them and adjust them.

First connection

Modern devices are equipped with a new type of batteries-lithium-ion and lithium-polymer. Their feature is unpretentiousness. they do not require special conditions for the first charging.

But recently manufacturers complement the devices with alkaline batteries. The peculiarity is that they work as long as the last food procedure lasted.

Miele Scout RX1 Red Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Demonstration & Review

According to the rules, such batteries should be charged at least 16 hours without a break 3-4 times immediately after purchase.

This will allow the use of the entire battery capacity and maintain optimal work of the cleaner. If the charging was not performed properly or was interrupted, the robot will be cleaned for a shorter time than the supplier predicted.

Some of the models presented in the store have a special indicator. The system will tell you when the cleaner will need a long charging cycle. As a rule, the first in this case will be he. Then the vacuum cleaner will give special signals, informing you about the need for a long joint.

How to charge a robot vacuum cleaner?

Not so long ago, the charging method was to simply connect to the mains using an adapter. This resembled a telephone charging, which constantly has to be connected to the network, and then turn off again.

In this case, the procedure was as follows:

redmond, vacuum, cleaner, robot, charging
  • Turn off the power. the button is located on the bottom of the device;
  • Disconnect the device from the network after reaching the maximum charge.
  • Insert the plug into a special nest on the device;
  • Connect the adapter to the mains;

But now everything has changed. The robot vacuum cleaner is supplied with a docking station or, as it is also called, “base”. He himself determines when he needs recharging, and autonomously, without the participation of the user, goes to it.

The robot vacuum cleaner has earned the love of Messi!

The control panel also has the Back to Base button. It can be used when the vacuum cleaner completed the cleaning cycle, and the battery has not yet been completely discharged.

In the modern version, the robot itself determines the level of charge and is disconnected at the corresponding time. Using a special panel, the user can control the quality and level of charge.

List of parts of the Xiaomi Mi Roborock S50 robot.

The main device

-constantly burning indicator: Wi-Fi is already connected.

laser pressure determination sensor

sensor for determining the distance from the walls

Moist cleaning module

Module fixers for wet cleaning

fastening zone for wet cleaning

Malfunctions and ways to eliminate them

The robot vacuum cleaner, being a technologically complex device, is subject to malfunctions. Their name may vary depending on the model of the vacuum cleaner and the package of its functions. Current service or repair work should be carried out by a supplier, his representative or other qualified specialist. In some cases, the repair of the robot canine can be carried out at home.

Not charging

Within the framework of this problem, the following signs may be observed: the fast discharge of the battery, there is no charge at the time of connecting the vacuum cleaner to the station, the presence of signs of charge with its actual absence. Solutions: identify the problem and indicate the criteria for its elimination. The problem of the charge of the vacuum cleaner can be associated with the control of the battery, the malfunction of the base station, the software error in the firmware or violation of the operating rules related to the observance of the network parameters and others.

Worn battery cannot be repaired. It needs to be replaced immediately. The lithium-ion battery, which does not hold an eclectic charge, is not only functionally outdated, but is an object of increased danger (there is a risk of spontaneous combustion/explosion). The breakdown of the base station can be due to several factors: voltage drops in the network, software failure, design damage, deterioration of the state of contact nodes.

Voltage surges on the network can provoke a failure of some blocks of the “base” chip. As a result, fuses, resistors, varistors and other details are burned out. Repair of this malfunction is carried out by replacing the control board of the “station”. It is not recommended to carry out independent repair of the affected areas of the microcircuit. non.compliance with electrical standards can lead to a negative impact on the vacuum cleaner during charging.

System errors

Some robots-papers are equipped with a display on which the symbols reflecting the introduced commands and the codes of the errors are displayed. The value of error codes is described in the technical documentation that accompanies a specific model of the vacuum cleaner.

  • E1 and E2. A malfunction associated with the functioning of the left or right wheel. check for the presence of stop.block factors/lock. Clean the wheel space of garbage and foreign objects;
  • E4. Means that the housing of the vacuum cleaner is raised above the floor level more than the required. The reason is the attack on an irresistible obstacle. The solution is to install the device on a flat clean surface, if necessary, restart the unit;
  • E 5 and e6. The problem with the sensors of determining the obstacles located in the case and the front bumper of the device. The path of correction of a malfunction is to clean the surfaces of the sensors from pollution. If the problem remains, send the device for repairs to the service center to replace faulty sensors;
  • E7 and E8. Indication of the problem associated with the operation of lateral (screw brushes) or the main brush (if one is provided by the design of the vacuum cleaner). Check the brushes for the entry of foreign objects into the perimeter of their rotation. If you detect, remove. Restart the vacuum cleaner if necessary.
  • E9. The housing of the vacuum cleaner was stuck, which prevents its further movement. Solution. change the location of the device.
  • E10. The power switch turns off. turn on.

Destructive malfunctions

The work of a “smart” vacuum cleaner can be interrupted due to internal malfunctions that are due to the physical damage of certain components of the mechanism. Damage data can be expressed by the following signs.

The engine buzzed or does not rotate. The reason for this may be a malfunction of one or both bearings of the engine anchor. In most cases, the noise of the engine increases from the high contamination of the filter element. In this case, the passage of air through filters is reduced, which increases the load on the engine. Service or repair work should be carried out immediately.

About how to disassemble and clean the robot vacuum cleaner, watch in the video below.

In what cases it is necessary to carry a robot vacuum cleaner to the workshop

In case of software or automation failures, the device must be reprogrammed or re.question. Only specialists can do this. A burnt engine, non.working battery, broken details. all these are reasons to contact the service center. Especially when a vacuum cleaner for warranty.

Before using a robot permutal, carefully read the instructions. In the vast majority of malfunctions of smart household appliances, the owners themselves are to blame. If you properly care for the device and clean it in time, it does not cause trouble to its owners. But if the breakdown has occurred, then trust the repair to specialists.


Sound signal Possible problems Solution
1 beep Wheels or side brushes do not work Check wheels or side brushes
2 beep High.height or bumper sensor malfunction Clean and check the sensors
3 beeps The device is stuck Move the robot to a flat area
4 beeps A turbo engine does not work Hair
5 guides There is no vacuum cleaner Check whether a vacuum cleaner or filter is installed

Elimination of problems in case of errors.

Reference! Resetting the system settings helps to solve some problems. If you cannot eliminate the problem of the recommendations provided in the table, contact the service center.

I am 29 years old, for the last 8 years I have been working as a seller of equipment in a large retail network MVIDEO. Extensive experience in choosing goods and customer advice. Two years ago I ran into vacuum cleaners with robots and I really liked this direction. One day I realized that I want to create a personal site where I will help readers with the choice of vacuum cleaners robots. This is my hobby. All materials of this site are written personally by me. For a consultant, contact my page.

Hello. I have a problem-I received a Neatsvor X-520 robot permissor with Aliexpress. The vacuum cleaner does not take the charge and does not work. They sent a motherboard from the company. Set. the robot does not work. What to do?

Good afternoon. I do not do repairs, I can’t help (contact any service center

Reasons for stopping the device during operation

The sharp stop of the robot permissible in the process of cleaning is due to the following factors:

It is easy to get rid of this problem yourself. If the vacuum cleaner moves back, you should disconnect the front wheel and clean it.

note! Sometimes robots-sprayers experience difficulties in orientation on the black floor. This does not apply to breakdowns. this is a feature of automatic mechanisms.

Problem and FIX #2 for robot vacuum cleaner. iLife V7S / V7. Tutorial

A sucking mechanism does not work for a vacuum cleaner robot

The reason is banal. a crowded vacuumber, which many forget to clean in a timely manner. There are models with a warning system for its filling. The cleaned vacuum cleaner is washed and dried. You can use the filter of fine cleaning. But this should be written in the instructions for the operation of the vacuum cleaner.

The most unpleasant option is malfunctioning the main engine of the device. In this case, you will have to use the services of the masters of the service center.

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– 2. Marina

Pros: Normal dry cleaning
Minuses: On an automatic program, during wet cleaning, it spins in the same place, on the tile it generally hangs and out of place. Service service full sucks! Masters know nothing and give the conclusion that the malfunction has not been identified
Review: I do not recommend buying

All disadvantages are easily removed by updating software if the manufacturer takes into account these Комментарии и мнения владельцев, the vacuum cleaner will be perfect.

Enthusiastic reviews on the site, I don’t understand, I have an apartment in the style of minimalism, nothing superfluous, and if it behaves like that, I don’t understand what the situation from other users who this vacuum cleaner removes)))))))))) These people do not have a table and chairs, and everyone has the beds of all)))

I have a bed on my legs, he hits them and rides in the other direction, accelerates again and on the same leg, then he travels in another place and goes there again as a result, because of 4 legs of the bed, cleaning is delayed for half an hour))))))))))))) ) About the kitchen in general I am silent in the kitchen table for 4 legs and 4 chairs at each 4 legs, and even the kitchen set of the letter “g” is worth it, there is generally the trouble, what is happening))))

redmond, vacuum, cleaner, robot, charging

– 2. Olga Yurkova

Pros: I purchased this model for the function of the function of wet cleaning, as well as the possibility of zonal cleaning in the region designated by the user
Minuses: That there is no zonal cleaning. The seller in the shopping center Spring simply misinformed, that is, lied. It is necessary to download the instructions before buying and read so that the unpleasant insight does not happen then. An even greater drawback in the vacuum cleaner. As I understand it, this is a common constructive problem. If not, share, users who are wrong with, share how to cope. In the packaging in disassembled form, to collect, you need to enter a part like a lid in 2 plastic grooves of the vacuumber itself. I have only been inserted into one groove, I can’t put it into the second, the second enters the groove only half. Thus, although it holds (on snot), visually shows that unevenly, the “cover” at an angle, partially sticks out, although it is 1 mm, the robot understands, says, the vacuum cleaner is not inserted. The manager in the store could not enter either. Husband nevertheless put with effort with his male force, now exactly, but now this lid cannot be opened, she tightly froze from the second side. Maybe you need to tear it straight to open, close? But I am afraid more than almost with all my strength, the plastic of Redmond is fragile, and look like it bursts. How to throw dust out of it? By cleaning. The quality is very mediocre. The floor remained dirty. Cleaning in the kitchen, tile, it is even, of course, no mirrors. The garbage remained in all corners and perimeter, and large and small crumbs. And in general, if I went into such a kitchen, I would not have guessed that it turned out to be sweeping the floor. The first vacuum cleaner is the very first, it removes better. I just don’t like that the application is half in Chinese, and speaks in Chinese. However, the fact that this robot of the vacuum cleaner has only one voice bag, and a very unpleasant male voice. Also a drawback. (maybe both women and men like? and in fact, the “middle” gender to people and then, I’m not sure.) But it cannot be changed.
Review: I have other impressions from the seller of the most. I’m sorry that I decided to buy any Redmond technique. For a week and a vacuum cleaner, this and a topic multicooker and a pressure cooker. As a result, I’m sitting without a multicooker, waiting for a service, I just can’t return the pressure cooker, I also gave my kettle for it, so I sit without a kettle. I look at this vacuum cleaner and I think what a fool. When buying equipment, first you need to know what the operation of the device and technical support. And Redmond has everything with software. headquarters in the tank, you can do anything, they do not even respond to applications elementary. Sellers are injected as they can and what can. And no bosses on anyone. You buy everything at your own peril and risk!

– 2. Valentine

Pros: I have not yet understood
Minuses: Tore, tonsured an expensive woolen carpet! For 10 minutes of work!
Review: Carpet at a price of three times more expensive than a robot! Asked other nozzles, no longer said! Go complain where you bought! This is the company. )

– 2. Yuriy Anatolevich

Pros: Equipment and convenience in maintenance
Minuses: one. The vacuum cleaner is looking for a base such an impression on GPS and with a poor signal (he has a whole quest with this) 2. After 3 months of use, he does not see a chaotic manner that container for wet cleaning, then for dry. 3. The UV lamp stopped working after 1 month (although its need for controversial) 4. Application. this is what is it at all? The remote control was more functional and useful than this software product. 5. Wi-Fi module. This is also grief, even if he put a router on the lid (which I did once for the sake of experiment) he will still lose a signal. 6. Drawing on schedule. He forgets her constantly or can start cleaning at the most unexpected moment. 7. Wet cleaning. These are dancing with a tambourine, if with dry, he still rides around the room (although again, there is no logic from the word at all, each time he has a different route of movement), then with a wet one, he can cut the circles on a height of 1 m, then serves water in a rag, no. But he has insights, he can wash well and even return to the base on his own. eight. Refuses to charge, even if it is forcibly put on the base, he says “I begin to charge”, but in fact it is simply defended and will remain empty.
Review: Now someone will say: “What did you want for this money?”, but I have something to compare with. I have two more for this price tag (I won’t call manufacturers, I’m not writing it for advertising) and I don’t have that with them. Containers see, they get to the base, they do not fall off from the Internet. To be honest about the purchase, and I’ll think about the next time whether it is worth buying a more expensive model, I’m not sure that there will be something interesting there.

Robot Redmond RV-R350 robot. review

Hello everyone and beauty!

In our city apartment, the dust on the floor forms faster than Android is discharged on charging, and running with a rag back and forth frankly wounded me up and forth. It’s not easy to choose a robot vacuum cleaner and I refused it for a while, but the will in the ribbon now a sale of a new robot. RV-R350 vacuum cleaner for only 5000, instead of 10,000.

A bright cover with a sleek woman who obviously does not run a rag around the house and a satisfied pure cat, as if hinted that it is time to take the initiative and give it to the vacuum cleaner!

over, the packaging promises not only dry cleaning, but also wet, which is most important to us, if there is a cat and allergic at home.

What else does a newfangled gadget promise us to clean the house and release time for more interesting activities?

up to 80 minutes of continuous work

Obstacle determination sensors

Completely with a vacuum cleaner are 2 pairs of antenatal antennae, second pair. Spare, in case there is something unexpected or they will fail. They look more like a helicopter blades. Toy)

And admit honestly, they did not inspire confidence from the very beginning. I thought. Well, what can they be removed even with their funny legs?! But there was hope.

Also in the kit there is an adapter for charging the device. By the way, the full time of charging the beast. About 4 hours.

The housing of the vacuum cleaner is packed very carefully, on both sides it was guarded by polystyrene and protective film.

In addition to components in the set, there was also an instruction, warranty and a bunch of advertising material.

The vacuum cleaner turned out to be very light, about 700 gr that I could calmly hold it in one hand.

In the middle of the case, a large power button gaps, which apparently should burn with some color when the device is charged.

A filter and a plastic dust collecting container are hidden under the lid. Everything opens easily and closes back, and of course I was interested in disassembleing all this.

Inside, everything is arranged so that it can be pulled out, shaken and pouring back back.

How an unprecedented beast moves? On the back of the case, he has wheels of different sizes. to ride and change direction. Some drive exclusively in a direct trajectory, others. Around its axis.

On both sides of the case are holes for the installation of brooms in them. Where is the right and left. The corresponding letters are written, and on the brooms, too.

Also in the kit there is a rag of micro fiber for wet cleaning. just the very sake of which the vacuum cleaner was purchased. It is attached to a removable plastic pallet, due to its sticky tape along the edges. It is easy to both shoot, put on, and wash. At the end of washing. Better with soap.

The pallet itself is dismantled by a light movement, by the means of reinforcing plastic antennae from the bottom of the vacuum cleaner.

Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner Robot Review and Teardown

A rag for wet cleaning seemed to me as the same toy as the blades of the brush. One joyful. it is reusable and washed well.

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